Nebula Downloads

Nebula Release Latest

We are working towards a set of widgets that are production ready, stable and maintained.

This set of widgets is known as "Nebula Release". The widgets that are proposed to be in "Nebula Release" are listed on the left. This update site contains the latest version of the widgets.Our CI build flows from check-in to publish on the Eclipse Download site. Use this URL to learn how to install "Nebula Release" widgets in your Eclipse Platform:

Nebula Incubation Latest

The widgets are in incubation because they are in an early state of development or because we do not have an active committers for the widget.

Some widgets are stable enough for production use. Please see the individual widget pages for more status information. You will find latest version of widgets, with their new feature and more recent bug fixes. However, since they are development build, they may include some bugs that are not present in releases. Test these widgets with your use case before you release them in production. Use this URL to leran how to install "Nebula Incubation" widgets in your Eclipse Platform: