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The SCA Tools project provides a set of tools for the Service Component Architecture (SCA) set of standards:

  • The SCA Meta Model, an extensible EMF meta model based on the SCA specifications version 1.0 proposed by the Open SOA consortium + an extension for Tuscany + an extension for FraSCAti.
  • The SCA Composite Designer, a graphical (GMF) development environment for the construction of composite applications (see figure below).
  • The SCA XML Editor for composite and componentType files.
  • The SCA Form Editor, an editor based on Eclipse forms for SCA assembly files.
  • The SCA Builder to validate SCA artifacts.
  • The SCA Launcher to run and debug SCA Java projects on SCA platforms from Eclipse.
  • The SCA Composite to Java Generator to generate Java code skeletons from an SCA composite.
  • The SCA Composite Introspection tool to construct SCA assembly files in a bottom-up approach from existing POJO and component type files.
  • The SCA Semantics tool to annotate components, services, and references with SAWSDL.
  • The SCA Samples, a set of ready to use SCA projects to discover SCA and the SCA tools.

For more complete information on the SCA Tools project please have a look at our wiki.

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The SCA Composite Designer was founded in 2007 by Obeo. It was developed as a component of the SOA Tools Platform and evolved as a subproject (SCA Tools) in 2008.

A large part of the SCA Tools project was implemented in the scope of the SCOrWare project funded by the French Research National Agency (ANR).

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