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There are three ways to install Eclipse Papyrus for Real Time (Papyrus-RT):

  1. Install the Papyrus-RT RCP
    The RCP is an all-inclusive self-contained archive (zip) of Papyrus-RT
    • Pro: simple three-step: download, extract, start working with Papyrus-RT!
    • Cons: larger file to download
  2. Using the Papyrus-RT Installer
    The Papyrus-RT installer is powered by Oomph, the same technology used by the Eclipse Installer.
    • Pros: support for bundle pooling, managed workspaces, and automatic updates
    • Cons: You have to answers a few simple questions
  3. Using update sites
    This approach is for the Eclipse veterans who are not afraid of the Eclipse Installer, understand what we mean a "p2", and need to install Papyrus-RT with other Eclipse projects!
    • Pros: Complete control of what will be part of the installation, including other Eclipse projects!
    • Cons: Increased complexity in the installation process with boxes to check and more questions to answer.

Current release: Papyrus-RT 0.8.0 on Eclipse Neon (Recommended)

Papyrus-RT all-in-one RCP

Papyrus-RT Installer

Update sites

Older releases

Update sites

Nightly builds

Please keep in mind that this is the head development version!
It might be unstable and contain any kind of errors.

Update sites

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