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Eclipse Public License 2.0 FAQ

For informational purposes only.

This FAQ attempts to provide answers to commonly asked questions related to the Eclipse Public License (EPL). It is provided for informational purposes only. It is not part of, nor does it modify, amend, or supplement the terms of the EPL. The EPL is a legal agreement that governs the rights granted to material licensed under it, so please read it carefully. If there is any conflict between this FAQ and the EPL, the terms of the EPL shall govern.

This FAQ should not be regarded as legal advice. If you need legal advice, you must contact your own lawyer.

This document does not have the answer to my question. How can I get my question answered?

You may want to check the Eclipse Foundation Legal Frequently Asked Questions document to see if your question is answered there. If not, please send a note to

Why did the Eclipse Foundation create a new version of the EPL?

The Eclipse Public License 1.0 is very close to the Common Public License, and as such its terms are essentially 16 years old. A lot of the motivation was to simply update the license to reflect the norms and expectations of an industry that has changed a lot in that time.

My project uses the EPL-1.0. How can we switch to use EPL-2.0?

The Eclipse Public License allows new versions of the license to be adopted by projects with little work. Specifically, the license states that:

“Each new version of the Agreement will be given a distinguishing version number. The Program (including Contributions) may always be distributed subject to the version of the Agreement under which it was received. In addition, after a new version of the Agreement is published, Contributor may elect to distribute the Program (including its Contributions) under the new version.”

So a project can use the new version by simply updating the file headers and notices. Note that it would be good community practice to discuss this change on your public mailing lists, and to make every attempt to ensure that downstream users are aware of the change.

This document is currently a work-in-progress. While we work to complete this document, you may find the answers that you need in the original Eclipse Public License 1.0 Frequently Asked Questions document.

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