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Payara Server - Robust, Reliable, Supported

Payara Server is an open source application server derived from GlassFish, with an option of 24/7 Production and Migration & Project Support. It is a drop-in replacement for GlassFish Server Open Source Edition, with the peace of mind of quarterly releases containing enhancements, bug fixes and patches.

Payara Server is a perfect solution for companies currently using GlassFish, struggling with lack of support from Oracle and infrequent, low-quality application server releases. Payara Server is also a great product for any organisation running Java EE applications, looking for a robust, reliable and supported platform.

Payara Server is used by thousands of commercial and private users worldwide. Our support customers include BMW Group, Papa Johns Pizza, Adrian Steel and Rakuten Card.

Payara Server is compatible with Eclipse MicroProfile.

Payara Micro - Small, Simple, Serious

Payara Micro is perfect for microservice and cloud environments. It enables you to run war files from the command line without any application server installation. It is small, less than 70 MB in size and incredibly simple to use. With its automatic and elastic clustering, Payara Micro is designed for running Java EE applications in a modern virtualized infrastructure.

Thats not all! Using the Hazelcast integration each Payara Micro process will automatically cluster with other Payara Micro processes on the network, giving web session resilience and a fully distributed data cache using Payaras JCache support.

Payara Micro is fully compatible with Eclipse MicroProfile. It also comes with a Java API so it can be embedded and launched from your own Java applications.

Payara Services Limited

Payara Services Limited contributes to one or more Eclipse Projects!


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