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Payara Server is derived from GlassFish. It is developed by Payara Services Ltd and distributed as an open source application server. Payara Server is an ideal drop-in replacement for GlassFish Server Open Source Edition.

In addition to the continuous development of its application server, Payara Services Ltd provides dedicated 24/7 production and developer support for Payara Server, as well as consulting services for GlassFish and Payara Server users.

Our vision is to optimise Payara Server to make it the best application server for production Java EE applications; with responsive 24/7 dedicated incident and software support delivered by the best middleware engineers in the industry.

Payara MicroProfile is a cut-down build of Payara Micro. We have taken Payara Micro and shrunk it to support the MicroProfile apis; JSON-P, CDI and JAX-RS. As it is based on Payara Micro all the command line options you know and love are still available including Uber JAR creation. We've also left in JCache/Hazelcast as a core service as this is fundamental to our future plans for microservices and the creation of a microservices fabric.

Payara Services Limited

Payara Services Limited contributes to one or more Eclipse Projects!


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