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EASE v0.4.0 released
We just released v0.4.0 for you. Installation for external engines now works automatically. No need to register external update sites anymore. Further we improved the keyword mechanism further and provide a Property page to change those keywords. Get it from the download section. See all changes on bugzilla..
EASE v0.3.0 released
After quite a while the brand new v0.3.0 release is ready. Among new modules we improved python installation support, added a framework for code completion and improved support for user script repositories. Get it from the download section. See all changes on bugzilla..
Added source bundles to update site
The nightly update site now contains source bundles for you developers out there. From the next release onwards also the release site will contain these bundles.
EASE v0.2.0 released
We just released v0.2.0. We have added lots of UI improvements, a new script unit test framework and integrated documentation in the online help. Get it from the download section.
External sites moved to bintray
Due to the shutdown of our previous update site for external components, we moved Jython, Groovy and JRuby p2 sites to bintray. Locations are available in the download section.
EASE v0.1.0 released
The very first release of EASE was published today. Gone the times where you were forced to use the nightly update site. Get it from the download section.
Jython debugger released
Implementation of Jython debugger finished. Grab it as part of the Jython feature from the external Jython update site. For breakpoint support install PyDev.
JRuby engine preview
Implemented draft of a JRuby engine. You may find the update site location in the download section.

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