Java™ 8 Support in Eclipse

Java™ 8 support is included in the Eclipse Luna packages. But you can add it to your existing Eclipse Kepler SR2 package using the instructions below.

The Java™ 8 support contains the following:

  • Eclipse compiler implements all the new Java™ 8 language enhancements.
  • Significant features, like Search and Refactoring, have been updated to support Java™ 8.
  • Quick Assist and Clean Up to migrate anonymous class creations to lambda expressions and back.
  • New formatter options for lambdas.

Installing Java™ 8 support for Eclipse Kepler SR2

In order to install the Java™ 8 support for Kepler SR2 you will need to have previously installed the following:

Use the Eclipse Marketplace to add Java™ 8 support to your Eclipse Kepler SR-2 package:

  1. Select "Help > Eclipse Marketplace..."
  2. Enter "Java 8 Kepler" in the search box
  3. Install Java 8 support for Eclipse Kepler SR2
  4. Install additional features: