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Eclipse Community News (Archive)

Today the Open Source Initiative® (OSI) announced its Incubator Project, ClearlyDefined, a crowdsourced project aimed at boosting the success of FOSS projects by clearly defining their status
IBM has been working hard on their own flavor of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)-J9 JVM-since 1997. 9 was built as a closed source (proprietary) independent implementation of the JVM whose class libraries were based on the licensed Sun
It's official: the new name for the technology formerly known as Java Enterprise Edition (and Project EE4J) is Jakarta EE.
Payara has partnered with the Eclipse Foundation to become a Strategic Member.
The draft of the Working Group charter is now available for community review
Rust is on the rise, with the "most loved" open source programming language's community growing and a new Eclipse-based IDE in the works.
Watch & learn about Eclipse JNoSQL, a framework & tool making integration between Java applications & NoSQL quick & easy
Rust developers seek a better IDE for the language, and Microsoft's Rust support in Visual Studio has gotten Eclipse's attention
The JSON-B API, more cloud and microservices support, two XML efforts, web tags, and a JavaBeans Action Framework are among the planned elements
The great Java EE migration is hitting its stride as various bits and bobs begin the shuffle from Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation.
Learn about Eclipse JNoSQL, a Java framework that streamlines the intergration of a Java application with the NoSQL database
The Eclipse Collections community continues to grow. There were ten developers who contributed to the Eclipse Collections 9.1.0 release.
The Eclipse Foundation has just announced the release of a new version of the Eclipse Buildship project, which integrates the Gradle build tool with Eclipse.
Dmitry Kornilov, senior software development manager at Oracle, and Mike Milinkovich, executive director at the Eclipse Foundation, spoke to InfoQ about these nine new projects.
Working collaboratively with other members of the Eclipse community, Hazelcast's primary focus will be on JCache, the Eclipse MicroProfile and EE4J.
The Eclipse Foundation recently released MicroProfile version 1.2 featuring four new APIs.
The preposition By, and its positive contribution to productivity.
Eclipse Foundation unveils nine EE4J proposals covering Java NIO, REST, web services, JSON, messaging, middleware, and WebSockets
Have you ever thought about how much we use prepositions in our Java APIs?!
UnifiedMap is the Map implementation of Eclipse Collections and is implemented very differently than a JDK HashMap.!
The name Java EE will have to go — we knew that already. Now’s your chance to have a say in this matter!
A lot has happened lately in the Eclipse MicroProfile world: they revamped the logo, released 1.2 and welcomed Oracle to its community.
Why did Skymind join the Eclipse Foundation last month? Chris Nicholson, CEO of Skymind and creator of Deeplearning4j, explains why open sourcing its libraries was a step forward to show developers and enterprises that Deeplearning4j is mature, secure, and a safe bet for deep learning.
InfoQ attended JAXLondon 2017 in October. One key highlight was a talk by Emily Jiang of IBM who shed some light on an Eclipse based collaborative platform called Eclipse MicroProfile.
The Java EE 8 release has been the slowest in history. Meanwhile, Java EE developers have been anxious to get their hands on it, because the world has changed dramatically in five years.
It's all about transparency. Mike Milinkovich, the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation took the floor at EclipseCon Europe 2017 to acknowledge that Oracle's decision to donate Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation (which, by the way, was triggered -among other reasons- by the presence of Eclipse MicroProfile in the Eclipse ecosystem) has trigged a huge change in the general perception of what the Eclipse Foundation is doing and what it stands for.
In Ludwigsburg, Germany, during EclipseCon (October 24-26), the new member of the Eclipse Foundation, Orange together with member Deutsche Telekom, will showcase and demonstrate how open source software and open standards along with commercial solutions can be used to create an ecosystem that addresses the needs of developers and consumers.
PrismTech™, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced that it is expanding its Vortex™ DDS product portfolio to offer the open source option "Eclipse Cyclone."
Renesas Electronics Corporation announced today that the Renesas e2 studio integrated software development environment now has been expanded with new features
With over 10 years of releases and countless extensions and plugins, Eclipse remains one of the most popular IDEs for developers working across several domains
toem GmbH is proud to annouce they have joined the Eclipse Foundation as a solutions member
Eclipse Collections is a high performance Java collections framework, redesigned for Java 8 and beyond, adding rich functionality to the Java Collections framework.
The Eclipse Foundation have issued an open invitation for developers to get involved with the next phase of development of Java EE technologies
Skymind joins the Eclipse Foundation as a solution member contributing its machine-learning suite including Deeplearning4j, an open-source project for configuring and tuning deep neural networks.
It's been a few weeks since it was announced that Oracle would move Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation and we're already starting to see indications of how it's shaping up.
Java Enterprise Edition's new owner is starting to make changes to how Java EE will work and be supported.
Over the last couple of months a number of announcements have been made that change the the Java ecosystem.
Say hello to Eclipse Enterprise for Java! It’s only been a couple of weeks since Oracle announced that Java EE technologies will be moving to the Eclipse Foundation and now the first real step has been taken — there’s a draft charter too!
In a recent release, Cloudera, an IoT platform for machine learning and analytics in the cloud, announced it has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions member and now will participate in the Eclipse IoT Working Group.
Developers rejoice! IBM’s J9 is now an open source project. Pre-built OpenJDK binaries are now available on AdoptOpenJDK. Let’s see how Eclipse OpenJ9 fits into the OpenJDK ecosystem.
Highlighting the nine features -- with examples -- that will be included in the Eclipse Collections 9.0 release.
So it’s a good sign that within a month of initially announcing their intentions, Oracle (with help from IBM and Red Hat) have chosen the Eclipse Foundation as the future home for Java EE.
Oracle has chosen the Eclipse Foundation to be the new home of the Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE), the company announced today.
After careful review, we have selected the Eclipse Foundation as the foundation that we will work with going forward to make the above a reality.
We’re now feature complete for Eclipse Collections 9.0. We’ve entered the quiet period for Eclipse Collections development while we wait for the official release notice from the Eclipse Foundation.
More software development shops are bringing together DevOps and IoT to deliver stronger, more secure and reliable IoT app quality.
The Eclipse Foundation's MicroProfile project has submitted what may be the first ever Java Specification Request (JSR) to come from an open source foundation.
Eclipse Oxygen released improvements and advances for more than 80 Eclipse projects. Holger Voormann revisits some of the cool new things you might have missed!
According to the official announcement, “this move has now been in the works for several months, since it took time to get all the necessary legal approvals, and then the final approval from the Eclipse Foundation board.”
Kristen O'Leary talks about some of the newest features from the 8.0.0 release including the use of Java 8 features such as Collectors, Optional and SummaryStatistics.
Eclipse MicroProfile is a year old! The road from 1.0 to 1.1 has been a tough one, but there’s a bunch of interesting new developments in in the MicroProfile world. Let’s take a look!
CONTACT Software became a member of the Eclipse Foundation in June and will now be participating in the Eclipse IoT Working Group.
Reactive programming is a way to implement asynchronous applications.
Eclipse Oxygen is here, and even though this milestone has been reached, the development continues. Next up Eclipse Photon.
A discussion with Mickael Istria on Eclipse Oxygen, what’s coming in Photon and the future of the “classic IDE”.
The annual synchronized launch of multiple Eclipse projects and project upgrades known as the Release Train beat previous records this year.
Mike Milinkovich states, “The JDT team has worked hard on building great Java 9 support for Eclipse Oxygen.”
Exploring the fast-moving Eclipse MicroProfile, which promises to make it easier to use Java to build microservices.
An interview with Wayne Beaton and Mikaël Barbero about Eclipse Oxygen, the 12th official simultaneous release from the Eclipse Community.
A look back at a year of community driven innovation, and the benefits of being an Eclipse Project.
In this article, Jeff Johnston explains what all that buzz is about and how to support Docker Containers in Eclipse CDT.
Over the years, Java EE has supported distributed application architectures based on RMI/IIOP, Web Services and REST. The Eclipse MicroProfile project is the next step in that evolution because it optimizes enterprise Java for a microservices architecture.
We had such a great time at Devoxx4Kids in San Jose this past March, we’ve decided to try running a session here in Ottawa.
The Eclipse Foundation's IoT Working Group announced a new initiative to drive the adoption of IoT open source and open standards.
On the 26th of April, 2017 we proudly presented the Eclipse/ToolMakers Day for the very first time in Budapest.
Having problems with connecting, commanding, or controlling IoT devices in the cloud? Eclipse Hono has you covered.
Investigating distributed microservices? Want to get rid of your monolithic enterprise applications or not create new ones? Reactive design can help.
The Eclipse Foundation is releasing Eclipse IoT Open Testbeds, to demonstrate how open-source software is used to create IoT solutions.
Last week, Obeo sent me to San Jose, California to attend the 1st Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US which was really cool of them.
Devoxx US kicked off today. Day 1 of the inaugural North American edition of the popular European software conference that was created in 2001 by Stephan Janssen.
Mike Milinkovich, the executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, kicked off Eclipse Converge 2017 this week with an update for attendees on doings at the 13-year-old organization.
DLR joins Eclipse Foundation, bringing new projects such as SUMO and projects in eMobiliy, Automotive and more.
Working with the Eclipse Foundation to create industry standards by sharing code rather than creating specs.
An action packed week ahead. Eclipse Day Grenoble 2017 is back on Mar 9 2017, followed by the Hamburg Hackathon on Mar 10.
Benjamamin Cabé lays out the three reasons why you need to attend Devoxx US, Eclipse Converge, and Eclipse IoT Day.
Interested in attending Devoxx US? Find out why IBM's Sandhya Kapoor is excited for the first Devoxx US conference.
Tracy Miranda of Kichwa Coders discusses the importance of the Eclipse Foundation's new Diversity strategy.
Open source smart home platform gains Ubuntu snap packages.
MicroProfile, the community initiative to provide a microservices standard platform for enterprise Java, has joined the Eclipse Foundation to become an Eclipse project.
Hear from Mike Milinkovich from the Eclipse Foundation, as open source Foundation Leaders weigh in.
The big news for 8.4 is that we’ve added support for conditions and loops in the Integrated Test Environment (ITE).
Diamond Light Source sets out to migrate a mission-critical, Java-based acquisition system to dynamic class loading.
Eclipse Che lets you convert any production runtime into a developer workspace.
All relevant artifacts of Neon.2 produced by the Eclipse Project, are now “officially” available from Maven Central.
GeoTrellis 1.0 released under LocationTech; a major achievement for the community that helped build the project.
A project for a microservices-friendly Java is to be overseen by the Eclipse Foundation.
Eclipse January is a set of common data structures in Java, including a powerful library for handling numerical data.
The MicroProfile effort to improve enterprise Java will continue at the Eclipse Foundation.
Eclipse ranked number 1 on the list of most popular IDEs for java in 2016.
Eclipse MicroProfile has been approved and this project is now under the wing of the Eclipse Foundation
CREATE-NET is delighted to be a member of the Eclipse Foundation and to be leading an important open source IoT project.
Eclipse Oxygen milestone number four is all about usability and visual appearance.
OpenDaylight, OCEAN, ATIS and Eclipse Foundation are organisations adopting oneM2M specifications in IoT development.
Docker announces that it is joining the Eclipse Foundation, and what this means.
Eclipse Foundation announced a collaboration between three big companies for developing the “Internet of Things”.
A look at how Red Hat is contributing to the development of the Eclipse IDE.
A tutorial covering the latest version of the Eclipse IDE for Java and JavaScript development.
We are proud to announce that Samsung has joined the Eclipse Foundation.
A brief look at "What is Eclipse Che?"
This tutorial shows you how to install the latest version of Eclipse (Neon) on Ubuntu 16.04
Working together to develop interoperable IoT components that can be deployed to a Cloud platform.
An interview with two EclipseCon Europe speakers.
MicroProfile play targets the Eclipse Foundation.
BMW has built the impressive AUTOSAR ECU engineering backbone with Eclipse open source technologies.
The Eclipse Kapua project aims to bridge the gap between Operation Technology (OT).
Developing for the embedded world, an interesting challenge, as any object may become part of IoT.
Attend Eclipse Che's first user & developer conference on Nov 15! Featuring RedHat, EclipseSource, Docker & more.
Eurotech released v4.0 of ESF IoT framework, adding multi-cloud support; enter Eclipse Kura.
Developer workspaces builder Codenvy, partners with Bitnami, to create "one-click" programming stacks to simplify workflow.
Introducing new features & improvements implemented as part of the JSDT project, available in the Neon.1 release.
GE Digital and Bosch Software Innovations, joining forces in the name of the Internet of Things (IoT).
Partnerships that could shape IoT for years are being forged as enterprises fit IoT into long-term plans.
(In German) Informatik Aktuell ist Medienpartner der 11. EclipseCon Europe Conference.
An extension based on the Language Server Protocol offers developers expanded use of Microsoft's development tool.
(In German) Heise Developer discussing EclipseCon Europe 2016 Keynotes, Tracks and Sponsors.
Bitnami & Codenvy announce ready-to-go Stacks for a simple developer experience.
Mikaël Barbero, Senior Platform Developer at Eclipse on what Eclipse means to him & what's to come for the EclipseIDE.
JAXenter interview with Andrea Ross, Director of Ecosystem Development, on LocationTech, the future of Eclipse & more.
The first stable release of Eclipse RDF4J, the official successor to the OpenRDF Sesame framework.
New features for first-time adopters and teams.
In the era of microservices & cloud-native apps, the SDLC is going through a change. Enter Eclipse Che.
Interview with Wayne Beaton as a part of the new JAXenter series, ‘Foundation Talk’.
Though the IoT universe is a complex polyglot, there is one language in particular dominating IoT.
If you are an Artist or an Eclipse developer, this message is for you!
Red Hat announces partnership deal with Eurotech targeting the management of IoT edge devices.
The new protocol integrates multiple languages consistently across different IDEs and code editors.
Everything Eclipse has in store for developers this year!
The Eclipse Neon release train arrived this morning, right on schedule for the second-to-last Wednesday of June.
The Eclipse Foundation today announced the 11th annual synchronized launch of multiple Eclipse projects and project upgrades.
The Eclipse Foundation shipped its 11th annual release train as explained by Darryl K. Taft.
Eclipse Foundation announces new releases of 4 open-source IoT projects accelerating IoT development.
German Article by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ina Schieferdecker, Dir. of Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin. Published in Informatik Aktuell.
Only a few days left to submit your proposal for Eclipse Summit India!
German Article by Marcus Munzert in Informatik Aktuell.
After the success of last year's roadshow dedicated to Eclipse Sirius, the event is back in Munich, Germany on June 27!
IBM's Eclipse OMR is an open-source virtual machine toolkit to create runtime environments for any language.
Charles Rivet joins the conversation discussing The Eclipse project Papyrus.
New Project Eclipse hawkBit, strives to furnish an open platform for the Internet of Things.
Codenvy announces the 1st public release of the Samsung Artik IDE which allows building applications for IoT.
Open source viewed as today’s preeminent architecture and engine for innovation...
Explore 5 great scientific workbenches from Eclipse Science Working Group members.
Discussing why Interoperability is a key topic to address in the Internet of Things.
According to the 2nd Annual IoT Developer Survey, security is a growing concern.
Eclipse IoT is a collection of 25 open source projects for the development of Internet of Things solutions.
IBM has created Eclipse OMR, an open-source virtual machine toolkit to create runtime environments for any language.
Summary: London event on March 23. "Eclipse is so much, much more than an IDE these days."
Getting to the 20 billion IoT devices by 2020 that analysts predict is going to require a lot of developers to work really fast.
Talk about your kumbaya moment. Microsoft, the company that is the arguably the standard bearer for proprietary or closed-source software, has joined the Eclipse Foundation, a group dedicated to promoting the use and growth of open-source software.
The new edition complements the existing SAP Web IDE, which is powered by SAP HANA Cloud Platform and is used daily by developers at SAP, partners and customers for the development of SAP Fiori apps, SAP’s new user experience approach.
Eclipse Che, the developer workspace server and cloud IDE, had its initial release this morning at EclipseCon.
Today at EclipseCon, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Eclipse Che 4.0.
Microsoft today announced that it is joining the Eclipse Foundation.
At Microsoft, our developer mission is to deliver experiences that empower any developer, building any application, on any OS.
Tomorrow at EclipseCon in Reston, Virginia, MicroEJ® will present the Eclipse Edje open source project.
IncQuery Labs Ltd. is proud to announce that the Eclipse Community now recognizes the company as solution member of the Eclipse Foundation and the membership at large.
Before the age of mass travel, infectious diseases went from local outbreak to international epidemic by ship.
Java-based device application frameworks in the Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) model can speed development of Internet of Things (IoT) gateways and applications, as well as offer advanced remote management capabilities not available through traditional embedded agents.
We are pleased to announce the eleventh release of Orion, “Your IDE in the Cloud”.
Commercial support for GeoMesa 1.2, the open source suite of geospatial analytics tools designed to run with Hadoop-scale volumes of data.
Eclipse Internet of Things? What is it? If you’re a techie, you might be having the slight knowledge of what it is and how it works.
Join us for an evening of collaboration, exchanging ideas and being inspired.
The beta milestone of Eclipse Che is available! Attend Tyler's Keynote "The Evolution and Future of IDEs" at EclipseCon 2016.
Che is a dynamically provisioned on-demand IDE that provides an open source alternative to the JetBrains IntelliJ Java IDE.
The Eclipse Foundation and Goldman Sachs have announced a joint venture, moving the popular GS Collections open source framework development to Eclipse.
Present technologies, discuss cutting edge developments and exchange with experts from varied Eclipse related fields.
What does Eclipse looks like in a web browser when launched with the GTK Broadway backend on Linux?
More than 80 teams have applied to be part of the challenge, find out who a starter kit to complete their project.
Modern-day applications are quickly evolving from monolithic giants to collections of microservices running in containers or lightweight virtual machines.
Red Hat and Eclipse Foundation will be speaking at a developer day in the DC area. Join us on December 1 & 2.
Anyone can participate in the Challenge, and any participant can win, but 15 projects will be selected to receive hardware starter kits, access to cloud services, and technical support.
Eclipse Kura and Apache Camel, when joined together, give developers the possibility to abstract their application logic from both field protocols and data delivery, thus easing and speeding up the development process.
What a great week for the partner ecosystem! We got the ball rolling with the monumental announcement of our partnership with Microsoft, followed it up with passing over 150 members in OpenShift Commons, and yesterday we announced OpenShift Enterprise 3.1.
Developers face a host of challenges when implementing a robust security model for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and gateways.
Goldman Sachs joined the open source community, the Eclipse Foundation.
Stefan presents the keynote, Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Lessons Learned after One Year of Open Source Activities in the Internet of Things.
Noopur Gupta shows how to get started with Java 8 in Eclipse, demonstrating how the new Java 8 constructs blend with the existing functionality in Eclipse.
Attend the FedGeo Day on October 15, 2015 in Washington DC.
‘Mars.1′ also marks an important change in the Eclipse update cycle – instead of two yearly service releases, we can expect more frequent updates in future.
My 13-year old nephew and I proudly present the unofficial Eclipse Mars SR1 promotion video.
The Eclipse Science Working Group convened at the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) in Trondheim to discuss the development of an Eclipse-based science platform for better data modelling and data visualisation.
For many years, the Eclipse Foundation has had a profound impact on the open source arena.
Package Drone has been taken under the Eclipse Foundation’s wing, where it will be sure to receive further contributions and support.
When it comes to tech and new product introduction, big bang isn’t a theory, it’s reality.
Join your fellow Eclipse enthusiasts at the first Eclipse Night London! There are only 80 seats so register now.
Hans Dockter, Etienne Studer present an Eclipse plug-in for Gradle.
The Eclipse Foundation has been quietly developing a pretty solid Web-based development tool called Orion, all without the media hype that surrounded GitHub's Atom editor.
Despite all the buzz that surrounds the term “big data,” we hear surprisingly little about “big spatial data.”
Unter der Leitung von Bosch sind mehrere Unternehmen und Organisationen aus Deutschland, Schweden, Spanien und der Türkei im Projekt AMALTHEA4public zusammengekommen.
To write programs in C for the Edison the simplest way of working is to install and use the customized version of the Eclipse IDE.
Today, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Eclipse Mars, the tenth annual combined release of Eclipse software.
The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of Mars, the 10th annual coordinated release train of Eclipse projects.
Eclipse Vert.x 3.0, the reactive server for the JVM has been released!
ETX 2015 invites original and unpublished contributions. Propose a research paper now.
Wayne Beaton, Director of Open Source at Eclipse, talks about microservices based project Che.
The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of another Eclipse IoT project: Eclipse OM2M 0.8, a standardized service platform for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.
Benjamin Cabé, Internet of Things enthusiast and evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation, has years of experience in connecting things, big and small, together.
The University of Minnesota is no stranger to software innovation. Back before the World Wide Web took hold, the U’s invention of Gopher protocol
We have just published the results of the first IoT Developer Survey.
At EclipseCon last week, Eike Stepper and Ed Merks demonstrated Eclipse Oomph, a provisioning and installation tool that can quickly install Eclipse features and plugins as well as materialise projects from repositories.
The San Francisco EclipseCon saw some interesting product/project announcements.
ZeroTurnaround, the maker of revolutionary developer tools, today announced the release of Optimizer for Eclipse, a free Eclipse plugin that detects and fixes common configuration issues faced by developers using the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to build software.
Ian Craggs, leader of the Eclipse Paho project, talked about Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Mosquitto and MQTT-SN at EclipseCon this week.
Today at EclipseCon, the Xtext project released the latest version of the DSL toolset, version 2.8. Xtext provides a generic DSL infrastructure and editor along with Xtend, a Java-like language for writing compact and performant code. Xtend is based upon Xbase, a...
Solair joins one of the most prestigious international open source communities as a Solution Member.
The Eclipse Foundation announced new releases of two Eclipse IoT projects that focus on MQTT.
ESF 3.0 is now synchronized with the release of Kura, the open source project within the Eclipse IoT Working Group.
The "Great Fixes for Mars" competition, open now, is offering modest prizes but serious status to community members who "contribute fixes that will improve the functionality and performance of Eclipse."
German Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider Bosch Software Innovations (BSI) is acquiring ProSyst, a Java- and OSGi-based software vendor specializing in middleware for the IoT, the two companies announced this week. BSI, a subsidiary of the Bosch Group, specializes in the development of gateway software and middleware for IoT.
The headline is of course the introduction of the all-new CoreBalanceâ„¢ garbage collector after seven years in the making.
This year at EclipseCon we are hosting an IoT Day on March 11 at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA.
We have received an incredible amount of interest so far, and it is 45 projects in total who entered the challenge!
I've been looking ahead with analysts and industry watchers at what 2015 might have in store for enterprise software developers in general
Java could play a bigger part in networking for the Internet of things.
At the EclipseCon Europe 2014, head of Eclipse Mike Milinkovich told JAX Editors Diana Kupfer and Hartmut Schlosser about the new Eclipse Cloud Initiative.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to become the next wave of technology to fundamentally change how humanity works, plays, and interacts with their environment. It is expected to transform everything from manufacturing to care for the elderly.
Following on the heels of the Eclipse Foundation’s announcement of its new Che Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) IDE platform, WSO2 has announced that it will adopt Eclipse Che as the core platform for all WSO2 tooling supporting its middleware, cloud, and mobile platforms.
Codenvy has evolved its flagship service from a cloud-based code editor to a full fledged, container-based development environment.
There’s no single standard to link all devices in the “Internet of things� and there may never be one, but the Eclipse Foundation wants to at least make it easier for developers to code for the standards that are out there.
LocationTech is a collaborative working group building an industry platform of quality open source location aware technologies.
Ian Skerrett is probably best known for his role at the Eclipse Foundation as vice president of marketing, but for the past two-plus years he's also been leading the Eclipse effort to foster an open-source community around the Internet of Things (IoT).
The book is aimed at developers who are familiar with the basics of plug-in development, such as covered in [his] first book, Eclipse 4 Plug-in Development by Example: Beginner’s Guide.
Open source Internet of Things is growing fast. These software and hardware projects can help companies and DIYers experiment with Internet-connected devices.
The next major release of our Eclipse-based tooling: The Spring Tool Suite (STS) 3.6.0 and the Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.6.0.
This year's survey of Eclipse developers shows they have changed their loyalties as regards the code management system they use over the past four years.
Probably the best way to understand the Internet of Things is to get some things on the Internet and in this article we're going to do just that.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the current ‘in thing’ for the technology industry.
In the run up to Eclipse’s much anticipated ‘Luna’ release, Diana Kupfer spoke to Eclipse Committer Paul Webster about plugin development, UI highlights, and of course, the impending mission to Mars.
The Eclipse Foundation's annual Release Train will be in the spotlight later this week, but first a bit of that metaphorical illumination should fall on a new Foundation project.
This marks the ninth year in a row that Eclipse has delivered a simultaneous release of its key project software.
I am a big believer that the maker/open hardware community is and will be a huge engine of innovation for the Internet of Things (IoT). Devices like, Arduino, BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi’s make it so easy to prototype and create new IoT solutions.
The Eclipse Foundation has released Eclipse Luna which includes official support for Java 8 in the Java development tools, Plug-in Development Tools, Object Teams, Eclipse Communication Framework, Maven integration, Xtext, Xtend, Web Tools Platform, and Memory Analyzer.
EThe Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of the Luna release, the annual release train from the Eclipse community.
Eclipse IDE's annual release adds Java 8 support, enhanced C/C++ and PHP tools, and support for the Paho platform
Today, the Eclipse foundation announced the release of Eclipse Luna (4.4), the seventh simultaneous release and ten years to the day since Eclipse 3.0 was released, bringing the highly successful OSGi runtime to a wider audience and setting the platform up to be a rich client platform, not just an eponymous IDE.
Embedded systems are becoming smaller, more consolidated, and contain a mix of real-time processing with network connectivity and graphics capabilities. This trend in embedded development is facilitated by multicore processors and virtualization capabilities that enable real-time OS environments to run beside application software on a single embedded system.
Nicht nur steht Version 1.5 des Projekts zur Heimautomatisierung openHAB zur Verfügung, das Kern-Framework ist auch Grundlage von Eclipse SmartHome, das die Industrie zur Zusammenarbeit im Smart-Home-Sektor bewegen soll.
Since its inception in 2010, openHAB's popularity is constantly growing and our community is spread all over the world. Besides being used by end users and developers, openHAB is more and more adopted in academia, research and industry projects.
When it comes to server side development, the Java EE stack's competition is nascent at best.
Eclipse 4.4 is coming on June 25, 2014! Building up to the release, we'll be sharing a few videos promoting all the cool stuff that the Eclipse community has put together!
Ottawa is well-positioned to take advantage of the burgeoning Internet of Things industry, an organization that collaborates on open-source software told a conference on Tuesday.
The JAX Innovation Awards, which have been running since 2007, celebrate outstanding innovation within the tech sector, with a particular emphasis on those who foster and drive Java and open technologies.
The Eclipse Integrated Development Day focuses on today’s interoperability challenges in system engineering such as data interoperability (i.e. models), data consistency, data variants, traceability and tool integration. Sign up to attend.
The first and only German conference focusing on open source in automotive! Presenting: Daimler, BMW, Mentor Graphics, IBM, Bosch Software Innovations, Hella, AUTOSAR, FEV, Validas, fortiss, Bearingpoint, Eclipse Foundation and ETAS. Use this code 7701B1R23-20/D1400746 to get 20% off registration.
Genuitec, makers of the market leading MyEclipse Integrated Development Environment and Secure Delivery Center technologies, is pleased to offer the Eclipse community its "Internet of Things" PiPlug project.
Version 8.0 of Jubula and GUIdancer has been released with support for JavaFX applications.
Speakers: Martin Lippert and Mike Milinkovich - April 22
The Eclipse IDE (as one example) is great, but increasingly we are seeing new projects and companies working in the cloud-based developer tooling space, using a front-end that runs purely in the browser.
At the EclipseCon Developers conference in San Francisco, there was considerable talk about some of the challenges in developing the infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT).
Web-based development tools promise to dramatically improve the software development lifecycle by better matching the development environment with existing enterprise software.
The big news at the latest edition of EclipseCon North America, which wrapped up in San Francisco on Thursday, was Oracle's Java 8 announcements.
The Eclipse top-level project is very proud to announce official support for Java™ 8. Starting with I20140318-0830 all Luna (4.4) builds contain the Eclipse support for Javaâ„¢ 8. For Kepler SR2 (4.3.2) a feature patch is available.
Project Flux will give developers an infrastructure for easily moving back and forth between desktops and the cloud.
Enhancements in Orion 5 include: syntax highlighting for several languages, content assist for several Node.js libraries and databases, better syntax validation, cloud deployment and others.
Bonitasoft has joined the Eclipse Foundation, an open source community dedicated to the establishment of extensible development and application frameworks.
The Eclipse foundation started a Machine-to-Machine working group at EclipseCon 2012 looking at forming a community around the growing Internet of Things – hardware devices and sensors that are becoming networked on a massive scale.
docfacto Links is simple solution that doesn’t require the adoption of any complicated frameworks to keep your code and documentation in sync and has an Eclipse plugin with easy to use features.
Software development is gradually pivoting towards the web - and in many ways, the cloud has now come to resemble the desktop IDE. In response to this trend, two members of the Eclipse community, Martin Lippert (check out his talk Browser & Cloud – The Future of IDEs? in the video at the bottom of the page) and Orion developer John Arthorne, have proposed a new project: Flight.
The Eclipse Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, moving from a consortium of companies championing a Java integrated development environment (IDE) to a multi-faceted organization that continues to set the tone for open-source software development with competing corporate entities providing governance.
Running through the roster of Eclipse Foundation projects old and new, you can easily chart the rise and fall of development trends over the past decade.
It was during a break in the action long ago at the 2004 JavaOne conference that I found myself sitting in the W Hotel restaurant in San Francisco across from an earnest Canadian dude whose name I mispronounced twice during the interview, as he explained how IBM would really (no, really) keep its Big, Blue mitts off its relatively recently open-sourced, Java-based tooling platform, code-named Eclipse.
The first-ever SF Bay Area BIRT Developers’ Meetup will spotlight how integrating Cloudera's Impala and BIRT can help make visual sense of Hadoop data.
A unique European cross sector event on Embedded Software and Systems, a platform for top-level scientific with representatives from universities, research centers and industries. Mike Milinkovich is one of the keynote speakers, and the PolarSys team has a booth.
A unique weekend to discuss the Future of Open. Will cover Open Source, Super Communities and many more topics. The Eclipse's Gael Blondelle will present the PolarSys Working Group. For all events, visit
Excelsior LLC has released a major update to its spec-compliant JVM enhanced with Ahead-Of-Time native code compiler. Excelsior JET 9 adds support for Java SE 7 and Linux/64 and makes the 64-bit compiler produce better code in less time.
The Eclipse Foundation says the Internet of things should be based on open-source technology supported by an Eclipse-based community.
Join Actuate and Cloudera at SF Bay Area BIRT Developers’ first Meetup on Thursday, February 6 at 6pm at Actuate Corporation in San Mateo, CA.
We are very pleased to announce that we have added a Java 8 Day to EclipseCon 2014. Java 8 is scheduled to be released in March, close to the same time as EclipseCon, so we thought it would be great to have EclipseCon attendees participate in the launch of the new Java release.
At EclipseCon Europe 2012 (November, 2012) we first announced the creation of the Eclipse M2M Working Group. IBM, Sierra Wireless, Eurotech and Band XI had the vision to create an open source community for M2M software development.
DevelopIntelligence would like your feedback for their 2014 Developer Training Assessment Research Survey. Complete the survey now.
The M2M Alliance, the world’s largest professional machine-to-machine association, has joined the Eclipse Foundation, one of the most important organizations in the field of software solutions.
MQTT comes from the world of M2M (Machine to Machine) and the Internet of Things. There, devices can be as small as a sensor and controller connected over a wireless system. This environment drives the need for any protocol's implementation to be lightweight in terms of code footprint and system load, while taking care of that variable reliability connection problem.
docfacto Beermat is a simple and easy to use SVG graphics editor for Eclipse that allows users to create and edit SVG (scalable vector graphics) diagrams in real-time and provides both a design and source (XML) view.
The Eclipse Foundation supports a vibrant an open source community. Those who work on their projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools, and runtimes for building, deploying, and managing software across the lifecycle.
IBM teams up with Johns Hopkins University and UC San Francisco to help public health officials model, predict and track the possible spread of infectious diseases.
This report focuses on the most commonly used Java IDE currently available to mankind. Under the spotlight is Eclipse, the most widely selected, praised and complained about IDE.
We are happy to announce the next major release of our Eclipse-based tooling today: The Spring Tool Suite (STS) 3.4.0 and the Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.4.0.
Devboost is proud to announce the next major release of it's flagship product HEDL (Hibernate Entity Definition Language). With more than 15.000 downloads over the last 6 months, HEDL has received enormous attention by the Java community and became one of the fastest growing software solutions for automatic generation of fully consistent, functional, and tested JPA-based persistence layers.
Excelsior LLC updated its Excelsior JET 8, a solution for the protection of code and data incommercial Eclipse RCP applications, to support the latest version of the Eclipse RCP platform.
docfacto has just released their latest docfacto toolkit update to the Eclipse Marketplace and on their website. The focus of this release has been on improving usability.
Codetrails, the company behind the Eclipse Code Recommenders project, today announced their membership in the Eclipse Foundation and the 1.0 release of the [ctrl]flow Miner tool for creating intelligent code recommendations.
With the growing popularity of open source, it’s getting harder and harder to attract contributors to new projects. A quick Internet search shows us that there are about 20,000+ FLOSS projects out there, and the number of new projects continues to double about every 14 months.
Membership Continues DevelopIntelligences Commitment to Helping Developers Successfully Adopt Open Source Software.
We have released version 2.4.3 of Xtext and Xtend. As you can see by the minor increment it's a fully backwards compatible bugfix release.
In this article I’ll be walking you through the basics of the new Hudson 3.1 feature “Team Concept�. As the name suggests, this feature takes Hudson from using a flat, granular, authorization model into one where users are assigned to one or more teams.
The Eclipse IDE, according to some recent numbers on IDE usage, sits in nearly 2/3 of developer workstations. The ecosystem for Eclipse plug-ins, as you can imagine, is quite vast: about 1600 plug-in solutions are hosted on the Eclipse Marketplace, and have been downloaded nearly 6 million times collectively.
Jason Weathersby ist BIRT-Evangelist bei der Actuate Corporation und Mitglied des Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project Management Committees (PMC). Jason ist Koautor von zwei BIRT-Fachbüchern und Autor von diversen Artikeln über BIRT-Technologien.
DevelopIntelligence emerges as the only comprehensive and personal player in the world of developer software training.
In recent years, new trends like mobile clients and social networks forced web applications to handle more and more concurrent connections. This resulted in new server architectures based on eventing and asynchronicity which you can find in nginx or Node.js.
Regular InfoQ Java contributor Dr. Alex Blewitt recently published "Eclipse 4 Plug-in Development by Example" via Packt publishing. Using Java as its language, the book provides a thorough tutorial for would-be Eclipse plug-in developers.
docfacto, a software start-up that is developing tools for developers that take the ‘too hard’ out of documentation and help businesses eliminate documentation debt, today announced its membership of the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions Member.
If you were excited about Node.js, Vert.x could be the next big thing for you: a similarly architected enterprise system that is built on the JVM.
With a flurry of new machine-to-machine project arriving to the Eclipse Foundation in recent weeks, Claudia from caught up with Eclipse VP of Marketing Ian Skerrett and Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group chair Benjamin Cabé to talk about the latest developments.
The Eclipse Foundation announced that its machine-to-machine (M2M) Working Group has gained significant momentum with new projects, members and commercial adoption.
One major goal of the foundation has always been to bring together industry players to work on standards and their implementation together, and one of the latest areas Eclipse has become involved in is the Internet of Things.
Kura to Provide Set of Common Services for M2M Application Developers as part of Eclipse M2M Working Group.
As the first pillar in the M2M IWG effort and the initiative that spawned the entire project, Koneki aims to solve one of the biggest problems for M2M developers: a lack of effective tools for developing embedded applications.
Updated Eclipse Toolkit Bootstraps Development, Continuous Integration, Deployment Environments for Many Popular Technology Stacks, Including Play Framework, GlassFish, Java EE 6 & 7, Scala and More
Are you an Eclipse user? Do you want a fast and easy way to search for text snippets and patterns in your workspace? Then read on!
Dear Spring Community, we are happy to announce the next major release of our Eclipse-based tooling today: The Spring Tool Suite (STS) 3.3.0 and the Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.3.0.
Most time in debuggers is spent doing the same few things: setting breakpoints, stepping through code, looking at variables. Which products make those features supremely accessible and useful? We compare 13 debuggers and find out.
Mastering any business application is more than knowing where to click and when, it is knowing why you need to click at all. For nearly a decade DevelopIntelligence has been doing what few others in the software training industry have: teach both.
The Eclipse Foundation has delivered Kepler, its latest annual release train of projects – this one with support for big data, enhanced BI and usability among other things.
This year Eclipse is unleashing dozens of open source tools and upgrades, including additional support for big data in BIRT 4.3.
This year, the release train synchronised 71 different projects, 420 developers and 54 organisations to ensure that they release their projects together at the end of June in one large-scale release.
Just in time for BIRT 4.3, renovated BIRT Exchange developer community website sports new UI and easier access to downloads, forums and blogs.
The Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Eclipse Kepler, the eighth simultaneous release consisting of 71 Eclipse projects and over 58 million lines of code.
Hamburg, Germany – 2013-06-25 froglogic GmbH today announced that Squish 5.0—a major new version of the popular Squish GUI Tester —is now available.
In an admission that the role of a modern open source foundation has changed, the Eclipse Foundation has said it will start allowing projects to host their core development on third-party forges such as GitHub. The reasons behind this change are outlined in a blog post by Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation.
JAX Editor Chris Mayer catches a few minutes with Eclipse Orion project lead Ken Walker to discuss the browser IDE and its design goal, its difference from the main Eclipse projects and which technologies you can pull into it.
With next week's release of Eclipse Kepler just around the corner, Mike Milinkovich has written a post looking to the future of Social Coding at Eclipse. In it, he talks about the possibility of Eclipse projects being mastered at GitHub rather than on the foundation's own servers, citing Vert.X as the initial candidate for leading this change.
Benjamin Cabé is Open Source Evangelist at Sierra Wireless. He has a longtime passion for Eclipse and its ecosystem, and is a committer on several Eclipse projects and contributor to numerous other open source projects. As the chair of the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group, he advocates the use of innovative technologies for the Internet of Things. He co-leads Eclipse projects Koneki and Mihini.
Combitech proudly announces its membership in Eclipse Foundation and the Polarsys Industrial Working Group.
Mike Milinkovich is the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, and has been involved with Eclipse since before its inception.
Renesas Electronics America has released an enhanced version of e2studio, an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE). e2studio is designed to provide a flexible development platform for Renesas microcontrollers (MCUs).
Further Demonstrates Commitment to Java Developers and Open Source Community by Providing Technology Compatibility Kits and Support Services for Two Eclipse Projects.
Sven Efftinge is the project lead of Eclipse Xtend, a statically-typed programming language for the JVM, and Xtext, a framework for developing programming languages and domain-specific languages. Sven currently works as development manager for itemis.
Eclipse has been the editor of choice for Web Application Development for a while now - especially for Java-powered multi-tiered apps. That being said, there are many flavors of Eclipse that target more straight ahead Web projects, such as those that feature JavaScript, or a collection of static pages.
Developers can take advantage of an end-to-end open-source software stack for M2M embedded development, extending from the embedded device to the connection with the server infrastructure, with all of the tools necessary to develop M2M solutions.
It's time to roll up your sleeves and create something awesome for BIRT! A 4th gen iPad will be awarded to each of the top 3 BIRT plug-in submissions to BIRT Exchange by April 30th. Please see the contest page for more info and some suggested ideas, tutorials and samples.
Tasktop announces a new kind of infrastructure for connecting the software lifecycle to help enterprises achieve cross-discipline collaboration and lean Application Lifecycle Management.
Coverity, Inc., the leader in development testing, today announced that it is expanding free access to its development testing service within the open source community with the launch of Coverity Scan for Java open source projects.
Given the girth and weight of Oracle's efforts to focus on the OpenWorld side of its annual developer and user conference program, it is perhaps easy to miss some of the extended news elements emanating from the JavaOne side of the firm's now Sun-enriched technology stack.
The Eclipse Orion IDE is a first online version of Eclipse. You can write code and develop software using an IDE that runs in your browser. But how does it work?
We are happy to announce the next major release of our Eclipse-based tooling today: The Spring Tool Suite (STS) 3.2.0 and the Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.2.0.
The Orion 1.0 release came out in October of last year, and here we are four months later with an Orion 2.0 release.
I love hearing what people are doing with Eclipse. It really is amazing the great software people have built on top of Eclipse. This is why at EclipseCon, I love to attend the sessions where users show what they have been doing with Eclipse.
On January 11th, Eclipse RAP 2.0 was released, after 6 years of development. During that time the project has been fully integrated into the Eclipse Platform, to support multiple user interfaces on top of Eclipse 4.
You plan, design, develop and maintain software for your customers? NatSpec is a tool to transform customer requirements given in natural language to executable acceptance tests.
Eclipse's Mike Milinkovich discusses OpenJDK, the JCP, patents, and recent developments at Eclipse.
EclipseCon 2013 will have a track focused on adopting Eclipse 4. Check out the sessions and tutorials for Eclispe 4.
The Eclipse Foundation has announced LocationTech - a new initiative meant to help enterprises build location aware systems.
The Eclipse Foundation announced its LocationTech initiative on February 5th via a press release. The Foundation, with more than 190 members and more than 225 projects underway, is one of a number of organizations that nurture and grow open source software. It grew out of an early IBM open source project called Eclipse.
To address their unique open source tooling objectives, CERN needed a solution to facilitate rapid tooling support for control systems of the Large Hadron Collider [LHC].
The Amazon Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin (beta) allows you to rapidly and reliably integrate Amazon APIs into your Android projects, speeding up development and cutting down on project setup time.
The Virgo team would be grateful if you could take the Virgo community survey before the deadline of February 14 2013.
As announced in our last blog post we are now ready with the crowdwriting setup of the Eclipse Scout book. The goal of the Scout book is to significantly lower the entry barrier into Eclipse Scout. That’s why this book is primarily targetet at Eclipse beginners. To start working with the book, we only assume a meaningful understanding of the Java language and hands on experience covering the Java SE.
SAP AG announced on the 16th December that its NetWeaver Cloud product, a Java-based platform-as-a-service, has achieved Java EE 6 Web Profile Compatibility.
Mira Mezini, Informatik-Professorin an der TU Darmstadt, wird mit der höchstdotierten EU-Forschungsförderung ausgezeichnet. Der Europäischen Forschungsrat (European Research Council) gewährt Mezini einen "Advanced Grant" in Höhe von 2,3 Millionen Euro, den sie für die Erforschung grundlegend neuer Programmierkonzepte beim Cloud Computing aufwenden will.
It's déjà vu all over again, as the Eclipse Foundation released version 1.0 of a new IDE originally created by IBM. But this time, the IDE lives on a server and in your browser. The Orion Project hit version 1.0 on Oct. 29, heralding a new era of browser-based development.
We have released v3 of Chronon Recording Server and Chronon Time Traveling Debugger. Developers and QA Teams can now experience incredible performance improvements of up to 10X with V3 of the Chronon Recording Server making this the best solution to resolve issues in your development, QA and production environments.
Roll up your sleeves and create an awesome extension to BIRT! At EclipseCon Europe 2012, Actuate announced a new worldwide programming contest for developers. Plenty of suggestions, tutorials and code are listed on the contest site. Deadline is Nov 30th for your chance to win an iPad!
SunGard’s Infinity Process Platform is now available from the Eclipse Stardust project, an open source business process management (BPM) suite designed to help improve the infrastructure behind many of the finance industry’s key operations.
I am very happy to welcome Google as the newest Strategic Member of the Eclipse Foundation. This is important, and exciting news for the Eclipse community. Google will be joining CA Technologies, IBM, Oracle and SAP as the backbone of the Eclipse Foundation’s funding, as each of these companies are providing $250,000 per year for our operations.
Eclipse Orion is a new IDE designed specifically for web development, and one we’ve covered before at JAXenter. It’s a project with lofty goals: “to make the web itself the development environment, instead of trying to bring existing desktop IDE concepts to the browser�. It’s meant not as a browser-based replacement for Eclipse, but as a new project with the Eclipse spirit aimed at web developers.
We are happy to announce the next major release of our Eclipse-based tooling today: The Spring Tool Suite (STS) 3.1.0 and the Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.1.0.
With EclipseCon Europe fast approaching we wanted to have some cool demos to show off Orion that were a little out of the ordinary. Given that Orion can provide a UI to the file system of an underlying installation it seemed a natural fit to get it running on a headless Raspberry Pi.
Eclipse Orion, the foundation's latest venture aims to create an web IDE, stocked with tools for developing with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It's a completely separate outlet from Eclipse's successful Java IDE - a new codebase, adopting the motto - "Tools for the web, on the webâ".
Ralph Müller's blog post provides an easy way for Eclipse community members to help make EclipseCon Europe / OSGi Community Event a successful event.
Actuate, The BIRT Company™, is hosting one-day events in both San Francisco (Nov 8) and New York City (Nov 14) to provide insights into the future of data visualization, Big Data and business analytics that are available today in ActuateOne. These free events are open to anyone with experience or interest in BIRT.
DevBoost is happy to announce the release of the open-source build tool BuildBoost for Eclipse, OSGi and Java developers. BuildBoost was originally developed for Eclipse-based tools and is now used to build, integrate and deliver multiple open-source tools such as HEDL, JUnitLoop, JaMoPP and EMFText.
Codan is the Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) built-in code analysis framework for C/C++ projects. Codan provides infrastructure to perform static code analysis and comes with ready-to-use problem checkers. With the Eclipse Juno release, Codan was extended to enable developers to automatically execute external code analysis tools.
At Architexa we have been working very hard to help developers examine code and its architecture. In expanding this effort, effective immediately, the Architexa tool suite is available for free.
We are proud to announce that the newest major release of our Eclipse-based developer tooling is now available. This is a major release not only in terms new features but because of other serious changes like componentization, open-sourcing and the fact that for the first time we are making multiple distributions available, each tailored for a different kind of developer.
Nobody can really accuse the new Machine-To-Machine (M2M) Industry Working Group of not being productive. Yet another Eclipse project proposal has emerged, hoping to sit alongside messaging protocol project Paho and M2M tools project Koneki.
Squish for Java is the leading functional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool for creating and executing automated GUI tests for Java SWT/RCP and AWT/Swing applications.
I’m happy to announce that the paper version of the Eclipse 4 Application Development book has been published. The Kindle version has also been updated. Whoever has already the “Early access version� for the Kindle should get an update soon. Unfortunately Amazon takes a few days to process the update to existing Kindle readers.
Chronon Systems and BREDEX (the company behind Jubula), have joined forces to bring you the best of both testing and debugging worlds.
We are pleased to announce the release of GUIdancer 6.0.1 and Jubula 1.2.1, as well as the successful participation of Jubula in the Eclipse Juno release. GUIdancer and Jubula now contain support for Chronon DVR, which can record the activities of a program to allow post-hoc debugging.
The idea of the code recommenders is to adjust and filter the set of proposals given when the code proposal key sequence is triggered. By default, Eclipse will show the list of public methods (or fields) in alphabetical order. However, when coding against unfamiliar APIs, or ones with many overloaded methods (Quick! Which of the 6 Date constructors is the right1 one to use?), it is not always clear which one should be called.
The Eclipse Foundation has released its ninth annual simultaneous release train code-named "Juno" that features a new code completion technology that helps developers work smarter.
The Eclipse Foundation today announced its seventh annual synchronized launch of multiple Eclipse projects, better known as the Release Train. This year's release, code-named "Juno," includes 10 new projects as well as the latest upgrade of the default Eclipse application platform. Eclipse 4.2 is now the "mainstream platform" for the Eclipse community, and most of the Release Train projects are shipping on it. The existing Eclipse 3.x code stream is being put into "maintenance mode."
Paho is a project to provide scalable Open Source implementations of lightweight protocols for existing and emerging applications for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.
Researchers from the Eindhoven University of Technology are carrying out research about Eclipse API usage in Eclipse products/solutions as part of a PhD research. The aim of the research is to understand the evolution of third-party plug-ins in relation to Eclipse API usage. Your input is requested to guide us in validating our research hypotheses .
The third consecutive Eclipse Testing Day will take place on 5th September in Darmstadt, Germany. Proposals should be emailed to See the wiki page for details.
On 29th June in Braunschweig, Germany, Kai Tödter will be holding a one-day hands-on course for e4 development. Further details and registration information are available on the BREDEX website.
Gyrex have announced the release of version 1.0 of the software. With this release, the project moves out of incubation status and becomes a full member project of the Eclipse Foundation.
The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has awarded Eclipse its prestigious System Software Award. The award is given to recognise "developing a software system that has had a lasting influence, reflected in contributions to concepts, in commercial acceptance, or both" and has, in the past, gone to the developers of Java, Unix, TeX, Apache, Smalltalk, RPC, the World Wide Web, and PostScript.
Today, the Association for Computing Machinery has announced that Eclipse are the latest recipients of the Software System Award, recognising their decade of influence within the development world.
In conjunction with the Eclipse Day Florence (4th May 2012), BREDEX GmbH and RCP Vision are pleased to offer a Jubula Training Day on May 3rd 2012.
Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse allows users to deploy applications to Cloud Foundry targets from either Eclipse IDE JEE Indigo or STS (SpringSource Tool Suite) 2.9.0 or higher.
Last week we won the Eclipse Community Awards for Best Developer Tool. Guess its time we start giving back to the community too. Thus today we are announcing the long awaited, free open source license program for Chronon!
With the embedded recorder included in your application, your users will be able to send reports to the development team for investigation. No need for unreliable log files - let Chronon do the hard work for your project.
BIRT 3.7 Report Design: Eclipse-Based BI and Big Data Visualization is an update to our 49th Refcard on BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting tools). This DZone Refcard provides an overview of the BIRT 3.7 components focusing on a few key capabilities of the BIRT Designer, BIRT Runtime APIs, and BIRT Web Viewer. This new version includes references that acknowledge the increasing importance of Big Data in business intelligence reporting.
At EclipseCon 2012, Actuate announced a BIRT extension contest for developers. A new iPad (3rd generation) will be awarded for each of the three best plug-in submissions received by April 30th. Plenty of tutorials, sample code and suggested entry ideas are listed on the contest site.
As organizations increasingly become software driven, the role of the application lifecycle is taking a new meaning. Connecting stakeholders in the software lifecycle ceases being a nice to have and any gap in connectivity quickly becomes the bottleneck of software delivery. The organizations are now noticing the friction of having developers do duplicate data entry between their issue tracker and Agile tool, or testers and business analysts queuing up weeks of defects and requirements before ha...
Genuitec, LLC, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation and sponsor of EclipseCon 2012, is proud to share its success with Foundation members and code committers by giving their companies unlimited free licenses of Genuitec’s Secure Delivery Center. These individual developers and corporations make the Eclipse code base the most important in software development today, and Genuitec is proud to reward their hard work with commercial tooling accessible for free.
BREDEX is pleased to announce the release of GUIdancer 6.0 and Jubula 1.2. The new versions contain additional features to make test result reporting and analysis more comfortable, so that test results are easier to integrate into the development process.
EclipseCon 2012 will be held just outside of Washington D.C. in Reston, VA on March 26-29. Considering our long standing relationship with Eclipse, the Jazz Team is proud to be a very active part of the Eclipse Community.
Antelink, provider of multi-source tracking & software lifecycle management, announced today its membership to the Eclipse Foundation. Antelink has joined as a Solutions Member, and will continue to provide its services of Open Source Software detection.
Squish is the leading functional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool that can test applications based on a variety of GUI technologies, including Nokia's Qt Software Development Frameworks, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, Java AWT/Swing, Windows MFC and .NET, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, iOS CocoaTouch and Web/HTML/AJAX.
The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of version 0.4 of Orion, its browser-based IDE for web development. The first major release for four months, 0.4 contains significant modifications to the project’s UI, as well as improved HTML and CSS validation, syntax highlighting using CodeMirror and better integration with external resources such as GitHub.
With the IWG revealing a public face today, we talk to some of the key members behind the growing ecosystem for long-term safety-critical software tool.
This week, IBM continues to build out its lifecycle portfolio to support mobile apps for enterprise and B2C users. To explore the import of Big Blue’s just-completed acquisition of Worklight and the beta release of IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices IDN talks with Bob Sutor, vice president for IBM’s WebSphere Foundation’s Mobile Platform.
The Eclipse Foundation has opened this year's elections for its board members. There are six seats on the board being elected, with three seats for elected representatives of the Committer Members (who contribute code to Eclipse projects) and three seats for the Sustaining Members (made up of of fee paying Solutions Members and Enterprise Members).
The Eclipse Foundation has published the second service release (SR2) of version 3.7 of its development environment. Service releases typically don't include new features, instead focusing on addressing issues found in the previous versions.
Eclipse CDT 8.0, part of the Indigo release, includes a nice code checking framework: Codan. Out of the box, Codan provides both the infrastructure needed to perform code checks and some useful, ready-to-use checkers.
Juno, the next Eclipse release train, will be the first time the default Eclipse platform will be based on Eclipse 4. This means all the packages on the page will be based on Eclipse 4, so lots and lots of people are going to be using Eclipse 4.
Our vision for Agile ALM Connect is to bring together the leaders of different tools that are being used across the application lifecycle. Therefore, I was very happy that Olivier Gaudin, co-founder of the Sonar open source project, agreed to speak at Agile ALM Connect about how continuous inspection of code is an important aspect of continuous delivery.
At Eclipsecon, SPDX Group will be hosting a “Birds of Feather�(Bof) workshop highlighting SPDX 1.0, a standard format for communicating the components, licenses, and copyrights associated with a software package.
Would you believe that 18% of developers that SD Times surveyed said that their organizations are running J2EE 1.4 in production environments? That’s the version of the Java server-side platform that was officially released in November 2003. That shows the persistence of deployed platforms. If it ain’t broke, don’t upgrade it.
The Lua Development Tools (LDT), developed as part of the Eclipse Koneki project, are now available as a stand-alone development environment. LDT developer Benjamin Cabé says that the preconfigured software package is ideal for developers who are not particularly familiar with the Eclipse SDK (Software Development Kit). The standalone version is available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in versions suitable for 32- and 64-bit variants of each operating system. LDT is licensed ...
In a recently published report outlining key trends and challenges for the open source community, Olliance’s Andrew Aitken notes that the emergence of vertically oriented super communities such as Polarsys, for the aerospace community, and financial-industry led OpenMama, are not only indicative of the maturing of the the open source industry but the evolution of open source supply chains serving industries which share significant economies of scale, regulatory overhead, techno...
Last week, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Eclipse Juno M5, a milestone towards this summer's combined release train. It brings new features, such as potential null pointer dereferences and leaked resources (for both Java7, where a try-with-resources can clean it up, and for Java6 using standard try/catch handling.)
‘The build is broken’ is something I’ve heard too many times in my software development career. Concepts like continuous delivery and devops make it all that more important to have a build that you can trust. In the Agile ALM Connect session, Build Trust in Your Build to Deployment Flow ,Yoav Landman, founder of Artifactory, is going to demonstrate some of the techniques for using tools like Maven, Gradle and Artifactory to automate builds that ...
DevOps is one of those terms you hear a LOT about lately but I am not sure it is really well understood. However, if you are going to be successful at Agile ALM it would seem natural you would want to bring the operations side of IT closer into the development process. Puppet is one example of an open source project that is implementing some of the DevOps concepts.
The Eclipse Foundation has decided that the name of the successor to Juno, the currently in-development simultaneous release of Eclipse projects, will be Kepler. Almost half of the more than 200 participants that took part in the survey, launched in December 2011, chose the German astronomer. This is the second time an Eclipse simultaneous release has been named after an astronomer; a previous release was named Galileo.
This episode cover how you can use Eclipse, which is a free and open source IDE, to do your HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS work.
Lifecycle tool integration is a key issue for the new breed of tools emerging around the concepts of Agile ALM. Eclipse is a great platform for tools integration on the desktop but how do tools integrate on the server? OSLC and Eclipse Lyo are a specification and open source implementation for solving lifecycle tools integration.
Cloud, Gaming and Social Media Development Toolkits Take Center Stage in Top 10 Open Source Projects; Data Reveals Decisive Shift to GitHub Use, Diverse License Choices.
Oracle's Winston Prakash has announced the first milestone release of Hudson 3.0.0. This is the first release of the continuous integration package since it was placed under the Eclipse Foundation's umbrella. The move to the Eclipse Foundation was made following a contentious split that saw a large part of the Hudson community support Jenkins, a fork of the project managed by Hudson creator, Kohske Kawaguchi.
One of the driving motivations for organizing Agile ALM Connect is the belief there is a change occurring in how organizations are building enterprise applications and the overall software development lifecycle. Motivating this change things like agile development, cloud computing, mobile development, and new tools integration which require a new way of thinking about application lifecycle management. This is why we wanted to bring together some of the smartest people in the Agile ALM space to ...
Using Eclipse as a universal C++ IDE for Linux and Windows requires navigating a few issues in setup and functionality. Here's how.
Domain Specific Languages (DSL) is a term you hear more and more about as people try to simply a programming environment to a specific purpose. Languages like Scala, Groovy and Eclipse Xtext are making it easier to create DSLs. However, with any technology or term it is always useful to see real examples, more than just Hello World.
IBM in December announced the release of Eclipse EGL Web Developer Tools (EWDT) version 0.7, the first open source version of its EGL development tool. The new tool builds on the free EGL Community Edition software that IBM put out in 2008 and gives IBM i shops another option for developing rich Web applications that run on the IBM i operating system and can access RPG logic.
Virgo 3.0 and Gemini Web 2.0, collectively known as the Maya release, are available for download and download, respectively.
The Eclipse open source software development platform continues to be a hotbed for new projects and support for new environments; this year’s EclipseCon event will showcase support for new and emerging languages.
In the last number of years there has been a boom in the creation of new computer languages. Some might wonder why we need so many new languages but one thing I have found is that software developers can be very passionate about software languages.
We all like to trumpet ourselves when we predict some technology as “the next greatest thing.� It takes a special kind of character, though, to stand up and admit when you’re wrong. Well, that’s what we do today as we mark in these pages the 10th anniversary of the Eclipse project. The acknowledged Java IDE leader as well as the open-source foundation upon which numerous companies have been built, Eclipse remade the Java tools indu...
The latest milestone of Eclipse Orion 0.4 M1, the web-based next-generation IDE currently under development at the Eclipse Foundation, has been announced; it now supports syntax highlighting for C, C++, C#, Clojure, CoffeeScript, Groovy, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Smalltalk and many other languages. This extensive language support is due to the addition of a CodeMirror plugin for Orion. It also supports mixed mode syntax highlighting such as JavaScript and HTML in one document.
This article is for beginners who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of Hudson plug-in development. Hudson is a popular open source continuous integration (CI) tool written purely in Java. Apart from being an open source product, the popularity of Hudson is due to its extensible nature, which uses plug-ins and the plug-in developer ecosystem.
As more and more companies move toward the benefits of in-memory processing for their large data sets, the interest in products that facilitate it is growing rapidly. Oracle Coherence stands tall over many such products in this space due to its simple interface, broad support for popular platforms (e.g. C++, .Net, Hibernate, JPA), and scalability to accommodate terabytes of data with minimal configuration.
It's an annual tradition - Eclipse's huge release train comes rolling by once a year. This June saw a blockbuster package for Java developers with Eclipse Indigo, which the Eclipse Foundation executive director Mike Milinkovich dubbed the biggest release 'in quite a few years' probably through due to the anticipation leading up to Java 7's July release.
As we head into 2012, enterprise developers will need to focus on some major themes, including the emergence of HTML5, “big data� and analytics, and Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). They should also continue to concentrate on Web, mobile and cloud development, and take advantage of advances in languages and integrated development environments (IDEs).
Many of the ECE sessions were recorded and can ve viewed on the FOSSLC site.
Using the lightweight publish/subscribe MQTT protocol, along with Java and Eclipse, Eurotech has devised an approach that makes it easier for their clients to connect Eurotech's (and other companies') boards and devices in a machine-to-machine (M2M) network.
Am 29. November veranstaltet die itemis AG ein Event, in dem spannende Themen und Erfahrungsberichte zum Thema: Xcore, Modellierung mit CDO und Xtext im Einsatz für HMI-Definition aufgegriffen werden. Erfahrungsaustausch und interessante Gespäche stehen ebenso im Fokus wie die Möglichkeit den Abend in einer lockeren und gemütlichen Runde gemeinsam ausklingen zu lassen.
Focus sur l’actualité d’Eclipse, un projet qui vient de souffler sa dixième bougie. Il est soutenu par une fondation actuellement très active dans les secteurs Java et web.
Quel est le bilan du projet 10 ans après son lancement ? Quels sont ses enjeux ? Le point avec le responsable du développement de son écosystème. Une interview réalisée à l'occasion d'Eclipse Day Paris 2011.
In a move to bring network connectivity to a wider range of devices, sensors and appliances, IBM has donated the source code of its machine-to-machine messaging software to the Eclipse Foundation, the company announced Thursday.
Auf der EclipseCon hat die Eclipse Foundation die Gründung der Polarsys-Arbeitsgruppe bekannt gegeben. Die daran beteiligten Unternehmen und Organisationen wollen Open-Source-Werkzeuge entlang des Software-Lebenszyklus von sicherheitskritischen und Embedded-Systemen bereitstellen. Sie sind vor allem für Branchen wie Luftfahrt, Militär, Verkehrswesen, Telekommunikation, Energie und Gesundheitswesen gedacht, die besondere Anforderungen an die Softwareentwicklung mitbringen.
In a move to bring network connectivity to a wider range of devices, sensors and appliances, IBM has donated the source code of its machine-to-machine messaging software to the Eclipse Foundation, the company announced Thursday.
Recently, Sierra Wireless and the Eclipse Foundation announced the creation of an M2M Industry Working Group. The group is designed to define and implement an open-standard platform for the software development tools used in developing M2M communications applications.
BREDEX GmbH and EclipseSource are pleased to announce their collaboration in the field of automated testing for AJAX and RAP applications. Over the coming months, we will be combining our expertise in testing with EclipseSource's experience and know-how in web and desktop development to provide a solution for testing Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) applications with GUIdancer.
On Thursday, October 27 at 12:00 P.M. EDT (16:00 UTC) Genuitec and ZeroTurnaround will show you the time-saving advantages and IDE advancements with JRebel for MyEclipse Blue.
Use of rich client applications based on Eclipse RCP has increased widely in recent years, both in the open source and in the commercial field. Eclipse RCP is employed more and more in sections where web clients were predominantly in use. One good example of this development is the content management system (CMS) “Sophora� from the German company subshell GmbH.
Excelsior LLC today announced that its Excelsior JET 7.6, a solution for the protection of code and data in safety-critical Eclipse RCP applications, supports the latest versions of the Eclipse RCP platform found in Eclipse SDK 3.7 and 4.1.
Version 2 of the debugger supports post execution logging, meaning that programmers now can "insert" logging statements into code after the application has already run. Because Chronon does not actually run the application, but simply shifts it from one state into another, post execution logging has an extra advantage compared to traditional logging. The results are instant. Even if your program ran for 5 hours and you put a logging statement on a line that is normally hit after 4 hours, Chronon...
Building an Eclipse RCP project can be a complex undertaking. Some new tools make it a lot easier.
Nuxeo, the provider of an open source content management platform for business applications, today announced the availability of the Nuxeo Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a plugin that brings support into Eclipse for the Nuxeo Platform, facilitating customization for developers, whether they are new to the Nuxeo technology or experts.
Following the successful release of the Eclipse Jubula package on Friday 23rd September, BREDEX GmbH is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest versions of Jubula and GUIdancer as standalone applications. GUIdancer version 5.2 can be downloaded from the BREDEX website, and Jubula 1.1 is available via the Eclipse Jubula project page. The new versions offer early warning for component recognition problems, improved refactoring options, as well as new options for dealing with a...
Actuate is hosting a contest for developers to extend BIRT. An iPad 2 will be awarded to the best four BIRT plug-in submissions made to BIRT Exchange by October 15, 2011. Submitters retain full ownership of their code and a large number of suggested projects are available on…
The stereotypical image of an open source project is a bunch of hackers working in dark rooms, scratching their itches and releasing software “when it is ready.� Of course, this is far from reality for many of the mainstream, mature open source communities like Linux, Mozilla, Eclipse and others. These open source communities have very mature and sophisticated release processes that deliver new updates in a very predictable mann...
Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq:CPWR), the technology performance company, today announced a major upgrade to its leading test data management solution. Test Data Privacy 3.1 greatly simplifies the creation and disguising of test data in non-production environments, significantly lowering the total cost of an enterprise-wide data privacy implementation.
"Yatta!" Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Philipp Rösler awarded the German software and consulting company Yatta Solutions as most successful start-up in information and communication technologies (ICT) of the year. "The winners symbolize the creativity, capability and prospects of young ICT companies in Germany", said Federal Minister Rösler.
The team of committers has expanded considerably and, although the team is now distributed geographically, we have a great working relationship. I'm delighted that these projects are now community collaborations rather than the work of a single vendor. The theme of Virgo 3.0 is better integration with EclipseRT technologies. To that end, we have created a Jetty variant of the Virgo web server and have switched from Felix to Equinox implementations of some OSGi services. Integration with p2 is ...
Chronon Systems has announced a preview of Chronon Recording Server.
The Chronon Server records the internal state of your application while it's being executed and saves it to a 'recording' file. The recording can then be used to play back the entire execution of the Java program on any machine, without the need for the original environment. Thus it's almost like a "DVR for Java programs".
Tasktop Technologies, creators of Eclipse Mylyn and the leader in Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) developer tools and interoperability, today announced Tasktop Sync, a new product that allows IT organizations to synchronize existing ALM servers from multiple vendors and open source projects. For the first time, organizations with mixed and best-of-breed ALM stacks, including HP ALM and HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Team Concert, and two dozen other leading Agile and open source t...
Tasktop Technologies, creators of the Eclipse Mylyn open source tools and a leader in Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) developer tools and interoperability, today announced Tasktop Dev 2.1, the latest version of its award-winning developer tools. Tasktop Dev 2.1 builds on the recently released Eclipse Mylyn 3.6 release with several newly available and updated connectors, new developer-centric, cross-repository Kanban and story board planning, and the ability to access HP ALM and HP Q...
Squish is the leading functional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool that can test applications based on a variety of GUI technologies, including Nokia's Qt Software Development Frameworks, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, Java AWT/Swing, Windows MFC and .NET, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, iOS CocoaTouch and Web/HTML/AJAX. Squish stands out from other GUI testing tools by giving test engineers the freedom to record and write tests using familiar scripting languages such as JavaScript, Perl, Python, an...
ZeroTurnaround, winner of the 2011 “Most Innovative Java Technology� JAX Innovation Award for JRebel, and Genuitec, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, are proud to announce the release of “JRebel for MyEclipse.� JRebel (formerly JavaRebel) is a specialized plug-in that enables developers to see the effects of code changes during development without t...
Jaspersoft, maker of the world's most widely used business intelligence (BI) software, today released Jaspersoft Studio, the most complete open source BI design environment for Eclipse. Bringing new BI capabilities to Eclipse Java developers, Jaspersoft Studio provides a complete open source platform that allows Eclipse Java developers to build, secure, and share BI reports for free.
Java's open source ecosystem is strong and healthy, one of the primary reasons for our creation of OSCON Java. Over the last decade, several projects have traveled beyond mere adoption and had effects dominating the Java world, into software development in general, and some even further into the daily lives of users.
CloudBees, the Java PaaS innovation leader, today announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions Member and the General Availability of the CloudBees Toolkit for Eclipse plug-in to provide Java developers with a more integrated process for developing, building and deploying their cloud applications. The CloudBees Toolkit for Eclipse delivers the power of the CloudBees Platform inside Eclipse, bringing control of cloud-based Jenkins and application deployment directly into the...
froglogic GmbH today announced support for the automated testing of Java Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications based on the new "Indigo" Eclipse 3.7 release.
Actuate (NASDAQ: BIRT) has announced support and services for Hadoop and MapReduce in the new release of BIRT 3.7, the company’s open-source enterprise business intelligence toolset.
This year's release is called Indigo, and it features efforts from 62 project teams and 46 million lines of code. Every year, Eclipse has put out a simultaneous release of various technologies, providing developers with the latest from different Eclipse projects. The full list of projects can be found at the Indigo website , and individual technologies can be downloaded the Eclipse website .
The Eclipse Foundation announced its sixth annual release train today. This year's synchronized simultaneous launch of multiple Eclipse projects, code-named "Indigo ," is the biggest yet, involving the work of 408 developers and 49 organizations contributing 46 million lines of code to 62 projects. Those projects range from updates of the core Eclipse SDK (3.7) and the Eclipse Runtime (RT) technologies to a brand new functional testing tool and new Object Teams/Java (OT/J) development tooling.
The Eclipse Indigo release train arrived today with a renewed focus on the Java Development Tools platform. And at the top of the list of changes for Java developers is the inclusion of WindowBuilder Pro, formerly a commercial GUI builder from Instantiations and now a top-level project at the Eclipse Foundation, thanks to Google's acquisition of that company and subsequent donation of the code.
The Eclipse Indigo simultaneous release of 62 Eclipse projects and over 46 million lines of code showcases the diversity and innovation going on inside the Eclipse ecosystem. Get an overview of several projects, along with resources to find out more information.
Mentor Graphics has developed Embedded Sourcery CodeBench, a next-generation integrated development environment (IDE) based on the open source GNU toolchain. The technology provides embedded developers with a powerful and easy-to-use tool suite for developing and optimising systems based on a broad range of devices from the most advanced microprocessors to microcontrollers.
Here I talk at Google I/O with Eclipse' top execs about their new web development tool, Orion. More info is here:
Oracle has donated the code from the open-source Hudson project to the Eclipse Foundation in a move the company hopes will reunite the fractured set of developers supporting the Java continuous integration server effort.Oracle’s move amounts to an olive branch of sorts to the Jenkins community. Jenkins was originally the Hudson project, but after disagreements with Oracle over the stewardship and control of the project, leaders of the Hudson community called ...
Oracle proposed today that the Hudson project be transferred to the Eclipse Foundation, complete with code re-licensing under the Eclipse Public License as well as the domain and controversial trademark.Oracle will continue to lead the project, along with Sonatype who have been instrumental in migrating the Hudson plugin system towards a JSR 330/Dependency Injection style of representation. However, the move to the Eclipse Foundation has also interested others, such as VMware and Tasktop, who ha...
Nokia's strategy to connect the next billion people and make it easier, faster, and more affordable for them to access the internet begins with a new proxy web browser for a fast, affordable web experience and rich web apps for Series 40 devices. The combination of Ovi Browser and Nokia Web Tools for developers are key ways that we plan to achieve this. Today, Nokia introduces Nokia Web Tools for Series 40 enabling developers to create rich, light weight web apps easily and quickly. Letâ�...
BonitaSoft, the leading provider of open source BPM solutions, today announced that Bonita Open Solution, their signature end-to-end BPM suite, won "Best Modeling Tool" at EclipseCon 2011. The Eclipse Foundation's annual Community Awards recognize the top individuals, projects and technologies in the ecosystem. Out of the thousands of open source and commercial applications and tools built on Eclipse, a panel of judges from the Eclipse community recognized a select few products based on their us...
BREDEX GmbH announced today that version 5.0 of GUIdancer, their automated functional testing tool, has been released and is available for immediate download. The new version includes code coverage for Java applications using the JaCoCo code coverage agent. Version 5.0 also offers test specification help in the form of Test Style to provide hints and tips about writing readable, well-structured tests. GUIdancer 5.0 is based on the newly created Jubula project at the Eclipse Foundation and offers...
Eclipse has invited developers to sign up for access to the beta version of the OrionHub service. Orion is a new Eclipse initiative to define a platform for building and integrating Web development tools. An early release of Orion provides Web developers with an editor for JavaScript, HTML and CSS that runs in popular browsers and the ability to easily link with popular Web-based tools. The OrionHub service provided by the Eclipse Foundation will allow developers to experiment with Orion and pro...
As an Eclipser, testing matters to you! But when and why do you adopt a given testing approach? How do you test the integration of multiple plug-ins? Please take some minutes and share your experience in the Eclipse Testing Survey!
Tasktop Technologies, creators of the Eclipse Mylyn open source tools and a leader in Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration and productivity, today announced Tasktop Enterprise 2.0, which features new Task Federationâ„¢ capabilities. Task Federation includes bi-directional task synchronization between ALM components (such as HP Quality Center and IBM Rational Team Concert) and cross-repository Agile planning. Additionally, this release includes sev...
Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, was in the Bay Area last week ahead of this week's EclipseCon Conference to attend the first ever Orion Planning Summit. The event brought together a range of interested parties and companies who gathered in Palo Alto, Calif. last Thursday and Friday to establish the scope and roadmap of Eclipse's nascent Orion project.
Project Orion is a browser-based development effort run by the Eclipse Foundation, but it has nothing to do with the Eclipse Framework, a workbench favored by enterprise Java developers for connecting lots of different third party tools into a common and open framework. Orion does not squeeze the Eclipse Framework into the browser, and it doesn't try to plant an IDE in the cloud. It's not even built on the same language as Eclipse. Orion is built on JavaScript while Eclipse is mostly written in ...
froglogic GmbH today announced that it will exhibit and participate in the Hot New Products Showcase at the EclipseCon 2011 conference in Santa Clara, California from March 21st until March 24th. froglogic's booth will show Squish, their market leading automated GUI testing tool.
Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the availability of Adobe® ColdFusion® Builder™ 2 software for public beta, enabling ColdFusion developers worldwide to test the new features and functionality that will be made available in the final release of ColdFusion Builder 2. ColdFusion Builder is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) used for rapidly developing ColdFusion applications.
Tasktop Technologies, creators of the Eclipse Mylyn project and a leader in Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration and productivity, and SmartBear Software today announced the Eclipse Mylyn Connector for SmartBear CodeCollaborator. Available in Tasktop Enterprise, the new connector brings task-focused interface technology to code reviews managed in CodeCollaborator, making code reviews a regular part of Eclipse-based development activities. The integrated Tasktop and CodeCollab...
Cheryl McKinnon, who is chief marketing officer at Nuxeo, says this project could provide companies access to an open source content repository on which they can build custom content applications. "This is a significant step in the evolution of ECM because the core content repository services are openly available to any organization or software vendor needing to build a content rich application--with CMIS support inherently available. ECM can now become pervasively adopted and incorporated anywh...
Discover the top 10 fastest rising solutions in January listed on Eclipse Marketplace.
ZeroTurnaround, creators of java tooling for development and production environments, today announced both that it has become an official member of the Eclipse Foundation, and today’s release of JRebel 3.6 includes support for the Eclipse Marketplace.
Earlier this month, Mike Milinkovich announced a "brand new adventure for Eclipse;" a new, browser-based open tool integration platform focusing on web development. Although Orion is in the pre-proposal stage, the project has already captured the community's imagination, with Gartner blogging that Orion could become "Eclipse the next generation," if the community gets behind this project. JAXenter caught up with Eclipse Platform UI lead Boris Bokowski, to find out more about this new project.......
First to come to mind is that Orion IS NOT intended to be traditional Eclipse (i.e. desktop Eclipse as we know it today) ported to the cloud. It’s an entirely new codebase. It is also not necessarily targeted at the existing eclipse community (at least not the sizable portion of this community focused on traditional enterprise Java) and at the moment there is no obvious migration path for desktop Eclipse efforts to Orion. The Orion community will emerge as...
"Orion is a brand new, browser-based open tool integration platform which is entirely focused on developing for the Web, in the Web," Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation told "This is not Eclipse in a browser -- it is a completely new codebase with a completely new metaphor for tool integration and workflow that matches the idioms of the Web rather than the desktop."
OnPositive is leveraging its outstanding experience in eclipse development to maintain and improve Runtime Analysis Tools project, former Instantiations CodePro Profiler, which was contributed to Eclipse community by Google. If approved by the Eclipse community, RAT will provide major distributions with an optional tool for performance analysis and finding CPU/Allocation and other bottlenecks in Java applications. The tool may be useful to any Java software engineer. Also RAT is meant to be a ba...
In a Dec 15 blog post, Eric Clayberg, software engineering manager for Google developer tools, said Google has donated the source code and related intellectual property from two of the products the search giant gained in its acquisition of Instantiations to the Eclipse Foundation. Clayberg was vice president of product development at Instantiations before moving over to Google via the acquisition. Instantiations specialized in making tools for the Eclipse platform, among other things.
Google is announcing on Wednesday its donation of GUI designer technology to the Eclipse Foundation, a contribution that an Eclipse official said could lead to the emergence of mobile GUI builders and other capabilities.Tools being donated include the WindowBuilder Java UI design tool as well as CodePro Profiler, a runtime Java analysis gauging factors like memory leaks. Both tools became Google property when the company bought Instantiations in August; they will now become open source projects ...
Eclipse has long been an essential tool for developers. With the arrival of the RCP project for Eclipse, the platform moved from just being an IDE into the new category of application platform.
Join us for a code intensive webinar that demonstrates ease of development with Java EE 6, GlassFish and Eclipse. Java EE 6 introduces a number of features that significantly ease the development of web applications. GlassFish is the world's most popular open source application server and currently the number one Java EE 6 compliant application server. Eclipse is the development IDE of choice for developers worldwide. Learn how they can be used together to build web applications and REST service...
Le patron de la fondation Eclipse, Mike Milinkovitch, s’est livré au jeu des questions-réponses du MagIT lors de la journée Eclipse Day Paris le 5 novembre dernier. Une occasion pour lui de revenir sur les prochaines orientations de la fondation, ses enjeux, ainsi que sur les relations, aujourd’hui tumultueuses, qui unissent Java à Oracle.
Leveraging the Eclipse IDE, the Sonatype Professional suite integrates Maven with the company's Nexus Professional enterprise repository manager; Sonatype's Matrix, which is the company's rendition of the Hudson open source continuous integration project; and m2eclipse, for visual management of Maven. m2eclipse features a series of IDE plug-ins for working with Maven. An onboarding capability in the suite allows developers to fashion a custom development environment via single click of a button....
BREDEX GmbH announced today that core parts of GUIdancer, their award-winning automated functional testing tool, are to be released as an open source project within the Eclipse Foundation, under the name "Jubula".
Ever wonder what are the most popular Eclipse plugins? The Eclipse Marketplace is keeping track of the number of times developers install different solutions from the Marketplace Client. The data from last 4+ plus months starts to show what are the most popular Eclipse solutions. Here are the top 10 for the last 30 days and Alltime (since the client was launched as part of Helios)
Innovations Software Technology Corp. (Bosch Group), a leading provider of Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) software and Financial Industry Solutions, announces the release of Visual Rules Version 5.0 on November 11, 2010. Visual Rules, the premier BRM platform, now delivers new, web-based tools for business users. Additionaly, there is full support for mastering the rule change, test, and deployment processes.
Perforce Software released P4Eclipse, its new software configuration management (SCM) integration for the Eclipse Framework. Formerly named P4WSAD, P4Eclipse integrates Perforce's version management system with Eclipse's powerful IDE and features two new visual tools: Merge Quest and Folder Diff. Merge Quest models current codeline and branch strategies at a glance, and gives better visibility into potential integrations while Folder Diff is valuable for diagnosing the cause of bugs in continuou...
The Eclipse Day 2010 in Rome, the first event taking place in Italy focusing on the enterprise adoption of Eclipse-based solutions, has turned out to be a successful event. 150 people coming from various sectors have followed the different presentations. Two interesting use cases on service-oriented architectures based on Eclipse solutions have been presented by testimonials of the Veneto Region and DHL Deutsche Post.
Essentially Virgo is the culmination of 3 years of work in developing an application server based entirely on OSGi and exposing OSGi for use by applications. Virgo started inside SpringSource as the dm Server project which was licensed under the GNU Public License and shipped two major versions. About a year ago we started donating the codebase to Eclipse as the Virgo project licensed under the much more liberal Eclipse Public License. The transfer of the runtime code to Eclipse is now complete...
The Eclipse Foundation has made the area of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) a strategic topic and has created a new top level project for application lifecycle tools. The Mylyn project will now become the home for related areas such as the management of tasks, contexts, software configurations and builds, as well as for reviews and documentations.
Coming from a .NET background, I love the Visual Studio debugger. I can stop code execution at any time and look at the values of any of the variables. There's none of this dumping huge arrays to the web page and examining the output. I've wanted to set up a debugger for Drupal with Eclipse for a long time now, and setup instructions vary wildly. Here's my take on it.
Curious what it’s like to develop tools and IDEs with Eclipse? In this episode, Greg Amerson goes into the details of how you get started and what to expect:
"Congratulations to Genuitec for its unwavering support of the Eclipse community. Pulse, like many other powerful Eclipse-based technologies, continues to attract world-class developers to the Eclipse platform," said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. "As we continuously enhance our code base and march toward Eclipse 3.7 next summer, we’re pleased that Genuitec will continue to support developers using Eclipse with its Pulse manag...
Here at Google, we have engineers using Eclipse every day to build our external and internal products, as well as engineers building and releasing Eclipse tools. Earlier this year, we announced Eclipse Labs, which is “a single place where anyone can start and maintain their open source projects based on the Eclipse platform with just a few clicks.� Since we use Eclipse so much here at Google, hosting Eclipse Day at the Googleple...
Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g aims to help accelerate Java development tasks. Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is a free set of Eclipse-based plug-ins that enables developers to build Java EE and Web Services applications for the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform where Eclipse is the preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
froglogic GmbH today announced support for automated testing of Java Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications based on the new Eclipse 3.6 release code named Helios.
Aster Data, a proven leader dedicated to providing the best data management and data processing platform for big data analytics, today announced that Aster Data Developer Express, a point-and-click visual development environment introduced earlier this year, is now downloadable : from Aster Data's web site,, and is also listed in the Eclipse Marketplace web site
Last week, the Eclipse Foundation released Eclipse 4.0 Early Adopter SDK. This shouldn't be confused with the production-ready Eclipse Helios release (aka Eclipse 3.6). Rather, Eclipse 4.0 is a sneak preview of what Eclipse will look like in the future.
New Features Provide Broader Support for Oracle Fusion Middleware Components and Eclipse 3.6
The Eclipse Foundation has announced the official availability of version 4 of Eclipse SDK. With this new generation of the Eclipse development environment, the Eclipse developers are aiming to modernise the IDE's underlying architecture to include contemporary features such as a model-based user interface framework, CSS-based declarative styling of the UI and a services oriented programming model for consuming Eclipse provided services. A more modern look and feel for the workbench has also bee...
nWire Software focuses on building tools for the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment), including nWire for Java and nWire for PHP: a real time code analysis tools, offering code exploration, search and visualization. nWire accelerates development by helping developers navigate through their code and better understand the architecture of their application. It can dramatically reduce the learning curve for developers entering a large code base. nWire is based on the standard Eclipse ID...
Oracle recently released Java 6 update 21 which had a small but innocuous change in the way that the java.dll was created. Unfortunately, this change impacted Eclipse's startup, causing more problems for Eclipse than NetBeans ever had under Sun.
With the recent release (June 23) of the Eclipse Foundation's 39-project Helios release train, eWEEK has decided to take a look at what many in the Eclipse community view as some of the top projects coming out of the organization. Eclipse is an open-source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. Eclipse started as a Java IDE, but has si...
EGL is a higher-level programming language designed for simplifying development of modern business applications and services. EGL code compiles into COBOL, Java, and JavaScript, which means it can be deployed to a wide variety of environments. EGL frees developers to focus on the business problem rather than on the details of the target runtime platforms and associated middleware. EGL is ideal for business-oriented development teams that value ease of learning and need to quickly deliver modern ...
Excelsior LLC today announced support for Eclipse 3.6 Helios in Excelsior JET, an application hardening solution for protection of code and data in safety-critical Eclipse RCP applications.
Version 4.2 of GUIdancer is now available for download. Highlights of the new release include support for applications written with Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) as well as various new options to analyse and debug tests.
So with Eclipse’ Helios dropping yesterday, right on schedule (even with everyone else watching the U.S.-Algeria game) it’s worth noting that this is the seventh straight year that the code has arrived on precisely the day it was supposed to.
For the past seven years, the Eclipse Foundation has presided over a coordinated release train of Eclipse projects. This year, the Eclipse Helios release train continues the tradition, providing 39 different open source projects and over 33 million lines of code. The Helios project tally improves on the 33 project included with 2009's Eclipse Galileo release train.
Comme chaque année, la communauté Eclipse effectue la sortie groupée de ses principaux projets. La cuvée 2010, baptisée Helios, est dès à présent disponible au téléchargement.
This is the seventh consecutive year that the Eclipse community has undertaken a coordinated release of the core components and packages. The 2010 release, which is codenamed Helios, includes 39 individual projects and 12 separate packages. The packages are available for download from the Eclipse Web site. "Besides the feat of coordinating such a large development effort, Helios introduces important innovations in areas such as Git support, Linux development and JavaScript support," said Eclip...
The Eclipse foundation today announced the release of Eclipse Helios, bringing 39 different projects to the same station for the seventh annual release train. The Eclipse projects are managed in an agile fashion, releasing seven milestone builds throughout the year and then a number of release candidates in the weeks leading up to June each year. Instead of varying the delivery dates, the Eclipse projects vary the content in each milestone whilst focussing on the quality and backward compatibili...
Just as late December brings Christmas, late June brings the annual "release train" from the Eclipse Foundation, and this year's train features the simultaneous release of project upgrades and new projects from 39 project groups. Featuring more than 33 million lines of code based on the work of 490 developers, the Helios release on Wednesday is the largest ever from the seven-year-old release train series. Highlights include a Linux IDE package, an Eclipse Marketplace Client for accessing open...
Instantiations®, Inc., a leading provider of Eclipse-based commercial software tools and services to improve code quality, security and productivity, today announced that its entire Eclipse-based product line has been updated in conjunction with the annual Eclipse release, Helios.
froglogic GmbH today announced that Squish 4.0 � a major new release of its leading, cross platform and cross technology GUI test automation tool � is now available.
Freescale Semiconductor, announced the launch of its CodeWarrior 10 development suites, based on open-source Eclipse technology for helping streamline embedded software development.
The CodeWarrior integrated development environment (IDE) continues to be the essential tool for code development, debug and test when designing with Freescale’s extensive range of microcontroller (MCU) and microprocessor (MPU) solutions. Now with the introduction of CodeWarrior 10 IDE, software developers have access to the Eclipse ‘ease of use’ features as well as an integrated, extensible ...
The Eclipse Helios simultaneous release of 39 Eclipse projects and 33 million lines of code showcases the diversity and innovation going on inside the Eclipse ecosystem. Get an overview of several projects, along with resources to find out more information.
Instantiations Inc., a leading provider of Eclipse-based commercial software tools and services to improve code quality, security and productivity, today announced CodePro Platinum, a comprehensive product and services offering designed to benefit enterprises with Eclipse Java development environments.
IBM has proposed to establish an Eclipse open-source project around its Enterprise Generation Language technology for modernizing mainframe code.
The primary takeaway from the results is the shift in how engineers are choosing to develop and deploy. Linux, especially Ubuntu, has taken market share from Windows on an ongoing basis, and is now used by just shy of one third of respondents as their developer desktop, up from 20 percent in 2007.
The results of the Eclipse Community Survey 2010 have been published and the results show growth in Linux and OpenJDK usage amongst Java developers. In 2007, 20% of users said that Linux was their development operating system, but by 2010, that had increased to 33%, with Windows dropping from 74% to 58% in share. Linux continues to be the most popular deployment platform for Eclipse developers with 46% saying it is their primary target platform.
The Eclipse Foundation study compiled responses from 1,696 developers and provides insights into current open source development practices. Among the findings in the Eclipse report is that developers are increasingly turning to Linux as a platform for both deployment and development.
Emergency management is one of the most difficult occupations that exists, where there are no second chances and no room for error. Emergency management simulation has become one of the most popular methods of preparing decision makers for various scenarios they may face in the real world. Within the Texas Engineering Experiment Station, which is the official engineering research agency of the state of Texas, there exists a research center that turns fundamental research into real technological ...
Instantiations, Inc., a leading provider of Eclipse-based commercial software tools and services to improve software code quality, security and productivity, today announced at Google I/O an upgrade to its popular GWT Designer GUI creation tool to version 7.5. GWT Designer v7.5 adds new widget kit support for Smart GWT, plus enhanced support for the Ext GWT (GXT) Rich Internet Application Java library.
If you have ever used the Eclipse Product Export wizard to export your RCP application into a directory or zip archive, you will master the Eclipse plug-in for Excelsior JET in no time. Beside exporting to a directory, it enables you to create a full featured installer for your RCP app in just a few mouse clicks. But the main advantage is that the exported application does not contain the easy-to-hack jar files, so you can deploy it in a secure manner.
In conjunction with Google, Eclipse Labs hosts a Google Project Hosting instance at The goal is to allow anyone interested in writing Eclipse plug-ins (or OSGi bundles) a common place to host open-source code, rather than being distributed across many code providers. Naturally, the default licence is the EPL, but other open-source licences can be chosen from the project creation; though it's worth noting that the GPL is incompatible with non-GPL plug-in systems �...
Open source projects will be hosted by Google Code, where they can gain exposure without having to become official Eclipse projects
The Bosch Group, based in Stuttgart Germany, has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions Member. Bosch is a leading automotive technology and service provider and works with consumer goods, as well as industrial and building technology.
Eclipse has come a long way since its beginnings as a Java IDE, and recently there has been a surge in interest in Eclipse as a runtime technology. JAXenter caught up with Chris Aniszczyk, moderator of the Eclipse Platform Day at JAX 2010, to ask him why Eclipse is becoming so popular as a runtime technology, and what impact e4 and OSGi are having on the community.
The Eclipse Foundation announced the creation of a new SOA Industry Working Group, intended to define the foundation’s common Equinox-based SOA platform. As Eclipse puts it, “a common platform will enhance the interoperability between different vendor solutions and provide a technology platform for new projects that address future SOA customer requirements.�
Instantiations, Inc., a provider of world-class tools and services for professional Eclipse and Smalltalk development , and Tricept Informationssysteme AG, a provider of application software professional services, have announced a business partnership in which Tricept will resell Instantiations’ Eclipse Java and Smalltalk products, focusing on markets in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Any Java developer, especially one who works with open-source software, will tell you that being the build monkey is a thankless job. You spend all of your time digging through Ant XML files and pulling down the proper classes and methods from constantly updated libraries and packages around the Internet and your internal repositories. Isn't there anything that can save Java from the endless complexity of dependencies?
The Free Software Foundation and Eclipse Foundation have released guidance on how each organisations' licenses, the GPL (GNU Public Licence) and EPL (Eclipse Public License), interact with each other. At the core of the debate is the question "Can you GPL an Eclipse plug-in?". The Free Software Foundation Europe were asked in an open letter to clarify whether it as was possible to create a GPL licensed plugin for the EPL licensed Eclipse platform.
I’m just back from the one day workshop “Building OSGi based applications� in Darmstadt, organized by the newly founded OSGi User’s Forum Germany. It was a very interesting day, I learned a lot and want to share my impressions and learnings.
Recently, Microsoft went public with proof-of-concept information about another Java tool that can be hosted on .Net: The Jetty HTTP server. Microsoft announced last fall support for implementing Java Servlet and JavaServer pages using the open-source Tomcat technology. Microsoft created a Solution Accelerator to help developers who wanted to use Tomcat in place of its own Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server technology in the cloud. At the Professional Developers Conference, Microsof...
Holger Staudacher has blogged about a forthcoming project he will be working on.
He perceives the deployment of RAP applications, as a thorny issue for developers. RAP applications are built on top of Server-Side Equinox, and Equinox has special requirements for the deployable archive.
Following the proposal of Tycho as an Eclipse project, Kai Kreuzer has posted a blog predicting big things for Tycho within the Eclipse ecosystem.
But the best role model is Eclipse, formed through IBM's 2001 donation of its Java development software. IBM executives decided to share control when they realized "they needed Eclipse to become independent to achieve their strategic goal to have the broader Java ecosystem adopt Eclipse," says Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. Since then, the foundation has been able to attract outside participation not only through its formal processes, but also through new bottom-...
That's left Eclipse executive director Mike Milkinkovich at least pragmatic and positive on what happens next in the relationship. Milkinkovich said he "absolutely believed" there's room for SWT and Swing in the industry - a view he said Oracle shares. "They are very pragmatic" he told The Reg.
Today, though, Eclipse is finally gaining traction among EDA (electronic design automation) and FPGA companies. One such EDA company, Sigasi, has just released the first commercial VHDL plugin for Eclipse. Now, at last, hardware design teams can use Eclipse as a basis for their own customized IDEs, based on the commercial and open-source plugins that they need in their central cockpit for hardware design.
Replay Solutions (, a pioneer in application lifecycle, software debugging and problem resolution technology, today announced a hosted version of ReplayDIRECTOR™, the company's patented DVR-like solution for security issues, performance problems and application defects. Replay Solutions revolutionary “record and replay� technology allows users to identify, reproduce and fix ...
Innovations Software Technology Corp., a leading provider in the market of Business Rules Management (BRM) Platforms and Financial Industry solutions, announces the release 4.7 of Visual Rules, the premier BRM Platform. This release provides new wizards and ease-of-use functionality to further enhance the intuitive, visual modeling approach of the Visual Rules Enterprise Platform.
Eclipse 4 (e4), the next generation of the Eclipse open source development tooling platform, is slated to ship in July. Formally known as Eclipse SDK 4.0, the platform features the developer's workbench -- building blocks for constructing desktop applications or tools that work with Eclipse, said Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse's executive director, in an interview at the EclipseCon 2010 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. on Tuesday afternoon. Eclipse 4 offers components that go underneath the popula...
Instantiations, Inc., a leading provider of Eclipse-based commercial software tools and services to improve software code quality, security and productivity, today announced new version updates across its Java product line. Highlights include updates to its popular graphical user interface (GUI) testing and design products with WindowTester Pro advancing to version 5.0 and WindowBuilder Pro, the winner of 2009 Eclipse Community Award for best development tool, moving to v. 7.4.
Red Hat has announced new Java development tools as well as a new version of its service-oriented architecture platform. At the EclipseCon 2010 conference for developers and users of the Eclipse open-source integrated development environment (IDE) in Santa Clara, Calif., on March 22, Red Hat announced the launch of its JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.0 with enhanced functionality to update its JBoss Enterprise Middleware portfolio. JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.0 is designed to integrate ap...
Sonatype, caretaker of the Maven project and leading provider of enterprise software development infrastructure, today announced Sonatype Maven Studio for Eclipse. The Studio is the only Eclipse Integrated Development Environment specifically optimized for Maven, the de facto standard for Java project and build management used by more than 3 million Java developers worldwide. The Studio accelerates developer productivity through a range of innovations including one-click onboarding -- making de...
Objectivity, Inc., the leader in distributed, scalable data management solutions, today announced the availability of their Objectivity/DB Data Store for the Eclipse Connected Data Objects (CDO) Model Repository, to be distributed through starting March 22. The Objectivity/DB Data Store for Eclipse CDO gives the Eclipse community simple, pluggable access to their high-performance, distributed, scalable, NoSQL data solution, with significantly less development time and effort.
With EclipseCon 2010 just around the corner, JAXenter caught up with this year's Program Chair Oisin Hurley, to get a sneak-preview of what we can expect from EclipseCon 2010, and to get his predictions on which Eclipse projects and technologies will make an impact this year...
Sigasi, an EDA company focused on agile hardware design tools, today announced that it will make Sigasi HDT, an Intelligent Development Environment (IDE) for VHDL, available as an Eclipse plugin. As from today, Sigasi HDT will be available in two versions: as a standalone application as before, and as an Eclipse plugin. A tool license includes the right to use either version, at any time, at the customer's discretion.
Eclipse Foundation announced today that Objectivity, Inc., the leader in distributed, scalable data management technology, was named a sponsor of its popular conference, EclipseCon 2010, which will take place March 22-25, 2010 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.
After releasing his latest book covering OSGi & Equinox, I took the opportunity to catch up with Jeff McAffer. In this interview we discuss the basics of OSGi, the Equinox implementation, benefits of modularity and some best practices around using Equinox.
In May, Swiss company Business Systems Integration AG (BSI) will release its Scout business application framework to the open source community. A first look at the Scout project's source code will be available to attendees at this year's EclipseCon conference, taking place from the 22nd to the 25th of March, 2010 in Santa Clara, California.
OSGi, which is intended to provide modularity for Java, is the focus of efforts afoot at IBM and the Eclipse Foundation, with IBM leveraging OSGi in its application server and Eclipse using it in a new framework for accessing enterprise technology.

With an upcoming feature pack for WebSphere Application Server (WAS) v7, IBM seeks to make it easier to use OSGi.
The Keil Development Studio 5 (DS-5) Application Edition features an Eclipse-based project manager for multiple usage as well as C/C++ and assembler code editing functions.
Introduction of nCluster 4.5 Accelerates Analytics for Big Data with the First Integrated Visual Development Platform for SQL and MapReduce Applications, Advanced Manageability for Data-Intensive Applications, and Support for Solid-State Storage
Siemens Enterprise Communications have been developing telephony switches for the past 100 years, moving to software focussed solutions in the last decade. To bring their technology offerings up to date, Eclipse Equinox was chosen to give them a solid foundation for their OpenScape Unified Communications suite.
Engineering has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solution Member. After having contributed to developing the Eclipse STP IM, Engineering has decided to increase its participation in one of the most famous international open source communities. In particular, Engineering has joined the Eclipse SOA Initiative and it is proposing two new service-oriented architecture projects as the project leader.
This post is aimed at those who have been using Eclipse for a while, and probably have been either using the baked-in CVS or external SVN providers to store their source code. The content of the post is about Git; what it means to you, as an Eclipse user – and specifically, how it affects how you obtain or work with projects from
2010/02/04's Eclipse plug-in for targeting the company's platform provides a seamless development experience for organizations aiming their application efforts cloudward.
New and Enhanced Features Help Cut Application Development Time While Increasing Code Quality Demonstrating its commitment to the developer and open source communities, Oracle today announced the latest release of Oracle® Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is a free set of certified plug-ins that enable developers to build Java EE and Web Services applications for the Oracle Fusion Middleware pl...
Instantiations, Inc. today announced an upgrade to GWT Designer, its popular Eclipse-based GUI building product, to support GWT 2.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X . Based on Instantiations’ award-winning WindowBuilder product, named Best Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool of 2009 by the Eclipse Foundation, GWT Designer is the leading GUI building Eclipse plug-in for GWT.
n this article, we examine eight IDEs: ActiveState's Komodo IDE, CodeLobster PHP Edition, Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT), MPSoftware's phpDesigner, NetBeans IDE for PHP, NuSphere's PhpED, WaterProof's PHPEdit, and Zend Studio. All of these PHP toolkits offer strong support for the other languages and environments (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL database) that a PHP developer encounters.
As JAXenter reported last week, SpringSource have submitted a proposal for dm Server to move to The follow-on from the recently released dm Server 2.0 will be developed under the Eclipse Runtime Project. JAXenter caught up with the Chief Technology Officer for SpringSource, Adrian Colyer, to ask him about the project.
VMware's SpringSource division has announced the contribution of its dm Server OSGi-based technology to the Eclipse Foundation to form Project Virgo, an initiative to deliver a module-based Java application server.
Today we will be releasing version 2.0 of the dm server. This represents a major milestone for the project, and for enterprise application development with OSGi in general. I’m delighted to now be able to reveal the next step in the dm Server journey: we have submitted a proposal at to continue development of the dm Server as part of the Eclipse RT top-level project. The Eclipse nickname for the project is Virgo.
This article is for any Eclipse developer who wants to learn how to use the mature Web Tools Platform release of Galileo to develop, debug, and deploy a restaurant-search Facebook application. Along the way, you will take advantage of various aspects of the Facebook Application API and the Facebook Connect API.
Eclipse is an open source integrated development environment that has grown into an extensible hosting platform for development tools. Eclipse began life as a Java development tool, but its plug-in architecture has allowed it to provide development environments for languages, including C/C++, PHP, Python/Jython, Ruby, Tcl, JavaScript, and more. This versatility is particularly attractive in areas where software development requires working in multiple languages. For example, a PHP developer ofte...
An open source foundation is a group of people and companies that has come together to jointly develop community open source software. Examples include the Apache Software Foundation, the Eclipse Foundation, and the Gnome Foundation.
Genuitec, LLC, a founding and strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, has announced the immediate availability of Pulse 3.0; the unbreakable, cross-enterprise life cycle management platform. Pulse gives global corporations a less expensive but powerful solution for smarter software delivery across teams and to end-users, leading many enterprise clients to even look at Pulse as a replacement for IBM's Jazz technologies.
Tasktop Technologies, creators of Eclipse Mylyn and the leading provider of task management for application lifecycle management (ALM), and ThoughtWorks Studios today announced the availability of the ThoughtWorks Studios Mingle Mylyn Connector. The new offering integrates development activities performed in the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with project management in the new Mingle 3.0. Together, the products help developers easily and accurately track progress while, simulta...
The Eclipse Foundation has launched a new Eclipse Marketplace, a catalog of solutions built on the Eclipse open source development platform.
The momentum behind the OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative)-based modular approach to developing and deploying applications and libraries got some additional horsepower last week when Oracle and SpringSource announced that they would be the first two companies backing a newly proposed Eclipse project.
Tasktop Technologies, the company behind the open-source Mylyn framework, has introduced a new version of its namesake product that provides what founder Mik Kersten calls the "missing link" between software development delivery and agile project tracking and management.
Genuitec has announced the release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 8.0. The latest release is built on top of the brand new Eclipse Galileo version 3.5.1 and delivers the world's first debugger for Internet Explorer (IE) versions six, seven and eight that can remotely debug deployed applications.
This article demonstrates the usage of Drag and Drop in the Eclipse framework.
This article describes how to create Android applications with Eclipse.

The article is based on Eclipse 3.5 and Android 2.0.
ARM started out by using Squish for GUI testing of a proprietary debugger and an Eclipse-based IDE. The debugger was written using Qt and it was when looking for a suitable testing tool for this that ARM first came across Squish. They are now developing a new Eclipse-based debugger in Java and plan to use Squish to provide automated GUI testing for that tool.
Embedded systems and software developers juggle three critical challenges: rising design complexity, increasingly narrow time-to-market windows, and doing more with existing resources. To overcome these difficult issues, many development teams use the Eclipse open source platform for software development. One advantage of the Eclipse workspace is that it provides a highly customizable environment that can be tailored to the needs of individual software developers.
GUIdancer, Bredex GmbH's automated functional test tool, has been released in version 3.2 and is available for download. Version 3.2 contains a variety of new supported test actions, increasing the amount of tests that can be automated out-of-the-box. Using the library of GUIdancer actions, testers can create powerful, modular tests simply by dragging and dropping the required actions. Because this approach does not involve any program code, automation with GUIdancer is effective and producti...
Tasktop Technologies, creators of Eclipse Mylyn and the leading provider of task management solutions for application lifecycle management (ALM), today announced Tasktop Pro 1.6, which builds on Mylyn 3.3, the latest version of the most widely adopted ALM integration suite for the Eclipse IDE. New time-tracking support and ALM system interoperability create a complete task management layer that provides the missing link between software development delivery and agile project management.
Genuitec, LLC, a strategic member of the Eclipse Mobile Working Group, today announced a mobile news aggregation Web site. Named "Mobile Dredge," the Web site aims to collect all current and breaking news stories about mobile, mobile applications, carrier and handset maker news. Operated by Genuitec editors, Mobile Dredge promises to bring the most thoughtful, creative, and insightful news to one Web site where viewers can gain a snapshot of the mobile landscape.
Instantiations today announced new version updates to its GUI development tools, WindowBuilder Pro v7.2 and WindowTester Pro v4.0. The company will showcase its new product features at Eclipse Summit Europe, October 27-29, 2009 with a booth and several presentations. WindowTester v4.0 provides extensive improvements for test recording; fine-tuning of assertions functionality, including improved Swing assertions support; improved Linux support and preliminary support for 64-Bit Cocoa; and numerou...
nWire Software, Ltd., an independent software vendor offering innovative Eclipse-based tools, today announced the general availability of nWire for PHP. nWire for PHP accelerates PHP development by helping developers navigate through their code and better understand the architecture of their application. nWire was developed with support from Zend, the PHP Company, and it is the first plugin to be based on the new Zend Studio 7 and the latest Eclipse PHP Development Tools 2.1 (PDT).
The Jetty developers have released version 7 of their popular Java Servlet container. The source code for the new release is available from the Eclipse Foundation under the Eclipse Public Licence (EPL); Jetty 6 continues to be available from the Codehaus project under the Apache 2 license. Jetty 7 is the first major release of Jetty from the Eclipse Foundation since the project moved under the Eclipse umbrella.
Instantiations, Inc., today announced the release of GWT Designer 7.2, an Eclipse-based GUI creation tool for developing interactive AJAX applications. The new version adds comprehensive support for the Ext GWT (GXT) v2.0 Java library, as well as continued support for the latest releases of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) through v1.7.1, as well as a multi-page CSS Style Editor, and other CSS enhancements and speed improvements.
EclipseSource Inc, the leading provider of Eclipse runtime products and services today announced that it has received TÃœV certification of its proprietary process for validating and securing open source components. This industry-first achievement offers unprecedented protection and reassurance for organizations using open source components in their tool chain as well as those building applications on top of Eclipse and OSGi runtime technologies.
Our newest release is built to support Eclipse Galileo and delivers a powerful Java Profiler that can be used as a standalone tool outside of MyEclipse to profile any Java application, Eclipse plug-in or applet, as well as industry-leading support for the much-requested Struts 2 framework, enabling the development of enterprise-class Java Web applications.
The Eclipse open source Mylyn project is the main implementation of a task-focused user interface. Mylyn provides the skeleton on which others -- Tasktop and Sun Microsystems to date -- have built full-featured enterprise versions that implement task management via task-focused user interfaces. These tools are proving to be particularly effective in reducing information overload and improving programmer productivity
Mojo, Palm's software development kit for WebOS, includes an easy-to-install plug-in that lets developers work within the Eclipse SDK.
Today DZone have released the latest Eclipse-based Refcard, this time covering the topic of Eclipse Plug-in Development. In this card (which I wrote myself) I explain some of the main topics that can give you a headstart in creating your own Eclipse Plug-ins including how the manifests work, and how to create your own extension points.I also point out some other useful projects that exist in the Eclipse ecosystem.
Now, one of the last holdouts - Texas Instruments - has abandoned its proprietary IDE in favor of one based on open source Eclipse. The transition is complete, with virtually every major embedded software vendor supporting their own implementation of Eclipse, including Wind River, Green Hills, QNX, Lynux Works, Rapid Logic and Mentor Graphics, among others..
As software design and debugging represents the majority of development cost and time for many applications, efficient design tools play a critical role in managing project cost and deadlines. To simplify development while accelerating identification, analysis and resolution, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced the availability of Code Composer Studio v4, a major upgrade to its industry-leading integrated development environment (IDE) based on the Eclipse open source ...
The Web Services Tools plug-in for Eclipse -- particularly the Web Services Explorer -- makes building Web service requests as easy as filling out a form, and it's invaluable in debugging Web services applications. Point the Explorer at a service's WSDL, and it will enumerate all the services available at that endpoint. Launch a request at a service, and the Explorer displays the response in either raw or structured form.
SlickEdit Inc., provider of the most advanced multi-platform code editors available, announces the release of SlickEdit® Core v3.5 for Eclipse™. This latest release of SlickEdit Core supports Eclipse Galileo (version 3.5) and is updated with the latest capabilities from SlickEdit 2009.
I’ve done a fair amount of tinkering with cloud programming during the past couple of years. With cloud programming, you can easily deploy a Web application to a cluster of servers that will be distributed and managed with the help of the cloud infrastructure. But one of the hard parts is developing the software on your local development machines and then testing it against the cloud servers.Amazon recognized this difficulty and has created a plug-in for the ...
ThoughtWorks Studios, a global leader in Agile application lifecycle management (ALM) tools and training, and Tasktop Technologies, creators of the Eclipse(TM) Mylyn ALM integration framework, today announced the ThoughtWorks Adaptive ALM Connector. Set for release with Tasktop Pro in October, the connector will help streamline software development by providing direct access to ThoughtWorks Studios' products from within the Eclipse IDE.
Perforce Software announced the release of P4Java, Perforce's pure Java API for accessing Perforce SCM services from within Java applications, servlets, plug-ins, and other Java contexts. P4Java allows developers to tightly integrate Perforce functionality into tools such as CruiseControl, Maven, and Ant, and in environments such as J2EE-based web application and web service frameworks. Perforce SCM versions and manages source code and digital assets for enterprises large and small.
Excelsior JET, Enterprise Edition enables protection of commercial Eclipse RCP applications against reverse engineering and tampering by compiling them down to native code executables. This fresh update adds support for Eclipse 3.5 Galileo release.
CA has released a new Eclipse-based GUI that it says makes it easier to test and debug applications on the mainframe. The new GUI, released today, maintains all the features from the green screen, and it helps developers reuse existing mainframe application code to speed development time, the company said.
eWEEK Labs finds Eclipse has greatly matured from its early, much slower days. Today, the application development platform can aptly be described as powerful and feature-rich.

The recent 3.5 release of Eclipse, code-named Galileo, brings loads of new features that will help developers become even more productive
As is already indicated by version 0.9, which has just been released, Eclipse 4 will incorporate several familiar web technologies and put them to new uses.The Eclipse development environment has become a very popular open source project. A flexible software tool kit, Eclipse can integrate the products of several vendors as plug-ins, for example for modelling, development and software tests; for some time now, Eclipse hasn't just been about Java. The Eclipse Foundation behind the development env...
Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE), the #1 free development environment for Oracle WebLogic Server, is now available on new brand new Eclipse 3.5, as well as 3.4. This release introduces new tools for Oracle WebLogic Server, easier WebLogic / EclipseLink configuration, and new WebLogic JAX-WS Web Services tools. This free set of certified Eclipse plug-ins is designed to help develop, deploy, debug, and test applications for Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database. It installs as a plug...
froglogic GmbH today announced support for automated testing of Java Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications based on the new Eclipse 3.5 release code named Galileo.

Squish for Java is a leading functional GUI and regression testing tool enabling the creation and execution of automated GUI tests for Java SWT/RCP and AWT/Swing applications.
Research In Motion (RIM) today announced new and enhanced tools for developing web applications for BlackBerry® smartphones. The tools include the new BlackBerry® Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse and the BlackBerry® Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio version 1.2. These tools are part of a complete portfolio of BlackBerry® developer tools for web and Java development and a rich set of APIs that enable developers to ea...
Version 3.1 of GUIdancer is now available for download. As well adding support for the testing of GEF (Graphical Editing Framework) components, the new version is available for MAC OSX as a beta, and is compatible with Eclipse 3.5.

Increased platform and application support are not the only areas where the Eclipse-based test tool has been expanded. GUIdancer's efficient keyword-driven approach has also been extended to improve the testing of dynamic tables.
Unter dem Dach der Open Source Community Eclipse Foundation arbeiten seit Februar namhafte OEMs, Zulieferer und Toolanbieter der Autobranche innerhalb der Eclipse Automotive Industry Working Group zusammen. Ziel ist es, nach dem unternehmensspezifischen Einsatz der Open-Source-Plattform Eclipse den nächsten Schritt zu einer offenen, gemeinsamen Lösung für die Branche bei Entwicklungs-Prozessen und -Werkzeugen zu gehen.
Visual Rules is a Business Rules Management Platform that enables the efficient management of business rules. It comprises rule modeling, simulation, testing, integration and deployment, including monitoring and rule maintenance.
Brought to you by Saltmarch Media, producers of the hugely successful Great Indian Developer Summit, in association with India's pioneering and foremost group of Eclipse intelligentsia, ANCiT Consulting, Eclipse India Summit 2009 will feature four core tracks that hold relevance, immediacy and impact for the Eclipse ecosystem in India. Sessions, Keynotes and Workshops on GEF & Zest, Plugin Development, EMF, RCP, eRCP and RAP, BIRT, Testing, OSGI/Equinox, Design Patterns, and more.
Avis aux développeurs : la version annuelle d'Eclipse et de tous ses composants est désormais disponible sur le site de la fondation. Comme tous les ans, les nouveautés sont considérables.
Ab heute Nachmittag, ca. 15 Uhr mitteleuropäischer Zeit, steht die lang erwartete Eclipse 3.5 Version Galileo zum Download auf bereit! Grund genug auch für die JAXenter-Redaktion, die den Galileo-Release-Zyklus über die letzten Monate hinweg journalistisch begleiten durfte, die Sektkorken knallen zu lassen und ein wenig mitzufeiern! Und so präsentieren wir uns in den nächsten Tagen ganz im festlichen...
The brand new build I am referring to is entitled Pulsar and is squarely focused for mobile Java developers. Pulsar however, is a lot more then just a new part of the release train of Galileo but, an effort to simplify mobile application development for different mobile platforms. You can read more about this in this DeveloperWorld article.
Apple Macs, iPhones, and other mobile devices are being pulled into the open-source tools universe of Eclipse, a group whose genesis can be traced to enterprise Java and C/C++.
The project today released Eclipse 3.5, codenamed Galileo, which wraps 33 projects in an integrated release. For the first time, the bundle can be downloaded for development of Cocoa Mac applications destined for deployment on 32-bit and 64-bit Apple systems.
News out today that the Eclipse community has delivered Galileo. The 2009 Eclipse release train is made up of 24 million lines of code across 33 projects, with contributions from 380 committers and 44 companies participating.
As a product manager, I must say this is a pretty impressive accomplishment by the Eclipse Foundation and everyone involved with Eclipse. Well done!
The Eclipse Foundation will put out on Wednesday its annual release train, this time featuring the simultaneous release of technologies from 33 different open source project teams in spaces ranging mobile to SOA to the base Eclipse platform.
The Eclipse Foundation's annual release train, this year dubbed Galileo, has now been released. The Eclipse release train brings together a large number of Eclipse projects and synchronises them into a single release with the aim of making "commercial adoption simple and straightfoward" according to Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director at the Eclipse Foundation. The idea is that rather than a commercial adopter trying picking up what could be dozens of seperate projects, by using the release tra...
The Eclipse Foundation today announced its fourth "release train," a coordinated, simultaneous launch of a group of open-source Eclipse projects that has become an annual event. Representing a key milestone for Eclipse, this year’s new release train, code named "Galileo," is the largest yet, comprising 33 projects and more than 24 million lines of code.
Today marks the much anticipated release of Eclipse Galileo, or Eclipse 3.5. Once again, it's striking how such a large set of projects across the developer community can coordinate such a big software drop consistently, year after year. Congratulations and much respect is due to the project leads, developers and Eclipse foundation for achieving this.
Im sechsten Jahr in Folge hat die Eclipse-Community wieder ein koordiniertes Eclipse-Paket ausgeliefert. Die aktuelle Zusammenstellung namens Galileo umfasst über 33 Eclipse-Projekte mit über 24 Millionen Codezeilen und ist somit das umfangreichste vorkonfigurierte Paket, das die Eclipse-Community bisher geschnürt hat: Über 380 Committer von 44 Organisationen haben zu der neuen Version beigetragen.
The Eclipse Foundation today announced the release of Eclipse Galileo, the simultaneous release of 33 projects, including the venerable Eclipse JDT. As well as the new features covered by InfoQ already, the Galileo release includes the PHP Development Tools Project, as well as stalwarts like modelling packages and the persistence layer EclipseLink (formerly known as Oracle's TopLink).
Instantiations, Inc., today announced that its entire Eclipse-based product line has been updated in conjunction with the annual Eclipse release, Galileo. In addition to adding support for Eclipse 3.5, significant new and enhanced functionality has been added across the product line. Further, Instantiations now offers a new product, WindowTester Runner, that offers GUI test execution as a separate function from test creation, ideal for large Eclipse development groups.
OSGi has been in the press a lot lately. Everywhere you turn there is some new product or project adopting the technology. From Eclipse to Apache to Spring. From servers to desktops to embedded. OSGi enables the creation of highly modular, dynamic Java-based systems. Wondering what its all about? Join book author and Equinox OSGi project co-lead Jeff McAffer ( and PDE OSGi tooling lead Chris Aniszczyk for an introduction to Equinox and OSGi concep...
Based on the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF), an open-source project managed by the Eclipse Foundation, the TOGAF Customizer can be used to implement TOGAF 9 more easily. TOGAF is an industry-consensus framework and method for enterprise architecture (EA) developed by The Open Group, and released in February.
Excelsior JET is the first compliant Java SE implementation that supports the core of the Eclipse Runtime (Equinox OSGi) at the JVM level and enables Java code and data protection by compiling RCP applications down to native code executables.
To provide its fixed-income traders with a more integrated user experience, RBC has turned to Eclipse, an open source integrated development environment, as the basis for its global fixed-income trading applications. The ongoing project, called Helios, is targeted at bringing front-office trading applications under a single user interface.
With the announcement of Release Candidate 3, it’s a couple of weeks until Eclipse 3.5 code named “Galileo� will reach GA status. This new release of the popular Java development environment includes several new features and improvements over its previous version.
As part of its ongoing commitment to Java technology and the choice it provides to customers as well as industry-wide technology standards and open source, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) is taking a more active leadership role in the Eclipse Foundation by increasing its membership level from Strategic Consumer to Strategic Developer. SAP will provide at least eight full-time development resources to various projects and lead open source projects, ensuring direct input into the development and architecture o...
JavaFX is a new platform for creating and deploying rich Internet applications inside a lightweight Java virtual machine. JavaFX Studio works as an Eclipse plugin for developing and deploying JavaFX applications. JavaFX Studio comes with numerous features and wizards to make JavaFX application development better.
Die Eclipse Foundation hat die Ergebnisse der weltweiten "2009 Eclipse Community Survey" in dem "Open Source Developer Report" vorgestellt. Die Foundation hatte von Mitte April bis Mitte Mai zu der Umfrage eingeladen, um Aufschluss zu erhalten, wie Entwickler die von ihnen genutzten Werkzeuge verwenden und insbesondere welche Software sie einsetzen.
Genuitec, LLC, maker of the market-leading MyEclipse software and a founding and strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, today announced the initial milestone release (M1) of MobiOne; a new enterprise-class technology that enables development of mobile applications using Web standards.
Genuitec has announced the initial milestone release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.5. The new release series delivers extensive speed upgrades, incorporates the world’s leading VisualVM Java Profiler, Remote Websphere Deployment, a Visual SQL Query Builder, ICEfaces 1.8 support and an upgrade to MyEclipse’s Visual Designers.
One of the most innovative project management and process improvement solutions to emerge in recent years, xProcess, has today been officially released under open source license. Ivis Technologies, the Colorado-based company that developed the Eclipse-based product, also announced today the formation of a new company, OpenXprocess Ltd to own, maintain and support the product and provide services to the xProcess community.
Java development tools maker Genuitec is working on innovative mobile Web development technology that will enable Web developers to build mobile applications for popular platforms, such as the Apple iPhone, without having to learn native development techniques and languages such as Objective-C. The new offering, known as MobiOne, is based on WebKit and Eclipse technology and is easily adopted by Web developers familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Bredex GmbH announced today the immediate availability of GUIdancer 3.0, the automated GUI test tool, from their website ( GUIdancer has been expanded in two directions to make automated GUI testing easier and more accessible for a wider range of teams. The introduction of model-based testing lets test case designs be generated from UML models, while the new observation mode allows testers to use a running application to create tests. The Braunschweig-based test experts have a...
License proliferation has been a hot topic amongst the open source community for the past couple of years. I am happy to report that the Eclipse Foundation and IBM have collaborated to do our bit to help by superseding the Common Public License (CPL) with the Eclipse Public License (EPL). This means that the CPL will no longer be considered an active open source license.
While at EclipseCon this year, I had the chance to talk with Greg Wilkins and Adam Lieber of Webtide. Just the night before they’d checked code into the Eclipse Foundation repositories to finish up adding Jetty as an Eclipse project. We start out discussing Jetty’s new Eclipse home.
The Scala IDE for Eclipse is centered around seamless integration with the Eclipse Java tools, providing many of the features Eclipse users have come to expect.
Michael Milinkovich, executive director of the foundation, says that when joining the group, members have to rethink many of the ways they see technology. The first assumption that needs to be jettisoned: that companies need their own versions of important programs as a way of having an edge on their competitors. "Every bank has a program they use to monitor consumer risk," he says. "But companies need to stop thinking about every line of code as a corporate asset. A great deal of code is exactl...
In this interview from EclipseCon, I talk with multi-RedMonkTV guest Jeff McAffer, one of the leads on the Equinox project. Having spoken with him about Equinox many times before, I start by asking him to give us an update on what’s been going on in Equinox-land of late. In doing so, we speak about how Equinox is related to the OSGi Enterprise and other specifications.
Early support for Java includes a Java runtime, integration with the Google Web Toolkit 1.6, and a Google Plugin for Eclipse. Developers can program against Java Data Objects or Java Persistence API. Thus far, App Engine has leveraged the Python language.
The Riena project has just released it's 1.0 version recently. In this article, I'll show you how to get going with Riena by walking you through my own experiences using the project. As well as providing a little background on the project I will show how to create a UI with Riena, and run through an example of remote services.
Red Hat Software today released the first major update to its Eclipse-based developer toolset, allowing developers to build rich interactive and service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications.
SOPERA's Eclipse SOA initiative provides a comprehensive platform within Eclipse that enables developers to build Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications. The Eclipse SOA platform will include a new service registry/repository, integrate process orchestration engines, and provide integration between Eclipse Swordfish (SOA Runtime Framework) and the SOA Tooling Platform (STP).
Today, we are introducing the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. This free, open source plugin for the Eclipse IDE makes it easier and more efficient for you to develop, deploy, and debug Java applications on top of AWS. In fact, you can design an entire AWS-hosted Tomcat-based cluster from within Eclipse. You can design your cluster, specifying the number of EC2 instances and the instance type to run. You have can select and even create security groups and keypairs and can associate an Elastic IP address...
Instantiations, Inc., a leading provider of Eclipse-based commercial software solutions, today released version 7.0 of its market-leading WindowBuilderâ„¢ Pro Java graphical user-interface (GUI) builder, and was awarded the "Best Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool" by the Eclipse Foundation at EclipseCon 2009. WindowBuilder Pro includes powerful functionality for creating user interfaces based on the popular Swing, SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit), and GWT (Google ...
The Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is designed to help organizations where Eclipse is the preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by providing a set of Eclipse plug-ins to help develop, deploy and debug Java SE, Java EE, Spring, ORM and Web Service applications for Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database.
The open source Eclipse Foundation has its eye on making its integrated development environment (IDE) ready for the future, with new projects designed to better adapt to cloud-based architectures and to stake a claim in runtime frameworks.
The Eclipse Foundation will cite at the EclipseCon 2009 conference this week the latest developments in areas ranging from the core Eclipse platform to SOA and modeling, including plans to make the platform available as Web services.
froglogic GmbH will show a preview of Squish 4.0 at EclipseCon 2009 in Santa Clara next week. Squish 4.0 is the next generation of froglogic's leading cross-platform, automated GUI testing tool.
SpringSource�the company behind the open source Spring framework for Java�has officially released a new version of its commercial Eclipse-based development environment, the SpringSource Tool Suite (STS). The new version brings improved tools to streamline application editing and accelerate Spring project development.
Today’s Tasktop 1.4 and Eclipse Mylyn 3.1 releases are a milestone in the evolution of the task-focused interface. Mylyn continues to improve as a framework and core tools for open source developers, while Tasktop evolves its commercial integrations and enterprise-ready feature set. Together, these tools are bringing the benefits of the task-focused interface to a rapidly growing audience.
Next week, March 23rd to 26th, EclipseCon takes place in Santa Clara, California. Eclipse is a very large open source community focused on open develpment platforms, and extensible frameworks and tools, overseen by The Eclipse Foundation. The conference is an annual event, and this year's will feature a number of high-profile speakers, including developers and software leads from Microsoft, IBM and other companies and organizations.
Genuitec, LLC, the leading provider of the popular MyEclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and a founding and strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, announced today the production release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.1. The new release delivers enhanced JAX-RS tooling and a variety of persistence enhancements to improve the MyEclipse experience.
Called Pulsar, the initiative is intended to build a standard mobile application development tools platform. It is being led by vendors like Motorola and Nokia and seeks to make it easier to develop applications for different mobile systems. Although the individual platform technologies would not go away, Pulsar provides a unified platform to work with the individual vendor-specific technologies.
The Eclipse BIRT project is best known as a report-creation tool that supports multiple data sources and produces many different forms of output. The BIRT Viewer and the BIRT engine work well in a Java/J2EE environment, but what if your web applications are built using PHP? In order to call BIRT from PHP, a PHP-to-Java bridge is necessary. Jason Weathersby demonstrates how you can use BIRT with PHP using a bridge to generate reports from PHP Web applications.
The OSGi Alliance announced that many leading Enterprise Service Bus providers in the market have demonstrated their commitment to the platform through the current or planned employment of OSGi technology in their ESBs and products that utilize ESBs.
Tasktop Technologies, the company behind the popular Eclipse Mylyn open source task management software, announced a unique 100% money-back guarantee for Tasktop Pro users. Tasktop Pro is the company's full-featured product for software developers based on Eclipse Mylyn. Dr. Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies, said "I've always been fascinated by the way that software tools can transform our ability to work, so it's exciting for Tasktop to be offering the first productivity promise of this...
Innovations Software Technology today announces the release of the Visual Rules Enterprise Platform 4.4, the premier Business Rules Management (BRM) Platform. The highlight of this release is the extension of the management components with Visual Rules Execution Server.
Equinox was perfect for us. It takes care of many of the integration details for us and the bundle mechanism is ideal for mixing and matching functionality to meet specific use cases.
When it comes to open-source communities, individuals are much better citizens than institutions. The enlightened self-interest that causes individuals to send back bug fixes, contribute ideas for new features and write documentation is much harder to find in institutions. This week, the JargonSpy analyzes why such a gap exists and what can be done about it.
Today we complete our trilogy of interviews with the Individual Eclipse Community Awards nominees with the Top Committer nominees.
Continuing our coverage of the Individual Eclipse Community Awards, following on from yesterday's interviews with the Top Ambassador nominees, today we interview the nominees for the Top Contributor category.
The Eclipse Awards Season is in full swing this month, with voting open for the Individual Eclipse Community Awards. DZone interviewed each of the nominees for the awards, to give you a little background before you decide to vote.
ObjectAda for VxWorks leverages Wind River Workbench, an Eclipse-based development environment providing developers access to the broad range of tools available through the Eclipse framework. With support for multiple operating systems, architectures and programming languages, ObjectAda for VxWorks provides the flexibility to standardize on a single development framework.
BIRT, which is Actuate's Eclipse Foundation project, will provide interactive data for network monitoring and planning within the Web-based interface of Cisco's Secure Access Control Server.
The team researched for a suitable tool, and during that process they downloaded an evaluation copy of Squish. They used the evaluation copy to produce a proof of concept, and having successfully done this, they then contacted several companies who were already using Squish for their test efforts. After completing their research and satisfying themselves that Squish would meet their needs, they purchased their Squish licenses. From a technical point of view, several reasons led to APC choosing ...
Replacing the existing Open AT® IDE, M2M Studio fully integrates previously isolated tools such as the source code editor, project build wizard, target download, RTE mode monitor, JTAG debugger, traces emulator and development tool chain, all within the Eclipse Ganymede framework. Eclipse and CDT (C/C++ Development Tools plug-in) are becoming the industry standard for C and C++ development in the embedded world.
Most recently CAS Software has been working on a product called CAS PIA (Personal Information Assistant) which will be a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering, the first such offering from CAS. It is built on a number of technologies which will be discussed in more detail later. This case study will take a focus on Eclipse RAP (Rich Ajax Platform) and how it was applied to the architecture of CAS PIA, as well as some interesting uses for RAP, lessons learned by CAS while using it, and future dir...
Die Entwicklungsumgebung Eclipse ist ohne Frage ein sehr populäres Open-Source-Projekt, und spätestens 2004 mit Veröffentlichung der 3.x-Entwicklungsschiene hat sich die IDE-Landschaft in der Java-Welt grundlegend geändert. Mittlerweile ist Eclipse nicht mehr nur auf die Java-Programmiersprache begrenzt. 2008 waren zum Beispiel die PHP Development Tools (PDT) – also Eclipse-Plug-ins f�...
Instantiations and SureAvenue, a solution provider for system consultation and system development, have announced an official reseller relationship. Under terms of the agreement, SureAvenue is exclusively licensed to resell Instantiations' GUI development, quality improvement, and software testing tools in Japan.
Jetty already has been part of several Eclipse projects, including acting as the Web and application server for Equinox, the Eclipse OSGi-based plug-in platform for application development, Webtide said.
It's hard to overstate the impact that open source technologies have had on the software industry. One recent example: Skyway Software, provider of an open-source code-generation framework for Spring-based applications, called Skyway Builder. The Tampa-based company last week announced the general availability of Skyway Builder 6.1, which is all about delivering Java EE apps for Spring. But the company started out going in a different direction.
He explained that the majority of Eclipse developers target Windows, and that Eclipse could serve as an onramp to help bring developers to Microsoft's platforms. "It's a win-win for both parties," he declared, noting that 84% of all Eclipse downloads are for the Windows platform.
The benefits of this approach are particularly strong when building multi-channel phone applications, since dedicated tools can be used for the specific technical needs of the different channels. Even better, many of these tools are available as free downloads such as the ones we take a closer look at here.
Today, DZone releases the Eclipse Modelling Framework Refcard, with all you need to get started using EMF, the most popular framework among Eclipse users and projects. Ed Merks was the primary author of this Refcard, with me co-authoring as a user of EMF. Here, Ed answers some questions about the Refcard and EMF.
As a user of EMF, I know how much this book has been anticipated, and it hasn't failed to deliver. This book will appeal to both long time users of EMF and developers who want to get started with the technology. Anyone interested in model driven development within Eclipse will learn a lot from this edition. So much in the Eclipse community is based on EMF that it is essential to understand it's architecture and capabilities.
Developers might get the picture, but Eclipse reckons it had better ramp up awareness its products among senior management as it moves beyond tools in 2009.

Eclipse Foundation marketing director Ian Skerrett has blogged it's important to help senior business and technology executives to understand the Foundation as it moves into runtimes.
Instantiations, Inc. announced v6.0 of CodePro AnalytiX, adding new OWASP-based security auditing rules, support for mock objects, new rules for web services auditing, and extended JUnit testing support for Spring, Struts and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) frameworks.
The deepest differences may be in the language itself. Google chose Java, a language that's well understood by many new graduates. Then it built special plug-ins for Eclipse, so all of the lovers of programming Java with Eclipse can write code, push a button, and simulate running their app on the phone in a separate Java process. The tools are all available for free, and it takes only a few minutes to get the Hello World application up and running, most of which is spent waiting for Eclipse to c...
Learn how to configure a development environment targeted at the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, including setting up Eclipse on a target development machine for the Python language.
DZone today launched the Equinox Refcard, covering everything that you need to know to get started on writing OSGi bundles for Equinox, Eclipse's OSGi implementation. The Refcard is written by the project's founder and co-leader, Jeff McAffer. I asked Jeff some questions about Equinox to coincide with the release of the Refcard.
Eclipse software experts Eric Clayberg and Dan Rubel today announced the availability of the third edition of their book, Eclipse Plug-ins, published by Addison-Wesley Professional. Building on two internationally best-selling previous editions titled Eclipse: Building Commercial Quality Plug-ins, the book has been fully revised to reflect the powerful new capabilities of Eclipse 3.4 and Java 5. book "Eclipse Plug-Ins"
The Eclipse based Ruby development tools have been around for many years and were widely used, particularly in Rails development through the extensions provided by RadRails. RDT and RadRails have both been integrated into Aptana Studio some time ago, and RDT's main developer, Chris Williams, has been hired by Aptana.
Stuart McGill, CTO at Micro Focus, said: “The release of COBOL for Eclipse is an important step for Micro Focus as we look to provide our customers with the tools needed to develop applications across any environment.�
Palamida, a vendor that sells software and services around open-source software security and legal compliance, has named 25 open-source projects companies should not hesitate to use.

Some, such as the Eclipse IDE (integrated development environment) and the MySQL database, are widely known. But Palamida also included software like the FreeType font engine and, a set of JavaScript libraries for Web 2.0-style applications and sites.
The Sprint Open Software Platform offers support for existing MIDP Java ME applications as well as the CDC/Foundation Java Virtual Machine and OSGi framework. In addition, support for the Eclipse embedded Rich Client application model enables the platform to run generically-written rich GUI applications across a range of devices and desktop computers.
Genuitec announced today the production release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.0. The new release, built upon Eclipse 3.4.1/Ganymede, delivers the most comprehensive environment for Ajax and Web Services in the Eclipse space.
Innovations Software Technology today announces the release of the Visual Rules Enterprise Platform 4.3, the premier Business Rules Management (BRM) Platform. The highlight of this release is the Team Server, a centralized rule repository, which provides for the team-based development and management of business rules.
Information Week has published my article on open source business intelligence (OSBI), Open Source BI Still Fighting For Its Share, a title that applies both to the BI software market and to IW column inches. (The article is now also an Intelligent Enterprise feature.) I'll share with readers material I wrote, cut by IW's editors, on open-source data-integration vendor Talend and on Eclipse BIRT, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools.
It’s not a typical article title, but from day one of Eclipse Summit Europe these are the three main points I’ve taken away. I haven’t been to ESE before, but I must say it has really blown me away. I really enjoyed today – I got to meet a lot of people in the Eclipse community that I haven’t seen in person, and ...
"You can think of g-Eclipse as a browser for what will become the World Wide Grid," says Stümpert. "It searches for and displays the resources that are available, and allows the user to access them. Complicated computing jobs which need more processing or storage than are available on the user’s system can be sent to the grid. Data can be transferred from the local computer to the grid and workflows can be managed."
The first in the Programming Heroes category of our DZone Conversations sees us talking with Ed Merks, of EMF and Eclipse fame. The Programming Heroes series gives me the chance to talk to some of the people that I think have lead the trends in software development. The work that Ed has put behind the modelling projects at Eclipse has been tremendous. Ed had been working with IBM for a long time, and earlier this year left to do his own thing. We find out more about the projects he's interested ...
XMind, a leader in mind mapping, visual thinking and collaboration software, today announced XMind 3, a major release of its award-winning product. With the goal of making XMind more accessible to a broader audience and more powerful for professional users, XMind is making avaiable both a royalty-free open source edition, XMind 3, and a subscription-based professional edition, XMind Pro 3. Both editions are also enabled for online sharing and collaboration via XMind Share, a new website which al...
The Tasktop Team is very pleased to announce the Autumn 2008 release of Tasktop (v1.3). In addition to the new features that our users are accustomed to getting once per season, we are very pleased to announce a Linux version. The other big news is that Firefox users now get automatic session restore for each task, bug and issue that they work on.
Genuitec announced today the immediate availability of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 6.6. This release is focused on increased support and choice for customers standardized on Eclipse Europa (Eclipse 3.3).
Digital identity and digital identity management are key aspects of security for both home and corporate users. The capacity to validate identity and the ability to securely perform transactions online form the basis of consumer and business-to-business interactions. Without a valid digital identity and a mechanism to securely store, manage and transmit that identity, there can be no trust between transacting entities.
When investors see the margins on BIRT-related sales, the brand awareness, the new industries and geographic markets we’ve opened, and the compelling prospect of future growth, they are very impressed.
The complete developer tool update includes a new public beta of the BlackBerry JDE plug-in for Eclipse, new releases of the BlackBerry plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, the BlackBerry MDS Studio and Plazmic Content Developer's Kit for the BlackBerry platform.
The standard IDE for Android, on the other hand, is Eclipse, which has seemingly become the de facto development environment for just about every platform other than Mac OS X and Windows. Google provides a plug-in that does a good job of integrating the Android tools with Eclipse, including a software emulator to test builds of your apps.
By choosing the Eclipse Public License as the license for the software to come out of the Symbian Foundation, the group takes a road safely chosen. The Eclipse Foundation welcomes the foundation’s support. But what about the GPL?
Research In Motion (RIM) today announced new versions of various BlackBerry developer tools that further support innovative, streamlined mobile application development for BlackBerry(R) smartphones. The developer tool updates include a new public beta of the BlackBerry(R) JDE(R) Plug-in for Eclipse, as well as new releases of the BlackBerry(R) Plug-in for Microsoft(R) Visual Studio(R), BlackBerry(R) MDS Studio, and Plazmic Content Developer's Kit(TM) for the BlackBerry platform.
Symbian released a free tool on Tuesday that lets developers see how their code performs on the mobile operating system.

The Symbian Analysis Workbench (SAW) is a prepackaged set of Eclipse-based tools for optimizing Symbian C++ code, according to the company, which is in the process of being acquired by Nokia.
Instantiations, Inc., a leading provider of Eclipse-based commercial software solutions to improve software quality and productivity, today announced an upgrade to its comprehensive code quality product, CodePro AnalytiX. Through intense automation of audits, metrics, and best practices, CodePro AnalytiX ensures superior software quality and maximum developer productivity throughout the entire code development cycle. With this upgrade, Instantiations more than doubles the number of security audi...
Seeking to establish Eclipse as the standard mobile development platform, the Eclipse Foundation on Wednesday is offering the first major release of its Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java Project (MTJ). MTJ is a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE offering capabilities for developing embedded or Java ME (Micro Edition) applications, said Christian Kurzke, project lead for MTJ and a developer tools architect at Motorola. "It's a set of tools on top of Eclipse that makes it much easier to develop mobil...
Microsoft is throwing its support behind the creation of an Eclipse project to integrate the IDE with Silverlight technology.
The proposed project, Silverlight Development Toolkit (SLDT), was submitted by open-source solution developer Soyatec and is being co-sponsored by Microsoft. The project objective is to foster cross-platform Silverlight development with Eclipse.
Soyatec announces the launch of an Open Source project Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight, with technical and financial help from Microsoft, and the donation of one Visual Editor component used in eFace to this project.
The Eclipse Foundation officially released version 0.9 of its Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) project. This version subsumes the previously separate EclipseME project, officials said.MTJ’s code is designed to simplify life for software vendors who target devices from companies like Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, using those companies’ software development kits, said project leader Christian Kurzke, a developer tools archit...
Polarion Software, creators of fully integrated application lifecycle management solutions and services, today announced the launch of Polarion Track & Wiki. Another industry first for a software development productivity tool set, the fully integrated product delivers a full-featured bug tracker, and robust team collaboration with a wiki that breaks the information barrier that has always existed in other tracker and wiki solutions. Automated version control features with Subversion round out th...
Learn how to use the Eclipse C Development Toolkit (CDT) to program native applications for the Apple iPhone, using open source tools to enable iPhone OS development on any Eclipse-supported platform.
Google has recently released the latest version of the Android SDK�version 0.9 beta. The Android 0.9 SDK beta brings developers a step closer to the final release that many developers are hoping to see before the end of the year. While the latest version of the SDK sports many new features (amongst them a new emulator), it contains breaking changes if you are upgrading from the previous m3 or m5 release of the SDK.
CA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CA) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the ability to share information between their respective configuration management databases (CMDBs) and management data repositories (MDRs), such as asset management systems and service desk solutions. The interoperability demonstration, based on the CMDB Federation (CMDBf) specification and debuting this week at itSMF Fusion ’08 in San Francisco, gives customers a way to better consolidate IT data in...
Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR), a global information technology (IT) standards body for the retail automotive industry, will release an update to its popular STAR Workbench product at its October General Session meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The STAR Workbench 2.0 is a set of tools that the STAR XML Data Architects use on a daily basis, and is focused on XML related editing. The Workbench leverages version 3.4 of the Eclipse Platform, and Eclipse Web Development Tools 3.0, ...
"We welcome Soyatec as a new member of the Eclipse Foundation" said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. "Their experience and expertise in Eclipse UI development will be welcome contributions to the Visual Editor and Eclipse 4.0 projects."
Skyway Software, a commercial open-source company specializing in model-centric tools for developing, testing, and deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and web services, announces today the release and general availability of Skyway Builder version 6.0.2. With this new release, Skyway Builder now includes the following: Apple Mac OS X support Oracle WebLogic 10 support Web layer enhancements, including improved pagination functionality and expanded binary content controls for more robust...
Instantiations today announced the release of GWT Designer 5.1. This major version upgrade of the product includes support for Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 1.5 as well as basic support for GWT-EXT and MyGWT. Based on Instantiations award-winning WindowBuilder product, GWT Designer is an Eclipse-based GUI creation tool supporting features such as drag-and-drop GUI building and bi-directional code generation, providing several useful wizards that help make GWT development easier.
Genuitec announced today their expansion into "Strategic Member" status for the Eclipse Foundation. This highest level of Foundation membership ensures both financial and technological backing of the Eclipse platform, as well as increased influence on the platform's evolution through board membership.
Furthering its dedication to providing Java developers productivity with choice, Oracle today announced the Oracle® Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, a new component of Oracle Fusion Middleware. This release marks the first free Eclipse 3.4 environment to support Oracle WebLogic Server 10g Release 3.
Enterprise organizations are tapping the benefits not only of using open-source software, but of contributing to it by using the Eclipse model. The Eclipse Swordfish, Tigerstripe, Open Financial Market Platform and Open System Engineering Environment projects are all based on code contributed by enterprises that use open-source technology.
Privately held Aptana Inc., a leading provider of infrastructure for Web 2.0 application development and management, today announced the acquisition of Pydev, a highly popular Eclipse-based development environment for the Python software language. The combination of Pydev with Aptana Studio, which is approaching 2.3 million downloads, will bring Aptana's excellence in Ajax development ease to the Python community and bring Python support to Aptana's product lines.
The Eclipse Framework has become the de facto standard for embedded software vendors to base their tools on, and as a result, it is being adopted across the world by embedded software developers as their IDE.
Genuitec is pleased to announce today the immediate availability of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.0 milestone 1. This milestone release delivers advanced Ajax tooling for Java EE and full Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) capabilities for Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede, among other enhancements.
SlickEdit Inc., provider of the most advanced code editors available, announces the release of SlickEdit Core v3.4 for Eclipse. This latest release of SlickEdit Core supports Eclipse Ganymede, version 3.4, and is updated with the latest capabilities from SlickEdit 2008.
Oracle is delivering the Eclipse tools for Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3 with a simpler packaging (just one, with all features), and a new price (free!). This release of Workshop for WebLogic 10g R3 combines all the features of the other products.
Skyway Software, the experts in simplifying software delivery through model-centric, collaborative tools and iterative delivery processes, announces today a strategic partnership with Atomikos, the leading firm for monitoring transaction processing (TP) activities in today’s software development and delivery activities. TP monitor technology controls transaction applications and performs highly efficient business logic/rules computations and database updates,...
Motorola has started a public preview of development tools for unreleased Linux mobile phones. The free Eclipse-based tools will help Linux developers create, test and certify native applications for the newest Motorola handsets.
BZ Media LLC today announced the keynote speakers for EclipseWorldâ„¢ 2008, the Enterprise Java Development Conference. EclipseWorld 2008 will be held October 26-28, 2008, in Reston, Va., a high-tech suburb of Washington, D.C.
Tapping into social software can be a great way to add value to your application. Social networks are making it easier to take data and mash it up to create innovative new Web applications. However, you must still deal with all the usual issues of creating a scalable Web application. Now the Google App Engine (GAE) makes that easier, as well. With the GAE, you can forget all about managing pools of application servers. You do not have to worry about storing huge amounts of static content and dyn...
Ingres Corporation, a leading provider of open source database management software and support services, announced today that Ingres CAFE (Consolidated Application Foundation for Eclipse) has won a LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award. Ingres CAFE, an open source community contributed project, was named the Best Application Development Tool by an independent panel of judges and industry experts. The award was presented at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo this week in San Francisco, Calif.
Curl, Inc. announced today that it has completed the final phase of its Eclipse development strategy with the general availability release of Curl Development tools for Eclipse (CDE). The CDE is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that provides an environment for developing programs in the Curl Language and on the current release of the Curl Rich Internet Application (RIA) Platform, Version 6.0. With the full release of the CDE, programmers can take advantage of the enterprise-class features of the Curl p...
The Tasktop Team is very pleased to announce the release of Tasktop Summer 2008. Summer is a great time to offload your brain, so we’ve packed this release with features that will help you do just that. This release’s splash screen commemorates a summer hike in the mountains overlooking Vancouver.
The Riena project at Eclipse reached a new milestone earlier this month: Christian Campo announced 1.0.0 M3 on the Eclipse Riena newsgroup. This milestone is notable as it contains a first draft of Eclipse RCP user-interface changes that are being planned with Riena. One of the Riena project goals, as detailed in the original project proposal, is to provide a more business-oriented user experience
By the start of 2006, the juggernaut Borland faced was no longer Microsoft. It was the open-source Eclipse that had effectively flattened the IDE market. Such was the pressure Eclipse exerted on licensing and innovation from tools vendors like Borland that even this company, with its hugely popular JBuilder and technology heritage, was looking to get out of the game by spinning out its IDE products as a separate business.
Protecode Inc., today announced the general availability of its software development tool for governance and Intellectual Property (IP) management. The latest release enables commercial software developers and open source creators to accelerate managed adoption of open source code in a simple, painless process. Additionally, the software is now available to the Eclipse community for anyone working on an active Eclipse project.
After letting it rest way to long, I finally got around to editing and publishing this short video with Neil Bartlett from EclipseCon 2008. As the title implies, we talk about the next major version of Eclipse, "e4," get into a discussion about the Equinox, and wrap up talking about Neil and other’s work on getting OSGi running on Android.
The Eclipse Persistence Services project (EclipseLink) has completed its incubation phase and the 1.0 release is available for download. This release completes the transition of the persistence functionality developed in Oracle TopLink to being fully developed and maintained as an open source project at Eclipse. This also signifies the first release of a project under the recently created top-level Runtime (RT) project at Eclipse.
Dr. Dobb's talks to Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, about the Eclipse Ganymede release, a coordinated release of 23 different Eclipse project teams and represents over 18 million lines of code.
froglogic GmbH today announced support for automated testing of Java Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications based on the new Eclipse 3.4 release code named Ganymede.
Squish for Java is a leading functional GUI and regression testing tool enabling the creation and execution of automated GUI tests for Java SWT/RCP and AWT/Swing applications.
The Eclipse Foundation has delivered a healthy package of updates, right on time, for the third year in a row. That's commendable, writes contributor Dana Gardner. What he'd really like to see, however, is a greater commitment on Eclipse's part to integrate with cloud-based development.
The Eclipse Persistence Services Project, more commonly known as EclipseLink, is a comprehensive open source persistence solution. EclipseLink was started by a donation of the full source code and test suites of Oracle's TopLink product. This project brings the experience of over 12 years of commercial usage and feature development to the entire Java community. This evolution into an open source project is now complete and developers will soon have access to the EclipseLink 1.0 release.
Quest Software, Inc. today announced the latest release of its market-leading Java profiler, JProbe® 8.0, which is now offered as a plug-in to the Eclipse Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The release of this unique capability aligns with the increased adoption of the open source development. Launching JProbe in an Eclipse environment enables users to adopt continuous performance testing best practices.
As many of you may know the annual Eclipse release train, called Ganymede, is now available. This is the third year in a row that the Eclipse community has shipped a coordinate release of multiple projects; 23 projects are included this year. An important reason for the release trains is to make it easier for Eclipse users and adopters, who tend to use multiple projects, to upgrade to a new release. A coordinated release schedule makes its possible for timely upgrades in the Eclipse community.
For the third year in a row, the Eclipse community has delivered, on the same day as in previous years, numerous software updates across a wide range of projects.
"Once again the Eclipse community has delivered our annual release train and continues to deliver innovative software in a predictable manner," said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. "New features like the Equinox p2 provisioning system, new modeling tools and tools that support SOA developers will be popular features for Eclipse users."
Some open source efforts are satisfied with releasing one or two projects a year. That's not the case with the open source Eclipse Foundation, which today released 23 projects as part of its Ganymede release train.
Instantiations, Inc., a leading provider of software quality and productivity solutions for the Eclipse platform, today announced that its entire Eclipse-based product line has been updated to coincide with the annual Eclipse open source release, Ganymede. Included with the roll-out are significant additions in the area of security to its CodePro AnalytiXâ„¢ comprehensive code quality product, bringing advanced standards-based security auditing to developers desktops...
froglogic GmbH today announced version 3.4 of the leading, cross-platform automated GUI testing tool Squish. Squish supports creating and running automated GUI tests for applications based on a variety of user interface technologies including Trolltech's Qt toolkit, Java AWT/Swing/NetBeans, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP/JFaces, Web/HTML/AJAX and Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa.
Genuitec, LLC, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, announced today the general availability of Pulse 2.2, the free and easiest way to obtain, manage and configure Eclipse Ganymede and plugins.
Genuitec is pleased to offer this product to Pulse users on the day of the Ganymede release. As of today, Pulse 2.2 will support full Ganymede tool stacks.
The Mylyn team is very pleased to announce today’s release of Mylyn 3.0 along with the Eclipse Ganymede release train. This occasion marks a big step in the evolution of the task-focused interface
On Wednesday June 25 the Eclipse Foundation is sending its third annual "release train" chugging down the track. This year's synchronized launch of several Eclipse projects at once (code named "Ganymede") involved the coordinated release of 23 projects, up from 21 in last year's "Europa" release, and 10 in 2006 with the original "Callisto" release. One of the goals of the release-train strategy, said Eclipse Foundation executive director Mike Milinkovich, is to provide "a level of predictabili...
Integral to this release is Maven4MyEclipse, a "1-Click," ready-to-run implementation of the Maven2 project management and build services for MyEclipse. Maven4MyEclipse streamlines enterprise Maven adoption by eliminating the hassle developers have come to associate with traditional Maven installations and project setup and configuration.
The Eclipse Foundation is set to make available tomorrow its annual coordinated release of open-source projects, which this year includes some 18 million lines of code and updates to 23 different projects.
Curl®, Inc. is executing on the next phase in its Eclipse strategy with the availability of the beta versions of the new Eclipse-based Curl Rich Internet Application (RIA) development tools. The first release of the Curl Development tools for Eclipse (CDE) and newest release of the Curl Runtime Environment (RTE), Version 6.0.4, provide enterprise developers with the tools to build and deploy their mission-critical, enterprise-class RIAs within the increasingly popular Eclips...
"Eclipse is no longer limited to the Java programming language. It is a universal IDE for any language platform, as the implementation of the Curl IDE in Eclipse demonstrates," said Bert Halstead, chief architect, Curl, Inc. "Curl is the most powerful RIA platform for the enterprise, and Eclipse is the best general-purpose IDE available today -- the combination is unbeatable."
Eclipse 3.4 "Ganymede" will be released in the upcoming days. I've been working with the RC builds for some time now and I like it. Eclipse 3.4 is a better IDE and a more robust platform than its' successor. In this post, I've gathered some new features which I like and may be "off the beaten path".
As part of the upcoming Eclipse Ganymede release, scheduled for June 25th, InfoQ will cover a series of Eclipse subprojects. Today, the subproject is JDT (Java Development Tools), which is releasing version 3.4. InfoQ spoke with Philippe Mulet, lead of the Eclipse project, and Martin Aeschlimann, lead of the JDT UI subproject, to learn more about what to expect in Ganymede.
ANCiT Consulting, an Eclipse Foundation Member, is organizing a series of GEF training classes. This is your opportunity to learn from the experts the techniques, tips and tricks required for successfully building and deploying an GEF application.
As part of the upcoming Eclipse Ganymede release which is scheduled for June 25th, InfoQ will cover a series of Eclipse subprojects. Today, the subproject is PDE (Plugin Development Environment), which is releasing version 3.4. InfoQ spoke with Chris Aniszczyk, PDE Technical Lead and Principal Consultant at Code9, to learn more about PDE and what it provides.
As part of the upcoming Eclipse Ganymede release, scheduled for June 25th, InfoQ is covering a series of Eclipse subprojects. Today, the topic is Mylyn. InfoQ spoke with Mik Kersten, lead of the Mylyn project and President of Tasktop Technologies, to learn more about what to expect in Ganymede.
Mylyn and Tasktop provide a revolutionary approach to focusing the Eclipse UI. They work on the concept of having a task 'context', that defines a degree of interest (DOI) for resources related to a task. We can make this task context even richer and deliver efficiencies by providing first-class integration of our MDD tools with Mylyn.
The Eclipse Ganymede release of 24 projects showcases the diversity and innovation going on inside the Eclipse ecosystem. Get an overview of several Ganymede projects, along with resources to find out more information.
The Eclipse Foundation next week is set to offer its annual simultaneous release of open-source project updates, this time called the Ganymede Release and featuring improvements in the core OSGI-based component model and SOA tools.
As part of the upcoming Eclipse Ganymede release which is scheduled for June 25th, InfoQ will cover a series of Eclipse subprojects. Today, the subproject is RAP (Rich Ajax Platform), which is releasing version 1.1. InfoQ spoke with Jochen Krause to learn more about RAP and what it provides.
Glimmer is a JRuby DSL that enables easy and efficient authoring of user-interfaces using the robust platform-independent Eclipse SWT library. Glimmer comes with built-in data-binding support to greatly facilitate synchronizing UI with domain models. The goal of the Glimmer project is to create a JRuby framework on top of Eclipse technologies to enable easy and efficient authoring of desktop applications by taking advantage of the Ruby language. With Glimmer having just become an Eclipse project...
p2 is the new provisioning system which will be provided along with the Eclipse Ganymede release on June 25th. This is one feature that I didn't really follow closely enough,so I was really happy when I called Pascal Rapicault to get an explanation from the project lead.Ian Skerrett has recently blogged about 10 reasons p2 is going to rock, and after reading this, I'm sure you'll agree.
With the ever-increasing popularity of Eclipse as an IDE as well as the Rich Client Platform, many companies and individuals are getting into the business of developing Eclipse plug-ins. Have you ever wondered what it would take to write one yourself? This installment of my Eclipse series will take you through the process of developing a simple visual plug-in. This will give you an opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of Eclipse plug-in architecture and become familiar with the Plug-in De...
This is the first in a series of four articles previewing the Eclipse Foundation's annual downloadable project release, code named Ganymede, which is set for Wednesday, June 25.
s part of the upcoming Eclipse Ganymede release, scheduled for June 25th, InfoQ is covering a series of Eclipse subprojects. Today, the topic is the Eclipse Communication Framework. InfoQ spoke with Scott Lewis, project lead for ECF and Principal at his consulting company, Composent, Inc to learn more about ECF and what capabilities it provides.
As part of the upcoming Eclipse Ganymede release, scheduled for June 25th, InfoQ will cover a series of Eclipse subprojects. Today, the subproject is Equinox p2 (Provisioning Platform), which is a framework for provisioning Eclipse-based applications. InfoQ spoke with Jeff McAffer and Pascal Rapicault to learn more about p2 and what it provides.
The Eclipse Foundation's annual code blitz - this year under the name Ganymede - kicks off at the end of this month with 24 Eclipse projects co-ordinating their new releases.
Now in its third year, this annual big push keeps getting bigger. Ganymede is Eclipse's largest co-ordinate release of updated projects to-date, beating last year's update by three.
A gradual shift that has been under way for years may now be on the verge of moving the embedded-tool industry from proprietary to open-source architectures. Recent product announcements and new project initiatives indicate that the Eclipse Framework is spilling over from its IT origins to become a dominant factor in the embedded space. It may still take a few years to solidify its position, but Eclipse appears to be on the way to overshadowing proprietary embedded tool chains.
Skyway Software, the experts in simplifying software delivery, announces today that hundreds of developers have joined the Skyway Community and taken the first participatory step in the Skyway Cup 2008 developer contest. The Skyway Cup will showcase how Skyway Community members use Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE), a model-centric JEE development tool, to serve their specific needs in the following categories:
Nach einer Umfrage, die das amerikanische CIO-Magazin unter 328 IT-Verantwortlichen durchgeführt hat, setzen bereits über die Hälfte der Unternehmen (53 Prozent) Open-Source-Software ein. Weitere zehn Prozent planen die Einführung in den nächsten zwölf Monaten. Populär sind vor allem freie Betriebssysteme (78 Prozent der Open-Source-Anwender), Infrastruktur-Anwendungen wie Webse...
The open source World Wind Java (WWJ) SDK by NASA creates new possibilities for the open Geographic Information Systems (GIS) community. World Wind, a 3D interactive world viewer written in the Javaâ„¢ language and OpenGL, lets users zoom from outer space into any place on Earth. This article explains how GIS developers who want to enhance their Eclipse-based applications can embed the WWJ SDK as an Eclipse plug-in.
The iPhone and iPod touch made Mobile Safari the most popular mobile browser in the United States. Although Mobile Safari is more than adequate at rendering normal Web pages, many Web developers created versions of applications aimed at the iPhone. This "Developing iPhone applications using Ruby on Rails and Eclipse" series shows how to use Ruby On Rails on the server side to identify and serve custom content to Mobile Safari.
"We continue to struggle a bit with what developers think "Eclipse" means. They have heard of it, but they believe that we are entirely focused on Java tools when in fact we are doing so much more," says Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, in this exclusive Q&A with Jeremy Geelan. "Our goals at Eclipse are to create an industrial-strength open source development platform that spans extensible tools, frameworks and runtimes," Milinkovich adds.
For instance, the Eclipse Foundation has a well-established IP management system. All participants in the Eclipse community sign the same exact agreement and follow the same IP processes. All Eclipse open-source project committers sign a "committer agreement" that specifies that their contribution is licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). All source code that is contributed to Eclipse projects is automatically scanned to ensure that all of the code is licensed under the EPL or a compat...
With only a few weeks to go until Ganymede is released, already the sights are set on the future of Eclipse, referred to as E4. A recent E4 Summit debated the future goals and directions of where Eclipse is going in the future. InfoQ previously covered the scope of E4, but now it's starting to get more concrete. At this point, the E4 name is more of a code-name than a planned version number; and Eclipse 3.4 may be succeeded by 3.5 next year before E4 makes an appearance.
CoFluent Design, an electronic system level (ESL) company that delivers model-based software solutions for early system architecture exploration and performance analysis, today announced version 3.0 of CoFluent Studioâ„¢, the world-first ESL graphical modeling and simulation framework built on Eclipse technologies.
I blogged last week about an example application that I’ve been building. Building good examples is pretty hard: you want an example to be simple enough to understand. At the same time, it has to be real enough to useful and expose real issues. I think that this application strikes a reasonable balance. The Eclipse Business Expense Reporting and Tracking (EBERT) application is a relatively small, but provides a valuable service. At least as a business travele...
While SkiData found Equinox a graceful environment, the move to a whole new development platform on a tight schedule was a challenge in itself. They were able to hire a professional development firm, MicroDoc GmbH of Munich, Germany, to provide Java, Equinox and Eclipse expertise while they focused their domain knowledge on business logic.
Genuitec, LLC,the leading provider of the popular MyEclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, announced today the immediate availability of the initial milestone release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 6.5.
Instantiations, Inc., a trusting provider of software quality and productivity solutions for the Eclipse platform, today announced its trade-in program for AgitarOne™ customers in light of Agitar® Software Inc.'s recent withdrawal from the market. In the same category of automated code quality products as AgitarOne, Instantiations CodePro AnalytiX is one of the most popular automated testing and quality improvement software development tools avai...
Motorola's mobile phone development tools revolve around an Eclipse-based IDE (integrated development environment). Currently available as MotoDev Studio 1.3 for Java ME, the tools will ship in the future with Eclipse-based plugins supporting Webkit and Linux development.
The 2008 Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose marked the event’s 20th anniversary for the conference! As always, we were interested in show attendance and how exhibitors felt about floor traffic and how it met their expectation for quality leads. At best we observed an uneven flow of traffic on the show floor where some booths were crowded and others less so. What’s more important than VDCâ€ââ�...
A couple of years ago, I described the Eclipse project as open source's best-kept secret, and to some extent that's still true today. Even though most in the free software world have heard of Eclipse, they are probably unaware of just how far it has come from its origins as an integrated development environment for Java. Today, the list of its projects is extremely impressive; more importantly, it has moved way beyond its initial focus on Java and development tools to address an increasing range...
OSGi has been mentioned quite a bit in the industry lately, with Equinox becoming a top-level project for Eclipse, Felix being used as a container for Sling and Glassfish V3, and Spring-Modules being released. That said, a lot of people who are unfamiliar with OSGi ... are still unfamiliar with it, no matter how much the people who use OSGi regularly know about it.
Coincident with JavaOne 2008, AccuRev Inc. announced the release of its process-centric software configuration management (SCM) plug-in for m2eclipse, the popular Maven plug-in for the Eclipse development environment. Maven is a Java project management and build automation tool used for building and managing any Java-based project to make the day-to-day work of Java developers easier and provide build and project management for any Java-based project.
Skyway Software, the experts in simplifying software delivery, announces today the Skyway Cup 2008 (Skyway Cup) developer contest. The Skyway Cup will showcase how Skyway Community members use Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE)
Spurred by the rapid adoption of its initial Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for MSP430 microcontrollers (MCU), Texas Instruments Incorporated today announced the release of Code Composer Essentials (CCEssentials) v3. CCEssentials v3 for MSP430 provides major upgrades designed to enhance performance, emulation and ease-of-use, all at a very low cost. Leveraging the design flexibility and interoperability enabled by the Eclipse open source platform, designers can easily i...
Additionally, we have awarded two special prizes for the initiatives we considered groundbreaking. The VRM project lead by Doc Searls is from our point of view a very innovative approach to bring the concept of user-centric identity to customer management. During the VRM Unconference 2008 this topic has been intensively discussed for the first time in Europe. The second special prize goes to open source projects Higgins and Bandit, which we consider the most important open source initiatives in ...
It's a well known fact among those working on SOA projects there is no such thing as "SOA in a box" or a silver bullet for achieving an SOA, so much as it is a combination of software infrastructure, design philosophy, tools and, of course, buy in from the top brass at any organization. It's, in essence, a series of pieces, each of which gets a project closer to its full statement of intent and purpose for building a SOA. Up next, we will explore one of these pieces which aims at gaining you a f...
In part 1, Aslam Khan, technical director of PBT Group, introduced us to OSGi. Today, in the final part, he completes his argument about OSGi's applicability in the enteprise. In part 1, he discussed OSGi's problem domain. There, he explained issues surrounding dynamic class management and how OSGi responds to these issues. In this final part, he tackles the two other problem areas outlined previously: the lack of versioning of Java classes and the lack of modularity in the context of classpath ...
Seit Anfang April ist der Softwarehersteller Puzzle ITC "Ad-in Provider Member" der Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse ist eine weltweit aktive Open Source Community. Das Eclipse-Projekt wurde ursprünglich 2001 durch IBM ins Leben gerufen. Die Foundation wurde 2004 gegründet als eine unabhängige Non-Profit-Organisation zur Unterstützung der Community. Die Projekte von Eclipse verfolgen den Aufbau einer Software-Entwicklungsplattform un...
The open-source Eclipse Foundation announced four initiatives that address embedded and mobile device development. The new Device Software Development Project (DSDP) initiatives include a framework for communications among debugging and monitoring devices, and a Texas Instruments (TI)-sponsored project devoted to creating and configuring C/C++ tools for "highly constrained" devices.
The Object Management Group(TM) (OMG(TM)) and the Eclipse Foundation, which are jointly organizing two, one-day Symposia to promote and build on the partnership between Eclipse's open source software and OMG's open standards, are announcing the program for the second day of the event. The second day will be held during the OMG Technical Meeting in Ottawa, Canada on June 25, 2008.
Formation of innovation networks, in which partners, customers, and even competitors are included as part of an extended research and development team, was promoted by an Eclipse Foundation official Tuesday at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference in Redwood City, Calif.Eclipse's status as an open-source organization means that even competitors must participate, said Donald Smith, Eclipse director of ecosystem development. "In the open-source world, I'm also focused on getting competitor...
What’s the most popular Java application server? Tomcat. What’s the most popular integrated development environment for writing Java applications? Eclipse.
Those are among the findings of a recent study by BZ Research, like SD Times a division of BZ Media. The seventh annual Java Awareness Study, completed in December, showed very little change year-on-year for enterprise Java developers.
Open source provides a way for CIOs to invest in new system development without coding themselves into a corner. According to Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, enterprise users of technology are catching on to something the ISVs have known for a while now -- that if you develop in an open source model and other companies adopt what you develop, you have a higher chance of longevity in the code base. In other words, you can develop a custom solution to a unique busin...
The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) defines an architecture for developing and deploying modular applications and libraries. In this first article in a three-part introduction to OSGi, Sunil Patil gets you started with OSGi development concepts and shows you how to build a simple Hello World application using the Eclipse OSGi container implementation, Equinox. He also touches briefly on building service-oriented applications using OSGi and introduces OSGi's ServiceFactory and ServiceTrac...
AccuRev Inc. announced the week of EclipseCon 2008 that customers are taking advantage of the new feature, usability and performance enhancements within its latest AccuBridge for Eclipse(TM) plug-in. AccuRev allows developers to access process-centric software configuration management (SCM) functionality directly within their familiar Eclipse IDE integration platform, enabling more familiar user interface options and increasing productivity.
With a release of the JBuilder 2008 IDE for Java development on Tuesday, CodeGear is adding a capability called Application Factories, which enables code reuse and makes it easier to update applications.Application Factories features a methodology and tools to navigate framework choices, open source, internal code, and deregulated technology standards to determine use and reuse, CodeGear said. Developers can communicate intent, capture instructions and recommendations, and point to resources....
In this two-part article, Aslam Khan, technical director of PBT Group, a software consultancy based in South Africa, introduces you to OSGi and discusses its relevance specifically in the context of the enterprise. What is the exact problem domain of OSGi in this area? In this first part, he uses code snippets to show how the issues surrounding dynamic class management can be tackled. -- Geertjan Wielenga, JavaLobby Zone Leader
This article introduces some helper classes so you can quickly build and deploy feature-rich, reusable, Eclipse-based components for IBM Lotus Notes. You also learn how to create a foundation upon which other components can be created quickly and easily.
Eclipse's first claim to fame was as an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java technology. Eclipse's plug-in architecture is a big reason for its success. There are many popular plug-ins available, and it is very easy to create your own. These two traits make Eclipse a perfect fit for systems with specialized architectures, such as eBay. In this article, the first of a two-part series covering eBay's use of Eclipse, we look at eBay's architecture and how eBay has tailored Eclipse to s...
Eclipse has become the premier integrated development environment (IDE) for Java developers everywhere. Eclipse is definitely not a one-size-fits-all system, though. Its plug-in architecture allows you to add the features you need. This is even more important in large organizations like eBay. Such organizations have very specific needs. Eclipse makes it easy to not only tailor a solution to those needs but also to scale that solution across a large organization. Here in Part 2 of a two-part "Ecl...
I spend some time playing with Spring Dynamic Modules (Spring-DM) and Eclipse (resp. its underlying OSGi platform Equinox) the other day. I had some minor annoyances in the beginning concerning the initial setup, since i didn’t found any comprehensible source on the web on what bundles are needed at least and what else is necessary in order to run your own Spring-DM-ified bundles.The following instructions will show you all the steps you have to accomplish in...
The Eclipse Foundation offered attendees at last week's EclipseCon 2008 conference an early look at plans for the next generation of its Eclipse distribution and platform: Eclipse 4.0, better known as "e4."
Genuitec, LLC, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, announced today the availability of Pulse 2.0. Pulse 2.0 features an enhanced catalog with hundreds of new plugins to choose from. It gives users the accessibility and freedom of choice to customize and share their software distributions."Our customers spoke and we listened," said Todd Williams, vice president of technology for Genuitec. "Overwhelmingly, our users liked Pulse's ability to package and organize their tools, but they neede...
SpringSource, the company behind the Spring Portfolio Java application platform, has announced its SpringSource Tool Suite, a Spring-specific developer tool set designed to reduce the complexity of enterprise Java development and maintenance.
Due in two years, Eclipse 4.0, or e4, was the subject of a presentation at the EclipseCon 2008 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. on Wednesday. It also was discussed by Mike Milinkovich, executive director of Eclipse, in an interview on Tuesday. He said e4 is not even started as a project yet. "It is theoretical at this point," said Milinkovich.
The goal of the joint work, which will include contributions from Microsoft engineers, is to make it easier to use Java to write applications that take full advantage of the look and feel of Windows Vista. Ramji wrote about the planned collaboration on Microsoft's Port25 blog.
Microsoft Corp. today announced its first collaboration with the open source Eclipse Foundation by committing provide engineering support to allow the Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) use Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The move aims to make it easier for Java developers to write applications that look and feel like native Windows Vista, according to Microsoft.
Research In Motion (RIM) has joined the Eclipse Foundation and released a BlackBerry plug-in for Eclipse that provides the ability to develop and debug BlackBerry applications without leaving the familiar Eclipse environment. The announcement came Tuesday at the EclipseCon 2008 conference in Santa Clara, CA.
PowerSQL is Embarcadero's fourth tool built on the open-source Eclipse framework, and the company claimed this new release will improve productivity for the growing number of application developers who are becoming involved with SQL development. Embarcadero hopes to attract developers not traditionally used to writing SQL code to its latest tool, which it said features a rich SQL integrated development environment with code-completion, real-time error-checking, code-formatting and object-validat...
Intalio, Inc., the Open Source Business Process Platform Company, today announced support for the Business Process Modeling Notation version 1.1 (BPMN 1.1), which was recently ratified by the Object Management Group (OMG). Intalio|Designer is the first process modeling tool to support the new notation. The latest version of Intalio|Designer can be downloaded from the Intalio Community Website at
In seeking to keep Java standardized, Sun Microsystems has turned to an open source project lead by Oracle (NSDQ: ORCL) for its standard for mapping software objects into relational databases.
"This is the first Java EE (Enterprise Edition) reference implementation to ever be done at Eclipse," said Leung, interviewed at the EclipseCon 2008 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. The move represents JCP and Eclipse communities coming together, Leung said.
The surprise announcement on the first day of EclipseCon 2008 was that Eclipse rival Sun Microsystems Inc. selected the Eclipse Persistence Services Project (EclipseLink), led by Oracle Corp., as the reference implementation for the Java Persistence API (JPA) 2.0.
SpringSource, keeper of the Spring Framework, is announcing Monday the planned April release of the personal edition of SpringSource Tool Suite, a toolset intended to reduce complexity of enterprise Java development.
The package also provides an end-to-end solution for middleware development using the Spring Portfolio of software, SpringSource said. In addition, the company is announcing it has joined the Eclipse Foundation for open source tooling.
CodeGear has teamed up with Instantiations, a provider of software products, services and technologies for Eclipse, Java and Smalltalk. The companies plan to add Instantiations' Swing Designer visual layout tools to CodeGear's JBuilder integrated development environment (IDE). Swing Designer will be part of the JBuilder 2008 release, due in April from CodeGear, the development-tools arm of Borland Software Corp.
Cisco has always espoused the benefits of "no technology religion" as well as open, standards-based platforms and we are pleased to share this philosophy in membership with the Eclipse Foundation.
The major announcement this week at EclipseCon surrounds Equinox becoming a top level project. Just before the conference I caught up with two of the leading people in the Eclipse community to discuss this announcement and what it means.

Ian Skerrett is Director of Marketing for the Eclipse Foundation, and a regular contributor to Eclipse Zone. Jeff McAffer is Equinox Project Lead, leads the RCP project and is one of the original architects of Eclipse.
The Eclipse Foundation will branch out in the realm of component-oriented software development on Monday and also unveil an umbrella project unifying several runtime initiatives.

The efforts will be featured at the EclipseCon 2008 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. Conference highlights also include a presentation by an executive from Eclipse holdout Microsoft on Wednesday.
The Eclipse Foundation is announcing a runtime initiative based on Equinox, the organization's implementation of the Open Services Gateway Initiative technology.

In an interview with eWEEK, Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, said the group is "announcing a runtime initiative by taking a number of projects and starting a new top level project," to be known as the Eclipse Runtime project or Eclipse RT.
I’ve mentioned previously that Eclipse is coming alive as a place for runtime technology. The last few days have seen some more concrete steps down that path. Last Wednesday the Eclipse RT top-level project had a successful creation review. So over the next few days the project itself will be provisioned and open for business. In the proposal there were 6 projects declaring their intention to move: Equinox, RAP, ECF, Swordfish, Riena and EclipseLink. While th...
The news at EclipseCon is something the Eclipse community has been doing for a while but not a lot of people know about it. The press announcement at EclipseCon is our new runtime initiative: the creation of the top-level Eclipse RT project and a new Equinox Community.
Earlier this week, the teams and developers working on the various projects of Eclipse began an intense debate regarding the next steps in the future of Eclipse, all triggered by the announcement of the incubation project titled 'e4'.
Skyway Software extends its support of the Eclipse community with the release of Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE), an open source development set of plug-ins built for use within the Eclipse Framework.
Zend Studio for Eclipse is the company's latest update of its PHP IDE, and carries a version number of 6.0. As a foundation, it uses Eclipse, an extensible open source platform for software development that is growing in functionality and widespread usage every year. It also utilizes the PHP Development Tools (PDT) framework.
SlickEdit Core is a plug-in for Eclipse that allows developers to use the popular SlickEdit code editor as the default editor within the Eclipse environment. SlickEdit Core consists of the SlickEdit editor, 7 additional views, and the DIFFzilla® differencing engine. Together, this functionality offers developers greater editing power and better speed in navigating code allowing even the most accomplished power programmers to be more productive.
Aptana Inc. today announced the long anticipated availability of RadRails 1.0 for Aptana Studio, the popular Eclipse-based IDE for Ajax and Web developers who use scripting languages like Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript. RadRails 1.0, the first major release of the RadRails software since Aptana became home to the community project last year, provides unparalleled features for Ruby on Rails developers. The free, open source download for RadRails 1.0 can be found at
froglogic GmbH will announce its new Eclipse strategy at EclipseCon 2008 taking place in Santa Clara next week. froglogic is the vendor of the leading, cross-platform automated GUI testing tool Squish. Squish supports creating and running automated GUI tests of applications based on a variety of user interface technologies including Trolltech's Qt toolkit, Java AWT/Swing/NetBeans, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP/JFaces, Web/HTML/AJAX and Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa.
The RCP Training Series kicks off this summer, covering a wide range of locations. To get more insight into what to expect from the training, I talked with Dr Jörn Weigle representing WeigleWilczek, a member of the Eclipse Training Alliance.
The new debugger includes all of the features developers might expect in a modern debugger, including stepping, run to breakpoint, smart step, variable introspection, hot swap, remote debugging and a free-form expression analyzer, company officials said. This contribution has been underwritten by CodeGear and implemented by, the company behind the DLTK (Dynamic Languages Toolkit) project. The entire debugger is being contributed to as part of DLTK, CodeGear officials said.
Earlier this month, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Higgins 1.0. Higgins is a suite of identity management solutions from the Eclipse foundation, created with the intent of simplifying and adding consistency to online authentication. The software infrastructure provided by Higgins is specifically targeted at providing a consistent interaction for users with multiple authentication protocols:
The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) defines an architecture for developing and deploying modular applications and libraries. In this first article in a three-part introduction to OSGi, Sunil Patil gets you started with OSGi development concepts and shows you how to build a simple Hello World application using the Eclipse OSGi container implementation, Equinox. He also touches briefly on building service-oriented applications using OSGi and introduces OSGi's ServiceFactory and ServiceTrac...

BEA Workshop 10.2 is here and it’s faster than ever. Developers will experience noticeable speed improvements in server start, deployment, incremental & clean build, and the stability of 885+ resolved software defects.

This release updates BEA Workshop for WebLogic, BEA Workshop Studio with Adobe Flex Builder 2, and BEA Workshop for JSP.

Download your free trial or free copy and give it a try!

The Object Management Group™ (OMG™) and the Eclipse Foundation are jointly organizing two, one-day symposia to promote and build on the partnership between Eclipse’s open source software and OMG’s open standards. The first event is part of EclipseCon 2008 in Santa Clara on March 20, 2008; the other is during the OMG Technical Meeting in Ottawa, Canada on June 25...
MBARI has been making the headlines recently as a high-profile JBuilder 2007 Enterprise Edition user. In this Exclusive Q&A with SYS-CON's PowerBuilder Developer's Journal, MBARI Senior Software Engineer Kevin Gomes talks about the role of Eclipse in that decision, about the LiveSource UML modeling tool, code testing, and the relationship between scientists and engineers.
Genuitec has announced the immediate availability of "MyEclipse 6.1 Blue Edition," a toolsuite tailored specifically for IBM WebSphere users. This first milestone release is available for free trial download and use through April 1, 2008.
Over the past few decades the amount of information available at our fingertips has steadily grown. We have become so overloaded with hundreds of emails, thousands of files and millions of lines of code that we often spend more time repeatedly looking for information than getting work done. Its time to reclaim our workday. Starting today, you will be able to use the Task-Focused Interface for managing all of your work. For Eclipse users, this means the productivity benefits of Mylyn now extend t...
Wind River has changed the way developers can debug Linux by merging traditional JTAG hardware debugging with Linux kernel configuration; patch management; and user-space application development, debug, and analysis in an Eclipse- based integrated development environment (IDE) known as Wind River Workbench. This capability enables developers to use the JTAG connection when traditional agent-based solutions are not technically or economically feasible.
The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) Alliance is working to realize the vision of a "universal middleware" that will address issues such as application packaging, versioning, deployment, publication, and discovery.
froglogic GmbH today announced version 3.3 of the leading, cross-platform automated GUI testing tool Squish. Squish supports creating and running automated GUI tests of applications based on a variety of user interface technologies including Trolltech's Qt toolkit, Java AWT/Swing/NetBeans, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP/JFaces, Web/HTML/AJAX and Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa.
This post covers setting up a an OSGi development environment with Eclipse Equinox. It demonstrates running OSGi from a command prompt and from the Eclipse Equinox framework. The next post will cover how to run the Equinox JSP, JSTL, and Struts OSGi example projects on an embedded Jetty server.
Get a hands-on look at developing Web applications using Eclipse and the Aptana iPhone Development plug-in. Aptana's iPhone Development plug-in for Eclipse generates iPhone-specific projects and previews applications in a rotatable viewfinder. See the development of a Javadoc viewer for the iPhone, uncover tips for user iPhone interface design, and hear about the future of iPhone application development.
Skyway Software, the experts in simplifying software delivery through model-based, collaborative tools and iterative delivery processes, announced today that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation, Inc., the leading open source software development community.
Formed in 1999, the OSGi alliance made its first steps into the Java market within the embedded device segment. Years later it further extended its reach to Java desktop projects, providing a major foundation for the modularity and extensibility of the Eclipse open-source IDE project. Now, as the service's era is dawning, OSGi is stepping into its latest Java frontier: the server side.
eCube Systems, LLC, a leader in legacy systems evolution, today announced that NXTware - their ground breaking Integrated Maintenance Environment (IME) for Eclipse - is now available via Pulse, Genuitec's rapidly-growing tool for managing and sharing Eclipse profiles.
"Embarcadero's release of EA/Studio Community Edition expresses the company's continued endorsement of Eclipse-based software," said Mike Milinkovich, executive director, Eclipse Foundation. "We're pleased to see Embarcadero bring its expertise in commercial database tools to the Eclipse community. This new offering underscores the increased productivity and flexibility that can be achieved by leveraging the Eclipse platform with first-class software like Embarcadero's database tools."
Focusing on the enterprise, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) tools vendor Zend Technologies is shipping Tuesday version 3.6 of its Zend Platform application server for PHP as well as Zend Studio for Eclipse, an IDE for PHP based on Eclipse open source technology.
In the third quarter of this year, Swordfish is scheduled to emerge from incubation as the SOA runtime integrated with Eclipse SOA Tools Project (STP) and the Web Tools Project (WTP), Deutscher said. Swordfish will also make the best use of both JBI and SCA, ending that rivalry, and employ OSGi to replace Java EE and even Spring, he added.
While at the Eclipse Runtime Summit, I had the chance to talk with Iona's Eric Newcomer (CTO of Iona, Co-Chair, Enterprise Expert Group, OSGi Alliance, and well respected enterprise coding guy) about the emergence of OSGi as a server-side, or enterprise technology.
JBuilder 2007 is an IDE built on the open source Eclipse framework, which makes development of Java and Web-based collaborative applications faster and more reliable. JBuilder 2007 combines the advantages of the Eclipse framework with JBuilder's innovative rapid application development (RAD) functionality, ease-of-use and productivity, and collaborative capabilities that help developers and organizations more effectively manage complex projects across locations and teams.
In this two part screencast, I talk with Andy Smith about the Eclipse SODA project, part of the Eclipse OHF effort. In the first part, Andy gives us an overview of the device populated network with edge and centralized servers that SODA services. He then explains the Stepstone use-case for in-home medical monitoring devices that serves as an example use of SODA.
In this two part screencast, Jochen Krause and I talk about the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform, or RAP for short. RAP is a front-end framework that uses the Eclipse RCP programming model to create Ajax front-ends in Java. In the first part, Jochen gives us an overview of RAP and how it fits into the overall Eclipse runtime and then shows a few demos of using RAP in the second part.
And how can we discuss the year in Java without mentioning the largest and most complex update ever engineered for Eclipse? Version 3.3, code-named Europa, saw more than 2 million downloads between June and the writing of this article in early December. That's certainly the most interest the project has ever gathered around a new release.
Based on technology from German logistics company Deutsche Post, Swordfish features an SOA runtime platform that leverages three popular projects: Service Component Architecture (SCA), Java Business Integration (JBI), and Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi). SCA provides a common programming model and assembly description format while JBI serves as a common messaging model. OSGi, which is the basis of the Eclipse runtime platform, provides common deployment and runtime component models in Sw...
In this tutorial I propose a quick step-by-step guide to start developing your OSGi bundles using Eclipse IDE and a standalone Equinox implementation.
We will begin by first describing the BIRT designer, which is used to build report designs, and conclude by discussing the example BIRT Viewer, which is used to deploy the designs and generate the completed reports.
froglogic GmbH today announced version 3.3 of the leading, cross-platform automated GUI testing tool Squish. Squish supports creating and running automated GUI tests of applications based on many user interface technologies including Trolltech's Qt, Java AWT/Swing/NetBeans, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, Web/HTML/AJAX and Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa. Squish is being successfully used in QA departments across the world in companies such as Reuters Financial Software, EADS, Siemens, Synopsys, Xilinx, Trolltech a...
Genuitec, LLC, the leading provider of the popular MyEclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, today announced the availability of MyEclipse Reports, a professional integration and enhancement of the Eclipse BIRT project. MyEclipse Reports is available on startup to MyEclipse Professional Edition users at no charge via the "Community Essentials" program, and provides an enterprise-ready reporting solution to the MyEclipse Enterprise Workben...
Today, OSGi has become the platform of choice for many software vendors. The majority of Java Enterprise Edition application servers support or plan to support the technology, for example. In addition, many open source initiatives have already begun to integrate OSGi into their server-side frameworks. This trend certainly will facilitate adoption of OSGi in the enterprise. For the first time, we might have one software component model that allows for the convergence of embedded, desktop, and ent...
In this podcast, we take that thought to the next logical step. Let's talk to the guys that make the tools for open source software. So in the above downloadable file, we spend 5 minutes with Mike Milinkovich, representing the leading developer of OSS tools, the Eclipse Foundation. We wanted Mike's vision for the Foundation for 2008 and beyond.
Visual Rules is the only Business Rules Management System (BRMS) that offers a consistent graphical modeling approach. In the spring of 2008 Visual Rules' vendor, Innovations, will introduce Version 4 to the market. It is available now for beta testing.
100% focus on Developers. This is the motto of CodeGear, the erstwhile Borland Developer Tools Group. As an independent company, the CodeGear team works towards advancing and supporting the product lines like JBuilder, Delphi, C++Builder, Turbo and InterBase. They are also innovating in new areas such as Ruby on Rails with their 3rdRail product, PHP with Delphi for PHP, and Java development using Eclipse with JBuilder 2007 and the JGear Eclipse plug-ins. Here Jim Douglas, Chief Executive Officer...
Genuitec, LLC, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, and fellow Foundation member, Codign Software, LLC, today announced that Codign's renowned CoViewDeveloper product will be made available to all users of Genuitec's Pulse. Pulse is a completely free software service that alleviates the frustration of managing Eclipse-based software whether commercial, free or mixed.
The Aptana Studio IDE is based on the Eclipse code base, but it focuses on Web development via JavaScript (vs. Eclipse’s focus on Java). Like the Eclipse IDE, Aptana Studio organizes development work around a project. Once a new project is created, you may add one or more files. The default installation of Aptana Studio supports JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ScriptDoc, XML and plain text as well as others. Plug-ins are available for working with other file types inc...
IBM today announced that it is contributing the Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF) to the Eclipse Foundation, an open source community focused on developing a universal platform of frameworks and exemplary tools that make it easy and cost-effective to build and deploy software.
The Eclipse Foundation member Gentleware AG has released two fresh Eclipse offerings, further expanding beyond UML to delve deeper into model-driven software development.
Business Objects is pleased to announce Crystal Reports for Eclipse support for the Eclipse Europa project. Over the last year, thousands of developers have downloaded Crystal Reports for Eclipse to help them embed the world's most popular reporting tool into their Java applications. With this update for the Europa project Business Objects continues to show its support for the Eclipse platform and Java developers…
Zend saw this as a great place to cozy up and has been developing a professional version of its PDT environment (released earlier this year) for over a year now. The PDT version is its open source freeware version of an editor IDE that's based on Eclipse foundation materials.
IDL, the Interactive Data Language, is the ideal software for data analysis, visualization, and cross-platform application development. The IDL Workbench is a cross-platform development environment, based on the Eclipse Platform. The IDL Workbench allows scientists, engineers, and developers to create and debug complex IDL applications.
But with so many technologies, languages and frameworks, the situation can often become more complex rather than get simpler. Jochen Krause, CEO of Innoopract (the company behind Eclipse RAP), says, "The Java tool stack and runtime stack�this is incredibly complicated. There are at least 50 acronyms. Even with the best tooling, if you have such a complicated technology or stack of technology, it will always remain very difficult to build apps." Krause and o...
The new Eclipse Rich AJAX Platform (RAP) is a server-side platform that multiple concurrent users can access via their browsers and Eclipse RCP developers can learn in no time.
The SlickEdit Plug-In allows developers to use the popular SlickEdit code editor as the default editor within Eclipse or any Eclipse-based IDE. Providing the capability to develop in over 40 programming languages�including C/C++, Java™, JavaScript™, HTML, Ruby, SQL, and XML�the SlickEdit Plug-In allows even the most accomplished power programmers to be more ...
"I'm pleased to congratulate all the winners of this year's elections and to welcome them to the JCP ECs," said Patrick Curran, Chair of the JCP and director of the JCP Program at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "It's great to see the Eclipse Foundation and Time Warner Cable among the newly elected members. Eclipse adds open source projects expertise which will help the JCP broaden its push towards greater collaboration and openness.
The Eclipse Foundation, which was set up a number of years ago by IBM to create an alternative to Sun Microsystems' NetBeans project to create an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for programming tools, has just completed a survey in conjunction with IDC of its base to see who is deploying Eclipse, how they are using it, and how they participate in the community.
froglogic GmbH today announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation committing even stronger to the Eclipse project and the growing Java RCP community.
Director of marketing Ian Skerrett, interviewed from the Eclipse World conference in Reston, Virginia, said "We’re seeng more interest in people using Equinox on a server to build server-side applications, and also building applications on top of that." Equinox is Eclipse’s implementation of the OSGi Alliance framework specification.
The survey, conducted by The Eclipse Foundation and market research firm IDC, found that 75 percent of the IT solution providers polled said they are using Eclipse for economic reasons�either to make money or to save money. Of the organizations using Eclipse to make money, 47 percent said they are making at least 50 percent of their revenue from Eclipse-based products.
Genuitec, LLC, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, today announced a new, free service for Eclipse users that will significantly streamline the installation and distribution process for Eclipse-based software. "Pulse" is a completely free software service that alleviates the frustration of managing Eclipse-based software whether commercial, free or mixed.
Genuitec, LLC, the leading provider of the popular MyEclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, today announced a new partnership with ICEsoft Technologies. ICEsoft is the creator and provider of ICEfaces, the leading open source framework for simplified development of Ajax-enabled Java EE applications. The integration of ICEfaces with MyEclipse now allows enterprise developers to seamlessly create ICEfaces working code using MyEclipse JSF v...
During a panel discussion at the EclipseWorld 2007 conference here Nov. 6, some of those leaders�including Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation�spoke hypothetically of an Eclipse 4.0 that would be a significant improvement over the current platform.
Innovations Softwaretechnologie and Eclipse Foundation announce that Innovations will begin immediately to serve as an Add-in Provider to the open source community and has joined the foundation.
Instantiations, Inc., a leading provider of software quality and productivity solutions, announced today the availability of CodePro Profilerâ„¢. The first enterprise-ready performance-profiling tool designed specifically for Eclipse, Profiler ensures the creation of fast, reliable and high quality applications. A run-time performance analysis tool for Java developers, it helps them find CPU and algorithmic bottlenecks, memory leaks, threading issues, and other concu...
DDC-I, a founding member of the Hibachi Workgroup, will work closely with other project members to develop a common Eclipse-based Ada environment that can accommodate Eclipse-based Ada tools, application software, and other plug-ins from multiple suppliers. DDC-I will also work to provide Hibachi compatibility for its Eclipse-based SCORE®-Ada and OpenArbor mixed language development tools, which are optimized for safety-critical applications.
After two years of development, Aptana has released version 1.0 of Aptana Studio, a cross-platform, Eclipse-based IDE for AJAX and HTML development. Aptana Studio 1.0 is dual-licensed under the GPL3 and the Aptana Public licenses and is available for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Aptana offers a free Community Edition and a Professional version with an introductory price of $99.
SAP has contributed a NetWeaver tool to Eclipse, its first experience contributing widgetry to the open source IDE. It says it will be easier for Java developers to analyze memory use in applications created in Eclipse. It should give them a better idea how to optimize memory usage without having to shut down their servers and interrupt critical business processes.
Vom 10. bis 11. Oktober präsentierte sich die Eclipse Community mit 400 Teilnehmern in Ludwigsburg. Für die nächste Zukunft hat deren Organ, die Eclipse Foundation, unter anderem drei Ziele: Wachstum im Embedded-Bereich, Etablierung der auf dem OSGI-Standard basierenden Eclipse-Runtime und breiter Toolsupport über verschiedene Programmiersprachen und Entwicklungsaufgaben hinweg.
Eclipse users have long said that installing and distributing Eclipse plug-in software is not easy. Genuitec, of Flower Mound, Texas, which makes the popular MyEclipse tool, will deliver PoweredByPulse, a free service that company executives said could become the de facto mechanism for provisioning software, whether commercial, free or mixed. Genuitec plans to announce this service at the Eclipse World conference, which runs Nov. 6-8 in Reston, Va.
The Spring Tools Suite will also build on Eclipse Mylyn in order to ease the development of large Spring applications, and incorporate other key features, ranging from issue tracking to code quality, in order to better support a Spring application’s entire lifecycle. One interesting aspect of our approach is that we will be leveraging extensions to Mylyn’s Task-Focused UI to provide a smooth and simple workflow in the pres...
Advanced Memory Analyzer Capabilities Enable Eclipse Developers to Build Enterprise Applications Within Leading Open Source Development Environment
Mylyn, an Eclipse plug-in which was integrated into Eclipse 3.3, recently released version 2.1. InfoQ spoke with Mylyn project lead Mik Kersten to learn more about this release and what changes Mylyn 2.1 brings to Eclipse-based development.
RAP 1.0 is the first Asynchronous JavaScript and XML platform that allows developers to create RIAs using the Eclipse component model, based on the Open Services Gateway Initiative standard. OSGi is a service-oriented, component-based environment that promotes the interoperability of applications and services, Eclipse officials said.
Virgil’s update is primarily about the new BIRT user community, BIRT Exchange. As Virgil tells and then demos for us, BIRT exchange allows users to not only share tips and trouble-shooting about reports, but also reports themselves and other BIRT "configuration" artifacts.
The maturity of the Eclipse application framework was the icing on the cake. It really allowed us to focus on innovation.
BZ Media LLC today announced three special keynote presentations at EclipseWorld™ 2007, the independent Eclipse conference for enterprise IT developers. EclipseWorld 2007 will be held November 6–8, 2007, in Reston, Va.

Special "Total Eclipse" panel to include Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation
As part of its commitment to supporting and contributing to open standards, AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced its participation in the Eclipse Foundation. AMD will add its rich expertise and history of collaborative innovation to the Eclipse community, helping to drive the standardization of an extensible development platform and application frameworks that can harness the power of x86 architectures and multi-core processing. AMD made the announcement in conjunction with Eclipse Summit Europe 2007...
At its Developer's Conference today in Santa Clara, Calif., ARM unveiled a dynamic analysis tool said to require no instrumentation, among other interesting features. The "RealView Profiler" runs as an Eclipse plug-in, and can profile virtual or actual hardware for unlimited test periods, the company claims.
The success generated by the public alpha may not just reveal the importance of playing to a Linux audience. The alpha launch also reveals Adobe's strategic ploy in providing a sandbox for developers before product launch times. "We previously were tight-lipped about releasing a lot of details before a product was introduced," said David Gruber, Adobe Flex group product manager.
Eager to shed its reputation as a tool just for Java developers, Eclipse has quickly embraced newer languages such as PHP, Python and Ruby�as well as older ones like Ada, COBOL and C.
The Eclipse Business Intelligence and Report Tools (BIRT) project has a new online community forum, the BIRT Exchange. Artima spoke with Virgil Dodson, Java reporting evangelist at Actuate, the company behind the new portal, about BIRT and the BIRT community.
IBM has convinced eight leading RFID device manufacturers to implement the Eclipse open source device model to interface their wares with the IBM Premises Server 6.0. Separately, GS1 EPC Global has certified the IBM WebSphere RFID Information Center version 1.1 as fully compliant with the EPCIS standards for tracking the progress of items as they move through the supply chain.
With open source software (OSS) rapidly growing in popularity in the region, this community summit, the first joint conference between The Apache Software Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation, is expected to be a vibrant event, encouraging a lively exchange of ideas between all those involved in OSS, including developers, vendors and users.
Perhaps the biggest difference is that Notes 8 is built on an Eclipse framework, which makes it easier to extend the user interface. IBM wants users to integrate line of business applications, such as web or Java-based tools.. For instance, in sidebar on the far right hand side, it comes for you to add in tabs for other applications.
Intalio last week released their open source based BPM System - Intalio|BPMS 5.0, including amongst other things a BPMN Editor and a BPEL server engine. The product is distributed in two editions, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The release is a milestone for Intalio in their effort to realise a complete solution for their BPM 2.0 vision. InfoQ took the opportunity to interview Ismael Ghalimi, Intalio CEO, and Arnaud Blandin, EMEA Director, about the new release.
Combining Notes with OO.o was possible because of an intermediate technology called Eclipse, which began as an internal development platform at IBM in the late 1990s. In 2001, IBM realized that it had built some great technology but had no immediate way to leverage it. Here's how IBM described the situation in its own "Brief History of Eclipse":
Open Source BI projects such as the Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project, JasperForge and the Pentaho BI Project, are maturing. A Ventana Research benchmark study shows that companies have strong interest in open source BI software. Expressions of interest include large deployments of more than 1,000 users, suggesting that organizations will be developing, testing and deploying the software for operational BI settings in which front-line workers use information for da...
Trolltech® is pleased to announce that it has integrated Qt, its flagship C++ based cross-platform development framework, with the popular Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The C++ integration augments the integration currently available for Qt Jambi – a version of Qt for Java development.
Canoo today announced a new release of its Java library for Rich Internet Applications (RIA), UltraLightClient (ULC). This new 6.2 version offers addons to test UltraLightClient-based applications more easily.
Squish is a professional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool enabling the creation and execution of automated GUI tests for applications based on different GUI technologies. This includes applications based on Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, Java AWT/Swing, Trolltech's Qt, Web/HTML/AJAX and many other UI technologies. Squish sets itself apart from other GUI test tools by closely integrating into the specific GUI technologies which leads to very robust and stable GUI tests.
Wie Unternehmen beim Aufbau einer SOA von Open-Source-Software profitieren können, erklärt Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director der Eclipse Foundation, im Interview mit CW-Redakteur Wolfgang Herrmann.
The CollabNet Merge Client is built on top of Eclipse and Subclipse and has the simple goal of making merge easier. I think it does that and a lot more. It has really turned out great. There are details on the web site, so I will not reiterate them here.
InfoQ sat down with CodeGear Vice President Products and Strategy Michael Swindell and 3rd Rail Lead Joe McGlynn to discuss the release. They noted that CodeGear has seen a rise in interest in Ruby on Rails from commercial and enterprise developers. This leading indicator lead to the development of 3rd Rail. The project was started with each of the development team members immersing themselves as RoR developers. During this process they identified a number of pain points for the beginning RoR de...
The Eclipse Foundation will make available Tuesday the 1.0 release of the Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) project, featuring tools and frameworks to enhance developer productivity with the PHP scripting language
The Eclipse Foundation is adding the popular web dynamic scripting language PHP to its roster of tooling. This week, Eclipse is announcing general availability of the 1.0 version of the Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT).
The Eclipse Training Alliance in collaboration with the Eclipse Foundation is organizing RCP training classes in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Luxemburg, Paris, Portland (Oregon), San Francisco and Stuttgart. Classes will occur between September 17 and October 5 and are offered at greatly reduced prices.
In a move that revolutionizes software development practices by combining the best of the open source and commercial software domains, QNX Software Systems today announced that it is opening access to the source code of its QNX® Neutrino® realtime operating system (RTOS) under a new hybrid software licensing arrangement.
While Workshop already features an SDK and IDE, Roth insisted there was no redundancy. Both Adobe and BEA have built on the Eclipse platform. "That allows both Workshop and Flex Builder to exist in one IDE." Roth said. "Eclipse provides the basic IDE framework. Workshop and Flex fill it out."
What would an Eclipse-like Mozilla be? Much the same, except with the express goal to help member companies and member developers use Firefox (and other Mozilla properties) as a foundation for their development, with an explicit nod to commercial development. This is one reason that Eclipse is so successful, as Mike Milinkovich of Eclipse indicated in these pages:
The PM of the Eclipse Process Framework project explained at Agile2006 how IBM's Eclipse-based process tools allow teams to select the practices they want to create a customized methodology that works for them. With a wiki and hooks to insert custom in-house documentation and practices, it provides a framework to configure the approach you want, or to grow into the approach you need.
iscoord ag, multiple IBM Award winner and independent developer of integrated IP telephony softphones for IBM® Lotus Notes® and IBM® Lotus® Sametime®, announces the availability of the is-phone® Java™ SDK (Software Development Kit) for developing softphone applications based on the open development platform Eclipse. It enables software developers to int...
They knew and liked Eclipse RCP from earlier experience and recognized that it would meet their needs. "For us, choosing Eclipse for this project was easy. It was the most complete platform in critical areas."
Red Hat has announced the beta release of Red Hat Developer Studio, the new Eclipse-based IDE for the Red Hat family of solutions, including JBoss Enterprise Middleware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
One day at a MOTODEV Summit can show you how to break through fragmentation and complexity to tap the vast mobile opportunity and save weeks or even months of development time to help you bring your commercial or enterprise application to market. Drill down into exactly the areas that interest you with detailed technical training, hands-on workshops and informative sessions. Gain valuable insights into emerging technologies and get a sneak peek at Motorola's newly announced MOTOMAGX platform. Co...
Eclipse is a new world for Microsoft® Visual Studio® developers, and getting started with Eclipse can be confusing. New concepts, such as plug-in architecture, workspace-centric project structure, and automatic build can seem counterintuitive at first. Learn about these and other differences between the two environments, so that you can begin to feel at home with Eclipse.
IBM today announced new technology that is designed to arm professionals with the ability to combine information from different sources to create just-in-time applications needed to help close a big deal, deliver an important presentation or just get through the weather. Key to employee productivity, these situational applications or "mashups" blend Web services like news feeds, weather reports, maps or traffic conditions, with enterprise content and services from databases, spread sheets and do...
IBM said Friday that it is shipping Lotus Notes and Domino 8, the first major upgrade to its e-mail and messaging software in two years.
Serena is launching a user-oriented software-as-a-service toolset based on the concept of "enterprise mashups."
CodeGear, a leader in developer tools, today announced JGear(TM), a set of specialized plug-ins for the Eclipse open-source development platform. JGear both augments and accelerates the open-source platform and tools in three key areas -- Java application performance, visual development, and team collaboration -- capabilities not addressed by Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) solutions today.
Europa featured the simultaneous release of the latest software from 21 Eclipse open-source software projects, ranging from AspectJ Development Tools to Eclipse Communication Framework to Web Tools Platform. Collectively, there have been 700,000 download requests for the base Eclipse SDK and an additional 1.4 million requests for five different Europa packages tuned to specific needs, such as for Java or C/C++ development.
As I told Mike Milkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, my understanding of Eclipse is several years old. I called him today to get an update on Eclipse, and learn what all the fuss is about.
Developers are showing a trend toward favoring the use of Java vs. .NET when it comes to implementing service-oriented architectures (SOAs), according to analysis from Evans Data Corp.
Genuitec, LLC, and eCube Systems, LLC, today announced a partnership surrounding eCube's NXTware Integrated Maintenance Environment (IME) for legacy platforms. This industry-leading tooling will be made available via the MyEclipse Community Essentials program, which will be freely available to all MyEclipse customers.
MOTODEV Studio for Java ME, the first release of Motorola's new integrated tools suite, provides application developers with a powerful set of tools to develop, test, debug, and compile mobile Java applications that run on Motorola handsets, including the stylish Motorola MOTOKRZR K1, the ultra-fast MOTORAZR maxx V6 and the music-optimized MOTOROKR Z6. The MOTODEV Studio for Java ME tool suite features: Seamless integration with the popular Eclipse IDE. Easy, all in one place, access to ...
A few months ago, RoweBots decided to adopt Eclipse as a platform for delivering new tools to our customers, particularly interested in the Europa release. We decided to use Eclipse for all the reasons that you've likely been thinking of, if you are considering doing the same thing:
Wolfram Research announced today the release of Wolfram Workbench 1.1, the latest version of its award-winning integrated development environment (IDE) for Mathematica technologies. Built on Eclipse, Workbench is ideal for all stages of the development process, enabling programmers to build, debug, and deploy state-of-the-art Mathematica applications more efficiently than ever before.
The Eclipse development environment has become the de facto industry standard environment in which to host embedded development tools. Many of the traditional embedded tools vendors who used to sell their own proprietary development tools and environments have embraced Eclipse and ported their products to run within it to take advantage of the sophisticated, feature-rich framework it provides.
The Open Source Business Resource (OSBR) is a free monthly publication of the Talent First Network. The OSBR is for Canadian business owners, company executives and employees, directors of open source foundations, leaders of open source projects, open source groups, individuals and organizations that contribute to open source projects, academics and students interested in open source, technology transfer professionals, and government employees who promote wealth creation through innovation.
Webtide LLC, the lead developers of the Jetty web server, today announced that it is joining the Eclipse Foundation, an open source community committed to the implementation of a universal development platform, as an Add-in member.
Mike Milinkovich heads the Eclipse Foundation, the industry consortium that maintains the open-source Eclipse application development platform. IBM spun Eclipse out as an independent entity in February 2004, and the organization hired Milinkovich as executive director later that year. Milinkovich, who is based in Ottawa, spoke with Senior Editor Darryl K. Taft about his tenure and the Eclipse Foundation's future.
BEA WebLogic Server Tools is a set of free plug-ins for the Eclipse 3.3 "Europa" designed to help develop, deploy and debug applications for BEA WebLogic Server. Key Features Supports versions 10.0, 9.x and 8.1 of BEA WebLogic Server. Utilizes WLS-proprietary "split-source" deployment facility to dramatically increase iterative development performance for large applications. Includes tools for using WebLogic J2EE Libraries from Eclipse projects. For more information and to...
Conference Overview: EclipseWorld is the industry's first independent conference for enterprise software developers, architects and development managers using Eclipse tools and technologies. There are more than 70 classes and tutorials to choose from, covering the most popular parts of the Eclipse ecosystem, such as the IDE, the testing tools, the modeling tools and the GUI tools. We have more coverage than ever before of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, one of the hottest application developme...
Nokia has eased the burden considerably with their Eclipse-based Carbide C++ development environment. Most of the upper-tier Nokia models run the Symbian operating system, requiring a special C++ compiler and linker to convert code into executables. Once developers select the type of Nokia device they wish to target and load its profile into Carbide, applications can be first written and monitored in the virtual emulator before sending to the actual device. This is especially useful for apps tha...
In an recent interview, Eric Newcomer, IONA's CTO and co-chair of the Enterprise working group in OSGi, talks about his company's interest in OSGi, where he thinks OSGi will be going over the next few years, and why he thinks it has grown in popularity. Eric also has a few words to say on the relevance of OSGi to ESB and SOA, as well as whether or not Sun should become more interested in OSGi.
16 froglogic GmbH today announced support for automated testing of Java Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications based on the new Eclipse 3.3 release code named Europa.
CDT for Windows is an open source distribution of the Eclipse CDT with the MinGW compiler and various open source libraries wrapped up as a complete IDE for Windows development. It includes a Java runtime environment needed to run Eclipse and is packaged up with a real Windows installer making it easy to start building C++ applications for Windows in no time. In a new post on his blog, Doug Schaefer talks about his objective for this distribution and his dissapointment that he can't release some...
In the end, Eclipse emerged as a favored IDE solution for the gaps found in other existing developer tools now widely used by the community. As Miller said, "I think the consensus was that Visual Studio-era users want a good IDE, and the only open-source IDE with serious momentum is Eclipse, so we should start looking at making that work well for LSB development."
Two of the leading organizations in the Open Source community, The Apache Software Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation, have announced plans for Asia’s largest Open Source community conference - the first of its kind in Hong Kong and China.
The Eclipse Foundation today announced the availability of its annual coordinated project release, this year code named Europa. Europa features 21 Eclipse projects for software developers and is more than double the size of last year's record-setting release.
Eclipse, in case you've been living in the subsurface ocean of Jupiter's moon Europa for the past five years and missed it, is a vendor-neutral set of open-source frameworks and exemplary tools for software development, a toolset sufficiently rich that Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation (, and Ward Cunningham, the former Eclipse Foundation Director, Committer Community Development, both insist that it is more than an IDE.
To start with a bit of background, last week I was granted a briefing about (what was at the time) the upcoming Eclipse Europa release, thanks Ian. Nevertheless, I made a mental note to put together a blog post on what I took from the briefing and publish it sometime after the official release date this week. However, things didn't go according to plan through the remainder of last week and the early part of this week was marred by a re-injuring my lower back (once you hurt it the first time, it...

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