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Eclipse In the News tracks interesting eclipse-related press releases, news articles, and other items that we think may be of interest to the Eclipse community. These are the archives from 2002-2003.

North America 2003
December 31 - Eclipse awarded InfoWorld 2003 Technology of the Year for Best Application Development Tool
December 29 - Committers Plan Improved User Experience for Eclipse 3.0 by Vance McCarthy on
December 19 - Eclipse awarded O'Reilly OSDir 2003 Editor's Choice Award for Best Development Tool and Best Java application
December 2003 - Eclipse, the IDE for Everything and Nothing in Particular by Keith Steele in The Cursor
November 26 - Eclipse consortium turns two by Henry Kingman on
November 21 - Implement Business Rules Faster with Amzi! 7.0 and Eclipse
November 19 - Eclipse Expands Conference Program for EclipseCon 2004
November 4 - Eclipse overshadows wildfires and solar flares at OOPSLA by Rich Seeley in
November 3 - TimeSys Introduces the First Tools for Building and Testing Any Linux for Embedded Development
November 2003 - Eclipse: A Platform Becomes an Open-Source Woodstock by Alexander Wolfe in ACM Queue vol. 1, no. 8
October 21 - Eclipse Project Team Releases New Code for Improved C/C++ Development
October 21 - Eclipse Announces EclipseCon 2004!
October 14 - Put Eclipse features to work for you by Pat McCarthy on IBM developerWorks
October 8 - IBM announces renewal of Eclipse Innovation Grant Program for 2004! Apply by November 7, 2003!
October 7 - Software Industry Rallies Behind Eclipse Programming Contest
Register today and submit your entry by December 8, 2003
! View the webcast: "Developing Plug-ins for Eclipse" on October 24th!
October 6 - CollabNet Joins Eclipse: Greg Stein Elected to Eclipse Board of Stewards
October 2 - Eclipse (12 million downloads) shows big progress by Chris Preimesberger on
September 30 - Instantiations Acquires SWT Designer Technology
September 15 - Metanology Joins Eclipse Consortium
September 12 - Eclipse provides tool integration framework by Todd E. Williams and Marc R. Erickson, in EE Times (or read the full version here!)
September 12 - Creating an IDE for embedded NetBSD by Ross Harvey and Bruce Woodson in EE Times
September 9 - Refactoring for everyone by David Gallardo on IBM developerWorks
September 2003 - Review: Eclipse 3.0 Milestone Build 2 by Drew Falkman on Java Boutique
August 25 - SAS joins Eclipse Consortium
August 18 - Codefarm Joins Eclipse
August 11 - Check out eclipse tutorials, workshop and events at OOPSLA 2003! Call for submissions for eclipse Technology eXchange (eTX) workshop!
August 6 - Call for eclipse submissions: LogOn Web Days 2003!
August 2003 - Wizards in Eclipse: an introduction to working with platform and custom wizards by Azra Fatima on hp dev resource
July 31 - INNOOPRACT announces the first eclipse plug-in for visual development of web application UIs
July 30 - Embarcadero Joins Eclipse
July 30 - Intel Joins Eclipse Consortium
July 29 - Create an Eclipse-based application using the Graphical Editing Framework by Randy Hudson on IBM developerWorks
July 22 - Extend Eclipse's Java tools by Dan Kehn on IBM developerWorks
July 15 - Genuitec: MyEclipse Should Be Your Eclipse by Edward J. Correia in SD Times
June 30 - More books on eclipse published! Eclipse in Action and Eclipse Step by Step
June 30 - And What's In Toolbox for Eclipse Developers? by Andrew Binstock on
June 30 - Eclipse Ever Expanding Like the Universe by Rita-Lyn Sanders on
June 20 - Updated eclipse toolkit shines by Rick Grehan in InfoWorld
June 18 - Books on eclipse: The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse is now available! More published and upcoming books listed on the community page.
June 17 - SYS-CON Radio Interviews Eclipse Consortium
June 16 - Tensilica Joins Eclipse Consortium
June 11 - Eclipse wins Best Java Development Suite and Most Valuable Java Development Product Java Pro Readers' Choice Awards
June 10 - SAP NetWeaver Extends Enterprise-Class Support for Java Community
June 10 - SlickEdit Delivers Linux Version of Award-Winning WebSphere Studio & Eclipse Code Editor in EETimes
June 9 - AspectJ wins the Most Innovative Java Product or Technology JavaWorld Editors' Choice Award!
June 9 - Addison-Wesley Professional Announces Launch of Eclipse Book Series. (View the series!)
June 3 - Wasabi Systems Joins Consortium
June 2 - SD Times 100 Innovators And Leaders - Eclipse places first in the Standards Bodies and Consortia category
June 2003 - Eclipse Posts Plan for 3.0 in Websphere Advisor
May 29 - Eclipse project unveils Draft 3.0 Plan on
May 28 - Eclipse sheds light on tool update Martin LaMonica in C/Net
May 26 -Developers Expect Nod for UML 2.0 Standard by Darryl K. Taft in eweek
May 25 - ASC Joins Eclipse Board
May 23 - Getting started with the eclipse workbench by David Gallardo
May 19 - Instantiations CodePro Express Empowers Midmarket Companies with Cutting Edge Development Tools
May 18 - Beginning Eclipse for Advanced Developers by Philipp K. Janert
May 13 - Create native, cross-platform GUI applications, revisited by Kirk Vogen on IBM developerWorks
May 6 - SWT: A Native Widget Toolkit for Java by Steve Northover and Joe Winchester in Java Developer's Journal, Vol: 08 Issue: 05 and Vol: 08 Issue: 04
May 6 - Learn Java programming through a game on
May 5 - An Inside Look At IBM's Eclipse Project by Charles Babcock in InformationWeek
May 1 - Eclipse 2.1 Boosts Java Editor, Debugger by Edward J. Correia in SD Times
May 2003 - ComeTogether, Right Now: Eclipse and Open Development Tools Integration by Marc Erickson Cutter IT Journal Vol. 16, No. 5
April 22 - C/C++ development with the Eclipse Platform by Pawel Leszek in IBM developerWorks open source projects
April 15 - Build It Free Open-source development tools offer low-cost, high-quality options. by Dylan Tweney in CIO Magazine
April 15 - Hyades Advances Advanced Testing And Tracing For Automated Software Quality in
April 14 - IBM's Big Plans For Eclipse-Based WebSphere Visual Studio - Eclipse's Past, Present, and Future by Jacqueline Emigh in LinuxPlanet
April 14 - M7 Corporation Joins Eclipse
April 10 - QNX Momentics Development Suite Provides Full Eclipse 2.0 Support in
April 9 - Swing and SWT: A Tale of Two Java GUI Libraries by Mauro Marinilli in
April 8 - Eclipse Revises Tools Platform for Developers by Clint Boulton in
April 8 - Eclipse project nominated for three 2003 JDJ Reader's Choice Awards! You can vote for eclipse:
Best Java Component (SWT), Best Java IDE Environment and Most Innovative Java Product !
April 1 - Eclipse Framework Enters New Phase: C/C++ code editor, indexing, GNU debugger now part of core by Edward J. Correia in SD Times
March 31 - Eclipse Project's C/C++ Milestone Should Help Embedded Developers in
March 31 - introduces more open source tools by Bernard Cole in EE Times
March 27 - QA Systems is first Dutch company to join Eclipse (pdf)
March 18 - Eclipse The Conduit To Open Sourcers Of Aspect Oriented Programming in ebizQ
March 18 - PARC Cedes AspectJ Technology to Eclipse by Clint Boulton in
March 17 -  SAP contributes to Eclipse open source consortium: "The Best Out of Two Worlds”
March 17 - TimeSys Introduces JTime, the first RTSJ-compliant Java for Embedded systems
March 11 - LogicLibrary Joins Eclipse
March 2003 - Wanted: Java Application with Native OS Look and Performance by Bernie Spang and Dave Thomson in Java Developer's Journal
February 25 - Instantiations Broadens CodePro Studio Line by Shipping New Products on WebSphere Studio and Eclipse
February 13 - TimeSys Introduces New Integrated Development Environment for Embedded Linux, TimeStorm 2.0
January 31 - TimeSys Corporation Joins Eclipse - Releases Free Beta of TimeStorm 2.0 IDE based on the Eclipse Platform 
January 28- AltoWeb Chief Architect Unanimously Voted to Eclipse Board of Stewards
January 27- Dearth of Tools Hampers Linux by Darryl K. Taft in eweek
January 21- IBM WebSphere Studio & Eclipse IDEs Get Dynamic O/R Mapping With CocoBase Enterprise O/R From THOUGHT Inc.
January 15 - Eclipse Shifts Into Life-Cycle Development by Edward J. Correia in SD Times
January 14 - Arun Gaikwad talks with Dr. Danny Sabbah about development, IBM, WebSphere, and goals in
January 9 - ProSyst announces OSGI plug-in for eclipse (datasheet pdf). Read the press release.
January 6 - Embedded - Innovation Scale Tips To Hardware In Embedded Technology (article pdf) by William Wong in Electronic Design (January 6 issue index)
January 6 - Catalyst Systems Joins Eclipse
January 2003 - Using the Eclipse GUI outside the Eclipse Workbench, Part 1: Using JFace and SWT in stand-alone mode by Adrian Van Emmenis on IBM developerWorks
January 2003 - Java and Linux: A Marriage Made in IT Heaven By Scott Handy in Java Developer's Journal
North America 2002
December 31 - Momentum Builds For Open-Source Tools Platform - Eclipse Becoming Industry Standard By Elizabeth Montalbano in CRN
December 26 - Breaking the Language Barriers By Richard V. Dragan in PC Magazine
December 19 - New Eclipse Project Addresses Collaborative Development Infrastructure Requirements
December 17 - New Eclipse Project Addresses Automated Software Quality
December 17 - The Revolution in Software Testing by Sam Guckenheimer
December 17 - IBM announces the results of the Eclipse Innovation Grant call for proposals.
December 16 - Flashline Joins Eclipse: Vice President of Research and Development Elected To Board of Stewards
December 16 - Teamstudio Elected to Eclipse Board of Stewards
December 16 - Open-source group broadens its reach By Martin LaMonica on CNET
December 11 - An Introduction to the Eclipse IDE By Scott Storkel in O'Reilly
December 11 - SlickEdit Announces Visual SlickEdit Plug-In for WebSphere Studio and Eclipse
December 10 - OMG joins Eclipse: Richard Soley named to Eclipse Board of Stewards
December 10 - Parasoft Joins Eclipse: Roman Salvador Elected to Eclipse Board of Stewards
December 5 - Major Corporations Back New Eclipse Open Source COBOL IDE in JavaNews
December 2002 - Developing Eclipse plugins by David Gallardo on IBM DeveloperWorks
November 30 - IBM Works Toward Common Runtime, Tools Environment By Elizabeth Montalbano in CRN
November 19 - Programming Research and QNX Software Systems Join Forces to Promote Industry-Standard Framework for C/C++ Development
November 18 - Retooling The Programmers: Aspect-oriented programming makes it easier to reflect complex processes By Aaron Ricadela in InformationWeek
November 12 - Oracle joins Eclipse By Paul Krill on
November 8 - IBM announces the Eclipse Innovation Grant competition
November 2002 - The Case for Using Eclipse Technology in General Purpose Applications By Todd Williams, Genuitec
November 2002 - Getting started with the eclipse platform by David Gallardo on IBM DeveloperWorks
October 30 - SWT, XML Put True Cross-platform GUIs Within Reach By A. Russell Jones in devX
October 15 - Catalyst Systems Releases Openmake Plug-in for Eclipse
October 14 - Promoting shared software through Eclipse by Dwight Deugo in Application Development Trends
October 8 - WebSphere Studio update supports deeper Eclipse support by Jack Vaughan in Application Development Trends
October 2002 - Plug a Swing-based development tool into Eclipse By Terry Chan on IBM DeveloperWorks
October 2002 - What's Eclipse?? by Matt Liotta
September 25 - HP Elected as Supporting Member of Eclipse Open Source Consortium
September 24 - IBM's New Tools Complete Web Services Plunge by Richard Karpinski in internetweek
September 23 - MKS Joins Eclipse
September 20 - Eclipse Moves Beyond J2EE; Eyes End-to-End "Plug-Ins" by Vance McCarthy in Integration Developer News
September 12 - SlickEdit Elected to Eclipse Board
September 9 - IBM to shine light on new Eclipse by Wylie Wong in CNET
September 9 - IBM Gears Up for Modeling by  Darryl K. Taft in
September 2002 -Toward a Consistent IDE: Eclipse Platform/IDE by B.J. Fesq in New Architect
August 27 - IBM supports open source community through Eclipse Project by Geoffrey Downey in
August 23 - IBM upgrades open-source development environment by Carol Sliwa in Computerworld
August 22 - Eclipse project gains netCOBOL for Linux by ComputerWire in The Register
August 21 - Eclipse to fund university research by Michael W. Bucken in Application Development Trends
August 20 - The Most Important Open-Source Project You've (Probably) Never Heard Of by Richard Karpinski in InternetWeek
August 15 - Stability the Goal of Eclipse 2.0 by David Rubinstein in SD Times
August 13 - SlickEdit Announces: Visual SlickEdit Will Support Eclipse Open Tools Platform
August 2002 - In Brief: Eclipse Project in JavaPro, Developer Tools
August 2002 - Native Intelligence: If there's a good reason for it, going back to native C++ or C can be the smart thing to do by James W. Cooper in JavaPro
July 12 - Hitachi Joins eclipse
July 2002 - Welcome to the Dawn of Eclipse by Phil Coulthard and George Farr in eServer Magazine
June 26 - QNX Donates Source Code to to Create Industry-Standard Platform for C/C++ Development
June 20 - Instantiations Joins Eclipse Board
June 17- Telelogic Elected to Eclipse Board (pdf)
June 14- Eclipse casts shadows by Jon Udell,
June 10 - MontaVista Software to Join the Board of
June 10 - IBM's Open-Source Platform Earns Praise From Developers by Darryl K. Taft,
June 10- IBM To Standardize Middleware, Software Tools On Eclipse Framework by Elizabeth Montalbano, CRN
June 7- Scapa Technologies joins prestigious board
June 6- Open Source IDE Overshadows Commercial Competitors by Eric Foster-Johnson,
June 3- QNX IDE Adds Momentics To Eclipse Momentum in iAppliance
June 2002- Internationalizing your Eclipse plug-in by Dan Kehn, Scott Fairbrother and Cam-Thu Le, IBM DeveloperWorks (open source)
June 2002 - Model and Source in Sync: Rational XDE Professional 2002 for Java seamlessly connects an impressive object-oriented modeling tool to IBM's open-source Eclipse IDE—or is it the other way around? by Gary K. Evans , Software Development Magazine
June 2002- Analysis: Java Development Gains Consistency Under Eclipse IDE in NewTech Viewpoints,
June 2002 - Excelsior JET 2.5 supports the SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) library, developed by IBM and contributed to the Eclipse project.
May 15 - Eclipse announces Open Source Visual Tools Project, in
May 15 - IBM preps Eclipse application server challenge, By ComputerWire in The Register
May 8 - QNX and Rational feature eclipse at ESS 2002 London, UK
Apr 30 - Open IDE for Pervasive Development in the New Era of Computing by Marc Erickson in RTC Magazine
Apr 30 - Eclipse: A bright IDE by Jon Strande Javapro
Apr 29 - Eclipse enables IBM and Macromedia Team to Bring ColdFusion MX Capabilities to WebSphere
Apr 29 - Interview: IBM's software chief speaks out by Michael Vizard, Steve Gillmor, and Ed Scannell, InfoWorld
Apr 22 - Create native, cross-platform GUI applications by Kirk Vogen, IBM Developer Works
Apr 22 - Register for the May 8th Webcast, The QNX IDE and Eclipse
Apr 22 - IBM Delivers New WebSphere Studio Tools Plus Eclipse Plug-Ins For Wireless, Portal And Voice
Apr 10 - Fujitsu Joins Eclipse Board
Apr 8 - Sybase Invited to Join Prestigious Eclipse.Org Board
Apr 4- QNX secures Best of the Show award at RTS Embedded Systems 2002
Apr 2 - Serena Software, Inc. to join Eclipse board

Apr 2 - MERANT PVCS Version Manager Available for IBM WebSphere Studio and Eclipse

Apr 1 - Eclipse: Your IDE by James W. Cooper
Mar 28 - IBM wins Java Excellence awards for Websphere and Eclipse
Read more about JavaWorld's Top Guns
Mar 28 - LegacyJ announces PERCobol 3.0 featuring Eclipse based IDE
Mar 28 - JavaOne Day 4 - Eclipse User's Group Meeting report from Cedric Beust -
Mar 25 - Systinet WASP Developer Turns Eclipse Into a Complete Platform for Web Services Creation, Deployment, Testing, and Publication
Mar 20 - An Update on the Eclipse Project: Eclipse Project Keeps Rising by Jacqueline Emigh - LinuxPlanet
Mar 12 - QNX Software Systems launches a beta program for the first commercial IDE for embedded development based on the Eclipse platform.
Mar 8 - Message-passing microkernel RTOS fits open source Web By Marc Erikson, OTI/IBM and Paul N. Leroux, QNX Software Systems Ltd
Mar 7 - Extensible platform integrates tools By Jeff McAffer, Dave Springgay, OTI
Mar 7 - Rush is on to embed Web services By Bernard Cole, EE Times
Mar 4 - A View Under The Hood: How Eclipse Works by Greg Adams, OTI and Rawn Shah
Mar 1 - Inside Eclipse and the WebSphere Studio Family by Paul Conte E-Pro
Mar 2002 - Introducing Eclipse by George Farr and Phil Coutlhard, IBM (pdf)
Feb 5 - IBM, Red Hat Mean Business with New Open-Source IDE on Eclipse by Matt Migliore Enterprise Systems
Feb 5 - First Web Services Development Tools Emerge For Specification By Bernard Cole iApplianceWeb
Feb 5 - Rational Introduces Rational XDE Professional v2002.
Jan 29 - Eclipse C/C++ IDE Announced at LinuxWorld. Read the press release. Get the CDT download from the Tools Project.
Europe 2003
December 2003 - Eclipse: Nicht nur eine Java-IDE in iX Magazin , Ausgabe 12/2003
December 2003 - Dokument Editoren als Eclipse-Plug-ins von Leif Frenzel; J2ME-MIDlet-Entwicklung mit Eclipse, Ant und Antenna von Kai Toedter, in JavaSpektrum, Ausgabe 6, December 2003
September 2003 - Eclipse auf dem Prüfstand: Eine Fallstudie zur statischen Programmanalyse von Marcel Bennicke, Walter Bischofberger und Frank Simon in OBJEKTspektrum Ausgabe 05/2003, September/Oktober 2003
September 2003 - Warum mit Eclipse entwickeln von Kristian Koehler, Orientation in Objects GmbH
August 2003 - Eclipse 2.1: kaum noch offene Wuensche von Bernhard Steppan in iX Magazin
June 2003 - Die Community leistet wertvolle Beiträge: Erich Gamma vom Eclipse-Projekt im Gespräch JavaMagazin Ausgabe 06.2003
May 30 - Entwicklerwerkbank als Bausatz von Josef Wetzel in Computerworld
April 3 - Eclipse: Generation 2.1 - by Stefan Aust in Javamagazin
March 2003 - JavaSpektrum publishes Eclipse Special Edition - CeBIT Sonderausgabe 2003 - Titelthema: Eclipse
January 27 - Offener Werkzeugkasten Java-Software entwickeln mit Eclipse von Stefan Matthias Aust, Michael Rusitska in c't magazin 3/03, Praxis, Java, Seite 196
Europe 2002
November 2002 - Die zweite Sonnenfinsterins Die Open Source-Entwicklungsumgebung Eclipse in Version 2.0 von Stefan Matthias Aust, Michael Rusitska in JavaMagazin 11.2002
October 2002 - Natives Look & Feel: Eine Einfuehrung in das Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) by Stefan Matthias Aust, Michael Rusitska in Javamagazin 10.2002
Sept 2 - Eclipse-Community verstärkt Forschung und Ausbildung,
July 1 - IDE Eclipse 2.0 erschienen,
June 26 - QNX legt Quellcode für offen,
May 17 - Eclipse lijmt embedded gereedschappen aan elkaar, Nieke Roos in Bits&Chips
Mar 13 - "Erich Gamma: Eclipse ist eine Zukunfts-investition" in Netzwoche Nr. 10, 13 Maerz 2002 (pp 30-31)
Feb 2002 - "Java-Entwicklungsumgebung fuer Embedded Systems", Erich Gamma und Kai-Uwe Maetzel in elektronik industrie 02-2002 (pp. 38-42)
Feb 6 - Development: C/C++ IDE für Eclipse,
Feb 1 - "Licht ins Dunkel: Einblicke in das Open Source-Projekt Eclipse" und "Dave Thomson: Der Platform etwas beibringen" in Javamagazin, 2.2002, (pp 44-56, 16-17)
Jan 30 - bietet C/C++ Development Tools in
Jan 23 - "Freies Hacken und Debuggen: IBMs laesst andere Java- und C++- Tools verblassen." in Netzwoche Nr. 3, 23 Januar 2002, (p. 11).
Asia 2002
May 8 - Join a Japanese language eclipse mailing list
Apr 10- Fujitsu board membership announcement in Japanese and Korean. Also a clip in Japanese from ZDNet.

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