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Eclipse In the News tracks interesting eclipse-related press releases, news articles, and other items that we think may be of interest to the Eclipse community. If you see an Eclipse-related news item that you think should be posted here, you can email the link to Eclipse In the News.

North America 2005
October 31 - Sierra Club grows open source application by Jennifer Mears, Network World
October 26 - Benefiting From Open Source Development by: Christian Donner; Sumitra Chary et al on JDJ
October 26 - EclipseZone Interviews: Todd Williams by Ed Burnette
October 21 - Podcast - New Projects, New People (MP3 audio, 3:47 mins) by Jonathan Erickson on Eclipse Pipeline
October 19 - Eclipse: The Story of Web Tools Platform 0.7 by Arthur Ryman on Sys-Con
October 18 - IBM donates Rational processes to Eclipse by Elizabeth Montalbano, JavaWorld
October 17 - How to Bring Eclipse 3.1, J2SE 5.0, and Tomcat 5.0 Together by Boris Minkin, Sys-Con
October 17 - TietoEnator joins Eclipse Foundation
October 13 - Get Started Profiling Applications in Eclipse by R.J. Lorimer on EclipseZone
October 12 - IBM to Contribute Software Development Blueprints to Open Source Community. Find out more in the whitepaper, The Eclipse Process Framework Project and watch for the proposal !
October 11 - Ivis Technologies Announces the Release of xProcess 1.2
October 11 - Nokia Introduces Carbide.c++, New Family of Development Tools for Symbian OS
October 11 - Symbian joins Eclipse Foundation to support free Open Source development tools for Symbian OS
October 6 - Macromedia Announces New Eclipse-based Tool – Flex Builder 2 by Eclipse News Desk, JDJ
October 5 - Eclipse Web Tools by Lawrence Mandel, Jeffrey Liu, O'Reilly onJava
October 4 - EclipseZone Interviews: Wayne Beaton by Ed Burnette
October 3 - BEA dev tool upgrade poses challenges by Paul Krill, ComputerWorld
September 29 - Eclipse Awarded Best Open Source Tool in SD Magazine 2005 Readers’ Choice Awards
September 29 - The seven circles of Eclipse Rich client applications. Circle one: Sweet by Philippe Ombredanne on eclipse.techforge
September 27 - Eclipse Project Series: The ECF Project by Ed Burnette on EclipseZone
September 27 - Eclipse.Org ALF Project Selects Catalyst Tool, Eclipse News Desk,
September 26 - Big business has opened its doors to the Linux software stack by Larry Greenemeier, InformationWeek
September 20 - Eclipse Awarded Best Overall Development Product in Java Pro Magazine's 2005 Editors' Choice Awards
September 19 - Nokia Joins Open Source Development Effort by Brad Smith on WirelessWeek
September 18 - Nokia Goes Into Eclipse For Mobile Java by Richard Bloor, SymbianOne
September 18 - Nokia joins Eclipse in mobile tools move by Paul Krill InfoWorld
September 14 - Data Tools Project DTP Gets Started by John Graham
September 14 - Eclipse CDT: Reshaping the C/C++ Tools Market by John K. Waters
September 12 - Iona joins Eclipse, proposes SOA effort Tools platform is proposed by Paul Krill on JavaWorld
September 12 - Iona takes lead in new Eclipse SOA project by Colleen Frye on SearchWebServices
September 12 - QNX Implements Aonix VM Solution in Eclipse-based IDE
September 2005 - JavaSPEKTRUM Special Eclipse Edition available October 24!
September 1 - Building Web Applications with Eclipse, WTP, and Derby by Susan Cline on developerWorks
September 2005 - Eclipse Committer Series: Kim Horne by Ed Burnette on EclipseZone
August 31 - 'Eclipse Effect' Will Drive Open Source Channel Business by Paula Rooney, CRN
August 31 - LogicLibrary, Eclipse make SOA moves by Paul Krill on ComputerWorld
August 30 - Eclipse Grows, Thanks to Users By Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
August 29 - Become an Eclipse hotkey showoff - Tips for using the Eclipse IDE by Sam Brodkin on JavaWorld
August 22 - Book Review: Eclipse In Action by Gustavo Garnica on EclipseZone
August 22 - Progress Takes Eclipse Track by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
August 22 - Eclipse Project rev's C/C++ IDE in LinuxDevices
August 22 - C Better With CDT 3.0 by Jim Wagner on
August 22 - Java ORM Data Mapping Eclipse Plug-in Due by Vance McCarthy on IDev News
August 18 - Eclipse Project Series: The eRCP Project by Ed Burnette on EclipseZone
August 18 - SlickEdit Receives LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award
August 15 - BEA Achieves Key Open Source Milestones
August 15 - Progress Software joins Eclipse by Paul Krill in Computerworld
August 15 - Borland Moves to Eclipse by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
August 10 - Eclipse Project Series: The Visual Editor Project by Ed Burnette on EclipseZone
August 9 - Open Source is Serious Business for Exadel Customers by John K. Waters on
August 1 - Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform: Open Source Testing and Performance Tuning for Eclipse - Accessible on Yoxos and new Eclipse Mirror
July/August - Beware the March of This IDE: Eclipse Is Overshadowing Other Tool Technologies (pdf) by Greg Goth in July/August 2005 IEEE Software
July 27 - Why "Eclipse Developer's Journal" and Why Now? by Bill Dudney on IT Solutions
July 21 - MDA aligns with SOA, Eclipse by Michael Meehan and Nitin Bharti on
July 18 - The Story of Web Tools Platform 0.7 by Arthur Ryman on EDJ
July 12 - Study: Eclipse experiencing rapid growth by Michael Meehan on
July 11 - In-Depth: Eclipse Comes to Device Software Development by Martin Klaus in ESE
July 8 - Eclipse Research Award Winner Focuses on Un-Refactoring by Vance McCarthy on Open Enterprise Trends
July 7 - Milinkovich on Eclipse 3.1, open source development by Nitin Bharti on
July 6 - Vote for Eclipse and Eclipse Community Nominees in the 2005 JDJ Reader's Choice Awards!
June 2005 - The Eclipse Voice Tools Project by Andrew Wahbe and Brent Metz in VoiceXML Review
June 29 - Oracle Brings Business Process and Service Orchestration Standard to Eclipse Developer Community
June 29 - BEA, Eclipse make marks at JavaOne by Paul Krill on LinuxWorld
June 29 - iWay Software Joins Eclipse Open Source Community
June 28 - Launches; Vertical Market Channels Focusing on Open Source Trends and Technologies First TechForge Channel,
June 28 - Eclipse's Culture of Shipping A Conversation with Erich Gamma, Part V by Bill Venners on artima developer
June 28 - ILOG Delivers Enhanced Business Rule Management for Dual-Platform Applications New JRules 5.1
June 28 - Oracle Strengthens Commitment to Java Developers with Free Development Tool and Open Source Projects  
June 28 - Take part in BEA's Eclipse Plug-in Coding Contest June 27-Aug 15
June 27 - Sybase plans unified developer environment by James Niccolai in Computerworld
June 27 - Borland Suite Fully Integrated With Eclipse by Jim Wagner on
June 27 - BEA Announces Expanded dev2dev Online Community
June 27 - Exadel Announces Exadel Studio 3.0 for Simplified and Accelerated Web Application Development
June 27 - Extend Eclipse 3.1 Installations through a Web Browser - Free Service Available
June 27 - OC Systems Announces Hitchhiker for Eclipse; Free Eclipse Plug-In Provides Testing, Debugging and Performance Analysis for C/C++ Applications
June 27 - Openmake 6.4 Delivers Comprehensive Solution for Automated Build Management
June 27 - Compuware Extends Java Development Automation and Announces Eclipse Support With OptimalJ 4.0
June 21 - EBay Launches Community Codebase by Jennifer LeClaire on.LinuxInsider
June 20 - Progress Embraces Open Source with Eclipse-Based Tools in eWeek
June 20 - Progress Users' Conference Previews OpenEdge 10.1 Release
June 21 - JBoss to Roll out EJB 3.0 in Three New Products by John K. Waters on
June 21 - Borland to Ring In New Era of Java Innovation at JavaOne
June 21 - Patterns and Practice: A Conversation with Erich Gamma, Part IV by Bill Venners on artima developer
June 16 - Desktop Java with SWT: an interview with Steve Northover by Andy Roberts on OS News
June 13 - What's New in Eclipse 3.1: Polishing the apple by Ed Burnette on JDJ
June 8 - Eclipse Now Includes COBOL Plug-In from Acucorp
June 6 - Design Principles from Design Patterns, A Conversation with Erich Gamma, Part III by Bill Venners on artima developer
June 5 - Macromedia aligns with Eclipse by Paul Festa on CNET
June 1 - DDC-I Joins the Eclipse Foundation: Offers Integrated Solution for Safety Critical Software Developers
June 2005 - A Special Guide to Eclipse Tools by Mike Riley in SD Magazine
May 2005 - Eclipse: Adapting and Updating an IDE by Mary Kroening on Dr. Dobb's
May 31 - Borland Announces JBuilder Product Roadmap, New Eclipse-Based Collaborative Developer Environment
May 30 - Erich Gamma on Flexibility and Reuse, Part II by Bill Venners on artima developer
May 2005 - Fast forward MCU design with the Eclipse IDE by Yong Cui Published in the March 2005 issue of Embedded Computing
May 26 - Vote for Eclipse and Eclipse Community Nominees in the 2005 JDJ Reader's Choice Awards!
May 26 - The Eclipse IDE by Rajorshi Biswas
May 23 - Wind River Extends Development Suite Support to Express Logic's
May 23 - Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS Gains Eclipse-based Development Platform through Integration with Wind River Workbench
May 23 - How to Use Design Patterns: A Conversation with Erich Gamma, Part I by Bill Venners on artima developer
May 20 - Eclipse: Behind the Name by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
May 20 - Eclipse Casts Shadow on Sun by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
May 15 - May We Have The Envelopes Please - Eclipse awarded SD Times Top 100 in Tools and Environments
May 12 - Versata Joins Eclipse Foundation
April 29 - The right environment by Richard Wilson on ElectronicsWeekly
April 28 - Cisco and IBM To Integrate Speech-Based IVR on CommWeb
April 26 - Register for the iX' Eclipse Conference in Heidelberg. Early bird registration ends April 30th!
April 22 - The Eclipse roadmap on Computerworld Knowledge Centre Vol 11, Issue 13
April 19 - Beta testers wanted for Eclipse-based C/C++ IDE
April 19 - Versant Proposes to Lead Open Source JSR220 in Eclipse Community
April 14 - Oracle to Spearhead Eclipse Project to Support EJB 3.0 on eclipseDeveloper's Journal
April 13 - Oracle warms to Eclipse with open-source project by Martin LaMonica on cNet
April 12 - Eclipse Evolves into Its Own Universe by Todd Williams in EclipseNews
April 2005 - Eclipse goes big by Alolita Sharma
April 12 - Call for submissions for Workshop Eclipse RCP, Bern, Switzerland, October 2005. Submissions due 30 June 2005.
April 5 - DataMirror Joins Eclipse Foundation: PointBase 5.2 Database Features Eclipse Plugin
April 5 - Instantiations WindowBuilder Moves Java Swing and SWT Interoperability Forward
March 2005 - On Plug-ins and Extensible Architectures by Dorian Birsan in ACM Queue vol. 3, no. 2
March 31 - Warum ein Eclipse Client für das CMS WebGate Anywhere? Why an Eclipse Client for WebGate Anywhere?
March 23 - Sun and Eclipse - A Marriage Made in Heaven on Enterprise Networks and Servers
March 23 - Novell tweaks management tools by Martin LaMonica on CNET
March 23 - Is Eclipse the Commercial IDE Killer? by John K. Waters on
March 22 - Innoopract Releases Yoxos Enterprise Edition and Free Community Edition
March 22 - Call for Speakers! Eclipse World 2005, New York, August 29-31. Submissions due April 18th!
March 21 - Java Basics: Eclipse for Students by Yakov Fain in JDJ
March 21 - NASA Explores Eclipse Rich Client Platform - by Scott Schram
March 17 - Eclipse wins Jolt Product Excellence Award! Read the press release for more Jolt and Productivity Winners from around the eclipse community including D'Anjou et al, The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse!
March 15 - Installing and Using Eclipse-based IBM Rational Products Khawar Z. Ahmed on developerWorks
March 14 - BIRT not a threat say BI vendors in Computer Business Review
March 9 - Eclipse Foundation rolls out open source Web services platform by Liam Lahey on eChannelLine
March 8 - ILOG launches First Comprehensive Graphics Toolkit for Eclipse
March 8 - Wind River aims for open-source expansion by Stephen Shankland, on ZDNet News
March 8 - Wind River Focuses on Open Source by Staff on eWeek
March 8 - Wind River Donates Code to Open Source by Sean Michael Kerner on
March 8 - Enea joins Eclipse Foundation, readies IDE on Linux Devices
March 7 - Eclipse project adopts web services to improve quality in Computer Business Review
March 4 - Eclipse chief talks up projects, awaits Sun and Microsoft: Mike Milinkovich cites advances in open source development technologies by Paul Krill on InfoWorld
March 4 - Developing Java Applications on Mac OS X with Eclipse on The Apple Developer Connection
March 3 - IBM: Eclipse Faces Challenges Ahead by Paul Krill on InfoWorld
March 3 - Eclipse On The Rise by Charles Babcock in Information Week
March 3 - Computer Associates Becomes Eclipse Strategic Developer on Eclipse Developer’s Journal
March 3 - Open-source group opens its doors to users by Antony Savvas on Computer Weekly
March 3 - Google Gives Behind-The-Scenes Peek by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
March 3 - Eclipse adds new members, unveils Web services tools by Nitin Bharti on searchwebservices
March 2 - Parallel systems development eyed by Eclipse by Paul Krill on Computer World
March 2 - IBM tests new ways to support open source by Dinesh C. Sharma on CNET
March 2 - BEA, Sybase, and Borland to Deepen Involvement with Eclipse Foundation by John K. Waters on
March 1 - Eclipse Brings Web Services Tools to Light by Clint Boulton on
March 1 - Eclipse shines light on future projects by Martin LaMonica on CNET
March 1 - Borland Scales Up Eclipse Membership in Computer Business Review
February 28 - It's More Than Just an IDE,’ Says CTO As Borland Becomes Strategic Developer Member of Eclipse on Eclipse Developer’s Journal
February 28 - Eclipse lights up Java crowd by Martin LaMonica on CNET
February 28 - Borland Amplifies Eclipse Support by Staff in CIO Today
February 28 - Borland To Expand Eclipse Projects by Jim Wagner on InternetNews
February 28 - BEA, Borland endorse Eclipse platform by  Paul Krill on InfoWorld
February 28 - IBM puts Eclipse tools on alphaWorks on Computer Business Review online
February 22 - BEA WebLogic Announces JRockit Plug-Ins and AspectJ 5 Project Plans
February 22 - BEA Joins the Eclipse Foundation as a Board Member and Strategic Developer to Help Strengthen Java, Eclipse and BEA Communities
February 22 - Sybase Joins the Eclipse Foundation as Strategic Developer Member
February 14 - Aldon Announces Aldon Lifecycle Manager 5.0
February 9 - Eclipse Plugins Exposed, Part 1: A First Glimpse by Emmanuel Proulx in Java IDE Tools on O'Reilly
February 8 - AOP@Work: AOP tools comparison, Part 1 - Language Mechanisms and Part 2 - Development Environments by Mik Kersten on developerWorks
February 8 - Vote for Eclipse and Eclipse Community Nominees in the 2004 JDJ Reader's Choice Awards!
February 3 - Call for Papers for "Eclipse - Get Plugged in / 2nd Ed." 14.-15. Juni 2005 , Heidelberg. Submissions due February 25th,
February 1 - Instantiations Empowers Java Developers to Deliver Continuous Code Quality
January 25 - ObjectWeb Announces Winners of Best Use Cases Awards 2005
January 25 - Developer Lives on Edge of Technology by Rita-Lyn Sanders in EclipseNews
January 24 - Vote for Eclipse as Technology of the Year in the 2005 Product of the Year Awards! Voting closes February 6th.
January 19 - Java jams: five IDEs tested by Adam Neat on
January 2005 - Eclipse: The development system that crosses RTOS boundaries by Robert Day in Embedded Computing Design
January 2005 - Adding value with the Eclipse framework by Michael McCullough in Embedded Computing Design
January 2005 - Next-generation embedded Linux development tools for high reliability and mission-critical applications by William von Hagen in Embedded Computing Design
North America 2004
December 20 - CA Joins Eclipse Foundation:  Takes Active Role in Test and Performance Tools Platform Project
December 6 - New Code Composer Essentials Offers Open Source IDE for TI's Ultra-Low Power MSP430 Microcontrollers
December 6 - New Eclipse Plug-In Provides Window To Web Services on 
December 6 - New ULC Visual Editor for Eclipse 3.0.1 Available
December 6 - Avaki Corp. announces the availability of Avaki 6 by Linda Cole on DatabaseJournal
December 2 - Poseidon integrated into Eclipse
December 1 - SD Times Special Supplement, Spotlight on Eclipse, now available for download!
December 2004 - Eclipse Validators by Lawrence Mandel in Dr. Dobb's Journal
November 17 - Agitar Software Releases Agitator 2.0 and Agitar Management Dashboard 2.0
November 17 - Eclipse Foundation Welcomes Aldon
November 15 - Eclipse Director Takes on Challenges of Growth by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
November 15 - IBM Eclipse Innovation Grant program for 2005! Initiate a proposal by November 26th. Final submissions due December 2nd.
November 15 - Telelogic Delivers Eclipse 3.0 Integration for Telelogic SYNERGY/CM
November 9 - M1Global Offers Free Process Modeling Software; BPi Studio will simplify and improve business process modeling
November 1 - Altova Announces General Availability of Software Version 2005
November 1 - Wind River's Next Generation Workbench Available Now
November 2004 - Dr. Dobb's Journal Special Eclipse Series.In the November issue: Eclipse & Tools for Embedded Systems Development by Gene Sally; Factoring for Eclipse by Marcus Kestler
October 21 - Choosing Favorites by the Editors of Java Pro - Eclipse Awarded Best IDE and Best Java Development Suite!
October 13 - IBM's 'Atlantic' Tools Set to Sail by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
October 8 - SoftLanding Systems Joins the Eclipse Foundation
October 6 - Yoxos Releases Versions 1.1 and 1.1 M2
October 5 - Systinet Releases Unique Web Service Enablement for Eclipse
October 1 - PODS Overtakes PalmSource IDE: Eclipse now the foundation for all Palm OS developer tools by Edward J. Correia in SDTimes
October 2004 - Dr. Dobb's Journal Special Eclipse Series. In the October issue: Penumbra: Simplifying Eclipse by Frank Mueller and Antony L. Hosking; The Eclipse Visual Editor for Java by Michael Pilone; Refactoring with Eclipse by Hugo Troche; Eclipse 3.0's Rich Client Platform by Gene Sally and Maciej Halasz
September 30 - Bundling Java/SWT Applications for Mac OS X by Nathan Callender
September 21 - Instantiations Ships New Release of CodePro Studio Product Family
September 21 - JBoss, Inc. Becomes a Member of the Eclipse Foundation
September 15 - Mentor Puts Nucleus Developers on Edge by Edward J. Correia in SDTimes
September 15 - Last Call for Papers! CSCW 2004 Workshop on Eclipse as a Vehicle for CSCW Research - paper deadline extended to Sept 17th!
September 14 - Agitar Software Joins Eclipse Foundation
September 14 - IBM Contributes Speech Recognition Software to Open Source by Erika Morphy on Enterprise Linux IT
September 13 - Novell Delivers Innovative Visual Tools and Advanced Provisioning Capabilities to Simplify Identity Management
September 13 - IBM to Contribute Speech Software to Apache Software and Eclipse Foundations
September 9 - Apache's Tomcat 5.5 is First Release Ever to Use Eclipse JDT Java Compiler from the eclipse news desk on JDJ
September 6 - Accelerated Technology's Nucleus EDGE Next Generation Development Environment Ushers In New Era of Eclipse Platform Use
September 1 - Eclipse Gets Web-Ready by Jennifer deJong in SDTimes
September 1 - Rich-Client Experience for Java Server Apps by David Rubinstein in SDTimes
September 2004 - Dr. Dobb's Journal Special Eclipse Series. In the September issue: Eclipse & General-Purpose Applications by Todd E. Williams and Marc R. Erickson; Writing Plug-Ins in C/C++ for Eclipse CDT by Doug Schaefer and Sebastien Marineau-Mes; Contributing to Eclipse by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma
August 24 - Actuate Joins Eclipse Board as a Strategic Developer from the eclipse news desk on eclipse developer's journal
August 24 - BIRTs of a Feather: Actuate and Eclipse by Jim Wagner on
August 24 - Actuate-Eclipse Union To Shed New Light On Business Reporting by Elizabeth Montalbano on
August 24 - Actuate Joins Eclipse, Starts Open-Source BI Project by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
August 24 - Nuclear science group develops Eclipse-based app on Linux by Rodney Gedda in Computerworld
August 19 - Eclipse Special: Bill Dudney on the Web Tools Project on eclipse developer's journal
August 17 - Last Call for Papers - eclipse Technology eXchange Workshop - papers due August 27th !
August 13 - XML Persistence Pays Off by Kei G. Gauthierin on JavaPro
August 9 - PureEdge Solutions Joins Eclipse Foundation
August 2 - Eclipse's Hyades Project Will Bring Open Test and Performance Tools from the JDJ News Desk on linuxworld
August 1 - It's Official: Eclipse Is IBM's IDE by Jennifer deJong in SDTimes
July 26 - Aonix Delivers Eclipse-based Ada IDE for Mission- and Safety-Critical Development
July 26 - Call for Posters! Eclipse Technology eXchange (eTX) Poster Session and Reception at OOPSLA 2004!
July 22 - Intel Aims at Open Source Testing by Jim Wagner on
July 20 - Extending Eclipse with Helpful Views by Matt Liotta on
July 19 - IBM readies 'Atlantic' tools plus open source effort by Paul Krill in infoworld
July 6 -  A Rational Approach to Quality Software by Jim Wagner on
July 2 - Eclipse and Eclipse Community Receive Honors in JDJ Editors' Choice Awards!
July 1- IBM Advances AspectJ Extensions by Jennifer deJong in SDTimes
July 2004 - JDJ Exclusive Q & A with Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation interview by Bill Dudney in JDJ Vol. 9, No. 7
July 1 - Call for papers! CSCW 2004 Workshop on Eclipse as a Vehicle for CSCW Research
June 30 - Nokia Backs Eclipse for Building Apps by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
June 30 - ULC Visual Editor 2.0 for Eclipse Released
June 29 - Eclipse: An Interview with Mike Milinkovich by Scott Mace on ITConversations
June 28 - SlickEdit Inc. Announces SlickEdit Plug-In v9
June 28 - Q&A: Eclipse director discusses new 3.0 development platform by Carol Sliwa in Computerworld
June 28 - Yoxos delivers the first Eclipse distribution
June 27- Eclipse to Pollinate BEA's Beehive by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
June 24 - Eclipse to buzz BEA's Java Beehive by Martin LaMonica on CNET
June 21 - Eclipse 3.0 is a Great Leap Forward by Bill Dudney online at JDJ
June 21 - Inside Eclipse 3.0's June 30 Download by Vance McCarthy in Integration Developer News
June 21 - Eclipse 3.0 released by John K. Waters on
June 21 - Eclipse readies 'rich client' software by Martin LaMonica on CNET
June 16 - ILOG Launches New Business Rule Studio for Eclipse
June 16 - Eclipse Special: Bill Dudney Looks at New Stuff in M9 online at JDJ
June 14 - ASC announces the SWTworkbench Project
June 10 - Aonix Joins Eclipse to Provide Customers a Common Platform
June 7 - Eclipse and Mac OSX: a Natural Combination on the Apple developer connection.
June 4 - Eclipse board names Mike Milinkovich executive director by Rich Seeley on
June 2 - Eclipse Names Executive Director by Matt McKenzie on
June 1 - Eclipse Names Oracle Exec As Its Director by Jennifer deJong in SDTimes
June 1 - Eclipse names exec director by Paul Krill in
May 28 - Oracle Exec Takes Eclipse Helm by Jim Wagner on
May 28 - Open-source Eclipse names first director Martin LaMonica on CNET
May 26 - Eclipse: A platform for integrating development tools by Jim des Rivieres and John Wiegand, IBM Systems Journal, Vol. 43, No. 2, 2004
May 25 - Instantiations Unveils WindowBuilder Suite of Rich Client Development Tools for Java
May 24 - Eclipse Plugin Central Alliance Joins Eclipse Foundation
May 20 - Eclipse Special: Remote Debugging Tomcat & JBoss Apps with Eclipse by Bill Dudney online at JDJ
May 18 - RTI Joins Eclipse Foundation
May 15 - Eclipse receives honors in Tools and Environments and Influencers categories in The SD Times 2004 Top 100!
May 13 - Model with the Eclipse Modeling Framework, Part 3 : Customize generated models and editors with Eclipse's JMerge by Adrian Powell on DeveloperWorks
May 10 - Eclipse Use Grows By More Than 75% In Europe, Asia And North America
May 4 - Build GUIs with the Eclipse Visual Editor project by David Gallardo on DeveloperWorks
May 3 - Eclipse Plugin Central Contest: Write an Eclipse plugin review and earn a chance to win an Apple iPod!
April 27 - Model with the Eclipse Modeling Framework, Part 2: Generate code with Eclipse's Java Emitter Templates by Adrian Powell on DeveloperWorks
April 23 - IBM Invests in Eclipse's Future with Grants, Contests by Darryl K. Taft on eWeek
April 22 - Eclipse Special: Bill Dudney Looks at Eclipse M8 Close-Up online at JDJ
April 8 - Developing Struts with Easy Struts for Eclipse by Nancy Chen Junhua on DeveloperWorks
April 2 - SYS-CON Media Delivers the Premier Issue Of Eclipse Newsletter
March 31 - Penton Technology Media announces Eclipse Newsletter! First issue Tues. April 27th!
March 30 - Model-driven development with the Eclipse Modeling Framework, Part 1 by Adrian Powell on DeveloperWorks
March 18 - Eclipse and AspectJ Win Jolt Award and Productivity Award for Languages and Development Environments! Check out the announcement for more winners from the eclipse community!
March 16 - SourceBeat Announces New Open Source Titles Available at SD West 2004
March 16 - Tune Eclipse's startup performance with the Runtime Spy, Part 2 by Dan Kehn on DeveloperWorks
March 4 - Tune Eclipse's startup performance with the Runtime Spy, Part 1 by Dan Kehn on DeveloperWorks
March 3 - Eclipse awarded Best Java Component for SWT by Java Developer's Journal Reader's Choice Awards!
March 1 - Mozilla Announces Intentions to Create XUL-Builder Eclipse Plugin
February 19 - Zweite iX-Konferenz: "Eclipse 3.0 - Get Plugged In" - June 14-15, Heidelberg
February 19 - The workshop organizers invite you to submit your eclipse related papers by March 8th to the Workshop on Directions in Software Engineering Environments to be held in conjunction with ICSE 2004, Edinburgh.
February 18 - The Eclipse Project Looks Ahead by Daniel H. Steinberg,
February 17 - Inside Eclipse: Q&A with Skip McGaughey by Rich Seeley in
February 9 - Eclipse Moves Ahead by Darryl K. Taft in eWeek
February 3 - Eclipse Plugin Central Provides Definitive Information Portal and Marketplace for the Eclipse Ecosystem
February 3 - Full EclipseCON 2004 coverage - news, pictures, and other reports !
February 2004 - Programmer's Bookshelf: A Double Eclipse by Jason Montojo in Dr. Dobb's Journal
January 28 - CNET: New age dawns at Eclipse By Martin LaMonica
January 21 - Novell to Join Eclipse, Facilitate Development of Solutions on Novell Technologies
January 13 - SlickEdit Launches the SlickEdit Studio Integrated Development Environment
January 9 - Eclipse 3.0 Upgrade Demos on Tap at EclipseCon by Vance McCarthy on Integration Developer News
January 8 - As EclipseCon 2004 Nears, Momentum Builds for Premiere Conference on Open Technology
Europe 2005
September 2005 - JavaSPEKTRUM Special Eclipse Edition available October 24!
September 2005 - Eclipse GEF bei der Darstellung von Schienennetzen, Heiko Behrens, Sebastian Zarnekow, iX Magazin, 09/05, S. 116
August 22 - Eclipse Magazin - Titelthema: Eclipse 3.1 Ausgabe: Volume 4
June 18 - Eclipse 3.1: Kleiner Versionssprung, grosse Wirkung von Bernhard Steppan, iX Magazin 7/2005
May 2005 - Interview de Mike Milinkovich, directeur exécutif de la Fondation Eclipse par Didier Girard et Olivier Rafal,
May 2005 -Nachhaltiges Wachstum Eclipse-Konferenz: Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt von Frank Gerhardt, Christian Wege, iX 5/05
May 2 - Eclipse Magazin, Volume 3 - Titelthema: Eclipse Rich Clients. Zudem stellt das Eclipse Magazin seine 'Eclipse Plug-in Collection' vor, die ab sofort online verfügbar ist.
January 2005 - Classloading in Eclipse by Martin Lippert in JavaSpektrum
January 2005 - das Eclipse Magazin: Vol. 2 Titelthema - Web Development
January 2005 - Codegenerierung mit dem "Eclipse Modeling Framework" und Jet von Philipp Schill und Ralf Schmauder in Objektspektrum
Europe 2004
October 18 - Inside Eclipse - Interview mit Mike Milinkovich (.pdf) by Elke Niedermair JavaSPEKTRUM SYSTEMS Sonderausgabe 2004
October 13 - IBM vereint Entwicklungswerkzeuge unter Eclipse in heise online
October 6 - Yoxos bietet Distribution für aktuelle Eclipse-Versionen 3.01 und 3.1
October 1 - JBoss wird Mitglied der Eclipse Foundation in
September 28 - Entwickler-Plattform für Palm OS Cobalt in heise online
September 2004 - JavaMagazin Eclipse Special - Neu: Eclipse 3.0, Der neue Look, Eclipse intern, Plug-in-Workshop und mehr!
August 2004 - Titelthema: PHP-Entwicklung mit Eclipse von Christopher Kunz, PHP Magazin, Ausgabe 05.2004
July 15 - Eclipse erweitert Hyades-Reichweite on Computerwoche
July 2004 - Eclipse als Basis für Rich-Client-Anwendungen von Frank Gerhardt und Christian Wege, iX Magazin
June 1 - Oracle-Manager wird Eclipse-Chef in ComputerWoche online
March 16 - Erfolgreich: Die erste Eclipse-Tagung - by Frank Gerhardt and Christian Wege in iX 4/2004
January 2004 - Eclipse Plug-Ins - Entwickeln und Publizieren by Dirk Bäumer, Daniel Megert und André Weinand in ObjektSpektrum

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