ws M5
WST Web services tools

M5 Plan
Web Service Framework and API
  • [89084] Define Web Service Finder framework as public or internal provisional API. [high]
  • [89084] Define Web Service Finder extensions to locate non-J2EE Web services (eg. Axis, WSDL, WSIL). [high]
  • Integrate Web Service Finder framework with [J2EE] Project Explorer. [medium]
  • [89085] Define Web Service Consumer framework as public or internal provisional API. [medium]
  • [98841] Refactor mislocated classes (mainly utility classes) from JST WS to WST WS. [high]
Web Services Explorer
  • [98930] Exploit Web Service Consumer framework in WSE to present WSDL consumers (ie. the wizards). [medium]
  • [89100] Exploit Web Service Finder framework in WSE for WSDL import. [high]
  • [89101] Loosen coupling of WSE on Eclipse so that is able to run outside of the Eclipse platform. [medium]
  • [98843] Support Schema nillable elements in the form views. [high]
  • [98844] Support Schema attributes in the form views. [high]
  • [84945] Support tunnelling Web service calls thru basic authenticating firewall proxies. [medium]
  • [88627] Support cookies. [medium]
Web Services Conformance Profiles
  • [89086] Generalize WS-I Preferences page to manage extensible profiles, including but not limited to WS-I. [medium]
  • [98743] Define JUnit testcases for internal provisional API. [high]
  • [98743] Define or enhance non-API JUnit testcases. [medium]
  • [96010] Write on-line documentation. [high]
  • [98775] Add dynamic help to SWT componentry. [medium]
  • [98770] Integrate missing JavaDoc. [high]
  • [84073] Housekeeping: Clean up compilation warnings. Common cases: [medium]
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