ws M5
JST Web services tools

M5 Plan
Web Service Framework and API
  • [96812] Support automatic determination of compatible Web service RTs and Servers. [medium]
  • [93309] Improved defaults for servers, server types, module types. [high]
  • [96791] Respect preferences for servers, server types, module types. [high]
  • [96802] Remove obsolete code / frameworks / extension points. [high]
Integration with Other Components
  • [98916] React to changes in upstream plugins (ongoing), chiefly Server and J2EE tools. [high]
Extensible Web Services Wizards
  • [98919] Clean up popup actions: Insure they are available strictly on appropriate objects. [high]
  • [89103] Exploit Web Service Finder framework from WSDL selection page. [medium]
  • [89102] Plug wizards into Web Service Consumer framework. [medium]
  • [92294] Web service scenarios (or wizards) should the created IWebService or IWebServiceClient to callers. [medium]
Command Line Tools and ANT Tasks
  • [98921] Define Command Line and/or ANT Task entry points to Web service scenarios. [medium]
Apache Axis
  • [92603] Support Apache Tomcat 5.5. [high]
  • [98922] Support Apache Geronimo. [high]
  • [98340] Support Apache Axis 1.2 (instead of Apache Axis 1.1 or 1.0). [high]
  • [98924] Factor creation logic out of the axis.consumption plugin. [medium]
  • [88684] Enable Web service wizards to target multiple versions of Apache Axis (eg. 1.0, 1.1, 1.2RC3). [medium]
    • Define internal Axis extension point.
    • Define pluggable sets of Axis emitter option preferences.
    • Define pluggable Axis jar manifests for emitter and deployed service runtime use.
    • Define pluggable Axis emitter Ant task facades.
  • [89924] Support generation of Axis Java clients to multiple module types (not just Web). [medium]
  • [89923] Integrate generation of Axis JUnit tests into Test Facility extension point. [medium]
  • [89922] Support creation of Axis EJB Web services from existing Stateless Session EJBs (bottom-up). [medium]
  • [98745] Define JUnit testcases for internal provisional API. [high]
  • [98745] Define or enhance non-API JUnit testcases. [medium]
  • [96010] Write on-line documentation. [high]
  • [98776] Add dynamic help to SWT componentry. [medium]
  • [98772] Integrate missing JavaDoc. [high]
  • [84074] Housekeeping: Clean up compilation warnings. Common cases: [medium]
  • [93111] Use Eclipse 3.1 message bundles. [medium]
  • [98745] Automate JUnit performance tests. [high]
  • [98932] Improve performance and usability of server start up. [medium]
  • [98938] Improve performance and usability of long-running code generation. [medium]
  • [98941] A-modal wizards. [medium]
  • [96982] Remove unnecessary server/application restarts. [high]
  • [98944] Improve UI Responsiveness. [medium]
  • [95696] Identify and resolve memory leaks. [high]
  • [98982] Identify and remove non-thread safe code. [medium]
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