VIATRA2 Downloads

Important note: as VIATRA2 is in incubation, "Milestone" versions are NOT releases, just represent a stable version of the software.

VIATRA2 v3.3.0

VIATRA2 v3.3.0 is the most current version of VIATRA2 (however, not released yet). Using this is strongly recommended over any previous version you might have. The milestone notes are found here.
  • Update site:
  • The update site is downloadable as a zip file
  • You can use the following official update site URL to get the latest version:
  • You can also use the following secondary update site URL to get the latest nightly version: Warning: This site also contains VIATRA2-specific content that is not validated using the Eclipse IP process.

Previous milestones

For information about previous milestones, look at our externally maintained download site.


This project is in the Incubation Phase