Running the stand-alone Generic Log Adapter

The Generic Log Adapter command-line utilities, gla.bat and, reside in the bin subdirectory of your stand-alone Generic Log Adapter installation. The stand-alone Generic Log adapter references required runtime libraries and invokes the Generic Log Adapter main class org.eclipse.hyades.logging.adapter.Adapter, which requires the adapter configuration file path as its only parameter. Note: Javadoc HTML documentation for the org.eclipse.hyades.logging.adapter.Adapter class can be located from the Test and Performance Tools Platform Monitoring Tools Project Technical Documentation web page under API Specifications.

The gla.bat and files are located in the bin directory of your stand-alone Generic Log Adapter installation. Execute the Generic Log Adapter with an adapter configuration file specified as a command line parameter. For example, gla.bat myadapter.adapter. The stand-alone Generic Log Adapter package also includes a few supported adapters files, sample log files, and sample script files for executing Generic Log Adapter with the adapter files to parse the sample log files and send the resulting Common Base Events to a file. These samples can be found in the config subdirectory of your stand-alone Generic Log Adapter installation. The sample script files and gla.bat and need to be updated with your stand-alone Generic Log Adapter installation directory before they can be executed.

Note: Generic Log Adapter requires a 1.5 or 1.4 version of Java runtime (JRE) or Java development kit (JDK) to execute. Ensure that it is in the PATH environment of your system before executing stand-alone Generic Log Adapter.

For more information, see Stand-alone Generic Log Adapter Installation Guide.

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