Adapter Configuration Editor

The Adapter Configuration Editor enables you to write rules for mapping your log file content to the Common Base Event format.

The following figure shows an adapter configuration file in the editor. The editor provides two panes:

Picture of the Adapter Configuration Editor

Editing icons

The following table lists icons in the Adapter Configuration Editor:

Icon Description
Picture of the Adapter icon Adapter
Picture of the Context icon Context
Picture of the Contexts icon Contexts
Picture of the Component icon Component
Picture of the Configuration icon Configuration
Picture of the Context instance icon Context instance
Picture of the Sensor icon Sensor
Picture of the Sensor outputter stream icon Sensor/outputter stream
Picture of the Extractor icon Extractor
Picture of the Parser icon Parser
Picture of the Common Base Event elements icon Common Base Event elements
Picture of the Nestings icon Nestings
Picture of the Attributes icon Attributes
Picture of the Process unit icon Process unit
Picture of the Formatter icon Formatter
Picture of the Outputter icon Outputter

Editing preferences

The Adapter Configuration Editor setting for viewing result entries can be customized. To edit the preferences:

  1. Select Window > Preferences from the main menu. The Preferences dialog opens.
  2. Select Profiling and Logging > Generic Log Adapter in the left pane. The customizable properties are loaded in the right pane.
  3. Specify a number for the Buffer size.
  4. Click OK. The updated buffer size will be applied to the result views when an adapter is run.

Parent topic: Stand-alone Generic Log Adapter User's Guide