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Mission Statement

The Target Management project creates data models and frameworks to configure and manage remote systems (from mainframe to embedded), their connections, and their services.

The Vision

To be the Eclipse "Explorer of the Network Neighborhood", with pluggable information providers under a single, consistent UI. Interactively discover, drill down, analyze remote systems (from mainframes down to embedded systems), and provide the context for more advanced actions being plugged in to it.

The Toolkit

The core Remote System Explorer (RSE) framework integrates any sort of heterogeneous remote resources through a concept of pluggable subsystems. The base toolkit includes a Remote Files subsystem that allows transparent working on remote computers just like the local one, a shell and a processes subsystem. Other offerings include a lightweight Terminal and a Network Discovery framework.

Vendors are extending the RSE with custom subsystems for debugging, remote VNC display and other uses.


Our latest full release is TM 3.4. The latest service release is TM 3.4.2. The release currently under construction is TM 3.5. Highlights and release notes for these can be found from our downloads page.

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