Getting Involved

If you like to contribute to the Subversive project or integrate Subversive with your projects, use the resources below.

  • Mailing Lists - it is a primary communication channel with Subversive developers regarding Subversive development and integration issues. If you are interested in getting announcements for new versions, or want to participate in discussions of the development or integration topics, then you can subscribe to one of the project's mailing lists.
  • Submit a Patch - If you know how to fix an issue in the Subversive code, submit your patch through Eclipse Bugzilla.
  • Repository - Get an access to the Subversive source code.
  • Integrations - Learn about existing Subversive integrations with other Eclipse projects. Get an overview of Subversive architecture and integration API.
  • Project Plan - Get information about Subversive project plans and the current progress.
  • IP Log - The information about project committers and external contributors, list of approved project dependencies and other legal information.
Install Subversive

Install the latest stable Subversive version by dragging and dropping the icon below into a running Eclipse workspace.

Support Subversive Project
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Project News
  • Subversive 2.0 release - The new version of Subversive that is compatible with SVN 1.7-1.8 and Eclipse 4.2 or later. This version offers automatic migration from SVN 1.1-1.6.
  • Subversive 1.1 release - Subversive 1.1 is available with over 60 improvements and bug fixes. Subversive 1.1 release is included into the Eclipse Kepler Simultaneous release.
  • Subversive 1.0 release - The Subversive project has been graduated from the Incubation phase. Subversive 1.0 release is included into the Eclipse Juno Simultaneous release.
Project Contributors
Subversive Connectors Home

Visit to learn about the Subversive Connectors open-source project used by Subversive to communicate with the SVN infrastructure.