OSGi development with Eclipse Equinox - Tutorial

This article will give an introduction into the OSGi (Open Service Gateway Interface) framework using Eclipse Equinox. The core of OSGi defines a component and service model. One of the key features of OSGi is that you can define per Java package (within an OSGi bundle) if this package should be visible (exported) to other OSGi bundles. This strong OSGi component model enforces modularity and therefore allow an easier re-use of components and reduces the maintenance effort of a code base. This tutorial gives an overview of OSGi. It explains the creation of an OSGi bundle and how to run Eclipse Equinox as an standalone OSGi server with this bundle.

Categories: Tutorial, Plug-in Development Environment (PDE), Equinox, OSGi

[html] OSGi development with Eclipse Equinox - Tutorial
October 2008
by Lars Vogel