Using Working sets and filters

Working sets are static filters for resources. You define a working set as a list of resources (files, for example) and then only those resources are shown. For example, if you want to work in project A, and see project B for reference, you don't want to have your Package Explorer cluttered with the rest of the alphabet. By default, Eclipse offers working sets for Resources, Breakpoints, Java Resources and Plug-ins. If you have your own plug-in, and some view in it can be cluttered with information, you may want to define your own working set type, and filter your view based on it. This article aims to describe how to add a new resource type to the working sets already defined in Eclipse. (Note: This article was developed and tested against Eclipse 3.2.)

Categories: Platform, Working sets, Filters

[html] EclipseZone Article
April 2007
by Julen Parra