Unleashing the Power of Refactoring

In this article, Tobias Widmer sheds light on the services offered by the Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) and the Refactoring Language Toolkit (LTK) to support automated Java refactorings, explains how these services are used by refactorings to perform searches on the Java workspace, rewrite existing code and provide a rich user-interface to present the results of the refactoring. To demonstrate this combination of Java-specific and language-neutral frameworks, this article presents a simple but working refactoring implementation for an 'Introduce Indirection' refactoring designed to introduce an indirection method for existing method invocations.

Categories: Plug-ins, Language Toolkit, Java, Refactoring, Java development tools (JDT)

[html] Eclipse Corner Article
February 2007
by Tobias Widmer