Mylar: A Task Focused UI for Eclipse

This webinar will demonstrate what it is like to work with Mylar when developing Java, Plug-in, and J2EE apps. Views such as the Package Explorer, Outline, and Resource Navigator show only the elements relevant to the task-at-hand. The editor folds away uninteresting members and automatically unfolds those in the task context. JUnit integration maintains a suite of tests affected by your current task context. Active Search makes you aware of related elements whether they are in Java, JSP, or XML files. CVS integration makes it possible to synchronize only the tasks' resources. Working with issue trackers like Bugzilla and JIRA becomes a seamless part of task management, and planning is assisted by reports of your task activity. Recalling and sharing task contexts makes picking up where you or someone else left off effortless.

Categories: Java EE, Enterprise, Java, IDE, Mylyn

[connect] Webinar
October 2006
by Mik Kersten