JET Tutorial Part 2 (Write Code that Writes Code)

In Part 2 of this JET (Java Emitter Templates) tutorial, we will take a look at the JET engine API. You will learn how to write plug-ins that use the classes in the JET package to generate Java source code.As a real-world example, we will create a plug-in that takes user input and generates a Typesafe Enumeration class. The generated source code is based on a JET template that can be distributed with the plug-in, allowing users of the plug-in to customize the generated code by editing the template. This article also provides a short reference to the JET API.

Categories: Tutorial, Plug-ins, EMF, Modeling, Java Emitter Templates (JET)

[html] JET Tutorial Part 2 (Write Code that Writes Code)
August 2003
by Remko Popma