SWT/JFace in Action: GUI Design with Eclipse 3.0

SWT and JFace are Eclipse's graphical libraries. They enable you to build nimble and powerful Java GUIs--but this is only the beginning. With Draw2D and the Graphical Editing Framework, you can go beyond static applications and create full-featured editors. And with the Rich Client Platform, you can build customized workbenches whose capabilities far exceed those of traditional interfaces. SWT/JFace in Action covers the territory, from simple widgets to complex graphics. It guides you through the process of developing Eclipse-based GUIs and shows how to build applications with features your users will love. The authors share their intimate knowledge of the subject with you in a friendly, readable style.

Categories: SWT, User interface, RCP, Graphical Editing Framework (GEF), JFace, Draw 2D

[book] SWT/JFace in Action: GUI Design with Eclipse 3.0
January 2004
by Stephen Holder, Matthew Scarpino, Stanford Ng, and Laurent Mihalkovic