Project Plan For Subversive - SVN Team Provider, version Luna


Subversive provides you a probability to use supported SVN clients easily directly from your workbench. Friendly user interface of Subversive makes it much more comfortable to operate repositories. All SVN operations are supported and there are no difficulties while working with command line from now on.

The plan deals with the important matters of release deliverables, release milestones, target operating environments, and release-to-release compatibility. These are all things that need to be clear for any release, even if no features were to change.

Release Deliverables

The Subversive plug-in itself, including Mylyn integration and localizations, is distributed from both via update-site and archive download. The other integrations and Subversive SVN Connectors needed to get Subversive to work with SVN can be found on Polarion Software site. The archived copies for Polarion distributed parts are not available.

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Release Milestones

Release milestones will be occurring at roughly 6 week intervals, and will be aligned with the Luna Simultaneous Release train.

M120 Aug 2013
M201 Oct 2013
M312 Nov 2013
M417 Dec 2013
M528 Jan 2014
M611 Mar 2014
M706 May 2014
RC120 May 2014
RC227 May 2014
RC303 Jun 2014
RC410 Jun 2014

Individual, milestone level plans for the components that make up the Eclipse Project can be found on the Eclipse Luna Project Plan page on the Eclipse wiki.

Our target is to complete 4.4 in June 2014, in alignment with Luna. All release deliverables will be available for download as soon as the release has been tested and validated in the target operating configurations listed below.

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Target Environments

New Subversive builds do not support nor Eclipse 3.7 and earlier, nor JRE 1.5. In the future this solution should allow us to make project code more clean and stable.

So, the Subversive project will support:

  • Eclipse Platform 4.2.x and higher
  • JDK/JRE 1.6.x and higher
  • Migration from SVN version 1.1.x-1.6.x to SVN 1.7.x and higher.
  • SVN version 1.7.x using SVN 1.7 compatible connectors.
  • SVN version 1.8.x using SVN 1.8 compatible connectors.


The user interface elements provided by Subversive, including dialogs and error messages, are externalized. The English strings are provided as the default resource bundles.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

Stored configuration/repositories data are compatible with 0.7.x, 1.0.x and 1.1.x versions

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Themes and Priorities

The project has identified major areas of work, that will be the priorities for this development cycle.


We have lot of issue reports and tip for improvements registered on our tracker. The most important ones of these reports should be processed in alignment with Luna release.

  • Document SVN API calls 417770 [done]
  • Subversion 1.8 support 411991 [done]
  • Add support for Eclipse-SourceReferences header 315011 [import part: done]
  • Allow freeform in SVN:IGNORE 427577 [done]
  • Introduce SVN 1.8 API support 417768 [done]
  • Provide access to SVN repository management API 417769 [done]
  • Update SVN operations framework in order to support SVN 1.8 API 423701 [done]
  • "Treat replacement as edit" should be true by default and should be represented in preferences 419850 [done]
  • Create a connector compatible with the SVN 1.8 working copy (JavaHL) 416782 [done]
  • Add JavaHL 1.8.0 Win32 support 416783 [done]
  • Add JavaHL 1.8.0 Win64 support 416784 [done]
  • Add SVN 1.8 connector based on SVN Kit 1.8.x 416796 [done]
  • Update SVN 1.7.x SVN Kit connector to 1.7.11 version 416794 [done]

Bug Fixing

  • If performing changes via external program, Subversive does not show actual status 430056 [done]
  • Delete file from SVN not work always 434944 [done]
  • Cannot commit package deletion (greyed out) 426706 [done]
  • SVN 1.7 working copy format detection fails with SVN 1.8.3 connector 427092 [done]
  • GetPropertiesOperation fails for deleted resource with SVN Kit 1.8.3 connector 427093 [done]
  • There is an exception in Synchronize View when handling an obstructed resource of unexpected kind (dir instead of file) 427183 [done]
  • There're unnecessary accesses to the file system while loading information on versioned resources 427184 [done]
  • Ignored files shown as outgoing additions 392750 [done]
  • NPE in EditTreeConflictsPanel [ID-LZRIO] 425263 [done]
  • NullPointerException in "Merge properties" 428253 [done]
  • Improve bug reporting code in SVNUtility.getWCRoot [ID-PH38V] 428141 [done]
  • A virtual folder in project will cause "The resource is inaccessible" 430349 [done]
  • Subversive produces unnecessary SVN error log entries for eclipse projects. 431237 [done]
  • ResourceException in SaveProjectMetaOperation [ID-IE0RW] 432177 [done]
  • ArrayOutOfBoundsException in IgnoreMethodPanel [ID-MFS28] 433287 [done]
  • Subversive crashes ID-PPJQ5 432930 [done]
  • Java Refactoring + SVN: Selecting "Cancel" in resource locking dialog leads to empty error dialog 433208 [done]
  • No timeout on stalled connections 415366 [done]
  • Subversive doesn't allow to use IPv6 addresses as host names 418301 [done]
  • NPE when using "Create Patch" in history view 419563 [done]
  • Undo Delete result in replaced content 419368 [done]
  • Deleting and replacing a resource is a SVN delete/add instead of a modify 276018 [done]
  • FileNotFoundException in FileUtility.copyFile [ID-JJCVG] 421251 [done]
  • Synchronize view mistakingly treats workspace root as versioned resource [ID-NYQUI] 417835 [done]
  • Connectors discovery fails with exceptions on MacOS X 418768 [done]
  • NPE in PropertyCompareInput [ID-KULS6] 422623 [done]
  • Button position should comply Linux "convention": positive button on the right-most 422826 [done]
  • Team > Create patch makes a patch with wrong file order 417744 [done]
  • Eclipse 3.2 is not supported anymore, but related code throws exceptions [ID-NN8U0] 417500 [done]
  • When commit is across different working copies there is a chance to lose some post commit errors if more than one occurs 417767 [done]
  • Deleted file's revision is shown incorrectly with SVN 1.7.x client 414406 [done]
  • "unversioned" string in the ResourceVariant class is not internationalized 414401 [done]
  • Base revision's content is empty for a file deleted under the SVN 1.7.x client 414400 [done]
  • "Create patch" wizard should include each resource into the patch file just once when nested projects are used 414388 [done]
  • "Create Patch" wizards show the UTF-8 encoding twice current platform uses UTF-8 by default 414386 [done]
  • OperationCanceledException isn't handled properly 412609 [done]
  • Copying should be cancelled without getting an error report when destination resource exists on disk but not in sync with workspace [ID-IDGZI] 411480 [done]
  • SVNUtility.getSVNInfo() isn't compatible with SVN 1.7 [ID-KOSUR] 412253 [done]
  • JavaHL Win32 connector is shown on Win64 platform by the discovery feature 411958 [done]
  • JavaHL Win64 connector isn't shown by the discovery feature 411957 [done]

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