Tentative IP Log for tools.cdt

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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
1468LPG parser generator Version: 1.1Eclipse Public License
3223Ispell English Word Lists (a zip file with word lists): Version: 3.1.20 (PB CQ1416)iSpell Open Source License (based on Apache 1.1)unmodified source
3591Jabsorb 1.3.1 (Subset: excludes nested jar files)Apache License, 2.0 + JSON License
3605log4j Version: 1.2.15 (Subset - see all comments) (ATO CQ2555) (using Orbit CQ3560)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
3606slf4j-log4j12 Version: 1.5.6 (PB CQ3085)MIT license, + MIT License with no endorsement clauseunmodified binary
3607slf4j-api Version: 1.5.6 (ATO CQ3084) (using Orbit CQ3201)MIT license, + MIT License with no endorsement clauseunmodified binary
3608jcl104-over-slf4j Version: 1.4.3 (PB CQ3046)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
3622TrueZip Version: 6.6 (*Subset) (PB CQ2236)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
7651winpty Version: 10/2013 *Subset*MIT Licenseunmodified source & binary
7770winpty Version: 12/2013MIT Licenseunmodified binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
James Blackburn Broadcom
John Camelon IBM
Francois Chouinard Ericsson AB
Patrick Chuong Texas Instruments
Thomas Corbat IFS Institut fur Software
John Cortell Freescale Semiconductor
David Daoust Wind River was IBM
David Dubrow Nokia
Marc Dumais Ericsson AB
Emanuel Graf was HSR
Andrew Gvozdev independent
David Inglis QNX Software Systems Co.
Jeff Johnston Red Hat, Inc.
Mikhail Khodjaiants Mentor Graphics was QNX, ARM
Marc Khouzam Ericsson AB
Vivian Kong IBM
Oleg Krasilnikov was Intel
Mike Kucera IBM
Marc-Andre Laperle Ericsson AB Independent
Elena Laskavaia QNX Software Systems Co.
Anton Leherbauer Wind River
Teodor Madan Freescale Semiconductor
Alain Magloire QNX Software Systems Co.
Sebastien Marineau QNX Software Systems Co. Sebastian Marineau
Jason Montojo was IBM
Andrew Niefer IBM
Warren Paul Nokia
Pawel Piech Wind River
Norbert Plött Siemens
Sergey Prigogin Google Inc. Google
Chris Recoskie IBM
Randy Rohrbach Wind River
Ken Ryall Nokia
Doug Schaefer Blackberry Limited was IBM, QNX
Markus Schorn Wind River
Mikhail Sennikovsky Intel Corporation
William Swanson Tilera
Ed Swartz Nokia
Leo Treggiari Intel Corporation
L. Frank Turovich Nokia
Ted Williams was Wind River

Never Active
Name Organization  
Andrew Ferguson was ARM
Ling Wang

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
354553 1085 bytes Problematic CDT macro expansion for non-standard token pasting
Attachment 201374: fix
53323 4381 bytes Make implementations of Addr2Line and CPPFile extendable
Attachment 8228: Synchronize implementations of Addr2line/CPPFilt/Objdump to be extendable
164853 973 bytes CDescriptor.remove() just plain broken?
Attachment 54008: Proposed patch
248865 16602 bytes add ability to check if ICPPMethod is pure virtual
Attachment 113683: proposed patch adding ICPPMethod.isPureVirtual and storage in PDOM db
250167 13660 bytes getFriends unimplemented for PDOMCPPClassType
Attachment 115977: patch as per suggestions
250167 3622 bytes getFriends unimplemented for PDOMCPPClassType
Attachment 115979: test cases for friend handling
252697 9173 bytes exception specifications for member functions not stored in PDOM
Attachment 116490: test cases for exception spec handling in index
252697 37342 bytes exception specifications for member functions not stored in PDOM
Attachment 116638: ICPPFunction.getExceptionSpecification
254520 13945 bytes storage class specifiers for c and cpp function parameters not supported by PDOM
Attachment 117262: patch as described for isAuto, isRegister
Aaron Luchko (luchko.ca)
82856 11055 bytes IVariableDeclaration.java could not be read (illegal characters)
Attachment 17761: patch for the invalid characters
Abeer Bagul (gmail.com)
0a4f66 2 lines Bug 391185 - Do not cancel running source lookup job if framedata is identical
a8f245 2 lines Bug 391185 - Do not cancel running source lookup job if framedata is identical
102434 1859 bytes Trying to create ELF archive for non-archive binary files causes problems (patch included)
Attachment 88376: Read magic bytes from the candidate archive file in constructor of AR
183105 702 bytes Wrong status handler for launch error code 101: Working directory does not exist
Attachment 64265: Patch containing the correct error code which the status handler should listen for
216882 1112 bytes Add support for xtensa cpu in ELF machine attribute
Attachment 88113: Patch which adds the value of xtensa arch. to the machine attribute in ELF
335648 1986 bytes CLI command "hbreak" creates a hardware watchpoint
Attachment 187801: This patch creates a watchpoint only if the type description contains string "watchpoint".
335648 692 bytes CLI command "hbreak" creates a hardware watchpoint
Attachment 188738: If client sets the "hw" attribute to true, do not automatically set the "watchpoint" attribute
337687 3565 bytes Support for MI command -exec-arguments
Attachment 189781: Patch using IMIContainerDMContext
339048 1459 bytes Remove mention of "PDA launch" when logging errors related to gdb launch shutdown
Attachment 190512: Update error log message
259881 813 bytes [concurrency] The methods Sequence.get() and Sequence.get(long timeout, TimeUnit unit) have the same implementation
Attachment 121453: Use the given timeout while calling the delegate method.
339550 4521 bytes [launch] Allow to override GdbLaunch
Attachment 201139: non functional patch for iplog purposes.
373468 6822 bytes "Add new expression" node in Expressions view disappears when Expression column is deselected
Attachment 212189: Update label of Add New Expression node in No columns mode and when Expression column is not visible
150906 1621 bytes CDT Indexer hangs on large initialised arrays.
Attachment 53734: Patch to replace sequential search for first null element with a binary search
326951 35531 bytes [services][launch] Allow to extend ServicesLaunchSequence
Attachment 189393: Modified patch with createLaunch() and createSourceLocator()
Adam Neal (ca.ibm.com)
307078 1916 bytes CStorageDocumentProvider should provide annotation model
Attachment 162999: patch to add code that returns a default annotation model
Adrian Gancev (freescale.com)
342239 2569 bytes Traditional memory rendering lacks per byte display granularity for unreadable bytes
Attachment 192799: proposed fix according with bug description
ajin (qnx.com)
2fba04 16 lines Bug 397039
b1311a 16 lines Bug 397039
229946 89027 bytes "GDB Hardware Debugging" launch config improvements
Attachment 98476: patch to Jtag UI and core
229946 16658 bytes "GDB Hardware Debugging" launch config improvements
Attachment 98684: Minor UI changes
111711 11396 bytes Point Disassembly window at arbitrary location.
Attachment 90519: patch (with input dialog validator)
241870 4677 bytes C/C++ Project View does not support Drag and Drop from 3rd party plugin using PluginTransfer
Attachment 108292: patch proposed v2
247326 897 bytes Error when changing build artifact type from static library to shared library
Attachment 112577: suggested patch
248593 36099 bytes [launch][cdi] Add a JTAG-specific launch.
Attachment 161844: Two places to set Request Monitor error status
248593 32513 bytes [launch][cdi] Add a JTAG-specific launch.
Attachment 162165: Patch for UI changes
306066 883 bytes Accidental boolean assignment in org.eclipse.cdt.debug.ui.memory.traditional.Rendering
Attachment 163562: Proposed patch
248593 44964 bytes [launch][cdi] Add a JTAG-specific launch.
Attachment 161690: Proposed patch
Alain Lee (ti.com)
215697 42011 bytes Traditional Memory Rendering refactoring request
Attachment 87190: patch changes (+committed, +logged)
228126 1971 bytes Traditional Rendering: ViewportCache.run() synchronization problem
Attachment 97044: Rendering.java patch
309032 35716 bytes [mem][cdi] Need APIs to support memory pages (or memory spaces)
Attachment 167407: CDT patch to support memory pages
281363 708 bytes Need to export the Traditional Rendering package
Attachment 139997: patch for manifest.mf
282313 3649 bytes Traditional Memory Rendering refactoring request
Attachment 140709: patch for AbstractPane.java
282313 1827 bytes Traditional Memory Rendering refactoring request
Attachment 140711: patch for TraditionalMemoryByte.java
282313 1983 bytes Traditional Memory Rendering refactoring request
Attachment 140712: patch for TraditionalRendering.java
282313 8918 bytes Traditional Memory Rendering refactoring request
Attachment 140714: patch for Rendering.java
286325 671 bytes Need to export the MemoryBrowser package
Attachment 144123: patch for MANIFEST.MF
297269 4715 bytes [Memory Browser] Allow users to define Memory Browser's default rendering at the system level
Attachment 156163: Added code to set the Default Rendering as System Preference. Also, allow other plugins to set Memory Browswer's default rendering.
297269 799 bytes [Memory Browser] Allow users to define Memory Browser's default rendering at the system level
Attachment 156167: plugin.xml
298115 821 bytes [Memory Browser] refactoring request
Attachment 154698: Memory Browser patch
299688 1851 bytes [Memory Browser] provide a way for other plugins to open browswer and show a rendering with a specific address
Attachment 156815: MemoryBrowser.java patch
306829 1237 bytes [Memory Browser]NPE in Go To Address when devices do not support address space
Attachment 162774: fixed NPE
336268 895 bytes [Memory Browser] Need to set NULL selection when the tab for the actve rendering is closed
Attachment 188556: Patch to set NULL selection the activing rendering is closed
337881 7695 bytes [Memory Browser] Persist the Go To Address history in the launch configuration
Attachment 190279: patch to address John's feedback
345664 943 bytes [Memory Browser] Show memory immediately after an expression is selected from the Go To Address history list
Attachment 195543: patch to listen to the Go To Address selection changes
296023 1440 bytes Traditional Memory Rendering refactoring request
Attachment 152968: Patch for Rendering.java
355438 1309 bytes [Memory Browser] SWT Exception
Attachment 204763: patch
309032 24221 bytes [mem][cdi] Need APIs to support memory pages (or memory spaces)
Attachment 167408: test code to exercise the CDT changes
Alain Magloire (qnx.com)
00083a 2 lines call super() in the constructor.
002435 2 lines do not add them.
0028de 4 lines fix a bug.
003a4e 14 lines Extend on the fix by Bogdan PR 67656 and
003e8f 55 lines Bug in the PathEntyrManager, the container
00408c 4 lines added helper method.
0041b9 13 lines Fix for PR 64197 60906
005c6a 14 lines Check the project exists() or isOpen().
006348 15 lines updated.
0076f1 28 lines Fix the drag & drop
009549 32 lines new function update() to search for the pid of the inferior.
00ab30 4 lines fix PR 169223, the parser did not recognize the class std::string
00f303 11 lines updated.
013b77 24 lines be aware of += and :: and :=
0144bd 12 lines Fix for 66188
01779d 8 lines Always call setAutoSolib()
017a32 179 lines 2004-08-26 Alain Magloire
0182fc 15 lines Implement suspend with spawner.
01b423 4 lines createCondition is in BreakpointManager.
01bde0 3 lines getStackFameCount() set and reset the thread.
01c7d5 16 lines Synchronization error fix.
01d01e 8 lines Only allowed Bookmark on an IFile
01d839 14 lines updated.
01deaa 9 lines updated the log
01eef6 45 lines 2004-07-30 Alain Magloire
020965 25 lines Fix for PR 58249
020e55 8 lines updated.
0237e8 33 lines updated.
026137 6 lines backward compatibility behaviour
026cb9 34 lines updated.
027029 2 lines Generate an Event for errors.
027b23 322 lines 2005-01-28 Alain Magloire
02988e 8 lines trim strings
0298ec 4 lines From Sam Robb:
02ca9a 13 lines only show make and build menu for Containers.
02cff4 56 lines 2005-03-23 Alain Magloire
031c09 12 lines PR# 104605
035aac 27 lines Close the master pty when done.
039b06 228 lines Implement ICDIRegisterObject.
03b2f1 166 lines 2005-07-06 Alain Magloire
03e23c 2 lines address breakpoints needs a leading "*"
03f49c 975 lines 2005-04-25 Alain Magloire
03fd97 6 lines updated
040580 34 lines 2004-08-30 Alain Magloire
0421c7 51 lines updated
0425d8 428 lines Work on the parser.
043f79 61 lines 2004-09-02 Alain Magloire
0440f4 123 lines implement for solaris ProcessList, this is use to get
04682b 12 lines popDirectory() make sure the stack is not empty
04838b 5 lines updated
048ad5 13 lines token is no longer incremented here.
04aae1 6 lines Indentation.
04ceaa 41 lines Use the new method CModelManager.create(parent, file, binary)
04dd7a 5 lines 2005-02-16 Alain Magloire
04ea9e 47 lines Chech the range of the st_shndx field, some values
04f679 12 lines catch enable/disable cli commands
050047 247 lines new file.
05068c 2 lines quick fix
05195a 35 lines Boost the warning of the compiler and fix the unnecessary
052b58 356 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
0533d6 12 lines disconnect() from the working copy manager.
053f04 10 lines 2005-07-18 Alain Magloire
053fd5 18 lines bug fix, better check when calling addr2line to find the
057edb 1 lines save the preference store on exit
05b2b9 8 lines Set the sharedlibraryManager autoupdate to be off
05c6f0 247 lines 2005-07-22 Alain Magloire
05e48d 13 lines 2004-08-11 Alain Magloire
05e5d1 4 lines Use the manager.
05f2fa 11 lines updated.
05fddd 4 lines Fix classpath after make refactoring.
060fdc 1 lines Provide the external String for AsmEditor.name
06345a 19 lines Implement interrupt()
065283 11 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
066c8a 9 lines 2004-08-14 Alain Magloire
06a31c 39 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
06ab2c 5 lines update
06c645 9 lines updated.
0728b6 81 lines Check for register also and cleanup
073c4f 220 lines 2005-02-14 Alain Magloire
073f3d 87 lines More tests from John Camelon.
074516 1056 lines Dwarf improvements.
074c93 6 lines Fire a ChangedEvent when the assign is successfull.
077238 920 lines Changes form Bogdan to add support for adding individual
078983 7 lines Updated.
079339 44 lines Return a fake ^running.
07cbfe 5 lines updated.
07f291 121 lines Fix the PE parser
080a68 33 lines 2004-10-29 Alain Magloire
081264 39 lines Fix Pr 49652.
081b8c 84 lines Deal with Shared Lib Events from GDB
081cc6 1 lines Copyright.
082189 5 lines 2005-02-16 Alain Magloire
0826b3 188 lines Share some code.
08482c 6 lines new Method getSessionProcess.
084ae2 7 lines Some variable contains +=
0865df 11 lines updated.
086667 21 lines Change to use the WorkingCopyManager, this will
08750c 9 lines implement extension point ProcessList.
088b72 174 lines Thomas Fletcher added new method replacePersistenttarget()
089279 22 lines Catch binar parser changes events.
089f19 10 lines New method setCurrentFrame()
08af81 10 lines Clast cast Exception was thrown.
08ca38 84 lines Allow the setting/getting of IPathEntryStore on a Project
08d608 2 lines pass the Elf object in the constructor.
08d72e 360 lines 2004-09-07 Alain Magloire
08d90b 11 lines 2005-03-02 Alain Magloire
08da96 1889 lines 2004-11-01 Alain Magloire
08dab8 12 lines updated.
08db8a 15 lines Updated.
08e7ec 55 lines 2004-11-24 Alain Magloire
0921fd 136 lines 2005-08-20 Alain Magloire
0939d7 18 lines 2005-01-07 Alain Magloire
094838 33 lines More javadoc and comments.
097223 28 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
09a6b7 22 lines Formating and equals()
09aba5 4844 lines Splitting mi.core.cdi in to three packages
09fcd6 13 lines 2005-08-20 Alain Magloire
0a0eb6 154 lines 2004-05-18 Alain Magloire
0a3b59 6 lines updated
0a5280 2 lines New method getFormat()
0a6dc3 368 lines Fix 84514 The makefileEditor preference settings are now
0aa20e 507 lines Add support for Base Reference in the PathEntry
0abe44 10 lines Do not Disable the events. Part of FIX for 46313
0af6f0 1 lines .
0b1094 7 lines allow to override the configuration
0b205f 12 lines Propose setCurrent{Thread,StackFrame} to the API.
0b3ec6 10 lines updated.
0b45e0 2 lines was calling DestroyedEvent incorrectly.
0b7470 68 lines Wrap the call in a CoreModel.run()
0b7e59 44 lines Fix for PR 59081
0b88e3 9 lines 2004-09-03 Alain Magloire
0bde2c 8 lines implement ISymbol.getSize()
0be4d5 11 lines updated.
0be672 915 lines Contribution from Keith Campbell to add better support for
0bec11 71 lines With the help of eclipse-2.1 compiler remove warnings
0bf4c5 5 lines Look for the filename in the workspace if it is an absolute path.
0c011f 77 lines add comment/uncomment menu.
0c0e37 30 lines Implement createLocation() and createCondition().
0c38e1 45 lines Remove workaround for J9
0c39ff 31 lines Follows ICDITarget
0c5959 20 lines Restart the BinaryRunner when changing the BinaryParser
0cc81d 68 lines Fix for 70688
0ce8de 51 lines New methods to expose internal variable fields.
0ced3f 166 lines New scheme to use the WorkingCopyManager, this
0d11eb 1 lines Organize Import.
0d1211 33 lines 2005-01-10 Alain Magloire
0d24c7 36 lines 2004-12-20 Alain Magloire
0d2757 9 lines updated
0d6744 413 lines Patch from Sam Robb to cover PR 52864
0d7933 4 lines simple fix to status line
0d8dcf 82 lines Change the MISession constructor to add a new argument
0dbb04 337 lines provide terminal emulation.
0de973 3822 lines Improve on the GNU makefile parser
0df0f3 1076 lines 2004-08-15 Alain Magloire
0dfb3b 54 lines The method ICElement.getResource() do not throw an Exception.
0dff25 7 lines Deal with expression.
0e0f45 21 lines Make sure when something goes wrong before
0e4055 2 lines Check for .debug*
0e5be2 4 lines Added getRegisterObject
0e5d20 4 lines Use CoreModel.getDefault()
0e651d 8 lines Make sure gdb is destroy();
0e81b9 20 lines New method getDetailMessage()
0e90fb 15 lines Operation is readOnly
0e98d9 24 lines 2005-06-27 Alain Magloire
0ea669 14 lines File renamed to ChangeLog-browser
0eae65 34 lines Use a preference for the timeout launch setting.
0eb01b 16 lines updated
0ec0b0 829 lines New draft for GNU Makefile
0ec0d6 4 lines do ADDED for C Project also.
0ed125 14 lines updated.
0f0885 122 lines removed
0f10e9 7 lines Get rid of warnings.
0f4029 24 lines Remove of getCMemoryBlock() not use.
0f475c 15 lines Check if it was already enabled.
0f5824 68 lines FIx parsing.
0f5ee6 5 lines updated.
0f6d90 14 lines Temprorary 'til we get the Sam Robb scheme on file type
0f7f7e 4199 lines New draft implementation of a generic debug framework callback
0f9ea2 28 lines Thomas fixes for PR 45320
0fa4e8 16 lines Partial Fix for PR 61341
0faa6b 17 lines more testing
0fb8fc 12 lines updated
0fda7a 801 lines Fix from Mikhail for PR 84827
0fe28a 20 lines updated.
0fe4bf 27 lines Set the environment when doing "run" launching.
0ffaa5 2 lines use getExecutables()
100265 35 lines 2004-09-07 Alain Magloire
10249b 17 lines 2005-05-19 Alain Magloire
103447 15 lines updated.
103f1f 11 lines Remove compiler warnings.
1055f5 5 lines updated.
106f44 49 lines 2005-03-23 Alain Magloire
107261 14 lines 2005-02-01 Alain Magloire
10b6e0 8 lines 2005-04-28 Alain Magloire
10c8f0 21 lines New file for command jump.
10cc14 27 lines New method removeContainer() and clearRequestList.
10e1d9 271 lines 2004-10-26 Alain Magloire
10f0fc 8 lines updated.
110459 7 lines updated
111ee7 2 lines Show errors in the proper view.
111fc1 9 lines updated.
11304c 69 lines Checkinf for overflow and allocate dynamic buffer for environment.
115779 192 lines Patch from Alex Chapiro to fix createCombo.
115779 12 lines updated
115b04 9 lines Remove getGlobalVariables.
115e12 472 lines Framework to deferred breakpoint
116fc8 6 lines Added CPathEntry in the AllCoreTests suite.
117e8d 2 lines patch form Alex
118853 517 lines Remove Resource was implementing IResource which is illegal
119012 63 lines Move addSourcePaths() to the source Manager.
11b160 3 lines wrong value was returned
11c4af 53 lines 2005-01-24 Alain Magloire
11cdc6 36 lines Refactor constants
11cdde 588 lines 2004-0813 Alex Chapiro
11d573 2 lines fire the MemoryChangedEvent for not frozen blocks only.
11f676 34 lines PR 50789
11fbc4 2386 lines Rename to Makefile*.java instead of Make*.java
120ac8 319 lines removed.
120be7 18 lines New arguments to createCSession() for cwd and location of
121377 6 lines make getChildren() a synchronous
122c0c 48 lines Remove those methods (getInstructions) it is part
1252d8 185 lines 2005-06-25 Alain Magloire
126323 5 lines remove testcase
1267ab 4 lines Only use JDK-1.3 methods.
1267f7 15 lines new method mapMarkerSEverity()
126d96 16 lines comment out the getBuilders method.
12958a 198 lines ElfRunner rename to BinaryRunner
12ac7e 4 lines new method setOperation().
12b70e 5 lines New trace attribute for deltaprocessor
12d8b6 2 lines Array out of the bound exception.
13020c 40 lines implements gdb "info threads"
131fa9 5 lines update.
132075 13 lines updated.
132584 64 lines Fix warnings PR 93902
132715 41 lines New method getRegisters() and move the intelligence of
1329b3 71 lines 2004-05-19 Alain Magloire
134936 97 lines Keep on trying to find a motif
13537d 26 lines updated.
1354f9 801 lines Redo the event dispatch now a permanent thread is use to
135c3c 2 lines supportsTerminate() returns true;
136dfb 18 lines Implement isEditable() method.
13702b 6 lines invokeMake not to clear state on error.
1370c0 9 lines updated.
139372 439 lines ICDIType extends ICDIObject
13a2fc 16 lines Fix from John C.
13b78e 10 lines createLocation(long) new method.
148f6a 12 lines updated.
149fe5 13 lines disable the task Properth and preference page
14a803 16 lines 2005-06-29 Alain Magloire
14a894 62 lines When we detach fire a detachedEvent that
14a9f6 11 lines 2005-02-25 Alain Magloire
14c8b4 192 lines updated to change from Spawner.java and PTY.java
14e24e 33 lines updated
151c03 16 lines updated
15246b 10 lines *** empty log message ***
1529ec 557 lines Changes to working copy, to be wrap in runnable Plaform
1549ba 83 lines Fix for PR 62064
155525 14 lines 2005-08-31 Alain Magloire
1575e7 54 lines 2005-03-18 Alain Magloire
1594e1 125 lines 2005-07-05 Alain Magloire
15b90e 120 lines getBInarParserFormat() and friends. Remove the children
15c970 9 lines refactor effect of a rename
15e427 18 lines New SessionObject for suspend on shared events.
15e8a0 14 lines 2004-06-29 Alain Magloire
160013 21 lines updated
1620fd 22 lines New file.
166c0d 18 lines MI2 adjustements.
16b474 8 lines Pass the MISession we'll need to know if we can suspend.
16e22e 28 lines in getInstructions() use long instead of String for addresses.
16ed77 2 lines Check for "??" and return empty string
16f0fd 81 lines Fix PR 40247
16f27b 16 lines isValidName new method
16fa4e 293 lines 2004-07-19 Vladimir Hirsl
170688 343 lines more framework.
1711ab 3 lines updated.
171c7a 11 lines remove method supportsValueModification().
17436b 92 lines Implementat for CView.selectReveal()
175ab5 7 lines Fix for Bug 65173
176003 11 lines 2004-12-09 Alain Magloire
17dbc7 9 lines updated
17e970 14 lines Fix from Tanya W. PR 66300
182176 29 lines do not call "info program" for attach session
183e1a 66 lines PR 53323 fix
1843a7 5 lines updated
185fd2 5 lines Updated.
1872f0 31 lines 2004-07-17 Brad Jarvinen.
187811 21 lines Do not try -exec-interrupt since it is not supported.
1885ce 5 lines 2004-11-11 Alain Magloire
188ecd 9 lines updated.
188f0e 2 lines Should be validLocation.getMessage()
188ffd 7 lines 2004-09-01 Alain Magloire
18908c 17 lines updated.
189ad3 3015 lines 2005-06-27 Alain Magloire
189aff 24 lines Patch from Hoda to be aware of Enums and typedefs.
18a621 7 lines updated.
18d383 855 lines 2005-06-08 Alain Magloire
18d581 5 lines Updated
190184 11 lines Remove indexer Property page.
190589 3 lines Implementation of HP-UX SOM binary parser page.
19076f 175 lines New extension point for the ErrorParsers
190a43 370 lines Work in progress for LibraryEntries.
190a43 29 lines Fix PR 48921.
191bfa 3 lines news CEditor setting part of the general text editor settingsl.
19278d 172 lines Implement TogglePresentatiion.
192fcc 30 lines 2004-10-17 Alain Magloire
194aea 6 lines bug fix the name was truncated.
1953a2 58 lines put the depth of th stack in the Element , this will help when
195442 365 lines Remove unused imports and changing some scopes to
1972c2 18 lines 2004-06-18 Alain Magloire
198056 28 lines Add ILibraryReference awareness
198308 9 lines Send an info threads to force updates.
19af5b 329 lines CView has its own ContentProvider.
19bf3f 10 lines updated.
19cd0f 62 lines Always fetch the paths in the .cdtproject.
19ecaa 4 lines getMIProcess was rename getGDBProcess
1a00ad 20 lines Use MISharedLibrary.
1a00ae 11 lines Do not call MIInferior.update() here
1a1f01 37 lines updated.
1a3542 8 lines updated.
1a362a 119 lines Removing of ICDISteppingEvent
1a5909 6 lines Remove warnings.
1a65c8 21 lines some element of the argument array was null.
1a6f86 279 lines 2005-07-09 Alain Magloire
1a7d9c 42 lines Implememnt setValue().
1a8a38 7 lines updated/.
1a8b6c 12 lines check for null.
1ab712 16 lines New method getSharedLibraryManager().
1abe3e 17 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
1ace24 122 lines 2004-12-03 Alain Magloire
1ae158 4 lines Catch the case the path is null.
1aeedb 113 lines Check for Reorder changes in the IPathEntry settings,.
1b38b3 88 lines 2004-10-26 Alain Magloire
1b4fc9 10 lines Disable extension Work In Progress
1b5570 96 lines 2004-08-14 Alain Magloire
1b5c86 2 lines verbose to false
1b5eec 17 lines When selecting threads gdb can reset the current
1b8719 24 lines New method getVariableArrayObject
1ba90e 199 lines 2005-07-22 Alain Magloire
1ba995 2 lines Subscript was wrong.
1bbd5c 15 lines 2005-03-02 Alain Magloire
1bc4e4 357 lines Remove unneeded method
1bf9f4 13 lines updated
1c05c5 447 lines 2004-10-25 Alain Magloire
1c0d68 33 lines debugLog() break in the line in smaller chunks.
1c2ff9 114 lines Save the binary Object on the BinaryContainer.
1c4086 8 lines catch "ignore" and "condition" commands.
1c66d9 246 lines Parsing of Variable Objects.
1c6e86 63 lines New file.
1c8649 22 lines updated.
1c9df5 21 lines new method terminate() to allow to pass the exception.
1cc0b2 22 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
1cc6bc 10 lines Correct Bug 36624
1d294c 15 lines The exit value is save in case the gdb was terminated before
1d3049 10 lines added new method createMemoryBlock take string as the first
1d44ae 7 lines Save the preferences.
1d53f6 80 lines No need to cast to a StackFrame nor Thread.
1d67a9 8 lines Internalization
1d70c5 23 lines 2004-08-18 Alain Magloire
1d78db 2 lines MIGDBSetAutoSolib takes "on" or "off"
1dbcbf 27 lines reimplement getRegister()
1de227 23 lines updated.
1df94a 26 lines New icons
1dfc38 25 lines 2004-07-09 Alain Magloire
1e03df 10 lines PR50846 The Property environment Reader
1e11fc 12 lines Check for Empty path in the binary and copy the []IPathEntry
1e1949 267 lines 2004-12-02 Alain Magloire
1e375c 39 lines Remove of deprecated CreateFileAction, CreateFolderAction
1e3bda 11 lines Fire ChangedEvents
1e489f 187 lines Fix for PR 60650
1e4c69 17 lines Help method getCurrentTarget()
1e514a 7 lines udpated.
1e5198 9 lines Remove unused argument
1e55ad 7 lines Implement the new method getSessionProcess().
1e6115 11 lines updated.
1e9cf4 18 lines Removing warnings
1ec92f 2 lines Put this back with the old ATTR name if not old project
1ecfef 1320 lines 2005-03-06 Alain Magloire
1eef7e 16 lines updated.
1f146e 6 lines Fix for PR169548, where the MI variable was not actually created. At the update we try to create again
1f27dd 10 lines 2004-07-16 Alain Magloire
1f28f7 6 lines set inferior suspended when we attach.
1f3df7 21 lines 2004-10-18 Alain Magloire
1f40d3 5 lines news MakefileEditor setting part of the general text editor settingsl.
1f82bf 39 lines the double quotes " and the the backslash needs to be
1fcbc8 11 lines updated
1fefb2 14 lines Check for NPE
1ff55f 10 lines GDBserver config should be "*" not "native"
1ff863 36 lines new entries for file and folder wizards.
1ffaa3 9 lines 2004-08-21 Alain Magloire
202b01 13 lines 2004-11-10 Alain Magloire
203209 6 lines Makefile Editor Comment out for CDT-1.2
203cb5 50 lines Fix embedded quotation.
20520c 97 lines Implementing the new CDISourceManager methods for assembly.
2080d7 160 lines New action ToggleLinkEditor.
209df8 21 lines If the changes of the editor were discarded at closing
20a441 2 lines rename of CDIExpressionManager to VariableManager
20c309 248 lines 2004-10-25 Alain Magloire
20eff2 9 lines NEWS file
2146a4 191 lines PR 50449 fix
216ade 78 lines The method ICElement.getResource() do not throw an Exception.
21821e 28 lines Reorginsed import.
21a8a0 18 lines updateState() wrong subscript.
21b25f 90 lines New file implementing indexerBlock tabItem.
21b562 22 lines Fix for PR 60664
21bfc1 23 lines updated.
223e4b 13 lines CView was not refreshing when close project.
224f6e 1753 lines 2004-07-16 Vladimir Hirsl
225b5d 6 lines updated.
226632 10 lines updated.
228076 428 lines Use the IBinaryParser
22aa56 48 lines New method create(parent, file, binary) this save a call
22bf3e 29 lines Check for ICDIArgument and ICDIVariable
22f7dd 10 lines updated.
23097b 5 lines update
232c6a 7 lines updated.
233492 5 lines update.
237f61 6 lines updated.
239149 2 lines fix a bug
23ad32 98 lines Based on suggestion/patch from James Blackburn we also add more verbosity when going through the folders, this is more reassuring to the user then to see a blank "Binary Thread search"
240848 7 lines updated.
241b40 4 lines No need for this.
243857 52 lines 2004-07-20 Alain Magloire
244970 13 lines remove error mesg duplication.
245a43 233 lines 2004-05-18 Alain Magloire
2475ef 71 lines 2004-11-03 Alain Magloire
247737 47 lines fix for parsing the output.
248184 10 lines remove registerGroup.
24a43f 39 lines Fix PR 56734
24a7db 10 lines to much code was remove, the changing of the color was disable. fix now
24b52e 50 lines CUIPlugin.startup() cleanup. The method
24b55c 3251 lines Change in the hierarchy of the core Model:
24c13b 30 lines *** empty log message ***
24ce46 3986 lines Add Preference Page to Makefile Editor to allow
24e017 724 lines First implementation of STABS debug format parsing
25006b 34 lines Put a limit of the number of stack to examine
251f92 4 lines New method createMIInfoProgram().
251fa2 3 lines Trim the line before parsing.
252612 10 lines use getWorkingDirectory instead of getWorkingDir().
252e89 5 lines remove check for typedef
2531e9 12 lines 2005-03-23 Alain Magloire
25567b 4 lines new method MIInfoThreads.
255799 6 lines updated
2588a0 149 lines 2004-12-22 Alain Magloire
25b154 40 lines 2004-07-12 Alain Magloire
25d269 4 lines look for hw-awpt and hw-rwpt
25d400 18 lines When doing ther reset of the binary parser,
25e3df 60 lines Workaround for j9 bug in PipedInputStream
25f2f4 47 lines "Big Hammer fix" form Chris Songer, fixes the lockups
2600c7 26 lines New methods
262478 9 lines updated
262d89 664 lines 2004-10-15 Alain Magloire
263763 33 lines 2005-02-16 Alain Magloire
2638b1 58 lines 2 new methods getStackFrame(int low, int hi) and
2644a0 9 lines getType() new method.
265928 6 lines updated.
265e89 4 lines Show the kind/type in the hover also,
270cdc 503 lines Changes was doen int the Core Model:
271c58 60 lines Remove unused imports.
272ee9 48 lines Do not show includes/libraries Container if they no children
273ab5 19 lines New event trigger by memory changes.
2752f1 1 lines add comment
277bec 200 lines Fix test changes in CDI
277cbf 11 lines updated
279655 134 lines support d&d non-resources in the CView.
27c536 6 lines setOptimazation takes an argument.
27c8ac 562 lines 2005-03-03 Alain Magloire
281e19 2 lines start the thread monitors.
285254 2574 lines Major Patch from Sam Robb
28d906 5 lines updated.
28ea03 215 lines 2005-03-24 Alain Magloire
29026f 2068 lines Those are heavy changes concerning the Binary Parser.
291832 51 lines first drat
294e34 12 lines Specify in the text this is a "C Local Application"
29b8b0 9 lines indentation.
29f937 15 lines updated
2a0331 133 lines Fix bug, no event was sent for the non-c resources.
2a4baf 13 lines Unecessary flushing of the cache. Quick fix, while
2a67b4 7 lines updated.
2a6c0b 182 lines Fix expression manager
2a8dde 2 lines typo "uint31_t" vs "uint32_t" for PR 77435
2aa6a1 6 lines updated.
2aad3c 11 lines 2004-09-14 Alain Magloire
2abea4 19 lines Fix warning now that we move forward to 2.1
2b19fd 7 lines Typos
2b2cf4 8 lines updated.
2b5f81 14 lines 2004-07-06 Chris Wiebe
2b8592 11 lines StringOutofBound fix
2b88bf 60 lines 2005-04-27 Alain Magloire
2bd88f 11 lines Implement hasBreakpointChanged()
2bde30 8 lines 2004-11-25 Alain Magloire
2be18f 2 lines updated
2be2d0 53 lines Adjusting the UI to changes of the core
2beb60 26 lines Fall back on the Nature of the project
2c1c78 8 lines Fix for pr 57660
2c1ef4 772 lines new Binary Parser to add flexibilit to change
2c2ea7 14 lines Update the variables when doing setValue()
2c35f5 25 lines updated
2c54ea 2 lines IndexOutOfBound exception
2c72e3 515 lines To remove the hardcoded "objdump" we had to lay
2ccdbc 45 lines support for serial baud
2ce5e5 55 lines new method allowProgramInterruption()
2ce815 4 lines new method getMIGDBShowInfo.
2cfafe 8 lines 2005-07-25 Alain Magloire
2d3489 34 lines The MISession take the type of session base on an
2d9d50 408 lines First draft on BinaryParserBlock to add dynamic
2db439 1 lines remove the core folder for now.
2df67f 20 lines Define an ID for the ASMEditor
2dfb04 28 lines 2004-10-28 Alain Magloire
2dfbe4 140 lines 2004-12-02 Alain Magloire
2e0599 6 lines updated.
2e28c9 39 lines remove unused code.
2e49a8 802 lines Externalize strings from Tanya.
2e49ff 1 lines Grouping off by default
2e5323 10 lines We can not use the event thread ot fire the Exit
2e591c 14 lines updated.
2e5d80 2 lines Wrong MIPlugin.createCSession() was use. noted by
2e6ff3 36 lines Patch from Chris Songer, for setSelection, some ICElement
2e88ab 58 lines Check for non C resources changes
2e8a72 49 lines Allow the client to overload the interrupt
2ea761 4 lines Typo should be getAddress().
2ea902 41 lines New call update() to fetch the inferiorPID.
2eb7c8 20 lines remove comments.
2ec990 421 lines move the application to tools.
2ed6f2 9 lines 2004-09-06 Alex Chapiro
2ef688 6 lines Rely on the store to fire the delta
2f2b06 7 lines New final static fields.
2f4b32 3 lines Depend on org.eclipse.boot
2fbfc1 20 lines Fix for PR 51121
2fd430 19 lines updated.
2ffa26 4 lines catch CDIException if getRegisters() failed.
302991 1563 lines more work to get CDI up.
303306 18 lines updated.
3039c5 7 lines Fix NPE 46313
304bfe 4 lines getOperation() new method.
3051c7 606 lines Updated to reflect the changes in Spawner.java and PTY.java
305ae5 1156 lines New folder containing the LRU Caching classes.
3083b4 95 lines 2004-08-25 Alain Magloire
30a03f 6 lines updated.
30ad6c 4 lines updated.
30d3f0 13 lines clean the cache only if changed
30e62a 13 lines Change to CodeFormat interface
30fd79 14 lines 2005-04-05 Alain Magloire
310112 11 lines Change the parsing mode to be structural for the
31196e 3359 lines Refactor ICPathEntry to IPathEntry.
313904 10 lines updated.
315a4f 46 lines Fix for 68226
316cab 16 lines check if project is null in the constructor.
317776 29 lines 2004-11-24 Alain Magloire
31930c 26 lines new method createMemoryBlock(), remove method getBlock().
31945e 3115 lines Changes from Oda introducing LRUCaching
31cf99 8 lines updated
3241b0 32 lines New Header icon from Mirza Hadzic.
324596 10 lines New method to return the RegisterManager.
325d3c 35 lines When gdb is kill start a new thread to handle termination.
326499 89 lines 2004-11-26 Alain Magloire
3293ea 25 lines 2004-07-20 Alain Magloire
329ae9 9 lines updated
32b79c 6 lines Now extends ICDIDestroyedEvent with new method
32da27 4 lines fire the Inferiorexit event outside of the try block
331061 51 lines 2005-05-16 Alain Magloire
3316e1 4 lines Check if path is null
33193b 24 lines 2004-07-09 Alain Magloire
332f6a 13 lines Ignore exception when doing
334882 22 lines 2004-11-16 Alain Magloire
334cbd 7 lines Since registers will not change, the method
335886 15 lines Allow disabling of events.
33687b 6 lines updated.
3374f1 162 lines 2004-10-26 Alain Magloire
337f8b 2 lines Updated on every suspended.
33cfde 7 lines updated.
33dd4f 2 lines Typo.
342ec2 4 lines updated.
345587 40 lines Added methods to get disassemble code from the source manager.
345641 10 lines updated
347a69 6 lines updated.
347db0 14 lines Bug fix when accessing the String table
349725 8 lines comment out the exception printstackTrace.
349c93 8 lines updated.
34d219 9 lines update.
34f18c 49 lines New class implements ILibraryReference
35a28e 229 lines 2004-10-29 Alain Magloire
35c088 4 lines Fix [Bug 88784]
35ebf0 10 lines ICDIManager extends ICDIEventListener
3619fb 7 lines updated.
361aa3 6 lines Fix a possible deadlock
363897 8 lines Fire event only when gdb was kill.
3638c8 25 lines new File BadStatement
3648e5 3 lines Added case for m68k cpu
3652df 5 lines Debug trace for the deltaProcessor
365398 3 lines set the state detached when you disconnect.
365457 53 lines Make more entry static, there is not need to do
367ffc 223 lines Fix some memory leaks.
368499 11 lines Remove scope.
36975e 40 lines Instead of doing sleep () do wait()
369b1b 13 lines remove the set*() methods not needed.
36cab0 6 lines ignore objects.
36d2f6 6 lines Type should be Thread.interrupt() not Thread.interrupted().
36dd72 48 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
36e409 2612 lines Change the old implementation of filter in the CView to match
37149b 29 lines updated.
372a84 22 lines added new method for parsing.
3736b2 875 lines New impelementation of PE parser.
373ace 10 lines set the location for the builtin files correctly
3752b2 45 lines Fix the parsing.
3766b7 21 lines For Windows try to set new-console, this is necessary
37aa21 4 lines Patch from Dave Daoust for externalize strings
37c1ca 80 lines 2004-05-06 Chris Wiebe
37e52d 86 lines remove containsSharedLibrary().
37f1e5 64 lines 2004-06-01 Alain Magloire
3811ef 22 lines updated.
38540e 13 lines updated.
385d59 1047 lines Added Event dispatching for the MI parser.
3861e9 66 lines enableEventToken(), disableEventToken() new methods.
386259 2 lines fix PR 169223, the parser did not recognize the class std::string
386780 4 lines remove getCorrespondingResource()
387d51 2 lines Change scope fot comply with eclisep-2.1
38b442 11 lines 2005-02-25 Alain Magloire
38d3dd 239 lines fixing a recursive loop in the sourcelocator
393e60 41 lines 2004-10-26 Alain Magloire
39405c 47 lines Removing the old shared lib
39725b 36 lines Remove unused imports.
3978b0 55 lines Fix the parser new method verbose().
397cfb 8 lines updated.
398281 8 lines updated.
3988b8 668 lines 2004-11-08 Mikhail Voronin
39acf9 91 lines Code formatter Preference Page.
39e50d 6 lines Change visibility of fields.
39f068 56 lines Implements the new MixedInstruction methods.
3a0c2b 6 lines Updated.
3a34c8 11 lines updated.
3a354a 1 lines indentation?
3a3865 2 lines change state to be connectetd.
3a48d4 153 lines Give more flexibility in changing the behaviour
3a4bc9 2 lines Binary/ArchiveContainer was not clean up
3a4caa 53 lines Fix the CVIew sorting.
3a824e 552 lines Facelift of D&D code for Eclipse-2.1
3a8a29 2 lines returning the wrong value.
3a91e2 4 lines Put new method getMIDataReadMemoryInfo() to help.
3ac1f3 2927 lines New source browser for the Type hierarchy, From Chris Wiebe.
3b010a 6 lines Updated.
3b0adc 5 lines updated.
3b2143 7 lines 2004-11-04 Alain Magloire
3b42a4 46 lines Remove the hardcode "objdump"
3b64f6 4 lines Check for the core type.
3bc553 45 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
3bccbf 69 lines runUntil
3bd502 7 lines 2004-09-08 Alain Magloire
3bfd24 7 lines updated.
3bfd79 523 lines rename Session CSession to not confuse with the
3c005b 3 lines Remove unecessary comments.
3c01dd 103 lines cleanup and new helper methods.
3c1b1e 12 lines updated.
3c1c73 17 lines new method refresh().
3c381c 96 lines Change the scheduling rule
3c4324 64 lines Cleanup the linkToEditor() method.
3c46b1 213 lines 2005-04-28 Alain Magloire
3c63ff 12 lines Remove addLibraryPath and getLibraryPaths() method
3c9660 8157 lines 2004-12-10 Alain Magloire
3ca99a 4 lines Check for null
3cb762 12 lines updated.
3cba8e 20 lines Updated
3d0c4e 2 lines The wrong MIPlugin.createCSession() was use, noted
3d1bec 14 lines Text compare fonts.
3d26f7 21 lines New file for errors
3d2fcb 29 lines 2005-06-07 Alain Magloire
3d5447 53 lines Fix to match the CDescriptor new features.
3d65d8 23 lines 2004-12-21 Alain Magloire
3d861a 142 lines New file.
3d9e0a 10 lines 2004-12-21 Alain Magloire
3dc5e2 142 lines Added Properties for Binaries
3dd9db 467 lines fix PR 58249 && 60020
3e0494 41 lines Remove most to the warnings.
3e1479 9 lines new isValidatioLocation() method.
3e1694 26 lines Still not working, more work to be done.
3e1e0b 15 lines 2005-03-19 Alain Magloire
3e2491 26 lines add a method getChildreNumber to help the UI.
3e3581 4 lines added the missing sources.
3e715e 10 lines updated.
3e7cdc 3 lines indentation.
3e7f29 4 lines Use VariableManager for ExpressionManager
3e8053 223 lines New files.
3e86e8 250 lines Interface of the Makefile parser
3eb737 46 lines New file .
3ed422 422 lines Refactor here.
3ef8af 1 lines SWT none Windows does not trigger the register callback
3f14af 2075 lines 2004-09-10 Alain Magloire
3f1e35 32 lines Suspend does not work for solaris.
3f5ac7 19 lines Added IndexerBlock.
3f68cf 63 lines Fix for PR 58481
3f70af 11 lines 2004-07-14 Alain Magloire
3f774d 71 lines new method getBinaryParser().
3f7778 190 lines on going work on stabs.
3fa2d9 4 lines name of the virtual bin and lib are now
3fad2c 6 lines updated.
3fd150 27 lines Fix PR 68176
3fde5e 10 lines updated.
403548 17 lines 2004-07-26 Alain Magloire
406202 39 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
40680e 2 lines Bug in isAlive.
40add7 6 lines let getCThreads() set the currentThreadId.
40b891 104 lines Was creating unecessary objects.
40bea0 67 lines New File implememt -data-write-register-values.
40c31a 57 lines 2005-02-01 Alain Magloire
40c7fa 6 lines 2004-11-11 Alain Magloire
40d10a 8 lines updated
40e68a 11 lines CProjectWizardPage constructor takes CProjectWizard argument
40f998 198 lines Update the necessary classes to use the new
40fe9c 201 lines 2004-09-11 Alain Magloire
40ff5c 88 lines implement returning the linenumber of an offset.
411b66 498 lines New code to implement attaching
4123b9 3 lines .
412410 64 lines Fix for PR 57620
4133a9 5 lines updated.
413f2e 74 lines Add more category.
416238 1853 lines 2004-06-21 Alain Magloire
417fff 2 lines remove the variable for ExpressionManager variable list.
419c43 95 lines Use MIWhatis.
41a002 46 lines Fix for PR 49595
41d098 823 lines 2005-08-27 Alain Magloire
41e92b 112 lines Watch for Breakpoint events.
4209fa 292 lines move to tools.
422c72 15 lines Fix pr 51143
423c7a 14 lines Bug fix was always disable for Windows
426a67 27 lines move the creation of pty into a higher another method.
429e4b 9 lines updated.
42c82a 4371 lines Split the ChangeLog, it is getting way to big
42d115 13 lines Patch from Alex Chapiro to provide build contribution
42e4cb 32 lines Try to detect when gdb dies unexpectely(sp?).
42edb8 96 lines Commands were missing return value.
42f203 1 lines Remove bogus import.
432ae7 32 lines Do not show the files in the workspace
436d86 3 lines Remove warning.
437056 9 lines Intl18 and cleanup
4377ae 119 lines 2004-08-25 Alain Magloire
439665 12 lines 2004-11-08 Alain Magloire
43af33 4 lines new Method removeCCNature()
43af81 22 lines Check for funtion.
43b145 40 lines fix javadocs
43b8e1 185 lines Previous commit was incorrect, MacOSX parser does not use
43bb02 206 lines Implementing MIDisassemble parsing.
43bd85 116 lines The PathEntryManager was returning the array instead
43dc0a 4 lines print the Relocs
43dfe2 7 lines cmdCount removed and MIEvent takes argument.
43e0c6 7 lines updated
43e100 6 lines remove obsolete comments.
43e6ac 3 lines Fire and Exit event.
43fcb1 121 lines 2004-08-04 Alain Magloire
43fdcb 16 lines provide a sourcemapper per project
442420 2 lines Bug fix in isifndef().
442dba 128 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
442e48 98 lines Remove annoying warning from eclipse compiler
442e98 9 lines NPE fix
44446f 12 lines Part of the precedent log bug fix, but forgotten this file
445255 79 lines Making the CProblem markers persistent across sessions.
44529a 2 lines Bug fix.
4464c9 6 lines New Help ids for the CEditor Preference Page
4471c5 23 lines updated
4475c5 36 lines Disable command input when terminating.
4477c6 127 lines Implements a Java version to extract pid from Linux.
447b3b 109 lines New method getAddress()
449883 12 lines Updated.
44e309 5412 lines Trigger happy refactoring, using the prefix ICDI i.e.
44ebc5 10 lines From Sam Robb:
44f52f 25 lines updated
451fe0 10 lines updated.
452737 2 lines Return the "ISO C" string instead meaning the string with
4528b0 21 lines put the fireEvents() methods here.
452f72 4 lines indentation
45377a 14 lines Patch From Thomas Fletcher to add some C/C++ directives.
45672a 9 lines updated
4570ab 2 lines close0 is private.
4572bd 10 lines updated.
458d1e 201 lines New files.
45c189 120 lines Cache the values in IBinary
45d013 32 lines save the PID when attaching.
45e595 2 lines added _ and - as word
460846 198 lines 2005-03-02 Alain Magloire
4609db 12 lines 2004-07-26 Vladimir Hirsl
4695ac 174 lines Refactoring of LocalSelectionTransfer to CLocalSelectionTransfer.
46a7e3 226 lines Fix for PR 71992 and 69991
46c06a 9 lines Remove the monitor.setCancelled() call.
46e1e6 33 lines Allow to set search source paths
46f589 10 lines Organize imports.
471685 13 lines support for binary parser change.
4719df 2 lines updated
4732ac 70 lines update the pathentry markers on project changed
475197 2 lines get the result code of the process.
475911 60 lines miscellaneous clean ups
47621e 4 lines Update news file.
4762d8 54 lines compute the events from ContentType changes.
477add 1 lines Remove verbosity (System.out)
479dfc 67 lines 2004-10-17 Alain Magloire
47a0ff 1153 lines Starting implementation of CPathEntry entries
47b44f 7 lines Updates the cpathentry
47c204 31 lines getFileForLocation() does not work well when dealing
47c90f 145 lines Move Symbol class outside.
47d578 7 lines isReadOnly() always return true.
47f1f6 1936 lines Reorganize the actions of the cview into groups.
47f264 9 lines updated.
47fa1d 1 lines ignore bin directory.
4804e4 2 lines The expansion by default is way to expensive,
480c9e 14 lines Use VariableObject.getFullName().
482188 78 lines Define the open declaration action properly
4822f0 14 lines Fix Pr 49146, Possible NPE
482bdc 62 lines 2004-09-07 Alain Magloire
485e38 115 lines Revert to ICDIExpressionManager instead of ICDIVariableManager.
487ef8 8 lines Sanity check for the start and length ranges.
487fbb 9 lines updated.
488284 12 lines StringIndexBufferException corrected.
488f8d 97 lines Implements ExpressionManager
489936 25 lines 2004-07-15 Tanya Wolff
493342 9 lines close the outputstream of Process
499f1c 8 lines Patch from James to externalize strings.
49b2c9 109 lines new setSelection(ICElement) method
49b97b 25 lines Do not generate CElementDelta for pathEntries
49bda3 37 lines Refactor of ICPathEntry to IPathEntry
4a0f4e 4 lines debug comment out.
4a143b 375 lines More work done to clean the GNU Elf Binary Parser
4a1e38 4152 lines Rename of CTarget to Target
4a3dab 40 lines New file to send "info sharedlibrary"
4a43f5 40 lines place holder for the shared lib info
4a4c9e 21 lines updated.
4a6ab5 9 lines updated.
4a8eac 304 lines PR 61965
4a90b8 24 lines Remove any reference to registers. They are now manage
4a917f 10 lines 2005-07-06 Alain Magloire
4a9b8b 2 lines NPE when monitor cancel change the other
4acf34 476 lines 2004-04-06 Chris Wiebe
4adc2a 24 lines Use Eclipse-3.0 API
4b0f5e 4 lines Infinite loop bug.
4b2719 6 lines New File.
4b325f 8 lines New constructor.
4b87d6 18 lines Fix bug in getResolvedEntries
4baaaf 32 lines Fix PR 42501.
4bc6d0 4 lines fireevents to the children
4bcf2b 17 lines 2005-07-21 Alain Magloire
4be741 50 lines Remove author javadoc keyword
4be89c 44 lines 2005-03-12 Alain Magloire
4c02dc 1 lines Missing property
4c193f 2 lines Adjust to changes in ICDIExitEvent.
4c3c20 1093 lines First draft of a Make Editor.
4c4433 5 lines updated.
4c4d89 13 lines If the setting is enable use the new Parser diffs.
4c8ccd 283 lines Variable manager in terms of MI Var Object.
4c8e46 9 lines Possible NPE in the CDocumentProvider
4cc240 11 lines 2004-11-11 Alain Magloire
4cc606 2 lines Allow terminate when attaching
4cd3ad 22 lines create the breakpoint disable if it was disable.
4d1461 6 lines Fix NPE
4d1898 7 lines updated.
4d5739 33 lines Fix equals.
4d63aa 6 lines get children of the IIncludeReference and ILibraryReference.
4d77a5 159 lines Create ArrayValue ReferenceValue PointerValue
4d8caa 28 lines do not do any quick start. here.
4d8cd0 4 lines indentation.
4daeeb 5 lines Added getLeve() method.
4dd688 6 lines updated
4dec40 180 lines 2004-11-16 Alain Magloire
4df45b 2 lines wrong pr it should be PR 83224
4e08e1 76 lines 2005-01-28 Alain Magloire
4e38f7 38529 lines Reog. Categorise the files in to source folders.
4e3f53 31 lines setEnabled() adn isEnabled() new methods.
4e6954 195 lines Refactor of MISignal to MISigHandle to not to confuse
4e6fe6 17 lines Remove not used
4e7636 20 lines Fix for the getQualifiedName() for GDB fake categories.
4e8200 6139 lines Chris Wiebe new patch: deal with type cache scalability.
4ea78d 232 lines 2004-07-23 Alain Magloire
4eab4a 12 lines Fix to 53253
4ed824 61 lines 2005-02-15 Alain Magloire
4ee5d8 29 lines 2004-05-21 Alain Magloire
4f1af9 4 lines Should have been part of a previous commit fix.
4f4dee 711 lines more implementation.
4f4e3b 41 lines separate the suspend and the resume option.
4f55b5 52 lines 2005-07-18 Alain Magloire
4f7849 64 lines 2005-05-25 Alain Magloire
4f9061 66 lines Implement a monitor thread for the stream
4f9faf 58 lines updated
4fae0d 11 lines 2005-01-19 Alain Magloire
4fba4e 69 lines Indentation.
4fcf5a 28 lines New interface.
4fd264 137 lines update() new functions to check for new breakpoints.
4fda51 99 lines updated.
4fdafa 359 lines New Tests from Thomas for the error parser
4feef1 6 lines 2005-06-22 Alain Magloire
501c32 911 lines The use of MI Variable Objects for the CDI bridge implementation.
501d00 2 lines check if the patch affected others.
502926 36 lines 2004-0618 Alain Magloire
50307a 153 lines Implementation.
5033de 15 lines updated.
503c0b 16 lines updated.
503ce8 76 lines Deffered breakpoint fix.
50432a 85 lines PR 50397 Elf new magic numbers by Anthony green.
505e2b 372 lines Support for Working set.
50654a 24 lines Patch from Chris Wiebe to make some helper function
506ada 152 lines OpenInclude action
507b7e 260 lines Glue code to use the new parser capabilities.
5082c1 2 lines PR 38380, partial fix
50af33 278 lines 2004-07-19 Vladimir Hirsl
50c724 5 lines updated
50d7ae 2 lines Only take a byte.
50e9f2 1 lines forgetbuildstate if not building.
50fad5 203 lines reformat.
5113a8 26 lines Binary/ArchiveContainer was not clean up
51243d 6 lines updated.
512e19 102 lines 2005-03-12 Alain Magloire
5178ef 16 lines The build actions were always disable.
51946e 8 lines updated.
51a1bd 34 lines Provide an adapter between CDI running types and MI.
51a8ec 90 lines when encoding the PathEntry make the "path" attribute
51bb0f 5 lines updated
51c395 3 lines remove warnings.
51ca34 71 lines check for core
51cc92 8 lines updated.
51e4d9 16 lines Send an update when resetting the stackframe or the thread id.
51f3cc 90 lines Chose the right interface type
520d41 2116 lines 2005-03-30 Alain Magloire
5221d3 36 lines *** empty log message ***
5229f4 27 lines New class hierarchy for the binary and Archive:
522d6b 1 lines new method ISymbol.getSize()
522f7d 14 lines Check the return value of reportProblems()
523ed3 141 lines remove ICFile and ICResource.
5248cc 948 lines Patch form Thomas Fletcher to improve on completion.
529616 25 lines 2005-05-27 Alain Magloire
52a370 102 lines 2005-06-27 Alain Magloire
52b2e8 3 lines bug fix was testing the wrong variable.
52c026 5 lines updated
53098e 19 lines Return the default Token
532850 1012 lines Work on the new ICPathEntry implementation
5353c7 27 lines add new method.
53696a 1292 lines More framework.
537bd3 10 lines updated.
5381ea 5 lines updated.
5387cf 15 lines PR 36759
539b5c 3029 lines 2005-01-26 Alain Magloire
539ff2 6 lines updated
53a18c 165 lines 2005-03-02 Alain Magloire
53bb3a 39 lines 2004-08-04 Alain Magloire
53d377 6 lines getSignal(String) catch the exception.
53ea3f 260 lines rename of CDIExpressionManager to VariableManager
54210b 14 lines Call VariableManager.update()
544ec5 12 lines new method getLocalVariableObjects.
545dac 1 lines create a shared library manager.
54898a 12 lines updated.
54c9ad 444 lines New launch configuration for GDBServer, code
54e925 25 lines Fix pr 52562
5507f1 6 lines credit to alex for its patch.
551a92 45 lines New files to deal with Shared Events from GDB
55253c 8 lines updated.
553b98 58 lines Wrap the master fd, since they are share by two streams
554047 22 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
5542ed 17 lines updated.
554f54 59 lines 2005-05-16 Alain Magloire
557305 14 lines new icons from Chris Wiebe
558729 286 lines 2005-08-28 Alain Magloire
55972f 28 lines updated.
559821 12 lines Updated.
55aa4e 7 lines Reset the CModel nonCResource
55bd83 479 lines 2004-08-12 Alain Magloire
55c84a 18 lines Updated.
55dcaf 93 lines get the log messages also
55e17f 26 lines New file.
55f06e 933 lines PR# 104605
561066 40 lines new method finalize().
5614c7 18 lines Overload getFullName() for registerObject
561b82 59 lines Change to be abstract
562eea 17 lines close() the streams before reportProblems()
56bb1c 2 lines Typo on the attribute.
56bf0c 3 lines clear the old cache entries
56ca1a 5 lines updated
56d924 42 lines New methods getBinaryParser()
571c2f 10 lines updated
572553 9 lines Use CFileElementWorkingCopy
5751be 17 lines updated.
5751ec 168 lines Fix For Bug 65172
5786d3 13 lines 2004-08-10 Alain Magloire
579056 8 lines 2004-09-06 Alex Chapiro
579397 1033 lines 2005-06-08 Alain Magloire
57a32c 1793 lines 2004-12-14 Alain Magloire
57bc7c 26 lines update() new Method.
57c79f 24 lines Add the corresponding xxDescriptor to the variable interface.
57e8eb 4509 lines BufferChangeEvent was refactor to be public
5805d0 80 lines Always pop the dialog and should work for multiple selection.
580b6d 713 lines 2004-11-16 Alain Magloire
5828d1 8 lines Use the SharedLibraryManager.
58505f 9 lines Updated.
585131 18 lines Provide the action "show selected element"
58569e 356 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
5872a8 172 lines Support for delta in the ICElementDelta hierarchy for
588c9f 3 lines 2005-06-08 Alain Magloire
588df9 2 lines comment out System.out.println()
589f86 49 lines 2005-03-14 Alain Magloire
589fec 2 lines Extends MIChangedEvent for convenience.
58b283 5 lines updated
58c8ae 12 lines updated.
58c907 205 lines 2004-11-24 Alain Magloire
58ea55 6 lines upload.
58fba5 18 lines updated
5914d5 208 lines updated
591666 16 lines 2004-09-04 Alain Magloire
594be2 13 lines check for the existence of the library.
596d18 29 lines Remove not portable function.
597259 104 lines 2005-06-25 Alain Magloire
5976bb 113 lines 2004-08-31 Alain Magloire
597e81 17 lines 2004-08-20 Alain Magloire
598445 72 lines updated.
59a22f 24 lines Removing of annoying warnings about never used local variables.
59a956 4 lines Check if the buffer is not null
59cb0e 572 lines 2004-07-16 Vladimir Hirsl
59e9b2 43 lines remove of this file no longer use, the AnnotaionModel
5a4e52 13 lines 2004-12-20 Alain Magloire
5a8ae1 199 lines code to get a master pseudo Terminal.
5a9d2b 12 lines Since registers will not change, the method
5aaece 13 lines 2004-08-31 Alain Magloire
5ab63e 17 lines updated.
5ad554 329 lines 2004-12-12 Alain Magloire
5ade89 50 lines Move from working in progress the checkbox
5af111 23 lines updated
5af637 230 lines Added methods signal()/jump()/stepReturn(boolean)
5affe5 21 lines 2004-11-26 Alain Magloire
5b211d 10 lines Do not use the sameThread() method.
5b69f5 22 lines 2004-05-31 Alain Magloire
5b6c1e 31 lines updated
5b7c73 16 lines update.
5bd176 10 lines Catch potential nullpointer exceptions.
5be39b 6 lines updated.
5bf0f9 85 lines VariableObjec takes the target as constructor argument
5c0fb8 2 lines catch cli command "jump"
5c11e9 16 lines Old gdb mi uses a List instead of Tuple try to cope.
5c5930 996 lines working on the implementation.
5c5f66 20 lines If we are attached suspending should work fine.
5c6b6c 24 lines Add the Binary and Archive in the LRU cache
5c88b5 48 lines processCLICommand() new method.
5c8cdf 9 lines Send a synchronization notify immediately for commands
5c99a8 1121 lines First draft of a Makefile parser.
5cada1 78 lines Remove obsolete constant
5cc077 867 lines 2004-05-19 Alain Magloire
5ccdce 14 lines Patch form Thomas Fletcher to define
5cd6a0 11 lines updated.
5ce890 313 lines 2004-11-02 Alain Magloire
5cf93d 322 lines 2005-01-20
5cfca6 74 lines 2004-08-11 Alain Magloire
5d14c7 2 lines PR 23877 Allow line to be set without filename.
5d1916 2 lines ICDIRegister extends ICDIRegisterObject.
5d2345 5 lines updated.
5d526c 4668 lines 2004-07-15 Chris Wiebe
5d70b2 11 lines updated
5d7c0c 4 lines Autosolib on by default
5d93fc 8 lines updated
5d99c2 1 lines Remove of uneed variables.
5db6ae 4 lines check getMIBreakPoint().isAccessWatchpoint()
5de1f4 14 lines updated.
5dfe2b 24 lines More comments
5e01d6 80 lines add new method getImageDescriptor
5e0dec 6 lines updated.
5e0e02 8 lines updated.
5e27de 8 lines update.
5e3375 6 lines updated.
5e4385 13 lines waitfor was return the pid instead of the exit value.
5e66ec 4 lines typos and bug fix
5e8a96 67 lines Fix for PR 66186.
5ed8fb 4 lines Call manager to deliver signal.
5edc46 9 lines updated.
5efbcb 3 lines remove warning.
5f1db4 1499 lines New implementation of a COFF/EXE/PE parser
5f306b 65 lines updated
5f424d 33 lines Fix PR 52618
5faa54 6 lines updated.
5fcd28 6 lines updated.
5fd96d 7 lines updated.
5fe1b8 5 lines updated
5fe505 58 lines update.
5fec88 17 lines MIInferiorExitEvent takes an argument now.
5fecc6 34 lines updated.
5ff3a6 26 lines Implement stepOver.
5ff7d8 87 lines convertSelectionToProject() new methiod.
5fff1d 8 lines Print gdb commands.
6004ff 9 lines remove createLocation()
6090f6 18 lines 2004-06-29 Alain Magloire
60a0f4 7 lines reset to the default formatter.
60a484 8 lines remove the log trace, worry the user to much.
60a4b8 2 lines Use getResource() instead of getUnderlyingResource()
60e0d1 2 lines PR 50449 fix
60f778 8 lines postRefresh for IBinary and IArchive
612415 2914 lines 2004-05-31 Alain Magloire
613c10 8 lines updated the entry logs
61416a 31 lines new method getElementAtOffset()
616480 12 lines 2004-12-09 Alain Magloire
61799d 47 lines Fix to the DeltaProcessor.
61aa8c 49 lines 2005-07-06 Alain Magloire
61bb9b 622 lines Remove IResource/IFile/IContainer adapters.
61c0dd 12 lines 2004-12-09 Alain Magloire
61d1cb 6 lines new method getCurrentStackFrame()
61da45 112 lines 2005-03-30 Alain Magloire
61ee51 9 lines 2004-09-03 Alain Magloire
61f99b 16 lines Add the well-known C extensions for the team extension-point.
61fca4 14 lines use getTranslationUnitextensions()
6211cf 51 lines Process MIMemoryChangedEvents.
62670b 4 lines Use the BootLoader.getOS() to find out about the OS
62819e 78 lines throw an exception if the project is not accessible
629e7f 2 lines Put my name in the ChangeLog entry.
62a75e 5 lines updated,.
62db38 5 lines updated.
62dc37 21 lines *** empty log message ***
6306e3 41 lines remove dead code we are now return target as the source.
634918 16 lines new method allowProgramInterruption.
634d5c 52 lines 2005-07-04 Alain Magloire
634e93 1889 lines org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core.cdi.model.type should
634ee5 12 lines Argument is ICDIStackFrame.
6358ba 36 lines updated
638199 7 lines calll isValidLocation on the projectLocation.
63a0d5 11 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
63ab76 36 lines remove contentChanged() method.
63c02f 4 lines Use the manager to get the dll.
63e87a 17 lines updated.
640781 13 lines updated.
642131 1 lines remove warning.
644a63 142 lines Do the working copy.
6454a1 4 lines the method should be static
645f65 17 lines Clean up of warnings.
645fd0 8 lines updated.
649848 18 lines Fix the point size of the icons in the CView, they were too big.
64bbca 29 lines new Method isLittleEndian().
64bf39 58 lines Parsing scheme for Preprocessor
64c347 22 lines updated.
64dee6 2 lines 10 seconds delay
64e3f4 17 lines Implementation of signal().
64f932 5 lines Check for null
651a0b 12 lines Patch from Thomas F.
654462 14 lines Possible NPE, PR 49146
654e6b 693 lines Adjust to the new CDI interface.
656d67 37 lines New icon fo the namespace.
658eff 7 lines updated.
659d2c 17 lines 2004-11-16 Alain Magloire
65bd9c 2 lines Set the argument of cdec.get() to true, to allow
65e294 61 lines Fix the status message and the linkToEditor
65f227 18 lines 2004-02-05 Alain Magloire
66026f 6 lines Fix PR 64328
6603cc 6 lines Updated.
661845 22 lines indentation
662e44 9 lines CDT Debug prefers things to be in ascending number
66323e 181 lines New file to compile with VC++
6695a0 3 lines add support for '#' style of comment. Pr 41960.
66a20f 4 lines new method getBufferFactory() to overload the parent.
66a387 2 lines use getQualifiedname()
66b1d3 7 lines updated.
66b60c 5 lines SetDaemon to true.
66cd50 2 lines Null out the page when not selected.
66e00e 10 lines updated.
66edb5 248 lines Do alphabet sorting.
670002 95 lines 2005-06-27 Alain Magloire
671f4b 2 lines remove warnings
6725ba 2 lines Interrupt() method now throws MIException.
6738de 6 lines updated.
67563f 14 lines remove hardcode paths and add dependencies
67840a 187 lines 2005-07-05 Alain Magloire
67898c 7 lines Copyrigth.
679f99 22 lines add new method erroDialog().
67adb0 197 lines 2005-02-25 Alain Magloire
67bfd0 91 lines Parsing of "info shared"
67cd9a 3 lines copy some of the field back to the variable
67d818 14 lines updated.
67e7d9 2 lines getName() does not throw any exception
680b56 4 lines New icon for attach source
681856 352 lines new draft of type parsing.
681edb 11 lines Comment the some of the resolveTest for now
683b55 18 lines do not terminate attach processes.
686365 3 lines test file for C Element delta.
68a6a3 5 lines updated.
68b684 3 lines ArrayIndexOutOfBound bug fix.
68beea 12 lines monitor.setCancelled() is accessing the UI thread
68ef3f 36 lines new abstract class
68fc9a 2 lines Set the line information, patch form Chris Songer
69017e 49 lines ClastCastException when saving 36876
6904bc 224 lines Move the getPath() method in the IPathEntry base class.
692584 5 lines updated.
692923 503 lines New File implemements IResource
692b66 10 lines updated.
695be4 14 lines Disallow sending command while the target is running.
697521 318 lines 2005-03-20 Alain Magloire
698a03 6 lines remove useless comment.
69a42e 68 lines Reorganize imports.
69a5d7 5 lines ICResource was deleted.
69a894 6 lines Fix the CModelOperation
69ecf1 19 lines 2004-09-02 Alain Magloire
69f5cd 97 lines Comment out the references to the old build for now
6a389b 244 lines New file.
6a40f8 28 lines Fix PR 36909
6a5352 32 lines Fallback to a search on the project.
6a59dc 200 lines New files.
6a77ec 216 lines 2005-06-27 Alain Magloire
6a8c0e 25 lines Catch possible risk of NPE
6aa0d4 20 lines 2005-02-14 Alain Magloire
6aa859 6 lines updated.
6ac0c7 9 lines updated.
6ac2ac 5 lines updated
6accf8 8 lines 2004-08-14 Alain Magloire
6b0101 1 lines depend on org.eclipse.boot
6b25a8 26 lines Remove getDirectories()
6b3069 383 lines 2005-02-10 Alain Magloire
6b356a 24 lines Call the startup and shutdown methods of the managers
6b5393 31 lines Regenerated.
6b785f 8 lines Remove duplicate ICElement
6b7bf3 35 lines New method handle().
6ba081 12 lines Quick workaround for PR 57287.
6baa96 466 lines Support for addInclude action, implementation base
6bac43 7 lines Updated.
6bc057 69 lines 2004-10-17 Alain Magloire
6bd29c 11 lines updated.
6bd7dd 27 lines Fix to update the contentOutliner
6bf026 90 lines New file.
6bfd40 271 lines Make sure the session is terminated if
6c1adf 5 lines UPdated.,
6c1f55 29 lines Check for program == null when creating the session.
6c29ce 43 lines Fix for 68226
6c2e6e 185 lines Previous commit was incorrect.
6c34b9 10 lines updated.
6c526d 12 lines Update with the proper PR numbers
6c5fd5 3 lines was throwing a wrong illegalException.
6c689f 13 lines Accept "char [200]" as valid typename.
6c706f 5 lines 2005-04-13 Alain Magloire
6c729f 8 lines updated.
6c72b2 33 lines Fix Copyright
6c9d21 11 lines 2005-01-19 Alain Magloire
6ca469 21 lines 2005-07-26 Alain Magloire
6cd03b 28 lines Patch from Chris to catch Cancel exception
6cd0fa 8 lines Check if the register manager is on autoupdate.
6d076b 35 lines Check for Shared library support.
6d31e9 6 lines 2005-06-22 Alain Magloire
6d3db2 5 lines update
6d60a9 8 lines 2005-03-23 Alain Magloire
6d73f9 78 lines new method loadSymbols().
6d87d8 5 lines set a stackframe.
6d91b2 47 lines ResolverDelta first framework for events
6db023 41 lines Check for NPE is launcher.execute fails
6dbae8 12 lines Remove unused method addIfExec()
6deb0a 4 lines addr2line returns "??" when not finding the filename
6e1f80 4 lines bug fixes.
6e3881 9 lines 2005-02-24 Alain Magloire
6e4884 8 lines Try to recover if we loose track.
6e57e1 6 lines 2005-01-19 Alain Magloire
6e5fa2 111 lines Fix for PR 57287
6e6478 46 lines Updated
6e979f 76 lines Fix the ContentAssist, the way action are register
6ea1d9 84 lines 2004-09-14 Alain Magloire
6ebd78 7 lines updated
6ebd99 13 lines 2005-08-20 Alain Magloire
6f0b24 156 lines Fix the attaching on win32
6f1a24 16 lines Two new methods isDirty() and setDirty().
6f281e 45 lines Expand the string when doing Annotation hovering.
6f2d02 9 lines updated the log.
6f398f 12 lines 2005-03-24 Alain Magloire
6f44ed 6 lines Updated
6f480d 19 lines call "info remote-process" to guess state.
6f7758 46 lines Bug fix.
6fafa6 238 lines Work in progress on the resolver delta.
6fb26a 18 lines Support for MIRegisterChangedEvent.
6fc219 254 lines 2004-09-03 Alain Magloire
6feee5 25 lines retry stakc-info-depth a second time.
70223a 6 lines Check for null in update().
703e10 85 lines PR 50397 Adding new elf machine numbers.
703ec2 6 lines Check for outof range offsets.
704747 12 lines updated
70725d 158 lines updated
70b40f 24 lines 2004-11-26 Alain Magloire
70c0a2 113 lines 2004-10-26 Alain Magloire
70ceb0 50 lines Implements ICDIMemoryChangedEvent.
70e192 947 lines 2004-09-17 Alain Magloire
70f30c 16 lines updated.
711b80 11 lines update
711c76 9 lines Fix PR 58082
712823 8 lines 2005-08-04 Alain Magloire
71283e 5 lines Always parse the error even when canceled.
7134b9 5 lines updated
716189 33 lines 2005-06-29 Alain Magloire
7166ea 1 lines Remove wrong attribute in the search attribute.
71a99d 24 lines Clear queue when done.
71be7c 12 lines The address may no line with the debug information.
71be8a 8 lines Remove unused local variable
71bfb7 122 lines refactoring suite
71c5ec 54 lines New method added in ICOptionPage
71c607 12 lines Shortcuts for the views.
71d6d4 8 lines 2004-11-25 Alain Magloire
71d9da 8 lines Fix PR 53520
71ff91 4 lines Change the name of the argument for length to represent
7232c3 148 lines Enable the use of GDBTypeParser to parse
7250fe 51 lines Make all the stopped event inherited from MIStopped
727286 24 lines 2004-11-26 Alain Magloire
7288ac 1930 lines 2004-08-24 Alain Magloire
729b9c 5 lines New method setSymbolsRead().
72af41 49 lines Removed files.
72d458 2 lines indentation
732810 18 lines 2005-06-25 Alain Magloire
734438 33 lines Provide equality for :
734cfe 30 lines Remove deadcode parse() and trim() the string.
734efa 1 lines remove debug prints.
735573 40 lines Use the Properties to save the strings.
7370a1 54 lines Deal with the new MISharedLibXXXEvents.
737909 25 lines patch from Tom Tromey.
73a428 21 lines Catch MIRegisterChangedEvent and call update on the RegisterManager.
73afe6 1 lines do not execute doRunEpilogue() in doRun().
73bf2a 56 lines Always set the condition and the ignore count, it may be
73e222 460 lines Provide more setting for the makefile editor.
742027 5 lines organize imports.
742ac0 128 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
743edf 2 lines doc
746c91 6 lines adjust to CDI changes
748be7 2 lines Fix for PR 85625
74a716 5 lines updated.
74c63e 29 lines Check the BaseRef when saving
74c8d5 15 lines use extendedTextEditor
74cf48 33 lines fix pr 57823
74d791 191 lines Cache the stackframes to reduce the chatting between
74ebb4 25 lines 2005-01-07 Alain Magloire
74f5b1 2 lines Call MIInferior.update() when attaching.
750208 50 lines Fix for PR 60182
751106 5 lines Bug fix NPE.
752169 4 lines Indentation.
75287b 6 lines updated
752890 2 lines *** empty log message ***
755acc 331 lines 2004-07-20 Alain Magloire
757c7b 133 lines 2004-11-14 Alain Magloire
75853d 237 lines 2005-04-29 Alain Magloire
75875e 21 lines 2004-07-16 Tanya Wolff
75a64c 16 lines 2004-10-19 Alain Magloire
75b012 47 lines Fix for PR 68908
75b46d 41 lines updated.
75ba5d 2 lines Suspend the target before selecting the thread
75e82f 27 lines Use a two pane select dialog when attaching
760848 98 lines Process Suspended Event.
760b5b 22 lines Return the new managers.
762270 5 lines Only pass the filename not the full path.
764185 3 lines Added GNUMakefile and extension *.mk for the MakefileEditor
768af8 4 lines Use CLICommand.
76dd98 34 lines Implement setCondition.
771e8d 200 lines Work in progress, for the Library Entry UI
7732bb 9 lines 2004-09-03 Alain Magloire
773e0f 56 lines Refresh the project when programs terminate.
77551f 2 lines comment out the call to CCorePlugin for now.
775e82 21 lines Check for Reorder IPathEntry and do a refresh
77b8ea 14 lines updated.
77c0c0 5 lines updated.
77df20 76 lines Updating the file to reflect changes in IPathContainerExtension
77e2df 2 lines Remove unused imports
78118d 60 lines 2004-11-12 Alain Magloire
785489 5 lines Remove warnings
7860f3 11 lines Fix for PR 105898
78769c 394 lines Fix Pr 50794 .
788cbb 2 lines changelog typos.
78a4a9 1786 lines Fix copyright
78ba9d 14 lines Update the registers when doing setValue.
78e50d 8 lines Change the scope of the methods to be protected.
78f034 49 lines Fix to the parser
78f201 16 lines make it clear that the action if for "C Local Appliation"
790926 24 lines new methods added.
790c73 2 lines updated
793c52 48 lines Bug fix event were not generated for the nonCResources.
794384 106 lines The IncludeEntry LibraryEntry getFullIncludePath()
7994b5 176 lines Implement the Collapse All Action in the CView
799af8 430 lines followup of mi.
79a8a1 43 lines Fix the parser
79ddb1 11 lines 2004-06-28 Alain Magloire
79f4e8 434 lines Commit support for i18n from Alex Chapiro.
7a06b4 24 lines Implement ISymbol.getSize().
7a149d 4 lines new Method getMIStackInfoDepthInfo().
7a2c10 6 lines 2004-09-03 Alain Magloire
7a446b 386 lines Attempt to address performance problem in the IBinaryParser
7a4da1 8 lines updated.
7a4f18 124 lines More parsing and cleanup
7a60d1 2 lines extends IVariableDeclaration
7afc08 132 lines 2004-07-19 Chris Wiebe
7b037d 9 lines added the new source folder refactoring in the build
7b0bfa 5 lines updated.
7b15ed 30 lines Remove some warnings.
7b1d81 8 lines New method
7b3404 3 lines The working directory for the build was not set by default
7b5b14 40 lines Leave the indexer alone it is dependent on those
7b9416 27 lines new methods removeNature() and removeCNature().
7ba1b6 54 lines Performance improving in the DeltaProcessor
7bbe09 2 lines Confusion between "S" and "s" the "S" extension is remove for now.
7bf5ae 66 lines Fix for PR169548, where the MI variable was not actually created. At the update we try to create again
7c0399 174 lines Work to take advantage of the ICDescriptor manager
7c0bb8 2 lines ignore bin.
7c0ccf 7 lines updated
7c16d4 23 lines remove on unused method
7c2861 54 lines 2004-09-12 Alain Magloire
7c2f68 56 lines Use Eclipse 3.o API to find the fragment location.
7c38a9 5 lines updated.
7c38ce 11 lines when Suspended call MIInferior.update().
7c45b6 38 lines Indentation
7c5f2b 16 lines Ask the IScannerInfo for the IResource.
7c6cf4 9 lines update.
7c9472 4 lines use the destroyExpression()
7ccee6 8 lines 2005-02-24 Alain Magloire
7ce1db 21 lines starting the CDI implementation.
7cfecd 11 lines Fix to deal with gdb ptype for class/structure
7d026a 158 lines Cleanup the register to use GDB/MI objects.
7d3ce2 8 lines setTerminate() takes a new argument.
7d3eaf 6 lines improvements.
7d41a6 338 lines added method for implementing firing events when
7d7567 68 lines Fix for PR 66338
7d8a22 7 lines Check forn remove of duplication in the PathEntries.
7dae0c 9 lines 2004-11-10 Alain Magloire
7de6e8 10 lines ExitInfo takes MIInferiorExitEvent as argument in the constructor.
7de97b 351 lines ICModel and ICProject no longer extends ICContainer
7df01e 6 lines updated
7dfa13 5 lines Badly format MI lines put in TargetStream
7e02dd 3 lines Typo and wrong arrayList.
7e0b8b 5 lines updated
7e143f 15 lines update the logs
7e1e7b 7 lines updated
7e44d5 9 lines Reuse the constructor
7ed140 46 lines Fix for 81007 NPE
7edad6 103 lines Check in the IScannerInfo for include paths.
7edb51 421 lines Add support to create a pseudo master terminal for the debugger.
7ef1a6 1069 lines Change The Core Model interfaces to throw CModelException when
7f0682 14 lines remove unused methods.
7f1f51 2 lines indent
7f1fec 163 lines Code formate block UI
7f3646 6 lines updated.
7f4456 9 lines New method clearCommands.
7f4a0f 33 lines Cache the Arguments and the Variables.
7f50df 8 lines use setSelection(ICElement) in revealInEditor.
7f5901 7 lines Check for ICDIRegister when creating.
7f6e9e 13 lines updated.
7f7de5 12 lines updated
7fabba 8 lines extends MIDestroyedEvent
7fbcd1 114 lines Provide better orderin of the ScannerProvider.
7fd434 12 lines Catch NPE when dealing with fileextensions.
7fdbbd 6 lines use the makefile word detector.
8006bc 17 lines 2005-01-19 Alain Magloire
8022dc 181 lines Fix PR 38047
802821 2 lines Provide an icon for methods
802ae0 51 lines Conflict with changes from Bogdan
805686 71 lines 2005-06-08 Alain Magloire
809d21 22 lines Renamve getVariableObject(String, String, String)
80a743 74 lines overload isBinary/isArchive/isTranslationUnit
80e061 8 lines updated.
80e693 14 lines PR 50789
80e6ea 110 lines new method parseListTasks();.
8102e0 7 lines This mini-patch gets rid of unnecessary "could not locate type" error
810301 11 lines Updated.
8106ea 117 lines indentation.
813491 142 lines 2004-08-19 Alain Magloire
814246 26 lines updated
816cb7 5 lines updated
817d04 477 lines 2004-12-10 Alain Magloire
818d86 22 lines new method isAutoLoadSymbols.
81a37c 1 lines Core type.
81b9a3 41 lines new implementation of getVariable(String)
81c65c 53 lines Remove unused method.
81cf0f 4 lines Bug fix setting the variable.
82427c 12 lines 2005-06-28 Alain Magloire
82782a 2 lines Fix typo in declaring contribution for the Editor ruler.
8280a7 9 lines Provide the threads in ascending order.
8291a5 68 lines 2004-11-09 Alain Magloire
82d727 9 lines Remove deprecated Eclipse-2.0 calls.
82e8f0 84 lines Make sure gdb is ready to receive commnad
8331d6 7 lines Default Prefix for comment.
833fd9 2 lines Remove warning.
834811 51 lines 2004-08-27 Alain Magloire
835b5e 306 lines Move the getThreadId() and getFrame() to MIStoppedEvent.
838ace 497 lines 2005-04-25 Alain Magloire
83a366 8 lines refresh, new method.
83aec8 12 lines Change the scope of raise and the sig flags to be public.
83dd83 11 lines Patch from Chris to not show by default the entire
83de8b 96 lines First attempt to win Race condition causing deadlock.
83ff50 20 lines PR 57127. Pass the stream verbatim
841c4d 4 lines comment debug outputs.
841fe7 7 lines updated
84688a 4 lines new method setOperation().
847c9e 6 lines 2005-04-15 Alain Magloire
8485d5 132 lines Remove Marker was implementing IMarker
84cfa9 2259 lines Reogornize the CView Action menus
84d63b 2 lines remove warning for hardcoded string.
84e925 2 lines use getLocalVariableObjects()
8512e1 15 lines Fix for 51143
851791 14 lines new constructor
851fb1 27 lines Fix PR 45320
85420d 4 lines new gifs for segment edit.
858946 7 lines Do not use the cache stackframe.
8605ad 13 lines Fix for PR #52317
8609c4 129 lines Changes to the ICElementDelta fields to reflect the doc.
861d63 835 lines 2005-08-27 Alain Magloire
865d77 5 lines 2005-06-29 Alain Magloire
8668f1 6 lines Comment out the feedback to .log
867fa6 7 lines Fix 65798
86875f 29 lines Patch from Tanya for locale
86990a 16 lines updated
86af48 2 lines Fix NPE
86e267 17 lines 2004-12-20 Alain Magloire
86ed1b 3 lines Fix PR 38239
8709d0 21 lines remove signal()
87257e 11 lines Changes to IWorkingCopy adjustment
872a34 10 lines 2004-11-02 Tanya Wolff
873f29 5 lines updated.
8768d0 3 lines check the validity of the column i.e. has to be a number.
877147 5 lines put the PR #
878808 1 lines set debug to true.
87abcd 71 lines New method removeExpression
87b25a 1 lines New image for codeassist.
87b683 220 lines Work for Library entries.. In Progress
87c2b3 163 lines Protect agaist NPE
87d6f1 82 lines Added method to retrieve and instanciate the Error Parser.
87ebd9 232 lines Overload some methods in WorkingCopy.
87f0c0 18 lines updated
87f24b 45 lines 2004-08-21 Alain Magloire
8816ca 72 lines PR 40247. Fix the Sorting in the CView,
883ffe 2 lines rename getRegisters() to getMIRegisterValues() more
88738c 27 lines Copyright fixes
888b94 186 lines 2004-10-26 Alain Magloire
888d8a 35 lines 2005-06-27 Alain Magloire
889025 14 lines updated
88ad7c 2 lines ICDIArgument extends ICDIArgumenObject.
8911cb 8 lines Remove some synchronization primitives.
892334 16 lines 2004-09-08 Alain Magloire
893ef3 117 lines More implementation.
8989c8 95 lines New Cygpath class for the ICygwinToolsProvider
89f6cf 44 lines Check if the project is enable first.
8a05fb 6 lines Fix NPE
8a123c 2 lines updated.
8a2027 3 lines updated.
8a2e96 5 lines updated
8a3a52 3 lines add the value part of the tootip for macros.
8a3f52 6 lines updated.
8a3fe2 9 lines 2004-09-03 Alain Magloire
8a456a 8 lines 2005-08-31 Alain Magloire
8a47c0 111 lines 2005-02-21 Alain Magloire
8a4f09 55 lines Formating?
8a6f84 2 lines Error when commiting.
8a74bc 2 lines unregister the CModelManager to the workspace listener
8a95c8 7 lines updated
8a9660 3 lines add schema
8a98a0 36 lines when terminate() is call disable the Command Queue
8abc6d 20 lines updated.
8adf0d 10 lines check the continuation line.
8af641 2 lines Make it work for Eclipse-3.0
8af773 10 lines updated
8b036e 24 lines Remove reference to Elf.
8b1689 8 lines 2004-08-23 Alain Magloire
8b2c2f 182 lines New Block to add ErrorParser
8b31d2 8 lines remove CreateCondition()
8b52ec 791 lines More Events are pass to the CDI layer.
8bc64c 4 lines indentation.
8bdce2 6 lines Use MIInferior.terminate
8bed40 31 lines Fix the signature.
8c26ef 120 lines Work on the Stabs debug format implementation.
8c3d7d 8 lines refactorin the name to avoid confusion.
8c64ff 204 lines cleanup and remove duplicate methods.
8c89e9 96 lines 2004-08-14 Alain Magloire
8c9166 32 lines Implement getCurrentStackFrame()
8ca570 391 lines 2005-07-18 Alain Magloire
8ca732 17 lines Use Path.EMPTY for empty paths
8cbe8f 81 lines Fix a bug
8cc84f 27 lines updated.
8ceec2 10 lines updated
8d0e1a 17 lines Remove println()s and tring the "warning: " in the description.
8d2f71 16 lines 2004-10-14 Alain Magloire
8d3b4c 7 lines CEditor input may be IStorage fix not to NPE.
8d3f43 510 lines a first approach to GDB/MI
8d6703 4 lines Define an initializeLibraries function for Cygwin
8d6cbf 2 lines Throws the exception up instead of silently ignore it.
8d8fd6 4 lines keys for code formatter NLS
8d9805 30 lines New file.
8d9a03 6 lines 2004-07-16 Tanya Wolff
8da83b 47 lines 2005-03-23 Alain Magloire
8dbf5c 7 lines Bug fix, not initializing fPathEntries
8dd353 7 lines updated.
8de42d 16 lines update.
8de45e 17 lines update
8df4a0 277 lines 2005-01-26 Alain Magloire
8df884 140 lines 2004-02-05 Alain Magloire
8e1114 20 lines make getChildren() a synchronous
8e1255 5 lines Change of the Constructor to use ArgumentObject
8e45e1 95 lines Make sure to run the PathEntryContainerInitializer.initialize()
8e7d22 10 lines Add getResource().
8e88d4 8 lines new method isEmpty()
8ea769 7 lines updated
8ec09a 11 lines 2004-09-21 Alain Magloire
8ec3ec 2 lines Check for null reference.
8ecb6c 13 lines 2005-05-12 Alain Magloire
8edc6b 3179 lines 2004-10-31 Alain Magloire
8edeb9 127 lines 2005-02-24 Alain Magloire
8ef916 2 lines IndexOutOfBound Exception fix
8efeac 6 lines New parser extension-points.
8f1634 289 lines Added UpdateState() to reset things when suspended.
8f1ca1 123 lines Rename MIExitEvent to MIGDBExitEvent add MIThreadExit also.
8f9213 34 lines Patch from Thomas Fletcher
8fa405 241 lines Fix PR 38405, syntax hilight for macor in the CEditor
8fc322 152 lines warning scrubs
8fc510 2 lines use "break" not return
902023 5 lines updated
90549f 9 lines setFormat() new method.
907262 60 lines 2004-10-15 Alain Magloire
90a3ef 2 lines comment out main the breakpoint.
90aaf1 27 lines Fix the copyright.
90ad9b 21 lines updated
90c216 210 lines Do not throw any exception.
90cba2 42 lines Change the OuputStream for the writ() with
90e870 12 lines Get the cwd and gdbinit location.
90ef89 55 lines Fix the CView sorting.
91086e 4 lines adjust to changes in CDI
914701 818 lines Implements the interface of IMakefile
91b738 5 lines reset location and condition when setting a new MIBreakpoint
91d85a 7 lines unknown icon if the type of library can not be found.
91fe88 1377 lines Changes from Bogdan added more tests for the indexer.
9204c9 15 lines new method setInput() to reset the Viewer.
922e5d 23 lines Deal with MIVarDeletedEvent.
926948 13 lines 2004-07-26 Vladimir Hirsl
929be9 2 lines Part fix for PR 94658
92ad7a 107 lines New methods verifyWorkingDirectory().
92b017 49 lines filterClass contribution attribute to use the "Run"
92da4f 2 lines updated.
92f138 8 lines Implementation fo createMIInfoSignals().
930913 2502 lines Fix 50450
930b69 132 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
930ddb 48 lines Suspend the target if running when trying to set breakpoints
931d40 23 lines setLocationBreakpoint() new method.
937231 39 lines We have to check the range of the st_shndx field
937ffc 701 lines Contine work on gdb/mi
9387b6 5 lines Fallback on the first thread when no selection is specified.
93917a 19 lines updated.
939eb0 22 lines 2005-06-25 Alain Magloire
93d0a3 34 lines Do not load the symbols right away
93d962 15 lines 2005-03-02 Alain Magloire
93dfa5 1347 lines Changes to CDocumentProvider to use Eclipse-3.0 TextFileDocumentProvider
93eb33 35 lines Support for ICDISignal change events.
940aaa 254 lines Bug fix on the resolver model.
942b75 3 lines check the existence of the file first.
945fd6 404 lines more work on the parser.
947765 8 lines updated.
947d72 98 lines Change the update() to only check the variable in
948da2 8 lines 2004-11-09 Alain Magloire
94afd4 13 lines Check for "handle"
94c289 55 lines 2004-07-22 Alain Magloire
94e2d6 2 lines use getResource() instead of getUnderlyingResource()
951166 8 lines 2005-08-31 Alain Magloire
95287f 7 lines new method getFormat().
95339b 11 lines 2004-08-27 Alain Magloire
954178 10 lines Remove reference to elf.
955147 7 lines more message in CDIException.toSTring()
955a91 8 lines check for wpt.
955e12 9 lines 2004-06-07 Tanya Wolff
955ed1 12 lines New file to kill in Windows.
956145 553 lines Draft work on LibaryReference and IncludeReference
956250 35 lines ICOptionPage has a new method getPreferences()
956abd 14 lines 2005-02-01 Alain Magloire
957665 7 lines 2005-07-06 Alain Magloire
9579eb 49 lines Support For the Run contribution
958d78 59 lines 2005-01-29 Alain Magloire
95ad18 39 lines Make the register probe less intruisive.
95dc71 6 lines updated
95e899 2 lines extends sessionObject
95f0a1 8 lines update.
962a76 13 lines updated.
964af8 1 lines Indentation.
965f0a 23 lines Patch from Sam Rob, fix for 64783
9678b6 102 lines PR 50789
968e9c 2 lines cathc "d" command.
96ac0e 12 lines Declare a boolean variable to set if the session was terminated.
96c17a 23 lines 2004-07-15 Tanya Wolff
974208 13 lines update.
975236 97 lines This is a major cleanup, by boosting the number of warnings in
9755b0 4 lines createMISignal()
976636 15 lines getBinaryParserConfiguration() new method
9766cb 463 lines 2004-07-16 Chris Wiebe
9778ee 7 lines Use expandEnvironment().
977a96 12 lines update new function to do interruption.
97876d 76 lines GDB has special "types"
978df0 9 lines 2005-06-25 Alain Magloire
979436 2 lines use the "c" icon
97a3c3 62 lines Fix for PR 59098
97ade0 83 lines Synchronized the retrieving of the PathEntryContainer
97c1e6 102 lines more testing
97d288 18 lines call "set new-console" for windows platform
97fa2e 7 lines 2004-11-16 Alain Magloire
97fb50 126 lines Implemented get and adding to the gdb search source paths.
981629 1 lines Remove unused method.
981f44 68 lines Added new methods to CoreModel and IncludeEntry
982b21 181 lines New file added to do interrupt on a pid.
985cf5 18 lines updated.
9891f9 8 lines 2004-11-16 Alain Magloire
98af19 27 lines new method getSessionProcess() and rename getMIProcess()
98b86d 2 lines typo in the string.
98d353 36 lines Fix typos.
98e5f3 36 lines Set the correct stackframe
98e9ab 30 lines *** empty log message ***
98fa05 358 lines Parse symbols.
992e64 846 lines 2005-07-08 Alain Magloire
994d18 219 lines Enable the GNU Elf Parser.
9951df 15 lines 2005-07-14 Mikhail Khodjaiants
99a447 2 lines indentation.
99ab99 33 lines Remove unused method addIfExec() and Visitor class.
99c421 4 lines Change the scop of some fields.
99db2b 1 lines Extends IVariableDeclaration.
99f7ea 16 lines New method crateMISharedLibrary
9a1e37 52 lines getMIConsoleStream() and getMILogStream() new methods.
9a302b 19 lines Provide 2 new method getStackFrames(int low, int hi)
9a38e1 21 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
9a6a9c 203 lines 2005-03-30 Alain Magloire
9a92aa 9 lines Generate a MIMemoryChangedEvent when doing setValue.
9a9ecf 15 lines New constructor.
9ac35a 13 lines Possible NPE
9acbfd 2 lines ClassCastException fix
9b0231 1 lines New error message.
9b07d5 330 lines new file for shortcut extension.
9b0897 6 lines Go around a bug in GDB/MI the doc says that any parameters
9b3dff 9 lines updated.
9b578a 277 lines Tentative fix for PR 59098.
9b6c9a 2 lines Suspend the inferior before selecting the thread.
9b7110 8 lines make the native method package scope.
9bad47 12 lines Added new method createMemoryBlock() takes string
9bc8ef 11 lines 2005-06-26 Alain Magloire
9bd8b6 93 lines Fix to PR 53253
9bf3b2 505 lines Move the MakefileDocumentProvider to use Eclipse-3.0
9bf831 28 lines Added image icon when attaching.
9bfded 73 lines Implement RuntimeOptions.
9c052a 11 lines 2004-08-26 Alain Magloire
9c0b2e 3867 lines More work on the GNU makefile parser.
9c1343 25 lines 3 methods to return ICDIMixedInstruction ; a mixed
9c1bc6 54 lines Implementing the methods with MIDataReadMemory.
9c2427 11 lines 2004-07-19 Alain Magloire
9c4762 66 lines added new method hasChildren()
9c6cde 67 lines Change the arguement of createCSession() by asking a java.io.File
9c94ad 4 lines signature change in MIStoppedEvent.
9ca9d9 178 lines The Elf class should not depend of GNU
9cac1d 25 lines Pos was off by one the index is 0-based.
9ce371 174 lines Patch from Thomas dealing with the OpenIncludeAction.
9ce85f 67 lines Fix for PR 66108
9cf3fc 31 lines Set the current thread and stack and do not throw unecessary exception.
9d1f92 64 lines cache the values in the info for speed
9d3d0c 8 lines updated.
9d7bbd 22 lines Debug output.
9d9312 2 lines bailout early
9d99bf 17 lines updated.
9da38c 8 lines updated.
9ddba7 4 lines added the builtin folder.
9dffa5 62 lines 2004-10-24 Alain Magloire
9e051b 1029 lines Jumbo patch from Artyom Kuanbekov
9e1c7f 5 lines Check for Nullpointer.
9e424d 7 lines updated log entries.
9e531f 166 lines Patch from Chris Wiebe
9e690a 9 lines updated.
9e8540 29 lines Add method to save ErrorParsers
9ec381 8 lines 2005-03-16 Alain Magloire
9ecebf 23 lines Try to catch upfront errors like bad arguments by checking
9ed10a 4 lines new method createMIStackInfoDepth().
9ee027 13 lines deal with C++ references
9efcd6 2 lines Comment out debug print.
9efdb0 3 lines 2005-04-12 Alain Magloire
9f080e 9 lines Updated.
9f1dcd 6 lines updated.
9f27c7 6 lines 2005-07-22 Alain Magloire
9f38e5 7 lines Reenable the Make Editor for the head.
9f5ea6 5 lines updated.
9f6e4f 14 lines update.
9f7e82 6 lines 2005-02-14 Alain Magloire
9f964e 8 lines Fix ClassCastException.
9faa3c 20 lines Updated.
9fabb0 49 lines Cleanup in the EditorAction to use
9fba9c 7 lines updated
9fbdc5 29 lines Fix PR 48921, Check for binary Object files.
9fc300 15 lines updated.
9fdb83 3 lines Patch from Sam Robb check for null == format
9ff211 178 lines New file
a01015 16 lines Fixin NPE in BaseCElementContentProvider
a02276 13 lines updated
a03868 15 lines 2005-07-07 Alain Magloire
a03bc4 393 lines Changing in the Inteface of the CModel.
a03e79 113 lines New file to check for CLI
a03ec0 2 lines Reenable throwing exception.
a04695 17 lines call to ErrorInfo changed.
a049e4 8 lines new code format extension page
a06209 11 lines updated.
a0687d 15 lines New tab item binaryParserBlock.
a06a9a 1 lines the update is not needed when changing input
a07093 44 lines Use -break-after.
a075f3 9 lines FIx in the CViewLabel to not show the full includeReference paths
a09eaa 1409 lines 2005-01-22 Alain Magloire
a0a228 31 lines New file.
a0b748 25 lines 2004-11-23 Alain Magloire
a145cc 9 lines updated entries
a16144 5 lines updated.
a164a0 9 lines updated.
a17576 42 lines Updated
a18436 11 lines 2004-06-29 Alain Magloire
a1d50b 37 lines Added a CommandLauncher.getCommandLine()
a1de0b 36 lines in processSuspedEvent only use MIStoppedEvent.getThreadID().
a21b0d 2 lines Refactor outside of cdt.internal
a26a74 96 lines Patch from thomas fletcher to deal with
a26e6b 17 lines Fix 52790
a289e1 9 lines updated
a28d92 14 lines new method removeResource().
a2cb5a 2 lines typo
a2d082 9 lines use of simple macro to count the brackets.
a2e3fb 8 lines updated.
a2e471 96 lines - fix for Bug 66108 (C++ browser cannot show members of class)
a2f38e 13 lines updated.
a323aa 6 lines Check the grand Children also
a354b6 2 lines Wrong label
a35ae2 10 lines Remove of unnecessary lines.
a3ad6e 52 lines 2004-07-20 Alex Chapiro
a3c6f8 5 lines Remove check for spaces.
a3d750 2 lines updated
a3e369 14 lines reset the MIBreakpoint for change breakpoints.
a3e384 9 lines update
a3e7c1 7 lines _ is also part of a word
a3ecde 5 lines updated.
a408d8 2 lines change visibility of fProject
a43ab3 12 lines 2005-08-27 Alain Magloire
a4401d 50 lines Remove ExpressionManager.
a443ca 637 lines 2004-06-18 Alain Magloire
a449ce 2 lines Fix typo.
a44a80 8 lines always send the token part of the string.
a46e76 10 lines Check for Expression
a4a6fa 10 lines Remove getSharedLibraries
a4a973 12 lines updated.
a4c551 152 lines 2004-10-29 Alain Magloire
a4f0b0 2 lines Change the error message.
a50214 27 lines 2005-01-10 Mikhail Khodjaiants
a509b0 147 lines Make it a Unix format. Check the path with access().
a534e5 501 lines New files.
a53757 35 lines 2005-01-19 Alain Magloire
a5ae61 684 lines Remove reference to the old ICPathEntry implementation.
a5b922 10 lines Generate event for error.
a5be7e 18 lines indentation
a5cb85 124 lines Breakdoine the Location hierachy
a5e59e 17 lines override the exists() methos for Binary/Archive.
a5e90c 16 lines Method to save the ErrorParsers ids.
a5f8fa 7 lines The build actions were always disable.
a61bb7 31 lines Disable Type Hierarchy
a62a1f 43 lines change the limit of arguments to match OS limit
a6553e 88 lines New method
a67771 31 lines Reverse part of a patch from TF concerning
a693c5 11 lines new method getElementAtOffset()
a694d9 5 lines updated.
a69b05 5 lines updated.
a6a545 4 lines Update the NEWS file:
a6a656 6 lines updated.
a6a8e8 6 lines +2004-07-12 Tom Tromey <tromey@redhat.com>
a6bc37 10 lines Fire ChangedEvent when setting the value.
a71c47 745 lines 2004-12-03 Alain Magloire
a729a3 7 lines 2005-05-27 Alain Magloire
a73859 5 lines Wrong PR number
a73d24 2 lines typo.
a762a5 13 lines 2005-01-20 Alain Magloire
a7a089 21 lines 2005-08-20 Alain Magloire
a7c5c6 4 lines PR36759
a81bc2 41 lines set the serial baud
a8441e 11 lines updated.
a85244 13 lines add createLocation() and createCondition() where they are the most usefull.
a865ae 725 lines 2005-01-29 Alain Magloire
a866cb 21 lines getName() no longer throw exceptions
a87e52 264 lines Fix to copyright
a88eb1 19 lines Use the offset of the IMatch
a89c6e 4 lines Use JDK 1.3 methods.
a8a29c 132 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
a8ea81 149 lines Add action to the outliner.
a8edb9 48 lines Makefile adapter.
a8f37d 63 lines New clasess IBinary{Element,Module,Variable,Function}
a9019c 6 lines 2004-11-26 Alain Magloire
a90de5 2 lines Cache the stackframes to reduce the chatting between
a91490 149 lines 2004-11-04 Alex Chapiro
a91b54 379 lines First to implement the ExpressionManager.
a94f8e 2 lines rename symbolsRead() to areSymbolsLoaded().
a95934 139 lines Cleanup of the warning from eclipse 2.1 compiler
a95c43 2 lines Was Throwing indexOutOfBound Exception for empty
a96a1d 34 lines updated
a96bbc 2 lines bug fix CONTINUE was the same as NEXT.
a98ced 11 lines Change the catch IOException in addSymbols.
a99b08 37 lines Indentation.
a9ab1c 267 lines 2004-12-02 Alain Magloire
a9c102 2 lines Remove useless assignement.
a9c11b 114 lines Potential deadlock in CElement.getElementInfo()
a9d96b 148 lines keep the order of the sourceroots.
a9e573 12 lines Race condition causing deadlocks fix.
a9e9f9 10 lines race condition first move the command in the rxQueue.
aa2c9b 17 lines findElement check for relative path.
aa2f55 9 lines updated
aa349f 22 lines Partial fix for PR 52155.
aa7b0c 8 lines Updated.
aa8147 10 lines new method clearItems()
aaad8c 877 lines New class hierarchy for the binary and Archive:
aab787 2 lines add isCore().
aacea7 389 lines Fixed unsigned short Simpledeclartions not showing up in the
aada36 19 lines new methods hasSameContentAs()
ab1615 20 lines Explain how a breakpoint is set in javadoc.
ab2f40 2 lines Reorginaze import to remove warnings.
ab56b4 125 lines New File implement IMarker
ab7f3e 1 lines reset the fValue to null for CExpressions
ab89c5 11 lines define equals(ICDICondition)
abc7cd 6 lines added "hpp" as extension for CEditor.
abd239 7 lines updated.
abd661 597 lines Implementation of the CreateXXXOperation classes
abe750 418 lines Match the changing API of the Resolver Model.
abe8e7 1 lines enter .cvsignore.
abf050 36 lines set the filename for include directives
abfaf8 9 lines Fix for PR 71992
ac1048 11 lines For register no need to compare the stackframe.
ac5f2b 29 lines Updated.
ac61f0 14 lines reuse refresh() to fire events if the assign was succesffull.
ac695f 15 lines remove annoying warnings.
ac6c8d 17 lines 2005-06-08 Alain Magloire
ac858e 25 lines 2005-02-09 Alain Magloire
acb501 71 lines Added Copyright.
acd6a6 12 lines Refresh any other needed block.
ace9aa 1 lines Provide a way to give the linenumber from the offset
acfaf0 4 lines Fix from Hoda
ad01ba 970 lines First draft of opentype code by Chris Wiebe.
ad08ad 468 lines Provide error markers for the pathentry ... Work in Progress.
ad50df 42 lines SuspendedEvent always return a thread as the source
ad7625 138 lines Optimization from Chris Songer in manipulating strings.
ad8331 3 lines Check if the resource is accessible
adcc89 69 lines formating "fixes".
add2be 8 lines 2004-11-25 Alain Magloire
add448 7 lines Disable the pathEntry property page
add658 260 lines IBinaryParser interface change the methos:
ae473f 12 lines updated
ae5688 44 lines framework for code formatter.
ae93c9 12 lines the native raise() method is now public
aea694 92 lines 2005-01-10 Mikhail Khodjaiants
aeadd5 14 lines Small fix in getText from Hoda
aeb2c8 8 lines Only pass -- if an argument starts with '-'
aed2b9 17 lines 2005-08-04 Alain Magloire
aee9e0 886 lines 2004-12-22 Alain Magloire
aef723 10 lines updated.
aef735 6 lines setMIBreakpoint new method.
af0a71 3 lines Check for null.
af1290 7 lines updated.
af142b 315 lines New file
af17ef 136 lines 2005-05-12 Alain Magloire
af2c2b 4 lines Commit out the logging from gdb/mi
af52cd 58 lines Fix PR 50810
af6a91 31 lines 2004-11-11 Alain Magloire
af80f4 1 lines format help id
af8b2f 2 lines signal calls target.signal().
af9698 46 lines new implementation getVariable.
afbba0 4 lines look for {access,read}-watchpoint-trigger.
afd9cc 11 lines updated.
afd9e9 93 lines Fix for PR 65077
afe548 1039 lines Framework for the IBinaryParser for Elf.
afe7bf 7 lines 2005-04-27 Alain Magloire
afecf0 8 lines New images for the Makefile editor.
b0182c 1 lines updated
b04063 80 lines Use CoreModel.getDefault().
b04c9b 7 lines 2004-09-08 Alain Magloire
b06d6f 10 lines updated.
b081b1 8 lines Use the datatype form the GDBTypeParser.
b08d85 6 lines Faulty login when checking the BuildConsole preferences.
b0f0d5 31 lines GDB does not make any interpretation for the
b0f43f 9 lines updated.
b10e29 124 lines 2005-03-07 Alain Magloire
b12ef6 2 lines addTextField() for autoactivation is not a number.
b16d70 55 lines - fix for Bug 66108 (C++ browser cannot show members of class)
b184f7 23 lines Send the output straighout to the GDB channel
b189ce 10 lines updated.
b18a70 37 lines Patch form Christophe Juniet to add a #ifdef guard
b192a6 24 lines Make sure to drain the pipes.
b1afbf 36 lines remove contentChanged() and only use
b1afdc 21 lines 2005-08-20 Alain Magloire
b1b25e 11 lines add new method getRegisters().
b1b47c 4 lines recreate the project after calling releaseCelement
b1b687 28 lines updated.
b1dd76 8 lines Change the scope of the methods to be protected.
b1ee9d 7598 lines 2004-07-15 Chris Wiebe
b1ffc2 55 lines Added binaryParserBock in the tab items.
b2037c 38 lines Fix pr 49652
b20da5 89 lines 2004-11-26 Alain Magloire
b22d79 17 lines Ignore the errror form "set new-console"
b23dbe 4 lines .
b26288 69 lines 2005-08-04 Alain Magloire
b270bc 21 lines 2005-04-05 Alain Magloire
b28d40 37 lines New Command from Don Howard, MITargetDownload.
b2960a 125 lines 2005-08-31 Alain Magloire
b2aff9 157 lines more fix for 100442
b2b0dd 48 lines Fix for PR 64090
b2b6e2 1 lines Remove unecessary comment.
b2ec6d 4 lines Check if The MemoryBlock.isDirty().
b2f550 2 lines the variable to check is debugMode not mode.
b3319e 15 lines updated.
b36516 26 lines Proposed changes form Hoda now extends IVariableDeclaration
b368cb 6 lines Fix for PR 71106
b39859 20 lines updated.
b39a00 68 lines 2004-11-01 Alain Magloire
b3ae7f 8 lines Check if the level is already set in setCurrentStackFrame() if yes
b3e4fd 5 lines updated
b3e823 35 lines 2004-09-01 Alain Magloire
b3ecff 5 lines Wrong PR number
b3f004 518 lines Changes to get some performances. The array of
b3f73d 26 lines get rid of duplicate refreshings.
b42704 1006 lines 2004-07-24 Chris Wiebe
b431f2 59 lines 2005-02-01 Alain Magloire
b432ac 22 lines New file.
b458ec 45 lines 2004-05-18 Alain Magloire
b46bf9 15 lines Change the Constructor to take a level
b48849 48 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
b48df8 13 lines updated.
b49ff9 3 lines Catch null pointer
b4b5f9 6 lines updated.
b4b715 206 lines Patch from Gene Sally. And formatting "fixes".
b4cb4e 29 lines Fix a bug when doing the getSymbols() in the binarySearch
b4ce2c 10 lines updated.
b4deeb 9 lines Don nothing for PRE_BUILD and PRE_DELETE
b4eff1 2 lines Set the error message.
b5186c 19 lines remove useless commented code.
b5478f 56 lines Use MIInfoThreads instead MIThreadListIds.
b57575 5 lines updated.
b57a8e 4 lines Change the text label.
b5b9cb 2 lines add news item
b5bfa0 7 lines Add BadStatement
b60fc9 6 lines updated.
b61811 2 lines Put imports
b62a30 16 lines Removing some warnings.
b65d77 58 lines We now parse the MI output and look for "exit-code" for the
b6683a 18 lines Updated.
b6a180 74 lines 2004-08-05 Alain Magloire
b6c9d3 1 lines ignore bin
b6d7b2 13 lines updated
b6d95b 8 lines updated.
b6e864 20 lines Bug fix for the else branch
b70011 6 lines fix some race conditions on the CModelManager.
b73167 87 lines New file.
b739b9 15 lines Implement setCurrent{Thread, StackFrame}.
b73d21 18 lines New method createMIDataWriteMemory()
b73e87 6 lines updated.
b75007 7 lines updated.
b75ef6 17 lines use get{Header,Source}extensions()
b768d4 26 lines Cleanup warnings when accessing static fields.
b77ccb 33 lines Fix headers.
b78e21 51 lines 2004-07-12 Alain Magloire
b79790 2 lines 2004-07-20 Alain Magloire
b7c4b3 11 lines updated
b7ec1b 4 lines Call update on the RegisterManager.
b7fc69 13 lines Remove the delay of 10 seconds in Target.suspend() and put in MIInferior.interrupt()
b80239 25 lines change isoC to return a string.
b856a2 16 lines Catching CLI "detach"
b8a1c8 17 lines update changelog.
b8a6e4 319 lines Implementation of the IOutputEntry
b8ac16 6 lines 2005-06-08 Alain Magloire
b8c064 21 lines Remove getDirectories()
b8c5ed 16 lines Remove isStepping() for now.
b8e450 733 lines BreakPoint changed to Breakpoint
b9102c 15 lines updated
b91a9b 31 lines Remove unuse method parser(Inputstream in)
b9277b 62 lines Use the IBinaryParser, bug fix in fParsedResource.remove()
b93231 207 lines regenerate build.xml
b937c6 1051 lines First effort in providing the infrastructure
b941f8 341 lines 2005-02-016 Alain Magloire
b96875 280 lines Reformat to be Unix format. Check the program
b975a9 2 lines Changing does not mean reseting the value.
b98a43 27 lines 2004-06-28 Alain Magloire
b9a668 11 lines updated.
b9c029 7 lines quick fix to change the DocumentProvider, to the
b9dc18 18 lines 2005-02-25 Alain Magloire
b9e498 7 lines From Sam Robb:
b9ee10 15 lines wrap the output in to logs.
ba07b4 466 lines We should treat Watchpoint Trigger and Scope like two separte
ba1e85 50 lines checkLine() breaks the string in to lines and passes it to
ba2326 2 lines ClassCastException fix
ba2f36 26 lines fix to copyright
ba4385 8 lines Fix for PR 82856 Removing UTF-8 characters.
ba49dd 7 lines updated.
ba4d45 56 lines Patch from Chris Wiebe to clean out the layout.
ba72f8 168 lines New tests for the CPathEntry.
ba7d1a 11 lines Remove unused variables.
ba9420 87 lines new File
baadcc 10 lines getNeededShareLib() should also be valid for executable
badcff 8 lines close0 is private. and should throw exception.
bb1370 6 lines fix for PR 71106
bb3038 24 lines updated.
bb4993 5 lines updated
bb4a46 88 lines Fixes from Alex
bb86c0 10 lines remove need for
bbb5b1 11 lines Also release the BinaryContainer of the project
bbd4f6 4 lines Define FILE_WIZARD_ID and FOLDE_WIZARD_ID correctly.
bbddb0 94 lines Change the command to grab the logerrors.
bbff2f 7 lines Fix for PR 59534
bc08db 8 lines updated.
bc176d 35 lines handleDoubleClick() handle IBinary elements.
bc181b 3 lines reformat.
bc2ec8 5 lines updated.
bc304c 142 lines Make it possible to set more then one IBinaryParser
bc45e8 6 lines updated.
bc510f 25 lines New methods getUnloadedLibrary() and removeFromUnloadedList().
bc5869 16 lines // Add word rule for keywords, types, and constants.
bc6ac9 24 lines 2004-09-15 Alain Magloire
bc9547 532 lines 2004-10-20 Alain Magloire
bca745 22 lines 2004-08-21 Alain Magloire
bcb903 19 lines Check for the occurenc of column.
bcbe3e 4 lines signal method should throw exception.
bcc527 12 lines 2004-11-16 Alain Magloire
bccae5 6 lines 2005-06-25 Alain Magloire
bd3f9a 6 lines Updated.
bd43f8 39 lines Fix Pr 70252
bd6214 2 lines getProgName static
bd6255 8 lines updated.
bd73e9 2 lines changed order of clearing debugger combox and
bd77af 13 lines Remove Eclipse 2.0 deprecated calls.
bd8a99 6 lines updated.
bdbb88 8 lines 2004-11-25 Alain Magloire
bdcff1 42 lines Do not delete the variables on update.
bdee45 2 lines Typo in the name of the method.
be178a 6 lines updated
be18a5 143 lines * cdi/org/eclipse/cdt/debug/mi/core/cdi/ProcessManager.java
be20b2 20 lines 2005-08-04 Alain Magloire
be32ca 10 lines 2004-09-08 Alain Magloire
be4142 8 lines updated.
be49f6 63 lines Fix and NPE in the IncludeEntry
be4fd4 409 lines Moving the work from Sam Robb part of PR 52864, this
be766c 21 lines PR 51121, patch from Chris Wiebe to fix
be7be6 36 lines 2005-01-19 Alain Magloire
be809a 8 lines fetch the top stack frame when necessary.
be883f 2 lines Make getCLaunchConfigtype protected.
be8b21 62 lines indent.
bec09a 4 lines Adjust to changes.
bed0f1 18 lines 2004-10-24 Alain Magloire
bef371 26 lines Fix Bug 36909
bf16d5 51 lines Base on a patch from Keith Seitz to use MIDataEvaluateExpression
bf1f86 7 lines name of the Array.
bf3ef0 2 lines organize imports.
bf5f9a 1 lines We did not save the container in the map
bfa7ef 1016 lines 2005-07-22 Alain Magloire
bfcdb8 6 lines updated.
bfe004 2502 lines 2004-09-06 Alain Magloire
bfe0ba 5 lines ICDIVariable extends ICDIVariableObject
bff7d6 75 lines 2004-09-01 Alain Magloire
c013ff 14 lines Patch from Dirk Dörr.
c014fc 8 lines Update.
c018f7 20 lines New set of icons on April first 8-) from Chris.
c01ade 7 lines updated the log
c021d8 304 lines New static methods taken from JDT counterpart.
c02f51 34 lines Do not load the symbols right away ... only on demand.
c03efa 1 lines save before building.
c0573a 5 lines Updated.
c064eb 85 lines Remove UpdateManger.
c07227 26 lines Patches from Thomas Fletcher to deal with PR 51106
c07268 6 lines add "-nw" no window options for gdb.
c0748f 34 lines updated
c09a24 175 lines New work improving.
c0adbf 5 lines updated.
c0b5b6 67 lines 2005-07-26 Alain Magloire
c11d57 56 lines Work in progress on the IPathEntry
c124fa 2 lines Gdb return the value in octal we have to decode() it.
c13106 3 lines Implements Runnable.
c15e5a 63 lines Make the preference constant visible for other plugins.
c15f8b 14 lines Bridge between MIException and CDIException
c16d27 8 lines update solaris spawner
c1715f 4 lines remove some warnings
c171ae 31 lines updated.
c1788d 12 lines new extension shortcut.
c17d87 337 lines CModelstatus class was incomplete and never returned
c1817c 19 lines call "shared libraryname"
c188c2 16 lines PR 131165
c18e72 89 lines Use MI2CDIException
c191bc 118 lines Patch from Andrew for Help support
c1a633 4473 lines Separate the entries from 2003 to 2004.
c1b98b 180 lines Remove the workspace runnable when doing
c1d646 21 lines 2005-05-12 Alain Magloire
c1db45 21 lines 2004-11-02 Alain Magloire
c1ef37 23 lines Implement ChangeEvent for Variable also.
c1f174 61 lines Implement wiht Variable Object.
c1fa89 14 lines 2005-07-07 Alain Magloire
c2348d 12 lines updated.
c27dc6 8 lines updated.
c2ba75 689 lines Update the starter/spawner to use named pipes.
c2cc81 6 lines updated changelog
c34904 21 lines Better use of selection for binary elements
c358a8 1050 lines 2005-02-25 Alain Magloire
c35fa5 2 lines updated
c3af12 8 lines updated.
c3b73e 8 lines Change the version to reflect the one in the head.
c3e3d7 18 lines remove warnings.
c3ed13 122 lines Add expandEnviroment()
c3f3e1 14 lines New set of icons from Chris Wiebe.
c41e10 54 lines 2005-08-04 Alain Magloire
c421d5 8 lines bug in APathEntry.equals()
c43768 21 lines Change the order of the close.
c44ca8 8 lines New method getDefaultPrefixes() for ISourceViewerConfiguration.
c48ea4 594 lines New workingset for C/C++ CElements
c4a7c7 55 lines 2004-11-24 Alain Magloire
c4af8b 179 lines Use ITextEditor instead of CEditor for portability
c4de75 16 lines Check for null and move the shutdown of the binaryParser
c4de83 158 lines PR 51221
c4fea4 10 lines advertise the new Cygwin PE parser
c52abe 10 lines > Implementation of HP-UX SOM binary parser.
c545fa 2 lines change the description of the structural parse
c57036 6 lines updated.
c5814d 172 lines suspendedInferior() resumeInferior() takes ICDITarget
c58818 30 lines Handle destroyed Variables.
c593b7 52 lines new method getDefaultBinaryParser()
c5bb4d 13 lines Check only on the kind for now, until we have a
c5c3b2 25 lines Patches from Thomas Fletcher to deal with some
c5dabe 17 lines Chris Wiebe new patch: deal with type cache scalability.
c5f2c5 18 lines 2004-11-17 Alain Magloire
c634df 14 lines Remove warnings.
c639d0 7 lines Did not compare the stack correctly.
c63d89 5 lines updated
c64c82 6 lines 2004-12-06 Alain Magloire
c656bd 12 lines remove warnings.
c67f54 9 lines enw method getLocalVariableObjects.
c67f6d 2 lines remove warning
c6a90b 11 lines updating changelog
c6b5db 48 lines Try command rule first.
c6b942 2 lines debugLog needs not to be static
c6bd36 12 lines 2004-07-06 Alain Magloire
c6cb0c 940 lines Changes From Amer Oda introducing the notion
c6de1a 10 lines updated.
c6df90 4 lines Guard against null.
c6eacf 27 lines Remove confusing ATTACHED variable and use the session
c6f2a3 71 lines Patch from Chris Songer to make multiple
c70976 33 lines Remove getSharedLibraries(), getRegisterObjects(), getRegister()
c713d8 4 lines add createMIInfoSharedLibrary().
c72d9b 184 lines parsing for the typenames.
c73a71 2 lines Wrong PR number it should be 83224
c7717d 9 lines updated
c781d1 4 lines updated.
c7b33d 23 lines save the preference when shutting down
c7b5a7 103 lines 2005-04-13 Alain Magloire
c7c35c 6 lines updated.
c7c666 9 lines Save the head of the type for the return value.
c7d827 7 lines fix enhancement PR 149102 for BlackFin support
c7f916 96 lines new file.
c80351 271 lines Put some framework in place for the coming Builder.
c81be1 5 lines add equality for stackframe(not sure about this)
c82cfa 2 lines CoreModel.getDefault().
c84084 19 lines Check for a valid ITranslationUnit before making
c84fe5 6 lines updated.
c857a4 10 lines added new methods to allow casting
c8620e 7 lines updated.
c87597 86 lines A class to return a mixed of source and assembly instructions.
c89303 135 lines Create events
c89cc3 35 lines catch MIInferiorSignalExitEvent.
c8ac64 9 lines Fix for 68226
c8b6bb 118 lines rename of CDIExpressionManager to VariableManager
c8c9ec 3 lines new method to retrieve the PTY.
c8cfea 258 lines Fix NPE Bug 36976.
c8e604 174 lines Fix the exclusion scheme in IPathEntry.
c91658 2 lines Fix typo in class signature
c92123 39 lines Check for the source code in the directory of the binary.
c931ca 2028 lines 2004-08-18 Alain Magloire
c93620 8 lines updated.
c95957 26 lines From Sam Robb:
c95bdf 4 lines Only set the condition right away if it is enabled.
c96131 93 lines new breakpoint event
c96dfd 54 lines Break the toString() method is two smaller methods.
c979f5 10 lines updated.
c9824e 9 lines updated
c9c3c4 9 lines Operation is readOnly
c9c7b2 2 lines ignore bin and doc
c9d7a6 28 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
c9e123 221 lines 2005-02-25 Alain Magloire
ca000a 41 lines PR 166772, suppress error when from the binary parser when the project is close.
ca2671 14 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
ca3384 93 lines Remove the references to BinaryFileAdapter
ca668e 2 lines update.
ca7122 17 lines 2004-05-19 Alain Magloire
ca7982 46 lines remove the contribution for Header. doing this makes all c files
ca9852 572 lines Work to support bigger then 32 bits application
caa326 1 lines Remove projecContainsSpace locale.
cab254 436 lines Format the source Hovering better.
cab81e 214 lines 2005-03-18 Alain Magloire
cabc0f 18 lines 2004-07-26 Alain Magloire
cabc71 20 lines 2005-08-04 Alain Magloire
cac6e1 4 lines getCRoot() is now getCModel()
cad297 150 lines Reformat to be Unix format. Check the program
cad896 140 lines 2004-10-18 Alain Magloire
cb0e4c 25 lines getUniqToken() new method.
cb3def 21 lines Formating and isEditable()
cb3e02 165 lines 2005-02-24 Alain Magloire
cb7d6e 2 lines Fire a suspended event on error.
cb96ed 12 lines updated.
cba9b1 305 lines Implement solib-search-path.
cbe310 8 lines 2005-07-22 Alain Magloire
cbf2f0 171 lines 2004-09-07 Alain Magloire
cbf543 2 lines throws the exception up instead of silently ignore it.
cc1780 262 lines 2004-12-22 Alain Magloire
cc22c3 22 lines 2004-07-06 Chris Wiebe
cc31ff 9 lines 2004-08-27 Alain Magloire
cc5427 54 lines Cleanup
cc7055 46 lines Fix Bug 49595, the error parser order was not save.
cc94ca 2 lines make i386 be x86 to be consitent.
cc9693 519 lines More support for "add include"
ccadb2 6 lines updated.
ccb066 3 lines Do not send the log stream to the output console.
cccc50 1386 lines Patch from Sam Rob to resolve 64022
ccfe7d 7504 lines 2004-05-26 Alain Magloire
cd01de 8 lines Make sure the MIInferior is created before the rxthread.
cd1344 7 lines New launch configuration constant for gdbinit.
cd27b4 7 lines new method getPluginID().
cd3293 14 lines Fix for PR 65524
cde1f8 3 lines new definition.
ce015a 2 lines make fDocument protected.
ce09c9 10 lines reset the nonCResource in when the CProject is close
ce2627 3 lines Remove debug print.
ce2fc5 12 lines Fix bug in parsing reference value PR 169259
ce5b56 6 lines updated
ce7df1 2 lines Wrong fix to the warning. The call is needed but
ce9b82 24 lines updated
ce9cf8 11 lines PR:170136
cea27f 4 lines Synchronized getBinaryContainer() and getArchiveContainer().
ceae35 2 lines description change
cec738 31 lines Add Librarry paths.
ced949 173 lines Refactor the IWorkingCopyManager interface in
ceefe2 398 lines More support for external headers
cefb44 17 lines FIX NPE 46313
cf07de 22 lines Bug fix the children where not register to the VariableManager
cf2832 53 lines Implement getAdapter and more fixes.
cf3d83 199 lines Fix PR 38047, unable to save changes in CDebugEditor.
cf45b5 30 lines Patch from Mikhailk to remove dependencies on the
cf4ae8 302 lines 2004-12-02 Alain Magloire
cf5df1 172 lines 2004-11-08 Alain Magloire
cf8ff1 14 lines reset the variable to null.
cfa279 14 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
cfb48d 96 lines PR 51115
cfb677 73 lines 2004-07-30 Alain Magloire
cfb689 18 lines Change the scope to protected to let inner class have
d002af 44 lines PR 61965, Thomas Fletcher Patch
d00a62 47 lines updated.
d00b56 264 lines 2005-05-06 Alain Magloire
d00e4e 39 lines 2005-02-18 Mikhail Khodjaiants
d01737 38 lines 2004-07-09 Alain Magloire
d01a3f 16 lines Remove useless methods
d02bc0 68 lines Add new filter to hide/show non C Projects
d049b3 3 lines new source folder src.
d05969 15 lines updated.
d05df2 18 lines Remove evaluateExpressionToValue().
d06d62 1016 lines The real implementation of the parser been
d08108 295 lines Change the constructor of Type to take variableObject
d09d57 11 lines Patch from Dave Daoust to remove an extra call
d0c813 7 lines updated
d0d01c 163 lines Change in the BinaryElement constructor, takes
d1018a 8 lines use the getAdapter() to find a resource for the annotation model.
d10a33 12 lines updated.
d12b9b 8 lines updated.
d12ebf 47 lines Catch IndexOutOfBound
d13900 156 lines Extends ICDIManager.
d18238 16 lines update.
d1ba51 5 lines updated
d1f66d 1 lines Remove unused field.
d206c6 37 lines better check for watchpoints.
d20c71 524 lines 2004-09-09 Alain Magloire
d213e4 381 lines First implementation.
d2195e 9 lines update.
d22aca 8 lines MIEvent takes argument.
d25d3e 50 lines Rearranging shutdown sequence because of race on Windows.
d27bd2 5 lines Move the assignements before fire the events.
d27f4e 7 lines updated;
d28015 271 lines make sure in the event of an exception that
d296af 47 lines Added new method equals().
d2990e 1028 lines CPathEntry draft.
d2a39d 9 lines Use GDB = "gdb"
d2ae8c 245 lines New file to test C Element deltas.
d2aff4 76 lines 2005-07-16 Alain Magloire
d2bdc3 2 lines extends IFunction.
d2d51b 5 lines updated
d2f10d 10 lines Do not throw an exception if the target is interrupted
d31a0a 6 lines In SignalManager.update().
d324df 243 lines Implement documentSetup and documentCreation extension point
d32afc 4 lines New method createMIHandle().
d333b6 37 lines 2005-05-12 Alain Magloire
d34840 12 lines Not usefull.
d3531f 9 lines use String.endsWith("(gdb)") to find the prompt
d3890d 18 lines Fix PR 52138
d3a258 1223 lines Rewrite to use the new Parser ISourceElementRequestor.
d3a50b 26 lines createEvent() set the suspended event
d3a781 9 lines update
d3b1b8 2 lines Use the breakpointManager for createLocation()
d3bbe3 21 lines update.
d3c32b 10 lines updated.
d4450f 197 lines updated
d4457e 5 lines Addr2line returns "??" when it does not find a filename.
d44dbb 160 lines 2004-11-07 Alain Magloire
d4532d 16 lines New methos getResource().
d453ff 3 lines Remove the shared library from the unloaded list.
d46403 5 lines updated.
d46532 30 lines 2004-05-18 Alain Magloire
d46e59 276 lines Implementation of IScannerInof on top of IPathEntry.
d495a4 10 lines new method setOutlinePageInput() new method
d49715 8 lines updated.
d4a788 9 lines 2004-09-21 Mikhail Khodjaiants
d4daad 4 lines Change the scope of some fields.
d523bd 26 lines New constructor for ShowInCView
d52cb5 365 lines 2004-06-17 Alain Magloire
d537a3 3 lines getSourceElementsAtOffset() was not returning the children
d53fd6 4 lines fix the equals().
d54056 28 lines Fix Pr 38934
d546fa 2 lines reorganize import
d56b25 8 lines 2004-08-19 Alain Magloire
d5cb7e 5 lines Check if the Resource is valid.
d5cfd2 3 lines Typo.
d5da57 383 lines Reimplement using var-object
d5e101 16 lines cleanup some warnings.
d5f1ab 647 lines more implementation.
d5fbd8 13 lines readLine() does not throw exception at the end of the stream.
d64ad9 2 lines Patch from thomas Fletcher
d6563a 2 lines Change attribute.
d6572b 28 lines updated.
d66953 20 lines Do not try to get the exit value if the session is terminated.
d68f9f 2 lines Fix PR https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=60232
d6b510 19 lines Added the Probelem view as the default instead of the
d6b909 159 lines 2005-02-10 Alain Magloire
d6d02c 155 lines Refactor CTarget to Target
d6dc6b 152 lines fix space quotings
d6f41f 10 lines Change the signature on SetAutoSolib to take a boolean.
d70fe7 7 lines updated.
d728f6 4 lines new method createMIJump90.
d72d22 13 lines 2005-08-31 Alain Magloire
d74d9d 6 lines updated.
d750e2 48 lines ICElement.getResource() no longer throw an exception.
d783a4 8 lines updated.
d7afd7 57 lines change the order and kill the running thread last.
d7be80 2 lines oops typo!!!!
d7c895 13 lines updated.
d83e70 5 lines Signal is like continue.
d83f3a 954 lines Move the persistency of the PathEntry in a different class
d87cff 2 lines Refactor side effect getMeaning() change for getDescription()
d89604 70 lines 2005-07-09 Alain Magloire
d8c43f 7 lines updated.
d9141a 76 lines The -gdb-set environment is not describe properly
d92529 7 lines Check for build errors.
d949b6 1 lines indentation.
d95215 9 lines 2005-03-07 Alain Magloire
d95d65 38 lines Provide a getFullName() to return the complete name
d95e06 9 lines updated.
d9ecab 16 lines Use the RegisterManager for getRegisters().
d9ee41 4 lines Added getArgumentObject
da030f 8 lines Use a buffered reader stream to minimize the read calls.
da1086 7 lines passing token to MIEvent.
da41d2 5 lines updated
da490c 107 lines Patch from Amer Hoda, to test the Core model working copy
da5288 11 lines 2004-12-09 Alain Magloire
da672c 16 lines Sorting was incorrect for IncludeReference
da6cf4 23 lines Provide a scratch buffer.
da7592 5 lines fixing change in the method
da8194 18 lines Get rid of some warnings.
da9860 89 lines workon Exception.
daa9f4 114 lines 2005-04-08 Alain Magloire
dab6ba 23 lines Thomas Fletcher added new command "Edit.."
dad662 29 lines Do not try to create the ".cdtproject" file if it does not
dae454 81 lines implements gdb "info threads" parsing
dae6b1 13 lines Fix the label text of the folders
daf107 2 lines check for cli "run"
daf324 6 lines 2004-07-16 Tanya Wolff
daf788 18 lines update.
daf8e9 734 lines Refactor the indexer block to be in the same package
db29a5 6 lines Typo fixes from Tom Tromey.
db5033 4 lines Refresh the non-resources when ISourceRoot is deleted.
db634d 111 lines Move the get/set PathEntryStore to the CoreModel
db710b 258 lines Fix all the synthetic method warning from Eclipse.
db7445 5 lines Do not expand to empty if the macro is not found.
db78b5 110 lines new file to parse "info program"
db7c82 38 lines 2005-02-15 Alain Magloire
db8bcb 217 lines 2004-11-08 Alain Magloire
dba1ec 29 lines Fix the label provider for include refs
dbaa2d 109 lines Part of PR 68246.
dbb6ae 18 lines Always call pfind() to check the path
dbd62a 236 lines 2004-11-10 Alain Magloire
dbf7f2 8 lines indentention.
dc0936 344 lines 2004-10-28 Alain Magloire
dc1b37 36 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
dc382d 163 lines Support for cygwin debugger.
dc57a7 159 lines Changes in the PathEntryStore API
dc6112 2 lines rename getRegisters() to getRegistersNumber() more
dc7000 67 lines Putting some framework for the memoryBlock.
dc7a53 19 lines Fix PR 93216
dc814f 31 lines Updated.
dca7bf 7 lines for a StringBuffer.append(StringBuffer.toString()).
dcc493 2 lines effect of ICDIVariableManager refactoring
dccf5a 7 lines return the gdb process.
dcd90f 29 lines 2004-11-24 Alain Magloire
dcdae6 12 lines Patch from Thomas F. Some patterns were marked
dce9fa 12 lines Use setCurrentFrame() with event disable.
dcf729 185 lines refactoring.
dcfe81 10 lines put isWriteWatchpoint().
dd2d2f 794 lines 2005-06-25 Alain Magloire
dd52df 1035 lines More support for Libaryentry
dd5938 1 lines Remove unused local variable.
dd5fde 94 lines get the expanded String new method in IMakefile.java
dd61bd 254 lines 2005-06-27 Alain Magloire
dd873c 5 lines StringBuffer.indexOf() 1.4.x only.
dda2bd 1936 lines first framework to implement cdi.
ddb735 2 lines Bug fix in method getVariableObjects()
ddbb11 322 lines Refactor of the ICDIRegisterObject, ICDIArgumentObject and
ddeff3 13 lines Use the utility class simpler code. to draw a rectangle.
de13f6 2 lines put -1 for line number when no resources found.
de21ec 73 lines Move methods to ICDIVariableObject.
de2df1 40 lines Use the new fields in IMarkerGenerator
de30a4 2 lines Patch from Alex Chapiro to fix a bug
de5d43 32 lines Always set ourselves as the default thread before any operation.
de85b5 8 lines Thomasf patch to do showInContext()
de9478 5824 lines 2004-09-22 Alain Magloire
dee0af 1 lines when loadSymbols() set the read flag to true.
defbca 1 lines Remove uneeded import.
df21bb 13 lines updated.
df2d47 21 lines Corret typos.
df3c06 134 lines Again the problem:
df56cb 111 lines Reformat.
df686f 115 lines New file
df6bb6 7 lines It should be an IDirective.
df7997 7 lines Let the MIExecInterrupt through
df9322 12 lines updated.
df996a 17 lines updated.
dfbc22 71 lines Fix for PR 50810
e0077a 3 lines Comments.
e030d0 44 lines 2004-09-14 Alain Magloire
e03a6c 67 lines Tentative fix for PR 57128
e0485e 1 lines A bug in SWT other then motif. When selecting
e048dc 24 lines remove debug prints
e075c3 11 lines updated
e07da5 11 lines Added other define rules.
e09dd2 5 lines updated.
e0a1aa 24 lines new File for memory event.
e0d1a4 11 lines 2005-01-07 Alain Magloire
e0d210 4 lines call MIInferior.update in processSuspend()
e0e5d2 15 lines From Thomasf patch to do showIn, new method
e0f8a9 174 lines 2004-08-24 Alain Magloire
e0f974 10 lines update.
e1140e 66 lines PR 51757 help fixing. Run the PasteAction
e11825 20 lines Bug fix, the Arrays.binarySearch() return the
e138c8 199 lines Improve performance of the IBinaryParser
e158e4 5 lines add new method createLocation(long addr)
e187f6 1635 lines 2004-05-11 Alain Magloire
e18952 30 lines Use the IBinaryParser now.
e1a571 23 lines updated
e1b17f 6 lines updated.
e1c0a5 6 lines equals() method add
e1c79c 20 lines Check for terminate first when destroy()
e1ef9f 245 lines More work to support gnu makefiles
e1f759 21 lines getValue() returns a string now.
e206d3 411 lines Complete rewrite to not use the gdb/mi variable object
e243c0 2 lines pass the PE object in the constructor.
e2482f 43 lines Do not pass an empty string.
e25438 187 lines cleanup of the casting methods.
e25bef 94 lines 2004-10-19 Alain Magloire
e25f73 15 lines Throw CDIException if getRegisters() failed.
e25fa3 19 lines Comment out some method that are not used.
e2773c 5 lines Remove useless TODO
e27a68 2 lines remove comment
e27b80 3 lines Update() returns the addresses.
e2c5db 16 lines updated
e2c9f5 6 lines updated.
e2cae7 320 lines more work on mi.
e2cd21 91 lines put back the method
e301d1 4 lines Fix check for IVariableDeclaration.
e35ddb 40 lines 2004-11-08 Alain Magloire
e37879 150 lines 2004-10-31 Alain Magloire
e38c67 51 lines Add $NON-NLS-1$ when necessary.
e39e5f 7 lines ClassCastException
e3b2dd 10 lines update.
e3c7f9 10 lines do not use the type argument in getVarialbleObjectAsArray()
e3c98a 3 lines new method getMIShared().
e3d678 60 lines 2004-07-22 Alain Magloire
e3db94 17 lines isReadOnly() always return true for binary
e3ddcc 2 lines Only call session terminate() on IOException.
e3e45f 11 lines updated.
e3e536 8 lines Check if path == null
e3e6b0 280 lines Multiple fix from Alex Chapiro moved from the head
e3edde 85 lines fix to setSelection()
e44330 20 lines Fix from Chris Wiebe
e44439 23 lines Implement new method setCurrentStackFrame().
e452d2 402 lines 2004-09-07 Alain Magloire
e47778 263 lines New Cygwin PE parser Page
e491b3 3 lines Process the suspended event even if there is no threads
e49c3f 45 lines Added ICRuntimeConfiguration.
e4e81a 647 lines 2004-08-04 Alain Magloire
e4ecea 24 lines 2005-04-11 Alain Magloire
e4fe32 234 lines use the Job Manager for the BinaryRunner thread.
e4ff30 95 lines gdb could send a OOB (*stopped) without any reasons.
e53919 9 lines beautify getText() label for CView
e55091 9 lines update.
e5540c 1 lines comment printStackTrace.
e55d04 74 lines Provide helper method to get rid of annoying warnings.
e56153 15 lines Patch form ando
e568ad 12 lines bail out if the line does not match the pattern.
e569d4 9 lines updated.
e56e4c 4 lines Set the correct stackframe
e5747c 4 lines new method createMIInfoProgram
e5a39f 419 lines Refactor out
e5d98e 7 lines Return F_OPENED for opening c/c++ project
e5f9c0 44 lines 2004-11-16 Alain Magloire
e60730 52 lines update.
e6185f 9 lines Do not show the selection dialog if list is empty
e635fb 7 lines Fix PR 56895
e67d99 126 lines new constructor and cleanup
e68659 12 lines 2004-09-03 Alain Magloire
e68689 78 lines 2005-01-26 Alain Magloire
e692b9 11 lines update the logs.
e6d2af 13 lines 2004-11-09 Alain Magloire
e6df60 22 lines Updated.
e6e176 2090 lines Work on code completion and hover.
e73328 1648 lines First draft interface of the types for CDI
e73cc5 28 lines updated.
e789bb 33 lines 2004-12-21 Alain Magloire
e78cfa 18 lines updated.
e79b67 14 lines 2005-01-19 Alain Magloire
e79d04 33 lines call the variable implementation of getVariable.
e79e43 198 lines 2004-09-07 Alain Magloire
e7a626 8 lines updated
e7a70d 60 lines 2005-07-09 Alain Magloire
e7a958 4 lines Typo
e7bb87 20 lines 2004-07-06 Chris Weibe
e7ebb3 50 lines 2005-01-22 Alain Magloire
e7f524 41 lines Patch form chris songer deals with sparse output
e80956 4 lines Fix for the CElementContentProvider, we were not checking
e8323d 8 lines updated.
e83262 6 lines Was using the wrong store
e85f11 26 lines Implement Show() method, from ThomasF patch
e8727f 9 lines Changes to ICDIExitEvent.
e88b75 25 lines 2004-07-20 Alain Magloire
e8a679 25 lines Retry the stack-info-depth when failing the fisrt time.
e8a969 118 lines 2005-07-04 Alain Magloire
e8b758 11 lines updated.
e8bb99 789 lines 2005-02-15 Alain Magloire
e8cab1 39 lines 2004-09-21 Alain Magloire
e8eb7c 6 lines Fix for PR 93590
e8f6d5 7 lines 2005-01-19 Alain Magloire
e92cfa 6 lines updated.
e94525 8 lines remove getType()
e9670f 21 lines 2004-07-16 Tanya Wolff
e9791e 5 lines make getMIsession public.
e993ab 7 lines Error in looking for the CIdentifier.
e9a68a 13 lines Keep the breakpoint disable when doing
e9b8f0 2 lines Call MIInferior.update() for attaching sessions
e9ce7d 12 lines I18N
ea2ec7 11 lines updated
ea7421 7 lines updated
ea8306 19 lines Catch when fMainPage is null.
ea9d2e 48 lines Implementing all the methods with MIDataReadMemoryInfo.
eaa861 343 lines 2005-04-04 Alain Magloire
eaab81 602 lines new icons and improvement on the MakefileEditor
eab77f 10 lines Call the stackframe whith the right level.
eac587 33 lines Add new method getLibraryReferences()
ead5f8 78 lines 2004-09-07 Alain Magloire
eae058 82 lines 2005-07-22 Alain Magloire
eae67a 10 lines 2004-08-25 Alain Magloire
eaf8bd 10 lines Added QNX copyright
eb0139 716 lines Debuging helping tools.
eb369c 7 lines the lock was initialize at the wrong time.
eb5c61 66 lines updated.
eb65a1 11 lines updated.
eb6a56 6 lines updated
eb75e1 4 lines setAutoSolib() with an argument.
eb9f74 58 lines new file implement ICDIValue for registers.
ebb45e 63 lines Add getUniqIdentifier.
ebc59c 23 lines Clear the event queue when terminating.
ebeb40 330 lines Work in progress for the PathEntry API
ebecaf 25 lines 2004-09-14 Alain Magloire
ec099b 2 lines update.
ec0c3f 13 lines Check for register and prepend "$" to name
ec210d 1002 lines more work on the parser
ec263f 8 lines 2005-03-16 Alain Magloire
ec2b5b 6 lines New icons.
ec37c8 11 lines When releasing cProjects also release
ec689b 6 lines updated.
ec7911 2 lines Use Class.forName().
ec7e1a 222 lines Change based on the work from Mikhailk
ec7e2e 10 lines updated.
ecafe2 118 lines 2005-01-18 Alain Magloire
ecc3d5 4 lines new constructort Location(long)
ecce5a 94 lines Reimplement update()
ecce77 22 lines 2005-08-08 Alain Magloire
ecd91d 29 lines 2005-05-09 Alain Magloire
ecdcf0 190 lines 2004-05-21 Alain Magloire
ecf108 44 lines 2005-02-15 Alain Magloire
ed14a1 142 lines implement new scheme for BreakpointHit, WatchpointTrigger and WatchpointScope
ed2df8 233 lines 2005-04-12 Alain Magloire
ed45ff 6 lines Updated.
ed57ae 46 lines Fix for PR 81007
ed6295 8 lines register the CView to the part listener.
ed6d4c 7 lines remove comments
ed8e65 8 lines Remove obsolete comments.
ed931b 2 lines Typo int definition of "uint32_t" it was define to "uint31_t" !!
ed9940 350 lines Patch from Thomas Fletcher to reuse the component
ed9a85 27 lines Call ptype as a fallback
edb523 44 lines Fix 52317
edb5e3 40 lines 2004-10-04 Alain Magloire
edd1a2 48 lines Changes was doen int the Core Model:
edd6e2 7 lines Send the target as the source.
ede154 21 lines make the method CModelStatus.getMessage()
ee03d2 112 lines super needs token as argument.
ee5e73 5 lines updated
ee65c0 12 lines PR 50846 Clone the properties class.
ee83e6 10 lines PR36759
eea167 18 lines 2004-06-28 Alain Magloire
eea5bd 105 lines Fix for PR 65633
eec646 5 lines updated.
eed89f 128 lines Adjust GDBServer to ICDIDebugger api
ef2c62 54 lines 2005-07-10 Alain Magloire
ef31e0 19 lines updated.
ef34e0 4 lines Choose a debugger base on the Eclipse platform.
ef4893 13 lines updated.
ef4c05 6 lines updated
ef4e5c 145 lines 2005-08-20 Alain Magloire
ef6041 63 lines 2004-09-08 Alain Magloire
ef7b3f 5 lines add binarParserChanged() method
ef9770 2 lines Useless declaration remove.
efa4e2 13 lines Fall Back the project Location for the working directory.
efc06f 2 lines remove warning
efd66f 49 lines Fix PR 36743 Extending Cview
f02c40 4 lines Typo in the argument
f039a8 258 lines Fix NPE PR 36976 in createTypedef().
f04a70 19 lines updated
f0657f 17 lines 2005-04-04 Alain Magloire
f076b3 11 lines Patch form Thomas Fletcher to fix a NullPointerException.
f08bee 4 lines updated.
f0942e 2 lines Try to interrupt the inferior first before killing.
f0948f 99 lines New file to implement IContainer
f0a171 25 lines Fix a bug reported by Gene Sally about double free.
f0bfa7 12 lines Deal with new MIVarDeletedEvent
f0c975 38 lines Correct escaped quotations.
f0d5e2 800 lines corrected the bad links and use the old format.
f0db44 13 lines updated
f0e9cd 5 lines updated.
f0f94b 3 lines Fix for deferred breakpoint.
f1002f 25 lines regenerate the sharedlibraries binaries.
f10099 17 lines Catch the exception and use a list.
f11a0b 12 lines Check if the line number == 0 and keep on trying.
f11ca9 12 lines updated.
f123f5 964 lines Implementing the BinaryParser proposal using
f12b1a 108 lines 2004-10-18 Alain Magloire
f14776 90 lines move int the src directory
f1966e 145 lines Change implementation to save extension form the
f19ce7 98 lines Show the Binary in the cview even if not an ICElement
f1a99f 6 lines Remove warning.
f1af1d 8 lines add help method.
f1ed32 44 lines Remove set/getSharedLibraryManager, setAutoLoadSymbols.
f274c3 529 lines Deal with the new created events.
f2949a 93 lines New File implememt -data-write-memory.
f2a61c 448 lines 2004-09-09 Alain Magloire
f30992 2 lines Pass an array of String.
f31585 2 lines Changed the MIShared of the SharedLibrary to reflect the changes.
f328f8 72 lines 2005-03-18 Alain Magloire
f34eef 5 lines updated.
f35288 9 lines Fix PR 58375
f35c3e 15 lines new method isCore().
f37451 90 lines LinuxThread seems to behave differently so we change the code
f386d9 2 lines make setSelection() public
f3a9fa 5509 lines Major patch from Tanya to extenalize strings
f3aabb 167 lines 2005-01-17 Alain Magloire
f3eca6 5 lines updated
f3f0b3 14 lines IsReadonly new method
f3fee4 2 lines save and restore the current thread.
f41130 5 lines updated.
f427f3 3 lines Change CElement.equals()
f441ff 4043 lines 2005-06-08 Alain Magloire
f490ac 10 lines patch from chris w. dealing with CConvention
f4a7b9 3 lines null out the makefile variable
f4b76e 19 lines Provide out own parametersToString().
f4d3ce 22 lines updated.
f4e1af 14 lines Correct typos
f4e1d9 12 lines sync 10 secs to gdb to SIGINT the inferior.
f4e8db 79 lines 2005-07-08 Alain Magloire
f50d50 26 lines Check for double quotes in the buildcommand.
f516c4 25 lines 2004-11-23 Alain Magloire
f516c4 6 lines 2004-09-03 Alain Magloire
f5456b 16 lines change create session for attach to take an
f56c02 10 lines 2004-08-18 Alain Magloire
f5851a 22 lines Updated.
f5a40d 6 lines Fix the parsing.
f5ad87 5 lines updated
f5b89e 8 lines advertise the Cygwin PE parser Page
f5bde8 44 lines 2004-10-15 Alain Magloire
f5f126 10 lines updated.
f5fc7b 4 lines Out of range exception, patch from Ed Burnette.
f60c2a 29 lines destroyExpression() new method.
f62e60 127 lines Update code completion to include for functions and
f63d52 39 lines .
f654c6 4 lines Remove the call to MIInferior.update()
f6653a 15 lines updated
f67960 10 lines 2005-03-30 Alain Magloire
f67b7c 39 lines 2005-06-06 Alain Magloire
f680af 18 lines 2005-08-30 Alain Magloire
f683a3 33 lines File and Folder Wizard removed in plugin.xml
f6a9f8 4270 lines New patch from Chris Wiebe to boost the performance
f6d8ce 10 lines Fix NPE in CDocumentProvider
f7017b 53 lines New methods set/getSharedLibraryManager, setAutoLoadSymbols.
f7039b 2 lines dead locks revisit code.
f70739 62 lines Remove file
f72d12 22 lines remove listener and unuse variables.
f7336a 13 lines setDefaultDir() return the IProject location as the default.
f74462 21 lines 2005-05-12 Alain Magloire
f75ccc 8 lines 2004-12-06 Alain Magloire
f76fe1 13 lines Fix PR 56650
f7c112 6 lines 2004-11-26 Alain Magloire
f7dc99 4 lines Patch from chris wiebe for PR 65154
f7f2ec 2 lines Changes to codeformat
f7f9fe 21 lines 2004-11-19 Alain Magloire
f7ff3c 43 lines bug fix and support for external headers in the CEditor.
f814de 62 lines 2005-01-13 Alain Magloire
f83f88 6 lines setDetached() was rename setDisconnected() to reduce
f87836 7061 lines 2004-07-02 Alain Magloire
f89792 3 lines Do not test isRunning() in suspend()
f89eee 8 lines Remove the dispose and add the ImageBase in value of the symbols.
f8dfbb 8 lines Call the manager.update()
f8ef29 13 lines Fix compareBlocks not to take to account the starting address.
f8f136 12 lines remove evaluateExpressionToString()
f8f4d2 3 lines checjk for ICDISession
f8fa23 7 lines updated.
f9065c 122 lines Fix to PR 60020.
f93436 587 lines 2004-11-02 Alain Magloire
f97749 245 lines Support for text hovering.
f9820e 105 lines Move the code to check for "(Each undeclared" pattern.
f99928 53 lines The CView was opening the Binaries twice.
f9a267 2896 lines IBinaryParser extends IAdaptable.
f9aab8 5 lines updated.
f9b638 8 lines updated
f9b771 4 lines Print gdb responses.
f9b97a 110 lines Allow to get the lineNumber from a offset of symbol
f9e69c 113 lines Catch the Info in the IBinary
f9fc24 76 lines 2004-11-11 Alain Magloire
fa04ee 14 lines Bug fix enable suspend for Win32
fa121c 13 lines updated.
fa183e 420 lines Buf fix in MIInferior.
fa38a7 16 lines 2004-07-30 Alain Magloire
fa4497 45 lines 2005-06-29 Alain Magloire
fa4594 748 lines implementing CDI.
fa5928 9 lines Terminate when the thread is interrupted.
fa5b09 249 lines Rename ICDISignal to ICDISignalReceived
fa7704 16 lines Override equals in the PathEntry class
fa981a 21 lines Add new method.
fab806 27 lines Fix for PR 43496
fac366 7 lines updated.
fac6b3 12 lines getResource () is already in ICElement.
fad7ba 12 lines update the log
fae44f 7 lines updated log
fae460 4 lines remove static qualifier.
fae625 13 lines updated
fb0638 22 lines New method set/getSharedLibraryManager.() and
fb1a53 25 lines Create the StackFrame() with the levels.
fb2814 2 lines Fixing Typo, from Tracy M.
fb2a00 15 lines Updated.
fb2c23 9 lines updated.
fb4817 2 lines call loadSymbols from the manager.
fb50d5 17 lines getLastExecutionToken() new method.
fb67ce 14 lines updated.
fb8ec5 1743 lines more work on the parser.
fb98fb 66 lines Do not use {g,s}etCurrentTarget() if possible. code
fbb3c4 336 lines Support for OpenDeclaration action on the MakefileEditor.
fbe067 4 lines setMIShared() new method.
fbea28 4 lines new method removeItem(Object key)
fc5d98 7 lines Fix NPE
fc6296 4 lines Uncomment the log stream code.
fc8f41 14 lines updated.
fd0b0a 54 lines add hasChildren to help the UI.
fd19cb 4 lines check if the target is terminated
fd2f3b 8 lines updated.
fd423b 1 lines trim the line.
fd4b56 21 lines Copyright
fd6887 10 lines 2004-12-03 Alain Magloire
fd78e1 35 lines Check for the binaries in the virtual containers
fd938a 31 lines Fix to make this work for link resources.
fdcada 14 lines Enable registration to the ContentProvider menu
fdd089 22 lines updated.
fdfc59 33 lines 2004-06-21 Alain Magloire
fdfc8a 73 lines New method getVariableObjectAsArray()
fe0147 33 lines 2005-02-16 Alain Magloire
fe3137 110 lines new method update() to generage MemoryChangedEvents.
fe5c8d 6 lines updated.
fe99b9 25 lines Fix for exitCompilationUnit
fea4e2 287 lines 2004-10-17 Alain Magloire
feb4ca 9 lines Remove unused parameters.
febb39 57 lines add startup() and shtudown() methods.
fec37b 6 lines updated.
fef626 51 lines Remove the static qualifiers add getBinaryParserFormat()
fefc89 156 lines Refactor outside of cdt.internal
ff03b9 7 lines updated.
ff1459 21 lines the method getCDescriptor(IProject, boolean)
ff27cb 2 lines Only get the top level stackFrame
ff2a51 15 lines New method getBufferFactory() overload the parent.
ff806b 8 lines Small bug fix of the CView.
ff80a0 38 lines new methods parseWinShared() and parseUnixShared() to deal with
ff9939 97 lines New tab item binary parser.
ffaa1e 18 lines Reorginaze import to remove warnings.
ffd096 36 lines Fix from Chris Songer to deal with IBinary elements
ffd54d 4 lines Set the contextID
ffd67c 6 lines createLocation() is in breakpointManager.
Aleem Rehman (gmail.com)
b93e00 37 lines Bug 409890 - Launch is not terminated when an error occurs in
Alex Blewitt (gmail.com)
272124 976 bytes Keywords starting with @ aren't recognized by editor
Attachment 132092: New version of patch
265748 975 bytes Add Objective C linkage to ILinkage.java (patch included)
Attachment 126397: Patch adding an objective-c linkage id
282759 5051 bytes Cannot run spawner on MacOSX with a 64-bit vm
Attachment 141023: Patches the makefile (properly, this time)
272969 1873 bytes CProjectDescriptionManager.java randomly reorders project natures
Attachment 132487: Fixes the randomly-sorting-natures bug
Alex Chapiro (qnx.com)
171239 1952 bytes In Launch Configuration Dialog modifications don't enable Apply button
Attachment 57266: This is a second variant of patch
165553 7741 bytes Regression: CView lost some Drag&Drop functionality support
Attachment 58288: Patch to fix the problem
165553 6703 bytes Regression: CView lost some Drag&Drop functionality support
Attachment 81211: Patch for 4.0.2 (branch CDT_4_0)
150029 960 bytes Spawner does not work on some configurations (Windows)
Attachment 45951: Patch which fixes the problem
164994 1823 bytes For post-mortem debugging new launch configuration is not initializes properly
Attachment 54082: Patch that fix the problem
215056 1266 bytes NullPointerExcpeption while parsing GCC output during build
Attachment 86694: Patch to fix a problem
231149 1009 bytes One more NPE in AbstractCLaunchDelegate
Attachment 99311: This is a patch
140424 2115 bytes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when creating a new project with ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile extension defined
Attachment 115285: Patch
228954 1302 bytes Usability: Project Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings
Attachment 123389: Simplified patch for 5.0.2
251124 11351 bytes C++ templates shouldn't be included into C New Project Wizard Tree
Attachment 115321: Patch
257267 1279 bytes Managed make projects do not clean build configurations variants
Attachment 119318: THis tiny change fixes the problem.
261280 3617 bytes Scanner Profile implementation badly customizable
Attachment 122815: Updated patch
264010 1038 bytes GCCStandardMakePerFileProfile no longer available in Standard Make C projects
Attachment 125286: This patch fix the problem with per file profile (see comment #3)
268528 5506 bytes Discovery profile options panel doesn't show since 5.0.2 up
Attachment 128922: This is a patch.
77399 3884 bytes Managed Make Builder mangles subdir.mk if configuration of linked resource was changed
Attachment 15525: Patch to fix the problem
102043 2815 bytes Console Output Does Not Appear When Launching An Application
Attachment 29625: Putch that should fix the problem (I hope)
228954 6128 bytes Usability: Project Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings
Attachment 123388: Patch for CDT Head branch
261280 2088 bytes Scanner Profile implementation badly customizable
Attachment 122742: Patch
Alex Collins (broadcom.com)
324062 16142 bytes Headless Builder: Need ability to pass additional tool options
Attachment 178274: patch 2
Alex Freidin (gmail.com)
15c366 28 lines Bug 373503 - Auto-completion for C/C++ editor templates that start with
231458 1332 bytes Error parsers selection is sometimes cleared
Attachment 112492: CVS patch fixing the setting of error parsers
253170 2671 bytes ELF and GNU ELF parsers incorrectly parse GNUARM executables
Attachment 116804: Patch fixing the ELF parsers
230214 999 bytes Change "Toolchain" to "Toolchains" in main wizard page
Attachment 111394: CVS patch that fixes the typo
286384 2782 bytes Renaming the project doesn't update the macros and makes sources to appear as excluded from build
Attachment 145126: updated patch
330750 3282 bytes Include path defined as ${workspace_loc} incorrectly displayed in Project Explorer view
Attachment 187502: Displays workspace root as absolute path
311880 11442 bytes Add preference to keep position of excluded files in Project Explorer
Attachment 189713: Patch
343700 3120 bytes Exceptions during Build Selected Files operation are not displayed in the Build Console
Attachment 193965: Patch
54812 990 bytes Update error parser manager and interface
Attachment 111450: Cancel trimming of prefix and suffix whitespaces
54812 1265 bytes Update error parser manager and interface
Attachment 111451: Another way to cancel the trimming of whitespaces
230353 922 bytes Change Tool-chains to Toolchains in configuration wizard page
Attachment 111392: CVS patch based on CDT 5.0 HEAD
245264 1483 bytes Makefile is not generated correctly for linked resources in some cases
Attachment 110951: A patch that fixes incorrect identification of linked resources in makefile generator
Alex Panchenko (gmail.com)
277057 1479 bytes [launch][jtag] Handler of Variables button near GDB command field should check dialog result
Attachment 136425: GDBJtagDebuggerTab.java patch
Alex Ruiz (google.com)
00c29e 126 lines Added more tests.
181907 72 lines Bug 372551. Fixed running checkers on file open. Split "On file save"
1f83e4 2088 lines Bug 372551. Codan support for writing checkers that invoke external
247c49 43 lines Removed Pair class. Replaced getErrorParserAvailableIds()
295466 61 lines Fixed test broken by accident.
3115bb 1763 lines Initial take on external-tool-based checkers.
55b987 89 lines Minor code cleanup.
88d576 745 lines Code cleanup, to make CommandLauncher testable.
92bd2a 126 lines Bug 373029 - Fixes to inconsistencies in Codan preference page.
a3758a 211 lines Minor code cleanup.
a5e61b 297 lines Bug 372551. Made "run on save" checker launch mode independent of
a631e4 28 lines Externalized Strings.
b25c64 1179 lines * Enabled correct API baseline (3.7) and fixed related API-check errors.
ba5775 305 lines Bug 372551. Fixed semantics of ErrorParserManager (e.g.
d7f5c2 4 lines Minor code cleanup.
de264b 267 lines Added test for CommandLauncher.
f40594 1098 lines Code cleanup:
fba2b5 262 lines Leftover cleanup from previous commit.
338492 1940 bytes Please add method 'log(String, Throwable)' to CodanCorePlugin
Attachment 190011: Proposed patch
338569 1174 bytes Not found problem with customized settings makes Codan Preference UI unusable
Attachment 190068: Proposed patch
338467 1980 bytes Codan calls "before" and "after" even for checkers that are not supposed to run in a launch mode
Attachment 190458: Improved version of patch submitted earlier
340092 2024 bytes Codan does not update severity in markers when a problem's severity has been changed in Preferences
Attachment 191248: Proposed patch
339305 8843 bytes Preference "Run as you type" should appear only if checker supports that launch mode
Attachment 190804: Fixed a bug in previous patch
339294 2916 bytes Message Pattern should not be user-configurable
Attachment 190709: Proposed patch
Alexander Kurtakov (redhat.com)
39c082 41 lines Use Tycho 0.17 for build.
Alexander Wunschik (wunschik.net)
86676 494 bytes CDT ghosts resume/step when stack-info-depth fails
Attachment 80316: Patch to return a default stack size in case of an error while getting "stack-info-depth"
Alvaro Sanchez-Leon (gmail.com)
2519bc 48 lines Bug 415362: [visualizer] occasional exception when exercising step into
3932f7 3 lines Bug 409795: Rename GdbSever_name to GdbServer_path in remote launch
4eb628 18 lines Bug 418176 - Register view does not refresh register names per process
6c85c8 386 lines Bug 323552: [registers] Register View content is not stack frame
76fcfc 139 lines 399533: Add a PDE target definition for Eclipse release staging
af6a81 16 lines Bug 430313 - [remote] Auto Remote Debug - Unable to download to folder
b5a53c 2 lines NEW - Bug 415100: [run control] Assertion in all-stop when doing step
bb755a 3140 lines Bug 244865 – Support for Step Into Selection
d15325 12 lines Bug 429157: memory-changed event may not trigger an update for the
e49589 870 lines Bug 426730: [Memory] Support 16 bit addressable size
f1639f 384 lines Bug 250323 - Each memory context needs a different memory retrieval
Andre St. Laurent (comcast.net)
323013 8065 bytes Traditional Rendering: The horizontal scroll bar does not move with the cursor
Attachment 187468: This patches fixes the scrollbar issue
323221 1069 bytes [Memory Browser] Error indicator of address input field does not clear when debug context changes
Attachment 178810: Branch 7_0 patch
323221 1170 bytes [Memory Browser] Error indicator of address input field does not clear when debug context changes
Attachment 178812: HEAD patch
330468 3087 bytes Memory Browser View: Incorrect replacement of address field expression
Attachment 187466: Fixes the 'x' decoration issue
359207 15312 bytes Memory Browser: Cell edit modification font color
Attachment 204619: Patch to fix the "edit cell" issue
346129 6169 bytes Crash when scrolling using Traditional Renderer under 64-bit Redhat Enterprise Linux
Attachment 196144: This patch corrects a problem in the the original 7.0.2 patch
346129 6198 bytes Crash when scrolling using Traditional Renderer under 64-bit Redhat Enterprise Linux
Attachment 196145: This patch corrects a problem in the the original 8.0 patch
Andrew Eidsness (jfront.com)
178b50 15 lines Bug 403670: Do no work on parallel rebuilds if nothing changed
1908ef 703 lines qt slot/signal auto-complete
227992 2201 lines Bug 400020: Allow tagging of IBindings
5dbcc8 16 lines Bug 415789: NPE in ScannerConfigBuilder
6c6ab2 2294 lines Bug 400020: Allow tagging of IBindings
719982 970 lines Recognize Q_SIGNAL and Q_SLOT on single functions
862099 105 lines Bug 399985: Semantic highlighting for qt signals/slots
8883fb 44 lines Bug 402177: Btree.insert returns wrong value
Andrew Eidsness (jfront.com)
030bfc 121 lines Bug 425102 QObject::connect content assist broken
08c7d1 191 lines Bug 422765: New method to find IBindings from qualifiedName
0e196c 104 lines Bug 425002 QObjects cannot be found within namespaces
0f482a 817 lines Bug 422841: Add QEnum to QtIndex
16083f 167 lines Bug 422841: Add Q_CLASSINFO to the QtIndex
1b4299 2502 lines Bug 422841: Add IQMethod to the QtIndex
213687 22 lines Bug 424160: null checks for CodanPreferencesLoader.getProjectNode
25a099 42 lines Bug 425787: Reindex projects when Qt nature is added
2bc903 770 lines Bug 363406: extensible semantic highlighting
2d9f3f 2599 lines Bug 422841: Add Q_PROPERTY to the QtIndex
2e6729 4 lines Fix version number in qt-feature
45c388 1125 lines Bug 418406: Qt4 and Qt5 specific HelloWorld project wizards
4dab99 163 lines Bug 422681: Load the correct binding for cross-linkage references
54a0b2 3 lines Fix Qt core plugin's provider and plug-in names
57b53b 177 lines Bug 426238: Update head of external references list when needed
5e130a 575 lines Bug 422804: Allow contributors to add data to the PDOM
6873bc 1329 lines Bug 422841 QtIndex accessor for QmlRegistrations of an IQObject
69e866 12 lines Bug 426781: Qt content assist is too aggressive
6de9f5 177 lines Bug 426238: Update head of external references list when needed
70f502 249 lines Bug 424824: Codan checker for Qt
71fa7c 2 lines Bug 426784: Qt Codan checker uses wrong type
78fc90 913 lines Bug 422841 QtIndex API for qmlRegisterType function calls
9d6055 808 lines Bug 422841: Add Q_GADGET to QtIndex
a0a205 363 lines Bug 416471: Support for extra ILanguageSettingsProviders in new projects
a512bb 1287 lines Bug 424499: Find References does not work for Qt signals and slots
c3733d 2 lines Bug 426784: Qt Codan checker uses wrong type
c6c1ef 10051 lines Fix Qt plugin's project structure
d046e0 149 lines Bug 423679: CEditor navigation actions disabled outside of CEditor
d613b1 12 lines Bug 426781: Qt content assist is too aggressive
f531f2 43 lines Bug 425102 New check for Qt Codan checker
f7d49e 566 lines Bug 425711: User preference to limit tokens per translation unit
f887c8 471 lines Bug 422681: Allow references to bindings in other linkages
fccbec 2485 lines Bug 422841: Initial implementation of QtIndex
fd074a 117 lines Bug 425102 QObject::connect content assist still broken
ff690a 3114 lines Content assistant for Qt elements
278632 1062 bytes NPE in CSourceViewerConfiguration on non file:// IFileStores
Attachment 137863: proposed patch
278632 4699 bytes NPE in CSourceViewerConfiguration on non file:// IFileStores
Attachment 137873: test case to reproduce the problem
415789 3560 bytes NPE while setting project description
Attachment 234934: patch
Andrew Ferguson (arm.com)
71781 4594 bytes [Managed Build] Project should be rebuilt if build configuration is changed and incremental compile is on
Attachment 35144: make routine for triggering build visible, and invoke it upon default
109140 762 bytes consider having VCErrorParser examine output case-insensitively
Attachment 26983: examine lines in lowercase
123997 3383 bytes launching subclasses of AbstractCLaunchDelegate causes progress information to be lost
Attachment 33508: use the IProgressMonitor parameter to finalLaunchCheck consistently w.r.t. LaunchConfigurationDelegate implementation
124519 1265 bytes CDT launch shortcuts ignore Common Tabs "Launch in background" option
Attachment 33468: use launch routines from DebugUITools to launch
129782 4077 bytes GnuMakefileGenerator can generate invalid makefiles via option-dependencies
Attachment 35914: process paths before they are added to the right hand side of rules
Andrew Ferguson (symbian.com)
00d016 27 lines fix aftodo
00e124 138 lines 211986: fix incompatibility introduced in208558
00ebca 38 lines fix handling of particular type of problem binding in KnR style function declarations
024703 17779 lines move to new-style framework
0257c0 548 lines 192165: add testcase for possibly related Stackoverflow
0283fa 47 lines 177917: add unit tests
03273b 9 lines add test case for missing problembinding when passing a (basic) type in a non-type context
05d113 75 lines 233460: apply fix
069d27 419 lines 197469: apply fix
06e6be 2 lines 203553: Update process fqns
079e90 4 lines 205182: fix example to work from clean workspace
080b70 26 lines 224364: re-enable fix after performance improvements from Markus
080fe9 46 lines apply patch on behalf of Mark Espiritu (Bug 215283)
09295c 486 lines 207871: add limited support for integral non-type template arguments
0a836d 217 lines 238842: cyclic includes causes infinite loop in PDOMManager.areSynchronized
0abbd1 4 lines add check for ProblemBindings when adding types
0ae039 21 lines 185828: add test case
0bcf54 35 lines clean up warnings
0c0526 20 lines 223521: fix for race condition encountered in GeneratePDOM.run
0c28b3 485 lines 176708: fix two exceptions in composite classes
0cd5c1 2570 lines move older tests to new-style framework
0efd6a 294 lines 227967: add test cases
0f1f11 89 lines 180738: add test case
0f3f56 96 lines 199379: update docs and tidy code
100ce2 548 lines Apply patch for 215823 for Mark Espiritu, and fix generics warnings in template engine
101bca 94 lines 229942: expand tests
131099 286 lines 206187: port fix from HEAD
13c4e6 136 lines 208558: apply fix and add regression test
147377 156 lines add unit test for bugzilla 174809
14b1bb 4 lines add singleton property to correct compile errors against M5 platform.
181c58 54 lines 171834: add simple test case (currently fails)
183e83 328 lines clean up warnings
19a895 60 lines 180948: fix ClassCastException (follow up)
1aa23a 197 lines clean up warnings
1aa5e9 65 lines separate template argument creation from CPPTemplates.createTypeArray
1be03a 2 lines undo typo from fixing warnings
1be0d2 57 lines 201177: apply fix + add test from Sergey
1f1d45 4 lines hide inadvertent API changes
1fe31a 1 lines remove annotation
203912 5 lines check type run-time IType expected type against IType type (rather than IScope type)
212cb7 197 lines 79193: fix rendering of external paths in C++ search page
218e1a 116 lines 237622: template parameter resolution in chain initialiser - apply fix and add tests
223e10 3 lines use defined constant for default configuration data provider id
2304ae 30 lines 181735: fix a regression, and some (newly exposed) syntax errors in the unit tests
242135 180 lines 224364: add unit tests
24d37a 4 lines 205182: fix example template to work from clean workspace
250d34 470 lines 169668: add unit tests + fix bugs
25213b 141 lines 191679: add some unit tests
2573da 33 lines 238409: add test
2786bd 1 lines remove comment to self
2a8ddc 16 lines add template parameters to DOM view
2a9495 157 lines add unit tests related to 201174 and improve debug information, apply a fix to CPPFunctionSpecialization for answering isStatic for when the binding being specialized is an index binding
2b3bac 2 lines 222954: fix default attribute
2b57e6 11 lines 186337: apply patch on behalf of Emanuel Graf
2c650d 417 lines 205182: apply fix and add example template to test plug-in
2fac39 550 lines pdom templates: add unit tests and make two small fixes
3075e1 854 lines 222954: apply fix
307bcc 82 lines 225534: add unit tests
30ac9e 17 lines fix cyclic construction problem exposed by improved error handling
30f802 31 lines 201087: add additional description for the templateAssociations extension point
3139aa 19 lines 180948: fix ClassCastException
3219ad 49 lines fix unit test failures
325c59 123 lines fix race conditions in unit tests
335151 23 lines 181735: fix case of failing function resolution
35a0e6 4 lines 203553: fix typo
35ca14 269 lines add some initial class template unit tests
35e40a 16 lines 229992: add flag for deletion
3663f4 3 lines temporarily make test results xml available via web for diagnostic purposes
37107e 42 lines 196279: apply fix for NPE on function elements
3840ec 110 lines 188274: add a testcase for the reported CCE, plus a testcase for a related failure
38595a 226 lines improve error handling in order to determine why some unit tests are failing on overnight build
38c5ad 64 lines 232809: apply fix, add regression test
390aa4 106 lines fix terminology: memento->hash
398d69 43 lines 233889: pointer-to-member declarations in parameter contexts are not typed correctly
3aa200 1 lines fix regression from warnings cleanup
3b92e4 17 lines 238852: suppress @param for f(void) parameter
3c7a0b 88 lines 186736: add test cases
3fa247 101 lines write project properties to the project pdom (fragment id)
3fb797 15 lines 229942: add test
3fdfd1 93 lines 192437: apply fix
41ee51 6 lines 222954: fix default selection
424485 412 lines 197468: apply fix
43e699 350 lines 174986: make IConfigurationDescription reference utility methods available
45d5fd 44 lines improve diagnostics
4612d2 3738 lines move index based resolution tests, as they are not specifically testing the pdom
4a6e26 40 lines housekeeping on pdomtests
4c5b83 74 lines 207320: apply fix, add regression tests
4caaf8 18 lines add test for deferred non-type template arguments
4d5780 4 lines 203553: Apply patch on behalf on Beth Tibbitts
509904 423 lines add support for IIndexFragment properties
512a83 535 lines 181735: (part II) fix index related resolution problems
516dfa 78 lines 238852: suppress @param for f(void) parameter
5187c6 157 lines make PDOM* bindings non-public
51b418 1 lines add class template tests
525c31 201 lines 237914: have non-type template argument conversions taken into account when selecting specializations/partial-specializations
525d29 1039 lines Apply patch to add pdom binding resolution tests for Bugzilla#162581
549dd3 227 lines add javadoc, add isSameType implementations, add getArgumentMap implementations
55dcea 147 lines 172454: additionally distinguish bindings by type constant in btree indices
58342e 2 lines 175267 - reenable failing test
59db70 27 lines 188324: apply fix
5a7960 7 lines 215960: Apply fix contributed by Mark Espiritu (VaST Systems)
5b762b 74 lines 207320: apply fix and add regression tests
5e052d 2 lines temporarily add some logging over test
5ecca8 2 lines 222954: fix default attribute
6047a7 2 lines fix typo
60a923 9 lines fix copyright header
60f62a 2056 lines 179709: move document to ISV doc plugin
61cc1a 769 lines 224364: apply fix
641092 224 lines 188274: apply fix
642e52 45 lines 207840: PDOM non type template parameters (fix)
65701e 7734 lines move older tests to new-style framework
65ff00 15 lines Fix documentation, schema fix is contributed by Tim Kelly (Nokia)
672ce6 417 lines 205182: apply fix and add example template
6741a8 852 lines 183986: extract a Comparator from PDOMBinding
677d68 84 lines clean up warnings
67968c 51 lines 190664: expected label has changed
6850e4 7 lines fix page sequence problem, and add support for parameterless processes
688df2 33 lines 207871: add testcase
6936ef 33 lines add a further case
69bcea 8 lines StringBuffer->StringBuilder
69f76d 43 lines 186736: fix some operator-overloading issues
6a6fd2 129 lines tidy method hasBaseClass and rename to calculateInheritanceDepth
6b053a 238 lines 178856: use the default settings configuration for index fragments via CIndex extension point
6b1f37 130 lines 214335: apply fix and add regression test
6c161d 41 lines 173997: add a related test case
6c3076 53 lines 179322: add unit test
6c54ac 44 lines 154563: add another test case
6c578a 77 lines add a class specialization test, ensure an ast test uses fresh files
6d88aa 1467 lines 167096: check in of new functionality
6ddba2 202 lines 178998: apply fix for controlled behaviour on prebuilt pdom version mismatch
6eede8 15 lines 177917: add test for directive within namespace, declared in referencing file
7028cd 142 lines generalize ProjectRelativeLocationConverter
7364e1 329 lines 227976: apply fix
738969 261 lines add locking, checks on immediately reachable bindings
73b13e 27 lines disallow using a template name as a type name in a simple declaration
75225a 1 lines remove annotation
75e338 158 lines 191251: fix names improperly resolving to bindings relating to self-referencing typedefs
7674e5 4 lines hide inadvertent API change
773b11 1350 lines 165213: undo misadventure with abstraction
782954 13 lines fix misunderstanding about junit
7a15b8 33 lines 238409: add test
7a7807 29 lines report the IProblemBinding ID constant name on failure
7a7891 300 lines 229942: apply fix
7c00a4 2 lines 191679: fix typos
7c22f3 27 lines 188926: update template documentation
7d4f14 191 lines Apply patch for __declspec support from Ed Swartz (bugzilla 158192)
807f6f 34 lines fix one more race condition in unit tests, and _testAlias in NamespaceTests
80e1e1 139 lines fix a bug in the composite deferred class instance implementation, add regression test plus debug utility code
81eedf 1868 lines 181936: fix for support for function types
83b347 75 lines fix behaviour when commenting methods preceded by a macro
83c441 4 lines Only auto-save dirty editors. Some listening clients (e.g. perforce team provider plug-in) can open a dialog for each touched file.
84147c 120 lines fix bug where PDOM content is preserved over deleting and creating a project of the same name
8429b3 556 lines 175275 (facilitate case-insensitive search of b-tree indices): apply fix
8435a6 73 lines 186214: apply fix for linked IndexFileLocation ambiguity resolution
850c6c 50 lines 179322: remove test case (bug is RESOLVED INVALID)
89f9f4 2 lines 203550: Apply patch on behalf of Beth Tibbitts
8a24d5 2021 lines 214646: apply fix
8aa019 9 lines 185828: add workaround which limits recursion depth of symbol look-up in class hierarchy
8b196a 46 lines add missing javadoc
8b22e1 11 lines 208582: remove duplicate GeneratePDOM registration
8b5a86 38 lines 178628: unit test for function template resolution failure
8bc2a7 15205 lines 222748: refactor semantic routines to separate package
8c3672 3 lines 181936: upversion PDOM
8c9eaf 835 lines 178789: match initial template support in the PDOM
8d6cd5 154 lines 229989: apply fix: GeneratePDOM should not export PDOM's which are not sync'ed to project content
8f5f85 17 lines allow trace to be activated by internal means
8fc806 10 lines fix regression in error handling
90846e 392 lines 221109: Apply fix and add regression
90b276 151 lines 203553: Apply patch plus additional docs improvements on behalf on Beth Tibbitts. Remove unused usageDescription attribute.
921ac3 48 lines 214596: apply fix
924e43 216 lines add generic type to ObjectSet, ObjectTable
92be19 26 lines 207871: add test
93ae21 612 lines 184216: add two missing composite template bindings
93fb49 11 lines 208582: remove duplicate GeneratePDOM registration
94299a 6 lines fix comments
9497a4 9 lines make individual unit test console output available, and all diagnostics to under testReports
94a253 160 lines 162172: Add initial test case, fix bug
94a8af 173 lines 175151 add unit tests, bug fixes
94f1a1 1176 lines Improve accuracy of index based binding resolution
95058d 21 lines 180948: fix CCE
95299b 371 lines 238232: fix conversions relating to implicit object argument, and some follow on exposed bugs
95763b 10445 lines move older test to new-style framework
95b0b0 6 lines shorten some binding-helper assertion messages
9644f4 26 lines 203553: Merge contributions from Beth Tibbitts
97f832 159 lines fix intermittent failures in PDOM tests
9a46b4 92 lines 222444: add tests
9df71b 57 lines 201177: apply fix + add test from Sergey
a29822 288 lines add location converters plus tests
a4797c 24 lines 237622: template parameter resolution in chain initialiser - apply fix and add tests
a7e924 936 lines 175151 (move OpenTypeDialog/Action, AllTypesCache to use the IIndex API): apply fix
a7f296 37 lines 233411: apply fix
a86a73 1460 lines 160012: add ISV docs for template engine
a923a7 236 lines 186214: add test case (plus some tidy)
a9dcca 115 lines 232988: apply fix
a9ee6e 252 lines 222418: add further tests
ab41c5 32 lines fix more warnings
ad109d 52 lines move to new-style framework
adbdf1 190 lines 158192: port patch for __declspec support to CDT 4.0 HEAD
b030a2 20 lines disable __declspec tests on non-windows platforms until we have a solution
b13056 3937 lines 169666: remove duplicate binding results from index queries, provide composite bindings
b2114c 54 lines reindent file
b23fa1 371 lines 238232: fix conversions relating to implicit object argument, and some follow on exposed bugs
b2b128 128 lines 109724: apply patch for Bryan Wilkinson
b32042 8 lines add getRecord, make clear() public, some housekeeping
b348ab 7 lines Add optional message parameter to PDOMNotImplementedError
b3c04a 44 lines miscellaneous javadoc changes, add some empty array constants to IIndex* interfaces
b5eee5 3 lines 175275: update PDOM version number
b75b09 831 lines 222954: apply fix
b786f5 215 lines 207840: add PDOM non-type parameters
b92596 134 lines 177917: have composite bindings also implement ICPPDelegateCreator
bdc1cb 269 lines 200958: apply fix
bea412 20 lines tidy code
c113b0 8034 lines 178386: check-in documentation tool framework plus doxygen implementation
c1eb47 23 lines 239023: user defined operator lookup on deferred class type
c1f5fb 23 lines 239023: user defined operator lookup on deferred class type
c2f4ab 5 lines fix race condition
c6068f 215 lines allow auto-generation of tags for pure virtual declarations, and between function declarators and comment bodies
c7553e 545 lines 183160 - fix for class implicits
c76ee9 37 lines 197468: tighten test success conditions
c81305 6 lines fix warnings
cc4d4b 6 lines minor code tidy
cdaae2 148 lines 222418: add test cases
d122e2 146 lines Bug 196163: "Search again" does not clear previous results
d193d6 27 lines 234068: don't test windows paths on linux
d29b51 167 lines 226308: Disable fix for 224364
d36303 353 lines 201087: apply contributions on behalf of James Blackburn
d3ac34 126 lines 74433: better error reporting on the command-line
d3fce2 2 lines fix error in offset. Members for non-types are probably unnecessary anyhow.
d45738 78 lines 238852: suppress @param for f(void) parameter
d4dc19 56 lines add javadoc
d4e0d5 255 lines 186736: add fix and regression test for case where the lhs of the operator is a pointer, and overloads should not be searched
d56630 136 lines 208558: apply fix and add regression test
d6d9ed 1175 lines apply patch for 162172: make PDOM relocatable
d94ffa 54 lines fix warnings (imports, string externalization)
d96259 353 lines 201087: apply contributions from James Blackburn
dcb1c0 24 lines bring list of extension points up to date, change externalized string to string literal for language.exsd as externalized strings don't seem to be supported here
ddca2b 140 lines 237622: template parameter resolution in chain initialiser - apply fix and add tests
df5d49 1165 lines 169668: provide an offline PDOM generation tool
e100fc 24 lines add test for missing problems when using a template name as a type name in a declaration (see 207840)
e27f02 159 lines 206187: Apply fix, add regression test
e3ae58 22 lines add test for potential regression for 229942
e3f979 100 lines 160012: add user documentation
e40d21 58 lines fix warnings
e4c340 2 lines 222954: fix example
e4f737 799 lines 222418: apply fix
e50931 43 lines 233889: pointer-to-member declarations in parameter contexts are not typed correctly
e6c6d8 78 lines 175267: apply fix
e714b8 455 lines Tidy up pdom binding resolution code, fix typedefs accessed by qualified names
e96881 96 lines 199379: update docs and tidy code
e9dd6a 217 lines 238824: cyclic includes causes infinite loop in PDOMManager.areSynchronized
e9f535 92 lines tidy up and doc unit test helper methods
ea99f6 195 lines fix include path issue, and add regression test
eaadac 7 lines fix page sequence problem, and add support for parameterless processes
eb628d 77 lines add composite for (ITypedef & ICPPSpecialization) binding
ec2fd1 17 lines 199572: fix StackOverflowError
ec8a6d 892 lines prework: refactor clones, add further template composite bindings (currently unused)
eeb3c2 72 lines fail tests which log non-OK status objects in CCorePlugin
f0495f 90 lines clean warnings
f06808 17 lines 238852: suppress @param for f(void) parameter
f0b43c 15 lines 207840: add unit test
f24209 405 lines clean up warnings
f40d09 17 lines add messages to assertions for diagnostics
f68f13 546 lines move templateengine testdata into conventional location which is picked up by the binary build
f73314 1037 lines 196338: apply fix
fa65ea 44 lines 226231: apply fix
fbe4e1 25 lines Bug 194359: apply workaround for bug in XalanJ
fc33a0 201 lines 237914: have non-type template argument conversions taken into account when selecting specializations/partial-specializations
fc34a9 88 lines fix locking bug
fc38a2 77 lines fix bug in DBProperties use in the PDOM
fd1c9d 7 lines 215960: Apply fix contributed by Mark Espiritu (VaST Systems)
fd23b5 48 lines 214596: apply fix
fe6d69 333 lines add test for index API over projects
fea3d0 26 lines revert to previous version (unintentionally committed as part of 162172)
158192 3801 bytes indexing failures due to MSVC extensions
Attachment 54881: test cases for this
158192 27210 bytes indexing failures due to MSVC extensions
Attachment 57608: patch applied to CDT 4.0 HEAD
79193 18799 bytes Search report uses for external project workspace-relative path
Attachment 73683: patch applied to HEAD
129782 14262 bytes GnuMakefileGenerator can generate invalid makefiles via option-dependencies
Attachment 43930: a unit test
129782 8515 bytes GnuMakefileGenerator can generate invalid makefiles via option-dependencies
Attachment 48569: patch for CDT31 branch
156504 185039 bytes bindings identified by name in b-tree indexes (e.g. overloaded methods and functions are not distinguished in the PDOM)
Attachment 52339: introduce local binding identities for solving overloading
157992 2416 bytes Race condition in PDOMTests
Attachment 51231: unit test for repeating the same test repeatedly to show differing results
157992 6327 bytes Race condition in PDOMTests
Attachment 51232: suggested fix for job ordering
162217 50409 bytes change PDOM binding records to be constructed from binding objects not the AST
Attachment 52729: have pdom records constructed from bindings, rather than AST information
Andrew Gvozdev (gmail.com)
236160 39745 bytes C Block comment closes on next line when # is a first character on line
Attachment 106273: updated patch
237956 974 bytes xlC parser throws an exception parsing output with word "line"
Attachment 105536: Updated patch
242707 9793 bytes Tab is not indenting line in C/C++ editor
Attachment 109489: reinvented patch
245070 2395 bytes Initialization "unsigned var(0);" yields Syntax error annotation in C++ file
Attachment 111540: more fine grained patch
248341 8858 bytes Empty line appears in configuration list after removing of configuration in project properties
Attachment 113991: suggested patch
260771 124454 bytes Drag and Drop of make targets in Make Target View
Attachment 122872: offer #2
261277 7078 bytes Make Target View lets create make targets with the same name
Attachment 122857: updated patch with a couple of more bugs fixed
263201 4360 bytes In Problems view - move location of errors/warnings from Description column to Location
Attachment 124442: patch
263201 916 bytes In Problems view - move location of errors/warnings from Description column to Location
Attachment 125020: patch not to show false cygwin paths
263201 6710 bytes In Problems view - move location of errors/warnings from Description column to Location
Attachment 128867: test cases
247838 32440 bytes ErrorParserManager.findFileInWorkspace annotates compiler errors on wrong resource
Attachment 129135: more test cases including EFS
247838 13535 bytes ErrorParserManager.findFileInWorkspace annotates compiler errors on wrong resource
Attachment 126515: Patch 5b
262988 2745 bytes improvement to ErrorParserManager.findFileName?
Attachment 129877: Test case
269023 21412 bytes ErrorParserManager is not able to handle non-local EFS projects
Attachment 130174: refactoring patch
270772 5602 bytes ErrorParserManager does not always cooperate with MakeErrorParser under cygwin
Attachment 130956: test case + patch
271327 7283 bytes ErrorParserManager.pushDirectory() - mission not accomplished
Attachment 131004: test cases + patch
163650 1464 bytes Include Paths -I""
Attachment 133938: proposed patch
264715 4183 bytes We need error parsers to locate all files from error output properly
Attachment 126080: fix for the failing test case
264715 54200 bytes We need error parsers to locate all files from error output properly
Attachment 125532: test cases for current functionality
242955 5540 bytes new configurations badly or not saved
Attachment 117285: phantom configuration test case
259964 6387 bytes After opening a project sometimes an extra Debug configuration gets created in IManagedBuildInfo
Attachment 121533: the test case
275773 12271 bytes Old-fashioned look of Make Target View
Attachment 136419: patch 2
275773 8270 bytes Old-fashioned look of Make Target View
Attachment 136420: icons 2
275773 785 bytes Old-fashioned look of Make Target View
Attachment 137051: target_add disabled icon
258385 50207 bytes xlC error parser should extend AbstractErrorParser (to disambiguate files with the same name)
Attachment 137889: patch 2
269023 16725 bytes ErrorParserManager is not able to handle non-local EFS projects
Attachment 137796: patch to add filesystem.ram to test plugin
269023 20984 bytes ErrorParserManager is not able to handle non-local EFS projects
Attachment 137797: ErrorParserEfsFileMatchingTest.java
108489 2916 bytes Error parser works incorrect if there are source file withthe same name
Attachment 111648: proposed patch
218565 1007 bytes On AIX, unable to add third path to Include Paths in Project Properties
Attachment 130785: Here is the fix
236186 5416 bytes Make Targets Create/Modify dialog can be fooled easily
Attachment 105364: Corrected patch to fix some problems with Make Targets dialog
240616 992 bytes MBS runs Make Target command from Make Targets View twice adding "clean" to it during the first run
Attachment 121298: the refinement patch
256259 812 bytes error parser stops working after updating from CDT5.0.0 to CDT5.0.1(2)
Attachment 118739: a patch
260991 1395 bytes Exception if compile error in console
Attachment 122685: fix #2
263133 8525 bytes Copy & Paste inside same directory in Make Target View
Attachment 125538: patch 2
263194 1503 bytes Drag and drop of make target command to text editor loses arguments in build command
Attachment 124456: tiny patch
264276 5858 bytes Template Engine cannot create a regular folder because it is more sophisticated than that
Attachment 125185: plugin example
265472 9683 bytes Drag-Copy of Make Targets in the same folder should not be allowed without Ctrl key
Attachment 126730: patch
271550 979 bytes Make Target View: preserve "Same as Target Name" when copying targets
Attachment 131206: patch
272936 1810 bytes [code analysis] Quick fix for assignment in condition offers itself as solution to all problems
Attachment 132455: fix
264704 2740 bytes Error parsers can't map error output to files on local filesystem
Attachment 130187: test cases
264704 1662 bytes Error parsers can't map error output to files on local filesystem
Attachment 138063: proposed patch
189109 6624 bytes Extension point schema missing for cdt,core.ErrorParser ?
Attachment 139085: ErrorParser.exsd (patch)
264276 7455 bytes Template Engine cannot create a regular folder because it is more sophisticated than that
Attachment 125184: CreateFolder patch
237956 898 bytes xlC parser throws an exception parsing output with word "line"
Attachment 105507: xlC error parser patch
252966 5079 bytes ProjectDescription Storage: It should be possible to extend / override persistence mechanism
Attachment 122774: test case revealed
260771 129245 bytes Drag and Drop of make targets in Make Target View
Attachment 122321: patch
260991 1018 bytes Exception if compile error in console
Attachment 122605: fix
Andrew Lewycky (wagon.dyn.dhs.org)
68848 9432 bytes Pointers to class objects are incorrectly displayed in variable view
Attachment 13699: Potential fix
69085 1733 bytes Arrays in the Expressions view
Attachment 13713: Patch to org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core
69085 1777 bytes Arrays in the Expressions view
Attachment 13714: Patch to org.eclipse.cdt.debug.ui
Andrew Niefer (ca.ibm.com)
01798a 1 lines oops. fix ArrayOutOfBoundsException
02232c 210 lines bugs 72824, 69334, from Head to cdt_ast2
024eca 754 lines - performance improvements with Problem reporting originally from Dave Daoust
02d14a 3 lines Bug 50984 - fix class cast exceptions
02d30a 8 lines types of class template implicit methods
04105f 268 lines Array Types patch from Devin Steffler
0454da 39 lines Bug 67680 - better error handling around problems in the base clause specifier
04b2ae 152 lines Add IASTQualifiedNameElement.getFullyQualifiedNameCharArrays()
04b3ee 101 lines modify indexer to take advantage of IAST char[] functions
04c5f2 6 lines patch from Tanya Wolff - fix for Bug 66197
04d743 159 lines GCC allows forward declarations of enums in C
0558ec 459 lines fixing macros 72506.
05ca77 47 lines fix 72691 - [Parser] time_t is unresolved type
06739b 367 lines - remove IBinding.getPhysicalNode, add private interfaces ICBinding & ICPPBinding
070f6e 57 lines fix Bug 44338
072e9d 266 lines ICPPClassType.getNestedClasses()
074f16 1208 lines Another small step forward for templates
0751a7 2413 lines GCC builtin functions via implicit bindings stored on translation unit scope.
075f7f 69 lines create failing test wrapper for regression tests
082899 8 lines 76947:[Parser] Declaration parsed as Expression
0971af 89 lines fix parsing international files
098898 295 lines - Modify CVisitor.visit* to enable better control over visiting the AST.
0a1793 363 lines - fix up how we resolve function parameter bindings in C
0ab0b9 32 lines Bug 72814: [Parser] Open Declaration fails on std::vector<int> reference
0b1891 7 lines patch from Tanya Wolff - fix for Bug 63467
0b6bee 643 lines more GCC tests
0b8b62 333 lines C++ friend declarations
0bbf50 46 lines fix 71331
0bf240 29 lines 68409
0bf6b0 48 lines test tweaks
0c2fcb 3 lines fix Bug 71669
0c76ed 156 lines fix Bug 90609 : lookup of names used in friend declaration
0cbc0f 1 lines fix warning
0d1723 4 lines fix Bug 74306
0d99c9 14 lines fix CQualifierType#getType(), from Devin Steffler
0dda63 40 lines modify Scanner2.scanIdentifier wrt escaped newlines.
0de909 90 lines 77010: IASTClassSpecifier#getDeclarations() returns incomplete information
0e5689 834 lines Bug 94989 - ui.tests - selecting nodes in DOM AST View
0ebb60 87 lines Patch from Tanya Wolff
0eef7a 378 lines reduce the number of LinkedLists created by the symbol table.
0eef81 157 lines fix part of Bug 90678
0f1056 975 lines Bindings in the new Parser:
0f74ca 3673 lines Bug 52695: IASTClassSpecifier.getDeclarations returns an empty iterator
10213e 26 lines fix for anonymous structures
10298b 19 lines fix Bug 91773: allow constructor chain initializers to look in the whole class scope for bindings
104f0e 118 lines 75956: 16.3.1 don't rescan macro args if used in a ## operator
109cd6 728 lines patch from Tanya Wolff, search regression tests
10a505 61 lines fixing Bug 84186
11f779 36 lines fix Bug 68739 - open declaration on fprintf
121fe1 132 lines fix problem reporting from the ExpressionEvaluator
1264b5 63 lines visit if statements iteratively to avoid stack overflow when there are huge numbers of else ifs
12c064 315 lines Bug 91577. Do a IType.isSameType instead of IType.equals
12cdf1 21 lines fix Bug 86827
1362e3 89 lines fix Bug 84615
1390e0 27 lines Bug 126058: better handling of problem on the namespace alias
13d0e5 2 lines undo accidental commit
13eae9 257 lines resolving structure bindings
145891 21 lines fix Bug 86766
14aa4c 113 lines speciializing nested templates with partial specializations
14bbb0 41 lines Bug 73492 - [Scanner] Improper offset for particular IProblem
14d4d3 24 lines handle typedefs as qualifying names
14fc9a 3 lines oops, forgot this
153639 25 lines implement getQualifiedName for unknown template bindings
162583 28 lines fix 71331
164b25 48 lines fix Bug 98961 (ClassCastException)
1715e6 52 lines move tests for Bug 71588
1738ff 1659 lines Bug 53123 - Externalize Strings
1741ff 775 lines Change scope caching to improve performance
17879a 25 lines fix Bug 86543
185c25 2 lines fix Bug 57513
18d931 717 lines More replacing strings with char[]. This patch brings the memory back
1943c2 26 lines fix Bug 72713: [Open Declaration] F3 on a method definition goes nowhere
196218 431 lines - IType interfaces and tests outlining how it works
19b964 17 lines make sure template parameters have all their declarations added
1aa7ee 243 lines fix Bug 60493
1b02dd 2 lines == & != have boolean expression type
1b2f0d 17 lines Bug 74847- [Parser] In ASTBaseSpecifier.getParentClassSpecifier, the "symbol" attribute is dereferenced to null
1b940d 9 lines fix problem encountered while trying to reproduce 70063
1c3482 66 lines fix problem reporting from the expression evaluator
1cc8a0 122 lines fix Bug 72537: [Parser] environment macros with pararmeters are not respected by the parser
1d28de 424 lines using declarations
1dba0d 41 lines fix Bug 86336
1dfd3e 15 lines fix Bug 102149 : [CCE] caused by simple C++ code
1e4525 1136 lines add binding interface methods to check storage class & function specifiers on bindings.
1f7517 226 lines Bug 73954: [Parser] GCC built_in symbols
1f9900 6 lines externalize string
2153d2 562 lines ITokenDuple support for seperating fully qualified names that use template-ids,
21c09e 713 lines fix up CPPSemantics.declaredBefore & resolving typedefs
21c875 346 lines Bug 56411
220206 194 lines - strings for types that are template parameters
226def 225 lines Bug 69296 - remove ILineOffsetReconciler
22964c 2350 lines - initial pass at function resolution for bindings
22d59f 87 lines C++ bindings:
23013c 286 lines fix Bug 86470 - various issues with using declarations
235b63 60 lines patch from Devin Steffler : fix for 71317 invalid overload of the name
238118 71 lines fix Bug 95734: conversion of integer literal 0 to pointer, also conversion of pointer to boolean
2399f8 304 lines more GCC based Tests.
241036 173 lines Bug 92768 - expected invalid type problem
2474e4 75 lines more string to char[] changes. savings of about 10 meg (old scanner)
252884 94 lines fix Bug 84228
257d3d 15 lines small cleanup re namespaceType in CVisitor
2713b4 678 lines initial work for IProblemBindings
274efa 6 lines find constructors
278786 104 lines fix Bug 86547: default parameters and order of resolution.
2794dd 3 lines Bug 92885: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
2852b6 1176 lines C/C++ Problems & Exceptions
285899 247 lines Step 1 in supporting user defined conversion sequences during function resolution.
288486 25 lines Fix recovery after not expanding a function macro
28b56b 3 lines methods' implicit object parameter needs to handle templates in the same way as the type of "this"
28c842 136 lines fix Bug 72712: [Parser] Selection Search fails upon new expression
29789b 576 lines bugs 60318 64739
2ae683 187 lines work for Bug 50807
2bd966 3003 lines Template Bindings
2c1e95 17 lines Bug 52567 - cdt NPE prevents java search from working
2d27b6 126 lines binary search for finding nodes in the DOM AST view
2d3fad 118 lines - fix Bug 60149 - External Linkage is not recognized by the parser in Structural mode
2d4596 26 lines Bug 54639 Typedef of enumeration fails complete parse
2dbdda 17 lines Bug 74847- [Parser] In ASTBaseSpecifier.getParentClassSpecifier, the "symbol" attribute is dereferenced to null
2e56e1 37 lines Fix qualification ranking problem
2e7ff7 55 lines turn off externally linked variables for C (77383)
2f6884 239 lines fixing bugs:
2fb074 124 lines Bug 98171: implement some get* methods on CPPClassTemplate
303494 435 lines new test framework that QE people will be adding tests to
30b6f0 2240 lines modified patch from Devin Steffler, bugs 86868, 95635, 95786
31507e 278 lines Bug 74180 : [Scanner] Scanner doesn't distinguish C & C++ keywords
3166aa 27 lines fix Bug 84469 - visiting names in pointers to members
32abdb 234 lines fix Bug 57754, fix instantiating constructors, fix some problems with explicit specialization
32ee20 6 lines Bug 68940
3376e0 36 lines fix Bug 95741
342621 9 lines fix Bug 105839
34db07 19 lines small changes to help with template parsing
34ee61 53 lines Bug 84610 : Unnamed namespaces
353cad 47 lines - types of conditional, new & delete expressions
354fd3 50 lines patch from Tanya Wolff fix for 69768
357c72 2 lines 68261
35b475 21 lines Bug 56411 - a request to index a project will restart a paused index
361017 1531 lines performance changes, use ArrayList instead of LinkedList, reduce use of iterators. saves 5%
36c71b 14 lines 74190 - [Scanner][IProblem] glib.h macro usage error
372666 102 lines instantiating template template parameters
378001 1839 lines Interface for getting qualified names from bindings.
37e801 109 lines Bug 92882: report problem for method definition not matching declaration
382300 18 lines better error reporting to the callbacks around the base specifier
3831dd 20 lines fix broken buffer cache, 73378
384674 29 lines There was a NPE in CompleteParseASTFactory.createElaboratedTypeSpecifier in the case
390e03 5 lines fix NPEs (Bug 65145)
39ca87 51 lines Bug 87705
3a58a1 474 lines More string to char[] changes. savings of about 4 Meg on this one.
3b02aa 51 lines externalize strings from Tanya Wolff
3b61a8 27 lines Bug 86372
3b8838 104 lines Interfaces for basic types
3ba300 142 lines patch from Devin Steffler: field designators
3c6b02 283 lines Bindings for members
3ca435 315 lines template work on Explicit Specializations and Explicit argument specification
3d06eb 23 lines Bug 169628
3e3886 72 lines Bug 61800: Lookup failing on definition of static field
3f436a 24 lines fix Bug 54169 - Search fails to find enum declaration
3fedd1 15 lines fix Bug 92773, ClassCastException
407dc3 54 lines fix Bug 90039
40ae47 44 lines update regression test framework
40ca0f 1174 lines patch from Tanya Wolff
40da58 6 lines 73708 - [Scanner] OLRE doesn't exit scanner
416f05 29 lines fix Bug 105852
41db30 17 lines Bug 48308 - don't block the content assist while waiting for indexing,
441bdd 76 lines fix up handling of defered template instances (a better fix for 64919)
450023 45 lines fix Bug 69662 - conversion operator definitions
46bac7 2 lines fix class cast exception
46d3f6 113 lines fix Bug 98818: distributed namespaces
47c654 242 lines External C bindings
47c79f 26 lines fix Bug 95484
47cc24 406 lines address of overloaded functions
47cf73 11 lines guard against possible NPEs
48933b 88 lines tests for Bug 86267 & 86269
490592 9 lines patch from Tanya Wolff TVT fix for 70124
494a85 194 lines - Add basic ambiguity resolution
495d10 24 lines This someone got left out of the last commit
495d77 235 lines reduce the use of iterators in the symbol table
4973e1 1493 lines handle template explicit instantiations
49790b 7 lines bug - 144096. Don't omit implicit methods from index if they came off a name that wasn't a reference
49e276 119 lines managed build tests from Sean Evoy
4a3202 3 lines Bug 137660 - Imported source projects don't work in CDT 3.1
4ab98b 42 lines fix Bug 72372 : [Parser] ContextSearch declarations on a function defn: op unavailable
4b1ecb 561 lines Bug 43014, 62979: Reporting IProblems encountered during indexing. Only preprocessor problems to start
4b27d3 7 lines properly handle classes with qualified names or template-ids in the name
4b5850 243 lines scanner performance improvements from Dave Daoust
4c6445 4 lines guard against NPEs, Bug 102232
4d22e4 32 lines Bug 72814: [Parser] Open Declaration fails on std::vector<int> reference
4d440d 3 lines don't try and check the index enabled option if the project doesnt exist
4dcca4 903 lines Patch from Devin Steffler: getDeclarations
4de565 145 lines fix:
4dfe09 46 lines fix ClassCastExceptions found with Bug 90678
4e1ece 14 lines more changes for Bug 57121 - disable search button if no search for is selected.
4e2d61 153 lines fix Bug 57513 - constructor references
4e5f1e 20 lines fix test for 43242
4ef09b 119 lines Bug 73652: [Scanner] Macro replacement confusion
4f0289 152 lines fix Bug 84478: declarations inside conditions
4fa15e 24 lines fix Bug 105769
4fd7b3 3 lines Bug 98760
50054e 2 lines fix Bug 74202
511313 886 lines parsing template-ids, enabling template instantiations & class template partial specializations & indirectly fixes Bug 54778
5122fa 13 lines 95220
525fe0 60 lines Bug 75083: [Scanner] IProblem offsets wrong for macro expansions
52ae54 345 lines Patch from Devin Steffler with modifications (Bug 95757)
52d487 100 lines restore changes lost with internationalization
53f99e 16 lines Bug 61233
540081 17 lines better handle adding declarations/definitions to templates
541074 145 lines javadoc IBindings and ITypes
554db9 152 lines Add IASTQualifiedNameElement.getFullyQualifiedNameCharArrays()
55b8cf 13 lines fix Bug 89255
56adc6 5 lines fix Bug 92783: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
56bd43 2 lines update test to reflect JohnC's expression changes
5714d2 220 lines fix Bug 102825: problems in scanner around macro pasting
573d7a 16 lines handle typedefs of functions
574f68 246 lines 65623 - add rest of the index markers
57bc12 13 lines better problem reporting when DeclarationWrapper.createASTNodes fails
57d4d6 2955 lines Bug 52111 - IContainerSymbol.removeSymbol() required
585625 500 lines Further transition away from java.util collections in the symbol table
585cbe 8 lines fix failing refactor tests
58ed6a 93 lines fixing C Bindings:
593f2e 27 lines fix Bug 86678
594abd 23 lines Bug 88460
59d900 50 lines patch from Tanya Wolff, fix for 69768
59e8ca 22 lines fix Bug 95692
5a0369 2988 lines This patch is the start of parsing templates. Template uses that don't require a template-id should work.
5a49f2 1005 lines part of 51065 - move CElementLabels to internal.ui.viewsupport
5a64d3 2 lines oops... fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException
5a6687 1163 lines Bug 49990 - ASTUtil.getExpressionString( IASTExpression )
5b282c 254 lines - consider template parameter default values
5bd71c 1 lines fix ArrayOutOfBoundsException
5c33d3 138 lines fix bugs 95673, 95768
5c4941 22 lines Bug 156137 - Expression Evaluator does not handle %
5cafba 283 lines - add isStatic to IVariable
5cc0ea 632 lines More template tests, and small fixes to make them work
5d1334 92 lines bindings from Unary Id Expression
5d4613 590 lines fixing bugs 50807 and 50808, content assist in functions: foo( []
5e2403 4 lines fix NPEs
5e6221 26 lines fix Bug 72721: [Parser] new expression Constructor call with expression arg
5ebfc4 379 lines Bug 49990 - strings for GCC expression extensions
5fb678 39 lines clean up problem messages and add getLineNumber and getFileName for Bug 84148
5fd668 26 lines Patch from Devin Steffler: [Scanner] Wrong compare if the two declarations are in other number system
5fdc4f 646 lines Better handling of typedefs & fix various problems encountered while parsing templates
601315 8 lines add line and offset info to problems during a lookup
603a3b 239 lines 76696 - [Parser] Problem in if condition causes problems in else
609f1f 17 lines modified patch from Devin Steffler for Bug 102764
60bb30 42 lines fix Bug 99256 - allow anonymous structures
60e3bc 194 lines expanding the CompleteParser2Tests
610efa 81 lines fix Bug 69798
613375 934 lines Initial basic template support:
615478 1 lines remove unused import
6166db 21 lines patch from Devin Steffler for 77805
623eeb 4745 lines Change visiting of AST tree.
628114 2 lines fix double increment
62db27 2 lines for Bug 60422 : set the starting offets for ASTTemplateDeclaration
62deca 113 lines Some new tests for AST2Tests.
63bc5b 424 lines - fixed up CompleteParseASTFactory.lookupQualifiedName in the case where the
641fbe 675 lines start of support for template parameter qualified types
645b33 119 lines Bug 73652: [Scanner] Macro replacement confusion
6461cf 18 lines fix Bug 98784
65428b 236 lines more CompleteParser2Tests and
654fb7 26 lines Patch from Devin Steffler: [Scanner] Wrong compare if the two declarations are in other number system
656d05 632 lines - IArrayType
658a98 764 lines Start of removing java.util containers from the symbol table.
66737b 28 lines Bug 67718 : have a little more restraint about how often we flush the pipes
671986 73 lines fix for Bug 47625
672ad6 2 lines small tweak to previous fix for Bug 69662
675667 265 lines fix 84250, 84705, 84710,
6797f7 282 lines -work on Bug 50984: fix NPEs/CCEs caused by problems with typedefs and a bug in template instantiations
67cc9c 291 lines fix Bug 86371
682732 35 lines externalize strings from Tanya Wolff
688e94 192 lines fixing last problems for bugs 52695 & 45372
68e051 21 lines fix Bug 95714
69225d 2 lines fixing 71588
6992f6 133 lines fix Bug 90652
6b096e 31 lines fix Bug 59149
6bb194 54 lines Bug 169134
6c6245 25 lines Don't visit template parameters until we are ready for them
6c7d2e 573 lines some GCC builtins : 73954 [Parser] GCC built_in symbols
6cbe7a 837 lines fix IScope.find( String ) to do an unqualified lookup on the given string
6cc20b 17 lines Bug 93191 - make sure isVirtual at least returns correct result, regardless of base classes.
6ccc4b 19 lines fix ClassCastException for Bug 95215
6ceb2d 17 lines Bug 65477
6d52df 853 lines pool some TypeInfos. This reduces memory allocated by about 3 megs during a parse of iostream & windows.h
6df133 74 lines Bug 83855: visiting designators
6df326 45 lines fix NPE in CPPField.getVisibility
6e68f2 34 lines fix Bug 89990
6ee5fb 92 lines tests for the expression evaluator problems
6f0ade 23 lines test for Bug 57513
6f3bf0 127 lines Patch from Devin Steffler, using the properties view to help test IASTNodes and IBindings
6fa2b4 172 lines template fixes
701ada 20 lines Bug 62731
70ae4f 15 lines fix Bug 93573
713091 111 lines fix Bug 84185
717161 6 lines Bug 68940
71de58 762 lines Bug 53213- Externalize Strings
71ecce 482 lines - implement getConstructors for class templates and their instantiations
72278f 109 lines Bug 98960
72ff23 433 lines fix 72219
73a67b 9 lines patch from Tanya Wolff TVT fix for 70124
73ca55 28 lines fix Bug 90498.
73d595 5 lines use the canonical path when creating code readers so that the name
73f50c 540 lines More Tests for C++ bindings
74206b 464 lines Bug 53123 externalize strings
742f24 17 lines test for Bug 69454 - C/C++ Indexer Problem: Macro usage error for macro: ...
746bb4 11 lines fix ClassCastException
751a2a 532 lines Start of IBindings for C...
7591bd 58 lines fix Bug 86649
75fee2 168 lines fix bugs 43063 & 43498
765f12 7 lines Modified patch from Devin Steffler for Bug 102731
772d99 32 lines type of "this" in a class template member function, fixes Bug 74204
77ec35 15 lines fix Bug 98502, types of typedefed enums
7858f6 26 lines fix for Bug 64986 - handle containers in CSearchScope
786809 60 lines Bug 104907 - looping in type cache
790e16 204 lines Initial support for prefix lookup in C++ ( used in content assist )
793e00 53 lines modified version of patch from Devin Steffler for Bug 95202
794406 1404 lines from a patch originally from Dave Daoust, consolidate the Scanner2 data
79dfbf 10 lines fix ClassCastException Bug 74202
7a42a7 23 lines update to previous fix for 90498.
7ad2fe 375 lines Bindings to enable AST2Tests.testSimpleStruct()
7aef08 54 lines fix Bug 45129
7b8ec0 24 lines fix Bug 86319
7bc8d3 32 lines fix Bug 66744
7c1d5b 33 lines fix Bug 95419
7c6a5a 456 lines C++: enumerations, enumerators and pointers to functions
7d6aa4 33 lines fix failing content assist tests
7d757b 36 lines partial fix for function macro argument substitution, this will be enough
7d7fa3 5346 lines Templates.
7ea0ae 26 lines fix Bug 72721: [Parser] new expression Constructor call with expression arg
7f0142 3300 lines Replacing strings with char arrays
7f1845 118 lines 75956: 16.3.1 don't rescan macro args if used in a ## operator
7f89f8 3 lines there is no core source folder in cdt.ui.tests
7f8eb9 69 lines bugs 66981, 66799 - don't do indexer requests if the indexer is turned off
81150f 348 lines fix 90253.
8142a5 7 lines update Scanner2Test.testBug 36521
81a02a 56 lines first test from GCC suite
822ad1 32 lines fix bug https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=59302
823ca1 26 lines fix Bug 72713: [Open Declaration] F3 on a method definition goes nowhere
828b70 2 lines fix Bug 101334:resolvePrefix - unqualified name not found when using namespace directive
82c57e 18 lines test for Bug 69454 - C/C++ Indexer Problem: Macro usage error for macro: ...
837365 1168 lines Patch from Tanya Wolff - content assist tests
83c0da 11 lines changes for parsing iostream in a standard project with discovered symbols
841469 65 lines 39677, 74190 - fix problem with statements in expressions
8465ac 18 lines CPPASTProblem.getMessage fileName & offset
846871 108 lines fix Bug 90673
84984b 3 lines fix NPE in 72546
84d882 330 lines Scanner2: fixes for macro offset confusion Bug 83347
855815 24 lines fix Bug 95200 - targeted function resolution
866832 626 lines Bug 77024 : handle implicit object parameters
86baac 128 lines fixing invalid problem bindings:
86c0d0 101 lines modify indexer to take advantage of IAST char[] functions
86eba5 35 lines fix expansion of macros used as parameters to function-like macros
877cee 68 lines Fix NPE's && CCE's during resolution of bindings
8796e8 6 lines Bug 75799 - [Parser] TypeSpec & typeId caches are broken
87ca6f 275 lines more c++ pointers to members
885d10 62 lines fix Bug 86358
88bb7b 111 lines better cleanup after recursive template loop.
88d8cb 17 lines fix Bug 71410 (in 2.0.1 branch)
88e9c1 34 lines tweaks to Devin's stuff that I just previously applied
89010e 35 lines cleaning up more strings
895651 26 lines don't expand function-like macros is they aren't followed by a (
8a4621 10 lines - fix problem with content assist when there are macros & header files
8b9f51 189 lines Argument dependent lookup aka Koenig lookup
8c5c7a 65 lines handle exceptions and prevent infinite loops. 73652
8ca699 34 lines Bug 91006
8cde37 261 lines 74180 - [Scanner] Scanner doesn't distinguish C & C++ keywords
8cf930 2391 lines 52120 - Document ParserSymbolTableException
8d0a12 174 lines Label bindings in the new parser
8d5521 117 lines fixing Bug 65114, NPE in getParentClassSpecifier(), caused by template
8dde2f 142 lines better handling of template template parameters
8e22cf 110 lines fix Bug 74069: [Parser][IProblem] if (…) if (…) else if (…) causes unnecessary warning marker
8e3e26 5 lines fix problem with sets overloaded operators not having ambiguities resolved
8e62aa 10 lines fix ClassCastException Bug 74202
8ec23b 98 lines Bug 90666, fix class cast execption
8ee857 42 lines tests :
8f0618 127 lines class browser and type hierarchy property files from Chris Wiebe
8fd55c 109 lines fix Bug 95425 (& 95415) - make sure implicit constructor A() matches both A() and A(void)
8fde8e 143 lines fix Bug 70073
908325 48 lines fix Bug 86306
910c27 66 lines fix Bug 95208 : open declaration on function template instance
92cc2b 90 lines 77010: IASTClassSpecifier#getDeclarations() returns incomplete information
92eae6 44 lines fix Bug 86546
93473d 7 lines update failing test for 71588
9446e7 277 lines - fix Bug 60928 - content assist and member definitions
94805a 198 lines testing template explicit specialization & small fix
94d86b 322 lines fix Bug 90623
95b192 20 lines Bug 75401: [Scanner][Parser] problem w/using va_arg macro
95dba1 42 lines fix Bug 72372 : [Parser] ContextSearch declarations on a function defn: op unavailable
95f42a 1628 lines Bug 53213: Externalize Strings
965904 106 lines Bug 52412 - using declarations are problematic in the PST
969307 26 lines don't expand function-like macros is they aren't followed by a (
96d33f 28 lines visit problems 88731
975dc2 10 lines avoid infinite recursive loop (caused by malformed AST) by requiring that the declaration of the type of a function parameter occurs before
97e496 25 lines small change to help performance
9838c1 30 lines Bug 52948 - Content Assist -typedef'd types do not appear in the completion list
98b1c6 6 lines 73708: [Scanner] OLRE doesn't exit scanner
993b02 79 lines Bug 69833 - Use hashmaps during completion parse and then just sort the
993bdc 425 lines fix Bug 84267
99731c 434 lines fixing macros 72506.
99aff8 17 lines - fix NPE in CPPMethod.isInline
9a2fde 58 lines fixed 46246 - C Scoping rules
9ae1ab 20 lines fix Bug 93980 for C++
9af69e 65 lines fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException and avoid infinite loops caused by
9b0bfd 136 lines fix Bug 72712: [Parser] Selection Search fails upon new expression
9b1b4f 405 lines patch from Devin Steffler
9ba01d 26 lines Bug 52948 - Content Assist -typedef'd types do not appear in the completion list
9bba5a 20 lines respond to source container changes
9c09cf 19 lines fix Bug 98666- template names
9c8337 35 lines -fix Bug 64753
9ccd75 46 lines fix 74176 - [Scanner] ArrayOutOfBoundsException scanning a string
9d731a 25 lines Fix recovery after not expanding a function macro
9dba00 24 lines 75482: Friendship erroneously granted
9e483c 4 lines clean up imports ( fixes broken build )
9e5caf 331 lines handle namespace that are split into pieces
9e60f4 175 lines Implement IGPPPointerType and IGPPPointerToMemberType (Bug 87424)
9e7f36 31 lines tweaks to the DOM AST view by Devin
9f21cf 135 lines Bug 61044 - report matches after each compilation unit
9ffd54 439 lines remove LinkedLists, start reducing the use of Iterators
a00354 47 lines fix 72691 - [Parser] time_t is unresolved type
a0681a 29 lines fix incorrect merging of prefix lookup results from different scopes. 72559
a0bf3d 8 lines 76947: [Parser] Declaration parsed as Expression
a0dd64 99 lines changes to help reduce the number of arrays used in resolving bindings
a0e5ad 140 lines Bug 91707 - overloaded operators [] and ->
a0f0ff 61 lines fix Bug 86279
a22cca 65 lines 39677, 74190 - fix problem with statements in expressions
a29b42 24 lines 75482: Friendship erroneously granted
a2ed1f 239 lines bugs 88338, 88501, 88459
a31d84 26 lines fix null pointer exceptions
a38caa 5 lines don't report problems for circular inclusions
a4bc1b 24 lines fix Bug 63478
a502b9 84 lines -Implement Scanner2.getDefinitions
a52e58 2 lines Bug 72089
a5ed25 19 lines fix Bug 98365 enums nested in structs (C)
a656f7 492 lines -some javadoc for IScope interfaces
a6f4be 6 lines 73708 - [Scanner] OLRE doesn't exit scanner
a71ce1 11 lines Fix NPEs in qualified names
a7880c 1094 lines from a patch originally from Dave Daoust, consolidate the Scanner2 data
a7c0f2 53 lines externalize strings from Tanya Wolff
a7df99 2 lines fix typo in CollectReferencesAction (processNames -> processName)
a7e23f 2507 lines remove warnings
a7e8ca 5 lines use the canonical path when creating code readers so that the name
a857f4 54 lines fix Bug 100415: conversion to void * and qualification conversions
a885c2 14 lines 74190 - [Scanner][IProblem] glib.h macro usage error
a8fc03 178 lines get rid of warnings
a923ee 172 lines fix Bug 98760/103339 - CCE or Adding declarators to external functions
ac482c 433 lines fix 72219
ac9494 47 lines fix Bug 86621
aca80b 2 lines Bug 147080 - stack overflow errors
acb86c 260 lines Bug 86639 - anonymous unions
acffd4 14 lines update tests that were fixed
ad1ab8 63 lines fix Bug 86346
ad2b99 24 lines fix Bug 104506: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
ad34c2 27 lines fix Bug 84703
ada5f6 2103 lines patch from Devin Steffler RE Open Declaration/Definition
adf20e 95 lines update AST spec tests
ae3e33 13 lines Bug 102847 line numbers on scanner problems
ae97aa 199 lines fix Bug 84228 for C++
aec1c2 39 lines Bug 73869: exceptions while parsing boost headers
af10bf 354 lines fixing problems encountered when resolving bindings in some order other than top down
af2c20 8 lines fix incorrect merging of prefix lookup results from different scopes. 72559
af4317 28 lines fix Bug 69745
af9952 36 lines fix Bug 89539
afeb15 571 lines Bindings for ILabels, more general visitor, Scope interfaces for C
b088f8 138 lines fixing Bug 74276 - forward declarations of class specializations
b08d93 15 lines last of string to char[] changes
b0f2b8 324 lines more C Types from Devin Steffler
b1a083 110 lines fix Bug 74069: [Parser][IProblem] if (…) if (…) else if (…) causes unnecessary warning marker
b26065 855 lines Add GCCTests based on GCC torture test suite
b273c7 350 lines work on function bindings and for statement
b2de2f 301 lines - work on Bug 50984 - fix NPE with anonymous bitfields
b2f25c 734 lines Resolving method bindings
b2ff15 7611 lines Refactor core.tests/suite/org.eclipse.cdt.testplugin and
b385ee 154 lines patch from Tanya Wolff
b3ac69 249 lines AST work for friend declarations
b3cfc7 48 lines add IScope.flushCache()
b3f9f2 133 lines fix template instances
b4309a 541 lines Start of Bug 51485: PST Templates: Explicit Specialization
b5d98c 4 lines fix Bug 101384: NPE in parser
b5edc3 32 lines Fix CompleteParseASTExpressionTest.testPrimaryCharLiteral under Scanner2
b5f7b1 7 lines fixed Bug 56620 - Outline view stops on error on last line of block
b68b6a 46 lines fix 74176 - [Scanner] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException scanning a string
b6aed8 68 lines fix Bug 64939 - recursive loop
b6fa19 123 lines for statements, field references
b72b0d 60 lines fix bugs 84679, 84686
b7745b 14 lines fix NPE Bug 97447
b7caba 12 lines Patch from Devin Steffler
b7f712 190 lines IScope.find( name )
b8324e 41 lines bugs 68623 & 69428 - fix up parsing of constructor initializers
b8955a 211 lines more CompleteParser2Tests
b8c65f 83 lines tests to show that Bug 68235 is not our problem
b8ff55 89 lines fix Bug 57791 - Parser Infiinite loop
b944b8 5 lines fix some template issues
b97420 377 lines -Pointer to Members
b9d472 452 lines Start of types for C. By Devin Steffler
b9e2f8 3 lines Bug 53213: externalize strings
ba12f6 180 lines Bug 53213 Externalize Strings for Tanya Wolff
bab6cc 10 lines patch from Tanya Wolff TVT fix for 70161
bb46ce 33 lines fix failures in content assist tests
bb4f44 277 lines class inheritance
bb598c 66 lines report references for symbols used in template-ids
bb6eaf 410 lines bugs 72824, 69334
bbbb57 36 lines fix Bug 103578
bd3686 239 lines 76696 - [Parser] Problem in if condition causes problems in else
be835c 53 lines -Fix bugs in selecting set of viable functions
c058c3 19 lines testing Bug 104390
c0ba9b 13 lines fixing Bug 62359 [Content Assist] failure on iostream in Linux
c0d9fb 39 lines fix Bug 86350
c16252 51 lines Bug 102754
c18839 2 lines fixing 71588
c1a246 3785 lines Search Refactoring for bugs
c1bbb6 32 lines tests for last commit:
c20d99 96 lines patch from Devin Steffler:
c26f59 20 lines Bug 75401: [Scanner][Parser] problem w/using va_arg macro
c2f151 89 lines fix parsing international files
c491aa 26 lines Bug 156137 - Expression Evaluator does not handle %
c49ffa 189 lines C++: handle globally qualified qualified names "::a"
c50120 921 lines - visiting the C++ AST
c555ac 198 lines move the content assist regression tests over the the ui.tests plugin
c59044 730 lines fix Bug 59893 & parser bugs with volatile methods
c5c4b7 20 lines tweaks to the indexer to fix some files not getting indexed on reopen
c683a3 197 lines fix Bug 103715 and partial for 98171 (getBases)
c69854 50 lines fix Bug 86369
c69bab 190 lines fix Bug 90626- problems with using declarations
c6c90a 122 lines further removal of iterators
c6fbea 20 lines fix broken buffer cache, 73378
c73920 14 lines file names in problem bindings, and don't report type problems if nothing was found
c885f7 416 lines - types of expressions in C Bug 95858
c89185 127 lines framework for selection tests (open declaration)
c8ecd1 6 lines Bug 54639 Typedef of enumeration fails complete parse
c94aee 197 lines Bug 73954: [Parser] GCC built_in symbols
c9c666 5484 lines Refactoring pst.TypeInfo for memory performance. see parser.changelog
cb4922 40 lines fix Bug 76706
cb4ec5 563 lines Make the TypeInfoProvider non-static
cbd0d0 74 lines fix Bug 86688 - friend declaration in local class
cc1cf6 40 lines fix Bug 89851
cc677c 2 lines fix small bug that caused ClassCastExceptions
ccee64 7 lines Bug 91878: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException & ClassCastException
cd54f2 35 lines Bug 92791: more problem reporting from C
cd662e 193 lines Performance and memory fixes for resolving bindings
cd6f23 47 lines CPPParameter.getScope() for Bug 86121
cdadff 190 lines Patch from Devin Steffler : 71669 [Scanner] Scanner2 should use Keywords class
cde20e 252 lines function parameters and clearing bindings
cde4b3 19 lines fix ParserSymbolTableTests.testUsingDeclaration_2.
cdf3cc 267 lines IFunction.isStatic, IScope.getPhysicalNode
cdfae9 261 lines 74180 - [Scanner] Scanner doesn't distinguish C & C++ keywords
ce4dec 718 lines Fix template scoping
cfb715 10 lines fix NPE from Bug 74329
d07953 32 lines fix for Bug 57121 : Searching when all of the "Search For" checkboxes are unchecked causes an exception
d0986d 86 lines CVisitor.getReferences()
d151e9 2 lines Bug 89396
d15c79 190 lines - fix Bug 55673
d1621f 470 lines switching from lists to arrays in bindings.
d16e76 23 lines Bug 68931 - fix problem reporting in simple type specifiers
d1d753 61 lines Relax type comparisons a bit around defered class template instances, especially in derived to base conversions. fixes a couple hundred problems parsing iostream.
d2350b 68 lines fix Bug 84692
d2dce4 27 lines fix ClassCastExceptions (Bug 101872)
d30c9c 76 lines fix Bug 100403 qualified names in class member declarations
d38225 180 lines - add IProblem reporting to Scanner2
d3a6e2 65 lines 73652
d3db56 72 lines Fixing ClassCastExceptions, NPE's && ArrayIndexOutOfBounds, includes Bug 98704
d3dedc 13 lines fix problem introduce by my last patch
d4261f 398 lines Switch PST templates to use ObjectMap instead of HashMap
d4891a 1953 lines Templates
d4c76e 37 lines fix Bug 64919 - stack overflow in symbol table
d5375e 17 lines fix ArrayIndex && NullPointer exceptions.
d5f27d 3422 lines - patch from Tanya Wolff for open declaration tests
d69e43 10 lines fix NPE from Bug 74329
d72d34 178 lines Parser2 : fixed some stuff, added some more stuff
d75195 54 lines fix for Bug 68229 - problems with IToken.getNext() around places where subscanners are used
d75c57 9 lines fix problem encountered while trying to reproduce 70063
d76647 49 lines fix lookup in parents while doing content assist on list out of <list>
d781bc 2 lines Bug 72089
d7ad9a 179 lines change CPPSemantics.lookupInParents to use new name caching mechanism
d94e96 36 lines Patch from Devin Steffler: fix Bug 102258
da4608 573 lines some GCC builtins : 73954 [Parser] GCC built_in symbols
da848c 31 lines basic file & offsets for CASTProblems
daaf6b 65 lines fix NPE and ClassCastException encountered while parsing <list>
daea03 90 lines 67358 - F1 help
db5681 71 lines IASTName.isDefinition() fixes
db5fe2 19 lines fix Bug 62651
dbcc3f 29 lines fix parsing of unary ampersand cast on an expression result
dbefca 41 lines Bug 73492 - [Scanner] Improper offset for particular IProblem
dc2c9c 24 lines 75482: Friendship erroneously granted
dc66af 247 lines fix Bug 60422 - Template offsets are not correct in Structural Parse mode
dd8c9f 63 lines fix Bug 98520
ddeca0 20 lines fix Bug 83709
de4d06 4 lines update javadoc for IScope
de6145 5 lines update test for previous fix for 93980
defd11 190 lines Patch from Devin Steffler : 71669 [Scanner] Scanner2 should use Keywords class
df3aae 9 lines Bug 142464. NPE in CElementAdaptorFactory
df84ae 143 lines fix Bug 70073
e22d8f 30 lines show name of current index job in the progress view
e22e2c 1387 lines - change interface gets to return arrays instead of lists
e267a0 289 lines patch for Sean Evoy
e2aba7 696 lines - Move cdt.internal.core.parser.util.ASTUtil to cdt.core.parser.ast
e2e8b4 300 lines handle template explicit instantiations. fixes Bug 90689
e3119d 154 lines fix Bug 90611
e37ca5 38 lines avoid NPE which prevents parser test suite from being run as not a
e4e8d7 65 lines C Visitor - references: bugs 84090, 84092, 84096
e56097 75 lines fix memory leak in the symbol table.
e58b68 90 lines 77010: IASTClassSpecifier#getDeclarations() returns incomplete information
e5e342 957 lines patch from Devin Steffler for Bug 97020
e62982 21 lines fix Bug 95461 (array to pointer conversion)
e6f4fa 42 lines Bug 55163 - Parser spins on for-init-statement
e78640 30 lines fixing template problems
e803a7 36 lines fix Bug 71410.
e832d5 317 lines Bug 90817: promote caching methods to IScope and support remove binding
e86d9d 34 lines Bug 60298 - fix prefix lookup of constructors
e8b174 23 lines fix Bug 62344
e8ba63 1460 lines caching of IASTNames in C
e91a9f 7 lines fix Bug 102732 : NPE in CPPSemantics.getLookupScope modified from Devin's patch
e987ea 2 lines fix Bug 104214 - NPE in lookupInScope
e991a3 1 lines 75956 [Scanner] Inifinite loop parsing system include <ext/rope>
e9c5a2 40 lines fix NPE for 65114. When returning references to the cache, we should also
e9f306 14 lines Bug 67001 - synchronize indexer job countdown, and only process job
ead89d 28 lines patch from Devin Steffler for 77805
eb7c47 2 lines fix Bug 74202
ebdeb7 168 lines get declarations for C++
ec3034 1256 lines Start of CPP bindings
ec6276 170 lines fix Bug 84266
ec8969 34 lines fix Bug 84186
ed2961 9 lines patch from Tanya Wolff TVT fix for 70161
ed75b3 59 lines speed up BasicSearchMatch.compareTo and .hashCode by reducing number of string objects created
ed7f69 88 lines fix lookup of names in a declaration that come after a qualified name (Bug 90610)
ee40f7 28 lines Bug 67718 : have a little more restraint about how often we flush the pipes
ee7406 35 lines fix expansion of macros used as parameters to function-like macros
eea324 394 lines C++ bindings
ef2688 97 lines fix deferred function template instance references
ef506f 25 lines fix Bug 64010: if else if recursion looks like stack overflow
ef6559 92 lines tests for the expression evaluator problems
efc3b9 46 lines Bug 69744 - better error handling around catch blocks
f15a3f 1 lines 75956 [Scanner] Inifinite loop parsing system include <ext/rope>
f20b6b 40 lines avoid NPE that prevented ParserTestSuite from being run not as a plugin
f25c31 163 lines Bug 89389
f2e223 96 lines fix Bug 86353
f35f1f 840 lines Visitor interface
f45b9b 19 lines more problem bindings in C
f51b36 5 lines fix ClassCastException: Bug 101269: Traceback indexing QT application
f617b8 95 lines refactor CVisitor.getContainingScope to be less recursive
f6bae1 122 lines fix Bug 72537: [Parser] environment macros with pararmeters are not respected by the parser
f728c4 7 lines undo my previous accidental checkin
f7566e 40 lines fix Bug 89828
f7d25b 110 lines fixing template problems
f81728 43 lines fix Bug 103281 - references in catch block
f875db 48 lines fix Bug 98998 (ClassCastException). Also fix ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exceptions
f8d8ad 151 lines externalizing strings from Tanya Wolff
f8da9f 32 lines Bug 89039
f9413d 28 lines fix Bug 43241
f9b6ff 2 lines fix problem with Keywords.cpSEMI
fa3581 52 lines move tests for Bug 71588
fa864b 1 lines 75956 [Scanner] Inifinite loop parsing system include <ext/rope>
fb5cd0 121 lines patch from Devin Steffler for Bug 100568
fb62ab 13 lines fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException from Bug 84270
fb7f74 13 lines fix Bug 104907 - Type cache problems with NullIndexer
fbc878 32 lines fix 90039
fc34ca 334 lines reduce the size of the base LookupData from 72 to 40 bytes.
fcc304 231 lines expand some of the CompleteParser2Tests
fcf366 9 lines add line and offset info to problems during a lookup
fcfbda 244 lines prefix lookup for C
fd26b4 18295 lines This is merging the Parser performance changes from the HEAD to the 2.0.1 branch
fed765 93 lines fix Bug 58492 - [Content Assist] No completions when function argument is 'struct <struct_name>'
fef50c 102 lines Bug 75083: [Scanner] IProblem offsets wrong for macro expansions
69604 2151 bytes [Templates] Instantiating template with deferred template instance
Attachment 13252: start of a fix
Andrey Eremchenko (ngs.ru)
222495 37737 bytes C/C++ search should show line matches and line numbers
Attachment 140130: updated patch
282668 45069 bytes Enclosing definitions in C/C++ search result
Attachment 144341: NPE in PDOMSearchViewPage.restoreState(IMemento) was fixed
327730 11348 bytes [Search] Show different colors to mark read and write accesses in Search View
Attachment 180844: proposed patch
Angelina (qnx.com)
193376 16180 bytes Various documentation updates - some enhancements for 4,0 features and minor fixes from previous releases
Attachment 72063: Some edits and corrections
193376 2982 bytes Various documentation updates - some enhancements for 4,0 features and minor fixes from previous releases
Attachment 72077: updated copyright graphic
193376 2658 bytes Various documentation updates - some enhancements for 4,0 features and minor fixes from previous releases
Attachment 72078: updated copyright graphics
193376 35701 bytes Various documentation updates - some enhancements for 4,0 features and minor fixes from previous releases
Attachment 72218: Editorial updates and some spell checking
193376 933166 bytes Various documentation updates - some enhancements for 4,0 features and minor fixes from previous releases
Attachment 72226: image updates for June 22 CDT build
94711 3869 bytes Some help pages are external (from Eclipse website)
Attachment 74370: Links are from help not from web site and added a few more entries to the list of tutorials
202803 918665 bytes DVT33:TCT754: PL: Invalid cdt_debug_run01.png image
Attachment 78896: Updated graphics
202803 274127 bytes DVT33:TCT754: PL: Invalid cdt_debug_run01.png image
Attachment 78897: Updates to documentation
Anna Dushistova (gmail.com)
13d3ba 127 lines Bug 368597: [remote debug] if gdbserver fails to launch on target, launch doesn't get terminated
27d49d 86 lines Patch for Bug 366771
838d1e 5 lines Bug 375067: [remote] Automated remote launch does not support project-less debug
a6a578 94 lines [autotools]Bug 402595:added code that gets the current list of build
e25a34 154 lines Bug 318051: Terminating when "Remote shell" process is selected doesn't work
235298 4373 bytes [remotecdt] Further improve progress reporting and cancellation of Remote CDT Launch
Attachment 104159: patch that fixes some issues mentioned
234490 9075 bytes [remotecdt] Launching with disconnected target gives "Couldn't connect to remote system"
Attachment 103216: progress monitor improvements
247192 1976 bytes GeneratePDOM application does not output the target .pdom file if the include path contains assembly files
Attachment 120474: patch that adds index-all-files preference check
247087 1552 bytes GeneratePDOM application does not check the return value of GeneratePDOM.run so even if the target pdom is not created, there is no error message
Attachment 115146: patch that fixes the issue
267951 17298 bytes [remotecdt] Support systemTypes without files subsystem
Attachment 132082: improved patch
318322 10911 bytes Add "set solib-absolute-prefix" command
Attachment 173253: patch that adds the command
314659 87157 bytes Move remote launch/debug to DSF
Attachment 172913: the whole patch
329531 2509 bytes [crossgcc]Crossgcc plugin fails to build a project
Attachment 182464: patch that adds these missing pieces
333504 1786 bytes [remote launch] NPE after switching to "Standard Launcher" in Remote Application debug configuration
Attachment 186039: patch that adds a null check
333453 2587 bytes checkbox cleared when changing tab in remote application debug configuration
Attachment 186732: correct patch
307244 1624 bytes extend visibility of fields in GnuMakefileGenerator
Attachment 186913: updated patch
318051 12055 bytes [remote debug] Terminating when "Remote shell" process is selected doesn't work
Attachment 209974: Patch that fixes the problem for both DSF and CDI launches
368597 12414 bytes [remote debug] if gdbserver fails to launch on target, launch doesn't get terminated
Attachment 210185: Proposed fix
375067 1815 bytes [remote] Automated remote launch does not support project-less debug
Attachment 213066: Proposed fix
375007 1966 bytes [autotools] allow absolute paths for configure scripts
Attachment 213032: Proposed fix
318052 3359 bytes [remote launch] Properties are not saved/used
Attachment 174312: same patch that can be applied after refactoring was made
366771 8623 bytes [converter] Converter fails to convert a CDT makefile project
Attachment 210704: patch against the most recent master
318642 1626 bytes Change visibility of private fields in GDBLaunchDelegate
Attachment 173343: another variant
Anton Gorenkov (yandex.ru)
3b6f66 730 lines Bug 339795 - [checker] Checker that finds class members that are not
4a793c 252 lines Bug 180256 - Launch configurations should support build variables
9ecafd 41 lines Bug 180256 - Launch configurations should support build variables
a2174d 114 lines Bug 377536 - Add a global preference to use RTTI for variable types
a5fd38 126 lines Bug 376901 - DSF-GDB should properly handle variable type change (based
aae4b1 3 lines Bug 377992 - Enable the "Index unused headers" preference by default
ddb644 127 lines Bug 210366: Use a process factory so as to allow others to override.
f16f0d 15775 lines Bug 210366 - CDT should have Unit Testing and Component Testing like JDT
f1a62f 111 lines Bug 375814 - Implement the Eclipse variables to obtain CDT configuration
244025 4573 bytes Variable view fails to show details for base class member
Attachment 144103: The patch to fix the bug with cleanner code
326269 26929 bytes Checker for instantiation of an abstract class
Attachment 192066: Checker that warns about abstract creation (comment fixture)
326269 4033 bytes Checker for instantiation of an abstract class
Attachment 194463: A few fixes to the commited checker
326269 3430 bytes Checker for instantiation of an abstract class
Attachment 195177: Bug fixture for virtual destructors override
339795 26918 bytes [checker] Checker that finds class members that are not initialized in constructor
Attachment 199104: Checker implementation that skips constructors with function and non-const method calls (with preference)
210366 9718 bytes CDT should have Unit Testing and Component Testing like JDT
Attachment 210552: Required changes to support tests debugging with DSF (patch 2)
375814 8816 bytes Implement the Eclipse variables to obtain CDT configuration name and description for the specified project
Attachment 213433: The proposed implementation
180256 30662 bytes Launch configurations should support build variables
Attachment 213431: The proposed fix
180256 5346 bytes Launch configurations should support build variables
Attachment 213464: Use Text.insert() method instead of Text.append() for variable values adding everywhere
210366 104963 bytes CDT should have Unit Testing and Component Testing like JDT
Attachment 214086: Fixed implementation (patch 7)
377536 12352 bytes Add a global preference to use RTTI for variable types determination (the gdb "set print object" option)
Attachment 214475: The implementation
376901 8336 bytes DSF-GDB should properly handle variable type change (based on RTTI)
Attachment 214061: The fix (patch 1)
Anton Leherbauer (windriver.com)
78670 654 bytes CDT should support .c++ file extension
Attachment 39397: Patch against org.eclipse.cdt.core/plugin.xml
81555 8320 bytes CDT changes behavior of Java editor
Attachment 37317: Patch against CDT 3.1 (HEAD)
84414 1726 bytes Better Home button functionality
Attachment 39399: Enable smart home-end feature for C/C++ Editor
96333 10281 bytes Numbers with "e" has 2 colors.
Attachment 39521: Fix NumberRule and add JUnit test
105614 2318 bytes Bad background color in template code display
Attachment 39655: Fix template previewer colors
106064 935 bytes NPE from cdt.make.core.MakeCorePlugin.createMakefile(MakeCorePlugin.java:158)
Attachment 39522: Avoid NPE if resource does not exist
126617 6648 bytes CDT editor won't respect editor settings
Attachment 40723: Fix indentation of templates.
131267 2405 bytes NPE when opening file
Attachment 40690: Fix for NPE.
138212 4265 bytes [Editor] Preferences opened from context menu should include C/C++ editor pages
Attachment 40165: Add default preference pages to CEditor and MakefileEditor
138330 1873 bytes [Editor] Restoring Assembly Editor on startup throws lots of NullPointerExceptions
Attachment 39403: Fix NPE in AsmTextTools
141295 18604 bytes Avoid using deprecated extension point "documentCreation"
Attachment 41554: Remove extensions and implementation classes
142464 2177 bytes NullPointerExcepetion in CElementAdaptor Factory.
Attachment 41874: Beautified fix
Arnaud Lucien (ingenico.com)
245368 751 bytes "C/C++ General" property page is not shown for objects that adapt to IResource
Attachment 148895: Patch
292127 734 bytes Reading process output blocked when message length is exactly 1024
Attachment 149423: Patch
Artyom Kuanbekov (intel.com)
69908 205904 bytes CDT does not support development/debugging of 64-bit applications
Attachment 14570: ALL-IN-ONE patch for 64-bit support
69908 70512 bytes CDT does not support development/debugging of 64-bit applications
Attachment 14602: 64bit patch for CDT CORE 2.1 HEAD
74056 74148 bytes 64-bit support in CDT debug
Attachment 14604: 64bit patch for CDT DEBug 2.1 HEAD
74058 58636 bytes 64-bit support in CDT DEBUG MI
Attachment 14603: 64bit patch for CDT DEBUG MI 2.1 HEAD
84231 1023 bytes Add CDT build for x86_64 architecture
Attachment 17629: ELF parser patch
ashish (gmail.com)
161529 1122 bytes Open Include from the Outline view does not automatically resolve the include file
Attachment 52404: Proposed fix
axel (web.de)
1bb098 4 lines Bug 404716
75e171 18 lines Bug 368221
7d596a 8 lines Bug 407506 - avoid NPE
84fa9f 327 lines Bug 320277: Cannot view variables of base class in derived class
e44884 327 lines Bug 320277: Cannot view variables of base class in derived class
fb27a4 30 lines Bug 368221
289339 23941 bytes CDT should support feature "Surround with.."
Attachment 150471: patch including contribution comments
293704 5187 bytes [Help Wanted] [Make Target View] Arguments of build command are lost in Create/Modify Dialogs when builder settings are used
Attachment 164277: add build arguments3
306555 13271 bytes [variables][expressions][cdi]Add support for cast to type / view as array (IExpressions2)
Attachment 167208: use (cast)(expression) for cast to type
314253 2063 bytes Linker warning not recognized
Attachment 170113: take preceding path into account, simple version
314253 1706 bytes Linker warning not recognized
Attachment 170115: testcases
69922 40788 bytes [Help Wanted] Introduce a "run last make target" key binding
Attachment 157846: Bind Build Target dialog to a key and introduce a true key binding for the last target
333113 21411 bytes Rebuild last target: option to use target from whole project
Attachment 188839: Preference option to rebuild actual last target of current project
333113 1065 bytes Rebuild last target: option to use target from whole project
Attachment 189051: Show possible targets recursively if last target is empty and "from selected project" mode is selected
333113 1269 bytes Rebuild last target: option to use target from whole project
Attachment 189052: update for user help
337257 1139 bytes Make target: Files in referenced projects are not saved
Attachment 189054: save files in all referenced projects before build of make target
320277 17651 bytes Cannot view variables of base class in derived class
Attachment 202188: To check if GDB actually has this bug we call -data-evaluate-expression with the return value of -var-info-path-expression
306555 14690 bytes [variables][expressions][cdi]Add support for cast to type / view as array (IExpressions2)
Attachment 167573: reinterpret_cast for simple variables and static_cast for expressions
368221 2694 bytes Preference option for Codan annotation markers
Attachment 230364: preferences for CODAN annotations
Bala Torati (symbian.com)
184449 40557 bytes [Template Engine] It should be possible to press "Finish" on the first wizard page for templates having default values assigned
Attachment 66643: Patch with fixes for 184449, 184445 and 184593
184593 50132 bytes [Template Engine] Need a way to add tool-chain associations to existing templates
Attachment 66664: full patch
186231 1071 bytes [Template Engine] Template Default Values preference page - TemplateInputDialog is not resizable
Attachment 66767: Patch with a fix
160012 34549 bytes Template engine submission into CDT
Attachment 64890: icons to be copied from cdt.managedbuilder.ui to cdt.ui
160012 701943 bytes Template engine submission into CDT
Attachment 64906: Final patch for Template Engine submission
160012 2966 bytes Template engine submission into CDT
Attachment 65046: Add copyright field to template descriptor schema
184390 1212 bytes [Template Engine] Hellow World templates should allow specifying the project source location
Attachment 66831: fix as specified in comment#3
184390 3347 bytes [Template Engine] Hellow World templates should allow specifying the project source location
Attachment 68780: fix for the soucre location issue.
184452 19169 bytes [Template Engine] It should be possible to externalize strings in template definitions
Attachment 66888: fix with considering Locale information
Balasubramaniyan K (india.hp.com)
95705 795 bytes Modules view is not displaying properly on HP-UX.
Attachment 21745: License Text
71858 2429 bytes To select Default Error Parser specific to HP-UX
Attachment 13908: Patch file
Baltasar Belyavsky (ti.com)
07a297 21 lines Bug 405744 - [performance] PropertyManager causes many unnecessary
088185 68 lines Bug 340219: Project metadata files are saved unnecessarily, test cases
22d7ec 85 lines Bug 378927: Internal builder seems broken
329251 133 lines Bug 405643 - [performance] HoldsOptions performance improvements
6b66ae 215 lines Bug 340219: Project metadata files are saved unnecessarily, patch to
88bf01 50 lines Bug 340219: Project metadata files are saved unnecessarily, patch to
e5d121 28 lines Bug 405511 - ResourceLookup.selectFile(...) causes deadlocks during
e9dfe3 4 lines Bug 405638 - [performance] CExternalSettingsManager causes all workspace
300707 12175 bytes Add ability to specify file-extension filter for build-options that support file browsing
Attachment 157141: patch - applies to workspace
300539 17381 bytes Add ability to specify filter-path to build-options that support browsing
Attachment 163083: updated patch - applies to HEAD
325898 1238 bytes "Manage Configurations" dialog opens on an incorrect parent shell
Attachment 179482: Patch - applies to workspace
279633 8355 bytes Add ability to override command-generation for a build-option
Attachment 188353: Testcases for the custom option command-generator
279633 12250 bytes Add ability to override command-generation for a build-option
Attachment 189962: Updated patch - applies to HEAD
320949 26446 bytes Add ability to contribute custom field-editor GUI to the Build Option Settings page
Attachment 188093: Updated patch - applies to HEAD
340219 4007 bytes Project metadata files are saved unnecessarily
Attachment 209466: Proposed patch to address .cproject file modifications
340219 4452 bytes Project metadata files are saved unnecessarily
Attachment 209991: Testcase to illustrate the bug, and regression-test the fixes
340219 17673 bytes Project metadata files are saved unnecessarily
Attachment 210757: Updated patch to address .project file modifications
378927 6437 bytes Internal builder seems broken
Attachment 215668: Patch in Git format
Ben Konrath (bagu.org)
79850 901 bytes cdt should have a source download that can be built
Attachment 16670: adds the files required to build from source to build.properties
Benoit Miller (iname.com)
148436 2360 bytes Cannot change default text color in Makefile editor
Attachment 45201: makefile editor default color patch
Beth Tibbitts (tibweb.com)
133723 1749 bytes CDT AST DOM cannot recognize #pragmas
Attachment 37149: patch file to add #pragma keyword
146239 7759 bytes MBS Extensibility Guide patch
Attachment 43977: Minor typos fixed and a paragraph description of pages/runnable relationship added
146254 1256 bytes MBSCustomPage needs required pageID on ctor
Attachment 43986: Add a constructor which requires the pageID; make the default ctor deprecated
152846 55999 bytes ASTVisitor enhancement to enable bottom-up traversal
Attachment 55616: Patch to allow bottom-up AST traversal
152846 85136 bytes ASTVisitor enhancement to enable bottom-up traversal
Attachment 55929: Same patch for HEAD: cdt 4.0
152846 99388 bytes ASTVisitor enhancement to enable bottom-up traversal
Attachment 57249: bottom-up parsing for CPP files also
191521 27861 bytes New and Noteworthy for 4.0
Attachment 72383: Clarfify xlC/UPC new features
191521 4135 bytes New and Noteworthy for 4.0
Attachment 70595: update to the html
191521 147093 bytes New and Noteworthy for 4.0
Attachment 70594: updated images
194424 1107 bytes Feature descriptions not quite right
Attachment 77181: Fix feature name and description
203550 857 bytes CDT "Hello World" sample project has typo in generated comments
Attachment 78523: removes the "pp" from the block comment in the generated code
203553 4304 bytes Template Engine help is misleading
Attachment 78548: more updates to html documentation
203553 6810 bytes Template Engine help is misleading
Attachment 78599: replacement for org_eclipse_cdt_core_templates.html
245421 889 bytes New and Noteworthy for 5.0
Attachment 111233: add http:// prefix to link to wiki page
280125 15439 bytes New and Noteworthy for CDT 6.0
Attachment 139082: replacement for concepts/cdt_c_whatsnew.htm
280125 0 bytes New and Noteworthy for CDT 6.0
Attachment 139083: images for new & noteworthy
280125 7321 bytes New and Noteworthy for CDT 6.0
Attachment 139128: patches to html for minor wording etc.
280125 284480 bytes New and Noteworthy for CDT 6.0
Attachment 139129: new images for refactoring
280125 487247 bytes New and Noteworthy for CDT 6.0
Attachment 139367: new and replacement images for CDT help
280125 49161 bytes New and Noteworthy for CDT 6.0
Attachment 139373: help text changes (N&N/whatsNew changes in this as well)
245421 13303 bytes New and Noteworthy for 5.0
Attachment 111100: Patch to add simple "what's new" back to or.eclipse.cdt.doc.user
Bill Hilliard (intel.com)
145365 24903 bytes some MBS user doc updates for 3.1
Attachment 43481: mbs user doc update (htm files)
145365 517602 bytes some MBS user doc updates for 3.1
Attachment 43483: a zip of the updates to the images subdir
Bob Monteleone (intel.com)
93013 13013 bytes Add Run As and Debug As to context menu in C/C++ Projects view
Attachment 31079: This patch fixes the problem by adding the appropriate menu items to the menu.
139988 994 bytes Format of IDs incorrect for resource specific tools
Attachment 40273: Patch that resolves problem
130038 2194 bytes Dialog box size and location persistence
Attachment 35566: Dialog persistence patch for debug.mi.ui plug-in
130038 6250 bytes Dialog box size and location persistence
Attachment 35567: Dialog persistence patch for debug.ui plug-in
130038 7378 bytes Dialog box size and location persistence
Attachment 35568: Dialog persistence patch for launch plug-in
130038 15728 bytes Dialog box size and location persistence
Attachment 35570: Dialog persistence patch for mbs.ui plug-in
130038 28872 bytes Dialog box size and location persistence
Attachment 35571: Dialog persistence patch for ui plug-in
130038 10712 bytes Dialog box size and location persistence
Attachment 35569: Dialog persistence patch for make.ui plug-in
Bogdan Gheorghe (ca.ibm.com)
028768 8 lines Fix for Bug 61332
02c0ca 32 lines Fix for 102765: [Search] NPE in NewSearchUI
0396ce 23 lines Fix for 66695: [Indexer] Manually add an include path to a file/folder is ignored
03caf5 133 lines Changed SourceIndexer to get the offsets of the name being encoded instead of the offsets of the actual element.
08eb1c 139 lines Fix for 100640
0a6f29 9 lines Minor refactoring to Chris Wiebe's jumbo patch - modified TypeSearchResultCollector.createMatch
0bca2b 68 lines Patch for Dave Daoust - cleans up some name references in the search tests
0c2b43 25 lines Fixed opening search external markers.
0d6a37 102 lines Fix for 93788: CTags indexer should index the include path
0d77c8 30 lines Fix for 97281: [CTags Indexer] requires the project to be closed/opened to work
0ffe6c 87 lines User Docs for search
1075c0 20 lines Fix for 68550: [Indexer] Cannot restart indexer by touching .c/.cpp/.cc files
145b47 977 lines Patch for Tanya Wolff: Content Assist Regession Tests
14804f 70 lines Fix for Bug 61332 - make sure that the timer is ready to go before starting a new index
1630d6 168 lines Fixes for Bugs 64177,57121,68249 - 2.0 branch
16d716 20 lines Patch for Tanya Wolff:
18c40f 168 lines Fixes for Bugs 64177,57121,68249
191dd9 130 lines First go at putting in source folder indexing. Index All events will index
192beb 39 lines Oops - forgot the change log for 66273...
19721c 11 lines Patch for Dave Daoust: Fix display string
1a961a 11102 lines Refactored index storage framework to allow for offset storage
1c13ce 14 lines Fix for failing UI JUnits
1c5c64 1704 lines Index Reader Interface Refactor - a patch contribution by Dave Daoust
1ed9b8 55 lines Fix for Bug 60948: Indexer should pick up all headers in include path
2164ad 42 lines Fix for 60490: Selected resources option should only be enabled/disabled in the Navigator and C/C++ Projects views
219aa7 74 lines Added cumulative timer to SouceIndexer/DOMIndexer.
22055a 31 lines Bug 63320 - Search does not consider working copies
230c1e 50 lines Fix for 92935
2473fc 1558 lines Partial Fix for Bug 74427: Indexer needs to store more info
2829a3 20 lines Fix for 100656: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in hover
29ae5e 103 lines Fix for 65132: moving folder onto itself deletes entire project
2dfa4f 18 lines Fix for 60772: NPE cancelling Selection Search in Working Set
2e043c 10 lines NPE Fix
2e3247 7 lines Fix for compile error in CTagEntry
2e497d 980 lines - First go at adding selection search to CDT. You can now search for Declarations, References in Workspace, WorkingSets triggered from the CEditor, CView or COutline.
2f1922 54 lines Modified indexer friend encoding to encode IASTElaboratedTypeSpecifier
2f5b01 52 lines Fix for 70137: Cannot use context-search at template member definition
3097c2 20 lines Modified IndexManger to get rid of an exisiting index for a project when an
30c47b 5 lines Add a new Named Entry constructor that takes strings
314808 37 lines Fix for 76123
35cc11 8418 lines Fix for 99536 : Remove Original Source Indexer
365b5f 77 lines Fix for Search Test suite (to take into account new Search Engine)
3720c6 321 lines Refactoring for the DOM Indexer to use new IIndexEntry encoding
37337c 742 lines CTag Indexer - patch to index include path
39fd14 72 lines Indirect fix for Bug 65551: [Search] Search for Variable references should not include parameters
3eb94c 65 lines Fix for Bug 100191
3f2cd2 8 lines Fix for Bug 61241 - [Search] Closing the Search view mid search causes an error
402cb1 321 lines - upgrade mechanism for old indexer projects
41c9d0 253 lines - Added support for search name grouping.
42e7cc 13 lines Fix for 70113: Search for Template member declarations causes Assertion
44e45f 307 lines Fix for Bug 78414: IProblem count increased through indexing header files stand-alone
44fdb0 8 lines Fix for Bug 69166: NPE in IndexerModelListener.processDelta
45ce2c 511 lines Added sorters to the search results
466cf0 11 lines Fix for Bug 78678: Indexer stops reindexing file after repeated saves
47da7c 37 lines Modified updateCurrentDeltaAndIndex in DeltaProcessor.java to return whether
49500f 10 lines Fix for Bug 63275 - Ensure that only declarations and references are found for enumerations/enumerators
4a36ad 50 lines Patch For Tanya Wolff: Work In Progress strings
4c2bd0 5 lines Fix for 94434: [SearchEngine] returns typedef as a definition for C++
4d5059 731 lines User Docs for indexer/search
4d5a0e 2 lines Deactivated popup of new search view for now.
4fd442 927 lines Fix for Bug 59493: need to refine index query for open-type (2.0 Stream)
502f1c 12 lines Fix for Bug 78678: Indexer stops reindexing file after repeated saves
50a283 78 lines Changed indexer change notification to run as a job.
513a46 15 lines Fix for 67656: [Indexer] getting called twice after creating a project with a file system
518cc7 32 lines Part 2 of Fix for Bug 62668
51d42b 6 lines NPE Fix for CTagsConsoleParser
54101f 333 lines Fix for 74425: [Search] C/C++ Search missing Enclosing Project scope
55f4ec 183 lines Fix for 9551: [Open Declaration] does not highlight proper offsets with CTags when Indexer is required
563080 19 lines Added some checks to the indexer timeout field to make sure a sane value is entered
564b89 24 lines Partial Fix for Bug 62668: [Search] Search results rely on case of file names in include statement
580e67 516 lines Changes to allow for enablement of the indexer at project creation time - includes new project property for disabling indexer.
5875bc 3 lines Fix for 102782 (Part II)
597791 21 lines Fix for 93127: [Search] we do not have an icon for searching for labels
5ab48f 161 lines External markers patch: allows searches on external included files
5ae8e3 583 lines Patch for Devin Steffler w/ Modifications - Indexer View Search
5c3d8f 552 lines Fix annotations in overview bar, added index IProblem markers, added new preference page for controlling external search markers
5e29d2 213 lines Fix for 71964: Search parses too many times
5e389f 13 lines Fix for NPE caused by CDocumentSetupParticipant when called from a
5e4ae6 1886 lines Patch for Tanya Wolff: Search Regression Tests
5e641d 17 lines Fix for 102066: macro definitions should be found via Search with Declarations
642dee 11 lines Fix for 73406 - Indexer: Double-Indexing on Specific Project
649504 43 lines Fix for Bug 60491
6603ca 8 lines Got rid of reporting failed indexes in log
66e9b4 6 lines Fix for 100647
66ef2b 344 lines Removed FileSearchAction, FileSearchActionInWorkingSet + related properties
672f24 61 lines Fix for 91544: DOM Indexer double indexing on save
6889eb 6 lines Fix for 102790: CSearchPattern misses TYPEDEF in search values
68d068 11 lines Fix for 91127
6a673c 9 lines User Docs for indexer
6a6d5c 65 lines Patch for Bug 117847: CTags indexer cannot process linked source folders
6b2957 160 lines - From Head: Added support for search name grouping
6d9f16 5 lines Fix for : NPE in CTagEntry
6ed407 31 lines Small change to IMatch
6f38f9 754 lines Added Indexer Preference page that sets up the indexer to use for new projects
6f5c56 41 lines Fix for Bug 54155 - [Scalability] Indexer bypassing filtering when project was closed and had no index
7026a9 176 lines Fix for NPE in IndexerTypesJob2
70dac4 1531 lines - Added hyperlink support to the CEditor
726c61 8 lines Modified JobManager to change state from waiting to enabled on a job request.
727993 65 lines Added code to load and store index enablement setting from a project's descriptor
727994 71 lines Fix for external search markers
73c23e 1 lines Patch for Devin: Fix for 96992
742d1b 117 lines Fix for Bug 58716 - [Refactoring] Subdirectories confuse refactoring
75a162 37 lines Fix for 76123
762fd3 6 lines Fix for index merge problem
7656bf 176 lines User Docs for indexer
793657 5 lines Fix for intermittent search test failures
79386d 7 lines Cleaned up some reference problems in cdt-core plugin.xml; refactoring tests BaseTestFramework.java
7a1f79 3993 lines Patch for Devin Steffler: Initial IndexViewer patch
7c700e 421 lines Fix for 43664: Search should report matches outside of workspace
7c7ae6 94 lines Refactored IndexerOutput to allow for passing in the length of an offset.
7ddc72 1383 lines Patch for Chris Wiebe: BasicSearchResultCollector refactoring
7f558f 24 lines Fix for 66273: Opening declaration causes stack overflow
7f7c6b 2 lines Changed Open Type default on Work In Progress page to false
7fa8a0 76 lines Fix for Bug 63831 - Ability to determine when the index is incomplete
817b49 441 lines Added offset lengths to index storage
824a56 941 lines Got rid of index flags and put in a new mechanism for indexers to add files
82b1a2 323 lines Patch for Devin Steffler: IndexViewer update
8488a0 16 lines Added function definitions for CTags Parser
848b4c 13 lines Fix for 70113: Search for Template member declarations causes Assertion
852451 9 lines Fix for Bug 73191: Search not finding all references in a specific example
85666c 158 lines Indexer watchdog patch
85f5ea 92 lines Update to constant references in search patterns
87e2ec 288 lines Fix for Bug 60946 - [Indexer] indexer should provide notification whenever index changes
880fa7 27 lines Changed MouseClickListener to use Parser KeywordSets
888428 13 lines User Docs for indexer
88f6cf 114 lines Added a delete IProblem Markers action to context menu to allow users to manually
899cce 27 lines Got rid of deprecated methods in CSearchResultPage and MouseClickListener.
89a83c 421 lines Fix for 43664: Search should report matches outside of workspace
8bfb87 13 lines Fix for Bug 66748: Added a _cdtsrchlink_ label to all imports brought in by search and ensure that we don't delete any local files.
8cb9d0 11269 lines New core framework for indexer
8dc0e0 34 lines Indexer JUnit Fix
91aab4 295 lines Added derived, enumerator types to the index. Modified search tests to work with new types, added new derived test. Modified Search dialog; added new types.
92d190 204 lines Fix for Bug 71500: [Indexer] all headers get indexed on project open
9423b0 1 lines Added get file id to IQueryResult
9688b9 2 lines Fix for 101711 : Dependency Tests failing on Linux
977904 629 lines Fix for 58477 - Search UI does not work
978d14 2 lines Partial Fix for 101287
97ac9f 9 lines ITypeEntry baseTypes can now set/return IIndexEntry
98583f 14 lines Fix for build hang caused by Indexer; DependencyTest fix
985b12 458 lines Put in various CTags problem reporting via IndexMarkers.
98ac99 425 lines Refactored CIndexStorage to persist modifier bit fields and function signatures
9aebc8 42 lines Fix for 68028: Open Declaration into closed project causes PartInitException
9cc4fa 68 lines Search UI fix for Integration builds
9df1ac 132 lines Fix for Bug 59493: need to refine index query for open-type
9e0823 309 lines Fix for Bug 72816: Selection Search For Working Set does not always bring up dialog
a3cae4 8 lines Fix for Bug 71115: Double Indexing
a57d95 8 lines Fix for Bug 69166: NPE in IndexerModelListener.processDelta (2.0)
a59a69 13 lines Fix for 73406: Double Indexing On Specific Project
a753c4 212 lines Fix for Bug 71964: Search parses too many times
a7f627 1898 lines Fix for 79402 - Store Index Locations per Header
a8037d 45 lines Fix for 62512
a81f74 3 lines Fix for 100064
a8e767 79 lines Patch from Dave Daoust to streamline Index Manager Tests
a936f8 164 lines Fix for Bugs # 87978, 87982, 87993
aa3270 11 lines Fix for 102779: Project Scope filters out external headers
abaf42 11 lines Turned off background type cache for now by setting the CCorePlugin default to false
ada2d5 12 lines Fix for Bug 66933: [Selection Search] Working set name is {0} in search results
ae9f0a 17 lines Patch for Tanya Wolff: Fix for 70906: Duplicate entries in C/C++ preferences
af477c 27 lines Fix for 75916: Errors and exceptions in log if you try create a C++ project with
affd11 7 lines Fix for 56943 - CDT hang on Autobuild, added missing index marker icon
b0fba2 53 lines Fix for Bug 63957: Error with external search markers & changed label
b2719b 319 lines Fix for Bug 65132: Deletion of "Work In Progress" preferences
b453ed 39 lines Return search results for include references
b456fd 1984 lines Initial CTags Indexer contribution
b4a9f1 59 lines Changed indexChangeNotification to removeIndex
b92096 565 lines Changed IMatch to return a IMatchLocatable instead of startOffset/endOffset (IMatchLocatable can then be further cast into IOffsetLocatable or ILineLocatable)
bdb7bb 239 lines Some new index constants
bdc067 234 lines Fix for 79403
be44a4 5 lines Fix for 102783: [ctags] varargs and void param do not show up in the index
bfee5d 61 lines Added a method to CTagsIndexer to ensure that the proper version of CTags exists
c1b941 131 lines Fix for CSearchQuery M8 changes
c1c914 612 lines Patch for Devin Steffler: Fix for Bug 102182 ([F3] Open Declaration on macro not working in particular project)
c241dd 149 lines Got rid of the old search context menus in CEditor, COutlineView, CView.
c29caa 262 lines Refactored search engine to take an IMatchLocator; added friends to the index: removed derived from search page
c2ca57 89 lines Fix for Annotation refresh problem (56760)
c3d5a2 2 lines Updated strigns for Fix for 94988: BaseTestFramework disableIndex() doesn't work
c3ff06 15 lines Update search results as they come in
c4d845 23 lines Fix for 99759: Indexer.indexEnabledOnAllProjects is always "true"
c59364 66 lines Fix for 67656: [Indexer] getting called twice after creating a project with a file system
c7907f 20 lines Patch for Tanya Wolff:
c79f8e 16 lines Fix for 101903: Junit failures for RC1
c8d7b8 6 lines Fix for IndexerBlock not persisting selected indexer for new projects
c95ad2 92 lines Fix for Bug 67987: [Search] C Search results do no show up as editor annotations
c9e829 14 lines fix for Bug 48020, Duplicate Mnemonics in Search Dialog
cee31b 458 lines Refactoring of SourceIndexer to use new IIndexerOutput
cef204 667 lines First pass at new Search Engine (queries the index directly - dramatically increasessearch performance; still missing definitions, function parms, Working Copy)
cf1d5b 2326 lines Dave Daoust's patch for 91946 w/ Modifications
cf466d 95 lines Fix for Bug 62015 - Indexer to not rely on file extension for translation Unit
d242f5 148 lines Fix for Bug 71500: [Indexer] all headers get indexed on project open
d27489 6 lines Add Includes to Index for DOM Indexer
d3314d 1205 lines Patch from Dave - refactored EntryResults to decode index information within the Entry Result itself; updated Index View to make use of new EntryResult
d8a971 805 lines Added full qualfications to BasicSearchMatch
db3e3b 68 lines Added warning message to status line when C/C++ search page is invoked and not all
dc2bb3 143 lines Fix for Bug 60629 : [Search] Big error when Searching view layout is set to Hierarchical
de0104 363 lines Added background search from CSearchPage
e11007 16 lines Added indexed file count to Indexer View Info Dialog
e264d7 105 lines Fix for 69925: ShowIn C/C++ Projects explorer does not work in certain cases
e2a5a6 14 lines Changed base class storage in CTag Indexer to use INamedEntry
e2daf2 28 lines Fix for 99868
e84ed2 7 lines Fix for build problem
ea15dd 917 lines Refactored CTags Indexer to allow individual tags to add themslves to an Indexer Output (consolidated CTagsIndexAll and CTagsAddCompilationUnit)
eb486d 45 lines Fix for 103318: All References search is disabled
ecd1e9 80 lines CDT UI plugin.xml - refactored the Indexer block property page location
ee60cb 70 lines Fix for 94988: BaseTestFramework disableIndex() doesn't work
eebe6d 17 lines Externalized index notification job string
eef1a8 17 lines Patch for Tanya Wolff (2.0 Stream): Fix for 70906: Duplicate entries in C/C++ preferences
efe6ba 3 lines Fix for 94132
f04e2e 8 lines Clean up for Fix for 101861: NPE in ReferencesSearchGroup which breaks right click in external files
f0ff08 43 lines Fix for Bug 71115: Double Indexing
f20ffd 664 lines Fix for 92296 (Source Indexer doesn't encode definitions)
f309a3 84 lines Fix for 87982, 88127
f4ae25 4 lines Refactor CPPSelectionTestsCTagsIndexer to check to see if the proper CTags is installed prior to running the test
f4b4ef 121 lines User Docs for search
f7ea41 654 lines User Docs for indexer
f809cd 270 lines Added ability to specify which CTags you want the CTags indexer to use
f9c9df 40 lines Patch for Devin Steffler -
fa1f54 1 lines Changed searchResultViewPages extension point to work with both old M8 and recent integration builds
fa2d05 649 lines IndexerOutput refactoring to use IIndexEntry
fae118 49 lines Patch for Dave Daoust: Fixes up the string demangling in IEntryResult + IndexerView
fb1b2f 64 lines Fix for Bug 117847: CTags indexer cannot process linked source folders
fb6c76 21 lines Temporary Fix for UI JUnits
fc2141 33 lines Fix for 91292
fc47e1 25 lines Patch for Thomas Fletcher: fix for Bug 52238 (NPE in UpdateDependancy). This patch makes sure that a resource has a location before it used in a dependency query.
fc76ab 116 lines Fix for 56833
fe5032 14 lines Workaround to get DependencyTests working on integration builds.
72435 910 bytes [Index] Indexer does not use the exclusions pattern when recursiving through folder
Attachment 14168: Patch for core Util
39574 1871 bytes DeltaProcessor doesn't always hit IResourceDelta.REMOVED code
Attachment 5336: CModelManager.create change
Boris Pruessmann (pruessmann.org)
208522 981 bytes ProcessList only displays processes associated with a controlling terminal
Attachment 83314: Patch for ProcessList
Bruce Griffith (se-eng.com)
305943 50436 bytes IGDBJtagDevice interface has transport-specific methods
Attachment 166354: Patch to add support for serial probes to "GDB Hardware Debugging"
Bryan Wilkinson (gmail.com)
90036 28665 bytes [New Content Assist] :: after namespace on completion
Attachment 59572: proposed patch
178222 3072 bytes [Indexer] NPE when parsing firefox
Attachment 61381: proposed patch
178307 1650 bytes CCE in PDOMCPPSpecialization
Attachment 61420: proposed patch
181147 1348 bytes [Indexer] NPE in template instanciation
Attachment 63094: proposed patch
184083 17490 bytes [Templates] class instances/specializations missing base classes
Attachment 64907: proposed patch
181264 7648 bytes Completion nodes in switches and while statements
Attachment 67150: proposed patch
169860 144499 bytes Port Content Assist to PDOM
Attachment 57624: re-revised patch with fixes for J-Units
151207 2149 bytes Content assist fails due to lack of completion node
Attachment 57541: proposed patch
72695 1048 bytes [Content Assist] CA in template argument uses wrong context
Attachment 57720: GNUCPPSourceParser fix
172200 1510 bytes Parameter hint proposals formatted incorrectly
Attachment 57824: proposed patch
172204 1752 bytes Extra/missing parameter hint proposals
Attachment 57830: patch to LegacyCompletionProposalComputer
172317 6408 bytes [Content Assist] Class scoped reference: missing proposals
Attachment 57916: proposed patch
172723 101505 bytes [Content Assist] Port DOMCompletionContributor to new extension point
Attachment 58260: revised patch
172429 1105 bytes [Content Assist] NPE in CPPTemplateScope.getParent
Attachment 58262: proposed patch
173342 77662 bytes [Content Assist] Extra parameter hints due to search with prefix
Attachment 58482: proposed patch
173874 1967 bytes CPPClassType returns duplicate nested classes
Attachment 58775: proposed patch
72824 8814 bytes [Content Assist] Content Assist erases code
Attachment 58699: proposed patch
174840 62862 bytes IASTCompletionContext finds duplicate bindings
Attachment 59404: proposed patch
175283 26980 bytes [Content Assist] Invalid keyword completion
Attachment 59707: revised patch
109724 21160 bytes UI: Code Completion should ignore case
Attachment 59705: proposed patch
177055 51536 bytes CPPClassSpecialization is incomplete and wrong
Attachment 61840: proposed patch
179454 1383 bytes CCE in CPPTemplateDefinition
Attachment 62113: proposed patch
179173 7888 bytes Exceptions in indexer
Attachment 62149: patch for exceptions 1 and 3
167098 15109 bytes Index: no support for templates
Attachment 64767: constructor instances (updated)
167098 192052 bytes Index: no support for templates
Attachment 61328: initial patch
167098 125348 bytes Index: no support for templates
Attachment 62811: follow-up patch
167098 53198 bytes Index: no support for templates
Attachment 63901: method and constructor templates
167098 3392 bytes Index: no support for templates
Attachment 64365: fix for constructor/method template specializations
184500 68446 bytes Improper uses of IScope.find(...)
Attachment 65248: proposed patch
183843 3881 bytes Qualified base classes are not recognized in the index
Attachment 64782: proposed patch
171708 1319 bytes Missing macro definitions after parse with AST_SKIP_ALL_HEADERS
Attachment 57532: Patch for LocationMap
171708 2435 bytes Missing macro definitions after parse with AST_SKIP_ALL_HEADERS
Attachment 57729: alternate patch
172865 3130 bytes [Content Assist] Parameter hint popup should disappear outside parentheses
Attachment 58377: proposed patch
180062 2415 bytes ClassCastException in indexer
Attachment 62697: proposed patch
cabernal (redhat.com)
62fa04 4 lines Implement problem marker for AC_CHECK_LIB macro.
Cagatay Kavukcuoglu (acm.org)
57409 5048 bytes CDT Make UI plugin still using old startup extension format
Attachment 9200: Patch to correct the startup extension
Carlos O\'Donell (codesourcery.com)
218366 1586 bytes Fix grammar error in LaunchMessages.properties
Attachment 89300: Grammar fix for LaunchMessages.properties
Caroline Rieder (windriver.com)
2f425c 15 lines Bug 395307: Switching back to project specific language settings provider seems to be incorrect
3222ba 9 lines Bug 395442: Initial provider command is not restored for non-shared providers
692144 9 lines Bug 395442: Initial provider command is not restored for non-shared providers
b14645 15 lines Bug 395307: Switching back to project specific language settings provider seems to be incorrect
dcb0d4 2 lines Bug 399906: Unable to unset "Use global provider" in Providers tab of Preprocessor Include paths
e32052 64 lines V2: Bug 410074 - Refactoring throws NullPointerException
ecb373 717 lines V.3 - Bug 405239 - Index actions are only available within context menu
ef7967 899 lines Bug 405239 - Index actions are only available within context menu
fb4dff 2 lines Bug 399906: Unable to unset "Use global provider" in Providers tab of Preprocessor Include paths
404125 3896 bytes Build output parser incorrectly handles compile lines compiling files outside of the workspace
Attachment 228911: Patch showing possible solution
399906 941 bytes Unable to unset "Use global provider" in Providers tab of Preprocessor Include paths
Attachment 226568: Patch
395442 2247 bytes Initial provider command is not restored for non-shared providers
Attachment 224803: Patch which provides code that reproduces the problem
395442 1409 bytes Initial provider command is not restored for non-shared providers
Attachment 224138: Patch
395307 2247 bytes Switching back to project specific language settings provider seems to be incorrect
Attachment 224804: Patch which provides code that reproduces the problem
395307 1554 bytes Switching back to project specific language settings provider seems to be incorrect
Attachment 224134: Patch
395259 2157 bytes NPE thrown in LanguageSettingsProviderTab when selecting a newly created configuration
Attachment 224140: Patch
395304 935 bytes Selection of language settings provider not always accurate for the current configuration
Attachment 224132: Patch
Charles Wilson (cwilson.fastmail.fm)
123302 2655 bytes NPE in ErrorParserManager during build
Attachment 32939: Alternate fix, suggested by Leo
123497 1275 bytes Project with multiple dependencies fails to build: "no rule for target"
Attachment 32937: Alternate fix, suggested by Leo
196852 2802 bytes Internal Builder does not expand macros in pre- and post- build steps
Attachment 74282: Enable Internal builder to replace macros in pre/post build steps
Cheong, Jeong-Sik (hanmail.net)
162381 1153 bytes [Indexer][Scanner] Strange null characters during C source parsing
Attachment 52833: avoid unexpected null character problem
162381 8797 bytes [Indexer][Scanner] Strange null characters during C source parsing
Attachment 52834: improve search of long array and avoid unexpected null character
Chris McKillop (qnx.com)
26005 684 bytes waitFor() not returning status but pid.
Attachment 2375: Patch to spawner.c for QNX spawner.
Chris Mead (arm.com)
228018 1599 bytes Resource Configuration for non-toolchain consumed file breaks build.
Attachment 96861: Patch to perform simple check on whether a resource (IFileInfo) has any tools that need to be invoked on it.
223832 1537 bytes Clean with internal builder ignores success of clean command.
Attachment 96866: Actual CVS style patch for CommonBuilder.
223832 468 bytes Clean with internal builder ignores success of clean command.
Attachment 93387: Human readable (cvs patching was causing problems with whitespace) of change to org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.internal.core.CommonBuilder
Chris Recoskie (ca.ibm.com)
62644 16885 bytes generated makefile does not include rules for all file types
Attachment 10766: proposed patch
63973 4004 bytes [Managed Build] browseType for string options is ignored
Attachment 11100: proposed patch
70491 2803 bytes Unable to build source files in a linked directory
Attachment 13924: proposed patch
Chris Wiebe (ftml.net)
010c8c 609 lines 2004-08-20 Chris Wiebe
07d5d8 196 lines 2004-12-03 Chris Wiebe
09dd8e 28 lines 2004-09-16 Chris Wiebe
0c9232 927 lines 2004-09-15 Chris Wiebe
0feec5 196 lines 2004-12-03 Chris Wiebe
12aaa6 14 lines 2005-03-29 Chris Wiebe
1387c5 4 lines *** empty log message ***
1449fe 157 lines 2004-11-10 Chris Wiebe
17b5f3 601 lines 2004-11-08 Chris Wiebe
19ccc9 932 lines 2004-09-22 Chris Wiebe
1c3ede 74 lines 2005-07-21 Chris Wiebe
1d6088 4 lines fix call to PathUtil.makeRelativePath()
1e4dae 29 lines 2005-03-9 Chris Wiebe
22825b 8 lines 2004-08-012 Chris Wiebe
261193 5 lines 2004-08-20 Chris Wiebe
2674ed 15 lines 2004-08-25 Chris Wiebe
289229 107 lines 2004-11-10 Chris Wiebe
2a2bfe 1210 lines 2004-08-25 Chris Wiebe
355b87 17 lines add getValidEnclosingProject()
35a9a1 82 lines Add scheduling rule to CoreModel.run
3cd2cd 48 lines 2004-08-13 Chris Wiebe
3da6b1 74 lines add scheduling rule to WorkbenchRunnableAdapter
3ead56 220 lines 2004-08-13 Chris Wiebe
408fba 10 lines 2004-09-24 Chris Wiebe
447ec6 231 lines 2004-11-05 Chris Wiebe
459ee1 64 lines 2005-07-22 Chris Wiebe
45adca 258 lines 2004-08-26 Chris Wiebe
46fc8f 2 lines changed label
4cbd23 37 lines 2004-09-15 Chris Wiebe
4e4334 38 lines 2005-01-06 Chris Wiebe
4fc3c3 15 lines 2004-09-02 Chris Wiebe
50906e 309 lines 2004-08-20 Chris Wiebe
565312 120 lines 2004-09-22 Chris Wiebe
565769 12 lines 2005-08-12 Chris Wiebe
573728 9 lines extra constructor
575ca0 14 lines fall back to active editor as initial selection
57e7bc 9 lines 2004-08-27 Chris Wiebe
5a3d49 16 lines 2005-03-29 Chris Wiebe
645ad5 245 lines 2004-09-15 Chris Wiebe
64fef0 97 lines 2004-09-03 Chris Wiebe
662668 23 lines update type cache before first use
6acaa7 4975 lines 2005-03-29 Chris Wiebe
75b322 34 lines 2004-11-24 Chris Wiebe
7aa720 223 lines 2004-09-01 Chris Wiebe
7b0973 14 lines 2004-08-25 Chris Wiebe
7c40c7 3 lines make sure type cache is up to date
7c7f60 36 lines 2005-08-09 Chris Wiebe
7d383d 255 lines 2004-09-02 Chris Wiebe
851bf3 2 lines fix typo in icon file name chierch_pers.gif
890ba4 15 lines 2004-09-01 Chris Wiebe
91db3f 87 lines 2004-09-15 Chris Wiebe
946fa0 15 lines * model/org/eclipse/cdt/internal/coder/model/SourceRoot.java
957c5e 5 lines Add scheduling rule to WorkbenchRunnableAdapter
967b0b 27 lines 2004-08-23 Chris Wiebe
96f8f7 458 lines 2005-07-22 Chris Wiebe
973bfa 924 lines 2004-08-27 Chris Wiebe
a3b52d 1543 lines 2004-09-24 Chris Wiebe
acc7f9 62 lines 2004-09-01 Chris Wiebe
ad9112 352 lines 2004-08-13 Chris Wiebe
b1825e 47 lines change constructor to accept IBaseLabelProvider so TableViewer can use ITableLabelProvider
b914b9 453 lines 2004-08-16 Chris Wiebe
bbd3bc 82 lines 2004-11-05 Chris Wiebe
bd00ce 34 lines 2004-11-24 Chris Wiebe
c237f5 89 lines 2004-08-25 Chris Wiebe
c399a9 88 lines 2004-08-25 Chris Wiebe
c44a67 38 lines 2005-01-06 Chris Wiebe
c56740 11 lines 2004-08-24 Chris Wiebe
cb3384 14 lines 2004-09-22 Chris Wiebe
cd51bb 682 lines 2004-08-31 Chris Wiebe
ce1679 2 lines synchronize typeCacheChanged() method
cee8b2 9 lines 2004-09-07 Chris Wiebe
d0d534 524 lines 2004-08-19 Chris Wiebe
d45d99 3427 lines 2004-08-012 Chris Wiebe
d6a0d5 66 lines 2005-08-11 Chris Wiebe
d9bdbc 866 lines 2004-08-18 Chris Wiebe
dfaa0d 2436 lines 2004-09-22 Chris Wiebe
e3e2d5 66 lines 2004-09-22 Chris Wiebe
e47e1c 15 lines 2004-08-26 Chris Wiebe
e550ac 170 lines 2004-09-15 Chris Wiebe
ea5972 8 lines 2004-09-22 Chris Wiebe
eeacf0 6 lines change constructor to accept IBaseLabelProvider so TableViewer can use ITableLabelProvider
f06a2d 71 lines 2004-08-25 Chris Wiebe
f11058 62 lines 2004-08-18 Chris Wiebe
f11db4 931 lines 2004-09-24 Chris Wiebe
f3b030 136 lines 2004-09-09 Chris Wiebe
f5fbd7 454 lines 2004-08-31 Chris Wiebe
f8dc81 9 lines 2004-11-08 Chris Wiebe
f8f5b6 160 lines Added new element wizard classes.
fdc0a1 81 lines 2005-08-12 Chris Wiebe
102434 2867 bytes Trying to create ELF archive for non-archive binary files causes problems (patch included)
Attachment 24453: fix to detect the mach-o header correctly
102434 1263 bytes Trying to create ELF archive for non-archive binary files causes problems (patch included)
Attachment 24484: patch to ensure the inputstream gets closed
69872 2962 bytes [Parser] revisit timeout strategy
Attachment 13567: patch to support IParser.cancel()
91069 5753 bytes Binary Search Thread takes too long on start up
Attachment 23802: optimizations for binary runner
94658 649 bytes Exception when viewing a plain text file
Attachment 22114: removes the default no-extension file association
101386 1251 bytes NPE in macho parser
Attachment 24119: fix for macho parser
102929 22742 bytes race conditions when setting breakpoints at launch
Attachment 24398: patch to address race conditions
104442 3555 bytes single-line comments are scanned incorrectly if file contains Mac OS line endings (stand-alone CRs)
Attachment 25100: revised patch
104907 1888 bytes TypeCache: CDT caught in an infinite loop on project with C/C++ Indexer disabled when switching to C/C++ Browsing perspective
Attachment 25938: this patch puts back the check for success
106415 3038 bytes type cache always running in background
Attachment 25940: this patch turns off the background type caching
106577 1956 bytes NPE in CTags Indexer
Attachment 26036: patch to set root directory
106778 5835 bytes IndexerTypesJob2 painfully slow
Attachment 26032: patch to minimize opening/rereading the index file
Christian W. Damus (gmail.com)
273502 20462 bytes [Launch] Problems in launch configuration project association
Attachment 133009: Proposed patch
272416 2556 bytes [WorkingSets] Usability problems in Working Set Configs dialog
Attachment 133153: Small increment for mutability of a read-only API
272416 247763 bytes [WorkingSets] Usability problems in Working Set Configs dialog
Attachment 132936: Updates to add menus and property page to working sets
269571 4223 bytes Exception in Settings tab in project properties when applying a change of artifact type
Attachment 131034: Variant of the patch for HEAD branch
271628 1774 bytes [Properties UI] NPE in getting configurations for project that failed to upgrade
Attachment 131282: Patch ported to CDT 6.0 branch (HEAD)
289002 1971 bytes Not easy to set gdb process environment
Attachment 146807: Simple refactoring of process creation
289123 2742 bytes [Regression] Fix for 287927 delays debug session start on Linux platform
Attachment 146886: Another take on Bug 287927
75078 5072 bytes [Error Parser] Compilation Warnings are interpreted as Errors
Attachment 152147: Patch for GLDErrorParser: warnings reported as errors
306945 5771 bytes Build Console no longer shows for non-C/C++ Projects
Attachment 163094: Micro-fix with JUnit test
210248 27601 bytes [Internal Builder] does not rebuild a dependent project in case of a reference library project change
Attachment 206719: New patch using EFS with fall-back to local filesystem assumption
210248 3500 bytes [Internal Builder] does not rebuild a dependent project in case of a reference library project change
Attachment 207384: Incremental patch to fix external make builder
269571 4128 bytes Exception in Settings tab in project properties when applying a change of artifact type
Attachment 130455: Update to copy options for subset of corresponding tools
271628 1781 bytes [Properties UI] NPE in getting configurations for project that failed to upgrade
Attachment 131281: Patch for 5.0.x branch
Christian W. Damus (qnx.com)
a3dd98 629 lines Bug 210248 - [Internal Builder]does not rebuild a dependent project in
f3c8ea 629 lines Bug 210248 - [Internal Builder]does not rebuild a dependent project in
Christian Walther (indel.ch)
333537 1360 bytes [Template Engine] Macro expansion in conditional process groups does not work
Attachment 186076: processhelper.patch
335344 7705 bytes [External Settings Provider] Settings lost after changing language IDs
Attachment 187622: extsettings-unittest-2.patch
335344 1578 bytes [External Settings Provider] Settings lost after changing language IDs
Attachment 187623: extsettings-fix-2.patch
335344 2391 bytes [External Settings Provider] Settings lost after changing language IDs
Attachment 187624: extsettings-deque-2.patch
333537 1291 bytes [Template Engine] Macro expansion in conditional process groups does not work
Attachment 186075: replace.patch
Claire Reynaud (vmware.com)
284549 1522 bytes [Scanner Discovery] include path outside workspace may not be scanned in case of conflicting source file name
Attachment 142519: Proposed patch
Clare Liguori (gmail.com)
281397 12690 bytes Headless builds should support build configuration selection
Attachment 140441: Proposed Patch 2
congwang (ca.ibm.com)
440e2e 24 lines Bug 341632 - Trad mem rendering keyboard access
5a2009 24 lines Bug 341632 - Trad mem rendering keyboard access
341632 3237 bytes [Accessibility] Traditional memory rendering is not accessible by keyboard
Attachment 228673: a patch for this bug.
Corey Ashford (us.ibm.com)
148415 8445 bytes CDT doesn't correctly handle 64-bit executables on PowerPC Linux
Attachment 49221: Patch for all the classes in the CDT that use Platform.getOSArch
148415 2757 bytes CDT doesn't correctly handle 64-bit executables on PowerPC Linux
Attachment 50207: Platform class to be used instead of the base Eclipse Platform class.
272364 921 bytes Makefile in org.eclipse.cdt.core.linux needs link options switch (LDFLAGS)
Attachment 131962: Adds $(LDFLAGS) to link commands in Makefile
272370 967 bytes org.eclipse.cdt.core.linux/library/openpty.c gets warning during compilation
Attachment 131964: Adds define of _XOPEN_SOURCE so that ptsname header is included.
272373 556 bytes org.eclipse.cdt.core.linux/library/openpty.c contains include of stropts.h which is no longer supported on Linux
Attachment 131968: Removes unneeded include of stropts.h
296072 14318 bytes CDT release is missing shared objects for linux-ppc64-gtk
Attachment 187344: Fragment needed to support ppc64 GTK
Craig Chaney (us.ibm.com)
94365 1191 bytes function-like macro with varargs requires one too many args
Attachment 20876: workaround
Craig E Rasmussen (lanl.gov)
147885 39858 bytes Feature request: x86 support on Mac OS X
Attachment 55672: A patch for Makefile previous Makefile attachment
Crispin Semmens (arm.com)
156681 13076 bytes no possibility of tool integrators contributing fine grained context sensitive help for their toolchains
Attachment 49702: allow tool integrators to supply context help for tool options
156681 1013 bytes no possibility of tool integrators contributing fine grained context sensitive help for their toolchains
Attachment 50363: fixing a bodged merge
156679 15327 bytes context help in the managed builder properties page doesn't activate properly
Attachment 49703: updating deprecated calls and smoothing context help
157291 9581 bytes context help in the standard builder properties page doesn't activate properly
Attachment 50145: smoothens context help activation on page changes
Dan Ungureanu (freescale.com)
c66302 20 lines Bug 428367 - Fixed missing title for Properties dialog
Daniel Friederich (freescale.com)
200829 2268 bytes race condition in CMemoryBlockExtension
Attachment 76651: patch to fix the issue
289915 2915 bytes race condition in CBreakpointManager.java
Attachment 147620: Patch does change order of setTargetFilter and getBreakpointMap().put calls for the 3 handlers for created CDI breakpoints
209793 30259 bytes In CDT variables view: "Cast to type" is lost after restart of gdb
Attachment 85873: suggested patch for this bug
Daniel Pesch (blackberry.com)
eb5c0c 450 lines Bug 425538 - Syntax errors in QML reported as "C/C++ Problems" because errors from Qt Linguist
Daniel Thomas (broadcom.com)
6d7a81 126 lines Bug 357073: MIDataDisassemble should support modes 2 and 3 added in GDB 7.3
357073 6381 bytes MIDataDisassemble should support modes 2 and 3 added in GDB 7.3
Attachment 202990: Also patch DSF
353558 1769 bytes StreamBufferBase allocates 4k buffers even when reading 1 byte sources
Attachment 200697: Patch to fix buffer size to smallest power of 2 large enough if 4096 too high
353560 26720 bytes EDC uses more memory than necessary
Attachment 200704: 6 patches to reduce memory consumption
353574 16755 bytes Misc minor fixes to EDC
Attachment 200898: Patch with 10 misc fixes
353574 5601 bytes Misc minor fixes to EDC
Attachment 200904: Test on changes to scope
353577 8904 bytes Add support for polymorphicly operating over multiple objects describing memory regions
Attachment 200917: Tests for IAddressInterval and HasSize
353577 16369 bytes Add support for polymorphicly operating over multiple objects describing memory regions
Attachment 200927: Patch to add and use IAddressInterval and HasSize interfaces
353583 13765 bytes Add more javadoc to Elf and TypeUtils
Attachment 200715: Patch adding javadoc
353599 3927 bytes ArrayType does not generate its name using its bounds
Attachment 200967: Patch to add support for generating the ArrayType name
353599 4701 bytes ArrayType does not generate its name using its bounds
Attachment 200968: Add tests on ArrayType generally
353601 1517 bytes In DwarfCompileUnit#getChildren() ensure that the compile unit is parsed before returning results
Attachment 200726: Patch that ensures that the compile unit is parsed.
353601 73196 bytes In DwarfCompileUnit#getChildren() ensure that the compile unit is parsed before returning results
Attachment 201055: Add test case
353611 5212 bytes ArrayType does not correctly compute byteSize
Attachment 200736: Fixes behaviour so that getByteSize is consistent with API and other implementations
353614 2002 bytes fixupRanges needs to be called in DwarfInfoReader after using LineEntries as they may be wrong
Attachment 200781: Additionally move compileUnitHeader registration earlier as this is required.
353726 45886 bytes Make ISection API, propagate information on executability and physical addresses
Attachment 200787: Patch to add this functionality. Relies on patch in Bug 353577 but this dependency can be removed.
353726 33626 bytes Make ISection API, propagate information on executability and physical addresses
Attachment 201136: Patch adding this functionality and using properties in IExecutableSection and ISymbol
353726 34647 bytes Make ISection API, propagate information on executability and physical addresses
Attachment 201214: Patch adding this functionality using properties and assuming IAddressInterval tests
353735 1401 bytes Album.loadAlbum(boolean) throws NPE as it does not set systemId
Attachment 200796: Provide a systemId so that NP