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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

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6760lapp Version: 0.9.8 (PB CQ6612)MIT Licenseunmodified source

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Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Andrew Banks IBM
Ian Craggs IBM
Andy Gelme
Roger Light
Dave Locke IBM
Nicholas O'Leary IBM
Andy Piper GoPivotal, Inc.
Al Stockdill-Mander IBM

Never Active
Name Organization  
Chad Kienle
Andy Piper Oracle
Scott de Deugd IBM

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Allan Stockdill-Mander (uk.ibm.com)
6183c7 2505 lines New and revised tests
fb552b 2365 lines Bug 405722 - adding Java client tests
Andrew Banks (uk.ibm.com)
231fef 2 lines Add Andrew Banks as the author
64c166 2 lines Add Andrew Banks as the author
d99228 1863 lines Initial commit of MQTT JavaScript client
Benjamin Cabe (sierrawireless.com)
d0e1e8 227 lines Contribution from Benjamin to make Paho Lua client Koneki-friendly
Benjamin Cabé (eclipse.org)
384866 150 bytes Timing window in Java client keepAlive handling
bzhangxmt (cn.ibm.com)
1b6ae6 105 lines Fix Bug 425427 - Paho disconnect while receiving large payload
1c0965 8 lines Fix bug: generateClientId can generate invalid Client IDs and needs better error handling
4134b7 28 lines Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on receiving multiple messages (concurrency problem)
6fa25b 12189 lines Allow the Paho Java client code to build directly in Eclipse
802d49 144 lines Package the Paho Java client as an OSGi bundle
d1c0d3 329 lines Topic length is not checked, resulting in problems if encoded bytes length is larger than 64K-1
d65588 10497 lines init commits of Paho MQTT UI Tool
d79c10 227 lines Fix Bug 414783 - Client gets into a bad state when connecting to a non-mqtt listening port (e.g 22) and it cannot be recovered
ckienle (eurotech.com)
c9cef0 1147 lines Initial commit
Frank Pagliughi (mindspring.com)
62fce2 6448 lines Initial commit
Jan-Piet Mens (gmail.com)
dbb744 18 lines Enable loading without ssl import
f1bbfe 111 lines Add support for DNS SRV records
Nicholas O'Leary (gmail.com)
384866 1134 bytes Timing window in Java client keepAlive handling
Nicolas DEVERGE (ekito.fr)
c9fb72 30 lines Add OSGi manifest entries
pleong (cn.ibm.com)
2b9f48 95 lines Fixed ServerConnection and IntentReceiver leak problem when application is exit.
35a025 22 lines Fixed null pointer exception in broadcast receiver if somebody send a null callback action to MqttAndroidClient.
3b006c 5797 lines 1. Rename some classes name. Change the phrase 'AndroidService' to 'Android'. It has the following changes:
452e9d 13574 lines Add samples, unit test and reorgranize directories
5cb3e4 142 lines Improve code design for MQTT 3.1.1 protocol.
affd66 583 lines Add MQTT 3.1.1 conformant Test to Java.
bebfbd 6 lines Fixed a bug in new 3.1.1 Connect packet
d50aef 212 lines Add NetworkStateReceiver
eeb3b4 2 lines Fix error in constructor of MqttClientAndroidService.
Roger Light (atchoo.org)
28a5d3 2 lines Remove unused variables.
2adfc0 22 lines Fix comparison errors reported by pychecker.
87cfc1 290 lines Add OpenSSL attribution.
d254a7 2 lines Fix possible thread locking situation.
d46f0c 28 lines Remove unused uthash license.
e9f936 6619 lines Initial contribution.
Seth Hoenig (gmail.com)
2079d6 293 lines provide a reference to client in callbacks
43f4b3 190 lines fix some things
5769c8 90 lines update samples, comment out tests that do not run against mosquitto
58a8ed 96 lines eliminate interface{} from public api aside from trace formatting
723490 326 lines use TopicName and TopicFilter instead of interface{}
a1ce43 77 lines fix levels on some trace lines
Sopot Cela (gmail.com)
389658 2493 bytes Predefined launchers for Publisher and Subscriber
Attachment 221117: Two different launchers to see the communication in action
Takahiro Inaba (us.ibm.com)
54413c 1704 lines Initial contribution of JMeter plugin
423323 811 JMeter MQTT Sampler plugin Contribution
tzihan (cn.ibm.com)
b70f4d 5194 lines mqtt web utility,remove the copy of mqtt library and update readme.
d59464 5194 lines mqtt web utility,remove the copy of mqtt library and update readme.
Wes Johnson (eurotech.com)
6d5e10 23 lines Updated the Client View to v0.2.1 of the Java client API
zyang5e4 (cn.ibm.com)
0d7e98 966 lines Add javadoc to MQTT android service
34532c 31 lines Fix for Bugzilla 415349 - Connect timeout does not work with SSL
459b1a 15 lines Change Javadoc to consist with code changings that already made
4d4a35 225 lines Add SSL unit test
5196af 280 lines Merge Peter's change to support Cordova plugin.
6fb4a5 47 lines Add getSSLSocketFactory method to give a quick helper for mqtt android service SSL users to create SSLSocketFactory
735b2e 3 lines Modify bug in setLastWill page in mqtt android sample
cb0fd2 2 lines Modify NullPointer bug while disconnect in mqtt android sample
ee4be1 9 lines Change Javadoc of some Mqtt android service function


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