Tentative IP Log for technology.jgit

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  • Eclipse Distribution License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
3565Java Servlet API Version: 2.5 (PB CQ2075)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
5136bcprov-jdk15on-1.47MIT Licenseunmodified source & binary
6784bcpg-jdk15on Version: 1.47MIT License, Apache License 2.0 (bzip files)unmodified source & binary
6813args4j Version: 2.0.21MIT Licenseunmodified source & binary
7354xz for Java Version: 1.3Public Domainunmodified source & binary
7486Apache Commons Logging Jar Version: 1.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ1907)Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
7487Apache HttpComponents Core Version: 4.1.4 (PB Orbit CQ6249)Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
7488Apache HttpComponents Client Version: 4.1.3 (PB Orbit CQ6788)Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
7529JUnit Version: 4.11 (PB Orbit CQ7066)Common Public License 1.0unmodified source & binary
7668Apache Commons Compress Version: 1.6Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
7757JavaEWAH Version: 0.7.9Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
7896guava Version: v16.0Apache License 2.0modified source
8889Jsch Version: 0.1.51 (PB Orbit CQ8830)New BSD Licenseunmodified source & binary
8890Apache Ant Version: 1.9.4 (PB Orbit CQ8620)Apache License, 2.0, W3C License, Public Domainunmodified source & binary
9206SLF4J API Version: 1.7.2 (PB Orbit CQ6862)MIT Licenseunmodified source & binary
9207log4j Version: 1.2.15 (Subset - see all comments) (PB Orbit CQ3560)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
9241slf4j log4j12 Version: 1.7.2 (PB Orbit CQ7666)MIT Licenseunmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseType
4894hbase Version: 0.90.0Apache License, 2.0works with
7730native git (for git-svn) Version: 1.0.0GNU General Public License, Version 2 (GPL-2.0)works with

Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
3454args4j Version: 2.0.12BSD Licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
3654JSch Version: 0.1.41 (PB CQ3040)New BSD licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
3655Junit Version: 3.8.2 (PB CQ2206)Common Public License 1.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
3886Apache SSHD Version: 0.3.0 (Subset)Apache License, 2.0, New BSD license, MIT licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
3904jsch Version: 0.1.37 (using Orbit CQ2002)New BSD licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4563hector Version: 0.7.0-18MIT licenseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
4564cassandra Version: 0.7.0-beta2Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4565perf4j Version: 0.9.13Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4566Java UUID Generator (JUG) 3.1.0Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4728jsch Version: 0.1.44New BSD licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4794hector Version: 0.7.0-22 (*Including Changed Commit one file)MIT Licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4871Apache Cassandra Version: 0.7.0 (PB 4816)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4872High Scale Lib Version: 1.1.2 (PB Orbit CQ4821)Public Domainunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4873Apache Thrift Java Library Version: 0.5 (PB 4818)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4875Apache Avro Version: 1.4.1 (Subset Java Only)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4876Protocol Buffers Version: 2.4.0aNew BSD licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4893Apache Zookeeper Version: 3.3.2Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4895Google Guava Version: r08Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4896Apache Commons Logging Jar Version: 1.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ1907)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4897log4j Version: 1.2.16 *Subset*Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
5111Apache Ant Version: 1.8.2 (PB Orbit CQ4726)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
6467Glassfish servlet-api Version: 3.1-b33 (PB Orbit CQ5018)CDDL, Apache 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
6810JavaEWAH Version: 0.5.6Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
6812JSch version 0.1.46 (PB Orbit CQ6473)New BSD Licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
6932Apache Commons Compress Version: 1.4.1Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
6933Apache Commons Compress Version: 1.3 (PB CQ6258)Apache License, 2.0 unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
7397JavaEWAH Version: 0.6.12Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
7627Apache Commons Compress Version Version: 1.5Apache License 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
7636JSch Version: 0.1.50 (PB Orbit CQ7631)New BSD Licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
7698Apache Ant 1.9.2 Version: 1.9.2 (PB Orbit CQ7350)Apache License, 2.0, W3C License, Public Domainunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release

Pending Contribution Questionnaires

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
9164bouncycastyle Version: 1.51unmodified source & binary


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Chris Aniszczyk
David Borowitz Google Inc.
Christian Halstrick SAP SE
Mathias Kinzler SAP SE
Stefan Lay SAP SE
Shawn Pearce Google Inc.
Colby Ranger Google Inc.
Robin Rosenberg
Kevin Sawicki GitHub
Matthias Sohn SAP SE
Robin Stocker
Sasa Zivkov SAP SE

Never Active
Name Organization  
Gunnar Wagenknecht Tasktop

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Abhishek Bhatnagar (redhat.com)
08f0e1 123 lines Add CleanCommand to JGit API
7d380e 127 lines Add CleanCommandTest and fix CleanCommand
b04be9 35 lines CleanCommand: add the ability to do a dry run
Adrian Goerler (sap.com)
172a9f 96 lines Cloning should fail when destination directory exists and is not empty
2062d6 25 lines Cleanup curly braces
ad74bb 76 lines Cleanup directories leftover by test.
Alex Blewitt (gmail.com)
046d1a 32 lines Provide a public entry method to determine whether a URI protocol is supported
37f0e3 2 lines Allow deletions to occur when there is no HEAD
4d9164 1304 lines Remove trailing whitespace at end of line
Alex Rukhlin (microsoft.com)
81db59 213 lines Fix HTTP response processing for WWW-Authenticate headers
98dd6e 213 lines Fix HTTP response processing for WWW-Authenticate headers
Alexander Kurtakov (redhat.com)
20fc10 5 lines Allow full compiles on Java 8.
4b090e 6 lines Build with Tycho 0.22.
5c788e 16 lines Do not use deprecated tasks in maven-antrun-plugin.
Alexey Kuznetsov (me.com)
a4f560 629 lines NetRC parser and credentials provider.
Anatol Pomozov (gmail.com)
74419e 3 lines Bump jsch to 0.1.44
Andreas Hermann (gmail.com)
44f81d 313 lines Allow to include untracked files in stash operations.
b7e46c 98 lines Fix for reflog corruption caused by multiline message
Andreas König (berg-turbenthal.ch)
d9d343 4 lines Fixed parsing of URI with a IPv6-address
Andrew Bayer (gmail.com)
068eb9 43 lines Make ObjectId, RefSpec, RemoteConfig, URIish serializable
Andrey Loskutov (gmx.de)
030712 15 lines Added toString() methods for better debugging of ignore rules
147e24 304 lines Consider parent rules if ignore rule is negated
2c940f 264 lines Don't use java.util.regex for two simple wildcard cases
2f5a08 3221 lines Reimplementation of ignore rule parser
3a161a 36 lines Small performance optimization for ignore rules/fnmatcher
428d31 6 lines AIOOB in ChangeIdUtil.indexOfChangeId if amended message is a newline
4ea8c6 39 lines Initialize 'pathLen' field also for empty directories
85b62b 12 lines Fixed API violation errors for 3.6 in ConfigConstants
c05390 236 lines PathMatcher should respect "assumeDirectory" flag
d81529 260 lines Set permission bits for "executable" attribute according to the umask
André Dietisheim (redhat.com)
a31920 327 lines Allow users to show server messages while pushing
Anton Bannykh (jetbrains.com)
f4943d 51 lines Fixed the problem with calling LsRemoteCommand without a local repository over the ssh and git:// protocols.
Arthur Baars (semmle.com)
2b9c44 27 lines LogCommand.all(), peel references before using them
35be98 23 lines LogCommand.all(): filter out refs that do not refer to commit objects
Arthur Daussy (obeo.fr)
c18548 6339 lines Add basic support for .gitattributes
Axel Richard (obeo.fr)
112832 26 lines Add pgm test for checkout of existing branch with checkout conflict
46f300 123 lines Handle -m option for Merge command
5328c8 32 lines Add new method IndexDiff#getPathsWithIndexMode
c95e4f 12 lines Manage CheckoutConflictException in pgm
d86c88 264 lines Add some tests cases on files modes for symbolic links
Benjamin Muskalla (eclipsesource.com)
700b8b 2 lines Fixed typo in DirCache documentation
d08be7 5 lines Allow version builtin to run without git repository
Bernard Leach (bouncycastle.org)
1a867d 63 lines Added support to IndexDiff to return information on conflicts
298486 98 lines IndexDiff: conflicting files aren't properly shown
37fe09 162 lines Add reset with paths support to ResetCommand
5ec497 54 lines Create a MergeResult for deleted/modified files
98b019 88 lines Implemented merge for parallel delete/modification
cf846c 52 lines Remove rebase temporary files on checkout failure
e3c461 171 lines Add tests for change If203ce5
Bogdan Gheorghe (ca.ibm.com)
8923e6 157 lines Add API to permit the setting of additional HTTP headers
Carl Myers (palantir.com)
85a9ab 13 lines Fix NPE when PATH environment variable is empty
Carsten Pfeiffer (gebit.de)
11e2e7 47 lines Support reading first SHA-1 from large FETCH_HEAD files
461109 4 lines Fix compilation with Java 1.5
486e22 16 lines Use the stored password instead of prompting for it all the time
92752f 113 lines [blame] Fix blame following renames in non-toplevel directories
98d4bd 271 lines Allow detecting which files were renamed during a revwalk
Charley Wang (redhat.com)
b878cd 1619 lines Add compatibility with gitignore specifications
Chris Aniszczyk (eclipsesource.com)
4cfc7b 29 lines Cleanup MANIFEST.MF in JGit
Chris West (Faux) (goeswhere.com)
2a5235 17 lines Allow ../relative paths in remotes
Christian Trutz (gmail.com)
f677b0 21 lines Add setter for ProgressMonitor to StatusCommand
Colby Ranger (google.com)
3b3259 2796 lines Added read/write support for pack bitmap index.
43ea88 2 lines Enable serving upload requests using bitmaps.
b777d7 35 lines Implement wasDeltaAttempted() in DfsObjectRepresentation.
b77ba0 39 lines Do not delta compress objects that have already tried to compress.
be7a13 60 lines Break the dependency on RevObject when creating a newObjectToPack().
dafcb8 1104 lines Support creating pack bitmap indexes in PackWriter.
f70eca 35 lines DfsBlockCache: Update hits to not include contains()
f82821 145 lines Enable writing pack indexes with bitmaps in the GC.
Constantine Plotnikov (gmail.com)
063e72 3 lines Added -crfl attribute for DiffFormatterReflowTest test data
982515 21 lines Make the default encoding when reading commits UTF-8
cc6479 277 lines Added caching for loose object lookup during pack indexing
291771 3344 bytes JGit uses system encoding instead of UTF8 for parsing commits
Attachment 149132: The patch with signed-off footer in comments.
Dani Megert (ch.ibm.com)
0b9bef 1 lines Remove unused import
3e131a 2 lines Don't use SSL anymore to avoid POODLE attack
58dd28 4 lines Declare all thrown exceptions in Repository
5b13b5 10 lines Use correct method link in Javadoc
709cd5 56 lines Let the date formatter pick the locale.
Dariusz Luksza (luksza.org)
1bec1f 22 lines Ensure resetting on commit id
1d1f57 61 lines Add support for reseting on directories
28d48b 3 lines Don't swallow JSchException "Auth fail" exception
570d86 2 lines Fix IOOBE in Repository.resolveSimple()
679cab 343 lines Adds DiffEntry.scan(TreeWalk, boolean) method
84fb2b 194 lines Add support for rebase interactive 'reword' command
8eb4d9 79 lines Add support for rebase interactive 'edit' command
b649ea 64 lines Move writeTrashFile and deleteFile into JGitTestUtil
Dave Borowitz (google.com)
039c78 250 lines Try to send HTTP error messages over sideband
0f8e48 134 lines Add a listener for changes to a DfsObjDatabase's pack files
16b8eb 122 lines Add an object encapsulating the state of a PackWriter
1f2022 1694 lines Modify refs in UploadPack/ReceivePack using a hook interface
2444aa 34 lines Use the working tree's .gitmodules in SubmoduleWalk.forIndex()
27cbda 67 lines Expose an OutputStream from ReceivePack for sending client messages
2b0044 42 lines Make capability strings in BasePack{Fetch,Push}Connection public
2b584b 52 lines Keep track of a static collection of all PackWriter instances
330c3c 2 lines Serve 403 from RepositoryFilter on ServiceMayNotContinueException
35d72a 179 lines Add a DFS repository description and reference it in each pack
37307a 14 lines Enable call chaining on LsRemoteCommand methods
458f64 41 lines Add a release() method to SubmoduleWalk
4a01f4 22 lines Allow creating ReceiveCommands with a specified type
4bf22f 146 lines Execute ReceiveCommands via a method rather than in ReceivePack
4fc1af 21 lines Add a DfsPackFile method to get the number of cached bytes
55bf06 26 lines Allow RepositoryResolver to throw ServiceMayNotContinueException
5a38e5 5 lines Clarify the docstring of DfsBlockCache.reconfigure()
61c4e3 19 lines Expand RegexPipeline documentation
629c61 384 lines Add simple chain implementations of transport hooks and loggers
701650 209 lines Add simple tests for RegexPipeline
70ae16 28 lines Fix resolving expression with ~ and ^ than extends beyond history
7acd33 2 lines Fix a typo referring to RevFilter as RefFilter
84c80b 26 lines Fire DfsPacksChangedEvents when committing packs.
903e1b 27 lines Remove PreUploadHook.onPreAdvertiseRefs
9346f1 8 lines Add a CommitBuilder method to edit arbitrary DirCacheEntrys
9bc26e 4 lines Pass a DfsRepositoryDescription to InMemoryRepository
9d41db 98 lines Add an AdvertiseRefsHookChain, similar to the other hook chains
b12f80 16 lines Add MetaFilter.serveRegex(Pattern)
bb8f0b 4 lines Minor javadoc wording fixes in ReceivePack
cc37cb 2454 lines Factor a base class out of ReceivePack
d023f2 41 lines Extract filterCommands as a static method on ReceiveCommand
d2787d 92 lines Extract the capability parsing logic in {Upload,Receive}Pack
d55eb3 15 lines Expose the reverse index size in the DfsPackDescription
d6172d 16 lines Add a no-op UploadPackLogger and use it by default
d794a4 9 lines Clarify documentation of exceptions in RepositoryResolver
dc23a7 3 lines Make InMemoryRepository pack names globally unique
dff9d5 21 lines Expose the list of pack files in the DfsBlockCache
e0531a 5 lines Properly parse first line in ReceivePack with no '\0'
eea858 12 lines Fix a typo in "capabilities" in ReceivePack
f26b79 45 lines Estimate the amount of memory used by a PackWriter
fe1f1b 295 lines Read .gitmodules config from the tree in SubmoduleWalk
David Ostrovsky (ostrovsky.org)
c0c4c6 249 lines ArchiveCommand: Allow to pass options to underlying stream
David Pletcher (google.com)
19f869 103 lines Extract path info from requests without decoding
cc8c27 12 lines Allow public access to PackIndex
fe7c55 15 lines Fix an invalid format string
Denys Digtiar (gmail.com)
c580c5 98 lines Fix ClassCastException in MergeCommand
Dmitry Fink (finik.net)
906887 172 lines Extend merge support for bare repositories
Dmitry Neverov (gmail.com)
3f143b 22 lines Fix missing flush in StreamCopyThread
448547 26 lines Fix missing flush in StreamCopyThread
b3247b 10 lines Fix race condition in StreamCopyThread
Doug Kelly (gmail.com)
44025d 3 lines Automatically reload known_hosts file
62697c 1075 lines Remove streaming delta support from JGit
Edwin Kempin (sap.com)
9b20a3 12 lines Add toString() for RepoStatistics
b37b1c 20 lines Allow to get repo statistics from GarbageCollectionCommand before gc
e02708 26 lines Fix formatting of PackConfig.toString() & GC.RepoStatistics.toString()
eac218 18 lines Add toString() for PackConfig
Frank Wagner (fr.ibm.com)
e09e7c 9 lines Fix RawText.getLineDelimiter() for empty first line
François Rey (francois.rey.name)
741ecf 104 lines New functions to facilitate the writing of CLI test cases
Git Development Community (vger.kernel.org)
1a6964 103215 lines Initial JGit contribution to eclipse.org
Greg Hill (google.com)
1471fb 55 lines Change RequestValidator parameter to ObjectId list
Guillaume Nodet (gmail.com)
977596 39 lines Avoid calls to System.exit() and throw an exception instead
c0574f 140 lines Add an input stream and an error stream to TextBuiltin base class
Gustaf Lundh (sonymobile.com)
212fb3 2 lines Fix while boundries in DateRevQueue.add()
7d5e1f 7 lines Fixed RevWalk.isMergedInto() returning wrong results
84afea 64 lines Performance fixes in DateRevQueue
Gustav Karlsson (tieto.com)
b3e962 104 lines Added characters to be escaped in file name patterns
Hiroshi Tomita (gmail.com)
27c1c5 45 lines Update HEAD in cherry-picking several commits
6845bb 45 lines Update HEAD in cherry-picking several commits
781b0b 2 lines Check parentFile is not null
8e307c 2 lines Check parentFile is not null
Hugo Arès (ericsson.com)
954306 57 lines Make MyersDiff interruptible
d439c8 2 lines Fix DeltaTask infinite loop
Ian Wetherbee (google.com)
242716 91 lines Add Transport URI constructor without a repository
2adc57 231 lines Refactor TransportHttp for long-polling
590e8f 44 lines Fix UnionInputStream.read to be more Java-like
94f67a 3 lines Disable PackParser EOF check if more data expected
b1e4d6 212 lines ReceivePack supports InputStream data after pack
Igor Fedorenko (ifedorenko.com)
53f363 19 lines Use Tycho version 0.6.0
7085c0 9 lines Explicitly release resources used by java.util.zip.Deflater
96c7f7 122 lines Flipped jgit.core to manifest-first maven-3/tycho build
b427e3 1 lines Use build timestamp as OSGi version qualifier for SNAPSHOT builds
Ilmars Poikans (delibero.lv)
786ad9 8 lines Fix integer overflow in DiffFormatter when context is set to large int
James Yonan (openvpn.net)
7bb729 10 lines Fix a NullPointerException if properties file doesn't exist
Jason Pyeron (pdinc.us)
79d3dd 8 lines Ignore attempts to set the timeout to -1
Jean-Jacques Lafay (gmail.com)
8b65a4 79 lines Fix push to repo with non-fetched refs
Jeff Schumacher (google.com)
31311c 304 lines Implemented file path based tie breaking to exact rename detection
396fe6 297 lines Break dissimilar file pairs during diff
4c14b7 2 lines Fixed potential div by zero bug
543235 440 lines Added support for whitespace ignoring
64b945 32 lines Added file size based rename detection optimization
7b0b41 299 lines Refactored code out of FileHeader to facilitate rename detection
9869ef 665 lines Added further support for whitespace ignoring during diff
9a48de 82 lines Added file path similarity to scoring metric in rename detection
9f2249 44 lines Added check for binary files while diffing
a20e6f 4 lines Fixed Misleading Javadoc
a8b29a 493 lines Create FileHeader from DiffEntry
bc08fa 4 lines Added very small optimization to exact rename detection
cb8e1e 479 lines Added a preliminary version of rename detection
e64cb0 18 lines Fixed bug in scoring mechanism for rename detection
f666cc 117 lines Added more test cases for RenameDetector
Jens Baumgart (sap.com)
0a84ad 22 lines Unlock DirCache in case of occurring exception
29ed09 3 lines PushCommand: do not set a null credentials provider
2dc2dd 34 lines IndexDiff: support state [removed, untracked]
3ba1c7 209 lines Add gitignore support to IndexDiff and use TreeWalk
51e264 2941 lines Introduce http test bundle
53ef3e 160 lines Add detection of untracked folders to IndexDiffFilter
6befab 41 lines Extend IndexDiff to calculate ignored files and folders
6f3b08 25 lines Allow setting a filter in IndexDiff
9830ba 19 lines CommitCommand: set correct Reflog message when amending
99ec98 18 lines RepositoryState: add method canAmend
9a6a43 20 lines Fix NPE on commit in empty Repository
b82e4b 7 lines Fix NPE on reading global config on MAC
c0b49c 46 lines JGit Build: use jetty 7.1.6
c9e4a7 10 lines Add isOutdated method to DirCache
cbf5ff 21 lines LockFile.commit: retry renaming
cc905e 70 lines Make Repository.getConfig aware of changed config
cd1141 97 lines Improve IndexDiff performance
db82b8 172 lines Fix concurrent read / write issue in LockFile on Windows
dcf9ba 2 lines Ignore missing MERGE_MSG when deleting MERGE_MSG
e99c48 52 lines Fix concurrent read / write issue in GitIndex on Windows
eb46d7 10 lines DirCacheCheckout: unlock DirCache in case of failure
f71498 4 lines Fix RepositoryState.MERGING
fd963a 97 lines CommitCommand: add option to insert a change id
Jesse Greenwald (garmin.com)
51dedf 121 lines Parse RevCommit bodies before calling RevFilter.include()
c5863e 187 lines Changed TreeWalk.forPath(...) to work with recursive paths.
c68aba 4 lines Fixed ordering of Config.getSubsections(...)
Jevgeni Zelenkov (gmail.com)
803deb 47 lines Ensure a directory exists before trying to create/merge a file into it.
Johannes Schindelin (gmx.de)
1a03c8 109 lines Add a test class for Myers' diff algorithm
9c056f 39 lines Add set to IntList
a3aa43 143 lines Add the "jgit diff" command
d8a3b4 469 lines Add Myers' algorithm to generate diff scripts
e34865 28 lines Prepare RawText for diff-index and diff-files
John D Eblen (comcast.net)
ccd3d8 2306 lines Create RemoteSession interface
John Ross (us.ibm.com)
99608f 8 lines Fix broken symbolic links on Cygwin.
Jonas Fonseca (diku.dk)
36b0dc 20 lines Make it possible to clear a PlotCommitList
Jonathan Gossage (gmail.com)
04eb1c 2 lines Fix Maven Javadoc generation problem
ec13e0 48 lines Fully implement Logger interface
Jonathan Nieder (google.com)
0a1490 60 lines Make ArchiveFormats final and implement equals()
1153a5 247 lines Add support for "jgit archive --output=<filename>"
1547ea 26 lines [RFC] archive: Switch to commons-compress as ZIP archiver
2ecc27 169 lines archive: Include entries for directories
31d79a 3 lines Remove unused logger from RecursiveMerger
345ab4 85 lines archive: Add --format option that switches between formats
3467e8 14 lines Revert "Close unfinished archive entries on error"
36a857 10 lines Update commons-compress to 1.6
56276d 1899 lines Move ArchiveCommand into standard porcelain API
56cb2d 114 lines Pick default archive format based on filename suffix
5967b6 180 lines Revert "CommitBuilder should check for duplicate parents"
64162a 6 lines AWTPlotRenderer: use float arithmetic instead of double followed by a conversion
659cad 63 lines Add missing javadoc for archive code
679382 141 lines Move FormatActivator.start()/stop() to a separate class
68d921 61 lines Maintain list of archive formats in one place
6a94f0 285 lines Add "jgit archive" tool that writes a tree as a ZIP file
70e494 38 lines archive: Release resources before returning
7123cb 88 lines archive: Record executable and symlink bits
75d9b3 14 lines Close unfinished archive entries on error
780097 208 lines archive: Add tar support
789ca3 15 lines Allow commandline tests to use raw output
79583a 1 lines Remove unused import in Archive
7be5cf 2 lines ArchiveCommand: Add missing @since tag
7f2f59 142 lines Add tgz and txz archive formats
8a4cf2 53 lines archive: Use an empty directory for submodules
8a51c4 4 lines Do not close ArchiveOutputStream on error
9b46a4 3 lines blame: Un-break isFile check in tree walk
a544ff 129 lines Remove dependency by ArchiveCommand on archive formats
b46b27 3 lines add: Fix bad metaVar reference in <filepattern> help
b525e6 412 lines Add internal porcelain-style API for ArchiveCommand
be0473 20 lines ArchiveCommand: Do not warn for unsupported file mode
c9a857 116 lines Add basic "jgit add" tests
cb349d 3 lines Remove unused availableRefs local from Clone.guessHEAD
cfc15d 45 lines Drop dependency by ArchiveCommand.Format interface on commons-compress
d49326 322 lines ArchiveCommand: make archive formats non-inner classes
d5110c 113 lines Allow ArchiveCommand.registerFormat to be called twice
d8177d 19 lines ArchiveCommand.Format: pass output stream as first argument to putEntry
dbf8d9 7 lines Drop unnecessary "throws" clauses in archive code
dfb8bd 20 lines diff, log -p: do not use outs before it is initialized
e3cce3 6 lines Delete CLIText strings previously used in iplog generator
ebfe85 49 lines Add long filename, large file, and non-ASCII filename support to TarFormat
ed5199 73 lines Add tbz2 archive format
f2abbd 116 lines archive: Prepend a specified prefix to all entry filenames
f99fa9 68 lines Release ArchiveCommand's ObjectReader in call()
Kaloyan Raev (zend.com)
2c969e 11 lines Add support for --version in JGit CLI
40e8ba 127 lines CLI fetch command should support --tags
44812c 25 lines CLI clone command should support --no-checkout
46c839 51 lines CLI version command falls back to Bundle-Version
4d2378 3 lines Add resources/ as source folder in build.properties
702665 244 lines CLI status should support --porcelain
9041fb 787 lines CLI status should support --untracked-files
Karthik K (gmail.com)
2c14e7 38 lines s/StringBuffer/StringBuilder as appropriate where no concurrency is needed
Ketan Padegaonkar (gmail.com)
04df08 11 lines Add better exception handling for the git-init ant task
130eca 129 lines Add GitCheckoutTask to org.eclipse.jgit.ant
3344b9 157 lines Add GitAddTask
360be0 16 lines Have git-ls tree to accept path args like git-ls-tree
376acf 14 lines Add FileRepository(String) convenience constructor
8b8ad7 71 lines Fix a complicated multi level nested if block structure to use a single level with multiple returns.
d60001 149 lines Add GitCloneTaskTest
dc30c9 67 lines Add org.eclipse.jgit.ant.test
dce5f9 14 lines Add better javadoc to the git-init ant task
e38cf2 154 lines Add ListTagCommand to JGit API
f8b89a 120 lines Add GitCloneTask to org.eclipse.jgit.ant
f953a3 36 lines Fix NPE in URIish when parsing an empty URI
fdeb32 156 lines Add org.eclipse.jgit.ant
Kevin Sawicki (github.com)
16e810 21 lines Add shortening of note ref names to NoteMap
1b472a 14 lines Add missing '' characters around quoted variables
241e03 6 lines Don't iterate over advertised refs when HEAD is null
2539b1 5 lines Set expected old object id to all zeros when head id is null
2d63c4 22 lines Provide merge result when revert command fails
37e401 42 lines Add blame unit test for file that is renamed twice.
4005f3 9 lines Remove duplicate calls to DirCache.unlock on checkout
425d17 2 lines Remove unused serialVersionUID from non-serializable classes.
4535a9 14 lines Throw invalid ref exception instead of invalid remote exception
47d161 3 lines Use constant for logs directory
4ae9d4 7 lines Correct comment on CloneCommand.setRemote method.
5041f7 2 lines Suppress unused and unchecked warnings
565e4a 2 lines Add missing comment text for mergeCommitTree parameter
654f72 27 lines Add varargs version of PathFilterGroup.createFromStrings
7ed1ef 6 lines Implement Serializable interface in ReflogEntry
86e96b 2 lines Correct typo in RevWalk.parseBody comment
899114 22 lines Always checkout master when it matches the advertised HEAD
900bdb 110 lines Support adding all refs to LogCommand
931b93 244 lines Provide an id for submodule entries.
a5b5d5 5 lines Implement Serializable interface in PersonIdent class.
a7aaf8 47 lines Use HEAD as default ref for RefLogCommand.
ac909e 2 lines Fix typo in IndexDiff.getModified() comment.
b127fa 31 lines Unwind loop that iterates over fetch connection refs.
b4ff1e 7 lines Remove calls to printStackTrace in catch blocks
c3fe50 20 lines Guard against null branch in PullCommand
d110fb 1 lines [blame] Reset rename detector before computing renames.
da901c 408 lines Support a configured credentials provider in LsRemoteCommand
e54404 2 lines Reassign symbolic ref list after calling put.
e630f9 1 lines Remove TODO for generated constructor.
ec92f8 238 lines Add path support to checkout command.
Konrad Kügler (yahoo.de)
09f6b1 59 lines PlotCommitList: Refactor lane creation and position allocation
0f679d 81 lines Cherry-Pick: Support --no-commit
1350d2 3 lines Rebase: Write an empty "quiet" file to make C Git happy
420cb5 34 lines Use fetch.prune and remote.<name>.prune to set prune mode when fetching
48544e 279 lines Preserve merges during pull if configured to do so
48e36d 265 lines Use branch.<x>.mergeoptions and merge.ff as defaults for merging
551f3a 166 lines Blame correctly in the presence of conflicting merges
7d6dcd 751 lines Improve layout of branches in the commit graph
9ac59e 48 lines PlotCommitList: Close plot lanes at root commits
b84057 110 lines Cherry-Pick: Support --mainline to pick merges
b9a007 4 lines Repository.writeMergeHeads to accept a list with subtypes of ObjectId
c2fb43 36 lines blame: Fix merges, where merge result differs only by whitespace
c4f385 15 lines PlotCommitList: Remove handling of children that have no lane yet
ca207b 4 lines Fix BlameResult.computeRange JavaDoc to exclude end index
d5ee5e 6 lines AbstractPlotRenderer: Make private methods static where applicable
e0fbae 590 lines Rebase: Add --preserve-merges support
e5f7fd 18 lines PlotLane: Use identity hashCode and equals
efd91e 119 lines Take core.autocrlf into account for blame annotations
Lars Vogel (gmail.com)
594408 8 lines Add missing @since tags
Laurent Delaigue (obeo.fr)
26fd56 775 lines Refactored pre-commit hook to make it less invasive.
efeb02 262 lines Support for the commit-msg hook.
Laurent Goubet (obeo.fr)
1fd150 116 lines Add IndexDiff tests for merge conflict state BOTH_ADDED
494e89 177 lines Support for the pre-commit hook
6aed51 829 lines Introduce hook support into the FS implementations
7424d5 110 lines Allow callers to use different merging strategies
ab0983 154 lines Make the resolve merger slightly more sub-classable.
Laurent Goujon (twitter.com)
0b5441 94 lines Creates HttpAuthMethod type enum to support auth ordering
0e7622 8 lines Detects background authentication and force use of jgit authentication
4cb0bd 72 lines Adds support for SPNEGO
ff9c19 158 lines Adds GSSManager factory class, to be used for SPNEGO HTTP authentication
Leonard Broman (gmail.com)
09be39 110 lines Hande latin-1 encoding
Lluis Sanchez (gmail.com)
07cae6 9 lines Optimize DirCacheCheckout
3b4dcb 5 lines Fix null ref exception in DirCacheCheckout
Maik Schreiber (blizzy.de)
7ff1e0 101 lines Fix RevertCommand to correctly revert multiple commits at once.
Manuel Doninger (googlemail.com)
458b5a 6 lines New config constant for default start-point
Marc Strapetz (syntevo.com)
1cb566 126 lines Rename detection should canonicalize line endings
21498a 28 lines DirCache.findEntry(byte[], in) made public
253b36 130 lines Partial support for index file format "3".
2b6c55 114 lines Make parsing of PersonIdent from raw byte array fault-tolerant.
2eb542 12 lines DirCacheEntry: UPDATE_NEEDED should be in-core flag.
57d13c 12 lines Fix processing of broken symbolic references in RefDirectory
59a2dc 14 lines Files should be deleted with "retry" option
67edd3 346 lines RevWalk support for shallow clones
6a0590 7 lines Extend DirCache test case to check "intent to add" flag.
6be184 8 lines PackIndexV2 should check for possible corruption
6f066d 30 lines Cache gitPrefix in FS_Win32
7df17e 47 lines EolCanonicalizingInputStream: binary detection should be optional
80c622 288 lines Fix parsing of multiple authors in PersonIdent.
80f494 2 lines Fix RawParseUtils.formatBase10 to work with negative values
8f706d 198 lines FileBasedConfig supports UTF-8 byte order marker
929862 19 lines Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException when parsing PersonIdent
936e4a 417 lines Repository can be configured with FS
a32777 39 lines Fix: possible IndexOutOfBoundsException in ReflogReader
a46aba 40 lines Add FS.detect() for detection of file system abstraction.
b297cf 12 lines Fix processing of broken symbolic references in RefDirectory
bf8111 22 lines DirCacheEntry: accessors for cached creation time (CTIME)
c5dfc2 9 lines DirCacheEntry: access to raw path
c87ae9 49 lines Fix IgnoreRule for directory-only patterns
ce48fb 2 lines PackIndexV2: fix possibly wrong check
e147fb 98 lines Fix DiffConfig to understand "copy" resp. "copies" for diff.renames property.
e2e387 694 lines Perform automatic CRLF to LF conversion during WorkingTreeIterator
ea16c2 3 lines Fix possible NPE in Repository.resolve
ea4ff6 102 lines IndexDiff honors Index entries' "skipWorkTree" flag.
f2ebc8 7 lines PackIndexV1 should check for possible corruption
Markus Duft (salomon.at)
1e7594 73 lines Make CheckoutCommand pass modified files through result
2ba67b 32 lines Don't use java.nio channel for file size determination
3c09e9 19 lines Make ApplyCommand create missing parent directories for new files
3d18f6 39 lines Fix patch application WRT windows line endings.
3ea694 307 lines Teach ResolveMerger to create more correct DirCacheEntry's
8672c4 100 lines Make DirCacheCheckout update timestamps in the index.
baf7ca 156 lines Improve handling of checkout conflicts
d14035 4 lines Fix compilation error due to missing javadoc.
edc1fe 85 lines Fix rebase > continue when nothing left to commit.
f5b58d 37 lines Add missing license header to modification times test.
f64237 212 lines Adapt Status and CleanCommand to support cleaning directories
Markus Duft (ssi-schaefer.com)
ede4b3 3 lines Fix compile error due to missing dependencies and since tags
Markus Keller (ch.ibm.com)
a27c1a 2 lines Fix compile error (method not available in 1.5)
Mathias Kinzler (sap.com)
12b635 9 lines RebaseCommand: trim line endings when reading files
13a406 20 lines Expose some constants needed for reading the Pull configuration
14ca80 410 lines Make PullCommand work with Rebase
2941d2 774 lines Avoid double quotes in Git Config
2a7cd0 82 lines Rebase: fix wrong update if original HEAD after Merge+Skip
3c51b3 389 lines "Bare" Repository should not return working directory.
414e0c 12 lines Make setCredentialsProvider more convenient to use
51c6f5 5 lines Stack Overflow in EGit History View
59e62b 50 lines Rebase Interoperability second part: fix "pop steps"
5c135a 33 lines DeleteBranchCommand does not clean up upstream configuration
5ebfdc 9 lines ConfigConstants: expose some constants for user name and email.
645d26 254 lines Checkout: expose a CheckoutResult
6bca46 871 lines Implement rebase --continue and --skip
6e59e6 6 lines Meaningful error message when trying to check-out submodules
7047d2 2 lines CheckoutCommand: fix reflog message
724af7 11 lines PullCommand: use default remote instead of throwing Exception
73f36a 2 lines DirCacheCheckout: fix getToBeDeleted()
7668a4 128 lines PullCommand: support upstream configuration for local branches
7aa1b8 7 lines Rebase Interoperability first part: write "interactive" file
7bdef4 1643 lines Add "Branch" command
89a4dc 38 lines Checkout: fix handling if name does not refer to a local branch
920ac0 22 lines Allow to set a CredentialsProvider on relevant API commands
9b039b 24 lines Rebase: abort on unknown/unsupported command in git-rebase-todo
a5b36a 16 lines FetchCommand: allow to set "TagOpt"
ad9654 27 lines Rebase Interoperability third part: handle stop upon conflict
af31a9 40 lines CommitAndLogCommandTests: add a test for LogCommand.addRange()
b15b9d 99 lines Proper handling of rebase during pull
b73886 147 lines Fix missing Configuration Change eventing
befeff 3 lines Fix JDK 6 Usage of String.getBytes(Charset)
c1c130 139 lines Allow to read configured keys
c544e9 4 lines TransportHttp wrongly uses JDK 6 constructor of IOException
db55d1 772 lines Add "Pull" command
e272ca 41 lines CheckoutResult: return paths instead of Files
e5b96a 1016 lines Initial implementation of a Rebase command
e8a132 146 lines RebaseCommand: detect and handle fast-forward properly
f91ee9 7 lines Fix CheckoutCommandTest
fe76b4 2 lines TransportHttp does not honor timeout setting
Matt Fischer (garmin.com)
995222 614 lines Implement server support for shallow clones
Matthew Spurrier (spurrier.com.au)
1383bd 14 lines Make s3 domain dynamic to support different s3 regions
Michael Keppler (gmx.de)
1a7214 10 lines Use baseline instead of centerline in PlotRenderer
Michael Nelson (tasktop.com)
9e9f00 11 lines Support extension of TransportHttp
Mikael Karlsson (gmail.com)
15147a 7 lines Add user friendly output from jgit commit command
fa5231 122 lines Add support for pull with --rebase and --no-rebase
Mykola Nikishov (notebook.(none))
956b12 126 lines Add org.eclipse.jgit-feature
Mykola Nikishov (mn.com.ua)
21b6f3 186 lines Method to get a 'humanish' name from a path
5208e5 3 lines Add gitignore to constants
7eef83 11 lines Replace a hard-coded default remote's name with a constant
cf2edb 1931 lines Move AWT UI code to new org.eclipse.jgit.ui bundle
f8f75f 2 lines Ignore target/ folder and compile.org.eclipse.jgit.xml
291111 1066 bytes JGit needs a feature
Attachment 148632: add org.eclipse.jgit feature to update site
291111 6126 bytes JGit needs a feature
Attachment 148714: org.eclipse.jgit.feature
Nico Sallembien (google.com)
0f95d2 58 lines Add a paranoid 'must be provided' option to ReceivePack
19126f 126 lines Allow users of ReceivePack access to the objects being sent
a8817e 4 lines Fix typo in ReceivePack.java
e54d33 134 lines Add a RefFilter interface to ReceivePack and UploadPack
Ondrej Vrabec (netbeans.org)
f4dae2 26 lines Fix IgnoreRule#isMatch returning wrong result due to missing reset
Patrick Carlson (iastate.edu)
9a979a 10 lines Make BlameGenerator comments more clear
Per Salomonsson (psnet.nu)
d49530 48 lines Support for self signed certificate (HTTPS)
Philipp Thun (sap.com)
0b5ad2 451 lines Introduce FAILED result for RebaseCommand
475672 2 lines Fix possible NPE in DirCache.isModified()
6736f3 541 lines Add further unit tests for IndexDiffFilter
761b92 44 lines Do not categorize merge failures as 'abnormal'
79ad15 22 lines Replace 'occured' by 'occurred'
8e1b58 5 lines Make --git-dir optional for 'jgit init'
a21e50 273 lines Introduce CherryPickResult
a490af 1489 lines Add -o option to commit command
bab053 43 lines Do not rely on filemode differences in case of symbolic links
bf0510 162 lines Abort merge when file to be checked out is dirty
c0112f 4 lines Use parent directory in InitCommand if directory is "."
dcefc6 112 lines Refactor test cases
dcf7bd 81 lines Improve MergeResult
e24005 2 lines Fix DirCache.isModified()
fdb0a3 80 lines Refactor ResolveMerger
Piotr Janik (gmail.com)
2e43e1 8 lines Add getConflicting() method in Status API
7449b9 60 lines Fix path filtering in LogCommand
Roberto Tyley (gmail.com)
2b7228 27 lines Non-Fast-Forward Ref-Updates: Omit isMergedInto() calls
47f47f 7 lines Initialise ReceiveCommand status to NOT_ATTEMPTED for all constructors
568df1 11 lines Remove a bit of repetition and casting in PackFileTest
5dcc86 79 lines Fix concurrent creation of fan-out object directories
791a9f 142 lines Enable full Transport configuration for JGit API commands
a46b04 36 lines Fix corrupted CloneCommand bare-repo fetch-refspec (#402031)
b4b399 42 lines Fix BatchRefUpdate progress-monitoring so it doesn't count twice
de2014 3 lines Fix reading past FileTreeIterator EOF in FileTreeIteratorJava7Test
e7fc19 6 lines Fix AnyObjectId's generic type declaration of Comparable
f1dea3 3 lines Fix RefUpdate performance for existing Refs
Roberto Tyley (guardian.co.uk)
602b2f 35 lines Tolerate zlib deflation with window size < 32Kb
6ac827 23 lines Provide access to the Refs of a PlotCommit
941b3d 10 lines IndexPack: Remove blob-streaming size threshold
944fcd 10 lines Fix API ListBranchCommand for listmode 'all'
afa7c7 4 lines Rename PlotWalk.getTags() to getRefs()
b5f0a7 183 lines IndexPack: Use stack-based recursion for delta resolution
Robin Rosenberg (handelsbanken.se)
c4bc9c 2 lines The Git API's only likes /, not \ in paths
f72b26 2 lines Skip a test that cannot be verified on Windows
Robin Stocker (nibor.org)
028434 100 lines Don't return success on failing paths in ResolveMerger
0f88d7 105 lines CommitCommand: Ensure unmerged paths are added correctly with setOnly
106e8b 2 lines Fix redundant null check warning in Repository
11533f 65 lines Add tests for more coverage of CheckoutCommand
14cc47 244 lines Add BranchTrackingStatus for getting remote tracking status
14ff22 32 lines Ignore empty lines when parsing git-rebase-todo
187101 6 lines [findBugs] Silence warning about Transport initialization
258f51 16 lines Fix FindBugs and Eclipse warnings in org.eclipse.jgit.ui
2fb0f5 9 lines Make Repository.shortenRefName static
315165 87 lines Refactor reading and writing heads in Repository
3b44b2 5 lines Use entrySet() instead of keySet()
3f1d56 69 lines ResetCommand: Correctly reset unmerged paths in resetIndexForPaths
3f7865 3 lines Remove two "Dead store to local variable" warnings
4213a9 13 lines Enable reuse of FileTreeIterator and FileEntry for non subclasses
4fb185 53 lines PushCommand: Test for update of tracking branch
51c20b 77 lines DirCacheCheckout: Fix handling of files not in index
54aceb 234 lines Pull up method for creating DirCacheEntry into RepositoryTestCase
56a028 4 lines Fix typo in AnyObjectId#abbreviate
5854ca 135 lines Improve ours/theirs conflict markers for rebase, cherry-pick
5d7b72 15 lines Fix false positives in hashing used by PathFilterGroup
5dbef3 46 lines Add "Conflicts" section to merge message on conflict
60d538 189 lines Add getConflictingNames to RefDatabase
6290ca 339 lines Format merge commit messages like C Git
69d7d1 199 lines Add RevWalkUtils with count(start, end) method
6b74af 284 lines README: Convert to Markdown and rename to README.md
6dadc8 85 lines Don't allow null name or e-mail in PersonIdent
6e10aa 213 lines Add CHERRY_PICK_HEAD for cherry-pick conflicts
7546e3 12 lines Fix "into" part of merge message for HEAD
75ddf2 289 lines Enable marking entries using TreeFilters in DiffEntry
770c73 45 lines PullCommand: Use short ref name in merge message
79f334 54 lines CommitCommand: Use original author on amend if author is not set
80a4ea 5 lines Make AbbreviatedObjectId serializable
8456cb 8 lines Adapt merge message to C Git for remote-tracking branch
857252 106 lines Extend Javadoc of CheckoutCommand and add examples
85b189 17 lines Add toString for TrackingRefUpdate
8a6356 4 lines Adapt expected commit message in tests
8cbed3 2 lines Make private final field static
8db5b6 95 lines Add isSuccessful to MergeStatus, RebaseResult.Status and PullResult
90c11c 7 lines Exclude FindBugs warnings about Cloneable
96bea1 2 lines Use readFully() instead of read()
9ea381 40 lines Provide a convenient read() in RepositoryTestCase
9fbe88 63 lines Update README
a00377 33 lines Fix Javadoc warnings
a21662 22 lines Create parent dir if necessary on checkout
a2e691 56 lines DirCacheEditor: Apply PathEdit for each stage
a31590 9 lines RevertCommand: Add "." after reverted commit id
a7a0e1 4 lines Fix FQCN of moved classes in FindBugsExcludeFilter.xml
ac8058 30 lines Refuse to checkout unmerged paths from index
ac81ab 128 lines Fix Javadoc formatting of org.eclipse.jgit.diff package
ad52ec 61 lines StashCreateCommand: Abort in case of unmerged paths
b0245b 13 lines Don't print "into HEAD" when merging refs/heads/master
b52df1 2 lines Use Character.valueOf instead of new Character
b70d88 7 lines Exclude FindBugs warning about uninitialized read
b7f5ed 112 lines Add Javadoc description for packages
beb16c 77 lines Support --cached in RmCommand
beee7b 17 lines Fix resolving of relative file URIs in TransportLocal
c0f488 230 lines Add BranchConfig helper for access to branch config section
c4a4f8 5 lines [findBugs] Make ChunkKey serializable
c8ed4a 3 lines RevWalk: Add link to parseHeaders/parseBody in Javadoc of lookupCommit
c96b40 13 lines CommitCommand: Don't allow amending on initial commit
cdaded 224 lines CheckoutCommand: Support checking out ours and theirs
d36c80 3 lines Remove unnecessary null check
db35d9 6 lines Fix oddness check in MyersDiff for negative numbers
de2455 47 lines ResetCommand: Use DirCacheBuilder in resetIndex
e623db 70 lines Fix order of deletion for files/dirs in ResolveMerger
ecf970 2 lines [blame] Don't pass null to PersonIdent constructor
f54b74 5 lines AbstractTreeIterator: Add toString with entry path
Rüdiger Herrmann (gmx.de)
02baea 16 lines Enable NLS / TranslationBundle to be used in OSGi
24921e 157 lines Fix text alignment in history plot renderer
3285d2 12 lines [pgm] Prevent commands from writing progress to System.err
9b1c96 3 lines Add missing JUnit dependency in MANFEST.MF
a4c2c8 16 lines Trim author/committer name and email in commit header
fc801d 22 lines Add option --orphan for checkout
Sasa Zivkov (sap.com)
13fffa 3 lines Registering the Checkout command and fixed a typo.
1993cf 1459 lines Merging Git notes
1a7c91 86 lines Implemented the git add commandline command.
2ae9a8 1126 lines Provide NLS support in JGit.
3a8686 50 lines Detaching HEAD when checking out the same commit.
3c667b 105 lines Test root locale translations
3e1a50 68 lines Show notes in Log CLI command - Part 2
5f3d57 130 lines Show notes in Log CLI command
65680d 15 lines Fixed several NPEs in the Fetch CLI
7cd812 108 lines NoteMap implements Iterable<Note>
832d3b 150 lines Exposed the constructor of Note class
966909 41 lines Include description for missing bundle prereqs
990498 4 lines Fixed NLS in JGit command line interface
99ab22 1 lines Don't create .git/remotes folders on init
af4f6c 3 lines Fixed the git init to properly set bare=true
d7ca89 58 lines Using java.util.concurrent in NLSTest instead of handling threads directly.
f3d8a8 3773 lines Externalize strings from JGit
304689 36552 bytes Provide NLS support in JGit.
Attachment 160950: Provide NLS support in JGit.
Sascha Scholz (gmail.com)
a1f877 53 lines Load .gitmodules config before adding values to it
SATO taichi (gmail.com)
2f425c 167 lines Add git checkout --orphan implementation
Shaul Zorea (gmail.com)
17604c 236 lines Archive: Add the ability to select one or more paths.
Stefan Beller (google.com)
423ad8 14 lines Fix variable name and error message for sideband testing
7fafd3 2 lines Update atomic constant
88c1b8 45 lines Implement atomic refs update, if possible by database
b9725a 620 lines Port push certificates
Sven Selberg (sonymobile.com)
0f8a18 80 lines Added TestCase for 7d5e1f Fixed RevWalk.isMergedInto()
Tobias Pfeifer (web.de)
765896 603 lines Add Squash/Fixup support for rebase interactive in RebaseCommand
baab84 258 lines Parse commitId and shortMessage of a commented out line in rebase todo
da9db6 58 lines Enable to prepare interactive rebase and then start it explicitly
Tobias Pfeifer (sap.com)
0d09b1 33 lines Extract method to output the first header line of a git diff
2c4048 2 lines Fixed problems occuring when changing user in gerrit configuration
831543 16 lines Fix NPE FS_Win32 when looking up git executable and home directory
Tomasz Zarna (gmail.com)
03d50d 1 lines Add org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.Reset to commands catalog
48f30b 60 lines Fix @since tags in JGit, version 2.4 never existed
6a8da4 186 lines Add additional FastForwardMode enums for different config contexts
96dc42 2 lines Align execution environment with JRE on the classpath in jgit.ant.test
c98abc 202 lines Add additional FastForwardMode enums for different config contexts
e8c25a 71 lines Add --squash option to org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.Merge
Tomasz Zarna (pl.ibm.com)
0705e9 7 lines Do not import/export empty org.eclipse.jgit package
07f993 56 lines The constructor CmdLineException(String) is deprecated
1a2ca5 261 lines Skip a number commits before starting to show the commit output
1efeca 1 lines Merge in JGit CLI is missing break statement
23e0a3 193 lines Add config --list command to pgm
248959 226 lines Limit the number of commits in LogCommand output
2656ac 825 lines Add "--squash" option to MergeCommand
2b3d48 6 lines Stream left open in WorkingTreeIterator#filterClean
3fa054 58 lines Workaround incompatible refactoring in Jetty 7.6.0
440d7f 7 lines Enable test methods in CommitAndLogCommandTests
4e1de3 111 lines Add @Override annotations to enums
55f42a 4 lines Fix GitDateFormatter javadoc.
5d95cd 23 lines Add constant for default name for the Git repo configuration
5f787b 220 lines Add DeleteTagCommand to JGit API
617c5d 160 lines Sort translation bundle keys in alphabetical order.
622232 10 lines Externalize parsing exception message for RebaseCommand#Action
69a568 92 lines Add options for setting context lines and prefixes to DiffCommand
6d293c 3 lines Don't hard-code section names, use ConfigConstants instead
7017c6 27 lines Allow to list tags with org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.Tag
70a9d3 18 lines In org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.ConfigTest expect core.filemode=false on Windows
714a3e 299 lines Add DiffCommand to JGit API
75b60a 6 lines Typo in CLIText#unknownMergeStratey, should be #unknownMergeStrategy
8c6046 5 lines Allow to amend commits with JGit CLI
8dc10b 8 lines Fix boxing warnings in org.eclipse.jgit.lib.ConfigTest
8f8e43 10 lines Fix typo in RebaseResult#mySatus
90c96e 14 lines Fix boxing warnings in PushProcessTest
90d002 23 lines Remove ambiguous CheckoutConflictException
92f90e 807 lines Add ApplyCommand to JGit API
94285e 13 lines Add --all switch to org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.Commit
9c7371 58 lines Allow to get end-of-line characters for a RawText
9f6613 5 lines StatusCommand#setWorkingTreeIt should return 'this'
9fbda2 17 lines Add setCredentialsProvider to PullCommand
a2dac2 1305 lines Allow to write tests with CLI syntax
acd8ae 145 lines DiffFormatter#format(List) fails unless #scan(ATI, ATI) is called first
aeb28b 4 lines Fix "description" in o.e.jgit.source.feature/feature.properties
bf845c 1305 lines Allow to write tests with CLI syntax
c35c23 11 lines Use JGitText.refAlreadyExists instead of "ref exists"
c4087a 3 lines Remove unused import of ObjectInserter in ResolveMerger
c638f7 5 lines Export all packages from org.eclipse.jgit.pgm
c75aa1 38 lines LogCommand#setMaxCount affects all commits
cda640 45 lines Allow to amend a commit with CommitCommand
dcb7e4 4 lines Wrong constant used when configuring a repository
e15037 43 lines Merge doesn't remove empty folders
e44c3e 165 lines Output result of switching branch -- o.e.jgit.pgm.Checkout
e5633b 4 lines Fix two typos in CLIText.properties
eb5df5 13 lines Add toString() to HunkHeader
eedd77 23 lines RawText#getEOL() does the same thing as RawText#getLineDelimiter()
ef98c3 14 lines Cleanup MergeResult constructors
f1945c 18 lines Add getters for old and new prefixes in DiffFormatter
f78e52 20 lines Add setter for ProgressMonitor to DiffCommand
f7b644 100 lines Add tests for output result of merging -- org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.Merge
Tomasz Zarna (tasktop.com)
074f91 12 lines Prefix an abnormal CLI command termination with 'fatal:'
0a38e0 4 lines fix link to EWAHCompressedBitmap in javadoc of SimpleDataInput/Output
20c3b6 3 lines Add config constant for "mergeoptions"
28ab9b 3 lines document empty blocks in StashApplyCommandTest
318f3d 216 lines Add support for --no-ff while merging
3e5847 1 lines Remove unused import in LocalDiskRepositoryTestCase
52ce44 12 lines Add missing resources from source.. in build.properties
545358 253 lines Add the no-commit option to MergeCommand
77d98b 8 lines Fix formatting in org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.CLIText
790126 25 lines Do not fail when checking out HEAD
908d21 32 lines Add ReflogCommandTest#testAmendReflog
928286 29 lines Return info about config subsection when trying to get an invalid enum
b13907 3 lines Fix javadoc errors caused by missing tags for declared exceptions
b42b50 3 lines clean up merge squash and no-commit messages in pgm
cb0f0a 93 lines Add a test for org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.Tag
fb33e8 170 lines Add reflog command to JGit CLI
Tommi Siivola (eficode.com)
0e56f3 13 lines Fix ResolveMerger issue with submodule conflict
Yi EungJun (navercorp.com)
da6e72 15 lines Throw URISyntaxException for incorrect percent-encoding
Yuxuan 'fishy' Wang (google.com)
056135 260 lines Handle repo submodules for bare repositories.
0ad8fa 410 lines Implemented first part of the repo sub-command.
0b15b4 180 lines Handle repo copyfile in bare repositories.
1f3b75 169 lines Added the command line of jgit repo.
30cd89 35 lines Adds a callAsMap() function to LsRemoteCommand.
34dd64 123 lines Add support to <include> tag in repo manifest xml.
38a24b 17 lines Tweak the handling of remote url in jgit repo.
39001e 4 lines Better way to handle relative URLs in manifest XML
51cccc 116 lines Added implementation of copyfile rule.
5a26c5 62 lines Support non-default remotes in project tag.
66ad42 13 lines Fix non-relative remote defined in manifest xml.
66fc83 31 lines Support remote aliases in repo manifest.
684a2a 20 lines Handles repo manifest file without default remote.
73d38b 12 lines Strip trailing /s in repo base URI.
749dfe 42 lines upload-pack: send symbolic refs as capabilities
9ea357 5 lines Allow projects without path attribute in manifest.
a44a68 312 lines Added groups support to repo subcommand.
a9b9c5 133 lines Remove overlapping submodules from repo manifest.
acd7ed 105 lines Added setInputStream to RepoCommand.
afa215 10 lines Refactor DefaultRemoteReader for easier code reuse
c7adc0 1 lines Added the missing export in MANIFEST.MF.
d998bc 251 lines Handle the revision attribute in repo manifest.
dc4c67 21 lines Commit changes generated during repo command
eb98eb 206 lines Unit test for the updating behavior in RepoCommand API.


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