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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

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CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
1875Yahoo YUI Version: 2.3.1 (Subset)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary

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Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Pascal Essiembre
Kit Lo IBM
Gabe O'Brien
Martin Reiterer
Denis Roy
Alexej Strelzow
Stefan Strobl
Antoine Toulme
Nigel Westbury

Never Active
Name Organization  
Paul Colton Aptana, Inc.
Jess Garms
Werner Keil
Daniel McGowan Novell
Chris Nguyen

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Antoine Toulmé (lunar-ocean.com)
247846 3226 bytes Migrate previous version translations to new version when it is added
Attachment 113564: Fix for typo
248447 1096 bytes Bug in the dbmaintenance_15min.php query
Attachment 113371: Patch that changes the condition.
248841 915 bytes Enable forcing regeneration of scoreboard
Attachment 114600: Patch without script
248844 1733 bytes Wrong order of locale and name on language progress box
Attachment 113706: With parens
Clemente Lodi-Fè (gmail.com)
3ebff0 5 lines [401558] "Remove Language from Project" throws an Exception
Matthew Mazaika (us.ibm.com)
242011 3339 bytes mysql ENCRYPT not available on windows - hinders development
Attachment 108760: patch to allow authentication on both windows and linux
242915 1151 bytes login/logout button does not work correctly
Attachment 108977: patch to destroy user object when it is no longer needed
Matthias Lettmayer (student.tuwien.ac.at)
346e25 5730 lines [397123] Isolate SWT specific classes of babel editor into a separate fragment
397123 264809 bytes Isolate SWT specific classes of babel editor into a separate fragment
Attachment 225026: Isolated SWT specific implementation of babel editor
Motoki MORI (mxa.nes.nec.co.jp)
237745 1595 Contribution of Japanese languge pack for Ganymede
261958 1818 Language pack should integrate the translated help
Samir Soyer (gmail.com)
2dd63e 1954 lines [425633] Machine translation suggestions for Babel editor
Satoru Yoshida (ram.ne.jp)
349107 2678 properties file for template is located in wrong path in org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.ui.nl_ja
380524 1307 Performance up proposal for Babel Syncup
Sean Flanigan (redhat.com)
261584 2514 bytes [i18n] wrong folder structure in langpack generation for datatools
Attachment 124635: Patch to use deepest org.something folder as plugin ID when generating
Stefan Reiterer (inso.tuwien.ac.at)
c51537 887 lines Create fragment project that handles PDE specific functionality (fixes 394054)
394054 40371 bytes Isolate PDE specific dependencies from babel editor plugin into an enhancing fragment project
Attachment 223466: Create fragment project that handles PDE specific functionality
Tsutomu Obata (mxg.nes.nec.co.jp)
261958 614 Language pack should integrate the translated help
Yasuo Doshiro (actuate.com)
234181 1712297 bytes DTP Contribution [was: i18n - Babel integration]
Attachment 105962: DTP 1.6 Translation
289014 365 BIRT 2.5.0 Translation for 6 languages in group 1


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