Tentative IP Log for rt.riena

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
1955hessian Version: 3.1.3Apache Software License 1.1unmodified source & binary
2161NanoHTTPD (no fi.iki.elonen namespace) Version: 1.1 (PB CQ1624)New BSD license with "no endorsement" clauseunmodified source & binary
2392Easymock Version: 2.3 (PB CQ1887)MIT licenseunmodified source & binary
2452jakarta-oro Version: 2.0.8 (PB CQ232)Apache Software License 1.1unmodified source & binary
2453commons validator Version: 1.3.1Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
2588Apache Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Version: 1.7 (PB CQ1387) (does not include dependent libs) (using Orbit CQ1905)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
2956ASM Version: 3.0 (PB CQ1954)New BSD licenseunmodified binary
3599easymock Version: 2.4 (PB CQ2551)MIT licenseunmodified source & binary
3441velocity-1.5.jar Version: 1.5 (using Orbit CQ1977)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
3600log4j 1.2.13 Version: 1.2.13 (PB CQ2168)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
3601Junit Version: 3.8.2 (PB CQ2206)Common Public License 1.0unmodified source & binary
3676Hessian Version: 3.2.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
3719JDom Version: 1.0 (top level source code only) (using Orbit CQ1587)JDom License (based on Apache 1.1 Style License)
3720commons-collections-3.2.jar Version: 3.2 (PB CQ1421) (using Orbit CQ1909)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
3721Apache Commons Lang Version: 2.1 (using Orbit CQ1595)Apache License, 2.0
3829Trident Version: 1.2.0 (Subset) (PB CQ3626)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
3921junit Version: 4.8.1 (ATO CQ3677) (using Orbit CQ3678)Common Public License 1.0unmodified source & binary
3922hamcrest - all Version: 1.1 (ATO CQ2860) (using Orbit CQ2907)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
3936Apache Hivemind Subset (Two Classes) Version 1.1Apache License, 2.0
4630EasyMock Version: 3.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
5198Apache Commons Lang Version: 2.4 (PB Orbit CQ2735)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
5205Apache Log4J Version: 1.2.8 (PB Orbit CQ2167)Apache License, 2.0
7029commons-collections-3.2.jar Version: 3.2 (PB Orbit CQ1909)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
7032junit Version: 4.10 (PB Orbit CQ6442)Common Public License 1.0unmodified binary
7033hamcrest - all Version: 1.1 (PB Orbit CQ2907)New BSD Licenseunmodified binary
7247Apache Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Version: 1.8 (PB Orbit CQ6459)Apache License 2.0unmodified binary
7378hamcrest-core Version: 1.3 (PB Orbit CQ7067)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
7379JUnit Version: 4.11 (PB Orbit CQ7066)Common Public License 1.0unmodified source & binary
7380Apache Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Version: 1.8 (PB Orbit CQ6459)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Erich Achilles compeople AG
Sabine Achilles compeople AG
Heiko Barth compeople AG
Christian Campo compeople AG
Jordan Dukadinov compeople AG
Ekkehard Gentz
Steffen Kriese compeople AG
Stefan Liebig compeople AG
Thorsten Schenkel compeople AG
Frank Schepp compeople AG
Elias Volanakis Innoopract GmbH
Alexander Ziegler compeople AG

Never Active
Name Organization  
Juergen Becker compeople AG
Carsten Drossel compeople AG
Uwe Teutscher compeople AG

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Aleksey Aristov (weiglewilczek.com)
281853 3441 bytes riena.testing patch
Attachment 140367: riena.testing patch
281855 13164 bytes rienaid patch
Attachment 140371: rienaid patch
284012 86426 bytes Remote Service Wizard
Attachment 142025: complete project
284410 53177 bytes Riena CS example as three standalone projects
Attachment 142378: contribution
284564 7106 bytes get rid of buddy classloading for service interfaces
Attachment 142507: patch
Alexander Ziegler (compeople.de)
2b2d97 2 lines Fixed: Bundle id for Eclipse-RegisterBuddy set to org.eclipse.riena.communication.core
9a958d 4 lines modified launcher config.
a0aff0 15 lines removed: not supported commented code statements
bdee89 6 lines modified: set the symbol 'localhost' to to a more general name 'hostname'.
d4ef0c 2 lines modified: set the symbol 'localhost' to to a more general name 'hostname'.
Artur Schmidt (compeople.de)
288041 1487 bytes UIProcess should handle exception in runJob
Attachment 151553: Patch to forward exceptions to the exception handler manager
Carsten Drossel (compeople.de)
01a11a 2 lines Javadoc
01bd98 11 lines instead of creating a view instance get the bundle (allows to load a class)
021042 509 lines applying patch for bugzilla entry 243173 - add navigation history and related stuff
047f11 4 lines marking as UITestCase but used to be in AllManualTests -> changed to ManualTestCase
052911 3 lines look&feel can be set from other bundles
086052 12 lines fixed tests to run with a JRE 6 which depended on Strings built depending on the order of elements in a Set
0995bb 35 lines removing TODO, transforming some into bugzilla reports
0a2e88 7 lines Plugin org.eclipse.osgi added
0c42ca 719 lines extracted superclass to allow reuse of test cases for custom label ridgets
11d05b 9 lines applying patch for bugzilla entry 243590 - Fix for NPE when navigate on disposed nodes
124a9a 934 lines fixed java and checkstyle warnings
164935 972 lines fixed copyright headers and comments to comply with Riena standards
187f49 174 lines SWT-ridgets are now notifying IFocusListeners
19de0a 6 lines migrating Spirit report 1098 for SCP report 48
1ab577 23 lines fixed checkstyle warning (method length)
1ae474 1 lines handling TODO by adding Riena Bugzilla Bug 262137
1b0fe7 60 lines Javadoc
1d3664 9 lines added settable presentationId
1dc920 10 lines applied Stefan's patch with meaningful toString()
1ffe1c 730 lines using view controller from workAreaPresentation extension point; using INavigationNodeBuilder
20f8dd 47 lines checking if Arab Locale is available before running tests that depend on it
23237e 364 lines Bug 262026
2415ef 2 lines findbugs
26ba2d 20 lines navigation to some dummy nodes while the navigation node provider is not yet implemented
2710df 8 lines added 'work-around' for checkstyle warning :-)
29ec66 252 lines added SWT navigate example
2a921e 2 lines fixed warnings
2c6c7d 152 lines using INavigationNodeId object instead of String for presentationId
2e500d 5 lines ignoring checkstyle warning
2ec6ad 18 lines migrating Spirit report 982 for SCP report 74
2f2961 136 lines added test for navigate(..) jump to NavigationProcessorTest
30bd5a 60 lines refactored test to use the full variety of assert-methods
315309 2 lines avoiding inconsistent workarea definitions for the same typeId
318e4b 155 lines passing NavigationArgument to INavigationNodeBuilder, added some documentation
320e91 595 lines fixed copyright headers and comments to comply with Riena standards
3336d4 27 lines fixed warnings
34ae35 806 lines fixed copyright headers and comments to comply with Riena standards
354d36 2 lines checking disposed state before removing listener
398f29 66 lines removed constructor setting label for module group (label is not displayed)
3a9743 20 lines Bug 262026 - removing deprecated stuff
3aa251 182 lines handled compiler & check-style warnings
3ae239 50 lines changed Object... parameter of navigate to optional Object
3bc8a4 2 lines fixed test that was broken after extension point was renamed
3c29ba 32 lines removed unreachable code
3c5fae 18 lines fixed findbugs warnings
3c930c 7 lines Plugin org.eclipse.osgi removed
3cc908 1234 lines extracted SWT-control independent superclasses of Ridgets to allow reuse by Ridgets for custom controls
3de35d 8 lines fixed typo
3f7e3f 54 lines handled compiler & check-style warnings
3fde07 553 lines applying patch for bugzilla report 256733: moving some UI interfaces to org.eclipse.riena.ui.common
404423 2 lines fixed test: copy&paste mistake
4097d7 7 lines added riena.ui.common to build process
4175a1 57 lines updated tests after applying patch for bugzilla entry 243554 - Refactor navigation namings and extension points
41afb1 36 lines undo patch 244714 - move setter to BusinessContextId instead
44d07f 3 lines javadoc
455c5f 99 lines handling Checkstyle and FindBugs warnings
45891f 8 lines renamed INavigationNodeProvider to ...Builder
46ffee 24 lines avoid NullPointerExceptions
4734f3 22 lines fixed warnings
4abfce 108 lines applying patch for enhancement 274494: create methods in UIControlsFactory for trees and tables
4bebfa 95 lines Bug 261980 - firing 'showing' property change event to hide markers of ridgets whose widgets become invisible because a parent becomes invisible
4f8880 57 lines Javadoc
508308 6 lines fixed TODO by replacing it with SCP Bugzilla Bug 117
53f8d1 534 lines added StatusabrViewer for IMessageMarkers
541f0b 4 lines fixed self assignment added by the fix for Bug 272595
54396b 463 lines using navigationNodePresentation and workAreaPresentation extension points for example application
5442fb 26 lines not storing the presentation provider service to allow to override it
54b4d1 17 lines fixed copyright header to comply with Riena standards
55a621 1 lines removed apparently obsolete second observeRoot()
55d7f2 10 lines using default values for overridable and overriding services rather than arbitrary numbers
560cc9 219 lines attempt to implement navigate with the NavigationProcessor
580e6d 5 lines fixed test that was broken after extension point was renamed
58390b 2 lines suppressing warnings for unchecked: cannot change super-method signature
59157a 29 lines fixed and applied patch for Bugzilla entry 244575 - add possibility to navigate to a specific node
5924bd 198 lines handling TODOs, disabled code for asynchronous navigation - see eclipse Bug 261832
5a4441 18 lines removed deprecated method ExtensionInjector.doNotTrack()
5ae498 981 lines extended editable ridgets to show messages when a validation fails using MessageMarkers
5b3779 409 lines made AbstractSWTRidget accessible to allow its reuse by custom Ridgets.
5c3649 2 lines handling TODOs
5e2276 43 lines added additional optional arguments to navigate method - passed on to the node builder and others involved in creating and initializing the navigation target
5ee06b 25 lines using work area presentation factory to create and set the view controller in the swing presentation manager
5f0a38 30 lines ensure consistently ordered messages when showing multiple markers
5f6238 13 lines marking tests as UI tests
5faecc 259 lines extracted superclass AbstractActionRidget to allow custom ActionRidgets
5fe2c0 75 lines Bug 269131
600aab 698 lines fixed warnings
605ec5 28 lines Bug 270620
6087ca 4 lines shared view is shared
6122fb 44 lines removed accidentally checked in file
61c440 72 lines renamed INavigationNodeProvider to ...Builder
62c524 23 lines undo using new findNode()-method of INavigationNode
62cb70 12 lines removed obsolete method getName() from interface IComplexRidget that cause a naming conflict in class org.eclipse.riena.ui.swt.Statusline
637990 10 lines fixed findbugs warnings
640e8d 6 lines fixed a test that was checking an error in the implementation (no updates to model when setting text on Ridget) that had been fixed
663a0f 4 lines undo switch to RT: insufficient rights
667b41 110 lines removed all createController() methods in example to use controller from extension point
668edb 1006 lines applying patch for bugzilla entry 243554 - Refactor navigation namings and extension points
68282a 36 lines additional exception handling: viewId is not a String
68a49e 32 lines renamed application window and fixed some binding stuff
6b8632 1 lines override the default look&feel
6e6565 391 lines fixed copyright headers and comments to comply with Riena standards
6f89a9 6 lines handling TODOs: transformed them into Bugzilla items
6ff31f 37 lines robustness: checking for inconsistent usage of 'shared' with one view
70dbe3 2 lines fixed findbugs warning
71b258 264 lines renamed extension points
724a6d 21 lines fixed broken examples after changes to use view controller from extension point
72e19f 4 lines fixed launch
7639c2 24 lines added documentation
7658cd 22 lines changed NavigationNodePresentationFactory so that it can be instantiated: necessary because it will have to be replaced for SCP applications (with business context)
774920 354 lines removed obsolete interface IPositionable
778ce6 2 lines updated bundle version
77b4ed 18 lines Bug 269221, typo
783280 2 lines updated test lauchers
7a0c84 34 lines applied Riena enhancement patch 244714 - add accessor methods to INavigationNodeId
7b7c1c 1059 lines added TooltipMessageMarkerViewer, renamed StatusbarViewer to StatusbarMessageMarkerViewer
7c4804 6 lines fixed NavigationNodeId.equals() to ensure symmetry
7c518c 2 lines refactored node search a bit
7ce3ed 54 lines added some example navigationNodePresentation configurations
7d0f79 15 lines fixed and applied patch for Bugzilla entry 244575 - add possibility to navigate to a specific node
7d8074 16 lines fixed TODOs
7f522f 49 lines merged the new approach creating the SwtViewId using the extension points with the way shared views were handled - now it works but will have to be reviewed :-)
8020ce 251 lines improved navigate example
80507d 145 lines Bug 269349 - problems with MarkerSupport in shared views
805224 1 lines shared view is shared
80d27d 173 lines consistent checking for inconsistent workarea definitions in all workarea definiton registries
83060b 24 lines added buildNode-method to INavigationNodeProvider(Builder)
836933 9 lines added javadoc
838d89 2 lines ignoring generics related checkstyle warning
838dbd 15 lines fixed test
84205a 547 lines removed code marked as deprecated
8471d1 87 lines applying patch for bugzilla entry 243404 - refactor IPresentationProviderService API
8485a3 46 lines fixed bug: the personal data submodul always showed the name of the last opened customer, not the modules customer
86b32d 7 lines fixed findbugs warning by implementing a 'more usual' equals method
87d5f9 2 lines fixed NPE in unit test
882ec2 114 lines undo fix for Bug 261980 - caused unit tests to fail and broke shared view example
885bff 9 lines handling TODO
88d5e7 2 lines typo
891e26 1032 lines extended navigation concept - merging results from branch
8976f8 3 lines fixed warning
89c608 2 lines expressive error message
8a80d0 4 lines updated plug-ins
8b3d73 46 lines fixed findbugs warning (with the help of sliebig)
8b8b7b 22 lines removed system.out
8eb738 889 lines extracted superclass AbstractListRidget and moved it to an exported package to allow its reuse for custom ridgets. Also moved SortableComparator to exported package
94aaa0 11 lines fixed warning
9532a6 19 lines fixed checkstyle warning
98a450 58 lines updated test suites
995423 21 lines removing legacy Swing references
9a3a48 3 lines added constant for window resize icon
9adf58 589 lines fixed package structure: classes IconSize and IconState used by other bundles were in a package named 'internal'
9b90f8 4 lines fixed test launchers (at least on my machine :-) )
9ca2e7 112 lines navigate example using workAreaPresentation extension point
9cea29 73 lines using 'shared' value when creating view id
9ef53d 175 lines applying patch for bugzilla entry 243324 - refactoring navigation node creation API, introduce NavigationArgument
9f3e91 271 lines marking tests as UI tests
a186b4 8 lines fixed findbugs warnings
a2efd0 158 lines fixed findbugs warnings
a366cd 175 lines handling compile, checkstyle and findbugs warnings
a4205f 214 lines removed unused classes
a70d29 2 lines fixed warning
a8f222 21 lines implemented search
aa7a37 1 lines removing the launch container attribute fixed the launch on my machine
aac087 152 lines Bug 268897 - AbstractSelectableRidget fires selection event twice
ad4453 2 lines fixed checkstyle warning
ad8dbe 32 lines updated templates after the latest renamings
b0e771 145 lines robustness: checking for inconsistent workarea definitions
b10b1c 472 lines extracted SWT-control independent superclasses of ToggleButtonRidget to allow reuse by Ridgets for custom toggle buttons
b19bb4 126 lines fixed a test by changing implementation from Set to List to guarantee order
b1ef68 11 lines handling TODO: showing markers only if Ridget is visible
b279db 7 lines releasing business controllers used by view controllers, keeping list of users for each business context
b2c998 207 lines applying patch for bugzilla entry 243714 - add navigation history to example menu and toolbar
b2e273 36 lines fixed warnings due to discouraged access of class org.eclipse.ui.internal.util.BundleUtility
b30c1c 58 lines improved fix for Bug 261980 to fire the showing event only when a parent widget visibility changes (if own visibility changes a marker event is fired anyway) and only if the Ridget has markers
b317ea 48 lines removed unused class TestPermission which appears to be a duplicate of class TestcasePermission in the tests bundle
b4b010 10 lines handling Checkstyle and FindBugs warnings
b589d8 10 lines fixed checkstyle warning
b8ae0f 2 lines logging the target exception
b94520 48 lines added method create(INavigationNodeId) to INavigationNode to create a target without activating it
b97f96 6 lines handling Checkstyle and FindBugs warnings
bb914e 177 lines applying patch for Bug 273031
bf017f 4 lines updated plugins
c30e0c 11 lines changed parentId in NavigationArgument from String to INavigationNodeId
c6b06c 35 lines fixed findbugs warnings
c7146f 164 lines created experimental branch for business controller
c9081e 546 lines setting INavigationNodeId via NavigationNode constructor
cee10d 11 lines removed some apparently obsolete test data
cf5237 11 lines Group has no Ridget and needs no bindingId, added caption tag for createGroup
d1580f 219 lines added MessageBoxMessageMarkerViewer
d205ce 62 lines Bug 274921 (layout broken)
d2eebc 254 lines extended navigation concept - merging results from branch
d33c52 5 lines added SCP banking example
d37de7 16 lines fixed Bugzilla Bug 243983 (UnboundPropertyWritableList >> updateFromBean() triggers 2 changed events) by applying the changes suggested by Holger
d3e06a 117 lines added test for NavigationProcessor
d48d86 3 lines exporting package org.eclipse.riena.internal.ui.ridgets.swt so that classes like AbstractSWTRidgetTest can be used for the tests of custom ridgets
d4d0d7 16 lines fixed typo
d50a41 8 lines fixed warnings
d80f0e 2 lines fixed test after the name of a field was changed to fix a warning
d84ecc 17 lines handling TODOs and typos
d8d129 6 lines extended navigation concept - merging results from branch
d91598 12 lines handling TODOs: using superclass functionality to check for consistent workarea definitions
da03e5 5 lines handling TODO: showing markers only if Ridget is visible
da83b8 667 lines removing obsolete code from class Failure
dac03d 84 lines added INavigationArgumentListener to be notified about 'results' of navigation
db340c 2 lines fixed (???) test by removing unconditional fail()
dd0431 86 lines Bug 269221
df0595 367 lines Bug 262026
df98d6 4 lines updated test laucher
dfd5cb 20 lines now recognizing custom buttons
e1634a 75 lines SCP Bug 88: NullPointerException for views without controller
e18d0c 34 lines extended navigation concept - merging results from branch
e385a6 9 lines adding riena.ui.workarea to build process
e3c453 2 lines fixed warning
e3c70a 10 lines fixed warning
e59cdb 199 lines added MessageBoxRidget
e700d6 4 lines findbugs suggestion
e799c3 45 lines added AllTests launch
e9a843 407 lines fixed warnings
ed9f15 459 lines removed interface for ID object - using the Pojo directly instead
ee4bb1 10 lines more sleeping fixes random failures in TextRidgetTest2
f1939e 23 lines using new findNode()-method of INavigationNode
f1bd18 12 lines disposing shell after test
f24135 176 lines overriding node provider via extension point instead of service registration in Activator (caused sequencing problems)
f34775 1434 lines refactoring for Bug 271760: moved is/setEnabled up from IMarkableRidget to IRidget; IActionRidget now extends IRidget instead of IMarkableRidget
f58dbc 4 lines updated project set - some projects have been replaced with HEAD
f9987f 45 lines simplified fix for #274916
fb76a1 2 lines fixes test after changes due to new default binding manager
fc3635 99 lines added an example how a List widget can be replaced by a Table widget (one column, no header, no lines) to improve look&feel (e.g. change background color)
fcf237 2 lines typo
fd1eab 17 lines added convenience method to get settings of type String
fe0c96 34 lines renamed methods in EmbeddedTitleBar to set/isWindowActive() to avoid name conflict with super method Control.isActive()
fefa33 350 lines Bug 270210 - ignoring now markers that are irrelevant for a Ridget
ff2675 6 lines fixed warnings
ff6fc8 10 lines fixed findbugs warnings
fff5e0 3 lines javadoc
Christian Campo (compeople.de)
0019c5 18 lines added filter test which is currently not working
00dadf 732 lines initial checkin
02a885 2 lines replace getDeclaredMethods with getMethods so that methods in super types are found
047b3d 28 lines changed to new Service Injector concept
0524a5 11 lines ExtensionUtilty return empty array if there are no extensions, throws Exception if extensionpoint does not exist
07a6f0 524 lines initial code contribution of the server part of multiple simple samples on how to use riena. the server bundle contains the osgi service implementation that is published as webservice endpoint
0972cb 1 lines added package as buddy
09e33a 51 lines *** empty log message ***
0e4c61 2 lines *** empty log message ***
0ee9a2 2 lines added org.eclipse.riena.objecttransaction
14ce56 89 lines correct class hierarchy
15b5b4 234 lines changes to make hessian-3.1.3 work again disabling the check for Serializable in the SerializerFactory of hessian
15c31a 33 lines disabled XFire
177263 6988 lines testcases for new project objecttransaction
17a09a 50 lines rewritten handle method
17f054 2 lines removed project org.eclipse.riena.communication.registry
17f5f9 0 lines added empty.txt for src
1b7083 10 lines reformatting code
1d86ae 2637 lines initial checkin
1e25bd 1 lines ExtensionUtilty return empty array if there are no extensions, throws Exception if extensionpoint does not exist
202778 156 lines checkin of some launch configs for manual tests that require extensive parameters to run the system with SecurityManager enabled
202fce 558 lines replaced System.out with logging
20859b 139 lines improved error handling for duplicated SERVICE_PIDs, logging introduced
20ab1b 54 lines commented out toString method since it is not printing the message
21fff6 390 lines initial checkin
222e94 3 lines undo last commit
2343c5 36 lines changed bundle version to 1.0.0.M2 in preparation for coming M2 milestone
24cfbc 3 lines also start bundles that are STARTING=LAZY
24d400 94 lines added test for new Sentinal called SentinelTest
257899 4 lines corrected incorrect feature id
28e35b 6 lines add org.junit
2a2e06 494 lines initial checkin
2a9f17 10 lines listen to first service in list
2d6bc7 4 lines renamed of some method for configid
2db472 36 lines added "useRanking()" to several places where the service injector is used
2f9a7c 7 lines added riena.security.client.startup
31ecad 1 lines new Riena-ForceAutostart option in MANIFEST that makes org.eclipse.riena.core Activator start all those bundles in the classpath
350543 588 lines initial checkin
35a613 21 lines added version to equinox.log
383d64 2 lines missing proper setting of plugin property
398a34 18 lines added riena client and riena server component
3c2aff 98 lines fixed problem with concurrentmodificationexception in commitToObjects
3c922f 8 lines write time of logging if logging event has no time
3ccc0f 14 lines change to minimize the chance that ServiceInjector looses any services changes
41c987 8 lines changed bundle version to 1.0.0.M2 in preparation for coming M2 milestone
43d153 2 lines more info in toString
45a475 355 lines initial checkin of feature project that drives the build of riena
4a07e7 165 lines ConfigUtility allows to remove a ConfigProxy, ConfigTest also tests for configuration proxy with business classes that are subclasses of the class that takes the configuration
4a3091 77 lines added new test to test two business methods with basic authentication
4a58c7 8 lines add logging to hessian
514f63 28 lines new Riena-ForceAutostart option in MANIFEST that makes org.eclipse.riena.core Activator start all those bundles in the classpath
538459 4 lines add riena.server in dependencies
54ce65 46 lines initial checkin of riena sdk feature
56463f 2 lines fixed dependency problems (missing dependant bundle)
56b99d 232 lines initial checkin
56c0b9 4 lines added build projects to projectset
59aac9 5 lines setting SubjectHolder correctly after successful login
5a49de 4 lines changes in launch descriptor
5b73e9 4 lines initialized was not set
5d9e5a 8 lines disable to force lazy or starting bundles
5e6a6f 120 lines initial checkin
5ec230 24 lines missing EPL copyright about.html
60d720 1 lines generate source feature
63f867 30 lines changed version from 0.0.1 to 1.0.0.M1
6668f4 6 lines updated versions
69e335 25 lines only check for certain bundles if there is no system property set, added some javadoc
6a2ff9 94 lines added Sentinel to do permissionchecks without SecurityManager
6c003d 101 lines checks that riena.core is started through RienaStartupStatus
70c253 44 lines changed bundle version to 1.0.0.M2 in preparation for coming M2 milestone
70d627 40 lines added some special handlich for interfaces in arrays
70da5f 10 lines changed version from 0.0.1 to 1.0.0.M1
765452 4 lines added junit and javax.servlet in project set
7849b9 6 lines changed version back to M1
803bc3 28 lines added log4j, equinox.cm and equinox.log
82d7b0 347 lines initial checkin
87bfaf 86 lines add logging to hessian
89f746 127 lines new BasicAuthenticationCallHook that send userid and password as HTTP Header....remote service errors now throw a RemoteFailure
926d7a 108 lines should fix some problems with logging....also removed a lot of redudant code
93c555 54 lines logging only added once so each message only displays once.....equinox.log and equinox.cm are forced to start
943784 99 lines initial checkin of projectset
94890d 2 lines getLogger called before CONTEXT was set
977b4a 7 lines removed communication.registry from plugin list
9c4cbf 1 lines removed redundant bundle to start
9e02b5 347 lines initial checkin
a458ef 531 lines initial checkin
a5f1f9 6067 lines restructure ObjectTransaction tests, add AllTests
a90724 2 lines preparation M2
ab6af2 238 lines changed ExtensionUtility to work correctly with multiple extensions and support isXXX for boolean values
aba106 26 lines minor tweaks for M2
adc491 215 lines BasicAuthenticationHook that transmits the current principal as BasicAuthentication Header.
ae5e0a 1206 lines initial code contribution of the commons part of multiple simple samples on how to use riena. common contains the interfaces and the value objects of the service
af3ae7 177 lines replaced System.out with Logging calls
b11f0f 1 lines removed dependency to junit
b6075f 4 lines commented out log4jlistener
b79582 18 lines added riena.sample.app.common and riena.sample.app.server to the various places where that reference is maintained (pset, features, map)
b7d050 6 lines *** empty log message ***
b7d8b0 10 lines changed back to ExtendedLogService and ExtendedReaderLogService in Service Injector calls (after problem there was fixed)
bf3633 2 lines replace LazyStart with ActivationPolicy
c0a648 3 lines added "useRanking()" to several places where the service injector is used
c0eba8 44 lines adjusted plugin dependencies
c2651b 9 lines added version to equinox.log
c81b2f 7 lines added objecttransaction
cc4b84 2 lines remove xfire dependency from launcher
cd468f 5628 lines initial checkin
d6dee9 21 lines changes for M2 build
d83430 71 lines removed code that created xfire proxy
d84896 5 lines no message for equinox.log and equinox.cm if they are already started
dc7deb 5287 lines initial checkin
deb885 588 lines removed project org.eclipse.riena.communication.registry, added LazyProxy in RemoteServiceFactory
df28e0 15 lines minor changes
e16b2c 2 lines added itself to projectset
e7a49a 4455 lines new feature objecttransaction
ec967a 2 lines changed hostname for embedded use
ee5daa 3 lines reorg of security services which are now more in one project org.eclipse.riena.security.services.....while our simple store backend implementations are in org.eclipse.riena.security.simpleservices
efb727 191 lines checking hessian in with the correct project name (nothing else was changed)
f6ac49 18 lines throw exceptions if bundles cannot be started althoug required because they are only resolved
f6d433 2 lines change friends statement to riena.tests
f7aa8b 65 lines updated all versions in preparation for build
fa21cc 33 lines changes to make hessian-3.1.3 work again disabling the check for Serializable in the SerializerFactory of hessian
fd9245 3107 lines reorg of security services which are now more in one project org.eclipse.riena.security.services.....while our simple store backend implementations are in org.eclipse.riena.security.simpleservices
fdc617 2 lines added buddy for communication.core
ff9bc2 24 lines new RienaStartupStatus. Allows others to check that the riena.core part is up
Florian Pirchner (gmail.com)
272569 167063 bytes Custom ITraverseRidget
Attachment 146305: The new patch
272984 36598 bytes Custom Link and BrowserRidget
Attachment 144115: fragment with new copyrights
283929 17731 bytes Contribution FontDescriptor for riena lnf
Attachment 141940: The contribution patch
Hans Wacker (compeople.de)
357461 909 bytes DatePickerComposite does not show validation messages
Attachment 203651: Patch for Riena
Holger Hoch (compeople.de)
254705 15146 bytes controller/view definition should be possible within navigationNode definition, not only subModule definition
Attachment 117420: changes to navigation nodes and providers
254893 84827 bytes extension point "org.eclipse.riena.navigation.subModule" should be removed
Attachment 117549: configuration w/o org.eclipse.riena.navigation.subModule (incl. examples)
255335 18981 bytes refactor viewbuilders, viewproviders and node builders
Attachment 117886: workarea plugin project (required for patch)
255335 157120 bytes refactor viewbuilders, viewproviders and node builders
Attachment 117887: patch implmenting the proposed changes (incl. examples)
255486 55070 bytes WorkareaManager registries should be contributed via services
Attachment 118031: implementation of the described functionality
255765 7294 bytes Should provide ability to use different extension point for navigation and workarea definition
Attachment 118226: make extension point configurable
255782 11903 bytes IModuleNodeExtension.getCloseable() wrong behaviour
Attachment 118239: applies changes from description
255942 19046 bytes Lables defined in navigation assemblies should have access to current node and navigation argument via variables
Attachment 118346: implementation of proposed enhancement
256077 1080 bytes submodule element in extension point "org.eclipse.riena.navigation.assemblies" should restrict view definition to existing view id
Attachment 118436: adds <meta.attribute kind="identifier" basedOn="org.eclipse.ui.views/view/@id"/> to submodule/@view definition
256255 52744 bytes Means to find navigation assembler for specific target required
Attachment 118572: adds and uses INavigationAssembler>acceptsToBuildNode
256438 51408 bytes Riena examples should not use explictit reference to SwtViewProvider
Attachment 118658: cleanup SwtViewProvider (methods and usage)
256750 49433 bytes Extension point 'org.eclipse.riena.navigation.assemblies' should respect subapplications
Attachment 118890: implements subapplication creation and autostart
256750 10024 bytes Extension point 'org.eclipse.riena.navigation.assemblies' should respect subapplications
Attachment 118901: missing changes from patch 1
257165 42648 bytes navigation context objects should be accessible via key (-> change context model from object to map)
Attachment 119242: implements proposed changes
257191 978 bytes InterfaceBeanHandler should provide a means to access the configuration element
Attachment 119268: patch implementing proposed behavior
257359 38382 bytes should be able to reference assemblies contributed elsewhere
Attachment 119371: implementation of assemblyref, foreach and instanceId
257541 11463 bytes Method IModuleNode>>isCloseable should be renamed - the english word is 'closable'
Attachment 119509: renames (hopefully) all occurences of closeable => closable
257909 3682 bytes org.eclipse.riena.navigation.assembly.exsd needs cleanup
Attachment 119768: schema cleanup
258321 1006 bytes Why do Views have to be shared Views ?
Attachment 120166: shared view fix
259478 969 bytes creating executable extensions not possible via element definitions when using extension interfaces
Attachment 121054: patch for InterfaceBeanHandler
310754 3399 bytes MasterDetails trows NPE if apply button not available
Attachment 166285: patch for o.e.r.u.r.s.AbstractMasterDetailsRidget
317937 2306 bytes Comment on IComboRidget#bindToModel is wrong
Attachment 172728: #bindToModel comments corrected
335827 46238 bytes Annotations for Action/Selection/Focus events
Attachment 187946: Annotations for action and selection listeners
Jordan Dukadinov (compeople.de)
0da33d 19 lines Test case for the wrong column width calculation - Bug 301682
333ae6 109 lines also reset error decoration object when setting a new UI control to a
3d9805 11 lines resolved Bug 374184 - Missing error marker when
6c7a2f 1 lines Set minimum size to AbstractDialogView - Bug 374928
95eee7 14 lines Maximize/Restore button on dialogs now affects the dialog shell instead
98e008 420 lines Close open menu after clicking again - Bug 299753
b65a45 8 lines Fixed wrong column width calculation - Bug 301682
fc5940 18 lines Test case for Bug 374184 - Missing error marker when
294024 11858 bytes BasicMarkerSupport - Marker decorations are not cleared when ridget is rebound
Attachment 213297: fix + test
299753 22819 bytes Open menu does not close after clicking again
Attachment 213241: fix
301682 1889 bytes TableRidget#setColumnWidths: document standard limitations reg. layout managers
Attachment 213174: test case for column widths bug
301682 2072 bytes TableRidget#setColumnWidths: document standard limitations reg. layout managers
Attachment 213175: fix
374184 1438 bytes Missing error marker when combining ValidCharacters and MinLength validations
Attachment 213172: test case
374184 1338 bytes Missing error marker when combining ValidCharacters and MinLength validations
Attachment 213173: fix
374930 2022 bytes Maximize/Restore button on dialog affects the application window instead of the dialog
Attachment 213177: fix
Juergen Becker (compeople.de)
037f76 8 lines Fix for NPE during delayed activation, if activation is disallowed.
2bc5c1 25 lines fixed recursive activation bug for views with no focusable ridgets
2be49b 205 lines added new RAP LnF and Theme
37ec9b 2 lines Fix for a hanging thread during workbench shutdown
538936 80 lines fixed compile error
6268ea 44 lines InfoFlyoutRidget now works with RAP.
9ae089 8 lines Fixed wrong application tab height
a15868 11 lines InfoFlyoutRidget now works with RAP.
b89aa8 6 lines reusing the UIProcessFinishedMarker prevents the UI flashing to happen
de3189 164 lines fixed compile error
e9206f 8 lines removed empty methods
f12e52 7 lines Fixes a bug on OS X/Linux, where hidden/internal controls (for toolbars) are assigned a ridget id, causing an exception during updateBindings(). Riena Bug 333146
325346 15140 bytes Riena UIProcesses not working when running with RAP
Attachment 179732: Updated Patch for Riena HEAD
326645 11317 bytes Riena on RAP: ModuleView needs double click to activate SubModule
Attachment 180587: Fixes the double click bug in the navigation tree (workspace patch)
326747 958 bytes UIProcess.finalUpdateUI() is not called after the process finishes
Attachment 180027: Riena UI Core ProgressProviderBridge Patch
328120 3590 bytes DateTextRidget not working with RAP
Attachment 181174: Patch for org.eclipse.riena.ui.ridgets.swt fixes DateTextRidget to work with RAP
359065 2109 bytes UIProcessRidget does not remove ContextUpdateListener properly
Attachment 204077: Patch for memory leak in UIProcessRidget
359066 826 bytes ProgressProviderBridge does not clean up the "jobToVisualizer" Map
Attachment 204078: Fix for memory leak in ProgressProviderBridge
Nataliya Sinkevych (compeople.de)
281474 69437 bytes Riena Sample Enhancement
Attachment 140080: Riena Demo patch
281992 5305 bytes update of the submodule's title
Attachment 140492: Patch for updating the title in the submodule
282158 21704 bytes updateAllRidgetsFromModel() throws BindingException while updating some ridgetsridgets
Attachment 140601: Patch for updateAllRidgetsFromTheModel()
282534 34710 bytes addSelectionListener(...) for table, list, tree and tree table
Attachment 141053: the updated tests
282878 12708 bytes Missing SelectionListener on ISingleChoiceRidget
Attachment 141198: Patch: addSelectionListener in MultipleCoice and SingleChoice ridgets
Ralf Ebert (ralfebert.de)
285982 1226 bytes NPE when navigation is empty
Attachment 143761: patch: window title is only set when navigation node label != null
288181 4655 bytes NavigationArgument javadocs
Attachment 146114: patch: javadoc improved for navigationargument
Ralf Stuckert (compeople.de)
312093 64526 bytes Sonar: a UI client for the Ping API
Attachment 167500: sonar plugin and fragment
312093 3572 bytes Sonar: a UI client for the Ping API
Attachment 169765: Patch for the SonarController in case no IPingable is found
Sabine Achilles (compeople.de)
273031 10645 bytes Make UIControlsFactory compatible with the use of SWT Designer 7.0
Attachment 132574: Changes in the UIControlsFactory to work with SWT Designer 7.0
274494 2218 bytes Add missing Methods for Tree and Table to UIControlsFactory
Attachment 133906: Added Tree and Table to the UIControlsFactory
275623 3626 bytes The Parameter "caption" in the UIControlsFactory should be renamed to "text"
Attachment 135120: Renaming "caption" to "text"
278828 8950 bytes Invalid Icon after adding/removing SubModuleNodes
Attachment 150111: patch
289458 7351 bytes Validators added to a Ridget does not always works correctly
Attachment 150067: Patch with tests
Stefan Flick (compeople.de)
242708 8949 bytes enhance PresentationProviderService
Attachment 108845: The patch file
243173 33406 bytes add navigation history and related stuff
Attachment 109165: Patch file with code enhancements
243324 15876 bytes refactoring navigation node creation API, introduce NavigationArgument, overrule extension point parameter NavigationNodePresentation parentPresentationId at runtime
Attachment 109315: patch file with enhancements
243554 57216 bytes Refactor navigation namings and extension points
Attachment 109506: patch with changes
243714 14360 bytes add navigation history to example menu and toolbar
Attachment 109630: patch file
244282 7586 bytes renaming internal API respecting the new extension point types
Attachment 110085: patch file
244575 4578 bytes add possibility to navigate to a specific node
Attachment 110362: the patch file
244714 2439 bytes add accessor methods to INavigationNodeId
Attachment 110459: patch file
245119 16706 bytes add possibility to navigate asynchronous
Attachment 110802: replacement for the first patch attachment
256733 64895 bytes New Project with common UI classes and interfaces
Attachment 118868: patch with the structure changes
267590 4100 bytes NavigationProcessor.fireForwardHistoryEvent() fires backwards data
Attachment 130214: latest cumulated changes
270603 4514 bytes Riena extension points must respect translatable attributes.
Attachment 130388: translateable attribute for assembly extension point
273801 10553 bytes NavigationNode enhancement for NavigationArgument
Attachment 133330: patch file with the enhancement
Stefan Liebig (compeople.de)
001072 13 lines new deps
033256 2 lines avoid unnecessary objects
03ff9c 8 lines imports
041f1f 18 lines added riena default service properties
07626f 33 lines added printTestName()
07ed6c 5 lines uses new service injector
09af3f 2036 lines refactoring of Service/Extension-Injector
09d5cb 401 lines the contract package has been removed
0b815a 73 lines based on abstract activator
0d4d5c 6 lines lazy init has to be synchronized
0d8b60 12 lines guard against null configuration
0f9368 33 lines added ssl configuration
1086e6 383 lines formatting?
136d10 30 lines changed layout of logging, added configurable log level, optimized
1451c9 63 lines divided so that status can only be set from this plugins activator
14fa65 847 lines added test for ssl configuration
157d87 126 lines moved activator into internal package
182b11 8 lines added printTestName()
198775 3 lines unused map
19995a 38 lines refactored service injector
22835b 111 lines switch to 3.3 API
252a8d 1 lines export extension injector
2651b6 15 lines refactoring: remove service ID field from interfaces
281ad5 2 lines deprecated
28f832 3 lines replaced NullLogger with ConsoleLogger
299710 197 lines based on abstract activator
2a4b57 14 lines added methods for type coercion for primitive types
2b4225 78 lines is now capable of modifying extension values with ConfigurationPlugin
2cc383 111 lines added ssl configuration stuff
2d70bb 4 lines javadoc
335cf0 6 lines clean up extension registry, so that other tests do not fail
33b16a 19 lines added removeExtensionPoint
36ea64 143 lines *** empty log message ***
3a5e11 16 lines uses console logger
3c1257 4 lines minor naming issue
3c3a2a 71 lines added abstract plugin
3f9e45 422 lines new service injector tests
3fe162 5234 lines first attempt for project specific settings
403bb9 16 lines naming
4074db 45 lines back to a few static fields - avoids multiple log listeners
43ae80 35 lines my schema editor added a few things!!!
4654ec 7 lines new deps
4748d5 8 lines minor ´Kinkerlitzchen´
4b57b4 208 lines added more helper methods
4d6921 9 lines avoid using literal "true"
54f66c 3 lines opened for testing
563ee6 29 lines method selection repaired + service types detection
5c84f4 4 lines equals instead ==
5ea319 11 lines test data for modifying extension data with ConfigurationPlugin
5f56f7 104 lines sprint_20080314
5f8c04 403 lines *** empty log message ***
6299c2 176 lines sometimes needed
64d808 16 lines refactoring of Service/Extension-Injector
658fce 30 lines made ´using translation´ via ConfigurationPlugin explicit and harmonized the andStart() method
66a2bf 194 lines uses new service injector
67ec62 10 lines uses new service injector
78a5e1 43 lines added error ´logs´ + cleaning
7a4f56 271 lines uses getContext() helper
7a9035 15 lines @Deprecated
7c76d0 66 lines added abstract activator
7ef347 115 lines extended test for ranked services
824c17 2 lines lazy init has to be synchronized
837d71 18 lines test data for type coercion for primitive types
85487f 276 lines Pre/PostCondition -> Assert
85de00 2 lines generics
89c026 14 lines removed unused Logger
8ed8aa 2 lines avoid reallocating
8f2fc4 262 lines initial ssl configuration
932ec1 15 lines preened
96a68d 11 lines replaced StringBuffer with StringBuilder + removed code for work-around of logging bug (time not set)
9975a2 149 lines uses new service injector
9a10d7 196 lines renamed My... to Riena...
9cf1c6 18 lines deprecated service injector
9d663d 21 lines ranking and filter can be used together
9da0e0 135 lines made a few extensions/extension points local
9dbd30 29 lines uses new service injector
9e9c1f 71 lines avoid static fields + hide log filter
a0072b 4 lines unnecessary newString()
a0a302 54 lines adapted to changes in ExtensionInjector
a288d8 628 lines uses Constants.OBJECTCLASS instead of own literal
a4fc1f 60 lines added javadoc, introduced useType, stronger precondition
a68ea9 514 lines Splitted implementation for ranked and filtered injection into separate classes based on a common abstraction
a7bd7c 8 lines lazy init has to be synchronized + removed error prone string handling
a86f6b 32 lines constructs filter now correctly + uses ConsoleLogger
a978ec 2 lines minor
a98cb0 201 lines uses new service injector
ad4b5f 1 lines needs buddy for tests
aebe78 170 lines uses new service injector
afee7c 146 lines made plugin.xml & schema local
b23d37 97 lines introduced an enum, simplified and made testable
b4218f 284 lines has been replaced by (ServiceId/Injector)
b49ee0 1 lines deprecated service injector test
b4fd7d 4 lines minor
b57024 19 lines NLS + javadoc
b8dfdf 10 lines nulled a few references on stop + typo
b8f7cd 24 lines real logging
bd7710 341 lines formatting?
bdfb8c 435 lines new service injector
be3f4c 1 lines oops
bfc0fd 29 lines based on abstract plugin
bfff67 35 lines javadoc
c0eb66 28 lines obsolete
c2cd31 449 lines good old test
c3cd06 15 lines javadoc, added start with bundle context for ConfigurationPlugin
c903e0 22 lines warn non externalized string literals
ca6f54 831 lines first attempt of extension injector
cfdfd0 1745 lines first attempt for project specific settings
d0dbab 2 lines prefs: ignore nls
d0e844 5 lines generics + Arrays.toString()
d2a9a8 2 lines typo
d43327 799 lines refactoring: remove service ID field from interfaces
d92b08 48 lines uses Assert.... instead of if () throw ...
d97c44 5 lines warn non externalized string literals
dad2cd 19 lines added getContext() helper
dbd2e1 104 lines useless
dcd1c2 206 lines real logging
dcef34 240 lines lazy init has to be synchronized
e009b7 104 lines back to head
e2091a 140 lines initial load
e2b612 4 lines refactored service injector
e3a863 3 lines minor
e4217b 70 lines not a real unit test!!
e5dad6 8 lines preened
e6b755 173 lines added tests for type coercion for primitive types and constraint checking
e7f646 12 lines avoid using literal "true"
e9b352 2 lines fb: NPE
ead196 214 lines fixed multiple replacements bug + checks for loops within the symbol dictionary
eb5937 403 lines moved
ec6017 3 lines needs configuration manager
f724b6 2 lines added ExtensionInjector test
fb4da2 20 lines uses now extension injector
fd1a16 2 lines unbind for ExtendedLogReaderService does not follow convention
Steffen Kriese (compeople.de)
282294 4011 bytes UIProcess: Unwanted ProcessDialog after switching to another subapp
Attachment 142772: Patch for UIProcessRidget
282295 6936 bytes UIProcess: remaining processes in Statusline after finishing
Attachment 143263: Fixes NPE in NavigationListener and cleans statusbar if context gets disposed in updateUI or finalUpdateUI
282864 7849 bytes Create ListRidget as simplification of TableRidget
Attachment 142365: simplified bindToModel-Method + TestCase
283501 1437 bytes Additional hooks in SubModuleView for creating the PartControl
Attachment 141609: Additional hooks in SubModuleView (createWorkarea, afterBasicCreatePartControl)
283835 4631 bytes Not all items in a Combobox are shown, if one item is null
Attachment 143384: Added improved Patch + Testcase
284101 13321 bytes Activate first child in SubModule automatically
Attachment 142251: throws RuntimeException if node with selectable = false without children gets selected
284436 10958 bytes Navigate to a node and requestFocus on a specific ridget
Attachment 142403: Patch to request focus on navigate
284547 6292 bytes CompositeTableRidget: bindToModel method with listHolder throws NullpointerException
Attachment 142490: Fix for the NullPointerException + TestCase
286214 16927 bytes DialogView can not be edited with SWT-Designer
Attachment 144011: Patch to make DialogView editable with SWT-Designer + Testcase
286214 4503 bytes DialogView can not be edited with SWT-Designer
Attachment 144018: Modifications for LoginDialog so SWT-Designer can parse it
286629 34459 bytes Disable/Enable LabelRidget when its corresponding TextRidget enabled-State changes
Attachment 146376: Implementation + TestCase + Update for Riena ExampleClient
288354 22453 bytes Add a DatePicker to the DateTextWidget
Attachment 146871: Patch + Snippet + Example
289196 6433 bytes DateText should not show an ErrorMarker if no value was entered
Attachment 146939: Patch + TestCase
289359 6697 bytes MasterDetailComposite: BindingProperty Controls don't get registered
Attachment 147107: Patch + TestCase + Update for SWT-ExampleClient
289367 968 bytes MasterDetailsRidget should throw a IllegalStateException if no IMasterDetailsDelegate was supplied
Attachment 147677: Patch
289477 17230 bytes Add Support for CCombo
Attachment 147207: Patch + Sample for the SWT Example Client
289652 1043 bytes Navigation: Module with non-selectable SubModule cannot be closed (exception)
Attachment 147438: Patch
292501 2998 bytes Not Selectable SubModuleNode has side effects
Attachment 149723: Patch for the SWT- Exampleclient to show the Bug
292992 45871 bytes Improve Javadoc in UI and Navigation
Attachment 150198: Patch with improved Javadoc
299097 1648 bytes Detect the Primary-Interface for a Ridget
Attachment 155573: Patch adding the getPrimaryRidgetInterface-Method to the SwtControlRidgetMapper
303306 136921 bytes Riena Toolbox Contribution
Attachment 159539: Source-Zip
306802 92465 bytes Support Assembly2-Extensionpoint in Riena-Toolbox
Attachment 162752: Patch for the AssemblyEditor
307160 3546 bytes Use Assembly2-Extensionpoint in Riena Hello World Wizard
Attachment 163068: Patch for the Hello World Wizard
310103 10965 bytes Wizard does not work, when deployed as jar
Attachment 165743: Patch
310271 153646 bytes Update AssemblyEditor to conform to API changes (Riena Toolbox)
Attachment 168651: New Patch for the AssemblyEditor
Steffen Kriese (comeople.de)
008a41 132 lines RESOLVED - Bug 346862: SingleChoiceRidget does not visualize marker in statusline
0106ce 85 lines added preferencepage in toolbox previewer
0130af 71 lines Applied patch #326645 ROR: ModuleView needs double click
015587 2 lines removed wildcard in RemoteServiceRegistry to make it compile with eclipse 3.6 again
03ec36 2 lines switching back to tycho version 0.12.0
05a830 50 lines Fixed Tests for CCombo changes
069dc8 4 lines added the new demo client bundles to the projectsets
0770ef 6 lines cleaned up pom.xml
0a3a0d 4 lines updated tycho build to 3.7RC4
0ad636 15 lines deleted obsolete build.xml
0dc71d 39 lines fixed compile-errors in tests
0effff 127 lines moved modules in pom.xml to profile to fix toolbox-build
103991 1 lines fixed ProgressProviderBridgetTest
1179f8 1 lines added target folder to cvsignore
12cee7 204 lines added pom.xml to several bundles to build the toolbox with tycho
148f62 4 lines updated updatesite to Riena 4.0.0
14aa2b 170 lines fixed testexecution with tycho
14c042 13 lines added a comment to LnfManager
157685 6 lines Fix for https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=327228 change default button in SubModule after node is activated
158ddb 138 lines toolbox: added dependency to riena.ui.swt.rcp to avoid ClassNotFoundExceptions at runtime
15d839 2 lines updated features to version 4.0.0
1a8d3c 742 lines updatet toolbox-bundles to build them with tycho
1d79e6 616 lines code cleaning in demo client
1db304 2 lines removed bundle org.eclipse.riena.documents from projectsets
2601b0 6734 lines Renamed badly named tests
265740 2 lines updated version to 3.0.0
29164e 12 lines added workaround for the java.servlet dependency resolving issue
2aef70 5 lines RESOLVED - Bug 341203: Wrong icon in navigationtree, when a submoduleController creates nodes in configureRidgets()
2cf3cf 10 lines updated bundle versions to 4.0.0.
2d4436 47 lines added focusFinderHandler to riena.example.client to debug focus issues
2dcd0e 8 lines fixed checkstyle config in wizard to prevent compilation errors
2e274e 1 lines added missing bundle to build.xml
2fe90b 4 lines added new tycho build-projects to projectsets
32396b 2 lines added FIXME to RemoteServiceDescriptionTest
328b9d 41 lines updated rap-projectset to confirm with versions from rcp-projectset
358e0d 28 lines added systemproperty to enable textridget.setDirectWriting() for all ridgets
366e17 3 lines added missing bundle to toolbox-projectset
3c765d 4 lines added icon for toolbox previewer
3e7381 146 lines fixed LnF problems in RAP
410a40 63 lines Applied Patch #327450 NumericTextRidget not working with RAP (due to RAP Bug 327439)
4340cd 18 lines updated toolbox features and updatesite
44dccf 199 lines added checkout-script to tycho-build
46207e 2 lines Fix for broken StatuslineMessageMarkerViewerTest on buildserver
4788cb 549 lines updated license information in toolbox-bundles
4b60c7 28 lines Fix for https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=327232 NumericTextRidget setMaxLength to unlimited
4ce8bb 155 lines code cleaning: toolbox previewer
4dc824 28 lines added about.html and fixed source build
4dc990 9 lines fixed test
4f56f7 60 lines RESOLVED - Bug 343139: MultipleChoiceRidget does not visualize marker in statusline
51db97 731 lines Applying Patch #323002 StatusMeterRidget
52989a 27 lines fixed static-checks in tycho-build
540092 68 lines Fix for https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=327095 (Module move does not copy properties blocked, enabled etc. ...)
54e5b2 9 lines Workaround for Rap Bug 328043: CompletionCombo throws ClassCastException on RAP
568b0b 656 lines initial commit for org.eclipse.riena.build.tycho
56aee3 30 lines fixed checkstyle configuration in toolbox
57d1b2 2 lines removed unnecessary bundles from launcher
58467c 65 lines Fixed old StatuslineMessageMarkerViewerTest
59a911 2 lines updated pom.xml to version 4.0.0
59afbf 6 lines updated runtests.xml for eclipse 3.7m6
59b3fc 1313 lines code cleaning riena toolbox
5b2913 37 lines added workaround for the java.servlet dependency resolving issue
5c5e65 129 lines added buildscript to checkout sources from cvs
5cb877 6 lines fixed LnF problems in RAP
5edb5e 3 lines SubModuleView.register() must not be called, while we are in designTime
5fc1a2 15 lines implemented LnfUpdater.clearCache() that is used by the toolbox
5fd86e 16 lines added pom for o.e.r.build.feature.rap.sdk
605f82 25 lines CCombo now allows a selection that differs from the bound list
60c7da 203 lines improved adduicontrol-parsing and fixed bug when generating configuRidgets
6206e7 1231 lines moved rcp specific stuff like menus and handlers of the demo client to the new bundle org.eclipse.riena.demo.client.rcp
62808a 8 lines added new demo client bundles to features
63cc0c 6 lines updated updatesite to riena 4.0.0
645572 88 lines updated pom.xml to version 4.0.0
654406 4 lines updated bundles to version 4.0.0
6829c7 431 lines updated preferences for previewer project
6ab230 14 lines code cleaning in ActionRidgetTest
6c22bf 54 lines FIXED - Bug 329033: setBlocked(final boolean blocked) on NavigationNode doesn´t honor current blocked state
6cba4b 8 lines updated features to version 4.0.0
6e4ad9 22 lines Fixed Bug 347292 prevent CompletionCombo from deleting the selection when in AutocompleteMode.first_letter_match
6f111f 8 lines updated rap build to 3.7 M7
6f1172 121 lines RESOLVED - Bug 342446: Navigationtree is empty if one child in the navigationtree is set to visible(false)
6f2f48 3 lines disabled javadoc-maven-plugin
6f919a 24 lines added missing NodeId in NavigationNode + Code Cleaning
7011e2 822 lines assemblyeditor: added mandatory marker and improved code generation
716fa3 30 lines renamed obsolete shared attributes in subModule to sharedView
720da2 3 lines removed obsolete static GCFacade member in SWTUtilities to fix dependency-problems in the toolbox
74b698 12 lines fixed NPE in generated code from cs wizard
7574a4 4 lines exported nls-packages from navigation.ui.swt, ui.ridgets, ui.rifgets.swt, ui.swt
77feab 5 lines code cleaning in toolbox
786005 2 lines no need to have a dependency to org.eclipse.ui in version 3.7, uninstalling the ProgressProviderBridge also works with eclipse 3.6
7b5a81 14 lines added missing bundle in test-launchconfigs
7c1707 194 lines RESOLVED - Bug 337521: AbstractSimpleNavigationNodeProvider should provide a way to build nodes asynchronous
7cac7e 1739 lines initial contribution: Tool for previewing Composites and RCPViews
7d154c 3 lines Applied patch #326645 (When running on rap the NodeSwitcher timout is 50 instead of 300 ms)
7e1778 83 lines added unittest for UIExecutor
7ec747 10 lines added preview-bundles to toolbox.releng
7f2844 5 lines FIXED - Bug 327767: navigate(...) to a SubModule in another SubApplication results in jumping to the first SubModule
818d00 531 lines fixed Lnf update
8231f5 2 lines fixed typo in javadoc
832587 6 lines applied patch for Bug 323008
84f766 160 lines Previewer: added preference for 'show ridget ids as tooltip'
874b10 28 lines updated version in pom.xml to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT
87cc1a 51 lines when Combo/CCombo is outputOnly, reject selection
885531 138 lines Added new StatusLineMessageMarkerViewerTest that doesn't use swt controls
8b1419 6 lines applied patch #357461 DatePickerComposite does not show validation messages
8d8a66 35 lines fixed feature descriptions for the toolbox projects
8d8fb9 12 lines added pmd config
8e1515 25 lines enabled environments for all platforms
8f20df 51 lines Extended the GCFAcade to single source the StatusMeterRidget
907b08 105 lines code cleaning in wizards
915af4 48 lines Fix for #326916: CompletionCombo with unsorted list (jump to next entry, when character is entered multiple times)
92e8c7 55 lines removed dependency to org.eclipse.ui.swt from bundle org.eclipse.riena.navigation and moved the dispatching stuff to the UISynchronizer
941d1c 4 lines cleaned up the ui of the riena demo client
949748 68 lines masterDetails.suggestNewEntry() sets the focus to the first ridget in the details area
962d57 137 lines code cleaning
968dba 2721 lines updated jdt and checkstyle settings in toolbox
96adda 22 lines fixed MarkerSupportTest
99d404 14 lines fixed showRidgetIds in previewer
9a566c 58 lines when a ModuleNode gets disposed, the SubModule/module listener have to be unregistered
9afbf3 21 lines updated demo client launcher
9da873 13 lines updated feature and projectset to make toolbox work with eclipse 3.7
9dfff4 196 lines added about.html to all toolbox bundles
9e2f62 2549 lines - Code Cleaning
9e9b58 56 lines assemblyeditor: fixed view/perspective refresh bug
a05d8b 23 lines RESOLVED - Bug 474: MasterDetails.suggestNewEntry() sollte Fokus auf Details-Bereich setzen
a0ece7 246 lines Separated NavigationProcessorTest in manual and nonuitests so most of the tests can run on the buildserver again.
a1c6f0 2239 lines reverted changes to GridRidgetTest
a217dc 4 lines updated version to 3.0.0
a48ceb 2497 lines removed dependencie to org.eclipse.riena.example.client from tests-bundle
a58776 4 lines added updatesite and tycho-build projects
aa6b4e 68 lines added launcher for the toolbox previewer
aabb2b 1115 lines initial contribution of the demo client webtheme
ab321a 2 lines updated rap build to RAP 1.4 RC4a
ac6dfc 102 lines updated bundles to version 4.0.0
ac80a3 11 lines Applied patch #326747: UIProcess.finalUpdateUI() is not called after the processes finishes
accdd6 209 lines Applying Patch #323002 StatusMeterRidget
ace36d 6 lines added warning if toolbox is run with different jre versions in ide and workspace
ae200f 4 lines added fixme
aef949 2244 lines removed GridRidgetTest to debug testexecution failure on jenkins
b03187 16 lines Extended the GCFAcade to single source the StatusMeterRidget
b0f60a 2 lines removed core.variables from rap projectset
b0fcb5 4 lines updated tycho build to 3.7RC4
b15a8e 15 lines uncommented strange display creation in AbstractRidgetTestCase
b1926c 10 lines fixed compile error due to API change in StatusMeter
b4cecf 8 lines Added isDisposed-checks in CompletionCombo to prevent tests from failing
b6220c 2 lines updated rap build to 3.7RC3
b89280 9 lines fixed #350514 removedJjobListener after job is done and prevented creation of UICallbackDispatchers
bef576 10 lines RESOLVED - Bug 343143: MasterDetails: make handleApply() API
c1c48a 108 lines Applied Patch #325346 Riena UIProcess not working when running with RAP
c2be82 18 lines fixed ModuleNavigationListenerRAP and Activator due to API changes
c479d5 20 lines updated version in pom.xml to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT
c4eb09 12 lines fixed NavigateSubModuleControllerTest
c6aecb 23 lines added missing dependencies to product
c7bf13 78 lines added p2.inf to communication.client.ui and navigation.ui to prevent installing rap
c808c0 9 lines updated tycho build to tycho version 0.13.0
c8a751 17 lines added local p2 repo for tycho build and switched to tycho 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT
c918d1 143 lines Applied Patch #325346 Riena UIProcess not working when running with RAP
c95909 702 lines added maven poms to all riena bundles
cb747a 58 lines Applied patch #328120 DateTextRidget not working with RAP
cbba47 22 lines fixed NPEs in assemblyeditor and removed mandatory marker for view/controller
cfb590 36 lines Applied patch #326645 ROR: ModuleView needs double click
d09d45 53 lines cleand up fix for lost focus in ridgets due to disabled parentComposite
d0d08d 4 lines updated version to 3.0.0
d0e27a 55 lines Fixed outputonly behavior in CCombo
d30e6d 2 lines fixed typo in checkout.xml
d733e9 2 lines fixed wrong assert message in MasterDetailsRidgetTest
d8c18c 3 lines Fix for CCombo on RAP: RuntimeException
dba46d 5 lines Fixed Bug 349504 NPE in SWTViewProvider
dca059 226 lines updated copyright in templates
deb4bf 115 lines Code Cleaning in toolbox
defe78 4 lines fixed checkout.xml
e202a2 6 lines Applied Patch: #323463
e3bbf9 43 lines added riena 3.0.0 targetdefinition
e4fab3 24 lines updated rap-build to M6
e5c0f7 322 lines cleaned up the ui of the riena demo client
e70958 1 lines fixed compile error
e72f42 91 lines initial commit for org.eclipse.riena.toolbox.build.tycho
e7327c 2 lines updated bundles to version 4.0.0
e883f8 143 lines fixed bug: openclasslink did not work for controller/view in some cases
e8e271 18 lines removed warnings in toolbox
e9e09b 10 lines removed unnecessary modules in tycho-build/pom.xml
ea5db2 9 lines added nebula-grid to the prebuild p2 repo to fix the tycho build
ea8d8d 6 lines updated version in feature.xml to 4.0.0
eb82c0 12 lines Added constructor with message to NotEmptyValidator
eb8cec 340 lines code cleaning in toolbox
ec8c69 7 lines code cleaning
eddfec 16 lines fixed test due to changes in CompletionCombo (see Bug 347292)
eed019 45 lines updated toolbox projectsets
eef3dd 1109 lines initital contribution
f21725 13 lines fixed bug in previewer: removed warning that lnf was not found, when selecting an element in the package explorer
f22463 8 lines set toolbox build to tycho version 0.12.0
f3f38e 438 lines Toolbox: added shortcut for "generate configureRidgets" and menu entries for "link with editor"
f41d99 19 lines updated project settings for previewer.customizer
f580e7 7 lines added new demo client bundles to features
f68998 49 lines FIXED - Bug 339051: Show shortened text of table column on mouse over
fa197f 13 lines added copy-task to build.xml in toolbox-tycho-build
fc8e3d 15 lines updated all versions in the toolbox to 3.0.0
fcf70d 4 lines set toolbox build to tycho version 0.12.0
fe8789 15 lines updated tycho-surefire-plugin in test-bundle
feb75f 58 lines removed unnecessary checkouts
ff3d30 2 lines fixed copy-task in checkout.xml
fffb81 23 lines removed showRidgetIds from previewer
Stephan Mann (compeople.de)
323002 41371 bytes StatusMeterWidget
Attachment 176876: Patch including the new widget and the examples
323463 1876 bytes StatusMeter doesn't change color after binding
Attachment 177286: Fix for color setting problem
328330 2073 bytes Utility method to join a collection of strings
Attachment 181377: Patch for StringUtils
Yang Meyer (compeople.de)
261187 1481 bytes OT tests - fix typos; add some explanatory method comments; consistently use English failure messages
Attachment 122668: Fixes typos in ObjectTransactionDisallowRegisterTest
261187 39154 bytes OT tests - fix typos; add some explanatory method comments; consistently use English failure messages
Attachment 122669: Fixes typos, consistently translated messages to English, etc, in ObjectTransactionSimpleTest
261187 12614 bytes OT tests - fix typos; add some explanatory method comments; consistently use English failure messages
Attachment 122670: Fixes typos, adds method comments to ObjectTransactionVariousSimpleTest
261986 2491 bytes OTImpl - slight refactoring of isRegistered(..)
Attachment 123353: the patch described in the description
261991 8531 bytes OTImpl - refactoring of commitToObjects()
Attachment 123358: as described
297795 5279 bytes DatePicker: stays visible when ridget is not visible
Attachment 156492: Patch that fixes the bug
297795 3390 bytes DatePicker: stays visible when ridget is not visible
Attachment 156614: Test cases covering the changes introduced by previous attachment.
297795 3961 bytes DatePicker: stays visible when ridget is not visible
Attachment 156670: Adds resetPropertyChangeEvents() calls to the end of problematic tests; also cleans up egregious assertEquals(true, ...)
298871 2563 bytes Snippet: TextRidget with mandatory marker (user input required)
Attachment 155340: Snippet demonstrating mandatory and error markers on a text ridget
298966 3694 bytes New Snippet: Binding a SingleChoiceRidget's selection to a model
Attachment 155418: Binding a SingleChoiceRidget's selection to a model
299055 6807 bytes Snippets showing how to bind selection of TableRidget and ComboRidget
Attachment 155964: Updated SnippetTableRidgetBindingSelection
299133 1323 bytes Snippet correction: SnippetTableRidget003
Attachment 155602: Patch for SnippetTableRidget003
299904 7556 bytes [Usability] Scrolling sub-modules vertically by clicking arrow buttons for a period of time
Attachment 157646: Implements continuous scrolling for navigation
300390 2357 bytes DateTextRidgetTest.testSetFormatWithStringBean() fails
Attachment 156807: Fixes bug and adds explanatory javadoc comments
300478 5827 bytes Failures in [Tree]TableRidgetTest: rounding errors
Attachment 156918: Fixes the test bugs.
300658 15568 bytes Typos in Injection classes: Javadoc and error messages
Attachment 157102: Fixes typos


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