Tentative IP Log for rt.rap

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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
71Apache Commons Lang Version: 2.1Apache License, 2.0
2370Apache Batik Version: 1.6 **See Comments 6&7 re CSS SAC APIApache License, 2.0
2876qooxdoo Version: 0.7.4 (Subset - see comments)Eclipse Public License + Modified JSONmodified source
4053JSON2.js - json.org javascript impl of json parser Version: 2010-03-20Public Domainunmodified source
4084Jetty (Subset) Version: 6.1.23 (ATO CQ3915) (using Orbit CQ3934)Apache License, 2.0, Eclipse Public License, Permissive Open Source Licenses
4536YUI Compressor Version: 2.4.2 (Subset)New BSD licensemodified source
5286Tomcat 7.0.12 Version: Subset (PB CQ5094)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6514Glassfish servlet-api Version: 3.1-b33 (PB Orbit CQ5018)CDDL, Apache 2.0 unmodified binary
7019xml-apis.jar Version: 1.3.04 (PB Orbit CQ2166)Apache License, 2.0, Public Domain, W3Cbinary
7058JsDoc Toolkit Version: 2.4.0 (subset)MIT Licenseunmodified source
7059jasmine Version: 1.3.1MIT Licenseunmodified source
7085iScroll lite Version: 4.1.6MIT Licensemodified source
7089ios6-timers.js Version: Revision 2MIT Licenseunmodified source
7271Apache Felix Gogo Version: 0.10.0 (Command, Shell and Runtime) Version: 0.10.0 (PB Orbit CQ6793)Apache License 2.0unmodified binary
7272icu4j Version: 50.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ7165)MIT Style with "no endorsement" clause, Unicode licenseunmodified source & binary
7278JUnit Version: 4.11 (PB Orbit CQ7066)Common Public License 1.0unmodified source & binary
7318hamcrest-core Version: 1.3 (PB Orbit CQ7067)New BSD Licenseunmodified source & binary
7772Google Gerrit Prettify Version: 2.1.5 (PB Orbit CQ4738)Apache License 2.0modified source

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies

Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
69Rhino 1.6R1 Version: 1.6R1 (**excluding proprietary files grabbed during build)Netscape Public License 1.1 (NPL)obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
70Apache Commons File Upload Version: 1.0Apache Software License 1.1unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
1192qooxdoo Version: 0.7 (rev 9276) (subset)Eclipse Public License +JSON for Eclipseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2057qooxdoo Version: 0.7.3 (subset)Eclipse Public License +JSONobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2375Junit Version: 3.8.2 (PB CQ2206)Common Public License 1.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2377Apache Commons Logging Version: 1.0.4 (PB CQ1945)Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2378Jetty Version: 5.1.14 (*Subset) (PB CQ2080)Apache License, 2.0 + Custom Permissive OS Licensesobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2379ICU4J and ICU4J replacement Version: 3.8.1 (PB CQ1956)MIT License with "no endorsement" clauseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2380Apache Java Servlet API Version: 2.4 (PB CQ2074)Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2916jetty Version: 6.1.7 (*Subset) (using Orbit CQ2081)Apache License, 2.0 + Custom Permissive OS Licensesobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2917Java Servlet API Version: 2.5 (using Orbit CQ2075)Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
3344ICU4J and ICU4J replacement Version: 4.0.1 (ATO CQ2970) (using Orbit CQ2981)MIT license with no endorsement clause, Unicode licenseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
3709ICU4J and ICU4J replacement Version: 4.2.1.v20100112 (ATO CQ3699) (using Orbit CQ3700)MIT License with "no endorsement" clauseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
4050jslint Version: Edition 2010-04-06MIT Licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4051Mozilla Rhino Version: 1.6R6 (**excluding proprietary files grabbed during build) (ATO CQ1694) (using Orbit CQ2175)Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL)obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
4052json.org java impl of json parser Version: 2008-09-18 (PB Orbit CQ3603)MIT licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
6513Apache Felix Gogo Version: 0.8.0 (Command, Shell and Runtime (PB Orbit CQ5101)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
6515ICU4J Version: 4.4.2.v20110823 (PB Orbit CQ5529)MIT Style with "no endorsement" clause, Unicode license unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release

Pending Contribution Questionnaires

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
8069jasmine Version: 2.0MIT Licenseunmodified source


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Frank Appel
Jordi Boehme Lopez Innoopract GmbH
Tim Buschtöns Innoopract GmbH
Ivan Furnadjiev Innoopract GmbH
Rüdiger Herrmann
Markus Knauer Innoopract GmbH
Jochen Krause Innoopract GmbH
Benjamin Muskalla Tasktop
Joel Oliveira
Austin Riddle
Holger Staudacher Innoopract GmbH
Ralf Sternberg Innoopract GmbH
Elias Volanakis Innoopract GmbH

Never Active
Name Organization  
Istvan Ballok CAS Software AG
Cole Markham
Stefan Röck

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Aleksandar Pavlov (bers-soft.com)
352722 1125 bytes [Table] TableItem#setChecked and TableItem#setGrayed don't cache the virtual item
Attachment 200084: Table Item Patched code
Andreas Hoegger (bsiag.com)
341324 845 bytes SashForm getControls visible only
Attachment 192166: patch for SashForm
Arnaud MERGEY (yahoo.fr)
346407 1689 bytes Impossible to configure SettingsStoreFactory implementation through config.ini
Attachment 196090: Patch allowing to read org.eclipse.rwt.settingStoreFactory in config.ini as well
358741 1342 bytes [GEF] set "Drag-Job" jobs as system in order to hide them
Attachment 203917: proposed patch
Artur Kronenberg (web.de)
290515 5877 bytes [design][business] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178038: Theme update for the tree
290515 2905 bytes [design][business] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178039: image for tree expanded
290515 2900 bytes [design][business] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178040: Tree collapsed image
291178 5865 bytes [design][fancy] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178041: Theme update for tree
291178 2900 bytes [design][fancy] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178042: Tree collapsed Icon for the fancy desing
291178 2905 bytes [design][fancy] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178043: Tree expanded icon for the fancy design
320389 15678 bytes Support system tray API
Attachment 176884: Patch for Bug 320389
321458 31228 bytes [Tree] Improve Tree-page in examples demo
Attachment 178392: Update of the TreeViewerExample
324303 89511 bytes [design] introduce i18n for org.eclipse.rap.design.example
Attachment 178051: Internationalization for bundle org.eclipse.rap.design.example
325060 5156 bytes RAP fails with Turkish Locale...
Attachment 179726: Test cases and patch
Asen Draganov (eclipsesource.com)
223870 21870 bytes [CoolBar] Moving CoolItems does not work correctly
Attachment 148518: Proposed patch
238656 25210 bytes Combo#getSelection is missing
Attachment 142639: Proposed patch
238657 22385 bytes List#getTopIndex is missing
Attachment 142658: Proposed patch
279815 4215 bytes [Theming][ExpandBar] Add expanded state to ExpandItem-Header
Attachment 140598: Proposed patch
280839 9212 bytes Display#update is missing
Attachment 147560: Proposed patch
280900 6031 bytes List#showSelection() is missing
Attachment 143147: Proposed patch
281868 4398 bytes [Theming][Button] CSS padding does not work
Attachment 140603: Proposed patch
282265 7603 bytes [design] Buttons with CHECK and RADIO are not vertically centered
Attachment 141983: Proposed patch
282454 22226 bytes [Theming][DateTime] Padding around up/down buttons
Attachment 141857: Proposed patch
282455 20891 bytes [Theming][CCombo] Theming of CCombo has no effect
Attachment 141044: Proposed patch incl. Combo/CCombo button width themable
282687 5008 bytes [CCombo] getTextHeight is missing
Attachment 141071: Proposed patch
283466 11123 bytes [Tree][Table] Should reuse new checkboxes
Attachment 142015: Proposed patch
284021 2003 bytes [DateTime] Text cursor visible outside widget bounds
Attachment 142733: Proposed patch
284976 2141 bytes [DateTime] Overflow issue when widget is smaller than preferred size
Attachment 142861: Proposed patch
286254 12711 bytes [Text] setTextLimit doesn't cut existing text
Attachment 145675: Proposed patch
287355 10804 bytes [Combo] Misses methods that are already implemented in CCombo
Attachment 145516: Proposed patch
289327 1414 bytes [Combo] Combobox list at the bottom of the browser window is not visible
Attachment 147278: Proposed patch
Austin Riddle (tamu.edu)
258961 1094 bytes Wrong Message Bundle Reference in ActivityMessages
Attachment 120599: Patch with changed code
271277 3775 bytes [Tree] labels of following columns misplaced when showing an image in a column
Attachment 131346: Fix for the image alignment
275380 2503 bytes RAP Cookies Not Secured
Attachment 135386: Patch that secures cookie and validates contents upon read
301481 244 bytes Show View menu is not activity friendly
Balazs Brinkus (cas.de)
301126 1553 [Table] TableColumn remove problem
Benedikt Arnold (gmx.info)
193302 1091 bytes TableItem.getBounds calculates wrong width if table style is SWT.CHECK
Attachment 71743: Replacement for the patch above
Benjamin Muskalla (tasktop.com)
00bb83 4 lines fixed minor typos
021907 4 lines added -consolelog to existing and provisioned launch configurations
02651b 361 lines fixed internal.registry
02c059 2 lines updated launch configurations (icu, databinding)
0439d4 5 lines added missing preservation of properties in TreeColumn and Tree
05062c 2 lines added .ui and .ui.views to feature, updated map file
05392e 567 lines Added and fixed javadoc
0580e8 12 lines ASSIGNED - Bug 242700: Custom widget tutorial: IWidgetLifeCycleAdapter should be ILifeCycleAdapter
074727 5 lines Was was broken due to missing ThemeManager initialization (only occured when test was runned outside the suite)
087f6f 2 lines bumped default path to M3
091516 15 lines minor changes for new jface
09d756 4 lines updated map file
0b9969 67 lines fixed build.properties and legal docs for junit bundles
0bc6c3 8 lines removed pooling from custom widget tutorial
0ce5a7 187 lines NEW - Bug 245662: [sandbox] Update Gmaps demo
0dcd1e 28 lines added maps for rms projects
0df63b 2 lines fixed wrong parameter in SelectionEvent
0e71c6 2 lines changed demo window title
0ee51c 33 lines implementation for Tree#showSelection
1039dd 4 lines added maildemo to map files
11fbfc 6 lines fixed map files
122bb3 40 lines updated map files for tooling
1255e5 16 lines 201754: Javascript error message on page loading
12813b 2426 lines removed workbench restart and removed view preference page
12c8cc 8 lines bumped to version 1.0.1
13254a 77 lines fixed presentations.util
135214 193 lines 207043: [tree] pack without items leads to zero width
13a001 122 lines fixed some virtual tree issues
161676 2 lines marked !READ_ONLY in demo as default
179f92 185 lines Added and fixed javadoc, added documentation for entrypoint and resources extension point
19cb76 1 lines Added missing widget field assignment
1a4ab5 19 lines added example branding for demo
1b50a3 23 lines adapted demo plugin to new schema definition
1c14f0 2 lines added color buttons for CLabel tab
1c83c6 42 lines added testcase for Tree#showItem
1ddd89 24 lines updated releng plugin
1df5b5 68 lines 209485: Combo - Selection don't work after manual keyboard input
1e4a3c 67 lines added rap context
1f8c6f 32 lines fixed since tags in internal.tweaklet
22058e 26094 lines removed most compile errors
22b2ca 49 lines refactored internal TreeAdapter / TreeItemAdapter, added testcases
22d5e8 36 lines added TreeItem#clear(int,bool)
22fcb4 8362 lines fixed last compile errors introduced by closed api, removed last animantions, minor fixes
231766 1 lines removed w4t from map files
237bf4 132 lines 191835: SWT#error throws wrong exception
23cd0e 13 lines removed jsparent rewriting cause of qooxdoo layout issues
24a855 2 lines ASSIGNED - Bug 238362: 'Rich AJAX Platform Demo' launch config is broken
253728 24 lines added Tree#getParentItem, added testcase
25ec4f 656 lines fixed internal.presentations
2680e1 1 lines removed w4t test bundles
26b6a7 627 lines added missing javadoc
27a4c5 2 lines added qualifier to intro bundle
281a83 7 lines fixed size calculation of first tree column with SWT.CHECK style
299a38 292 lines added factories, initial workbench startup
2af9fe 208 lines fixed most compile errors + since tags in internal.layout
2c55a9 14 lines fixed typos
2c636d 8 lines finished ui.browser
2cf0f1 171 lines NEW - Bug 219374: [Tree] improve TreeItem#getBounds and TreeEditor
2d240b 1266 lines added rap specific extension points
2d745e 2 lines fixed character escaping
2e0d3e 7 lines finished ui.activities
2e8f50 23 lines updated releng tools (removed w4t, minor other things)
2f13d4 192 lines finished ui.statushandlers
2f862f 1654 lines updated since tags in new jface
3110f5 2 lines fixed FontSizeCalculator test case - caused problems on linux
319be5 23 lines fixed since tags in ui.model
31b614 42 lines fixed set*Color for columns
32a981 717 lines added source plugins to build (Bug 201805)
33146a 19 lines splitted map files
334761 4 lines softened junit.jar reference
34788d 24 lines fixed plugin properties
347ec8 181 lines fixed/removed extension points, removed unneeded attributed, (hopefully) introduced all necesarry namespace changes
34a127 226 lines improved that whole releng stuff. works for now but there is much work to do
35af13 39 lines 195735: Widget disposal causes NullPointerException
35c24a 100848 lines initial import of jface 3.4 based on I20080328-1206 (M6)
366b98 730 lines Initial import of CLabel widget, added new tab in controls demo, added testcase
36c7b4 1 lines added detail field in SelectionEvent->Event
37367b 3117 lines major changes in CoolBar and CoolItem widgets, Coolbar is now able to split the items over several rows, introduced chevron for CoolItems, adopted JFace support, adopted test cases, added chevron support for perspective switcher (see Bug 190071 and Bug 190072), regression: draggable coolitems not working yet
3a4637 1 lines testing releng update
3a71a9 147 lines fixed colors part 2
3a98af 28 lines added getItem(Point) on Tree
3b7e18 26 lines (re)introduced checkWidget() in CBanner
3bbeb3 1 lines removed forgotten sysout in tests
3c511e 5 lines removed unused entrypoint in demo
3f4b38 2 lines added equinox registry patch
3fdcfb 6 lines added databinding to map files
40883b 140 lines 187252: Support ability to enter text into a Combo, Part II
40f2e9 6 lines added missing disposal of TreeColumns - thanks Rüdiger
425b67 5 lines fixed statusbar
42f051 83 lines API cleanup regarding original SWT implementation
43137d 12 lines fixed markup
43fed8 15 lines finished ui.themes
44546f 15 lines added client-side Tree#showItem, removed debug output
44f368 48 lines workaround for tree selection problems until new qx version is in place
4505b9 19 lines fixed selection color and javascript error(204308) in treeitem
45bf27 74 lines combo issues regarding textfield
46f3a9 22 lines updated releng project towards M3
46fa08 111 lines finished ui.branding
48878b 311 lines finished ui.actions
48a7fe 3 lines Removed debug outputs
48e1d0 26 lines 199772: Revealing a tree item that has not been visible leads to fatal client error
4a0358 747 lines updated releng files for new versioning
4bb1d8 2955 lines removed most animations
4c2325 4 lines typo in branding help document
4dc1b8 2 lines added missing packages to exported packages
4ded21 2 lines fixed build name
4e4f17 1320 lines removed useless preference constants, turned them off and removed some animations
4e54af 5 lines fix to prevent resetting image in first column, will be removed when qx bug is fixed
4f21a7 698 lines fixed since tags
500c6c 2 lines added fragments to launch configs
5037a4 5 lines allowing patch fragments - see http://wiki.eclipse.org/RAP/Patch_Fragments
506bb7 2 lines added junit runner dependencies to target build
54c107 2 lines changed label for rap help to be conform with other eclipse help labels
5504a2 14 lines additional fixes for broken tests
5518b6 5 lines fixed base number of target in releng
55701c 1036 lines NEW - Bug 244685: Javadocs of ControlEditor and TreeEditor are messed up
55e791 2 lines updated releng tools to build with debug informations
566ef6 117 lines Added themeing for Progressbar (Colors and Images)
567510 278 lines Added support for foreground and background colors with TreeItems, added test for tree
56ebc9 11 lines Initial import of releng project
593764 73 lines fixed several memory leaks for workbench startup
5a1673 4 lines 212129: [branding] default entrypoint is not respected
5b10ef 5 lines Minor workaround for setFocus bugs
5bc072 2116 lines reactivated editors and perspective pref pages
5e3141 70 lines fixed columns, fixed columns width, improved layout algorithm, last-treeitem-problem not fixed :(
5e46ee 37 lines 213463: [tree] NumberFormatException in TreeLCA#readScrollPosition
63d6d8 226 lines added clear() and clearAll() on Tree and TreeItem
647e2e 41 lines fixed manifest
64faa2 14 lines 187533: Tree/TreeViewer shows folder icons by default
657255 2 lines no, rwt has no qt implementation
660cd0 8 lines removed debug sysouts
661a1c 2163 lines removed useless preference pages, disabled factory, disabled F2 labels
66a3c7 4 lines added servletbridge
673b8d 192 lines ASSIGNED - Bug 225273: [I18N] Equinox registry is broken in 3.4
673bd3 4 lines fix for images in tree
6754a6 207 lines ASSIGNED - Bug 248408: Adapt FontDescriptor for single-sourcing
6a622a 23 lines ASSIGNED - Bug 213463: [tree] NumberFormatException in some cases - Part II
6a955f 129 lines disabled unneeded actions
6b13c3 14 lines fixed intro package
6bdb16 3 lines removed public field
6c772c 4 lines disabled pooling for sash which caused wrong cursors
6d409e 34 lines Initial implementation for DrillDownAdapter, added Tree#showItem, added showItem support in TreeViewer
6dd33d 83 lines minor javadoc fixes
6f39f3 35 lines Code cleanup and added default font
704cc6 3555 lines initial support for tree with columns, added test cases
719e84 6 lines updated launch configurations (icu, databinding)
730039 38 lines reenabled REOPEN_EDITORS, removed help attributes from schema
73170e 70 lines disabled mouse events in OpenStrategy
741cee 183 lines removed since tags in internal package #2
74e4f6 2 lines workaround for qx Bug 583
753831 59 lines added missing tests for font height/style rendering
753e77 15 lines 190762: Ask before browser window/tab is closed
764219 284176 lines initial import of 3.4 workbench
76af68 4 lines added fragments to launch configs
76c33c 8 lines minor code cleanup
777601 2 lines finished ui.progress
78e088 10 lines adapted workbench to org.eclipse.rap.ui, apapted demo application, adapted demo launcher, removed icons from workbench as they are now part of org.eclipse.rap.ui, moved ext points to ui plugin
7a2a7f 31 lines fixed focus bug with modifyListener, fixed preserving of editable flag
7b2d31 131 lines updated releng engine
7b78e2 11 lines fixed branding/entrypoint bug
7cabe4 6 lines finished ui.testing
7d8e75 4 lines fixed broken launch configuration
7e7246 16 lines updated releng stuff
813e2e 151 lines removed senseless api
816070 170 lines updated TreeViewerRow, introduced new API in TreeItem
816e5c 36 lines typo in branding, added troubleshooting section for custom widget tutorial
82028e 3 lines added resize for the Items control
826005 2 lines introduced warbuild, added servletbridge feature to warbuild
829bfd 3248 lines 211871: [menu] Check menu items have no check image - same problem for radio menu items
83b9f8 277 lines internal.statusmanager fixed
83f337 32 lines fixed bug when setting tree image to null, fixed border style flag for tree, added comment
84e4c9 9 lines updated theme colors
85808f 6 lines finished ui.wizards
86d7af 2 lines fixed wrong param name in custom widget tutorial
87004e 4 lines finished ui.application
879964 10 lines finished ui.views
884639 107 lines finished ui.commands
884dee 87 lines 211873: [tree][table] make sort indicators themable, removed unneeded images
8a2076 1205 lines workbench starts again - yay!
8c02a6 4 lines changed colors for table/tree columns, added cvsignore for tooling
8c155a 92 lines updated extension points
8c68fd 2 lines workaround for redraw problems when scrolling tree horizontally
8cb71a 2 lines bumped version of eclipse target
8d57f0 50 lines minor cleanup in TreeItem, performance and memory optimizations
8da070 793 lines fixed compile errors, added branding
8e4b66 2 lines added -consolelog to existing and provisioned launch configurations
8f54dc 6 lines wrapping ThreadDeath to allow junit tests to fail normally
90c52d 18 lines reverted map file
922c39 3 lines added forms to feature, updated map files
93cfb2 76 lines added support for ToolItem#setVisible (package private)
965c85 21349 lines initial import of ui bundle
96fc26 28 lines removed unneccesary html file
9712ba 103 lines fixed some message errors
97650b 1219 lines Initial import of databinding demo as seperate plugin for the regular workbench demo
97d868 1770 lines updated ui tests
97efc5 10 lines bumped bundle version to 1.1.0
984cd8 123 lines fixed presentations
9b811f 54 lines fixed getBounds bugs in TreeItem
9b90f6 263 lines 231424: [Tooling] Badly formatted Extension Point Reference Pages
9cf128 512 lines reverted qx Label implementation, fixes Bug 201519 (Text of items in TreeViewer too short)
9dcda6 14 lines RESOLVED - Bug 244416: [releng] build misses the fragments tests
9dd0b1 18 lines moved placeholder for exit message, minor refactorings, deactivated exit message on failures, added sample message to demo, doc for ext point attribute
9e21ab 8 lines updated launcher and manifest in order to play well with databinding and 3.2 target
9e2477 20 lines added toolbar ability to hide the last items which would be cutted off if the toolbar is too small
9e870f 67 lines updated api
a178aa 182 lines implementation of Tree#setSortColumn, Tree#setSortDirection, added test cases
a2d0bd 708 lines one step further
a327e3 739 lines initial draft of custom widget tutorial
a3e75e 165 lines added and fixed javadoc
a4a4a5 307 lines 187252: Support ability to enter text into a Combo, Part I
a4a622 17 lines finished ui.services
a53eb5 35 lines finished ui.contexts
a8128b 111 lines fixed many message errors
a8a8ab 166 lines added help topic for branding
a8d0d6 4 lines made CoolBarAdapter and CoolBarItemHolder private
a9f67a 390 lines fixed typo in internal classname
aa46ec 2 lines synced build script
aa48dd 165 lines removed since tags in internal package
aadfae 21 lines fixes for broken tests on build server
ac9f55 5 lines Fixed releng stuff: duplicate bundles in 3.3 target, more explicit w4t tests
ae9ef2 11 lines 191964: SWT.MULTI for Tree broken (patched qx)
b02eec 474 lines major rework of virtual tree
b0ff6d 4 lines fixed venor and name
b26e65 75 lines removed workbench extension point references
b29242 4 lines fixed gmaps issues and updated custom widget tutorial
b381d1 2 lines fixed typo
b4647c 6 lines fixed column scrolling for IE
b4ea5a 12 lines added junit related plugins to target
b70f8a 17 lines updated feature and map file to use new runtime bundles
b720b9 980 lines fixed compile errors for startup
b7bf6a 2 lines bumped target version for intro plugin
b8e22f 1 lines reactivated bits in Jface to support columns in Tree trough Viewer, added new clear method to TreeItem
b92a42 14 lines added (provisional) Display#getDefault
bb1638 123 lines replaced self-built scrolling with browser scrolling by adding listener to scroll dom event
bc455d 2 lines fixed typo
bdd207 320 lines several fixes in workbench
be3d3e 541 lines fixed errors/since tags in ui.presentations
c0cceb 4 lines updated dependencies of databinding demo plugin
c0ecb3 90 lines better way to set the background color on TreeItems to have the full row colored, added testcases for colors
c11a7e 2 lines fixed position of resize line with horizontal offset
c2044d 65 lines 244015: [Tree] item is null for untyped default selection event
c372dd 4 lines Added "incubation" marker to all bundles and features according to the Parallel IP Process guidelines
c6ba27 8 lines fixed minor bug regarding bg color of treeitem
c7faa0 117 lines updated help plugin with automated generation of ext point doc
c84458 2 lines Added "incubation" marker to all bundles and features according to the Parallel IP Process guidelines
c885be 85 lines removed gray sysouts and replaced disposeexec
c88ff4 5 lines updated dependencies of test plugin
c8fd28 2 lines finished ui.swt
ca3486 97 lines fixed javadoc
ca8499 207 lines prepared help plugin for auto-generated help content
cc249e 5 lines preparations for new qx version (qx Bug 569)
cc31bb 13 lines fixed typo and minor javadocs
cc3ee3 84 lines minor code cleanup
cd88ba 2 lines ui.about finished
cda9a4 98 lines 200396: [Tree] implement TreeViewer#getItemAt
ce6f77 85 lines reverted TextUtil, disabled auto completition of combo, fixed minor bugs
cebb5b 2 lines added pde runtime to map file
cf30cd 2 lines bumped version of target path
d0154b 423 lines added showcases for editors
d1139e 234 lines fixed some tree bugs, added tests
d2e59f 813 lines fixed errors
d477f9 1 lines finished ui.part
d74b0d 2 lines minor releng bugfix
d7ef15 66 lines finished ui.handlers
d94f92 5 lines updated build.properties of databinding demo
da3403 3 lines Fixed bug in Toolbar#getRowCount
dd2f09 2 lines bumped version of eclipse target platform
dd6ee6 131 lines added set/get grayed on toolitems, replaced checkboxes in treeitem with images, added new appearance for tree-check-box
dd7ffd 2 lines fixed checked event for TreeItem
de9d75 4963 lines more and more migration steps
ded266 173 lines [190176] ToolItem doesn't honor selection at runtime + new test case for ToolItem
df1171 850 lines introduced intro plugin for tooling
dfb0d1 530 lines Initial import of releng project
e0eac4 241 lines fixes for virtual tree regarding empty labels, workaround for colors and selection, reverted redraw changes - work in progress
e1c46d 8 lines wrong fragment ids
e22499 8 lines bumped to version 1.0.1
e287e6 4 lines fixed little bug with multiselection value
e2d8bb 5 lines fixed tree focus problem, fixed columns in log view
e30da7 375 lines disabled api in factorys, disabled rich chevron menu
e3e13d 2 lines fixed typo
e84452 124 lines got it! [Tree] Columns of last item are not displayed
e86c10 1402 lines several fixed to let the workbench start
e9e757 2986 lines initial workarounds for workbench startups - not yet ready
e9ee7c 444 lines 200394: [Tree] Implement per-column setter/getter, Part I
ea22ad 2 lines fixed event listener type for ui callback
eaefaf 277 lines disabled browser support
ebad93 50 lines ui.operations fixed
eceeea 5 lines workaround for Bug 229309
edb996 6 lines updated map file
ee0d5a 193 lines minor code cleanup, introduced tree adapter, fixed minor bugs in TreeLCA, pre work for showItem
ee4c7a 5 lines fixed preferences
ef0410 4252 lines more fixes for startup - not yet ready
efd37a 18 lines sample themeing for ProgressBar in demo
f41f80 60 lines support for Text#append
f5484e 8 lines bumped bundle version to 1.1.0
f5911c 283 lines finished ui.*
f5a4e1 43 lines NEW - Bug 244540: TreeViewer: doubleclick on a Folder results in false positioned images of its children
f69ade 4471 lines code cleanup
f6da01 18 lines fixed per-column image support, fixed wrong text color
f7f0a7 1 lines finished ui.plugin
f8645f 242 lines fixed (most) compile errors, since tags and help system calls in internal.handlers
f89010 423 lines fixed problem with non-working horizontal sash in IE, moved sash to other package, introduced widgetUtil
f8a449 3 lines added workaround for jdt/core Bug 247206
f8b051 605 lines fixed empty labels in virtual tree bugs
f93e10 4 lines 199965: Activate event on shell open
fa59c9 4 lines fixed minor typos
fa8bd0 2 lines removed last comma in ComboUtil
fa9b3d 98 lines fixed since tags and helpsystem in internal.actions and ui.menus
faf08c 9 lines updated map files and features for build
Beyhan Veliev (sap.com)
254718 37901 bytes [Tooling][Launcher] Workspace Data section missing
Attachment 192803: Versoin 3
282938 44685 bytes [Tooling] servlet/entrypoint should validate against selected bundles
Attachment 189684: Validation Entrypoint/Serveltname v2
323702 20471 bytes [Tooling] Browse on entrypoint/servlet should search Target bundles too
Attachment 189187: Version 1
334555 5494 bytes [Tooling] Deprecate log-level combo box in launcher
Attachment 188679: Version 2
334913 105450 bytes [Tooling] Split tooling and runtime
Attachment 188343: Version 8
335285 13190 bytes Provide tooling support for JavaScript Tests
Attachment 192822: Version 2
336242 1218 bytes [Tooling] Update documentation about RAP-tooling
Attachment 188691: Version 2
336459 2334 bytes [Tooling] Compile error in TargetSwitcher_Test.java
Attachment 188667: Version 2
336794 6119 bytes [Tooling] Refactor UI of install target platform dialog
Attachment 188668: Version 1
337810 13598 bytes [Tooling] Add target platform validation to the RAP templates wizard
Attachment 193680: Question dialog instead check box
338706 975 bytes [Tooling] Update launching RAP application docu with Workspace Data section
Attachment 190180: Version 1
338706 42860 bytes [Tooling] Update launching RAP application docu with Workspace Data section
Attachment 192840: Default location changed
340435 12216 bytes [Help] Update WAR Deployment guide to use WAR Products tooling
Attachment 191514: Version 1
340435 149732 bytes [Help] Update WAR Deployment guide to use WAR Products tooling
Attachment 191515: New Images
341083 3284 bytes [Tooling] Update RAP launcher documentation
Attachment 194444: patch updated
341083 36869 bytes [Tooling] Update RAP launcher documentation
Attachment 194445: main tab screenshot
342083 26069 bytes [Tooling] Allow the context path to be specified in the run configuration
Attachment 194259: reviewed and updated patch
342190 10277 bytes [Tooling] Servlet name validation breaks for feature-based launch
Attachment 194247: Patch with test cases updated
342854 33991 bytes [Tooling] Main tab of RAP Launcher looks overloaded
Attachment 194346: Patch updated to CVS head
343488 31847 bytes [Incubator] Create an incubator feature
Attachment 194442: Updated incubator feature
344578 23371 bytes [Tooling] Rename checkbox to select servlet/entrypoint/application
Attachment 194812: filter moved to the drop-down menu
346525 1365 bytes [Tooling] Use stable URLs for runtime download
Attachment 196193: updates the repository URLs to the stable ones
346630 21748 bytes [Tooling] Install latest release runtime can fail in case latest build runtime is already installed
Attachment 196197: fixes the search for "org.eclipse.rap.runtime.sdk.feature.group"
351075 20558 bytes [Tooling] Remove log-level combo from launcher
Attachment 199320: remove log-level patch
355359 58780 bytes [releng] Tooling does not update to latest stable build (1.5M1)
Attachment 203943: install a remote target definition patch
Boris Stepanov (rocketsoftware.com)
273009 1026 bytes [Browser] parent.qx.ui is null error when iframe loads its content
Attachment 132540: IFrame.js fix
Christian Janz (cas.de)
195171 6427 bytes [Text] Implement selection methods for Text with SWT.MULTI
Attachment 108641: Patch to enable the text-selection in multi-line text widgets
231761 734 bytes [ScrolledComposite] setSelection broken with alwaysShowScroll
Attachment 99905: ScrollCompositeLCA patch
Cole Markham (ccmcomputing.net)
275351 5247 bytes Cross-Site Scripting Security Vulnerability
Attachment 134849: patch to address XSS vulnerability
DaAzrael Mising name (gmx.de)
251820 1436 [TableItem] setText (String [] strings) doesn't exist
Darko Varju (googlemail.com)
246074 1593 bytes CTabFolder#getItem(Point) is missing
Attachment 111576: missing method getItem(Point) added
Dominik Ebert (ars.de)
294593 41447 bytes [Resources] Accessors should fail in case of disposed resource
Attachment 152938: First draft
294599 3299 bytes [Text] getText(int,int) is missing
Attachment 152831: Final draft
294606 2827 bytes [Combo] IndexOutOfBounds for wrong arguments
Attachment 152943: Final draft
294639 2312 bytes [ExpandBar] accepts indexOf( null )
Attachment 153057: Final draft for ExpandBar
294646 2689 bytes [Table] removes same indices twice
Attachment 153323: Final draft
294654 4204 bytes [TreeItem] doesn't handle invalid index within parent item
Attachment 153250: First draft
Ed Merks (gmail.com)
215908 1179 bytes WizardDialog.run should not use null as the progress monitor
Attachment 87351: Changes to use in a null progress monitor rather than null.
Elias Volanakis (eclipsesource.com)
219028 397194 bytes Implement activities in RAP
Attachment 90266: Support for activities in RAP
220476 114772 bytes Provide an RWT-based mechanism for persisting settings
Attachment 92114: Setting Store Patch v3
220477 18823 bytes Provide AbstractUIPlugin.getPreferenceStore()
Attachment 92252: Sample Project v2
Erdal Karaca (googlemail.com)
280731 795 bytes [Table] Javascript error in IE 6/8 when column width is zero
Attachment 139529: works in IE
Fabian Henniges (economore.de)
388689 1547 bytes NPE in CellToolTipProvider while setting CellLabelProvider
Attachment 220658: Patch
Florian Waibel (eclipsesource.com)
333154 1026 bytes Widget.isValidThread() should reuse the implementation of Display.isValidThread()
Attachment 185771: Patch containing the suggested reuse of Display.isValidThread
359054 2343 bytes [Link] NullPointerException in LCA after deserialization when running in cluster
Attachment 204114: Complete patched JUnit test SessionSerialization_Test.java
Gareth Bowen (orionhealth.com)
341849 2022 bytes Deadlock shutting down UI thread
Attachment 192510: Patch
Gunnar Wagenknecht (wagenknecht.org)
339820 34800 bytes FilteredItemsSelectionDialog$RefreshCacheJob needs a context
Attachment 191074: patch which fakes the context
Hasan Ceylan (batoo.org)
276596 1302 bytes [Spinner] misses to fire events under some circumstances
Attachment 136100: patch to solve backspace & missed digit key in problems
Henning Blohm (zfabrik.de)
07a625 40 lines Use context classloader to load application classes
Hugh Gibson (cix.co.uk)
204910 1379 bytes IE7 leaks memory on each request
Attachment 79436: Fixes the problem by using a dummy function
Ian Bull (eclipsesource.com)
283595 2139 bytes defaultProgressManager leaking jobs
Attachment 141678: Patch
Igor Pavlenko (inbox.ru)
273769 4964 bytes Radio selection events work wrong
Attachment 133292: Patch for this issue
275998 1330 bytes WorkbenchPreferenceExtensionNode and pluginId
Attachment 135490: Patch to fix problem
281315 748 bytes Outdated message in ProgressCanvasViewer
Attachment 139952: Patch to fix this bug
Ivan Furnadjiev (eclipsesource.com)
044d50 2 lines Cursor support for CLabel.
05195c 18 lines Replace TAB with spaces.
09276c 1810 lines Re-enable cursor support.
0e7af3 84 lines Code refactoring.
0ee2e5 25 lines Code refactoring.
130fd7 357 lines Activate the code for Scale databinding.
201e86 38 lines Validate variant names against pattern -?{nmstart}{nmchar}* where
20f798 4 lines MessageBox added.
2d28d8 8 lines Add removeState method in order to dynamic change of custom variant.
2d4783 35 lines Add computeSize test.
2d6dab 8 lines Fix for [Bug 250759] DateTime widget using SWT.TIME does not display numbers properly
349319 6 lines Add test for same instance.
39e35b 7 lines Add test for dash in custom variant name.
3edf9a 63 lines Rewrite testInitialValues. Add testComputeSize.
41be93 4 lines Code refactoring.
4349eb 385 lines Implement Table#computeSize().
4ed9ee 107 lines Update AppearancesBase.js in mockup.
551297 21 lines Make writeCursor and resetCursor package-private.
55520d 929 lines Add tests for computeSize, computeTrim and getClientArea.
58036d 1 lines MessageBox_Test is included in the test suite.
5d8142 23 lines Remove testInitialValues.
5df544 2 lines Fix copyright header.
5f2d72 2847 lines ExpandBar added.
625e7e 8 lines Update Tree.js in mockup.
658fc6 15 lines Remove testInitialValues.
73f70b 4654 lines Add DateTime widget.
7998be 428 lines Revert changes related to Bug 244008: VerifyEvent field values differ from SWT
840379 89 lines Fix for Bug 239259: [Shell] Initial size too small
98d68f 8 lines Code format.
99196f 43 lines Check for property changes in writeEnabled and writeHeaderHeight.
9e5234 44 lines Code refactoring.
a4274a 138 lines Update VariantsTab to show the dynamic change of custom variant.
ab4c35 1977 lines Added DateTime calendar.
b26db2 157 lines Fix for Bug 244008: VerifyEvent field values differ from SWT
b6a24f 920 lines Replace TAB with spaces.
bb10b8 60 lines The initial size of the Shell is set to 60% from client display size.
bc615d 34 lines Fix copyright header.
bdd51c 108 lines Fix for [Bug 245301] [Table] Problem with entity encoding
c448f3 120 lines Code refactoring.
cd2e35 92 lines Code refactoring.
d2b0f7 313 lines Implement Tree#computeSize().
d34814 796 lines New implementation of JavaScript compressor.
d77f8b 661 lines MessageBox added.
e5f103 7 lines Fix for Bug 233637: [Theming] Allow minus chars in variant names
e8c2ea 280 lines Fix for Bug 238085: Changing WidgetUtil#CUSTOM_VARIANT not possible
ea2fa6 437 lines Add Scale.js to mockup.
f2017f 30 lines Replace TAB with spaces.
fc5f0f 12 lines Fix JS warnings - [Bug 250155]
fe851e 263 lines Fix for Bug 244008: VerifyEvent field values differ from SWT
fecb91 136 lines Implement computeSize method.
239006 64147 bytes Scale widget is missing
Attachment 106936: Patch without the binary data (images).
240684 3738 bytes Disabling a sub menu doesn't work in cascaded menues
Attachment 107440: Patch that fixed it.
Joel Oliveira (criticalsoftware.com)
773921 1 lines Added PT message resources.
Jordan Yakovchev (eclipsesource.com)
192634 6160 bytes [Label] Label swallows subsequent whitespaces
Attachment 147083: Proposed patch
242223 1310 bytes [Table] table items ignore leading blanks in text
Attachment 147086: Proposed patch
243874 6264 bytes [Events] add*Listener throws wrong exception
Attachment 148421: Proposed patch
280171 820 bytes [Text] SWT.WRAP not respected in webkit-based browsers
Attachment 147544: Proposed Qooxdoo patch
280636 941 bytes [Table] When in a ScrolledComposite, getColumnOrder() can be wrong after moving a column
Attachment 139858: Proposed patch
280905 8409 bytes [table] Wrong column position after movement
Attachment 139859: Proposed patch
282679 7064 bytes [DateTime] Key events are propagated to parent
Attachment 141161: Proposed patch
282679 6515 bytes [DateTime] Key events are propagated to parent
Attachment 142236: Proposed patch
283416 1643 bytes [TableViewer] Problem in Cell Editor mode in webkit browsers
Attachment 141518: Proposed patch
283541 747 bytes [Combo] Mouse-wheel and key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141637: Proposed patch
283542 1173 bytes [Table] Mouse-wheel and key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141638: Proposed patch
283543 2963 bytes [Scale] Mouse-wheel and key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141639: Proposed patch
283544 2694 bytes [Slider] Key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141640: Proposed patch
283544 1613 bytes [Slider] Key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 142226: Proposed patch
283545 955 bytes [Radio Buttons] Key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141641: Proposed patch
283545 1705 bytes [Radio Buttons] Key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 142228: Proposed patch
283546 849 bytes [Spinner] Mouse-wheel events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141642: Proposed patch
288344 1698 bytes [list] Letter keys change the selection while ALT or CTRL is pressed
Attachment 146377: Proposed patch
288807 903 bytes [table] The focus stays on the browser location bar after clicking on a table item text.
Attachment 146649: Proposed patch
289089 698 bytes [Tree] Columns in virtual tree viewer render incorrectly upon scroll
Attachment 147557: Proposed patch
290410 1758 bytes [Combo/CCombo] Combo-list width should take the maximal width of all the subitems
Attachment 148107: Proposed patch
290565 909 bytes [Table] Selected rows cut off
Attachment 148332: Proposed patch
290879 1247 bytes [Table] Incorrect scroll width if table has checkboxes and no columns
Attachment 148394: Proposed patch
264219 0 bytes [Table] Selection is faster than scrolling
Jordi Boehme Lopez (eclipsesource.com)
008f2e 87 lines Changes to make it look more like eclipse
b4316d 101 lines raw fix for 231274 (needs revision)
da7ee2 2 lines fixed wrong bundle id
e41495 1 lines Export Package with Fixture
Mariot Chauvin (gmail.com)
200389 1063 bytes Link widget allows every html tag
Attachment 78497: escape html tags
Nick Mussin (eclipsesource.com)
073b35 49 lines Added Target Installation page to Getting Started section
0e9ac5 74 lines Added "Set up Eclipse" page to Getting Started section
86810d 16 lines Removed references to RAP versions older than 1.4
d4413a 99 lines Added article about underlying technologies
ef20e3 54 lines Changed title, heading and navigation label to "Set up Eclipse IDE"
fff4b7 21 lines Shortened "Preconditions" section
347797 2676 bytes [Theming][Menu] Enhance MenuItem theming
Attachment 207965: increased MenuItem padding and separator padding
351651 201551 bytes Split AppearancesBase.js into one file per widget
Attachment 205027: split AppearancesBase.js into separate files
365569 830 bytes [Theming] Readonly Text with BORDER does not render border
Attachment 207962: fixes read-only texts with BORDER style flag
370061 2233 bytes [Controls Demo] Provide a style contributions for "special-red" and "special-blue" variants
Attachment 210302: adds theme contribution to default theme with properties for custom variants 'special-red' and 'special-blue'
Paul Kendall (gmail.com)
321924 1101 bytes [Theming] ExpandItem sub-widgets do not inherit custom style variants
Attachment 175983: Patch to fix ExpandItem custom variants
Ralf Sternberg (eclipsesource.com)
00008f 3 lines Removed copy of sac jar from rwt.test fragment
000c25 2267 lines Implemented background mode on Composite
0091ec 585 lines Theming improvements: added boolean type, allowed for "px" suffix in length parameters to be closer to CSS
00edf9 27 lines Fix for bugs 233642 and 233655
00efde 167 lines cleaned up duplicated tests - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
019d0d 83 lines Prepared Combo for object pooling (but kept disabled due to qx problems)
01b541 89 lines Added image decorator example to the demo project
0219f7 407 lines Replaced Rectangle with SWT 3.3 class (fix for Bug 188279). Changed calls to a constructor that was not part of SWT.
026090 247 lines Added i18n tutorial to help
03a5af 335 lines Prepared ThemeManager for writing CSS theme data to client - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
03ee26 18 lines Corrected mixed up description in List theme definition
04ba6c 50 lines Filled two unimplemented API methods in Combo
09a3f5 11 lines Missing ThemeManager initialization added in some tests
0bda2e 366 lines Fixed Bug 233181: [Table] Sort indicator on TableColumn is gone
0c6b4d 16 lines Minor fix in AppearancesBase: Added missing ThemeValues indirection
0cdd67 386 lines Fixed i18n bugs 223853 and 223854 as well as Bug 207030: Provide programmatic support for exit confirmation dialog
0d626d 6 lines Removed copy of sac jar from rwt.test fragment
0d94aa 406 lines Added Javadoc to WidgetLCAUtil, changed some (mistaken) Widget parameter types in ControlLCAUtil into Control
0ea4d6 6 lines Fixed a bug WidgetManager.js that prevented setting a foreground color on widget creation time
0f9078 1928 lines Moved factory methods from Image to new Graphics class, delegated methods to internal ResourceFactory
109f14 31 lines Minor refactoring
11ea24 684 lines Theming for custom widgets implemented
12208f 81 lines Group widget: enabled for object pooling and revised layout
12d137 74 lines Added object pooling for tool tips and fonts
1353ce 10 lines Replaced deprecated getters for qx ValueEvents
13b5d6 93 lines Eliminated unnecessary method writeMaximized in ShellLCA
13bc50 27 lines Added test for WidgetUtil#writeCustomAppearance
1506f0 138 lines Moved resource loader reference to stylesheet property maps - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
158c5f 402 lines Support for themeing of fonts implemented
16aacd 54 lines Minor fixes for Combo box
1799c3 1327 lines Revised Theming of images, removed unneeded ThemeAdapter interfaces, refactored ThemeManager
182bd2 64 lines Added workaround for Bug 206150: Reading content of widgets on TabSelectionChange not always works
19162b 112 lines Added cursor combo to controls demo - Bug 244004: Missing possibility to set a custom mouse cursor for a widget
19393e 8 lines Exported new package in workbench plug-in, fixed false import in BrandingExtension
19bf73 4 lines Fixed Bug 232543: Multiline Tooltip doesn't work
1af563 14 lines Fix for Bug 193933: Text is grayed out on Label and Button even if custom foreground is set
1b4fe4 54 lines Fixed bug in TextSizeDetermination: stringExtent does not expand newlines anymore
1bec7d 6 lines Added sac jar to bundle classpath
1d165a 50 lines Fixed Bug 189836: Layout of horizontal separator incorrect
1d2ee1 849 lines Bugfix for 205685: TextSizeDetermination#textExtent returns wrong height for multi line strings
1debe4 192 lines Dropped CUSTOM_APPEARANCE constant from WidgetUtil
1ee5b2 113 lines CSS element renamings
1f039b 923 lines Adjusted copyright headers in demo plug-in - 214860: Adjust copyright headers
1f74d1 3 lines Fixed QxTheme: missing head in output js when no values are set
211139 13 lines Updated copyright header templates - Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
213a8c 92 lines Fixed Bug 216879 again: extra space in Label#computeSize()
21a67e 46 lines Minor change to CSS in demo
23573e 2 lines Added button for background color in controls demo ButtonTab
247cd8 61 lines Prepared Sash for object pooling
24ebc2 10 lines Minor changes in controls demo
27e166 270 lines code cleanup
284cad 25 lines Fixed Bug 234037: [ToolBar] Preferred size too wide
28afac 5 lines Fixed Bug 216879 again: extra space in Label#computeSize()
296ee8 2 lines Fixed typo
2971e0 22 lines Ooops, I broke a test - fixed it
2b425a 35 lines Fixed CTabFolder min/max buttons appearance
2ce30f 1 lines Removed sysout
2dc9fc 6 lines Added button hover background color to custom theme in demo
302663 4 lines Aligned client-side namespace for Sash widget.
31bfa5 6 lines Minor appearance fix
345e9d 4 lines Fixed typos in theme.xml files
346ee3 142 lines Changed RWTMessages to use ResourceBundle mechnism, renamed messages.properties to RWTMessages.properties
353daa 24 lines Applied modified patch for Bug 197453: Problem with Label's text in hidden tabs
372ec9 66 lines Removed target paths from theme.xml files, they are no longer needed
374969 71 lines Fixed implementation of Scrollable#computeTrim
37ec2c 17 lines Added additional register method to ResourceManager for registering text files from InputStreams with charset and options
38c383 282 lines Revised modality and z-order of Shells to match SWT. Close dialog shells when their parent is closed.
38d264 23 lines Fixed Bug 233986: Border on Text and other Widgets and Custom Variant
3ac895 2 lines Fixed js syntax error - Bug 206607: RAP-apps don't run in IE with current CVS-HEAD
3b454f 567 lines Moved factory methods from Font to new Graphics class
3b6d7b 574 lines Revised and repaired TreeItemLCA cell color and font handling and text escaping
3c0599 561 lines Fixed Bug 213651: [Theming] Custom theme not applied after reload
3cd714 926 lines Moved factory methods from Color to new class Graphics
3d0090 6 lines Group: Background color is now applied to group label as well
3d830a 59 lines Fixed bug in ScrolledCompositeLCA (196958)
3de254 13 lines Fix for Bug 230875: Hitting ESC twice in MessageDialog or Shell leads to application breakdown
3e7a45 9 lines Fixed typos, formatting
3ed6a6 3 lines Fixed Bug 221526: Setting custom widget ID for a TabItem breaks the TabItem
3f9d53 297 lines Added Javadoc for most methods in ControlLCAUtil
4023b3 135 lines Made Text borders themeable
4261a2 217 lines Exchanged isEnabled with getEnabled in LCAs to prevent unnecessary updates of child widgets
430595 518 lines Updated CTabFolder tab in controls demo
4318f0 4 lines Applied patch for Bug 185735.
45e88f 26 lines Minor change in TabFolder themeing
469789 10 lines Added selectAll button to Text tab in controls demo
470a17 50 lines Added documentation for IControlThemeAdapter
478942 17 lines Updated help for theming of custom controls
48a91e 4 lines Fixed element name in ProgressBar theme definition which lead to missing image in demo theme.
49e9ee 248 lines Revised custom theme in demo application
4adb02 19 lines Removed patch that works around Bug 205465: Error in FF nsIDOMNSHTMLInputElement.selectionStart
4b78eb 4 lines Added missing macro substitution for custom appearances in ThemeManager
4b8e55 38 lines Extracted bugfix for Bug 201080 from "hijack" method into patch, patched and updated qx js files
4c15bd 20 lines Rüdiger's patch for Bug 193074 (Text with tabIndex -1)
4cb57f 269 lines Fix for custom colors on Tree
4fccdc 83 lines Fixed Bug 228181: Coolbar.setBackgroundImage() doesn't work
50932e 5 lines Partly fixed Bug 191922: Label with RIGHT style displays multiline text correctly now
509a6b 31 lines Added missing style property button.FLAT.pressed.foreground
50bb02 622 lines Updated help files on theming
51f9e7 5 lines Fix for Bug 243068: Height of Text widgets with qx0.7.3 to large
5349cf 43 lines Implemented functional computeSize method on Combo
537536 616 lines Revised and modified Combo, fixed several Combo bugs
546066 82 lines Fixed bug with radio menu items that referenced wrong firstSibling item, resulting in a JS error
54c3d9 1149 lines Implemented get/setAlpha on Shell
54cb8a 1 lines removed sysout
5625b5 117 lines Re-installed inner class that contains format string in Color
584651 120 lines Minor themeing changes
585bf2 20 lines Fixed a broken test case
594a57 10 lines Set CTabFolder colors according to theme in controls demo
59d782 59 lines Revised Group#computeSize - Bug 243060: [Group] Revise Group#computeSize
5a8788 2 lines Aligned CHECK and RADIO button bg color with widget background
5b1846 22 lines Truncate strings that contain zero characters before render
5b2c49 232 lines Fixed Shell client area computation, minor refactorings
5c0cd1 19 lines Fix for Bug 232977: Opening PreferencePage from Demo Presentation occasionally leads to javascript error
5c556a 486 lines Introduced new syntax in theme.xml files, minor theming fixes
5cafbf 116 lines Revised computeSize on Label and Text
5cbec0 178 lines Filled two unimplemented API methods in Combo
5ccfd9 52 lines Removed redundant theme test suite
5d6885 2 lines Turned off debugging statements in ThemeManager (had accidently been turned on)
600700 976 lines Introduced themeing for dimensions (margin, padding, etc.), improved themeing for Shell.
617293 3 lines Revoked change in WidgetLCAUtil#writeImage
618951 70 lines Updated help on theming
61f8f2 9 lines Set style flags on CTabFolder in controls demo
633ba3 15 lines Temporarily disabled object pooling for PUSH buttons due to obscure JS errors
657307 81 lines Exchanged deprecated declarative exit confirmation in demo project
659605 2342 lines Fixed Bug 213996: TextSizeDetermination doesn't escape characters,
6597e3 806 lines Themeing improvements
67044a 39 lines All theme files are now handled by ThemeManager
6723dc 16 lines Minor changes in controls demo
673276 21196 lines Synchronized js files in test mockup project
6866de 717 lines Implemented themeing support for borders
6a6f31 35 lines Fixed Bug 211689: [Shell] Preload button images to avoid flicker on hover
6aacd5 2 lines Fixed typo in Javascript
6ab8ee 65 lines Introduced util method for writing styles (All relevant styles must now be rendered for CSS to work) - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
6b0a29 551 lines Minor improvements for themeing
6b4b6b 6 lines Minor cleanup in test
6ba73d 4 lines Fixed syntax error in DefaultAppearance
6c26f2 364 lines Implemented new light-weight Sash widget for RWT
6fdcab 3 lines Removed unused import
705741 101 lines Workaround for recycled Labels that displayed stale content
70764a 26 lines Minor changes in i18n tutorial
70ca8c 8 lines commented lines in Application.js - fix for Bug 191914
7103ce 94 lines Improved alternative theme
717a4f 19 lines Added links to latest version from CVS to theming help files
7187e0 2 lines Reset default theme in demo
72232f 7 lines Changed border color for CTabFolder buttons
724025 6 lines Made targetPath attribute optional for image definitions in theme.xml files
72e803 637 lines Implemented cursor API - Bug 244004: Missing possibility to set a custom mouse cursor for a widget
740b53 26 lines Fixed client-side cursor handling for Combo - Bug 244004: Missing possibility to set a custom mouse cursor for a widget
7425a6 16 lines Removed obsolete methods in Shell.js
77044d 8 lines Fixed bugs in appearances
774cf7 3 lines Fixed Bug 223202: Empty entries in Combo are too small
7897bc 237 lines Made Spinner ready for object pooling, revised computeSize / computeTrim
79034b 113 lines Added workaround for bug in Atom that does not clear text in recycled Labels
79e55b 50 lines Fixed client-side cursor handling for Spinner - Bug 244004: Missing possibility to set a custom mouse cursor for a widget
7f2236 1 lines Removed a TODO
804d8f 2 lines Bug 220996: Changed default for Shell client area padding to 0
824649 205 lines Added Javadoc to life cycle-related classes
824ddd 684 lines Revised ThemeManager exception handling
8264ad 80 lines Added Javadoc for a couple of life cycle related classes
833ca5 3 lines Fixed Bug 216879: extra space in Label#computeSize()
8347e7 3779 lines Migrated to qooxdoo-0.7.3
838df5 905 lines Enhanced StyleSheet, moved test css files - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
83b1a5 37 lines Use underline tags for Link widget since underlined does not work in font theme
83beb3 53 lines Replaced Java 1.5 function String#contains, added themeable widgets
84481a 2990 lines Added missing theme property button.CHECK.foreground
84ce8b 31 lines Applied ToolItem patch from Bug 234037: [ToolBar] Preferred size too wide
855123 244 lines Changed alternative theme in Controls demo to CSS
85efba 259 lines Revised writeEnabled and preserveEnabled methods for Menu and MenuItem, fixed Bug 240684: Disabling a sub menu doesn't work in cascaded menues
8671c3 120 lines Started to add escape tests methods to LCA Tests, minor cleanup
86dd70 190 lines Enhanced Combo tab in controls demo
871cd9 7 lines Fixed outdated statement in theming help
87a0c5 103 lines Applied patch that fixes bugs 228203 and 240902.
87e8c4 123 lines Added Variants Tab to Controls Demo
88bdc0 129 lines Disabled WRAP for multi-line text (see https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=196135 ) plus some code cleanup.
8a7719 844 lines Added support for CSS default theme files provided by themeable widgets
8a98bb 59 lines Minor code cleanup
8c2e31 4 lines Adjusted copyright in help plug-in - 214860: Adjust copyright headers
8c5294 135 lines Minor changes in some controls demo tabs
8cab05 13 lines Added test to QxTheme_Test
8d5f8f 38 lines fix for Bug 190976: setting a foreground / background color to null fails
8da71f 76 lines Added Cancel button to Login dialog in demo to track Bug 239609: WidgetSelected event for button with focus and default button
8e9340 234 lines Implemented Control setBackgroundImage, minor theming fixes and improvements
8ff554 29 lines Workaround for Bug 190880: Context menu on Combo broken
91604b 35 lines Fixed Bug 208958: [Theming] Broken color theming for CHECK and RADIO buttons
92d38d 492 lines Made fonts themeable - part II
92f298 26 lines Fixed test for TextSizeEstimation
95f879 457 lines Prepared ThemeDefinitionReader for new theme.xml syntax - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
96a38c 2 lines Fixed Typos
96b32d 91 lines Some improvements to the alternative theme
96c417 129 lines Changed ThemeManager#registerTheme signature and callers to pass theme file name
973214 3 lines minor cleanup
979658 111 lines Added missing Javadoc to Graphics
97cea8 4 lines Workaround for Bug 202130: [pooling] StackLayout: Label.setText() doesn't work
987e22 9 lines Fixed QxImage#hashCode for NONE images - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
9977f0 1145 lines Put object pooling into service
9a8c24 6 lines Added patch against qx-0.7.3 to fix Bug 244525: [Tree] Expanding nodes leads to jumping
9b6400 2 lines Fixed Bug 226875: combo and shell default button respond to the same ENTER key
9e42dd 14 lines Added Javadoc for custom variants key
9e56a5 2258 lines Refactored Custom Appearace Change
9efc75 14378 lines Added patch to qooxdoo sources to fix Bug 239609: WidgetSelected event for button with focus and default button
9fef98 1114 lines Changed border theme to extend a base theme instead of copying it (for 211068). Renamed ThemeWriter to QxTheme.
a1a5f8 9 lines Revoke unintentionally commited change in controls demo
a2fb7e 17 lines Added Test for text wrapping in Label
a456cd 150 lines Applied patch to qx sources to prevent default action on backspace in READ_ONLY Texts
a4de5a 50 lines Added themeable hover foreground color for Buttons
a4f5a3 3133 lines Theming enhancement: introduced widget variants
a507c6 398 lines Simplified Text tab in controls demo
a6336b 8 lines Fix for Bug 187992 (MenuListener for POPUP Menus)
a66683 3 lines Added checkbox for state MULTI to ListTab
a6e699 2 lines Changed border color for CTabFolder buttons
a7eae4 312 lines Theme Adapters refactored
a81117 384 lines Adjusted copyright headers in rwt.q07 - Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
a974e3 4 lines Fixed Typos
aa4304 3378 lines DefaultAppearance.js is not copied anymore (Bug 211068)
aa4433 275 lines Moved registration of resources from CTabFolderLCA to ThemeManager
aa5ffc 400 lines ControlsDemo: added buttons for background image, merged background mode tab with composite tab
aadb92 5 lines Fixed bug in ThemeDefinitionReader with Java 1.4
ab1885 125 lines Adjusted copyright headers in ui.workbench - Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
ab7321 35 lines Minor cleanup in layout demo
abeb09 1 lines Fixed a bug in Group.theme.xml
acfe30 16 lines Removed ineffective overloaded method in qx javascript code
ad0c5e 484 lines Changed ThemeManager to pass CSS theme information to client - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
ae6c71 18 lines Button#computeSize overhauled, fixed Bug 234157: [Button] computeSize does not respect spacing and padding
aed112 168 lines Adjusted copyright headers for demo.databinding plug-in- 214860: Adjust copyright headers
aeff5a 34 lines Added object pooling for Browser widget
af0e1f 16 lines Fixed Bug 232825: Tree foreground color can not be customized using variants
b26b1e 3 lines Fixed Group font in default theme
b3a894 12 lines Added missing compiler compliance level for demo.databinding project
b5fd50 28 lines Minor theming changes
b642db 146 lines ThemeManager improvements, Theme ids are not passed to JavaScript anymore.
b6611f 2 lines fixed typo
b6896a 44 lines Fix for Bug 210249: List - Right mouse click fire's widget selected event
b7744e 329 lines Moved writeForeground / writeBackground to WidgetLCAUtil as this is needed by some Items too
b93999 2 lines Applied fix for label pooling worlaround also for images
b9ca70 9 lines Minor change in test case for mnemonics escaping
ba003b 8 lines Changed method name to be more precise
ba3feb 334 lines Implemented theming support for transparency
bac3c3 114 lines Adjusted copyright header for ui, ui.forms, and ui.views - Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
bca5b1 1798 lines CTabFolder redesign, support for style flags BORDER and FLAT, setBorderVisible and themeable colors
bcdb6f 55 lines Fixed problem in ImageDataCache, added test
bd6522 25789 lines Implemented image decorator support in JFace and Workbench
bdada9 544 lines Added documentation on theming to help plug-in
be0bb1 15 lines Revised Toolbar#computeSize again, Bug 234037: [ToolBar] Preferred size too wide
be8318 52 lines Fixes in appearance theme for Bug 193933 (user defined foreground color is not grayed out when disabled)
bfcffc 20 lines Aligned newline pattern in LCAs
bfe3d0 40 lines Dropped additional parameter from theme extension point
c00159 7 lines Quick fix for NPE in Theme
c1330c 178 lines Removed obsolete code for rounded borders in Shell.js
c1a24e 86 lines Fixed Bug 203531: 'caption_inactive.gif' not found for theme 'Alternative Demo Theme' (ClassLoader problem)
c1d29f 6 lines Corrected since tags 1.1 -> 1.1.1
c30b3f 62 lines Fixed year in copyright header
c40926 3 lines Fixed Bug 222035: [TabFolder] Javascript warning from widget manager
c4462f 63 lines Prepared Shell for object pooling (not active yet)
c4bad3 302 lines Moved qooxdoo cursors into appearance - Bug 244004: Missing possibility to set a custom mouse cursor for a widget
c5375a 125 lines Applied patch for Bug 200389: Link widget allows every html tag
c7bc83 2 lines Workaround for too flat SINGLE Text fields
c9e1e3 10657 lines Introduced support for theme files in CSS format
ca76d0 373 lines Controls demo refactored
cab945 171 lines Fix for Bug 193933: text is correctly grayed out on List and Table, Fix for custom colors on Tree
caf8e4 94 lines Prepared ScrolledComposite for object pooling
cb26f7 4 lines Fix for Bug 189836: resolved name conflict in Separator.js
cb9766 20 lines Added Javadoc for createUI return value
cc92dc 103 lines Fixed Bug 206449: [Link] Error in internal parser for certain input strings
cd197a 39 lines Cache validated variant string in WidgetAdapter
cdae51 12 lines Fixed Bug 234097: Button size is not correctry determined if the image is bigger then 16x16
cde16a 65 lines Adjusted copyright headers for launcher plug-in - Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
ce1509 57 lines Fix for Bug 230881: Hitting ESC in opened Combo leads to closing the shell
cfe014 274 lines Introduced simple helper classes for creating JSON structure for CSS theming data - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
d0604e 8 lines Fix for TextSizeDetermination bug (returned zero height) that lead to crippled CTabFolder items in multi-page editors
d13661 290 lines Button#computeSize overhauled, fixed Bug 234157: [Button] computeSize does not respect spacing and padding
d2b066 3 lines Repaired SpinnerThemeAdapter (made SpinnerTest fail)
d36443 16 lines alternative theme update
d369c0 22 lines Extracted Combo changes into patches, updated tools project.
d3cd23 65 lines Added themeable colors for Labels
d57e7d 26 lines Workaround for Bug 190966: User defined foreground/background colors on Combo are not applied to the dropdown list
d7b979 22 lines Prepared theming of Tree line visibility
d7cdd8 189 lines Improved logging in ThemeManager
d81e22 308 lines Fixed Theming Bug 220162: Default images are now resolved properly for custom themeable widgets
d96d2d 517 lines Overhauled Text widget to fix Bug 192146: [Text] Wrong text field behavior when using Ctrl. + V
da1cf4 652 lines Themeing improvements: prepared themeing for images
daa63f 39 lines Object pooling for link widget
db51de 2750 lines Themeing for SWT controls, first increment.
dbb975 2 lines Applied bugfix for SWT Bug 225946: TOGGLE Buttons inherit background with SWT.INHERIT_DEFAULT
dc4a3e 466 lines Implemented themeing for Group
dcace1 6 lines Removed Java 1.5 method call
dd2e36 196 lines Rewrote Label with separator style to save memory
dd333f 31 lines Fixed Bug 226726: Positioning of Scrollbars in TreeViewer/Tree doesn't work properly
de77cb 3 lines Forgot to export theme folder in demo plug-in
de82eb 3 lines Fix for Bug 187802 (ToolItem with SWT.CHECK has wrong checked state)
e0045a 4 lines Fixed image paths for close icons in CTabItem.js
e07b6d 192 lines Minor fixes for Link widget
e094b2 2 lines Filled blank.html with content, as this 0 byte file was not delivered by Jetty
e0d68b 4 lines RESOLVED - Bug 232962: [List] unfocused selection color not supported
e13871 225 lines Extracted Combo changes into patches, updated tools project.
e25c30 52 lines Added Javadoc for Canvas
e3e2d4 2700 lines Removed sac.jar from rwt, added interfaces as source, exported packages
e4970a 3 lines Replaced a wrong name in DefaultApperance.js
e499ab 2138 lines Adjusted copyright headers in rwt test plugins - 214860: Adjust copyright headers
e55c2a 1750 lines Adjusted copyright headers in rwt - Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
e5c049 92 lines ZOrderTab polished up
e6c0f0 82 lines Added method to return selector constraints - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
e8cda9 5 lines Fixed Bug 233671: [Shell] hasListener property is not preserved
ea1f33 50 lines Minor refactorings in theming - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
ea73aa 8 lines Re-added GroupTab to controls demo to track Group problems ( see Bug 196014 )
ead2a9 2 lines Fixed js syntax error
ebb3ac 1 lines fixed Bug 249754: [Theming][Toolbar] Allow for toolbar background transparency
ebbf09 120 lines Made List ready for object pooling
ecca6e 36 lines Workaround for padding bug with multi-line Text (196134)
ef2b93 40 lines Fix for Bug 187249 (Missing events for ToolItem with SWT.CHECK / SWT.RADIO); Added Javadoc for FontSizeEstimation
ef94ce 17 lines Revised Group#computeTrim
efe1eb 271 lines Refactoring: United redundant methods into util class
f04100 101 lines Made menu borders themeable - Bug 205404
f06ce0 106 lines Changed method names in IExitConfirmation and AbstractBranding
f2025d 206 lines Implemented support for standard system colors using Display.getSystemColor
f2075d 371 lines Adapted computeSize on Combo, Spinner and Text to new TextSizeDetermination
f207bf 309 lines Added comments for new syntax in theme.xml files
f21f66 3 lines Revoked changes for Bug 223202: Empty entries in Combo are too small
f23db5 294 lines Fix for bug that broke client-side layout of ScrolledComposites and workaround that restores SC origins after TextSizeDetermination
f3da38 6 lines Revoked formatting on a "verbatim copy of SWT" method
f4bac0 9869 lines Javadoc from SWT added. Note that for some classes, the added javadoc does not reflect the current development status of RAP. See http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Rap10M4_News
f5bf18 13 lines Fixed a bug in the ThemeManager that mixed up server-side and client-side theme ids
f688a8 58 lines Further fixes and refactorings for Text#get/setSelection
f8516a 17 lines RWTTestSuite runs quickly again :-)
f95b87 51 lines Revised Coolbar tab and Toolbar tab in controls demo
f96ca8 138 lines ThemeManager combines multiple theme files into one to eliminate HTTP requests
faa005 54 lines Fixed compile error in EngineConfigWrapper
faea59 31 lines Added since tags, restored deprecated method in AbstractBranding to maintain compatibility
fb890d 57 lines Adjusted copyright headers for junit and junit.runtime - Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
fc141e 125 lines Added backgroundMode tab to control demo
fcff49 12 lines Adjusted copyright header in jface - Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
fd1f6a 48 lines Re-enabled get/setSelection for MULTI Texts.
fdf067 41 lines Switched button appearance to CSS theming - Bug 245834: [Theming] Implement generic CSS theming engine
feffab 29 lines Removed workarounds for Bug 196135: [Text] WRAP does not work on Text with MULTI style
ffb7aa 153 lines Theme class refactoring
Ralf Zahn (ars.de)
205499 27831 bytes [Spinner] setDigits is missing
Attachment 160227: Draft of Spinner component with digits (locale-dependent formatting)
280902 10676 bytes ProgressBar#setState() is missing
Attachment 142660: Patch: First proposal
283291 39598 bytes Provide history support
Attachment 149808: 4th draft
294609 7747 bytes [List] isSelected fails with duplicate list items
Attachment 162909: Patch with ListModel fitting the ListModel_Test requirements
René Brandstetter (gmx.net)
4c18e8 8 lines Bug 431120 - [Table] Fixed Table Columns prevent Drag&Drop
Roberto Sanchez (autonomind.com)
255690 1158 bytes [DateTime] Widget doesn't get Typed Year value
Attachment 118167: This patch solves the problem
Rüdiger Herrmann (gmx.de)
006148 43 lines Added a RAP target definition
00c58a 2 lines Minor correction
00d50c 79 lines Fixed widgetSelected event in TabFolder
010dd1 23 lines Quick fix for bug in Tree that occurs when the invisible root item is selected
0139d0 11 lines Fixed Bug 220180: NPE in CoolItem#setSize
015eca 2 lines Fix: item text adopted parents' font settings
01bb9e 22 lines Cleanup, formatting, marked public but non-API constants in JSWriter as such
01bf65 46 lines Fixed Bug 223901: [Table] setSelection does not auto scroll to the selected element
01da94 2335 lines Introduced ActivateEvent; Enabled sending and processing of multiple events in one request; Reworked Button- and ToolItem LCAs
020b7d 3 lines Fixed typo in JavaDoc
0210d9 50 lines Fixed exception when removing untyped mouse events
023e79 80 lines Added controls to modify and query selection for SINGLE and PASSWORD text widgets
02561b 2 lines Adjusted default target install path to 1.2
02802c 6 lines Added missing package exports (hidden), adjustes target install dialog title
02c325 42 lines Changed TableItem#getBounds and TabelLCA to better handle the item width for column-less tables
02daea 19 lines Fixed ocasional ExecutionException: "no activeWorkbenchWindow found while executing <command-id>"
02fcdb 203 lines Applied patch #2 to fix Bug 241843: class SWT is missing 'LEFT_TO_RIGHT' and 'RIGHT_TO_LEFT' [...]
03094c 24 lines Fix for combo box
03e5e6 146 lines Fixed Bug 220105: [launcher] fixed non-free port not detected
0403c2 512 lines Moved ControlLCAUtil_Test to proper package
04b2c8 15 lines Fixed copyright header
04bb43 1286 lines Implemented SWT.MULTI for Table widget, Part I
04d0a9 6 lines Added qualifier to version in MANIFEST
055a56 3 lines Code format, note
05a922 102 lines ModifyEvents now currectly align with SWT as they are also fired when changes are made programmatically
05e5ab 6 lines Updated qooxdoo-problems: Dragging or resizing windows selects underlying text in IE7
063aa0 336 lines FocusEvents Part II:
0669b4 21 lines Made TableItem LCA a bit more robust when it comes to HTML characters like <, >, etc
071e20 32 lines Fixed hashCode of FontData, united with algorithm in Graphics
0815d4 24 lines fix for javascript error at startup
08354d 22 lines Added ability to server-side change checked state of a TableItem
090b16 1 lines Added missing execution environment
0a21b4 1 lines Referenced qooxdoo bug report
0abb1e 8 lines Reduced visibility
0abefe 858 lines Copied JavaDoc from SWT
0b2959 19 lines Aligned initial values of minimizeVisible and maximizeVisible with SWT
0b866f 139 lines Bug 191971: double-click (widgetDefaultSelected) event on Table
0bf8b6 120 lines Fixed Bug 235368: [table] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in virtual TableViewer
0cb9b4 15716 lines KeyEvents, Part I (Bug 225764)
0cd565 214 lines Enabled on Menu and MenuItem
0cde40 2 lines Adjusted target path to RC1
0dce07 3 lines Adjusted copyright header
0e3d21 1596 lines Split up WidgetUtil into WidgetUtil and WidgetLCAUtil
0ef0a7 2 lines Changed 3.4 target platform to M5
0f5181 499 lines FocusEvents Part I
0fae3f 22 lines Implemented Display#getDoubleClickTime()
0fcf3f 438 lines Fixed Bug 183213: Message to the user when connection is lost
10870d 2 lines Code formatting
10d34d 685 lines RWT Link implemented.
10fb34 23 lines Session scoped preference store
11ac9c 6 lines Fixed accidential creation of global variable
11f5fd 13 lines JavaDoc
125953 440 lines Mode Widget#getDisplay() non-abstract
1288d1 7 lines JavaDoc update
12c138 7 lines Added cache-control header
13dca0 145 lines Fixed bugs introduced with API cleanup (201225, 201286, 201403, 201528)
13e9e4 2 lines Updated spinner tab in controls demo to demonstrate WRAP behaviour
13ff15 761 lines Fixed performance-optimized client-side label to show TreeItem labels on Firefox
146abe 2 lines Comment on suspicious code
149259 42 lines Bug 186331: Applied patch that introduces Combo#getText()
15a758 353 lines Implemented VerifyListener for Text widget
15af2f 6 lines Removed "incubation" addendum
15f32d 2 lines Changed buildLabel to target-3.5
167055 1853 lines Introduced borders for most of the controls
16a688 3 lines Moved default background color from Tree.js to DefaultAppearanceTheme.js
172afd 2 lines Fixed syntax error in JS destructor
1740c1 1540 lines Initial Font support
1762da 6 lines Removed unused imports
176b05 2 lines Removed accidentially left over debug messages
176bc0 15 lines Changed line delimiter for new files to 'unix'
179b21 311 lines DoubleClick Part I: implemented widgetDefaultSelected in SelectionListener
17d7ef 17 lines Adjusted PDE builder settings
181b27 38 lines Fixed delayed browser start
18240d 12 lines Newline chars are now fitered out when writing text properties
185892 2 lines Fixed typo
1870ed 204 lines Removed public widget-methods/fields which are not part of the API
190a35 1 lines Preserved increment value to avoid unnecessary rendering
196ee2 2 lines Formatting
1a2248 4 lines Corrected JavaDoc
1a47d2 8 lines Removed unwanted stopwatch output
1b1647 147 lines Fix: With the text size determination it could happen that the Id for Display wasn't 'w1' anymore, wich caused e.g. focus events to fall through
1ba50c 15 lines Removed unused code
1cb15c 1 lines Organize imports
1d19ab 28 lines Fixed Bug 194761: Creating a ListViewer with empty CP or not SetInput causes illegal focusIndex
1d4fd2 6 lines The last one?!?!
1d549e 88 lines Found a workaround that allows now to change images of TreeItems
1de046 4 lines Removed minimize button from shells in workbench- and controls-demo
1defb7 294 lines Adjusted compiler settings
1e4903 1748 lines Disabled DnD code
1eef91 6 lines Removed "incubation" addendum
1f8184 76 lines Minor bugfix in Combo: selection event was fired on initial focus out
1ff8d8 11 lines Added test case: a once maunally set tabList doesn't change when a new child-control is created
20af2f 266 lines Completed set of overloaded map methods on Display; code cleanup
20e709 4 lines The long awaited qooxdoo library, version 0.6.5
210deb 12 lines Minor change to setUp: writes log messages to sys-err
211583 2 lines Changed New and Noteworthy link to point o the M3 page
211fff 33 lines Brought double-click (maximize) on DefaultTabFolder back to work
215e28 106 lines Made release* methods on Widget package-private
216bfb 7 lines Fixed: CTabItem does not show its text sometimes
218c7a 26 lines KeyEvents: fixed translation of client-side arrow key code to server-side key codes
22325a 31 lines Further changes to bring cell editors to work
2266af 24 lines Minor improvements for tree demo
226928 362 lines First implementation of tab order for controls.
22d099 256 lines Restore accidentially deleted class
237fce 5 lines Commented out removing of resize-listener in terminate, causes JavaScript error
239147 1269 lines Moved ActivateListener/Event to internal package
23c425 2 lines Capitalized toc entry
241544 6 lines Marked items solved or linked to qooxdoo bug entries as applicable
24da00 2 lines Disabled QuickAccessHandler command extension
2567f0 1 lines Fixed Bug 206324:Refresh of virtual table with few entries leads to "frozen" rows
25c8bc 14 lines Fixde JavaScript error when reloading application that contains a tree
25c966 4 lines Changed misleading TOC label
264aac 10 lines Fixed NPE that occured when the LaunchManager returned launches that had no launch config assigned any more
26c51c 65 lines Workbench/CTabFolder face lifting
26d477 78 lines Code clean up
274507 5329 lines Parts, views and editors - part I
27a008 192 lines SWT Controls on ToolItems are now properly displayed
27f90b 8 lines Changed link to most recent N&N
2822a2 7 lines Organize imports
282da5 3 lines Added targets folder to source build
283c9c 156 lines Added very basic launch shortcut
297371 15 lines Code cleanup and formatting
299467 1 lines Added missing registration of a combo widget at the steering controls
29e6e4 7 lines Removed unnecessary call to 'super destructor'
2a1bc2 12 lines Removed compiler warnings
2abc77 36 lines Code formatting and comments/TODOs for qooxdoo workarounds and legacy code style
2b3d5d 48 lines Added legal notices page
2b985d 146 lines UTF-8 support for NLS
2bd6b0 32 lines Fixed bug in TabItemLCA: selection of a TabFolder could not be changed programmatically; added example in ControlsDemo
2bf0f0 1 lines Fixed bug that caused the client-side application to hang when disposing of a widget that currently shows a tool tip
2c67b7 1 lines Exported missing package (hidden)
2cbec0 305 lines Fine-tuned size calculations for ToolBar, ToolItem, CoolBar and CoolItem
2d0078 4 lines Removed unused imports
2da72f 263 lines Added IWorkbenchBrowserSupport and IWebBrowser to workbench and necessary API to open and close popup browser windows in RWT
2daa0f 38 lines Fix: RADIO button did not react on server-side changes (e.g. calling setSelection)
2e82a8 2703 lines Client-side performance optimizations for IE: removed 'type' checks on property setters, replaced qx.ui.basic.Label with own implementation
2e9c6d 18 lines CR/LF are now also escaped in method escapeString
2eb4f7 2 lines Fixed misspelled variable name
2f21c3 3 lines Added information about widget to TypedEvent#toString
2f30d6 194 lines Fixed Bug 235588: [table] First rows are fixed in Internet Explorer when scrolling
2fa043 2609 lines Upgrade to qooxdoo version 0.6.5
2fefe9 208 lines Code clean up
306cd2 18 lines Fixed 251057: [Table] getItem(Point) returns wrong values if header is visible
30b5df 839 lines Changes for Bug 234831: Revise and update about.html files
3132b1 108 lines Partial fix for PartActivation, not working under certain circumstances
319327 197 lines Resolved compile errors in classes derived from PageEventAction
31b1e1 4 lines Renamed loca variable
31b56d 39 lines Workaround for Bug 189902: IE throws error when setting scrollTop to a higher value than scrollHeight
321369 5 lines tidyup target now deletes intermediate build dir in order to make building from branches work
326921 79 lines Opened API for ColumnViewer#getItemAt(), implementation yet to come
32f919 105 lines Fixed Bug 208780: [table] Virtual table displays dots ("...") for removed rows
33171f 13 lines Re-activated system summary section, WorkbenchPreferenceInitializer
333efa 77 lines Fix for the fix: moved initialization of display id to LCA to eliminate interference with tests
33d857 6 lines Changed map to do CVS fetch from 1.1.1-RC1 tag
33eb56 3271 lines Table rewrite, part I
33ebb3 2 lines Code formatting
34e422 4 lines Fixed NLS tab localizations
357a29 16 lines Adjusted height calculation in showItem
35a6cd 6 lines Fixed shell resizing issue cause by wrong id for Display
35c2f6 2 lines Fixed typo in progress message
35e032 52 lines Changed map do CVS fetch from v11_Mantenante branch
35e82e 2 lines Re-export org.eclipse.core.runtime
36398a 303 lines Provided simplfied constructor for SelectionEvent
364119 4 lines Made launch config image transparent
369c13 13 lines Fixed Bug 248322: URLImageDescriptor#createImage() leaks OS resources
36e951 207 lines File now obsolete as all bugs are reported in qooxdoo BugZilla
371fb7 2 lines Build with 3.5 M2 as base platform
377638 1198 lines Adjusted packages to meet conventions
379970 1843 lines Compiler-Settings are now stored within the project; fixed some compiler warnings
37bb4d 3 lines Fixed Bug 189283: brought existing workaround for qooxdoo back to work for qx 0.7
37f5f1 8 lines Fixed TableItem#clear(): now also resets grayed and checked properties
39825e 1009 lines Resolved Bug 215016: MouseEvents are missing
39c522 19 lines Fix for endless loop bug in FontSizeEstimation (182754)
3aa403 6 lines Added missing body.html to build.properties
3ab75c 377 lines Marked public members that are not API as asuch
3b07c5 101 lines Border style for Browser widget
3b3c6b 16 lines Minor enhancement of ModifyEvent for Spinner widget
3b6795 3 lines Fixed typo and code format
3c2c56 38 lines Removed unnecessary server turnaounds in Spinner widget
3ce0b8 33 lines Improved performance and visual feedback when moving table columns
3ce175 6 lines Code cleanup
3d6a0b 452 lines @since tags
3d8b96 1202 lines Introduced visibility and enabled
3d9670 65 lines Moved Display#getSystemImage to class Device
3d9c7f 75 lines Found and fixed memory leaks
3db1fc 322 lines Introduced modal windows
3de380 2 lines Fixed typo in comment
3e0b7a 7 lines Fine-tuned calculation of width in getBounds()
3e196c 2248 lines Deactivated SplashHandler, content assist
3ef505 5 lines Disabled pooling for text widget, Bug 218466: Occasionally no keyboard entries are accepted anymore
3f1c0c 696 lines Implemented handling of deep links into existing sessions
3f3160 1294 lines Moved CTabFolder to proper package
415cc2 16 lines Corrected shell activation order in Display
416090 256 lines Removed unused type TypedListener
41f7f7 3 lines Added icons folder to build.properties
42a58f 1920 lines Initial version of a RAP launcher for Eclipse 3.3 M7
42beb8 66 lines Removed obsolete test case
438d9c 58 lines Fixed synchronization issue
439440 41 lines Fixed Bug 235051: [Table] Using keyboard to navigate in table with CHECK style causes wrong item to be checked
43e5d8 113 lines Implemented linesVisible property on Tree
440470 861 lines Fixed Bug 210257: [table] Removed rows in virtual tables can still be selected
44090b 193 lines Extended controls- and workbench-demo to show support for external browser windows
446324 10 lines Changed the preliminary exception handling in RWTLifeCycle#execute() to also catch and log Throwables
44940e 66 lines Potential fix for Bug 220778: Ocassionally, controls that display text are way to wide
44a740 247 lines Introduced session-singletos for WorkbenchPlugin#getThemeManager, #getWorkingSetRegistry, #getWorkingSetManager
45a8df 13 lines Added button to TableTab to query the current topIndex
46739e 4 lines Removed accidentailly committed sys-outs
46901a 31 lines Fixed background colors of Group box
46ee24 16 lines Fixed bug # 237134: [Table] TableItem#setBackground() overrides the selection color
46f001 2 lines Removed obsolete org.eclipse.rap.w4t from demo launch config
486d89 16 lines Refined Enter key detection: for Text (SelectionEvent) and Shell (default button), the Enter key is only considered when no modifier key was pressed at the same time
48ff60 4 lines Refined appearance of column resize line
491393 290 lines Migration to qooxdoo 0.7 rev. 8735
491e55 148 lines Updated help for 1.1 M2
492186 14 lines Removed unnecessary method parameter
4934f7 7 lines Removed obsolte bug reference comment, added missing smicolon
494945 2 lines Changed default target path to ...M2
495ad9 17 lines Fixed rendering unwanted setDialogMode when it matches the client-side default value
4a2944 23 lines Code cleanup
4a360c 39 lines Clean up, @since tags
4ad4c1 53 lines Fixed Bug 192223: IllegalArgumentException when disposing of aselected TableItem
4be405 2 lines Fixed accidential creation of global variable
4be75b 3 lines Changed project default charset to iso-8859-1
4c4bb2 21 lines Changed VM arguments to rwt namespace
4c78fd 1184 lines Fixed Bug 187510: Table/TableViewer does not show icons
4c7ec2 135 lines Partial fix for Bug 241049: [table] Widget is disposed in virtual tables when holding down "end" key
4ca604 20 lines startup extension-point
4ce912 170 lines Fixed Bug 237040: Control.toDisplay wrong calculation if shell has another shell as parent
4d1a82 26 lines Removed unwanted sys-outs
4d47a7 16 lines Code format
4d7886 1 lines Bug 179527: applied patch which removes double-click listener on dispose
4d7f2c 137 lines Fixed bug that prevented virtual TableItems to be displayed client-side after Table#clearAll() was called
4daac4 2 lines Adjusted target path to 1.1.1
4f5e6a 3 lines Code formatting
4fa8a2 262 lines *** empty log message ***
4fe5ab 197 lines Code cleanup
501ffe 2 lines Fixed bug that unwantedly resolved virtual TableItems
5065b4 5 lines Removed unused import
50936f 18 lines Fix in Shell.preserveValues: do not call getZIndex on Shells
50c0bd 18 lines Added check box to mark columns as moveable or not
50d7a6 34 lines Dialog shells close on escape
51eb33 21 lines Fixed bug that caused JS error in ScrolledComposite.js
52005d 524 lines Improved solution for Bug 178506: SelectionEvent on button fired multiple times
525bbf 1554 lines Added servlet name selection dialog, selection for client-side library variant and validation
52bb60 1 lines FIxed compile error
532969 4 lines Fixed Bug 220963: [Table] Adding item to CHECKed table causes JavaScript error
534985 360 lines Implemented ON_TOP, get/setMinimize, get/setMaximize on Shells; minor changes
5385bc 9 lines Additional test case for moving columns
53be40 29 lines Test dispose of TabItem
546370 32 lines Fixed Bug 219941: ListViewer - setSelection(), old selection still set
554960 88 lines Error reporting
55b662 48 lines Fixed firing of unwanted mouse events on composite widgets
560bfb 3 lines Copyright header
56a993 192 lines Code cleanup, formatting
56c088 50 lines Added project-specific clean up rules
56c651 53 lines Adopted SWT test cases for add/removeFilter
571e49 319 lines Implemented VerifyEvent for Combo widget
574715 110 lines Fixed Bug 247826: [Table] Endless loop with virtual table and removeAll
574822 14 lines Table: performance improvements when creating new TableItems
575bd9 2 lines Changed request parameter names: w4t_startup -> startup, w4t_custom_service_handler -> custom_service_handler
577362 97 lines Added missing JavaDoc, dispose now throws illegal thread access, moved disposed flag to state bit mask
5786fc 63 lines no nschema ref
57cb2c 787 lines Revised cheat sheet and intro texts, reworked validation and appearance of InstallTargetDialog
58d80d 542 lines Fixed bug when disposing of TableColumn (introduced when implementing column re-ordering)
58d998 7 lines Removed workaround for wrong JDK version on build server
58ed5b 16 lines Changed request parameter names: w4t_startup -> startup, w4t_custom_service_handler -> custom_service_handler
590411 4 lines Changed class-path for javax.servlet to bring tests back to life again
59325b 145 lines ModifyEvent for Spinner widget
595c9f 112 lines Improved behaviour when a session is restarted by sending the close-request synchonously. This also solves Bug 203717
5964ac 97 lines Removed factory methods from CTabFolderEvent
5984d3 141 lines Fixed JavaScript error when Table is placed in a CTabItem
5a5611 94 lines Adopted the SWT code to handle get/setData(*)
5aea71 2 lines Fix for Bug 184623.
5afaff 715 lines Adopte internal.decorators
5b5ec7 2 lines Changed button text in TableTab to reflects its actual meaning
5bcc7f 323 lines Fixed Bug 209208: Undeterministic behavior when typing in Text with VerifyListener
5c2ee3 224 lines Implemented enabled property for ToolItem
5c3f1a 346 lines Cleaned up TextLCA
5d0a81 35 lines Introduced url property on Request.js
5d44fc 1 lines Formatting
5d7fbf 186 lines Bug 187777: Applied patches for missing Table#remove(*) methods
5e167a 8 lines CTabFolder: fixed appearance of tab items on BOTTOM
5e2f33 1 lines Fixed missing execution environment
5e6d8b 16 lines Fixed bug in DefaultAppearanceTheme that prevented disabled text to be grayed.
5ea153 42 lines Code cleanup
5f6aa2 301 lines Fixed #237740: [Table] Changing image with selection does not work
5f8c9f 7448 lines Parts, views and editors - part II
5ff3ed 10 lines Minor improvements for VIRTUAL Table
6019eb 20 lines Initial unit test for descendant Shells
602d34 60 lines Fixed Bug 205403: [ctabfolder] Wrong tooltip text
604af0 984 lines Adjusted @since tags, fixed NLS compile errors
6203d2 54 lines Fixed Bug 203526: [Table] TableViewer.add() replaces rather than inserts if TableViewer has a sorter
625817 4 lines Moved TODO marker that was visible in JavaDoc
626c65 2 lines Fixed typo
62ea04 3 lines Update on qooxdoo-problems
62fdbc 748 lines Fixed Bug 234153: [Table] Using keyboard navigation does not show selection under certain circumstances
6375b8 311 lines Resolved compile errors due to missing getHelpSystem(), NLS mechanism
63bb76 12 lines Resolved UnsupportedOperationExceptions
63fd30 4 lines FocusEvents Part I
64012f 79 lines Fixed Bug 212600: [TabFolder] Order of new items cannot be set
644f3b 163 lines Added support for window title and a default image to the workbench, plus minor appearance improvements (new window caption and buttons).
646423 4 lines Removed unwanted debug output
64675f 4 lines Updated TODO comment, fixed typo
647dac 47 lines Fixed JavaScript error when disposing of a RADIO button
64abb0 4 lines Brought back default images for TreeItem
64b427 17 lines Fixed Sash disabled cursor.
6653df 26 lines Fixed Bug 189686: IE throws and error when attempting to set the scroll-bar position to -1.
668583 2 lines Updated 3.3 target to 3.3.2
66c763 177 lines NLS support
66ddb8 139 lines The port number may now be chosen automatically
6723ea 2 lines Exported internal package to ui.workbench as it is used there
674049 7 lines Put close-stream in finally block
678b9a 10 lines Added test case that ensures that removeActivateListenerWidget is not rendered when shell is disposed of
67c8b8 2 lines Fixed JavaScript syntax error
68686f 32 lines Implemented renderDispose for Table; Removed obsolete method in TextLCA; code cleanup
68bbfc 2142 lines Disabled code for About dialog and extension point
691054 4 lines Selection is now scrolled into view when necessary
6922ce 1830 lines Fixed: setForeground was ignored client-side when invoked directly after creating the widget
692ef8 4 lines Fixed Bug 223908: Adding SWT.Verify listener to the text widget always returns null for event.text
697bb3 262 lines Implemented column re-ordering by drag and drop
69ef60 4 lines Fixed accidentially disabled code
6a0db9 12 lines Fixed typo
6a7994 64 lines Resolved compile errors in internal.actions
6a83be 127 lines Fixed size computations for Group
6ab78b 7 lines Preliminary fix for JavaScript error when disposing of a RADIO button
6bed2f 112 lines Ongoing work on Bug 201387: [Table] Arrow keys do not work in table.
6c7100 17 lines Fixed JavaScript error when closing a shell whose children have ActivateListener
6d06a0 41 lines Fix: right-click on tree when no context was set caused JavaScript error
6d48b8 1 lines Added missing Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment directive
6d50a4 3795 lines Reworked CTabFolder, Part I
6d54c4 307 lines Code formatting and cleanup
6d8d4d 103 lines Added missing constructors and style mangling on Shell
6de954 2 lines 3.3 M5 target platform
6e19b3 293 lines CTabFolder selection now works when MRUVisible is true
6e1fbf 60 lines Extended TableTab to demonstrate the VIRTUAL feature
6e2598 60 lines Minor refactoring in TreeLCA
6e9e54 3 lines Organize imports
6f0f42 25 lines Improved escapeString to handle CR/LF, CR and LF
6f5fa3 8 lines Changed key event handling for ModifyEvent from keypress to keyup event due qooxdoo bug # 307 (No keypress event for backspace in IE7)
6f8360 55 lines Another fix for bug in Tree that occurs when the invisible root item is selected
6f84d3 73 lines Reworked textLimit of Text widget
6fda76 6046 lines Initial CTabFolder implementation
703147 21 lines Code format
70ce3f 6 lines Added JavaDoc comment
70e87e 4 lines Fixed incompatibility with JRE 1.4
7145f4 9 lines Fixed typo, added todo's
717ffa 135 lines Minor refactorings and changes in comments
718a2a 565 lines Bug 178506 and #188585: Preliminary solution to prevent duplicate requests from being executed server-side
71a36c 80 lines Implemented missing disposal of TableColumns and TableItems when disposing of a Table
727fc1 9 lines Added link to qx web page
729636 65 lines Revised examples and launcher help topics, added screenshot to RAP Launcher topic
7302fa 46 lines Solved issue when disposing of widgets with custom id
7374ef 6 lines Launch delegate now adds -Djava.awt.headless=true to the list of VM arguments when running on MacOS X
7381b5 1157 lines Improvements for Table with images and style SWT.CHECK
7391c1 124 lines Fixed compile error
73f22a 125 lines Implemented client-side handling of requests sent to a expired/invalidated session
746d00 6 lines Removed unnecessary imports
755ba3 105 lines Introduced servletName
756df1 4 lines Renamed checkParent to checkNull to alogn with other Item-constructors
75938c 180 lines Bug 186364: applied path that inreoduces Table'clear(*) methods
75d875 108 lines Refined focus behaviour of TabFolder
76a83c 3 lines Organize imports
76d5ef 636 lines Resolved compile errors in ...applications... packages
7719e3 15 lines Implemented Text#getCharCount (Bug 238653)
777556 36 lines Moved appearance of CoolItem to DefaultAppearanceTheme
77e234 2 lines Organize imports
78120a 2 lines Changed VM arguments to rwt namespace
784c35 61 lines Fixed Bug 235073: Using extension point ORG.ECLIPSE.UI.STARTUP causes JAVA.LANG.ILLEGALSTATEEXCEPTION
78c67a 3570 lines Took over some charater constants from SWT
78ee7f 2 lines Fixed typo in comment
78fe53 244 lines Implemented TableColumn#pack()
791148 22 lines Code formatting
796705 1 lines layout selection status label after text changes
79940b 63 lines Removed 3.2 target, added 3.4 Mx target
799dc0 2 lines Changed DEBUG value for VM argument "client-side library variant" to uppercase
79a475 30 lines Fixed bug in CTabFolder that prevented it from working in IE
7a08ee 57 lines Eliminated unwanted request parameters that denoted the (unchanged) selection
7a1566 55 lines Link invocation by keyboard
7a5a56 586 lines Bug 186946: Introduced data field on RWTEvent and renamed this class to TypedEvent
7a7858 10 lines Completed focus example to set focus on text widgets
7af49e 40 lines Added sorting capability for VRTUAL TableViewer
7b01f2 226 lines JavaDoc
7b0d50 1256 lines Help plugin
7b6fa5 31 lines PDE Launch Configuration to run/debug RAP Tooling
7bda7a 2 lines Fixed possible NPE in setText(String)
7cdda5 94 lines Fixed bug in Link.computeSize() and added link example to controls demo ListTab.
7cfb1a 29 lines Commented out obsolete test
7d579d 157 lines Changed FontChooser into a dialog in controls demo
7d5e85 395 lines Implemented MenuEvent / MenuListener, added tests for Menu.
7d791f 80 lines Fixed external browser window
7dd58b 1 lines Added missing Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment directive
7de5d9 491 lines Implemented setfont(), setBackground() and setForeground() along with the respective getters for TableItem
7f0729 24 lines Fixed accidential creation of global variable
7f5b37 5 lines Added Cursor_Test to suite
7ffaa4 1202 lines Resolved compile errors in ui.actions
808377 3087 lines Display#readAndDispatch() part I
809b68 6 lines Fixed writeBounds test case
8111b0 4 lines CTabFolder: fixed bottom highlight border in IE
82229a 31 lines Suppressed unnecessary rendering of font in CTabItemLCA
82722f 235 lines Tab to demonstrate NLS support
8276d2 9 lines Reduced delay for scroll-events
8290bf 51 lines Fixed Bug 234994: [Tooling][Launcher] Add option to omit starting the application in a browser
832898 238 lines Enhanced ToolItem to show tool-tips
838a7c 10 lines Adjusted code format
83f0e5 237 lines Fixed part activation
83ff98 45 lines Refined demo for Table
84323c 24 lines Removed W4T notion from error messages
844c66 5 lines Reactivated exit confirmation message
8466d7 168 lines Minor improvements for Table appearance
8484ae 553 lines ModifyEvent for Text widget
85e4f6 1 lines Removed writeCustomAppearance call as there is no client-side TableItem#setAppearance() function
85ef61 8 lines Changed version number to 1.2
87b368 160 lines Corrected menu position for windows without title bar
87de54 7 lines Applied patch by Benjamin Muskalla (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=180334).
885c02 16 lines Changed order in which item for table are visited in WidgetTreeVisitor:TableColumn first, then TableItem
88d680 953 lines Table enhancements: multi-selection, sortColumn and sortDirection; resizable, toolTip and alignment on TabelColumn
8900fa 1 lines Fixed bad layout
890274 6 lines Code format
89ad3d 1377 lines Reimplemented layouting of CTabItems
8a48b2 7 lines Fixed 251221: [Table] TableItem#getBounds() does return wron values if header is visible
8a7167 2 lines Fixed variable name typo that kept table from being updated when an item was diposed of
8a7ec1 39 lines Refined PDE-mimicking project-name to plugin-id translation
8b2035 46 lines Fixed tests for TreeLCA and TreeItemLCA
8b598f 95 lines Simplified creation and disposal of radio buttons
8b9829 261 lines Removed accidentially left over copies of TreeLCA and TreeItemLCA
8c02d0 326 lines Refined focus behavior for TabFolder and CTabFolder
8c1013 26355 lines Disabled key and key-to-command mapping code
8c2e15 1513 lines Scale widget
8c8562 17 lines JSWriter: added property setter for float values.
8c8f46 2 lines Changed link to poin to the M4 new and noteworthy page
8ceeda 18 lines Added two missing methods to Scrolled Composite (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=180009)
8d5591 13 lines Workaround for Bug 04855
8dfc7a 134 lines Brought double-click mouse event back to work on IE
8e7408 31 lines Fixed Bug 223875: [link] text of untyped event SWT#Selection is always "null"
8ebe41 4 lines Fixed typos in JavaDoc
8eed84 56 lines Added filter to TableViewer demo
8f0417 27 lines Fixed Bug 239626: The borders of Text widgets created via FormToolkit are missing
8f39bb 5 lines Fixed typo in JavaDoc
8f536d 20 lines Fixed problem with disposed font dialog in demo application
8f53de 42 lines Disabled pooling for remaining widgets
901521 70 lines Implemented ListViewer
902185 6 lines Added some missing checkWidget calls
902ccb 9 lines Changed project default charset to iso-8859-1
9087d4 1050 lines Public part of the ui.dialogs package
90a5a3 131 lines Implemented feature request #187258: Support doit on ShellEvent for shellClosing
910ae5 21 lines Changed line delimiter for new files to 'unix'
917e5e 4 lines TableItem#getBounds now takes into account the image width for column-less tables
925cf6 2 lines Fixed #240656: Lack of semicolon in Getting started -> Hello World section
937118 198 lines Completed setSelection(*) methods for TabFolder
93a579 172 lines [on behalf of Frank] Improved robustness of shutdown process
93fba1 618 lines Implemented Table#setColumnOrder and friends to programmatically reorder columns
94dc8c 675 lines First implementation of a Spinner widget
952b80 20 lines Extract method
957260 68 lines Fixed Bug 204910 (IE leaks memory on each request): applied first patch (named "Fixes the problem by using a dummy function")
95a386 18 lines Code formatting
95dfda 245 lines Fixed #232289: Exception in EventLoop-Exception Handler causes invalid thread access for subsequent Browser requests
96bd1d 776 lines Removed RWT Overview
971365 2 lines Fixed URI encoding issue that was introduced with upgrading to qooxdoo 0.6.5
971eb0 6 lines Hack to solve CTabFolder layout problems
97be51 5 lines Adjusted JavaDoc format
97d4d2 4 lines Fixed typo in comment
984961 20 lines Fixed Bug 194085: TableItems do not respect column alignment
985469 46 lines Moved deployable Demo launch config to its own directory (workaround to include it in source build)
989465 8 lines Fixed placeholder image that was shown in IE on a Shell with no image
98e907 2 lines Adjusted target path to RC2
98fe4c 202 lines On behalf of Ivan: additional widget tests
991dbd 195 lines Removed unfinished ColorDialog
99f06f 600 lines Fixed Bug 216912: SWT.DefaultSelection Event on Text Widget isn't fired with SWT.PASSWORD style
9bd17e 26 lines Removed get/setJSParent from IWidgetAdapter
9c139f 2 lines Added missing @since tag in class JavaDoc
9d0d23 872 lines Implemented TraverseEvents (Bug 250611)
9d5638 112 lines Fixed mistakes that slipped through when making release* on Widget package-private
9dd21b 145 lines Bug 185009: applied patch containing unit tests for ComboLCA
9deffd 2 lines Fixed bug that made every shell a 'dialog shell' and thus closeable by pressing the escape key
9df9f6 1 lines Code cleanup
9e3f83 10 lines Code formatting
9e6113 4 lines Took care of text selection peculiarities of IE (unselectable attribute)
9e94ba 252 lines Implemented selection for Text widget
9ede71 12 lines Fixed TableColumn#setResizable when false
9ee335 599 lines Enhanced TabFolder to allow for lazily populated TabItems
9f32ff 6 lines Added one more TreeFullControl limitatin to the list of problems
9f34eb 2 lines Adjusted target path to RC4
9f990a 9 lines Implemented time field on MouseEvent
9fb883 176 lines Replaced a preliminary solution and introduced IRenderRunnable to append arbitrary markup for a widget
a02125 5417 lines Disabled quickaccess package
a05ed0 34 lines Code formatting
a0b358 91 lines Implemented shortenText for CTabItem
a0c3f1 16 lines Implemented missing destructor
a0e960 29 lines Fixed #219389: Horizontal alignment in Text
a138c7 362 lines Applied patch 1 from Bug 234831: Revise and update about.html files
a171e5 23 lines Fixed test case that was broken while implementing Widget#toString
a1ba62 348 lines Bug 204859: Assigning value to id/name attribute to rendered html components
a1d288 69 lines Fixed Bug 215001: [table] fire's no selection events when removing items
a1e3ee 993 lines Fixed Bug 205687: TableViewer#refresh() doesn't work with RC1
a21732 173 lines Activated TableViewer code that handles VIRTUAL tables
a23c97 3 lines Added awt.headless hint for OS X users to 'how to start demo app'
a247b9 2 lines Fixed typo in comment
a2646c 37 lines Fixed Bug 236867: Javadoc is incomplete for org.eclipse.swt.graphics.Font
a2c875 1 lines Removed non-existing toc entry
a39a43 124 lines Fix Bug 225583: [launcher] Browsing entrypoints & servlet names broken in 3.4
a3af28 41 lines Null-checks for getCharHeight and getAvgCharWidth
a46c2c 6 lines Added link to 'ne wand noteworthy' to intro page
a492b1 34 lines Applied patch 2 from Bug 234831: Revise and update about.html files
a4cba9 1453 lines Revised computations of shell client area and trim, made public methods of FontSizeEstimation static.
a4e621 95 lines Fixed generation of unusable launch config when creating template with plugin-id that differs from project name
a54434 5 lines Forcing layout after setting font
a556ca 13 lines Removed obsolete parameter
a56ce9 40 lines Minor adjustments for Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
a5d5b5 820 lines Font size estimation added, first implementation of computeSize for Label, Button, and Text.
a61072 234 lines Changed Label to display images as well
a6a17a 84 lines Fixed branding test case that failed when running on Linux
a6af4a 134 lines Further test cases for Control and Shell
a6f613 2 lines Fixed typo in JavaDoc
a7ae6f 107 lines Implemented Image.getBounds()
a7b1e1 24 lines Partial fix for Bug 178966: Text#selectAll() causes JavaScript to break when executed within Text widget creations (well-known onAppear qooxdoo limitation)
a7b645 54 lines Minor refactorings
a85031 192 lines Moved WAR deployment topic to "advanced" section
a8c4d4 104 lines Minor improvement on ShellLCA in order to allow for creating invisibe shells and to fix a bug that blocked the entire client document when a modal window was opened
a8e478 77 lines Added unit tests and cleaned up code for default button on Shell
a96701 1168 lines Fixed discouraged-access-warnings
aa0fee 37 lines Test case that ensures that the selection is rendered after select( 0 ) > removeAll > add > select( 0 )
aa4a8d 3 lines Added constant for hand cursor
aa9100 20 lines Added control to change tooltip text
aab0bd 5 lines Removed link to N&N
aadeb4 13637 lines Migration to qooxdoo 0.7
ab324b 4 lines Fixed that close buttons did not show up on CTabItem
aba315 58 lines Changed map do CVS fetch from v11_Mantenante branch
abc4fe 373 lines Fix: CHECK- and RADIO Button did not update server-side state when no SelectionListener was registered
abff56 23 lines Adjusted code format
ac135a 77 lines Removed code that stores to history / restores from history in selection dialogs
aced1b 1 lines Removed unwanted printStackTrace
ad09a3 18 lines Fixed JavaScript error when rendering context menu that contains only radio items
ad40c7 519 lines Introduced facade for ServiceManager, accessible from the RWT class
ad4687 97 lines Initial implementation of Display#getFocusControl
ad5130 2085 lines Resolved compile errors due to missing getHelpSystem()
ad568c 66 lines Fixed Bug 234344: [Table] reducing itemCount in VIRTUAL table results in invalid selectionIndices
adafa8 32 lines Minor code formatting, private ctor for 'static' classes
adcf6f 22 lines Fixed Bug 233957: [table] topIndex not updated when navigating with keyboard
add1c9 3 lines Removed unnecessary dependency on core.runtime
adda26 10 lines Changed compiler level to 1.4
ae8054 674 lines refactored ControlsDemo, added new FillLayoutTab and GridLayoutTab to LayoutDemo, refactored FontSizeEstimation
aeba4a 37 lines Merged Help launch-config into Tooling launch-config and removed it
af4bfe 30 lines Fixed compiler warnings
af9a97 164 lines SelectionListener for Text widget
afb428 1858 lines CTabFolder selectionForeground now drawn on tabs as well
afbfad 35 lines Reactivated Link widget demo tab
afcfb9 79 lines Fixed Font#getFontData(), now returns safe copy
affc1c 241 lines Fixed: control of selected CTabItem hides tab bar, visible in ControlsDemo
b0898b 248 lines Implemented Browser#execute()
b09442 50 lines Rounded out and synchronized with id's of already reported bugs
b0a07d 302 lines Fixed Bug 210086: [Table] Expansion of multiselection does not work properly
b0c7d1 1 lines Code format
b0f487 2 lines Code format
b126f9 4 lines Fixed Bug 210093: [List] getSelectionIndex() always returns -1
b151a2 138 lines Simplified the passing-around of target destination
b19a74 69 lines Fix for a bug in the table, see http://www.mail-archive.com/qooxdoo-devel@lists.sourceforge.net/msg08995.html
b25642 29 lines Brought unit tests for Label and LabelLCA back to work
b26ea7 520 lines Implemented MessageDialog and ErrorDialog, added DialogsTab to ControlsDemo
b2b8fe 2 lines Corrected wrong version in JavaDoc for fix of Bug 241843: class SWT is missing 'LEFT_TO_RIGHT' and 'RIGHT_TO_LEFT' [...]
b35867 43 lines Minor adjustments for Bug 214860: Adjust copyright headers
b40595 6 lines Minor JavaDoc update
b443ce 9123 lines Dialog packages compile-error-free
b4cfa2 28 lines Code cleanup
b57c19 4 lines Code formatting
b66f3a 212 lines DoubleClick Part II: implemented widgetDefaultSelected for List
b68154 8 lines Fixed test case according to comment #10 in Bug 241843: class SWT is missing 'LEFT_TO_RIGHT' and 'RIGHT_TO_LEFT' [...]
b6a8d5 62 lines Minimal optimization when rendering the Shell for the first time
b6d47f 2 lines Changed target path version to 1.1.0_M1
b77840 47 lines Implemented getSelection on class List
b77908 45 lines Fixed Bug 191916: Font family was changed when changing font style to bold in IE
b7c9ec 81 lines Fix: the (untyped) Event#display field was never set
b7d4fd 34 lines Fixed #247493: Binary Compatibility of org.eclipse.swt.events.SelectionEvent
b80d99 1 lines Added "widget.font" for CheckBox and RadioButton appearance
b81b91 4 lines Fixed typo in Combo.computeSize (Bug 183193)
b8400e 107 lines minor TextLCA optimizations
b894ad 1 lines Added missing execution environment directive (J2SE-1.4)
ba441b 49 lines Fixed Bug 235587: [Table] Selecting records from bottom to top takes very much longer than vice versa
bae7d8 298 lines Re-enabled browsersupport extension point
bb30f7 3 lines Added targets folder to build.properties
bbc395 24 lines Fixed Bug 244014: [Events] MouseEvents are not forwared in TypedListener
bc5fd0 57 lines Reverted to previous version
bc8722 2 lines Added missing copyright headers
bcbcaa 49 lines Perliminary images on TreeItems
bcf5aa 44 lines Changed version in MANIFEST.MF to 1.1.1
bd07b0 19 lines Code format
bd160f 25 lines Disabled SessionStore-Listener that were introduced to work aound missingDisplay#disposeExec but caused dead-locks on Wokbench exit
be1475 2 lines Bug-fix: Label doesn't change its text after it was once set
be3a9c 21 lines Code cleanup
be97e1 201 lines Code formatting
bef6fb 85 lines Help revision, Part II
bf24d0 152 lines Revision of chapters 'Start the demo' and 'Create hello world', Part I
bf5c6e 547 lines Reworked UI test code, see Bug 204859: Assigning value to id/name attribute to rendered html components
bfb53d 1452 lines Improved Table with SWT.CHECK style
bfecc6 33 lines Fixed Bug 172447: RADIO buttons were not disposed of, this was introduced when fixing one of two memory leaks related to radio buttons and their respective radio manager
bffa77 3 lines Removed unwanted debug output
c12308 213 lines Fixed folder structure to match toc.xml
c18567 1073 lines Fixed dragging of CoolItems and refined appearance while dragging
c1ca7f 57 lines Code format, minor clean up
c1ddca 219 lines Fixed missing renames introduced by Graphics#getColor factory
c26886 17 lines Fixed Bug 221035: Label#computeSize() returns zero height when text is empty
c2fde8 1 lines Removed unused import
c33c1f 3 lines Formatting
c34248 64 lines Fixed Bug 209015: List widget selected event fired when selection changed programatically
c3709d 17 lines Workaround for NoSuchMethodError: java.math.BigDecimal.<init>(I)V that occurs when using a RAP target that was created by build server
c3a261 33 lines Fix for bug that broke workbench: changed Shell constructors
c3e206 34 lines Minor code cleanup
c3f790 47 lines Fixed 237247: [table] Enter should fire a Selection Event
c3f95d 10 lines Updated comment to reference Bug 235531: [Table] Keyboard navigation does not work in Safari
c438e8 537 lines Z-order for controls introduced
c5badd 11 lines Found and fixed memory leaks
c5d604 28 lines Removed obsolete JavaScript debug messages
c6066a 40176 lines moved required classes from W4T to RWT, refactored package names
c65eb8 2 lines Removed qx warning
c6ccda 143 lines Fixed #234683: Browser.execute returns false in RAP but returns true in RCP
c766d1 82 lines Cleaned up BusyIndicator
c781d3 73 lines Missing JavaDoc, missing checkWidget() calls
c7a513 2 lines Fixed Bug 246812: Typo in introscreen
c7c65e 906 lines Fixed variable name
c943ea 139 lines Features (binary and source), Update-site
c97f7c 17 lines Fixed Bug 201982: Javascript error on IE7: 'this.getTopLevelWidget()' is null
c9ec7b 3 lines RAP marker for DialogUtil
ca08c5 2 lines Removed system.out
ca1e53 89 lines Fixed Bug 192471: Setting font on a Combo has no effect
ca1ff5 6 lines Fixed 229926: ExternalBrowser is only focused when called the first time
ca7c77 56 lines Fixed Bug 204556: Subclassed Dialog that explicitly calls shell.setSize is blank the second time it opens
cab3c9 5 lines Bug 179405: allied patch to improve first-time user experience
cb23b7 264 lines Introduced List#select(*) methods
cba3be 14 lines Code formatting
ccbd4e 11 lines Added missing parameter in calls to TextUtil#updateSelection
cce4e3 27 lines Workaround for bug# 201080 (disposing of focused text widget causes JavaScript error in IE)
cce8f5 2369 lines Changed project settings to use RAP code formatter and code templates
ccfa3a 110 lines Implemented client-side hour-glass cursor that indicates long running server tasks
cd58c0 3 lines Enhanced CTabFolder in FocusTab
cd8004 823 lines Implemented methods for focus handling (setFocus, forceFocus, isFocusControl, etc)
cdacea 3 lines Fixed Bug 184990: Added missing Button_Test and MenuItemLCA_Test to test suite
cdbc08 14 lines Removed unnecessary source folder;
cdee4e 2 lines Fixed typo in JavaDoc
cdf830 2 lines Code formatting
ce1097 108 lines Added TOGGLE Button
ce21cc 4411 lines Disabled intro mechanism (depends on product ext point)
ce27f6 9 lines Updated manifest/feature.xml version identifier to 1.1.1
ceb563 137 lines Moved getSystemImage from Device to Display
cedd51 159 lines Minor UI corrections
cf3743 316 lines Completed font, foreground and background implementation for TableItem
cf9965 1 lines Initialize text with empty string
d01f8c 2 lines Added VM Argument -Dosgi.noShutdown=true
d02728 77 lines Updated topics for 1.1 M4
d058ba 317 lines Adjusted code templates and formatter
d0b4f5 355 lines Implemented time field on MouseEvent
d0c545 13 lines Minor improvement in Link widget
d116c1 6 lines Fix for qooxdoo Bug 345 in Shell.js
d15b80 1111 lines Disabled preferenceTransfer
d1ad12 3 lines Replaced string literal with constant
d1b60b 12 lines Added missing static modifiers
d1ca8d 13 lines Fixed Bug 248322: URLImageDescriptor#createImage() leaks OS resources
d1eb54 66 lines Fine-tuning of CTabItem width calculation
d24e8c 5 lines Changed launch delegate to override eventually specified port settings in VM arguments
d3067c 31 lines Limited number of concurrent 'normal' request to 1, UI callback requests are unlimited
d39e1a 2 lines Removed obsolete TODO
d4080c 15 lines Moved the appaeance of the TableColumn resizer to DefaultAppearances
d43cbd 12 lines Fixed 238706: [Table] mouse listener prevents column headers to be resized by user
d454a4 25 lines Removed factory methods from FocusEvent
d4917a 6 lines JavaDoc: minor corrections
d494bf 4 lines Clarified button labels
d575f9 21 lines Implemented List#getItemHeight
d5eb3e 6 lines Suppress client-side warning message when running with qx-debug .js (use getValue istead of getData)
d77882 91 lines Events that origin from disabled controls (determined by getSource()) do not get fired any more
d860a1 4 lines Changed compiler settings
d87bd0 52 lines Changed map to do CVS fetch from 1.1.1-RC1 tag
d8a19a 247 lines Groundwork for VIRTUAL Table
d8fbff 5 lines Removed FocusTab from ControlsDemo (causes the TabFolder to overflow)
d9f174 6 lines Fixed defaultColumnWidth
da3a3b 177 lines JavaDoc: minor modifications, removed warnings
da57d9 19 lines Bug 188047: ToolItem#setImage does not accept null value
da935e 5291 lines Introduced CoolBar; fixed clientArea issue in CTabFolder; introduced RWT.error; reworked ListLCA
dbbb7b 4 lines Brought uiRoot request parameter back to work
dc34ca 13 lines Fixed @since tags
dc4a4f 46 lines Changed JRE System Library to use execution environment J2SE 1.4 instead of directly denoting JRE 1.4
dcb734 4 lines Added image to menuItem
dd1ff8 334 lines implemented SWT-like SelectionListener on Tree
ddf579 2 lines Fixed typo in JavaDoc
de5df4 17 lines Verison info in about action
de739c 139 lines Implemented selectionBackground for CTabFolder
df02ec 29 lines Updated source code templates to work with Display#readAndDispatch
df1e9c 45 lines re-enabled encodings extension point, re-enabled NEW_WINDOW action
df2820 264 lines Moved IMenuHolder and MenuHolder to internal package
dfb754 13 lines Fixed @since tags, minor JavaDoc update
dfbed7 22 lines Solved space problem in group boxes when selecting MULTI style for demo controls
e0286a 2 lines Organize imports
e051f0 31 lines Changed rendering of custom-id's. Now they are only rendered when the UITests system property is set to true.
e08cb3 1817 lines RWT Standalone
e0a878 2 lines Fixed copyright header
e0db80 156 lines Replaced some more MouseListeners, fixed part-cycle handler
e11c6a 22 lines Changed JRE System Library to reference 1.4 execution evironment
e1364c 157 lines Fixed Bug 195302: TabItems only show their content when a SelectionListener was added
e35add 136 lines Implemented toString, getName and getNameText
e3b2ba 1 lines Removed accidential registration of non-existing resource
e42701 93 lines Finished off for M2 build
e5dbff 17 lines Fixed code format
e5e875 92 lines Facelifting, part III: Table and Scrollbars (IE only)
e5ea9e 31 lines Added launch config for RAP launcher for use by the "getting started" cheat sheet that comes with tooling
e634ac 112 lines Banner image for install target dialog
e68854 5 lines Disabled client-side pooling for browser widget: doesn't work in IE when using Browser#setText() to change content
e694fd 38 lines Added ComboViewer example to controls demo
e6a977 144 lines Initial support for textLimit on class Text
e71808 11 lines Fixed Bug 249814: Connection retry-mechanism broken in Firefox 3.0
e78e50 3 lines Fixed Bug 229926: ExternalBrowser is only focused when called the first time
e79f60 8 lines Fixed type, formatting
e7f995 2 lines Fixed Bug 236373: [Table] Typo in appearance definition for table-row
e88fa8 24 lines Fixed orphan entry in progress view caused by launch delegate
e8dda1 438 lines Default Button implemented
e92201 27 lines 'RAP Plug-in development' activities
e93236 84 lines Adjusted code format
e956d8 190 lines Newlines in items of a List are converted to whitespaces before rendered
e96777 44 lines Code cleanup
e9895a 135 lines Extended Tabel demo tab to demonstrate the newly introduced table features
e992e7 22 lines Added paragraph on how to specify session-timeout
e99c9c 312 lines Removed a few unused things from classes in ...rwt.lifecycle:
e9a84c 2 lines Fixed typo in JavaDoc
e9b8b7 109 lines Fixed problem when drawing border on a CTabFolder with non-default tab height
eb1796 6 lines Included about_files in build.properties
eba55b 3018 lines Disabled help system code
ebd6d8 2 lines Adjusted target path to RC4
ec0c41 153 lines Changed severity for JavaDoc markers ffrom error to warning
ec12ee 6 lines Removed obsolete folder from build.properties
ec1a2a 6 lines JavaDoc typo
ecfc23 2 lines JavaDoc update
ed4b11 18 lines Fixed Bug 249708: RAP's implementation of browser support loads extensions with wrong namespace
ee9595 1 lines Prevent TreeItem with style CHEKC from gaining focus
eeb7c6 2 lines Test commit
ef7f6c 4 lines Fix: default button only fires when seeable (i.e. not on a hidden composite)
f04dfe 36 lines Added widget to open WebBrowser preference page
f067d6 40 lines Implemented set/get Editable on Text
f0ce64 2 lines Code format
f0d12a 6 lines Fixed Bug 228650: Export to WAR no longer works with servletbridge projects from CVS
f175af 15 lines Code cleanup
f1ebdd 47 lines Removed obsolete target definition
f24043 96 lines Minor code cleanup
f2569a 34 lines Fixed code that accidentially manipulated disposed shells
f256cd 3 lines Minor JavaDoc correction
f2d384 2 lines Replaced UnsupportedOperationException in ListViewer with original method calls that are meanwhile implemented in List
f2f956 33 lines Fixed 233964: [table] VIRTUAL table shows blank or dotted (...) rows under certain circumstances
f3031f 36 lines Facelifting, part IV: Buttons
f357d9 109 lines Missing API for editable Combo (yet to be implemented)
f3ba48 464 lines Added missing copyright headers
f3dad7 215 lines Renamed DialogUtil to RAPDialogUtil
f41f1b 9 lines Removed non-existing source folder
f44305 4 lines Code formatting
f4c653 316 lines General RWT and Workbench facelifting, part II
f53b45 48 lines Fixed Bug 203623: cascaded context menu items paint the ">" in the wrong place
f584f9 22379 lines Forms 3.4 adoption
f59909 213 lines Fixed issue in ExternalBrowser when executing #open() and #close() within the same request
f5c1b1 73 lines Fixed Bug 250917: Hidden control does not lose focus
f65069 7 lines Ignore terminated launches when searching for a launch that runs the same launch configuration
f6e297 360 lines Revised TextSizeEstimation, added test
f6f7a0 17 lines Disabled pooling for Label and Composite
f7c9d1 81 lines Code cleanup
f80875 37 lines Fixed Bug 184679: background color of selected TableItems is now themeable and white by default
f81430 23 lines Implemented TableItem#clear() for VIRTUAL tables
f8e68d 568 lines Resolved compile errors due to missing getHelpSystem()
f90215 2 lines Change to test build from CVS Branch
f96e12 39 lines CTabFolder now fires SelectionEvent when item is selected via chevron menu
f9dc47 132 lines Combo selection is now rendered - Bug 178038
f9e882 107 lines Added demo for default button
fa3255 24 lines Resolved compile errors
fa51f7 3260 lines Changed preserveValues to occur *after* readData phase;
fabc1d 446 lines Fixed Bug 189442: Active tab border in CTabFolder too wide
fb8a2f 21 lines Launch Configuration for deployed project
fb98f1 17 lines Updated documentation to be in sync with the changes made during M6 development
fc0acc 111 lines Bug 186349: applied patches that introduce Text#insert() method
fc2865 207 lines Fixed copyright header
fcf147 26 lines Removed useless code introduced with most recent commit (Code cleanup)
fd2a6c 2 lines Adjusted target path to RC3
fd86a2 18 lines Fixed Bug 244014: [Events] MouseEvents are not forwared in TypedListener
fd906d 31 lines Simplified code
fde15c 2 lines Cleanup
fdf4f7 5 lines Minor cleanup
fdfd6d 21 lines Workaround for Bug 205465: Error in FF nsIDOMNSHTMLInputElement.selectionStart
fe6d8a 68 lines Prevent unwanted "bort is busy" warning from showing up
fe8034 140 lines Newlines in items of a Combo are converted to whitespaces before rendered
febc1d 298 lines Fixed bug in ActivateEvent (TreeItem did not send event) and implemented ShellEvent#shellActivated and #shellDeactivated
fede2a 66 lines Slightly improved overlapping show-menu toolbar
ff3567 20208 lines Migrated to latest qooxdoo (version 0.7, rev 9276)
ff3ef3 145 lines readAndDispatch: fixed enless loop when exception occurs in non-interruptible phase
ff4c4b 217 lines Implemented double click on CTabFolder
ff5655 45 lines User friendly names for log level and library variant
ffd2a1 326 lines Refactored (I)SessionStoreListener and (I)SessionStoreEvent
Scott Warner (healthlanguage.com)
259030 1829 bytes StackOverflowError in widget id generator
Attachment 120967: New patch for fix
Sebastien Arod (gmail.com)
362924 4056 bytes [FileUpload] Causes classloader leaks
Attachment 207010: Patch using commons file upload 1.2.2 APIs
Stefan Riesen (riesen-net.ch)
268654 796 bytes Typo in Java script file leads to JavaScript Evaluation Error
Attachment 128835: Patch to resolve the javascript bug
Stefan Röck (googlemail.com)
251184 1028 bytes [Text] Size determination for text containing only blanks is wrong
Attachment 115555: Patch proposal
Stephan Leicht Vogt (bsiag.com)
324082 3984 bytes [Theming] ThemeAdapters return wrong values for subclassed widgets
Attachment 205799: Test case
324082 1426 bytes [Theming] ThemeAdapters return wrong values for subclassed widgets
Attachment 205800: Proposed solution
347771 2302 bytes [Theming][Table] Make column separator themable
Attachment 217434: update of last patch
362196 739 bytes Black instead of transparent backgrounds in IE8 / Opera
Attachment 206076: Patch witch solves the black-issue in opera
364172 1083 bytes [Scrollbar] Sends "NaN" as "topItemIndex" after _layoutPost
Attachment 207229: Patch to fix the described problem
382729 614 bytes Losing connection with IE9 results in a error page "Request failed"
Attachment 217420: Solves the issue by adding "newmshtm" to Request#_isConnectionError
Thomas Küstermann (airpas.com)
383718 826 bytes Wrong resource URL leads to "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical"
Attachment 217982: Patch for RAP 1.5
tibersept Mising name (yahoo.com)
336340 849 bytes [TableColumn] Moving "0 width" columns
Attachment 188314: Quickfix
Tim Buschtoens (eclipsesource.com)
196417 691 bytes [Shell] controlMoved doesn't work
Attachment 162283: fix
223834 939 bytes [Browser] Modifying the DOM (execute javascript) does not work
Attachment 149441: Fix
260255 1347 bytes [CoolBar] Items overlap each other
Attachment 149137: Possible solution (?)
260255 1822 bytes [CoolBar] Items overlap each other
Attachment 149221: Update for CoolItem tests
273214 5542 bytes [Text] Use the "native" context menu if there is no servers-side context menu attached
Attachment 147690: 4th patch
275391 16103 bytes [Text] setTextLimit for SWT.MULTI doesn't work
Attachment 160209: fix
277671 18053 bytes Implement background gradients
Attachment 141433: enable gradient and rounded border css
277671 1054 bytes Implement background gradients
Attachment 141496: Fixes problem with group-dimension
277671 17975 bytes Implement background gradients
Attachment 141899: Enableds gradients for more widgets
283394 1895 bytes [Shell] Enable rounded borders for Shell
Attachment 141797: Solves "resize"-problem
284417 858 bytes Rounded borders with 0px border width broken in Chrome
Attachment 142501: solves problem
284717 80126 bytes [Button] Implement a custom Button based on MultiCellWidget
Attachment 143158: SWT-like multi-purpose Button
285590 5488 bytes [Theming][Button] Support variable size for CHECK and RADIO indicator images
Attachment 148507: Fix2
286012 764 bytes [Button] Check / Radio have wrong cursor
Attachment 143784: The ACTUAL solution
286098 1043 bytes [Button] Broken appearance with CSS border-radius property set
Attachment 143882: Solution
286295 1147 bytes [design] Button font colors are wrong since 1.3M1
Attachment 144196: patch
286378 874 bytes [Text] Border disappears if CSS border-radius property set
Attachment 144204: patch
286926 789 bytes [Theming] Gradient breaks canvas layout in IE
Attachment 144926: Real fix
287147 889 bytes Button Text Problem in Wizard
Attachment 145105: Fix
287547 7826 bytes Bad updating control tooltip
Attachment 145924: a better solution
287681 4840 bytes [Menu] causes session timeout due to emtpy image
Attachment 145658: Fix for MultiCellWidget
287810 947 bytes Add destructor to MultiCellWidget
Attachment 145774: destructor
287823 740 bytes Radio Button does not work correctly anymore
Attachment 145791: fix
287838 10052 bytes [Design] Disabled Buttons are unreadable
Attachment 145809: same patch including test
288098 58013 bytes Fix js-tests for IE
Attachment 146051: fix
288145 1604 bytes [Menu] Memory Leak
Attachment 146080: fix
288615 10924 bytes Refactor HtmlUtil.js to remove StringBuilder.js
Attachment 146647: fix
288737 1042 bytes Scroll bars are broken in Opera 10
Attachment 146880: Same patch - Qooxdoo-style formatting
290153 19135 bytes Remove original qooxdoo-toolbar from RWT
Attachment 147797: Removes old toolbar
290242 69437 bytes [Theming] Provide opacity for widgets
Attachment 160170: fix
290293 12901 bytes [Menu] Menubar does not open same menu twice
Attachment 147907: Fix
290817 2005 bytes [Menu] Can not click MenuItem in FireFox 2
Attachment 148339: Suggestred solution
291344 2799 bytes [Coolbar] - Look & Feel of Toggle Button
Attachment 148789: layout fix
291672 845 bytes Sash widget breaks and cannot shrink child composite while dragging the sash over any disabled children
Attachment 149107: Suggested solution
292359 148712 bytes [Theming][ProgressBar] border-radius not supported
Attachment 157231: fix
294736 1244 bytes Focus indicator visible both inside and outside buttons
Attachment 155978: fix
295475 1915 bytes Mouse-events do not work during drag-gestures in FF
Attachment 152485: alternative fix-implementation
296341 933 bytes [List] Drag and drop conflicts with multi-selection
Attachment 153245: fix
296447 113576 bytes [DnD] Implement Feedback for Tree and Table
Attachment 153923: Version 4
296453 40050 bytes [DnD] Support "OperationChanged"-event
Attachment 154419: fix
296454 34691 bytes [DnD] Improve Transfer-Support
Attachment 154314: fix
297066 12733 bytes Refactor newWidget in WidgetManager.js
Attachment 159296: fix
297202 6887 bytes [DnD] Dragging multiple TableItems does not work
Attachment 154221: Fix
298414 1774 bytes [Theming][ToolBar] ToolItem does not support border-radius
Attachment 155840: fix
298428 2173 bytes [Theming][ToolBar] Make ToolItem align themable for vertical toolbars
Attachment 155962: fix
298428 977 bytes [Theming][ToolBar] Make ToolItem align themable for vertical toolbars
Attachment 156004: additional fix
298836 857 bytes [DnD] update 1.3M4 and UITests Error
Attachment 155734: fix
299034 6173 bytes [DnD] Drag and Drop from view to editor is not working
Attachment 155764: fix
299263 141442 bytes create a client-side vector-graphics abstraction layer
Attachment 155733: Patch
299350 729 bytes [Menu] Submenus do not open correctly in certain constellations
Attachment 155968: fix
299620 1379 bytes [Table] ScrollBar not updated on invisible, VIRTUAL table
Attachment 157307: fix
299629 6391 bytes IE does not handle composites correctly
Attachment 163393: fix fix
300509 929 bytes [Shell] Shell gradient is not clipped in Chrome
Attachment 157643: fix
301236 4203 bytes Background-image with rounded borders kills session in Chrome
Attachment 157609: fix / workaround
301427 2370 bytes [Table] images are not grayed out when disabled
Attachment 158834: Possible solution
301434 5030 bytes [DnD] Missing DragEnter-event
Attachment 157925: fix
301544 3181 bytes [DnD] Wrong event-order when dragging very fast twice
Attachment 157924: fix
301709 5439 bytes IE can clip 2 pixels too much
Attachment 158492: fix
301768 2386 bytes [Wizard] Crashes client-side application in Chrome
Attachment 158187: fix
301946 27507 bytes [Text] setEchoChar is missing
Attachment 158687: fix
302135 9322 bytes [Theming] fix userForeground for disabled widgets
Attachment 158749: fix
302711 59359 bytes [Theming] enable opacity for FocusIndiactor
Attachment 158978: fix
302980 804 bytes Remove checks for qooxdoo variant "qx.aspects" in qx.js
Attachment 159220: fix
303059 4300 bytes Remove checkDefined from ThemeValues.js
Attachment 159305: fix
303162 15418 bytes Prevent unnecessary qooxdoo-flushs
Attachment 159411: fix
303197 3908 bytes Reduce use of "eval" and "new Function" in JS
Attachment 159446: Proposed patch
304651 919 bytes [Text] Dragging text from a text widget causes browser to load it as URL
Attachment 162150: fix
305659 52266 bytes [Text] support background gradients
Attachment 163271: fix
305890 3242 bytes [design] glitch in combo-box button
Attachment 162086: fix
306030 893 bytes [Shell] Rounded borders are not updated when maximized
Attachment 162183: quick fix
306042 5846 bytes [Shell] Shell not restored correctly after browser resize
Attachment 162282: new fix
306354 719 bytes No Cursor after selecting a Text in IE
Attachment 163878: fix
306631 61876 bytes [Theming][Shell] Make blocker overlay for modal shells themeable
Attachment 163624: advanced fix
306695 2555 bytes Setting the background does not work if rounded borders are set
Attachment 163259: corrected patch
306713 4116 bytes Device#getDPI missing
Attachment 163078: fix
306791 3592 bytes [Theming][Table] Allow for vertical-only grid lines
Attachment 165567: fix
306820 2228 bytes [design] Glitch in CTabItem with rounded borders in IE
Attachment 163416: fix / workaround
307216 1414 bytes [design] Composite can crash when using background-image: none
Attachment 163104: fix
307400 2469 bytes [design] GraphicsMixin can not switch from color to image background
Attachment 163277: fix
307415 1534 bytes [design] JavaScript error in IE, when selecting a tab from a part stack (view, editor)
Attachment 163385: fix
307733 2629 bytes AsyncKeyEventUtil misses events in FF
Attachment 164551: fix
307734 6556 bytes Refactor AsyncKeyEventUtil.js, _isUntrustedKey
Attachment 163545: fix
307944 3456 bytes Display#getDepth is missing
Attachment 164185: fix
308210 2529 bytes GraphicsMixinTest "testPadding" fails in IE
Attachment 163895: fix
308346 1837 bytes reduce logging in client-tests
Attachment 164553: fix
308702 3439 bytes Javascript error when programmatically selecting tab with ScrolledComposite
Attachment 164549: qooxdoo fix
309130 11514 bytes create ASyncKeyEventUtil tests
Attachment 164832: fix
309812 3193 bytes [GC] JS error in Examples Demo
Attachment 165449: fix
309816 203354 bytes [Theming] enable css3-like animations
Attachment 166060: fix
309934 2727 bytes Text widget & Context menu - caret and selection missing.
Attachment 165774: fix
311000 6195 bytes JavaScript tests are green when you execute corrupt JavaScript
Attachment 166507: fix
311025 13824 bytes [Examples Demo] provide page for animations
Attachment 166806: fix
311358 6712 bytes Problem with hover state and animations
Attachment 166927: fix
311533 5554 bytes [Animation] Undesired animation on pressed button
Attachment 167105: fix
311536 3283 bytes [Animation] Delay animation when browser is busy
Attachment 167127: fix
311543 2880 bytes Animated Shell overlay cause flicker with stacked modal dialogs
Attachment 167122: fix
312544 1567 bytes [CCombo] Read-only ComboBoxCellEditor throws javascript error in IE
Attachment 168106: fix
290583 188 bytes [Table][Tree] hover state not reset after resizing column
301277 119 Refactor Graphics-Tests
Tobias Liefke (liefke.biz)
351404 858 bytes The propertiesView extension-point is missing the org.eclipse.ui prefix
Attachment 199232: Patch for the plugin.xml of org.eclipse.rap.ui
Tom Schindl (bestsolution.at)
6374c0 16 lines Port MenuManager#setMenuText & setImageDescriptor from Luna
d1f569 124 lines Bug 429310 - Add MenuManagerEventHelper to match JFace-Internal-"API" in
272674 1374 bytes [ExpandBar] Calculation of ExpandItem-Control incorrect
Attachment 132208: Patch
Vasko Tchoumatchenko (eclipsesource.com)
220733 1196 bytes Missing Theme after using browsers back button
Attachment 147379: Alternative fix
249630 853 bytes IRunnableWithProgress in WorkbenchAdvisor does not show dialog
Attachment 126355: Fix
253756 2056 bytes Request retry causes multiple browser-instances error
Attachment 132678: An incorrect bug number reference fixed in the comments.
260032 1440 bytes Expression controlled activities are inconsistent when persisted and reloaded
Attachment 121598: Remove expression controlled activities persistence
260399 13020 bytes Fix for various expression-based activities related issues
Attachment 121956: Fixes various expression-based activities related issues
260662 14267 bytes ColorDialog for RWT
Attachment 122867: Updated ColorDialog.java
262397 1170 bytes Error Dialog Throws Exception
Attachment 125760: Fix
270884 2160 bytes [Contributions] WorkbenchServiceRegistry fails with ArrayStoreException
Attachment 130621: RAP adaptation of the 264845 patch
283221 20697 bytes [Tooling] provide session timeout option
Attachment 149354: proposed patch (1/2)


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