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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

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CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
5308OMG UML 2.4 Beta 2 XML Files (Subset)Object Management Group Licenseunmodified source
5541OMG MOF 2.4 Beta 2 XML Files (Subset)Object Management Group License
5795OMG MOF 2.4.1 XML Files (Subset)Object Management Group Licenseunmodified source & binary
5796OMG UML 2.4.1 XML Files (Subset)Object Management Group Licenseunmodified source & binary
7824OMG UML 2.5 Beta 2Object Management Group License

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James Bruck Blackberry Limited
Christian Damus
Kenn Hussey

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Christian W. Damus (gmail.com)
03fb56 12 lines Fix DelegatingConstraintProvider localized string keys
0d055d 475 lines [300957] Stereotype Profil
3ea4c1 73 lines Enable substitution label providers for problem messages in the DelegatingConstraintProvider.
8fac4d 992 lines [373643] Adding dynamic provider for UML2 validation constraints.
d23f1e 6 lines Initialize constraint enablement from preference store.
220558 1779 bytes Convert to Metamodel action makes too many elements private
Attachment 90860: Proposed enhancement
355218 3700 bytes [Editor] UMLEditor never removes its CommandStackListener
Attachment 220467: A proposed fix
373643 37312 bytes Provide a dynamic constraint provider for UML2 constraints
Attachment 212470: EMF Validation Framework constraint provider for UML2 metamodel constraints
374012 3244 bytes Missing localized string key exception in constraint preferences
Attachment 212509: Patch to fix the localized string keys
374537 7332 bytes Cryptic element names in messages from the DelegatingConstraintProvider
Attachment 212805: git e-mail patch
374691 1757 bytes Delegating constraint provider constraint enablement is not persistent
Attachment 212873: Patch to fix the problem
388240 2227 bytes Tests bomb with NPEs when running stand-alone
Attachment 220402: Patch to fix stand-alone test execution
392833 2284 bytes [CDO] Support soft Ecore-to-UML references in dynamic profiles
Attachment 225261: Tweak to handle CDO resource sets
398462 3125 bytes [CDO] EnumerationLiterals cannot be loaded from a CDO repository
Attachment 225799: Patch that works with CDO
E.D.Willink (willink.me.uk)
1834e1 21 lines [420338] UML2Ecore should add oppositeRoleName annotations
397508 3094 bytes Custom EMFv TraversalStrategy needed for stereotype applications
Attachment 225277: Patch for org.eclipse.uml2.uml.validation
420338 9148 UML2Ecore should add oppositeRoleName annotations
426595 1992 CME in UMLResourceItemProvider
Ed Merks (gmail.com)
166843 1772 bytes Minor changes need to deal with EMF's Java 5.0 changes
Attachment 55072: Minor changes to handle more specific types
183817 6687 bytes Problem export model to UML2
Attachment 64758: Exporting the GenModel in this project results in a bad UML model that fails to save properly
James Bruck (gmail.com)
105199 982635 bytes [Plan Item] Integration with OCL
Attachment 65825: streamlined
139765 4544 bytes ConnectorOperations.validateTypes() should take end order into account
Attachment 40067: combined patch
140590 8409 bytes potential NPE for end conformance check
Attachment 40605: partWithPort property checked to avoid NPE
141575 2593 bytes validation rule on propertyOperations incorrect.
Attachment 41335: validateMultiplicityOfComposite patch
144311 5113 bytes validateMetaclassReferenceNotSpecialized not checking recursively
Attachment 42890: patch for validation on profile operations
150154 68581 bytes [Plan Item] XML Primitive Types
Attachment 54749: update with all mods
152592 1490 bytes string for connector validation should be clearer
Attachment 47218: change text on validation rule
155535 18009 bytes [Plan Item] Static Profile Definition
Attachment 61994: merged patch.
157714 19062 bytes Component.getRequireds() and getProvideds() should consider inherited required and provided interfaces
Attachment 50478: patch for required and provided interfaces
157715 19062 bytes Incorrect validation rule : ConnectorOperations::validateAssemblyConnector()
Attachment 50479: patch for validation rule
159855 4591 bytes Profiles for extended metamodels
Attachment 54290: patch for editor support to include types of extended metamodels.
159855 1842 bytes Profiles for extended metamodels
Attachment 54292: Updated patch to UMLUtil
160319 1488 bytes The Ecore importer should list *.uml *.uml2 and *.xmi
Attachment 51718: extension filter for import should show all extensions.
160679 100262 bytes [Plan Item] Eclipse 3.3 / EMF 2.3 Compatibility
Attachment 59340: resources
160679 10412 bytes [Plan Item] Eclipse 3.3 / EMF 2.3 Compatibility
Attachment 59341: generate primitive libs
160679 46741 bytes [Plan Item] Eclipse 3.3 / EMF 2.3 Compatibility
Attachment 59374: generics
160680 36719 bytes [Plan Item] Ant Task for Ecore Importer
Attachment 57310: ant task to trigger code generation from .uml
160680 16564 bytes [Plan Item] Ant Task for Ecore Importer
Attachment 58582: update
163556 59830 bytes Profiles definition
Attachment 62022: merged patch.
163556 4748 bytes Profiles definition
Attachment 62842: changes to package operation
163556 33839 bytes Profiles definition
Attachment 63001: UI enhancements with ecore updates
172503 6154 bytes UML export wizard improvements
Attachment 67114: exporter updates without reference changes.
172503 740 bytes UML export wizard improvements
Attachment 67166: missing string
172503 2675 bytes UML export wizard improvements
Attachment 67344: locate primitve types
172503 982 bytes UML export wizard improvements
Attachment 69158: update patch for procesing nested packages.
173726 246881 bytes No api exists to create a Usage dependency on a NamedElement
Attachment 61883: updated API
173843 951 bytes Profile with enumeration in same file as model -> ClassCastException
Attachment 59005: resolve forward ref at end of top level objects
176995 4791 bytes Validate action should validate stereotype applications
Attachment 65829: validation of applied stereotypes
176996 949 bytes Import type action should filter selectable type
Attachment 64050: filter types
178250 11727 bytes Exception from stereotype application copier
Attachment 68407: added guards to ensure target is changeable.
186917 32635 bytes UML22UMLResourceHandler should consider the getMixed feature map
Attachment 69777: some minor touch ups .. this is looking righteous.
187120 4587 bytes No icon for Generic type and type parameter in Ecore profile
Attachment 67427: updated icons
191053 13929 bytes Backport fixes to the maintenance stream
Attachment 70151: opening of 2.1 files in 2.0.x stream.
191053 1578 bytes Backport fixes to the maintenance stream
Attachment 70162: backport for activityGroup_subgroup issue
191053 33841 bytes Backport fixes to the maintenance stream
Attachment 70212: backport for UML22UMLResourceHandler
191053 2050 bytes Backport fixes to the maintenance stream
Attachment 70223: Updated version information
195417 1416 bytes Cache Adapter should be more robust in how it loads plugin
Attachment 73045: allow specification of plugin id when loading cache adapter
196070 1619 bytes handleProxy() should be called to set proxy uri when type of object is known
Attachment 73552: spaces updated
John T.E. Timm (us.ibm.com)
284810 2458 bytes Problems with EOCL_ENV declaration when switching back and forth between using operations package and not using operations package
Attachment 142717: Patch
John Yeung (instream.co.uk)
193276 1048 bytes Memory leak in UML2Util resource bundle cache
Attachment 72958: Proposed patch for UML2Util
Keith W. Campbell (ca.ibm.com)
343783 1343 bytes BasicEList$BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException triggered via Element.destroy()
Attachment 194031: proposed patch
Kenn Hussey (gmail.com)
350402 55 bytes [Static Profiles] API proposal to get StereotypeApplication from a UML Element
420338 761 UML2Ecore should add oppositeRoleName annotations
421756 226 EnumerationLiteral#destroy() throws UnsupportedOperationException
426595 239 CME in UMLResourceItemProvider
Lutz Wrage (andrew.cmu.edu)
241411 1915 bytes No eGet, eSet, eIsSet, eUnset generated for certain redefined features
Attachment 107841: Proposed fix in GenClass.java
242726 1330 bytes Genmodel copyright fields setting ignored for operations classes
Attachment 119905: Improved fix
Manuel Bork (yatta.de)
421756 1260 EnumerationLiteral#destroy() throws UnsupportedOperationException
Mikael Barbero (obeo.fr)
414572 6345 bytes Split out the individual subroutines of UMLResourcesUtil#init(ResourceSet)
Attachment 234146: Initial patch proposal
Nicolas Rouquette (jpl.nasa.gov)
260120 3038 bytes Change the PackageMerge API to provide access to the resulting/merged element traceability metadata
Attachment 122214: Proposed UMLUtil patch (for HEAD)
292633 1613 bytes UMLEditor needs to use the EMF composite adapter registry
Attachment 149834: Patch for UMLEditor
313837 1019 bytes Merging the UML metamodel for OMG's UML 2.4 RTF
Attachment 169437: Patch for Eclipse UML2 to support OMG UML2.4 RTF.
Peter (gmx.de)
391926 351 bytes Missing icon for DestructionOccurrenceSpecification
Attachment 223454: Icon for the LiteralReal Specification
Sergey Boyko (gmail.com)
282440 760 bytes Fragment segment created with NamedElementImpl::eURIFragmentSegment() should be encoded
Attachment 140804: Proposed patch
Yann Tanguy (cea.fr)
350402 1229 bytes [Static Profiles] API proposal to get StereotypeApplication from a UML Element


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