Tentative IP Log for eclipse.platform.swt

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
7624XULRunner 24 SDK (Subset: three files) Version: 24Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL) modified source
7625Statically link XULRunner SDK (subset) Version: 24Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL), New BSD Licenseunmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseType
4469WebKit (Windows port) Version: latest (Sept. 20 nightly build)BSD Style licenseworks with
7073Chromium Embedded Framework 3 (CEF3) Version: 3.1180.823 (Windows)New BSD Licenseworks with
7434XULRunner Version: 17 or newerMozilla Public License (MPL) 2.0 and Othersworks with


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Kevin Barnes
Billy Biggs
Christian Campo compeople AG
Christophe Cornu IBM
Sonia Dimitrov IBM
Rodney Dowdall
Grant Gayed IBM
Bogdan Gheorghe IBM
Felipe Heidrich Oracle
Praveen Innamuri Adobe Systems
Veronika Irvine
Markus Keller IBM
Lina Kemmel IBM
Scott Kovatch Oracle
Alexander Kurtakov Red Hat, Inc.
Carolyn MacLeod IBM
Niraj Modi IBM
Kim Moir
Duong Nguyen IBM
Steve Northover Oracle
Silenio Quarti IBM
Lakshmi Priya Shanmugam IBM
Arun Thondapu IBM
Andre Weinand IBM
Mike Wilson IBM

Never Active
Name Organization  
Juergen Becker compeople AG
Uttaran Dutta IBM
GowriSharmi Kandasamy HP
Artyom Kuanbekov Intel Corporation
Stefan Liebig compeople AG
Shailesh Patel
Suresh Raju
Mikhail Voronin

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Abhishek Kishore (in.ibm.com)
346e51 4 lines Bug 433486 - Can't open FileDialog on OS X 10.9
528213 12 lines Bug 368757 - Using ESC as accelerator does not work on OS X, but on
74cf1a 51 lines Bug 378033 - Keyboard-driven disengagement from MacOS X Lion full-screen
acbdf5 6 lines Bug 428216 - Wrong file path is returned by FileDialog(SWT.SAVE)
bf968a 1 lines Bug 274326 - NPE in StyledText
d2444e 58 lines Bug 347430 - FileDialog's overwrite & setFilterExtensions options do not
d7358b 14 lines Bug 421246 - StyledText: incorrect caret move in first/last line (OS X)
da070c 3 lines Bug 423050 - Eclipse crashes on mac 10.8 when Text..setTextLimit(-1) is
f0fa0a 1 lines Bug 426522 - Application freeze in Mac SWT due to null pointer.
Aghiles Abdesselam (ca.ibm.com)
266970 11233 bytes [CSS] Widget.setData keys should be qualified
Attachment 131290: qualified updated
266146 2829 bytes [CSS] JUnit for: Property retrieval must check instanceof and return null
Attachment 126844: junit test for retrieveCSSProperty()
266804 14556 bytes [CSS] borderVisible VS border-visible
Attachment 127329: properties and junits updated
265232 17836 bytes [CSS] CTabFolder extended properties are missing retrieveCSSProperty()
Attachment 126485: retrieveCSSProperty() does not only return null & junit test
265214 42351 bytes [CSS] Summary bug for Cascading Rule Tests and CTabFolder Properties
Attachment 125948: CSS Properties and JUnits
266028 12085 bytes [CSS] Property retrieval must check instanceof and return null
Attachment 126618: instanceof check and will return null when appropriate
263184 1031 bytes [CSS] Need Shell:active pseudo class
Attachment 128268: fix in the junit test
271531 8316 bytes [CSS] Button styleable properties
Attachment 133183: Label and Button now have alignment stylable property
Alban Browaeys (yahoo.com)
242788 914 bytes a lot of popup ends up as null error
Attachment 108896: check if the parent is disposed before setting the parent as the shell (and use display instead if so)
250707 977 bytes [Proxy] remains an issue : if gnome proxy is set to direct connection pd is null and the java code does not handle that
Attachment 114991: Fix the bug about gnome direct connection triggering a null pointer exception
Aleksandra Wozniak (gmail.com)
239959 29364 bytes Adding content to "Compare with other resource" dialog by drag&dropping
Attachment 108951: patch #8
243873 1546 bytes NPE in "Compare with Other" dialog
Attachment 109784: patch #1
240294 1535 bytes Unused class in source code
Attachment 107446: Removes Messages.java from org.eclipse.compare.internal
241539 1995 bytes Key binding for "Compare with Other" dialog
Attachment 109790: patch #1
244623 974 bytes Cannot perform compare from "Compare with Other" dialog
Attachment 110399: patch #1
Alex Blewitt (gmail.com)
210826 827 bytes Enabled on NSButton seems to have no effect
Attachment 83685: Enables the button.enable to work
Alexander Kurtakov (gmail.com)
06428b 91 lines Bug 364762 - Conditional usage of GtkTreeView newer coord function.
0bab5e 641 lines Bug 364764 - Kill GtkFileSelection.
413c94 43 lines Bug 362246 - Platform.launch doesn't work on gio only systems.
41b69c 316 lines Bug 361004 - Remove GtkList related functions (comment#1 patch)
49ddcc 94 lines Bug 364769 - Remove gtk_timeout_remove and gtk_timeout_add
4b6f3d 55 lines Bug 364766 - Use gtk_orientable_set_orientation if gtk >= 2.16.0.
6767b5 27 lines Bug 364768 - Remove GTK_WIDGET_IS_SENSITIVE
70fed7 12 lines Bug 369225 - Cleanup pre GTK 2.4 leftovers. (reviewed)
8ec417 18 lines Bug 369152 - Make gtk_set_locale dynamic. (reviewed)
9d8bc4 13 lines Bug 369151 - Make gtk_tooltips_data_get dynamic.
f387ce 273 lines Bug 360872 - Remove GtkCombo and friends. (comment#0)
fb6589 96 lines Bug 364761 - Add gtk_cell_layout_get_cells and use it when gtk >=2.12.0.
fc1e32 39 lines Bug 364767 - Remove gtk_tree_view_tree_to_widget_coords.
Alexander Kurtakov (redhat.com)
04c22d 40 lines Replace gdk_cursor_destroy with gdk_cursor_unref.
053b81 17 lines Make gdk_gc_set_line_attributes dynamic.
05fa82 146 lines Cleanup pre GTK 2.4 leftovers in Table.
0d33c8 37 lines Remove gtk_tooltip_trigger_tooltip_query.
1574d1 16 lines Fix setFont/setForeground to actually work.
1d8346 93 lines Replace usage of GDK_DISPLAY with gdk_x11_display_get_xdisplay.
1e9452 146 lines Remove glib function bindings from gnome.
1ee701 376 lines Remove unused gdk_* functions bindings.
2467e9 1401 lines Remove unused gtk_* functions (part 2).
2533c6 421 lines Remove unused g_* functions bindings.
2eb61f 11 lines Do not check for gnome_vfs_url_show.
2f67ef 117 lines Use gtk_scrolled_window_get_[h|v]scrollbar functions for GTK >= 2.8.
31a2a5 41 lines Get rid of gdk_pixbuf_render_to_drawable_alpha.
354699 11 lines Do not check for gnome_vfs_url_show.
46c5fa 5 lines Fix crash when the widget doesn't have a child.
48c7c4 14 lines Make gdk_draw_lines dynamic.
490e9d 125 lines Remove X*Event unused memmove bindings.
492726 16 lines Fix setFont/setForeground to actually work.
4c663d 13 lines Remove unneeded gtk version checks in Shell.
4fe8da 142 lines Kill pre GTK 2.4 leftovers from Tree.
5014ee 607 lines Remove unused code (<2.4.x) in Combo
5071ad 107 lines Remove unused X functions binding.
536c3d 116 lines Merge the 2 different GNOME desktop types.
5463a0 27 lines Make gdk_gc_set_clip_origin and gdk_gc_set_clip_mask dynamic.
5abc2e 51 lines Remove unused gdk_ functions bindings.
5db5c1 44 lines Get rid of gtk_calendar_display_options.
679890 239 lines Cleanup TableItem and TreeItem.
68fd26 26 lines Get rid of gdk_rgb_init.
6a6819 24 lines Make gdk_pango_context_set_colormap dynamic.
6e1594 14 lines Make gdk_gc_set_tile dynamic.
704f93 542 lines Cleanup pre GTK 2.4 leftovers.
716f27 66 lines Use gdk_x11_window_lookup_for_display for gtk 2.24 instead of
73a3f0 28 lines Remove gdk_event_get_graphics_expose function.
76ea0a 14 lines Make gdk_draw_arc dynamic.
76ef25 8 lines Rename gnome_24_* to gnome_*.
785000 34 lines Make gtk_tooltips_enable/disable dynamic.
7bf3c4 14 lines Make gdk_draw_line dynamic.
7f0e92 13 lines Make gdk_gc_set_background dynamic.
82e34f 78 lines Use gdk_get_default_root_window instead of GDK_ROOT_PARENT.
8bd8c9 21 lines Make gtk_tooltips_force_window dynamic.
8f38c5 31 lines Use gdk_text_property_to_utf8_list + _for_display.
9298b2 9 lines Make GTK_VERSION a variable.
a07db2 26 lines Get rid of gdk_free_text_list.
a1b522 100 lines Remove gnome_vfs* unused function bindings.
a4d7ec 8 lines Rename gnome_24_* to gnome_*.
a57303 55 lines Kill pre GTK 2.4 leftovers from List.
a63e78 14 lines Make gdk_draw_layout_with_colors dynamic.
a7ac41 14 lines Make gdk_draw_point dynamic.
bee941 5 lines Fix crash when the widget doesn't have a child.
c27c62 15 lines Make gdk_gc_set_ts_origin dynamic.
c4cf22 37 lines Remove gtk_tooltip_trigger_tooltip_query.
c83258 100 lines Remove gnome_vfs* unused function bindings.
cf2b66 44 lines Remove unneeded gtk version checks.
d063d4 6 lines Protect gtk_tooltips_set tip for gtk prior to version 2.12.0.
d06482 93 lines Replace usage of GDK_DISPLAY with gdk_x11_display_get_xdisplay.
d8c49d 13 lines Make gdk_gc_set_dashes dynamic.
ddd03c 21 lines Conditionaly use gtk_menu_item_remove_submenu and make it dynamic.
df3f5e 39 lines Remove gtk_toolbar_insert_widget.
e48fdc 78 lines Use gdk_get_default_root_window instead of GDK_ROOT_PARENT.
ed17db 392 lines Remove unused gtk_* functions (part 1).
ed5480 4 lines Include gtkx.h and gdkx.h for GTK 3.
f16b4c 5 lines Remove cast in dynamic method breaking compilation.
f32872 116 lines Merge the 2 different GNOME desktop types.
fc36e7 30 lines gtk_tooltips_set_tip is dynamic now
fc9e03 32 lines Remove gdk_gc_set_clip_rectangle.
Anatoly Spektor (redhat.com)
03bf77 6 lines Bug 413328 - Remove unused code from ExpandBar widget (gtk2 cleanup)
05d0c2 47 lines Bug 388528 Use gdk_device_ungrab () instead of gdk_keyboard_ungrab () for GTK+3
077815 217 lines Use gtk_render_focus instead of gtk_paint_focus for GTK+ 3
09f169 184 lines Replace GtkFontSelection with GtkFontChooser for GTK+ 3.2 and higher
0d23f8 170 lines Use gtk_widget_set_has_window() instead of gtk_fixed_set_has_window()
0d5ff2 182 lines Bug 388461 Use gdk_device_grab() instead of gdk_pointer_grab() in GTK+3 and higher
0f4d0e 77 lines Remove ColorSelection deprecation warnings when compiling against GTK3.6
10a96a 51 lines Wrong sizing and trimming of Spinner widget in GTK+ 3
10c11b 4 lines Bug 413338 - Remove unused 2.10 version guard from Button widget
10f582 60 lines Use gtk_render_expander () instead of gtk_paint_expander () for GTK+ 3
195c35 945 lines Use gtk_widget_get_allocation in newer GTK+
19bc8c 242 lines Replace GtkColorSelection with GtkColorChooser for GTK 3.4 and up
1b29b6 34 lines Remove unused GTK_WIDGET_SET_HEIGHT and GTK_WIDGET_SET_WIDTH
1ff5dc 148 lines Bug 388265 Use gtk_box_new() and gtk_box_set_homogeneous() for GTK3
205454 55 lines Use gtk_widget_has_default instead of deprecated GTK_WIDGET_HAS_DEFAULT
213311 94 lines Bug 388369 Use gtk_separator_new () in GTK+3
22b840 3 lines Bug 412885 - [GTK2 clean-up] drop 2.8 code in Combo
22fa45 127 lines Add css style to button to solve button's height clipping issue
2790bc 28 lines This patch solves clipping and wrong default sizing of GtkEntry in GTK3
2b1f28 59 lines Not use gdk_colormap_alloc_color and gdk_colormap_free_color in GTK+3
2c810d 64 lines Bug 385070 Use gtk_widget_has_focus instead of deprecated GTK_WIDGET_HAS_FOCUS
2d6a57 3 lines define GTK_WIDGET_FLAGS to avoid compilation error against GTK+ 3
31b7a6 562 lines Bug 386145 Use gtk_widget_get_window() instead of GTK_WIDGET_WINDOW in newer GTK+
349459 13 lines make gdk_drawable_get_image dynamic
34f0c3 143 lines Use g_object_ref_sink() method instead of deprecated gtk_object_sink()
35f130 103 lines Use gtk_widget_get_preferred_size() instead gtk_widget_size_request ()
37911e 67 lines Omit use of deprecated GTK_WIDGET_UNSET_FLAGS
3fdc19 95 lines Use gtk_render_frame instead of gtk_paint_flat_box for GTK+ 3 and higher.
41b28f 96 lines Use gtk_render_handle() instead of gtk_paint_handle() for GTK+ 3
471ee5 2 lines Bug 413333 - Remove unused version guard 2.10 from Slider widget
4aa744 17 lines Make gdk_draw_layout function dynamic
4d14d1 56 lines Use gtk_render_frame* instead of gtk_paint_shadow* for GTK+ 3
4df24b 15 lines Make gdk_draw_image dynamic
5213f2 14 lines Make gdk_gc_set_values() dynamic
548e49 127 lines Add css style to button to solve button's height clipping issue
567388 98 lines Use gdk_pixbuf_get_from_window instead of gdk_pixbuf_get_from_drawable
5983c2 207 lines Omit use of deprecated GTK_WIDGET_FLAGS
599e46 24 lines Bug 413200 - Remove code less than 2.8 from Scrollable widget
5ed939 1 lines realize handle to solve Slider widget with SWT.DEFAULT size issue
620705 69 lines Bug 386778 Omit use of GTK_WIDGET_SET_X and GTK_WIDGET_SET_Y in newer GTK+
663880 19 lines Bug 413335 - Remove unused 2.8 code from Control widget
6a8807 50 lines Bug 386594 - Use gtk_widget_get_visible instead of GTK_WIDGET_VISIBLE for newer GTK+
6e6069 83 lines Use gtk_scrollbar_new() for GTK+3
736f35 44 lines Bug 413455 - Remove unused GTK_SCROLLED_WINDOW_[V,H]SCROLLBAR
73b876 103 lines Omit use of gdk_drawable_get_size for newer GTK+ and make it dynamic
7460be 5 lines Bug 413316 -Remove code less than 2.6 and unused guard from Shell widget
766978 57 lines Use gdk_window* instead of gdk_drawable_get_visible_region()
81a2c8 3 lines Removes warning for GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED when gtk deprecated is disabled
829209 87 lines Use gtk_render_arrow instead of gtk_paint_arrow for GTK+ 3
84ada6 24 lines Bug 412880 - Dropping Version less than 2.10 in Widget and Tooltip
89226e 42 lines 413197 - Menu widget uses unused version guards 2.10 and 2.8
89b5f4 12 lines Use Requisition to computeSize of Text in GTK+ 3
916bed 166 lines Omit use of gdk_drawable_get_size deprecated function in GC
93a940 242 lines Replace GtkColorSelection with GtkColorChooser for GTK 3.4 and up
95845b 62 lines Use gtk_render_option instead of gtk_paint_option for GTK+3 and higher
977396 28 lines This patch solves clipping and wrong default sizing of GtkEntry in GTK3
978b03 63 lines Use gtk_render_check instead of gtk_paint_check for GTK+ 3
9a3f1e 96 lines Use Cairo instead of deprecated functions in ToolTip widget.
9d9800 77 lines Remove ColorSelection deprecation warnings when compiling against GTK3.6
a025bf 88 lines Use gtk_orientable_set_orientation and progressbar_inverted for GTK+ 3
a1ea26 16 lines Make gdk_gc_set_fill () dynamic
a215b8 89 lines Omit use of GTK_RANGE_HAS_STEPPER_A,B,C,D constants for newer GTK+
a4e8d5 79 lines Use gdk_device_get_window_at_position instead of gdk_window_at_pointer
a61caa 84 lines Omit use of deprecated GTK_RANGE_SLIDER_END and GTK_RANGE_SLIDER_START
a73bad 16 lines Make gdk_gc_get_values dynamic
a84e4f 28 lines This patch solves clipping and wrong default sizing of GtkEntry in GTK3
a8602d 31 lines Make gdk_draw_polygon function dynamic
ad1bc0 6 lines Bug 413334 - DirectoryDialog widget uses unused 2.10 version guard
b0e12c 6 lines Bug 413199 - MessageBox uses unsued 2.10 version guard
b178de 2031 lines Replace GdkRegion with Cairo methods for GTK + 3.0 and higher
b1b409 6 lines Bug 413325 - Remove unused version guard 2.10 from FontDialog widget
b76a32 86 lines Use gtk_cell_renderer_get_preferred_size() for GTK+ 3
b7e802 24 lines Bug 413331 - Remove unused 2.10 version guard from Display widget
bcac6a 776 lines DateTime on top of GtkSpinButton (work in progress)
c159a9 139 lines Replace gdk_window_get_pointer with gdk_window_get_device_position GTK3
c355f6 11 lines Solves bug in Sash widget (caused by path in Bug 386401)
c6e846 85 lines Use gtk_widget_get_mapped() instead of deprecated GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED
cbf5be 14 lines Make gdk_gc_set_exposures() dynamic
ce67da 80 lines Omit use of deprecated gdk_utf8_to_compound_text() in newer GTK+
cf7344 10 lines Bug 413457 - Remove unused version guards 2.8 and 2.10 in FileDialog
d090fa 64 lines Use gtk_render_extension instead of gtk_paint_extension for GTK+ 3
d09696 75 lines Bug 388528 Use gdk_device_ungrab() instead of gdk_pointer_ungrab() in GTK3+
d20287 66 lines Use gtk_render_frame_gap instead of gtk_paint_box_gap for GTK+ 3
d4095a 127 lines Add css style to button to solve button's height clipping issue
db6db8 90 lines Use gtk_scale_new() in Gtk+3
df5580 17 lines Make gdk_pixbuf_render_pixmap_and_mask dynamic
e022a0 8 lines Solve build errors regarding 2 GTK_TOOLTIPS constants
e7d01b 16 lines Make gdk_gc_set_stipple dynamic
ed18df 83 lines Use gtk_redner_line() instead of gtk_paint_vline/hline for GTK+3
ef7e4c 6 lines Bug 413337 - Remove unused version guard 2.10 from ColorDialog widget
f1673e 27 lines remove unused function GTK_WIDGET_STATE
f4412f 19 lines Use Cairo instead of gdk_draw_drawable and gdk_gc_set_exposures
f44fbc 4 lines Bug 413195 - Remove unused version guard from Label widget
f595bd 92 lines Use gtk_render_frame and gtk_render_background instead of gtk_paint_box
fc2d2e 191 lines Omit use of deprecated GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAG
fced94 63 lines Use gtk_render_layout instead of gtk_paint_layout for GTK+3 and higher
fed3ad 62 lines Uses gtk_widget_get_sensitive instead of deprecated GTK_WIDGET_SENSITIVE
ffc9f4 51 lines Wrong sizing and trimming of Spinner widget in GTK+ 3
ffe518 39 lines Replace gdk_cursor_unref with g_object_unref for GTK+ 3
Andi Thomas (csc.com)
231327 1228 bytes Tabbing into table sets focus to first column regardless of its visibility
Attachment 120765: Changes as a patch
Andreas eißner (andreasmeissner.de)
351272 1491 bytes [Help][Index] Keyword Index: Blank line after parent nodes that link a help page
Attachment 199181: Patch that fixes the described bug by modifiying the method IndexPart.getChildren(IIndexEntry)
Andreas Bjoru (bjoru.com)
158642 8184 bytes [Workbench] Hide toolbar not persisted
Attachment 95189: using preferences and fixes toggle command issues
Andrew Gvozdev (gmail.com)
364039 4097 bytes [Markers] Add "Delete All Markers" in severity group context menu in Problems view
Attachment 207246: patch
Andrew Konchakov (borland.com)
228354 3186 bytes Folder deletion can cause incorrect project delta node flags if linked folders exist in project
Andrew Overholt (gmail.com)
274373 1346 bytes [Metadata] Some testing data folders not parametrized
Attachment 134297: another patch
Andrey Loskutov (gmx.de)
268676 5914 bytes [PropertiesView] pinning is not working (well) with tabbed properties
Attachment 130311: Updated patch without tests
278514 784 bytes [WorkbenchParts] NPE in PageBookView.containsPart
Attachment 137785: A simple patch
Angelo ZERR (gmail.com)
256844 276369 bytes [CSS] TK-UI CSS engine for Nebula widget
Attachment 118965: TK-UI CSS engine Eclipse project for Nebula widget
Annika Karjakina (users.sourceforge.net)
743bbe 12 lines Bug 377155-CCombo dropdown list can go off the top screen bound
7d3ba9 12 lines Bug 377155-CCombo dropdown list can go off the top screen bound
Anthony Dahanne (gmail.com)
330613 5479 bytes enhance ETF to be able to launch several tests in several bundles
Attachment 183621: enables ETF to run multiple test suites, acrosss multiple test fragments --NO FORMATTING ISSUE
Anthony Juckel (gmail.com)
130854 957 bytes [CellEditors] JFace TableViewer ignoring ICellEditor validator state
Attachment 156058: Absolute minimum patch. No notification, but doesn't attempt to apply an invalid value to the editor.
Antoine Toulmé (lunar-ocean.com)
249313 855 bytes [TabbedProperties] [properties.tabbed]The label on the extension point propertyTab is not marked as translatable
Attachment 113983: properties.tabbed plugin tab label patch
Anton Leherbauer (windriver.com)
161095 643 bytes [CommonNavigator] Drag and Drop of non IResource items causes FileTransfer to be created with null data
Attachment 56766: Proposed fix
251224 2726 bytes [misc] Allow custom token for WhitespaceRule
Attachment 115391: New constructor
251224 891 bytes [misc] Allow custom token for WhitespaceRule
Attachment 115552: Patch against JavaCodeScanner only
251224 869 bytes [misc] Allow custom token for WhitespaceRule
Attachment 115556: Patch against JavaDocScanner only
255153 887 bytes Select All does not fire selection change event
Attachment 117753: Force a selection change event
255422 865 bytes [Contributions] Toolbar painting issues when a command is contributed to the menu
Attachment 125372: Simple fix
247294 4275 bytes [CommonNavigator] Project Explorer: ResourceDragAdapterAssistant always initiates drag of resources
Attachment 112650: Proposed fix
251711 2539 bytes Select All should not select invisible items
Attachment 115812: Proposed fix
198591 4467 bytes [Build] Builder should be able to specify scheduling rule
Attachment 153724: Combined patch for core.resources with contributor line
292664 2964 bytes [implementation] CopyOnWriteTextStore leaks memory
Attachment 157223: Improved fix
296800 4409 bytes [GlobalActions] UI build actions should not lock the workspace
Attachment 157084: Patch for BuildAction and GlobalBuildAction
300664 9422 bytes [GlobalActions] Make 'Build All' retargetable
Attachment 158456: 'Build all' as default command handler
178203 1829 bytes [projection] Eclipse is too eager to unfold code
Attachment 156923: Suggested fix
305858 2839 bytes IncrementalProjectBuilder.getRule() should be allowed to return null
Attachment 162045: Suggested fix
301023 6588 bytes [projection][typing] "Backspace" key deleting something else
Attachment 161291: Previous fix + additional tests
261031 1156 bytes [CommonNavigator] IPipelinedContentProvider getParent() returning the suggested parent is not ignored
Attachment 125124: Patch proposal
306824 1762 bytes Builders returning null scheduling rule can't work safely with other builders overriding #getRule()
Attachment 162866: Fall back to workspace root if rule-less builder is not "alone"
339227 1485 bytes [Preferences] Startup and shutdown preference page: Restore defaults does not work as expected
Attachment 190658: Proposed patch
345715 1238 bytes [implementation] AnnotationModel.fModificationStamp leaks annotations
Attachment 195579: Suggested fix
Aristide Martin (obeo.fr)
329924 1954 bytes Exception when disposing a menu
Attachment 182838: patch for HEAD
Arun Thondapu (in.ibm.com)
050454 60 lines Bug 354978 - Use Cairo as backend for graphics operations (comment#5
0538a2 57 lines Fix tool items with only image and no text appearing blank
0d13b7 6 lines Bug 46025 - [Widgets] Toolbar does not support WRAP style (comment#71)
11d464 1 lines Fix memory leak in Shell#setToolTipText()
1c6100 1064 lines Bug 46025 - [Widgets] Toolbar does not support WRAP style (initial patch)
4843c8 1064 lines Bug 46025 - [Widgets] Toolbar does not support WRAP style (initial patch)
5c25a7 74 lines 364593 - Memory leak in Table when changing cell background colors
5ce98d 6 lines Bug 46025 - [Widgets] Toolbar does not support WRAP style (comment#71)
ae4007 57 lines Fix tool items with only image and no text appearing blank
e0e004 42397 lines 364593 - Memory leak in Table when changing cell background colors
f90f7a 1 lines Fix memory leak in Shell#setToolTipText()
Asif Chowdhury (terpmail.umd.edu)
366337 738 bytes Possible null pointer exception on ant
Attachment 208226: Patch to add null check.
Baltasar Belyavsky (ti.com)
300713 3189 bytes [Preferences] [Jface] Add ability to set the filter-path on file/directory field-editors
Attachment 157145: patch - applies to workspace
361675 9322 bytes Order mismatch when saving/restoring workspace trees
Attachment 206154: Updated patch - apply to workspace
361675 4435 bytes Order mismatch when saving/restoring workspace trees
Attachment 206555: Testcase to illustrate the bug, and regression-test the fix
Ben Cox (uk.ibm.com)
68e82e 2 lines Bug 410904 - preserve order of MIME globs
Ben Vitale (yahoo.com)
263100 1273 bytes [DataBinding] TitleAreaDialogSupport documentation nits
Attachment 124335: Revised patch
264519 1030 bytes [ActivityMgmt] Pref page activity manager listener not detached
Attachment 125385: Patch to remove the listener
Benjamin Cabé (eclipse.org)
252219 1399 bytes [DataBinding] [Databinding] Snippet000HelloWorld assume the Person model is a bean but it's only a POJO...
Attachment 116194: patch against org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding
255466 1395 bytes [Forms]MessageManager.Message.equals() returns incorrect results because of missing parentheses
Attachment 118000: Patch
265532 3229 bytes org.eclipse.core.runtime.Platform.knownWSValues() doesn't include cocoa
Attachment 126216: patch to add cocoa to WS list
280462 10532 bytes e4 splash screen
Attachment 139408: Implementation v03
Benjamin Drung (ubuntu.com)
305569 1128 bytes external.xpt is not build from source
Attachment 162265: eclipse-swt-compile-xpt.patch
Benjamin Muskalla (tasktop.com)
279685 805 bytes Contacts demo has unneccessary dependencies
Attachment 138715: patch
Benoit Hiller (gmail.com)
5a4dfd 314 lines Window open/close/show
5ae1a7 74 lines untrusted setText and version checking
5fd8d6 28 lines adding title event
6cd79c 21 lines adding status event
85ba6b 62 lines Adding basic navigation methods, adding getUrl, extracting the
90234d 669 lines Adding context menus.
9b6686 6 lines adding guard for null strings to extract method
a587cc 77 lines adding location event
b55452 531 lines Adding JS dialog events
c198ee 809 lines Adding support for downloads
c67236 24 lines adding completion event
e1f72c 25 lines moving location event
Brock Janiczak (gmail.com)
283295 780 bytes Associate presentation actions bar with Ant Editor
Attachment 141405: Patch to add Editor Presentation action bar to the ant editor
Bryan Hunt (mac.com)
245457 1262 bytes [Forms] ExpandableComposite should have option of not drawing the title focus box
Attachment 111134: NO_TITLE_FOCUS_BOX
Calman Steynberg (gmail.com)
86745 826 bytes Tree shows horizontal scrollbar although not required
Attachment 83180: Patch for the new Cocoa implementation to auto hide scrollbars in trees
210858 1389 bytes Editing text has no horizontal scrollbar
Attachment 93185: Patch without debug statements
Carlos Devoto (compuware.com)
213645 27578 bytes [RCP] Requesting programmatic hook to create view folders that remain visible after their last child is closed
Attachment 86030: Updated patch
Carsten Pfeiffer (gebit.de)
259536 4591 bytes [EditorMgmt] [Patch] Problems reloading a bundle
Attachment 121103: Fixes support for reloading of editor extensions
Chris Audley (yahoo.com)
273265 1664 bytes [DataBinding] ChangeManager doesn't support Cloneable
Attachment 134113: Adds a clone method to ChangeManager
Chris Austin (us.ibm.com)
249924 4253 bytes [Help] 'Content' preference page uses a TabFolder when there is only one item
Attachment 119828: Patch without the tab
249921 35050 bytes [Help] 'Content' preference page has awful dialogs
Attachment 119957: Patch for updated dialogs
263855 8271 bytes [Import/Export] [Wizards] Request Project Import Wizard allow for an initial / pre-populated path
Attachment 125691: Second generation implementation
272974 8515 bytes [Help] 'Content' preference page 'Restore Defaults' button clears out infocenter list regardless of defaults
Attachment 132490: Initial fix implementation
241885 14180 bytes [Intro]Option to always launch to Welcome until user chooses not to
Attachment 122807: Patch - Second Generation
290147 1158 bytes [Help] Remote Help and unescaped characters in path
Attachment 148266: Patch V1
291639 2379 bytes [Help][Context] Dead code in ContextManager
Attachment 153009: Patch to remove obsolete code
280357 7640 bytes [Help][Context] Tools to create, debug, edit context sensitive help (CSH)
Attachment 155268: Patch V3
308604 2524 bytes 3 warnings in official build
Attachment 164374: Patch to fix compile warnings
310844 6758 bytes [Help] Steps to convert infocenter to WAR are incorrect
Attachment 166479: Patch to fix webapp directory strcuture and doc
311791 4182 bytes For infocenters running on Eclipse 3.5 and earlier, requests to /rtopic return the page not found input stream, instead of returning SC_NOCONTENT, causing remote help priority to display Topic not found pages even if the doc is not on the infocenter.
Attachment 167796: Patch V3
320667 11517 bytes [Help] Test connection should actually check for validity of Information Center
Attachment 181416: Final Patch
Chris Goldthorpe (us.ibm.com)
260762 22167 bytes [Help][Search] Ability to search within selected toc or topic
Attachment 123445: Final patch
184345 996 bytes [Forms] ColumnLayout calculates number of columns incorrectly
Attachment 142712: Patch containing fix suggested by Jamie Rasmussen
288140 2012 bytes [IDE] [browser] Default external browser should be pre-configured on Solaris 10 sparc GTK
Attachment 154511: Patch for plugin.xml only plus bundle version change
Chris Grindstaff (gstaff.org)
251528 682 bytes SWT Image created without GDI tracking
Attachment 115685: Patch to add GDI tracking to Image
Chris Horneck (yahoo.com)
287765 5544 bytes [Viewers] getExpandedTreePaths in AbstractTreeViewer can fail when there are items with dummy children
Attachment 145838: TestCase to reproduce the error
Chris McGee (ca.ibm.com)
266538 3675 bytes [expressions] [Contributions] Performance degredation in expand all in the project explorer
Attachment 127489: Proposed Fix #2 (WeakHashMap)
Chris Russo (gmail.com)
219133 3473 bytes printer.getDPI() returns 72x72
Attachment 160236: printing patch
Christian Georgi (sap.com)
388321 1898 bytes Perspectives are not sorted in debug's view management preference page
Attachment 220446: The patch
Christian Walther (indel.ch)
330574 937 bytes [Filters] org.eclipse.core.resources.filterMatchers extension point lists AbstractFileInfoMatcher in wrong package
Attachment 183383: proposed patch
Chuck Bridgham (us.ibm.com)
218127 7106 bytes [CommonNavigator] Common Navigator inherited viewer bindings
Attachment 89103: Suggested implementation patch
Dan Heidinga (ca.ibm.com)
240985 1316 bytes NPE adding org.eclipse.ui.console.consolePageParticipants extension without enablement clause
Attachment 107521: Checks for null enablement expression
246278 1275 bytes NPE in DefaultDetailPane.java:264
Attachment 112551: Slightly better fix then previous patch
249514 1006 bytes [Viewers] [JFace] NPE setting StructuredSelection(Object[])
Attachment 114113: Assert added and javadoc updated
134190 709 bytes [JFace] NPE in StatusLine class
Attachment 112768: One Line fix for NPE in #subTask(String)
Danail Nachev (gmail.com)
109898 766 bytes Intermittent failures in IJobManagerTests relating to job families
Attachment 115249: The one-liner fix for the problem
348608 1665 bytes [linked mode] LinkedModeUI.enableColoredLabels() doesn't work
Attachment 197571: Updated patch with copyright notice
Dani Megert (ch.ibm.com)
f17d4c 72 lines Bug 403412: Samples miss stylesheet
250107 191 bytes Build order incorrect when project is deleted
Daniel Friederich (freescale.com)
241336 9520 bytes [flexible hierarchy] IModelProxyFactory.createModelProxy() should take the full path to element.
Attachment 146684: Adds IModelProxyFactory2 which is used to install per path model proxies.
293210 919 bytes Context launch launches shared launch configuration twice.
Attachment 150410: fix merge bug in pref patch
293844 13341 bytes Problematic order of handling of INSERTED/ADDED/REMOVED and other non model changing flags
Attachment 150993: Test for change
238956 14064 bytes Improve usability of the breakpoints view
Attachment 152438: Font for default working set and also fix for update when default changes (lines of code = 104)
238956 1035 bytes Improve usability of the breakpoints view
Attachment 152548: Fix for empty input when switching perspectives
Darin Wright (gmail.com)
289024 23 Group breakpoint removal dialog ignores 'Esc' button and removes breakpoints anyway
David Pérez (gmail.com)
340342 797 bytes [Contributions] Tooltips for command
Attachment 191669: Diff respect to the head version of org.eclipse.ui.workbench/Eclipse UI/org/eclipse/ui/menus
David Green (tasktop.com)
301196 6075 bytes [FieldAssist] ContentAssistCommandAdapter should provide an activation expression when activating the command handler
Attachment 157839: the unit test was committed, but not the patch to the code.
David Williams (us.ibm.com)
238334 3477 bytes There seems to be no deleted content in cvs
Attachment 108591: Fix v02
Deepak Azad (gmail.com)
273012 690 bytes [Forms] NPE in FormPage.setActive(...)
Attachment 132542: Proposed patch to ffix the bug by adding a null check
277684 6623 bytes [preferences] Add comment to pref page that changing quick diff provider does not update open editors
Attachment 150237: reworked patch with the suggested changes
293237 5021 bytes [implementation] Clean up usages of new GridData(int) in QuickDiffConfigurationBlock.java
Attachment 150441: patch
267427 1346 bytes [printing] File -> Print... should use new PrintDialog.setPrinterData() API
Attachment 154558: reworked patch
272172 15816 bytes [rulers][hovering] Add a command that allows to show the vertical ruler hover
Attachment 160032: fix
Didier Villevalois (beuz.org)
178534 968 bytes [Forms] Expandable Composite right margin computation bug
Attachment 61535: Fix for the right margin computation
Dina Sayed (eg.ibm.com)
276324 2715 bytes [ViewMgmt] CycleBaseHandler throws NPE if no workbench parts available
Attachment 143629: Proposed patch
269844 15993 bytes [GlobalActions] "Close Unrelated Projects" is dangerous and needs confirmation
Attachment 145560: Modifed patch
269844 899 bytes [GlobalActions] "Close Unrelated Projects" is dangerous and needs confirmation
Attachment 147623: Documentation update for ref-9.htm
303889 2777 bytes [BiDi] BIDI3.6: Triggering Eclipse mirroring and Bidi-script based languages translation
Attachment 187025: Proposed patch
Dorin Ciuca (freescale.com)
324100 12702 bytes Top index not maintained properly in variables / registers view
Attachment 179364: fix_patch
324100 13636 bytes Top index not maintained properly in variables / registers view
Attachment 179603: unit_test_patch
326917 40431 bytes [Fiexible Hierarchy] View state is not saved correctly when top view element is deep in a tree hierarchy.
Attachment 180484: Unit test cancel restore
359859 4801 bytes [flex] Race condition between viewer state save and state restore if input memento is the same for old and new input
Attachment 204610: unit test save restore order
359859 4940 bytes [flex] Race condition between viewer state save and state restore if input memento is the same for old and new input
Attachment 204666: proposed fix
Doug (ymail.com)
243053 5227 bytes Tabs added via launchConfigurationTabs cannot be placed after each other
Attachment 109061: A patch that fixes the issue
277299 1380 bytes [implementation] Performance issue with jface text WordRule
Attachment 136645: WordRule performance patch
Edoardo Comar (uk.ibm.com)
110684 2220 bytes [PresentationAPI] [RCP] [EditorMgmt] Workbench sometimes restores multiple empty editor folders
Attachment 180115: patch for IDEWorkbenchWindowAdvisor
Eduard Bartsch (sap.com)
323833 6124 bytes Files in file cache are marked as immutable and are not deleted on restart
Attachment 180759: Updated patch that clears the immutable flag at startup
Edwin Chan (ca.ibm.com)
250107 155 bytes Build order incorrect when project is deleted
Eike Stepper (esc-net.de)
343228 1740 bytes Enable decorations of LaunchConfigurationFilteredTree
Attachment 193541: Patch
Elena Laskavaia (gmail.com)
259281 2002 bytes [launch] When using Environment tab it does not process variables with newline correctly
Attachment 120865: proposed patch
Elias Volanakis (eclipsesource.com)
271720 2641 bytes [DataBinding] Clarify DateTimeSelectionProperty javadoc with respect to null values
Attachment 131726: Javadoc patch
Eric Moffatt (ca.ibm.com)
246593 45826 bytes [Markers] Optimize problems view result caching
Attachment 129694: Capturing a patch sent by email
Eric Rizzo (rizzoweb.com)
162102 27122 bytes [Workbench] User configurability for MAX_RECENT_WORKSPACES
Attachment 127480: Patch that includes Help changes and externalizes the UI strings
268819 1341 bytes [WorkbenchLauncher] 'Workspaces' preference page's 'Remove' button should enable/disable itself more intelligently
Attachment 129455: Patch against org.eclipse.ui.ide.application
276755 9620 bytes [DataBinding] Snippet to demonstrate data binding a ComboViewer to an enum
Attachment 136210: Patch against HEAD of project org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding
262016 3723 bytes [Snippets][Viewers] Snippet to demonstrate a combined TextAndDialogCellEditor
Attachment 123375: The cell editor class
262016 6228 bytes [Snippets][Viewers] Snippet to demonstrate a combined TextAndDialogCellEditor
Attachment 123376: The snippet class that demonstrates the cell editor
Eugene Ostroukhov (gmail.com)
287887 11792 bytes [Wizards] [api] Cancel button has two distinct roles
Attachment 154844: Patch that adds a new stop image to fix alignment
Fabio Zadrozny (gmail.com)
265049 2052 bytes [CommonNavigator] ClassCastException from WorkingSetFilterActionGroup (that should not happen)
Attachment 130145: Patch removing those casts
270385 43812 bytes [typing] HippieCompleteAction is slow ( Alt+/ )
Attachment 157936: Patch v4
Florina Craciunescu (yahoo.com)
367419 3071 bytes Explicit cast to ViewActionsBars when disposing a view part
Attachment 209258: Patch 2 for ViewReference class
foremans (google.com)
2d3bee 675 lines Review for Bug 360052 - New API for monitoring UI delays
89178c 139 lines Added special events for sleep monitoring
Francis Lynch (windriver.com)
301563 22689 bytes Fast project import from snapshot data
Attachment 160898: Patch v5 to org.clipse.core.resources plugin
305716 13224 bytes Add Unittests for fast project import from snapshot data
Attachment 162449: Patch to org.eclipse.core.tests.resources
307985 1940 bytes ProjectSnapshotTest.#testLoadWithRefresh fails in N20100331-2000 and N20100401-2000
Attachment 163982: Patch to org.eclipse.core.tests.resources
307985 2461 bytes ProjectSnapshotTest.#testLoadWithRefresh fails in N20100331-2000 and N20100401-2000
Attachment 164074: Patch version 2 to org.eclipse.core.tests.resources
305718 2592 bytes Cannot rename a project on fast project import from snapshot
Attachment 164128: Additional patch to org.eclipse.core.tests.resources
305718 10779 bytes Cannot rename a project on fast project import from snapshot
Attachment 164639: Patch version 2 to org.eclipse.core.resources
305718 2719 bytes Cannot rename a project on fast project import from snapshot
Attachment 164927: Patch to ProjectSnapshotTest to add another rename test
303751 75717 bytes [Import/Export] Need a UI for fast project import from snapshot data
Attachment 169110: Patch version 5 org.eclipse.ui.ide with import/export wizards
Francis Upton IV (ieee.org)
240073 6341 bytes [CommonNavigator] ISV guide doc corrections
Attachment 110864: Revised patch
248010 1407 bytes [Help] CCE when clicking on root breadcrumb in Help view in RCP app
Attachment 113032: Patch
299246 13744 bytes [CommonNavigator] Add model objects for new CNF tests
Attachment 155722: Proposed patch
299249 9013 bytes [CommonNavigator] Add ResourceWrapperContent/Label provider for new CNF tests
Attachment 155723: Patch
299251 6174 bytes [CommonNavigator] Model label and content providers for additional pipeline CNF tests
Attachment 155724: Patch
299304 10195 bytes [CommonNavigator] Test contribution for CNF
Attachment 155784: Revised patch
299322 2834 bytes [CommonNavigator] Test contribution for CNF
Attachment 155802: Patch
299324 8945 bytes [CommonNavigator] Add new test Pipeline content provider
Attachment 155805: Patch
299325 9675 bytes [CommonNavigator] Add plugin.xml configuration for new pipeline tests
Attachment 155806: Patch
299326 7853 bytes [CommonNavigator] Add new test for CNF pipelining
Attachment 155807: Patch
343721 2014 bytes [CommonNavigator] getParent of NavigatorContentServiceContentProvider does not return expected node.
Attachment 194017: Patch with revised copyright notice
Fred G (hotmail.com)
346082 1546 bytes Restoring defaults on external tools preference page does not work correctly
Attachment 201236: Fix (including updated copyright)
George Cheng (ca.ibm.com)
afd259 192 lines Bug 96320 - ImageLoader.save cannot set JPEG compression ratio
e9f127 12 lines Bug 359101
Gordon Hirsch (sas.com)
214532 20699 bytes [JFace] Open up the API for org.eclipse.jface.layout.AbstractColumnLayout
Attachment 102746: patch to make abstract methods protected
Grant Taylor (ca.ibm.com)
250107 1564 bytes Build order incorrect when project is deleted
Guillermo Hurtado (us.ibm.com)
27343 16524 bytes [Help] TOC tag does not support icon="Myimage.gif"
Attachment 114802: Icon contribution to help webapp
Gunnar Wagenknecht (wagenknecht.org)
265445 1230 bytes Message "Authorization infrastructure (org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility.auth) not installed." logged multiple times
Attachment 126155: Patch for org.eclipse.core.runtime to log the message only once
140936 15943 bytes [relengtool] Patch for adding additional file types to copyright tool
Attachment 120104: Patch for adding XML support
Hannes Erven (erven.at)
293841 131 bytes [FieldAssist] NumLock keyDown event should not close the proposal popup [with patch]
Attachment 150988: Suggested patch that adds SWT.NUM_LOCK to ignored keyDown events in popup
Hao Zhang (cn.ibm.com)
293744 16561 bytes [Webapp]Allow additional section to be added to the bar upside
Attachment 152370: Patch V1
293747 29073 bytes [Help][Print]Add maximum printed topics and maximum connections to the preference to optimize the quick print operation
Attachment 152477: Patch V3
293745 16212 bytes [Help][Search]Provide enhancement for quick search function
Attachment 153347: Patch V1
293745 561 bytes [Help][Search]Provide enhancement for quick search function
Attachment 153344: Additional button image
296506 859 bytes [Webapp] Quick search of Toc only searches subtopics
Attachment 153415: Patch V1
76005 71782 bytes [Help] Ability for users to filter what they see in the help system navigation acc to some criteria (all help modes)
Attachment 157727: Filtering(Criteria and content scope) in search results-- backend
76005 165574 bytes [Help] Ability for users to filter what they see in the help system navigation acc to some criteria (all help modes)
Attachment 158861: Filtering(Criteria and content scope) in search results-- backend & UI
Heba Aboulmagd (eg.ibm.com)
304653 1785 bytes [Webapp][Bidi] Breadcrumbs in Arabic topics display nodes in wrong order
Attachment 199509: patch
Heiko Ahlig (gmx.de)
267712 11503 bytes [DataBinding] add ObservableMapCellLabelProvider
Attachment 128124: Example for the ObservableMapCellLabelProvider
Helena Halperin (il.ibm.com)
298747 1351 bytes [EditorMgmt] Bidi Incorrect file type direction in mirrored "Editor Selection" dialog
Attachment 155221: patch
299031 1939 bytes [Preferences] BIDI_BDL: Incorrect file path display in Recent workspaces list of Preferences dialog
Attachment 155495: patch
299212 4149 bytes [Preferences] BIDI_BDL: Incorrect path display in Linked Resources list of Preferences dialog
Attachment 159097: new patch
Helmut J. Haigermoser (windriver.com)
359838 2504 bytes [workspace selection] The "Workspace Unavailable" error message does not list the workspace location
Attachment 207525: proposed patch to address this issue
Hemant Singh (gmail.com)
326695 10822 bytes [Workbench] WorkbenchLabelProvider and IWorkbenchAdapter doesn't support StyledString
Attachment 185355: IWA3 v06
333590 4916 bytes [Workbench] WorkbenchAdapterFactory can't adapt workbench adapter extension interfaces
Attachment 186402: 333590 v03
Hiroyuki Okamoto (us.ibm.com)
237273 4544 bytes [About] About dialog does not change about.mappings for dynamic product
Attachment 105019: Proposed fix
Hitesh (in.ibm.com)
217906 4188 bytes [WorkingSets] IWorkingSetManager.createWorkingSetSelectionDialog javadoc states wrong behavior
Attachment 119382: Patch 1
251195 3569 bytes [Markers] Quick fix is not available in Markers view
Attachment 118743: patch handler and command
212583 13349 bytes [WorkingSets] Changing name(or label) of WorkingSet breaks logic of TreeSet where WorkingSetManager stores WorkingSets.
Attachment 128358: Patch v1
242208 3356 bytes [Markers] Filtering problems by working set doesn't take into account new files
Attachment 118805: Patch
256561 1010 bytes [WorkingSets] Possibly broken code in ModifyWorkingSetDelegate.getItems()
Attachment 119897: Patch 1
258810 6418 bytes [Markers] Markers for the entire workspace show up when working set empty
Attachment 121775: Patch 2
261861 1710 bytes [Markers] QuickFix dialog doesn't show Location properly
Attachment 123352: patch
257094 2002 bytes [Markers] NPE in MarkerHelpRegistry
Attachment 123058: Check Null
250807 4519 bytes [Markers] Delete handler in problems view should spawn a job
Attachment 117427: Patch 2
257956 7732 bytes [Markers] Improvement requests to Problems View / Configure Contents dialog
Attachment 120663: Patch 2
274631 1371 bytes [WorkingSets] Save/restore of aggregate workingset broken by changes from Bug 217955.
Attachment 134047: Possible patch
274631 6211 bytes [WorkingSets] Save/restore of aggregate workingset broken by changes from Bug 217955.
Attachment 135320: Corrected Test
228110 4254 bytes [Markers] Problems view: Improve 'Warnings on Selection'
Attachment 118576: Patch 1
Holger Voormann (voormann.de)
352434 999 bytes [Help][Search] "Nothing found" if more than 1000 matches
Attachment 199890: Patch for Bug 352434
351072 3139 bytes [Help][Search] If search word contains ":" then click on a search result shows empty page
Attachment 207712: Patch in Git patch format
Ian Phillips (ianp.org)
258016 1730 bytes [PropertiesView] NPE in org.eclipse.ui.views.properties.PropertySheetViewer
Attachment 125234: Patch that removes copy/paste artefacts as well as improving code safety.
264336 8831 bytes [Contributions] [expressions] RFE: CountExpression should support additional options.
Attachment 127320: CDC-1.0 compliant workspace patch
Igor Fedorenko (ifedorenko.com)
260e2d 357 lines Add poms for Tycho build
331708 28 lines Bug 386646 - build against declared and/or observed bundle runtime execution environment
80918b 357 lines Add poms for Tycho build
fde8ca 28 lines Bug 386646 - build against declared and/or observed bundle runtime execution environment
Izzet Safer (ca.ibm.com)
250505 881 bytes [Forms] AbstractHyperlink should check if widget is disposed before calling triggerAccessible
Attachment 114853: proposed patch
James Blackburn (gmail.com)
230842 980 bytes [Help] new Toc(IToc ...) does not copy over the linkTo field
Attachment 99230: Patch to setLinkTo when IToc is converted to Toc in TocManager
265235 1247 bytes Project reconcileLinks always delete's linked resource if resource contains a variable
Attachment 125960: Patch 1
307391 5391 bytes IllegalArgumentException Cannot yieldRule job that is YIELDING
Attachment 163347: simplified test + patch
307282 5229 bytes ILock#acquire(int) broken after interrupt() => OrderedLocks become lost
Attachment 163179: test 2
306822 4089 bytes We need context for IncrementalProjectBuilder#getRule()
Attachment 162771: patch 1
306824 14889 bytes Builders returning null scheduling rule can't work safely with other builders overriding #getRule()
Attachment 165800: test 1
305529 1163 bytes [Markers] NPE in MarkerFieldEditor if MarkerFieldConfiguration scope is unset
Attachment 161763: trivial patch
311863 4914 bytes OrderedLock: interrupting during acquire can lead to deadlock
Attachment 167800: test 4
310160 973 bytes tests DeltaVerifier shouldn't reset the verifier if there's no delta
Attachment 165802: patch 1
160728 2201 bytes Change resource modification stamp when resource is recreated
Attachment 168001: patch 2
306746 10278 bytes FULL_BUILD called during AUTO_BUILD on non AUTO_BUILD builders after CLEAN_BUILD
Attachment 175511: patch 2
306746 7508 bytes FULL_BUILD called during AUTO_BUILD on non AUTO_BUILD builders after CLEAN_BUILD
Attachment 180426: documentation 1
306746 1926 bytes FULL_BUILD called during AUTO_BUILD on non AUTO_BUILD builders after CLEAN_BUILD
Attachment 180418: alternative fix
329142 4190 bytes BuildCommand #equals is wrong leading to loss of Builders with custom triggers
Attachment 182102: test + fix 1
294628 38214 bytes [PropertiesDialog] Properties Dialog : need support for showing properties on multiple selection
Attachment 182297: patch 7
294628 4339 bytes [PropertiesDialog] Properties Dialog : need support for showing properties on multiple selection
Attachment 182631: patch 7 fixup
325489 225312 bytes Add platform support for Build Configurations for builders which support multiple project configurations
Attachment 183004: patch 8++
330194 4690 bytes NPE in nightly in internalGetReferencedBuildConfigs
Attachment 183142: fix v1
330194 12155 bytes NPE in nightly in internalGetReferencedBuildConfigs
Attachment 183197: patch 2 + test
330197 78193 bytes [Build] Tidy up Build Configurations API
Attachment 183997: patch 1
330197 41379 bytes [Build] Tidy up Build Configurations API
Attachment 184026: patch 2
328045 2966 bytes IResource.getLocationURI(...) throws a ClassCastException
Attachment 182060: fix + test 1
329338 23520 bytes [Build] Add context on why a project builder is being run
Attachment 184052: Syzmon's patch + remove BuildManager#setBuildOrder
329338 21094 bytes [Build] Add context on why a project builder is being run
Attachment 184102: tests patch 5
333660 1170 bytes [implementation] FileStoreTextFileBuffer eats IOException on external file save
Attachment 186252: further fix
332728 2704 bytes [Net] UnixProxyProvider execs a process to discover whether env contains 'proxy' on each socket connect
Attachment 186485: patch 4
Jamie Liu (us.ibm.com)
172692 4634 bytes [About] About dialog text - Add capability to read system properties
Attachment 105524: patch in which message formatting is done only once
302184 993 bytes [About] About dialog text - needs to not cache system property values
Attachment 158508: patch for caching issue
Jeff McAffer (gmail.com)
327769 3815 bytes Support for directory based ant task libraries
Attachment 182723: Alternative patch
Jerome Lanneluc (fr.ibm.com)
250107 50 bytes Build order incorrect when project is deleted
Jigar Joshi (gmail.com)
250107 51 bytes Build order incorrect when project is deleted
Jim Perry (us.ibm.com)
237098 2771 bytes [Help] Adding Remote Help Content not available in Help WAR/Infocenters
Attachment 122599: Patch for org.eclipse.help.webapp
237098 1535 bytes [Help] Adding Remote Help Content not available in Help WAR/Infocenters
Attachment 122598: Patch for org.eclipse.help.base
281145 5868 bytes [CheatSheet] Simple mechanism to publish internal resources of cheatsheet plugin via http urls
Attachment 148828: Patch for org.eclipse.ui.browser
280354 48014 bytes [Help] Action for doc plugins that reside locally and remotely
Attachment 153388: Patch for remote ordering
227252 74275 bytes [Help] Enhancement: Remote Assistance: Add HTTPS support
Attachment 158235: Patch for HTTPS support including doc patch, 2010 copyrights, support for no protocol specified
303371 1116 bytes Protocol comes through as space character instead of HTTP when protocol preference is space
Attachment 159620: Patch for this space character issue
305743 1219 bytes [Help] Add back the old constructor to RemoteIC
Attachment 162112: Patch for adding the old constructor
305711 2989 bytes [Help] Content preference page needs UI polish
Attachment 162300: Patch fixing gray sliver on the preference page
311404 1376 bytes Remote help priority checks for null InputStream to determine if Doc is on remote infocenter even though InputStream for Topic Not Found page is returned
Attachment 167026: Patch for Checking if rtopic path when page is not found
312662 774 bytes [Help] TVT36:TCT239: CHS: Duplicate Mnemonic
Attachment 168555: Patch with C used as the Mnemonic key
328643 829 bytes Constructor for org.eclipse.help.base.remote.RemoteIC has incorrect variable assignment
Attachment 181675: Patch with fix for this.protocol
329280 3423 bytes [Help] Remote Help HTTPS support is setting java.protocol.handler.pkgs=javax.net.ssl
Attachment 183329: Patch with the System.setProperty() line removed
Johann Draschwandtner (windriver.com)
300988 9546 bytes [api] The StringVariableSelectionDialog for core.variables should support filtering
Attachment 160922: revised patch
304752 6070 bytes Improve UI for String variable selection dialog filters
Attachment 165546: patch
John Arthorne (ca.ibm.com)
250107 1065 Build order incorrect when project is deleted
John Cortell (freescale.com)
292465 1159 bytes Terminate and Remove action was broken by 284363
Attachment 149687: fix
292480 8479 bytes Terminate and Relaunch does not properly support custom models
Attachment 149769: new patch
289409 3183 bytes [Viewers] ILazyTreePathContentProvider documentation request
Attachment 149484: Proposed javadoc enhancement
263535 1667 bytes resolution of ${eclipse_home} inconsistent with other vars like ${workspace_loc}
Attachment 124604: possible fix
292301 3628 bytes Incorrect @see tags in LabelUpdate and Request
Attachment 149567: fix
John J. Barton (johnjbarton.com)
248516 2793 bytes [Browser] Update Window > Pref > General >Web Browsers UI
Attachment 119848: patch to BrowserDescriptorDialog allowing long parameter lists and setting inital size based on incoming text
Jordi Boehme Lopez (eclipsesource.com)
199022 3544 bytes Updatemanager Digest generates invalid xml
Attachment 75504: Patch against org.eclipse.update.core
Joshua Barkovic (gmail.com)
278899 4 lines "Bug 439301 - Setting Cursor can cause crash on Wayland system"
a6bf16 2 lines Bug 439301 - [Wayland] Setting Cursor can cause crash on Wayland system
c02fab 2 lines Bug 439578 - [Wayland] Calling bringToTop causes X11 based crash
d20acf 94 lines "Bug 436504 - [WIP] Wayland support is missing"
d8145d 12 lines Bug 440281 - [Wayland] X11 Code can be allowed to run in Composite.java
Julie Waterhouse (ca.ibm.com)
250107 2973 Build order incorrect when project is deleted
Julien Desgats (sierrawireless.com)
203950 2492 bytes [Viewers] TreeViewer and ViewFilter do not handle expand '+' correctly
Attachment 198346: Correct AbstractTreeViewer.isExpandable to use filters, if any
Justin Kong (ca.ibm.com)
316316 3272 bytes [memory] Pin Memory Monitor action not working
Attachment 171855: Proposed Fix
Kai Schlamp (gmx.de)
271148 3755 bytes [DataBinding] UpdateStrategy Policies not working as expected
Attachment 131070: Fix
Kari Halsted (ca.ibm.com)
250502 2611 bytes Tables of (default) accessibility keyboard shortcuts
Attachment 135441: Proposed patch for updates to keybindings topic
Keerthi Vasan (yahoo.com)
205251 5666 bytes CVS username disallows full kerberos names
Attachment 207340: Patch for CVS user name to allow full kerberos names
Kim Horne (pookzilla.net)
244171 864 bytes [ActivityMgmt] (maintenance) NPE in org.eclipse.ui.internal.activities.Identifer prevents menu contributions from showing up
Attachment 109989: Patch against org.eclipse.ui.workbench
Konstantin Komissarchik (oracle.com)
242583 989 bytes [About] Feature info text area in about dialog does not wrap text
Attachment 108756: Patch
316997 829 bytes [Forms] FormText: IllegalArgumentException when copying empty selection - Fix in Eclipse 3.6.1
Attachment 172016: Patch
Kristian Duske (gmail.com)
223390 1426 bytes flat and border button in swt do not work
Attachment 98410: Enables SWT.FLAT for Cocoa Buttons.
Krzysztof Daniel (redhat.com)
072f11 30 lines Bug 368616 - G_CONST_RETURN is removed from recent glib builds
09c1f9 36 lines Bug 381192 Tycho support
258484 45 lines Bug 381192 Tycho support
2f64f2 5 lines Fix build issue
4e6974 1 lines Bug 383072 - problem with parents
4e8798 11 lines Bug 381192 Tycho support
537dd3 1 lines Bug 383072 - problem with parents
64cbcd 5 lines Fix build issue
75be44 11 lines Bug 381192 Tycho support
8ae3a1 756 lines Bug 381192 Tycho support
903c10 45 lines Bug 381192 Tycho support
95868b 756 lines Bug 381192 Tycho support
c99d05 1 lines Bug 383072 - problem with parents
da97a0 1 lines Bug 383072 - problem with parents
e120d1 36 lines Bug 381192 Tycho support
Krzysztof Daniel (gmail.com)
259107 1781 bytes [console] Console Deadlock when too much information written
Attachment 120822: Fix proposal
251193 1351 bytes closing the WorkbenchWindow causes the RectangleAnimation to fail
Attachment 115372: Updated fix
235354 3597 bytes [ErrorHandling] [StatusHandling] WorkbenchStatusDialogManager#setStatusListLabelProvider() does not work
Attachment 107733: Slightly modified fix
230349 14626 bytes [StatusHandling] Status label provider should not be disposed when its modality is switched
Attachment 114920: Fix with improved test
243148 13853 bytes [StatusHandling][TestTool] Testtool should allow for setting message and title of the reported status
Attachment 109148: Patch
247933 2558 bytes [StatusHandling] During the modality switch the state of details/support is not preserved correctly
Attachment 113045: Fix
249272 1489 bytes [StatusHandling] Clipboard in WSDM is never used
Attachment 113961: Fix
103301 686 bytes [Webapp] Search highlighting hangs for awhile on some pages in Internet Explorer
Attachment 139152: Proposed fix
200325 986 bytes [flex-hierarchy] AIOB exception while using viewer with filters
Attachment 203992: Potential patch
200325 1246 bytes [flex-hierarchy] AIOB exception while using viewer with filters
Attachment 204068: A regression test
388120 614 bytes Compilation errors while building debug on Fedora with OpenJdK 7
Attachment 220342: Patch proposition
Krzysztof Kazmierczyk (pl.ibm.com)
311011 6416 bytes Cannot compare word documents
Attachment 177317: patch with hints from comment 34
321000 1255 bytes Comparing word documents does not kill WINWORD processes
Attachment 177390: patch
326685 1343 bytes Canceling compare does not work or takes way too long
Attachment 180229: patch
Lars Millberg (saabgroup.com)
255200 7603 bytes [Project Sets] Missing "Merge All" in "Import Project Set"
Attachment 117896: Patch v2
Lars Vogel (gmail.com)
b13322 30 lines Bug 413769 - Ignore build directory in org.eclipse.swt Git repository
Leif Frenzel (leiffrenzel.de)
206272 935 bytes Typo in extension point example
Attachment 80323: Suggested patch
Leo Dos Santos (tasktop.com)
211361 1093 bytes GraphicsExample crashes
Attachment 84036: patch to GC
Lidija Grahek (ca.ibm.com)
245155 1296 bytes [TabbedProperties] IllegalArgumentException: Argument not valid
Attachment 118720: Patch
259179 3533 bytes [TabbedProperties] TabbedPropertySheetPage extensibility option
Attachment 120766: Patch
256516 4082 bytes [TabbedProperties] TabbedPropertySheetPage to allow some options
Attachment 118719: Patch
Lina Kemmel (il.ibm.com)
2b14d7 350 lines Bug 273198 - [Bidi] Lack of support for controlling text direction independently from widget orientation
444160 350 lines Bug 273198 - [Bidi] Lack of support for controlling text direction independently from widget orientation
97a564 6 lines Patch per comments 171 & 173
Livar Cunha (gmail.com)
236049 1118 bytes [console] 'Clear' context menu item enable when no text is available to be cleared
Attachment 108408: Patch to solve this bug
Lubomir Marinov (gmail.com)
182122 687 bytes [Dialogs] CheckedTreeSelectionDialog#createSelectionButtons(Composite) fails to align the selection buttons to the right
Attachment 73276: Tries to fix the first of the two described problems
182122 698 bytes [Dialogs] CheckedTreeSelectionDialog#createSelectionButtons(Composite) fails to align the selection buttons to the right
Attachment 73277: Tries to fix the second of the two described problems
Luma (cn.ibm.com)
211360 1046 bytes Graphics example can't select items from tree-menu
Attachment 88483: Patch
Malgorzata Janczarska (pl.ibm.com)
325425 915 bytes natureEnablements is unnecessary synchronized (Nature Manager)
Attachment 179009: Proposed patch
307140 4372 bytes Refator->Move a project to subdirectory deletes it
Attachment 180497: Fixed validation and added jUnit (refactored)
328889 1416 bytes trying to run "ln" during core.resources tests on Windows 7 slave at eclipse.org
Attachment 182204: Fix "ln" problem
328889 8364 bytes trying to run "ln" during core.resources tests on Windows 7 slave at eclipse.org
Attachment 182205: Fix volumes problem
328464 1420 bytes Workspace#validFiltered results in I/O via fetchFileInfo => stat()
Attachment 182360: Allways creating the new file info
328464 3506 bytes Workspace#validFiltered results in I/O via fetchFileInfo => stat()
Attachment 182621: Conains test for case sensitive search
329373 8002 bytes Javadoc of IContainer.findMember(String) does not match reality
Attachment 184456: findMember(String, boolean) and findMember(IPath, boolean) synchronized with eachother.
325000 5905 bytes Project properties not sorted on IBM VMs
Attachment 186080: Can be applied for generified class - corrected
329836 5226 bytes EFS.ATTRIBUTE_IMMUTABLE is not set along with EFS.ATTRIBUTE_READ_ONLY any more
Attachment 186019: Combined patches.
294925 3598 bytes Wrong Default SSH Directory
Attachment 186531: Minor changes to "minor changes v3" test
294925 8902 bytes Wrong Default SSH Directory
Attachment 186517: Corrected error in directory name
62547 11208 bytes Rename does not appear as change
Attachment 187971: Adding prefix (corrected)
338055 13304 bytes NatureManager.isNatureEnabled() gives invalid result when called after project import.
Attachment 189676: Fix
Marc Khouzam (ericsson.com)
284587 1294 bytes Reference to CDT in toggleBreakpointsTargetFactories extension point
Attachment 142523: Suggested fix
294553 1830 bytes toggleBreakpointsTargetFactories extension point does not respect ActionSet
Attachment 151644: Add workbench IEvaluationContext as a parent
313143 1326 bytes Preferred Launch Delegate not recovered from preferences
Attachment 168738: Proposed fix
Marc R. Hoffmann (mountainminds.com)
54581 19698 bytes [GlobalActions] Provide API constants for actionDefinitionIDs/commandIDs
Attachment 95834: IWorkbenchCommandConstants.java
284265 7527 bytes [JFace] DialogSettings.save() silently ignores IOException
Attachment 149360: patch.txt
Marc-Andre Laperle (ericsson.com)
2247f3 6 lines Bug 421836 - [GTK3] Some composite now have background
2958e1 5 lines Bug 427480 - [GTK3] [GTK3.10] Table display issues when content requires Scroll
4697a5 36 lines Bug 421834 - Some bold text with Luna 4.4.M3/GTK3
8f78fe 36 lines Bug 423220 - [GTK3] SWT_GTK3 variable has inconsistent effect between 4.3 and 4.4
9b2499 51 lines Bug 431890 - [GTK3] Can only press debug buttons twice before having to move the mouse
Marcel Bruch (codetrails.com)
350991 16658 bytes [content assist][api] Allow to re-sort proposals
Attachment 212588: patch for jdt.ui to enable proposal resorting after filtering
350991 7487 bytes [content assist][api] Allow to re-sort proposals
Attachment 212589: patch for jface.text to enable proposal resorting after filtering
Mario Winterer (scch.at)
245675 7852 bytes [Viewers] Code snippet that attaches content assist to a CellEditor
Attachment 111290: Shows how to attach content assist to a text cell editor
288216 4609 bytes PropertyTester org.eclipse.core.resources.contentTypeId should test hierarchy, not just equality
Attachment 146166: Patch that tests for hierarchy only if certain argument is specified
Mariot Chauvin (gmail.com)
259553 2108 bytes [TabbedProperties] expensive refresh of text
Attachment 122556: patch for the 3.4 branch
Mark Hoffmann (web.de)
84603 2757 bytes [RCP] [PerspectiveBar] New API or pref to set default perspective bar size
Attachment 101202: Patch proposal for setting the default size via plugin_customization.ini
Markus Keller (ch.ibm.com)
63bb51 4 lines Bug 365961 - StyledText computes wrong control size when wrapping
883180 22 lines Bug 293932: *Event#toString() methods should write hex strings for masks
d0c62e 10 lines Bug 356476 - ControlExample: Can't enter multi-digit values in ProgressBar's spinners
Markus Kuppe (lemmster.de)
248103 79752 bytes [PropertiesView] Multi-instance Properties View
Attachment 124014: version 7
Markus Schorn (windriver.com)
284447 11097 bytes [Workbench] Add custom workspace name in front of the Workbench window title
Attachment 157641: Implements a workspace preference for a workspace name
108066 1701 bytes [prefs] core.prefs settings file causing repeating version conflicts
Attachment 159920: Clears the dirty flag after updating project prefs from file
306575 17005 bytes Allow project to reference a refresh snapshot for use with standard import
Attachment 165748: patch
325438 2039 bytes [typing] TextViewer.shift(...) does not shift last line, if it is empty.
Attachment 179040: updated fix
341327 1991 bytes [Commands] Handler conflict due to multiple instances of EditorActionBars for one editor id
Attachment 192169: Fix
Martin Donnelly (eircom.net)
145997 1174 bytes [Forms] FormText::computeTextSize returns incorrect date for horizontal size
Attachment 43857: Small change to FormText.computeTextSize() method that modifies logic for computing horizontal size
Martin Frey (logica.com)
256150 3844 bytes [DataBinding] Databinding of Interfaces
Attachment 118500: Patchfile
Martin Karpisek (googlemail.com)
195840 4844 bytes Import a XML file with BOM character in ant editor fails
Attachment 99927: patch
Martin Kolb (sap.com)
61aaa5 21 lines Bug 405711 - Memory Leak / COM Leak in OleEventSink.java and IE.java
Martin Oberhuber (windriver.com)
232426 10995 bytes OutOfMemoryError during Project Refresh due to cyclic symbolic links
Attachment 109640: Patch adding a Unittest to core.tests.resources
210664 8899 bytes Eclipse modifies .project file on project import without reason
Attachment 111000: Updated patch against HEAD
210664 5519 bytes Eclipse modifies .project file on project import without reason
Attachment 109778: Patch adding Unittest for the issue
249307 1804 bytes Improve the algorithm for ignoring line end changes in FileSystemResourceManager#descriptionChanged()
Attachment 113981: Patch against 3.5m2
44107 4579 bytes API: Add symbolic links to ResourceAttributes API
Attachment 83614: Patch adding the new API
183137 9657 bytes Contribute liblocalfile native support for solaris-sparc
Attachment 64283: Patch with sources adding liblocalfile support for Solaris-sparc
184433 5148 bytes Contribute symlink-enabled liblocalfile for Linux x86_64
Attachment 65212: Patch making EFS aware of the new lib for Linux x86_64
184534 7634 bytes LocalFileSystem should query available attributes from native lib
Attachment 65583: Patch for reading liblocalfile capabilities from native, with fallback
184534 2045 bytes LocalFileSystem should query available attributes from native lib
Attachment 66264: Patch for optimized build in UNIX Makefiles
245937 5854 bytes Avoid unnecessary work when ProjectDescription#setLinkLocation() does not change anything
Attachment 113982: Patch for the enhancement
249316 869 bytes [efs] On NFS folders on Linux, IFileInfo.getLength() != EFS.NONE
Attachment 113998: Alternative patch with API specification update
325557 2970 bytes Associating a Launch with Perspective "None" is not persisted
Attachment 180595: Patch fixing the issue
327446 1709 bytes Launch's wait for build logic does not check for autobuild correctly
Attachment 183630: Patch fixing the issue for autobuild OFF case
293159 2654 bytes [Browser] Search for external browser in Preferences finds > 40 instances of firefox on Ubuntu 64bit, if started in /usr/bin
Attachment 176687: Patch fixing the issue
Martin W. Kirst (bitkings.de)
361121 9916 bytes [Progress] DetailedProgressViewer's comparator violates its general contract
Attachment 208524: JUnit (3.8) test case, proving that JobInfo violates compareTo() method contract
361121 4881 bytes [Progress] DetailedProgressViewer's comparator violates its general contract
Attachment 208525: JUnit (3.8) test case, checks when jobs sorted by their state, the running ones are ordered to first place
361121 2195 bytes [Progress] DetailedProgressViewer's comparator violates its general contract
Attachment 208526: FIX that correctly compares job states, according to method contract
Mateusz Wenus (gmail.com)
259442 4992 bytes [Debug] Add a Copy/Paste context menu in the "Add watch expression" window
Attachment 124133: patch
Matt Carter (baselib.org)
180392 9759 bytes [DataBinding] Add support for shorts, bytes, and BigDecimal to StringToNumberConverter
Attachment 80878: Unit Tests
180392 15196 bytes [DataBinding] Add support for shorts, bytes, and BigDecimal to StringToNumberConverter
Attachment 109069: Patch updated for CVS HEAD
Matthew Bisson (ca.ibm.com)
181308 34460 bytes [Viewers] Add checked state provider to CheckBox*Viewer
Attachment 117775: ICheckStateProvider - interface, modified Check*Viewers, tests
258153 3696 bytes Making a wizard visible in CPD does not make the New menu visible.
Attachment 120575: Final fix
258934 4355 bytes [Viewers] Improve CheckboxTreeViewer coverage
Attachment 120602: More CheckboxTreeViewer tests
258934 7635 bytes [Viewers] Improve CheckboxTreeViewer coverage
Attachment 120745: More CheckboxTableViewer tests
258934 4995 bytes [Viewers] Improve CheckboxTreeViewer coverage
Attachment 120847: More StructuredViewer Tests
182714 34460 bytes [Contributions] Improve toolbar configurability
Attachment 117701: ICheckStateProvider - final?
182714 239574 bytes [Contributions] Improve toolbar configurability
Attachment 119064: Customize Perspective Dialog UI and Logic - revised
182714 24086 bytes [Contributions] Improve toolbar configurability
Attachment 115971: Tests for TreeManager
Matthew Hatem (notesdev.ibm.com)
273495 5270 bytes [ActionSets] Actionsets leak when opening/closing perspectives
Attachment 139568: Updated Patch
Matthias Mailänder (vogella.com)
82d44d 8 lines Bug 431225 - Recognize ppc64le and aarch64 as 64bit in build.sh
Max Stepanov (gmail.com)
260076 325 bytes Infinite loop in Tree.clearCustomWidths()
Attachment 121659: Patch to fix the bug
Mayank Kumar (gmail.com)
126705 739 bytes [Preferences] FileFieldEditor does not call doCheckState
Attachment 112498: Fixed patch
Michael Rennie (ca.ibm.com)
161354 5885 bytes Exported ANT scripts should use the 'dir' attribute of the ant task
Attachment 129610: patch
203522 10329 bytes Export Ant buildfiles: Including a user specific buildfile in build.xml doesn't work
Attachment 146665: patch from the changed source file from Richard
288830 6971 bytes Exporting project Ant build file behaves strangely
Attachment 205546: patch
313386 8110 bytes Project Export to Ant Buildfiles for project with linked source folder produces multiple javac tasks
Attachment 206552: updated patch
307139 7158 bytes [launch] Editing multi-line environment variables
Attachment 209701: UI update
384622 1782 bytes [patch][3.8.1] Memory view is not updated when using Platform renderings
Attachment 218448: back-ported fix
Mickael Istria (redhat.com)
274554 804 bytes [Contributions] StatusLineManager: NullPointerException in setCanceled(...)
Attachment 147552: Proposed patch
Mike Evans (incremental.eu.com)
283136 1054 bytes [Intro] AlwaysWelcomeCheckbox - incorrect URL when creating HTML content
Attachment 141294: patch for AlwaysWelcomeCheckbox java file
Mike Morearty (morearty.com)
199288 10992 bytes Expressions view should support paste
Attachment 106047: Suggested patch
255310 5931 bytes Launching only gets the progress bar to 91%
Attachment 117868: Proposed patch
276162 909 bytes [KeyBindings] Exporting key preferences to CSV does not warn of overwriting file
Attachment 135817: Proposed patch
271411 4509 bytes Add Watch Expression Dialog won't dismiss with enter
Attachment 140139: Proposed patch: changes "Hint:" to "Tip:", changes Shift+Return to Ctrl+Return, and doesn't hard-code keysequence text
Mike Schrag (pobox.com)
86745 3808 bytes Tree shows horizontal scrollbar although not required
Attachment 106648: Patch for Carbon (on 10.5)
Mikhail Kalugin (gmail.com)
230119 6056 bytes Keyboard navigation in the StyledText (Cocoa)
Attachment 98559: Keyboard modifiers handling for Cocoa
230120 7390 bytes Mouse scrolling support in Cocoa applications
Attachment 98560: Mouse scrolling support for Cocoa
232685 1437 bytes ScrollBar works incorrectly with StyledText
Attachment 100806: Fix for ScrollBar (setValues() and setEnabled() implementations)
Mikhail Khodjaiants (googlemail.com)
383687 884 bytes [patch] Memory view is not updated when using Platform renderings
Attachment 218238: Proposed fix.
Min Idzelis (us.ibm.com)
293308 1042 bytes ILock.acquire() doesn't restore interrupts
Attachment 150510: Restore interrupts if interrupted during acquire()
312334 4510 bytes Implicit Jobs (ThreadJobs) in some circumstances are automatically run twice. Resuming from a yieldRule() cause jobs to be rescheduled. Job.schedule() should have no effect for ThreadJob. Job.yieldRule() for ThreadJob does not find blocked explicit Jobs.
Attachment 167837: Fix v1
Missing name (sybase.com)
289161 2553 bytes [Webapp] In large infocenter, creating new search scope causes IE browser to hang.
Attachment 148182: Patch for org.eclipse.help.webapp/advanced/workingSet.jsp
Mohamed Hussein (mentor.com)
386673 8196 bytes Show warning messages in launch configuration dialog
Attachment 220202: Handle feedback - add example usage
Mohamed Tarief (eg.ibm.com)
139211 2849 bytes "Open Referenced Projects" dialog pops up even when there are no referenced projects
Attachment 144364: Suggested fix to the bug
174481 1995 bytes [ViewMgmt] Show View dialog selects wrong entry on Enter
Attachment 147426: suggested fix to the pack (2)
Murat Eken (users.sourceforge.net)
204837 1369 bytes [CommonNavigator] commonWizard with no pages displays empty dialog
Attachment 112164: Contains a fix for this issue
Natalia Bartol (zend.com)
256942 7984 bytes Using file_prompt for Ant script produces confusing results
Attachment 145906: AntPrompts_v.2.0
Nicholas Rahn (transparentech.com)
95971e 7 lines Bug 425180: Add missing support for TreeColumn packing with SWT.VIRTUAL trees.
Nick Sandonato (us.ibm.com)
337719 1340 bytes [implementation] AbstractTextEditor does not prompt when out of sync in MultiPageEditorPart
Attachment 189409: patch
Nicolas Richeton (gmail.com)
271416 1700 bytes VersionNumberStripper fails with underscores in path
Attachment 131225: Fix for underscores in path
Nikolaj Schumacher (nschum.de)
153432 17486 bytes [KeyBindings] Unicode keyboards on Mac OSX produce wrong keys when used with modifiers
Attachment 59751: patch for 3325
Nikolay Botev (hotmail.com)
240651 21083 bytes [EditorMgmt] Introduce AbstractMultiEditor
Attachment 107577: updated patch...
Niraj Modi (in.ibm.com)
0658d7 17 lines Bug 433400 - SWT Snippet308 fails with IBM JRE
1044cd 42 lines Bug 426172 - Possible NullpointerException on Display.runAsyncMessages
20a78c 49 lines Bug 434772 - Coordinate mapping is inconsistent between platforms
23a4ae 24 lines Bug 426247 - [Graphics] org.eclipse.ui/icons/full/obj16/blank.png is
2a9647 8 lines Bug 431313 - NullPointerException in swt.widgets.Widget.toString()
2c7762 24 lines Bug 428091 - [Accessibility] Performance problems in source editors when
3ba953 18 lines Bug 414156 - NullPointerException if text is disposed during Modify
3d7660 11 lines Bug 336054 - Combo eats text on Enter
46fe45 5 lines Bug 421045 - NPE in StyledText.getVisualLineIndex
5b8cef 22 lines Bug 421255 - [Accessibility] [Regression] - JAWS does not read text from
7002e3 22 lines Bug 432435 - [win32] Every program using an SWT UI is by
843828 14 lines Bug 400174 - [Table] Stack overflow with SWT.MeasureItem listener
a569b2 4 lines Bug 423012 - Ctrl + Mouse scroll works opposite
b7715a 27 lines Bug 422090 - Adding/Removing SWT.MeasureEvent listener will show tree
cf5354 8 lines Bug 426354 - SWT_AWT bridge memory leak
e01c3a 29 lines Bug 428091 - [Accessibility] Performance problems in source editors when
e254eb 4 lines Bug 424580 - TextLayout does not render line with single tab correctly
f8d85c 12 lines Bug 400174 - [Table] Stack overflow with SWT.MeasureItem listener
Oleg Besedin (gmail.com)
194917 19992 bytes stack overflow error from working set management
Attachment 127694: Patch v1
116284 26751 bytes [RCP] Performance Tests Failing: RCP rcp.performance.EmptyWorkbenchPerfTest#testRestore() [close]
Attachment 134453: Updated patch
99493 1014 bytes [Preferences] Colors and Fonts preference page opens extremely wide due to Java properties file compare text font
Attachment 133950: Patch
Olexiy Buyanskyy (gmail.com)
76386 44179 bytes [History View] CVS Resource History shows revisions from all branches
Attachment 192646: corrected javadoc of LogListener.getBranchRevision
Oliver Schaefer (mbtech-services.com)
163711 1172 bytes [Markers] Problem marker properties not showing non-numeric Locations
Attachment 105726: Use location instead of empty string
Olivier Thomann (ca.ibm.com)
273260 734 bytes [JFace] Cleanup duplicated string in properties files
Attachment 132813: Proposed fix
Ovidio Mallo (gmail.com)
237163 8767 bytes [DataBinding] UnmodifiableObservableValue should delegate the isStale() method to its wrapped value.
Attachment 105574: proposed patch along with some unit tests
241318 13425 bytes [DataBinding] DetailObservable(Value|List|Set) disposes the master observable in its own dispose() method
Attachment 107780: simple patch along with tests for the three detail observables
235195 6438 bytes [Wizards] [DataBinding] Non-error statuses not handled correctly by WizardPageSupport class
Attachment 103171: Proposed patch along with a simple unit test
242166 2409 bytes [DataBinding] Add StaleEventTracker class to conformance tests
Attachment 108507: patch (just a copy of ChangeEventTracker)
238909 15114 bytes [DataBinding] Correctly set the staleness state of the validation status observable of the MultiValidator
Attachment 108485: new patch with the just mentioned fix
237856 9576 bytes [Wizards] [DataBinding] WizardPageSupport class should track the staleness state of relevant observables
Attachment 105654: proposed patch for the WizardPageSupport part
251003 2255 bytes [DataBinding] MultiValidator misses some dependencies
Attachment 115186: simple unit test illustrating the problem
247741 36745 bytes [DataBinding] Consequently use *EventTracker classes from conformance tests API in unit tests
Attachment 112834: patch which replaces custom listeners by their *EventTracker equivalent whenever possible
235859 6320 bytes [DataBinding] MultiValidator: Add support for dependencies other than those expressed by IObservables
Attachment 127912: re-posting the patch
Patrick Chuong (ti.com)
238956 193089 bytes Improve usability of the breakpoints view
Attachment 152417: Updated patch with bug fixes for FlexBreakpointView branch
238956 2340 bytes Improve usability of the breakpoints view
Attachment 152646: Copy & Paste fix
238956 162422 bytes Improve usability of the breakpoints view
Attachment 152997: Add comments to interfaces/classes methods and fields (lines of code = 208)
306768 8235 bytes ElementLabelProvider doesn't handle mixed label provider properly
Attachment 167763: fix
286310 18487 bytes Checkbox support for Flexible Hierachy view
Attachment 147214: Check Event notification on the model proxy
327263 45773 bytes Allow multiple debug views and multiple debug context providers
Attachment 182636: Platform Debug Patch v2.1 for 3.7
258767 14227 bytes [debug view][menu] support for top level debug toolbar
Attachment 185360: patch that handles command framework contribution (used as basis for current active patch)
Paul Adams (ittvis.com)
202534 501 bytes [Dialogs] SWT error in Wizard dialog when help is displayed and "Finish" is pressed
Attachment 129400: Patch for 3.4.2 - Bug 202534
Paul Fullbright (oracle.com)
349224 1360 bytes [CommonNavigator] Navigator content provider "appearsBefore" creates hard reference to named id
Attachment 199439: proposed patch
Paul Webster (ca.ibm.com)
4a8155 20 lines Bug 436736 - Prep for 4.5 (Mars) and 4.4 maintenance builds
e69174 80 lines Bug 436736 - Prep for 4.5 (Mars) and 4.4 maintenance builds
Pawel Piech (gmail.com)
291245 1061 bytes [Viewers] StyledCellLabelProvider.paint(...) does not respect column alignment
Attachment 222959: Patch with fix.
291245 3863 bytes [Viewers] StyledCellLabelProvider.paint(...) does not respect column alignment
Attachment 222960: Extension to the StyledCellLabelProviderTests.
Pawel Pogorzelski (gmail.com)
268474 1544 bytes [Net] CVS connections fail with the "Native" Proxy provider
Attachment 128686: Patch_v01
176690 6040 bytes [Edit] The compare editor should be reconciled with other editors
Attachment 123391: Patch_v02
232600 1005 bytes Export Team Project Set dialog stuck with folder error message
Attachment 107091: Patch
223857 21650 bytes [Viewers] Should be able to set the encoding of text pane in compare editor
Attachment 122671: 223857_v09_R3_4
270458 8698 bytes [Net] Untranslated combo on Network Connections pref page
Attachment 130549: Patch_v02
50260 11794 bytes [History View] CVS Resource History doesn't persist UI
Attachment 113869: Patch_v05
108611 5938 bytes [Tags] Provide for viewing last 20 tags when tagging
Attachment 108522: Patch
183226 48926 bytes [Apply Patch] API to instantiate and apply arbitrary IHunks
Attachment 126468: Patch_v04
195495 13249 bytes [Viewers] Add option to do nothing on reaching the end
Attachment 129064: Patch_v04
214105 3514 bytes [Patch] Enablement of "OK" button on the Save Patch dialog
Attachment 107615: Patch
228739 89448 bytes [Proxy] add UI support to see what the automatically detected proxy settings are
Attachment 118360: Patch_v02
238796 2048 bytes [Net] JSch non-proxy list should be considered case insensitive
Attachment 110418: Patch_v3
238877 835 bytes [Wizards] Team/"Share Project" with an existing one does not support CVS-branches anymore
Attachment 124029: Patch_v02
241216 1681 bytes [Patch] Sort order in the Save Patch dialog
Attachment 108538: Patch
241649 2442 bytes [Dialogs] Resizing of the "compare with other" dialog
Attachment 123064: Patch_v02
243587 3149 bytes [Patch] 'Create Patch' wizard allows the target folder to be a closed project
Attachment 109762: Patch
244527 1046 bytes [Net] Assertion in the NetTest.setProxiesEnabled(boolean) method is errorprone
Attachment 110328: Patch
245845 829 bytes [Net] Fragment org.eclipse.core.net.linux.x86 version number needs an update
Attachment 111402: Patch_v01
245849 28057 bytes [Net] Native file getproxygnome.c doesn't match library name libproxygnome.so
Attachment 111420: Patch_v01
245850 3716 bytes [Net] Header generated for JNI from UnixProxyProvider is missing
Attachment 111424: Patch_v01
245854 9918 bytes [Net] Windows native header file's name too long
Attachment 111565: Patch_v02
247408 6892 bytes [Net] Deprecate getProxyDataForHost(String) in the IProxyService API
Attachment 118481: Patch_v02
247815 1618 bytes [CVS UI] Correct typo in method in UserInfoPrompter
Attachment 112886: Patch_v01
249448 797 bytes [Net] Errors in native proxy code execution obstruct Eclipse start
Attachment 114076: Patch_v01
249733 4415 bytes [Net] System proxy providers should use constants
Attachment 118615: Patch_v02
249954 777 bytes [Patch] "Create Patch" creates invalid file if a new file ends with no newline
Attachment 114769: Patch_v01
252086 1748 bytes [Viewers] Text compare is not visible when editor background color is set to gray
Attachment 122935: Patch
255616 24463 bytes [Net] Add proxy providers layer on the top of ProxyManager
Attachment 118130: Patch_v01
255814 13798 bytes [Net] Wrong methods and types used in org.eclipse.core.net
Attachment 120492: Patch_v03
255836 1296 bytes [Net] Wrong method used in org.eclipse.ui.net
Attachment 120309: Patch_v02
255959 2752 bytes [Net] Windows IE setting "Use the same proxy server for all protocols" is not consumed by Eclipse
Attachment 118599: Patch_v02
255981 2323 bytes [Net] Setting direct provider on ProxySelector doesn't affect ProxyManager
Attachment 118578: Patch_v01
256080 941 bytes [Net] New UI for proxy preferences show password in plain text
Attachment 118459: Patch_v01
256081 18740 bytes [Net] Remove unnecessary API from IProxyData
Attachment 118647: Patch_v02
257172 1843 bytes [Net] Get rid of System.getenv(String) invocation
Attachment 119250: Patch_v01
257199 3776 bytes [Sync View] Incomplete labels in compare editor
Attachment 119275: Patch_v01
257420 34139 bytes [Net] "System proxy configuration" option not working under Vista x64.
Attachment 127672: Patch_v01
257503 11605 bytes [Net] Switching to Native proxy provider doesn't clear system properties
Attachment 123212: Patch_v03
258941 1541 bytes [Net] Unknown process error
Attachment 121796: Patch_v01
259362 3993 bytes [Edit] Update diffs after undo
Attachment 124266: Patch_v01
259940 4142 bytes [Viewers] Document providers are not used when comparing revisions from CVS
Attachment 121521: Patch_v01
260541 1335 bytes [Proxy] Eclipse CVS connections fail with the "Eclipse" Proxy provider
Attachment 124957: Patch_v01
261025 6419 bytes [Viewers] Changing encoding in compare editor doesn't trigger structured differences recalculation
Attachment 122787: Patch_v03
263220 1797 bytes [Viewers] Buttons for copying from left to right are present when opening a compare editor from a sync view
Attachment 124531: Patch_v01
265277 4714 bytes [Net] Unknownhostexception: http
Attachment 128362: Patch_v01
265824 4569 bytes [Apply Patch] API to get lines from IHunks
Attachment 126699: Patch_v03
265955 12127 bytes [Apply Patch] FileDiff should be the only class directly implementing IFilePatch2
Attachment 127468: Patch_v04
265957 2273 bytes [Net] ProxyType.setProxyData(...) contains parameter that is never used
Attachment 126559: Patch_v01
266812 14219 bytes [Tests] Add tests for creating/applying patches from UI
Attachment 131383: Patch_v03
266812 20554 bytes [Tests] Add tests for creating/applying patches from UI
Attachment 131388: Patch_B_v02
266812 629 bytes [Tests] Add tests for creating/applying patches from UI
Attachment 131851: Patch_B_v03
267020 67853 bytes [Apply Patch] Rename FileDiffWrapper to FilePatch and FileDiff to FilePatch2
Attachment 127474: Patch_v01
268355 2735 bytes [Net] checkboxes cut off in Network Connections preference page
Attachment 128696: Patch_v01
269495 1521 bytes [Preferences] Compare/Patch preview on preference page: Set Encoding... throws AFE
Attachment 130677: Patch_v02
203812 5161 bytes localfile_1_0_0.dll for 64-bit Windows on x86_64
Attachment 128373: Patch_v01
205817 2509 bytes [Wizards] Finish in Change ASCII/Binary does nothing if comment required
Attachment 107702: Patch
228000 10722 bytes [Tests] Add tests for the "Count lines in the patch" feature
Attachment 129097: Patch_v05
240856 2844 bytes [Net] Enable automatic proxy detection from the system
Attachment 109299: Patch
244397 2274 bytes [Tests] Net test failures in N20080814-2000
Attachment 110217: Patch
248210 1775 bytes [Net] Consistent crashes from UnixProxyProvider
Attachment 115396: Patch_v01
80577 13890 bytes [Repo View] Author not shown in remote compares
Attachment 119149: Patch_v01
261430 1038 bytes [Viewers] IllegalArgumentException while comparing in the sync view
Attachment 131883: Patch_v01
150591 1292 bytes [Patch] Team -> Apply Patch and line endings
Attachment 120188: Patch for test cases
265839 1110 bytes [Proxy] NPE from IProxyData.setHost
Attachment 126528: Patch_v01
245877 1122 bytes [Net] Change "No Proxy for" to "No proxy for", "User Name" to "User name" in Window -> Preferences -> Network Connections
Attachment 111457: Patch_v01
265491 905 bytes [Net] Redundant setProxiesEnabled() or bug?
Attachment 126270: Patch_v01
232495 3418 bytes [Proxy] Gnome library should not blow up Eclipse w/o Gnome
Attachment 111384: Patch_v02
255088 1598 bytes [Net] Malformed \uxxxx encoding exception in UnixProxyProvider.getEnv()
Attachment 118456: Patch_v02
289599 1553 bytes [Preferences] PreferenceStore.setToDefault fires redundant PropertyChangeEvents
Attachment 147303: Patch_v01
289599 2405 bytes [Preferences] PreferenceStore.setToDefault fires redundant PropertyChangeEvents
Attachment 148311: Patch_v01B
Peter Centgraf (centgraf.net)
251575 1415 bytes [Viewers] TableViewer support for virtual selection
Attachment 115847: TableViewer with more efficient setSelection() implementation
251575 715 bytes [Viewers] TableViewer support for virtual selection
Attachment 115846: Proposed mixin interface
Peter Friese (peterfriese.de)
208602 3691 bytes [Dialogs] Open Type dialog needs accessible labels
Attachment 84303: Patch for Bug 208602
Peter Nehrer (eclipticalsoftware.com)
125437 3809 bytes [Commands] handlers: TextActionHandler does not properly maintain enablement of its delegate actions
Attachment 33686: Proposed patch to fix the outlined problems
Philipe Mulet (fr.ibm.com)
250107 1918 Build order incorrect when project is deleted
Philipp Kursawe (gmail.com)
284319 9734 bytes Remove empty Activators and replace Activator.ID Strings with dynamic Bundle symbolic name
Attachment 142306: Initial patch for UI & core bundles
Piotr Aniola (pl.ibm.com)
373814 1091 bytes Missing setFocus() call on maximize/minimize/restore of stack
Attachment 225291: patch v.1
Piotr Maj (jcake.com)
296439 6327 bytes [templates] Hard to extend Templates View - no access to template store and current selection
Attachment 153506: proposed solution using ITemplatesPageExtension
Prakash G.R. (gmail.com)
210491 872 bytes [Mac] FilteredItemsSelectionDialog can use SWT.SEARCH attribute
Attachment 83402: Fix for the bug
Prakash Rangaraj (grprakash.com)
249574 822 bytes [Contributions] ExternalActionManager.addPropertyChangeListener() doesn't register the ListenerList
Attachment 114163: Fix for the bug
231304 15308 bytes [Contributions] Tooltip for Menu Contributions placed on toolbar: does not include keybinding sequence(inconsistency in migrating from ActionSets to MenuContributions)
Attachment 114510: v04 - patch based on v03
231304 6183 bytes [Contributions] Tooltip for Menu Contributions placed on toolbar: does not include keybinding sequence(inconsistency in migrating from ActionSets to MenuContributions)
Attachment 115137: Test v01
246999 9525 bytes [Contributions] menuContribution/dynamic element cause plugin startup
Attachment 115241: Tests v03
250136 13209 bytes [KeyBindings] Conflicts should be accessible through API
Attachment 117042: Patch v02
250133 27216 bytes [Contexts] ContextAction's leak when hiding actions sets
Attachment 116928: Patch v04
254492 966 bytes [Import/Export] ILeveledImportStructureProvider interface is not declared public
Attachment 117417: Patch v01
221980 16956 bytes [Contributions] [Contributions] MenuItems with style radio are not initialized in context menu
Attachment 127836: Radio State patch v02
226746 75296 bytes [Commands] Handler updates UI using wrong selection after right-click in different view
Attachment 123351: Patch v03
238397 8935 bytes [Commands] Concurrent modification possible in DefaultOperationHistory
Attachment 118742: Patch v02
241849 22714 bytes [Markers] Need a property tester to test the marker type of a MarkerEntry
Attachment 115905: Patch with tests
248733 742 bytes Expression is not evaluated at startup
Attachment 119243: Patch v01
248752 42596 bytes [KeyBindings] provide general platform transform for sequence modifiers in org.eclipse.ui.bindings
Attachment 123063: Patch v03
249442 1959 bytes [Contributions] VisibleWhen with checkedEnabled expression on menuContribution
Attachment 118764: Patch v02
251001 5855 bytes [Commands] Removed unused Action classes related to Update Manager
Attachment 115908: Patch v01
254550 1583 bytes [IDE] NPE in SaveAsDialog when IDE not running
Attachment 122819: Patch v01
254984 15996 bytes [Progress] IWorkbenchSiteProgressService's schedule(Job, long, boolean) method ignores third parameter after the first call
Attachment 124128: Patch v03 + Tests
255172 16947 bytes [Import/Export] Warning message in the import wizard is not so helpful
Attachment 124162: Patch v04
255393 771 bytes [Import/Export] Browse button missing for the export wizard icon field (plugin.xml editor)
Attachment 118587: Patch
256556 1059 bytes [Progress] Possibly broken code in DetailedProgressViewer.setFocus
Attachment 118752: Patch v01
258352 9091 bytes [Progress] synchronization in ProgressManager too expensive
Attachment 123174: Patch v02
259821 2753 bytes [Contributions] commandImages does not support 'platform:/plugin/' resource spec for icon
Attachment 122828: Patch v01
259954 3062 bytes [Import/Export] Warning should be displayed when no projects are available in the archive/directory
Attachment 124388: Path v01
263855 10093 bytes [Import/Export] [Wizards] Request Project Import Wizard allow for an initial / pre-populated path
Attachment 126531: Patch v03 + tests
264845 2198 bytes [Contributions] WorkbenchServiceRegistry fails with ArrayStoreException
Attachment 126524: Patch v02
265159 834 bytes [Import/Export] When user double clicks on an item in the Import Wizard 2 calls are made to showPage
Attachment 126435: Patch
267408 3003 bytes [Contributions] RadioState should work like RegistryToggleState
Attachment 128072: Patch v01
Rajesh (in.ibm.com)
315722 7806 bytes [navigation] Add 'Open With' context menu to textual editors
Attachment 177217: Patch
27996 12537 bytes [find/replace] Make shift-enter search backwards in Find/Replace dialog
Attachment 176845: Patch 27996
319560 9186 bytes [find/replace] buttonPressed in Find/Replace dialog should not change focus/selection
Attachment 177215: Patch contains fix and test
323476 3230 bytes [find/replace] Test failures on Linux - selection destroyed
Attachment 177938: Fix
324182 1474 bytes [find/replace] (Shift+)Enter should always execute the current default button
Attachment 178119: Fix
324187 5669 bytes [find/replace] more buttons should not take focus when mnemonic is pressed in text fields
Attachment 178707: Patch
Raji Akella (us.ibm.com)
246285 1986 bytes [Help] Null Pointer exceptions in ReusableHelpPart.java and SearchPart.java
Attachment 111722: Patch
Ralf Ebert (ralfebert.de)
294738 1099 bytes [Viewers] (JFace) Assertion for missing LabelProvider in ViewerColumn
Attachment 151812: added assertion
Randall Theobald (us.ibm.com)
247689 6384 bytes performance issues in ContentDescriptionManager/XMLRootHandler
Attachment 117705: revised patch
Randy Hudson (us.ibm.com)
72556 2190 bytes [KeyBindings] interactions: Mnemonics should not work across workbench parts
Attachment 14897: This should be easier to Copy&Paste
Randy Rohrbach (Windriver.com)
272367 2498 bytes "Show Type Names" attribute is not available in the IPresentationContext properties
Attachment 131963: Sets DISPLAY_VARIABLE_TYPE_NAMES property in the presentation context
333517 1755 bytes The Breakpoints view standard content provider does not allow filtering for non-standard debug models.
Attachment 186052: Changes getDebugTargets to look for an associated ILaunch from an element which is not a classical Debug Model element.
Raymond Lam (tasktop.com)
002191 201 lines label work, comment 70, Bug 325795
0748aa 18 lines Define non-glass regions through Shell#setData.
092a22 2 lines Fix glass detection logic in button widget.
093c54 904 lines General code cleanup of AERO_WORK branch.
4b8def 246 lines Glassify the ToolBar and ToolItem widgets.
70b03a 67 lines Glassify the SWT Combo widget.
7a1299 3 lines Pass the correct flags to drawBufferredText in Label#wmDrawChild.
99429d 156 lines Glassify the Link widget.
9d4061 4 lines Fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Link Widget.
a07ed4 174 lines Add drawBackgroundBufferred to Control and refactor painting of Label text to use wmDrawChild.
afa642 188 lines Glassify the Button widget.
b747b5 18 lines Draw underlining of Link using logical fonts.
c0ef66 38 lines Glassify the ProgressBar.
e57a28 50 lines Glassify the SWT Text widget.
f4c416 6 lines Make sure that drawBackgroundBuffered gets a clean dc to draw in.
Remy Suen (ca.ibm.com)
204879 8680 bytes [LinkedResources] PathVariableDialog's button positioning is confusing
Attachment 79340: Patch to implement the behaviour on the third image, putting the buttons on the same line as the 'Location' text field.
238862 854 bytes org.eclipse.ui.tests needs to set a proper JRE in its .classpath file
Attachment 106054: Patch to fix the project's .classpath file.
244303 4119 bytes Export 'Team Project Set' wizard's workspace file selection user interface could be improved
Attachment 110094: Patch to correct the two problems described.
244694 1134 bytes Conflicting mnemonics in breakpoints export wizard
Attachment 110446: Patch to correct the mnemonic conflict.
43573 3606 bytes [Contributions] Support icon in <menu>
Attachment 107561: Patch to add an 'icon' attribute to the 'menu'.
85708 954 bytes [KeyBindings] preference page: Export button is poorly named
Attachment 107826: Patch to elaborate on the button's text.
175069 5886 bytes [Preferences] ResourceInfoPage is not setting dialog font on all widgets
Attachment 108914: Patch to use Dialog's static applyDialogFont(Control) method.
221973 48639 bytes Make WorkingDirectoryBlock from JDT a Debug API class
Attachment 108922: org.eclipse.debug.ui.WorkingDirectoryBlock public API patch v1
201663 1510 bytes [WorkingSets] Working set selection dialog in Project Explorer has conflicting mnemonic keys
Attachment 77307: Set other mnemonic keys so that they don't conflict with each other.
208804 1795 bytes [CommonNavigator] change "Navigator" view perspective links
Attachment 87365: Patch to change the perspective to point at the 'Project Explorer' as requested.
277587 11517 bytes Target completion proposals should have an image
Attachment 136899: Completion proposal image patch v2
262832 683 bytes [breakpoint] export wizard is NOT properly initialized based on breakpoint selection in Breakpoints view
Attachment 146571: Wizard selection class patch v1
288705 1852 bytes 'Breakpoint' view's import/export options are not in the same order as the 'File' menu
Attachment 146570: Menu reordering patch v1
214425 2719 bytes MessageConsole should have a constructor for setting the text encoding
Attachment 146564: MessageConsole patch v1
289024 416 bytes Group breakpoint removal dialog ignores 'Esc' button and removes breakpoints anyway
Rich Watts (us.ibm.com)
317055 1431 bytes [Webapp][Security] URLEncode url requests from local users
Attachment 172044: FramesetFilter Patch with suggested urlencode
Richard Hoefter (web.de)
203522 64688 bytes Export Ant buildfiles: Including a user specific buildfile in build.xml doesn't work
Attachment 146519: Fixed source
Rob Stryker (jboss.com)
250198 1370 bytes [CommonNavigator] Allow CommonNavigator to be subclassed
Attachment 114609: Patch
243824 9615 bytes [CommonNavigator] lacks table / tree-table support
Attachment 109720: More full patch
261506 1443 bytes [CommonNavigator] NavigatorDNDService seems like it can use only interfaces
Attachment 122944: CommonDropAdapter has a bad cast
Robert Hjertmann Christiansen (hjertmann.dk)
307061 23866 bytes Use annotations for invoke
Attachment 163754: New patch to accommodate changes in relation to Bug 305707
Robert Konigsberg (google.com)
260766 2120 bytes Javadoc bugs in org.eclipse.core.resources plug-in
Attachment 122315: javadoc for Workspace.java and ElementTreeIterator.java
Roland Oldenburg (hsp-software.de)
0fc715 15 lines Bug 292199 - [Widgets] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4 in SWT table in
Roland Tepp (videobet.com)
107197 5724 bytes [Forms] MasterDetailsBlock should not make assumptions on the way it should be laid out.
Attachment 111058: Backwards compatible patch to MasterDetailsBlock
Rupesh Kumar (in.ibm.com)
320668 22630 bytes [Help] Indicators for Remote UA enablement
Attachment 187258: Patch for the Remote UA enablement
334976 1418 bytes [Webapp] file handle leaks in help system
Attachment 187261: Fix for unclosed handle
Ryan Fong (trapezenetworks.com)
201143 2492 bytes exported ant script does not apply include/exclude filter on init target's copy task
Attachment 76961: proposed patch v2
Ryan Wilhm (aim.com)
253065 852 bytes Window -> Show View -> Other ... is broken
Attachment 117065: Patch to fix ClassCastException on filtered view dialog
Sami Wagiaalla (redhat.com)
6c6dfb 1451 lines Bug 425123 - Port SWT Browser to webkit2gtk
6eeeba 314 lines Bug 430913 - Remove trailing whitespace
85ba60 15 lines Bug 431240 - Check for and print dlerror messages
b57af4 5 lines Bug 429086 - Remove use of gdk_colormap_get_system in GTK3
c4d8f0 1086 lines Bug 430914 - Add bindings required for DBus
c9ded9 1092 lines Bug 430914 - Add bindings required for DBus
Sarah (gmail.com)
378535 4326 bytes "Close All" and "Close Others" menu options available when right clicking on tab in PartStack when no part is closeable
Attachment 223276: Requested patch that does not have workbench changes using latest code
Sarika Sinha (in.ibm.com)
418379 7585 bytes junit.framework.AssertionFailedError
Attachment 241004: includeemptydirs attributes needs an update
Sascha Zak (zak-digital.de)
282874 2062 bytes [ViewMgmt] [ActivityMgmt] NullpointerException during saving state of view registry with disabled xp based activities
Attachment 141390: Patch for both ViewFactory and Perspective null check
Sean Kennedy (ca.ibm.com)
331463 2747 bytes [memory] Show rendering pane when rendering added
Attachment 191940: Extends IMemoryRenderingSite instead
Sebastian Davids (gmx.de)
137478 7217 bytes [Preferences] ProjectReferencePage has too wide left margin
Attachment 71314: fix
Sebastian Fuchs (gmail.com)
243848 1044 bytes [DataBinding] [WritableList] Typo in JavaDoc
Attachment 109764: Patch for constructor's JavaDoc
Semion Chichelnitsky (il.ibm.com)
287986 33474 bytes Update docs for the new Fast View preference
Attachment 146009: Screenshot for Eclipse Help
287986 4605 bytes Update docs for the new Fast View preference
Attachment 146008: Changes for Eclipse Help
272564 13957 bytes [PropertiesView] need a mechanism for views to 'opt out' of interactions with the property view
Attachment 146282: Version 4 of patch.
278064 14977 bytes [FastView] Ability to hide fast view toolbar
Attachment 145353: Third version of the patch.
208564 18392 bytes [Preferences] preferenceTransfer: Allow wildcards on keys
Attachment 147765: One more match, including changes for JUnit test
66889 3604 bytes [ViewMgmt] Package explorer message clipped
Attachment 146600: Suggested changes
Serge Beauchamp (freescale.com)
317783 1022 bytes Resource filters do not work in CDT 7.0 projects
Attachment 172633: Patch for the CDT (to make it work until the Platform is patched)
Sergey Prigogin (gmail.com)
261457 3339 bytes URIUtil.toPath(URI uri) discriminates against user-defined filesystems
Attachment 130176: Fix + extended test case
Shahin Kahriz (ca.ibm.com)
297681 2152 bytes [Preferences] PlatformUIPreferenceListener should log exceptions instead of printing them
Attachment 205065: Patch for Bug 297681
Shawn Minto (tasktop.com)
247731 1647 bytes [Browser] Eclipse requires restart after changing mozilla browser location in preferences
Attachment 112828: patch
302529 12755 bytes [UX] [Progress] Show Eclipse IDE progress in the Eclipse icon on the Windows 7 Task Bar
Attachment 160976: Patch for Job Progress Only
304716 5887 bytes [UX] [Progress] Show Eclipse startup progress in the Eclipse icon on the Windows 7 Task Bar
Attachment 161650: updated patch
323444 927 bytes [Undo] [Commands] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException when trying to get the undo history from a source viewer
Attachment 177375: patch
sheila (cn.ibm.com)
259545 13702 bytes [Webapp] API to allow user defined filters to process the files sent from the server
Attachment 121110: Patch for adding extra filters
Simon Chemouil (mithrandir.net)
315362 1616 bytes [Tooling] ClassCastException in WorkbenchModel Editor in 3.x host mode
Attachment 170772: Improved fix, now adds the ISelection to the context instead of dropping it
Simon Muschel (gmx.de)
258493 1901 bytes [Dialogs] Ampersand in path not rendered in Open Resource dialog
Attachment 145999: Patch for FilteredItemsSelectionDialog
Simon Pope (gmail.com)
327974 2163 bytes Path.getPathData() returns points as integers and not floats
Attachment 181041: Code fragment with corrected Path.getPathData()
Simon Zambrovski (gmail.com)
274089 53571 bytes [CommonNavigator] Improve CNF documentation
Attachment 133858: CNF EclipseDoc proposal
Sky Yan (cn.ibm.com)
210430 3450 bytes Shell.setMenuBar() does not work
Attachment 90448: loading NIB method
211865 712 bytes Tooltip always prompt up in the wrong place
Attachment 84405: patch for tooltip position issue
Snehasish Paul (in.ibm.com)
278290 21730 bytes [Intro] Make the RSS news reader reusable
Attachment 148710: Updated with comment #4 suggested changes - patch 1
347117 39641 bytes [Help] Enhancement in Web API for About and Nav services
Attachment 196515: Supports XML (default), JSON and HTML output format
Snjezana Peco (redhat.com)
0757bc 7 lines Tab content isn't visible in GTK3
090e8d 72 lines Bug 427511 - [GTK3] [GTK3.10] Some UI is painted outside of its area with GTK 3.10
2e2d3d 9 lines Bug 421127 - form editor painting issue
5e84f7 194 lines Bug 417601 - [GTK3] Menu items are missing keyboard shortcuts
95182c 24 lines Bug 421127 - [GTK3] All views empty with GTK 3.10
a8f2f3 5 lines fixing cairo clipping
cc7890 29 lines Bug 427480 - [GTK3] [GTK3.10] Trees display issues when expanded elements require Scroll
Sopot Cela (gmail.com)
376253 1437 bytes Handler with no command NPEs in E4Workbench.processHierarchy
Attachment 213826: Patch avoiding the NPE
386022 1227 bytes Title of ErrorDialog in WorkbenchStatusReporter should be externalized
Attachment 219206: Fix
Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti (in.ibm.com)
0b40dc 26 lines Bug 414893 - Spinner.getSelection() truncates digits when fractional
0ee9dc 12 lines Bug 408953 - gtk : Clear text in Text.getTextChars()
24fdfd 97 lines Bug 421653 FileDialog can not open a directory correctly on aix gtk swt
4d9327 1999 lines Bug 435647 - add bundles for gtk.linux.ia64 and gtk.linux.ppc64le
6c6211 12 lines Bug 339754 - DateTime doesn't mark current date with SWT.CALENDAR style.
807366 32 lines Bug 436098 - [GTK3] Cannot reduce column width by dragging
8c8ff9 32 lines Bug 432115 - [GTK3] Window is very limited when switching between
9035a4 23 lines Bug 233521 - BIDI: getClientWidth needs implementation
a43c04 18 lines Bug 422316 - [GTK3] No "icon" in TreeViewer for threads in "Debug" view
b647d6 65 lines Bug 332178 - FileDialog overwrites file without prompt.
c23958 281 lines Bug 435733 - Add JUnits against coordinate mapping functions in Display
d36689 32 lines Bug 436098 - [GTK3] Cannot reduce column width by dragging
e68f6d 135 lines Bug 421653 FileDialog can not open a directory correctly on aix gtk swt
Stefan Liebig (compeople.de)
242685 1928 bytes StringVariableManager - Variable contributions may silently override existing variables
Attachment 108835: Checks ´overridden´ variables from extensions
Stefan Mücke (mueckemail.de)
318820 2867 bytes EclipseContext does unnecessary object allocations
Attachment 173380: Proposed patch for EclipseContext.dispose()
318955 1262 bytes EclipseContext.removeLocalValueComputations(String) should not iterate all values
Attachment 173498: patch
318944 5932 bytes CSSSWTEngineImpl leaks memory
Attachment 173826: Patch
320163 3830 bytes RCP Mail Example broken when run on 4.0
Attachment 174574: Patch
Stefan Röck (googlemail.com)
256889 5354 bytes [Viewers] [table] IAE (Index out of bounds) after selecting rows in virtual TableViewer
Attachment 120286: Testcase for bug
Stefan Xenos (gmail.com)
206169 1677 bytes [Forms] SharedScrolledComposite introduces flicker
Attachment 80251: Patch that fixes the flicker and reveals the performance problem.
Stephan Herrmann (berlin.de)
291695 2250 bytes Element compare fails to use source range
Attachment 149655: improved patch
296580 3086 bytes [compare] Java Compare Editor: 'Copy Current Change from Right to Left' garbles contents
Attachment 153643: patch 2
255556 728 bytes [Contributions] Extension point org.eclipse.ui.popupMenus has a typo: java.lang.object
Attachment 153949: patch
Stephan Merker (sap.com)
208609 665 bytes Bug in ErrorRecoveryLog.getLocalRandomIdentifier(String path)
Attachment 83552: Patch for bug in ErrorRecoveryLog.java
Stephan Wahlbrink (wahlbrink.eu)
227534 5650 bytes [misc] Annotations not painted when length is 0 / at document end
Attachment 156506: Patch (incl. renamed function, javadoc, copyright)
341702 1625 bytes [JFace] CompositeImageDescriptor mixes images with alpha channel wrong
Attachment 192417: Patch proposal
Steve Francisco (ca.ibm.com)
039305 57 lines Bug 436066 - update build.sh for linux.ia64 on 4.2.2+
fb12c8 52 lines Bug 435647 - changes to add ppc64le support
362369 590 bytes [Accessibility] Search this topic hover over box in TOC does not contain alt text and violates w3c guidelines.
Attachment 206746: patch to add 'title' attribute to anchor for menu text
362368 3396 bytes [Accessibility] Search form lacks role="button" and violates W3c guidelines
Attachment 206873: use type="submit" for submit buttons in search form
362364 3652 bytes [Accessibility] Eclipse TOC lacks WAI-ARIA landmarks for search and fails w3C
Attachment 207498: fix for both 362364 and 362365
Szymon Brandys (pl.ibm.com)
228354 80 Folder deletion can cause incorrect project delta node flags if linked folders exist in project
250107 38 bytes Build order incorrect when project is deleted
Szymon Ptaszkiewicz (pl.ibm.com)
327192 1884 bytes Concurrent access to file while decorating
Attachment 180401: Patch v.0.1
207510 63872 bytes Call to IResource.setEncoding() persists derived file's encoding setting in .settings\org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs
Attachment 185304: Patch v.0.13, minor changes
331665 9632 bytes Add UI for Bug 207510
Attachment 185311: Patch v.0.3, comment update
309216 7343 bytes Use perftest infrastructure in ProjectSnapshotPerfManualTest
Attachment 185705: Patch v.0.2
202384 8515 bytes can not reload text file encoding prefs
Attachment 186377: Patch v.0.7
335318 1610 bytes Improve wording of new derived resource encoding option
Attachment 187572: Patch v.0.1
334362 6702 bytes Properties dialog: properties for closed project are sometimes wrong
Attachment 187405: Patch v.0.2
335591 3916 bytes [prefs] ProjectPreferences are not loaded
Attachment 187956: More detailed test
335591 5163 bytes [prefs] ProjectPreferences are not loaded
Attachment 187837: Patch v.0.2
105917 4113 bytes [IDE] Resource property page should mention the recursive 'isDerived' value
Attachment 188153: Patch v.0.4
336073 3040 bytes Improve the test for Bug 202384
Attachment 188220: Patch v.0.2
310481 1018 bytes [Wizards] New file wizard seems to have a grammatically incorrect error message
Attachment 183770: Patch
340745 2178 bytes Polish the fix for Bug 339197
Attachment 191745: Patch v.0.2
149121 4698 bytes ObjectNotFoundException prevents opening workspace
Attachment 193267: Patch v.0.2
335427 2294 bytes Update Help for the enhancement from Bug 207510
Attachment 195197: Patch v.0.3
341073 4483 bytes CharsetTest#testBug 207510 fails in N20110324-2000
Attachment 195214: Patch v.0.2
333101 3543 bytes [Preferences] Redundant preferences node creation in LineDelimiterEditor
Attachment 185721: Patch v.0.1
339197 5400 bytes Exception occurred while setting derived flag for project derived preferences
Attachment 191672: Patch v.0.1
331716 5435 bytes Symlink test failures on Windows 7
Attachment 191673: Patch v3
332930 29008 bytes Simplify code from Bug 207510
Attachment 185565: Patch v.0.2
347290 1380 bytes Javadoc of WorkspaceJob(String) must tell that the name is shown in the UI
Attachment 197386: Patch
Thanh Ha (eclipse.org)
170a3b 40 lines Bug 376987 - Build all platforms
262b84 1920 lines Bug 390020 - Create the swt-<buildId>-gtk-linux-x86.zip file
2dc232 1920 lines Bug 390020 - Create the swt-<buildId>-gtk-linux-x86.zip file
44281e 20 lines Bump pom versions
44d970 40 lines Bug 376987 - Build all platforms
840578 36 lines Bug 400007 - [CBI] cleanup bundles on subsequent maven calls
84455b 36 lines Bug 400007 - [CBI] cleanup bundles on subsequent maven calls
a39350 8 lines Bump version in poms.
a7d303 8 lines Bump pom versions.
b0f6a1 14 lines Bump pom versions.
c1270e 14 lines Fix versions
c3f27d 4 lines Switch native naming order to be consistent
c646c3 2000 lines Bug 376987 - Build all platforms
c9f218 8 lines Bump pom versions
d10286 4 lines Switch native naming order to be consistent
d73d0c 36 lines Bug 400007 - [CBI] cleanup bundles on subsequent maven calls
e71a57 18 lines Bump pom versions
ed4398 2000 lines Bug 376987 - Build all platforms
ee79e5 1920 lines Bug 390020 - Create the swt-<buildId>-gtk-linux-x86.zip file
f8c478 14 lines Bump pom versions
396110 3007 bytes Merge in CBI patches from 4.2.2 into 4.3 (pom changes) for eclipse.platform.text
Attachment 224479: text.poms.patch
Thirumala Reddy Mutchukota (google.com)
323681 17547 bytes file permissions are changed on save
Attachment 190250: Proposed Patch to fix this bug.
Timo Kinnunen (gmail.com)
60f75a 12 lines Bug 433958 - [win32] Minimizing a Shell doesn't make some other
Tobias Bertelsen (deltek.com)
406229 1516 bytes org.eclipse.ant.internal.launching.debug.AntSourceLookupDirector is specified as a org.eclipse.debug.core.sourceLocators in the wrong bundle
Attachment 229967: Patch fixing this bug
Tom Hofmann (tom.hofmann.name)
291750 2623 bytes changing the cheat sheet from an item link causes SWTException
Attachment 149116: eclipse_Bug 291750.diff.txt
unknown (.(none))
7f1ea0 65 lines Bug 44072
Valentin Ciocoi (freescale.com)
393700 4065 bytes [Export breakpoints] Wrong file appears in overwrite dialog and wrong file can be overwritten
Attachment 223262: proposed patch
414994 913 bytes Guard against out of bounds exception when handling escaped characters in DefaultLabelProvider
Attachment 234367: proposed fix
Vikram (gmail.com)
193486 1085 bytes [WorkbenchLauncher] Drive letter treated as case sensitive on windows: Same workspace listed twice in list
Attachment 150054: Patch to use file compare in org.eclipse.ui.internal.ide.ChooseWorkspaceData
vrubezhny (exadel.com)
b21702 32 lines Bug 314815 - Checkbox with null text will display a empty rectangle
Wang Yizhuo (gmail.com)
239178 810 bytes [Forms]FormPage header cannot render horizontal gradient
Attachment 106268: Patch
Wayne (ca.ibm.com)
243209 914 bytes [ActivityMgmt] NPE in org.eclipse.ui.internal.activities.Identifer prevents menu contributions from showing up
Attachment 109205: Patch to fix the problem.
Wayne Beaton (eclipse.org)
208609 1542 bytes Bug in ErrorRecoveryLog.getLocalRandomIdentifier(String path)
Attachment 88805: JUnit test case
293085 1199 bytes UnixProxyProvider throwing "Too many open files" exception
Attachment 150286: Patch adds call to Process.destroy()
Winnie Lai (ti.com)
328297 6133 bytes need a way to initialize the width of columns, similar to initialzie the columns in IColumnPresentation
Attachment 187309: patch of this enhancement
328297 13742 bytes need a way to initialize the width of columns, similar to initialzie the columns in IColumnPresentation
Attachment 187762: testcase2
345974 1680 bytes [expr] Changing an expression name in the expression view should not accept an empty expression
Attachment 195754: patch
Wojciech Galanciak (zend.com)
291339 6207 bytes validateEdit not called for launch configuration stored locally
Attachment 150039: updated patch with run cancel
294868 851 bytes [Forms] Problem with text wrapping in SharedScrolledComposite
Attachment 152860: proposed solution
236104 1951 bytes [EditorMgmt] File association default needs to be set twice to take effect
Attachment 148764: proposed solutions v3.6
268937 0 bytes [Net] Native entries on "Network Connection" page should be refreshed more often
Attachment 179016: fix
323942 913 bytes [Net] Unnecessary native method call
Attachment 177709: fix
323378 3651 bytes [Net] Native bypass for "*.eclipse.org" does not work
Attachment 179035: patch for Windows + updated test
242057 44451 bytes [Net] Default preference gets ignored
Attachment 180349: updated patch
325367 6506 bytes [Net] Unnecessary double check bypass settings in AbstractProxyProvider.select(URI)
Attachment 179037: initial patch
327074 1261 bytes [Net] Proxy bypass edition in preferences uncheck edited proxy bypass
Attachment 180315: fix
327672 6937 bytes [Net] Error: "Preference node "org.eclipse.core.net" has been removed."
Attachment 180805: improved fix
332612 1356 bytes Incorrect argument passed to isSupervised in ResourceVariantTreeSubscriber.members(IResource)
Attachment 185214: fix
y29cheng (gmail.com)
2d0e3f 6 lines Bug 44072
cebc16 23 lines Bug 44072
Zhongwei Zhao (eclipseworld.org)
379495 791 bytes Two "Run" on top menu
Attachment 218191: patch


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