Members starting with letter D

  • Dell SoftwareDell Software: Simplify IT, mitigate risk, accelerate results.
  • DevBoost GmbHDevBoost offers training, consulting and individual tool development. DevBoost has long-term experiences with Eclipse and EMF technologies.
  • DevelopIntelligence LLCDevelopIntelligence provides customized learning programs to software teams in areas of Java, Web Development, Eclipse and other Open Source technologies.
  • DFKI GmbHThe German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI GmbH) is Germany's leading research center in innovative software technology.
  • Dipartimento di Infomatica Sistemistica e Communicazione Universita di Milano ItalyDipartimento di Infomatica Sistemistica e Communicazione Universita di Milano Italy
  • DIST - University of GenovaDIST - University of Genova
  • Docfacto Limiteddocfacto is developing tools for developers that work together taking the too hard out of documentation & helping businesses eliminate documentation debt.
  • DSDMDSDM is an Agile Framework, which aids the development and delivery of business solutions to tight timescales and fixed budgets.
  • DZone, Inc.The DZone Network is a group of free online services that aim to satisfy the information needs of software developers, architects and IT managers.