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Universidad Autonoma de Occidente Universidad Autonoma de Occidente - is a private higher education institution founded in 1970 which has 5 faculties, 30 academic programs catering to different areas of knowledge, giving the university its multidisciplinary nature.

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  • Virtual Environment (VE) concept is used to focus about some applications that recreate, real or imaginary World, using a 3D tool. The VEs gives priority to real-time interaction in 3D objects. The VEs are a powerful tool that offers a wide range of applications such as: scientific simulation, learning environments or unimaginable entertainment focused virtual worlds. One of the most important aspects to consider in the development of an EV is related to their modeling. In order to maintaining traditional software considerations it is necessary to consider a VE development where the user can get a true 3D experience: geometric, cinematic, physic, behavior and interaction modeling. Additionally, in the last years, VEs worldwide proliferation has generated several problems related to methodological topics. Nowadays, the necessity of having professionals in different areas of knowledge and the lack of interoperability has become difficult the reuse of source code and the fast knowledge management. Due to this was created UP4VED (Unified Process for Virtual Environment Development). UP4VED is a development methodology based on the unified process and best practices for building virtual environments. This methodology incorporates the best proposals in the existing methodologies for the development of EVS, the special considerations for their modeling and the pillars of the Unified Process. It considers suggestions for SPEM 2.0 from OMG as well. With the aim of validating the proposals made for UP4VED, two case studies were developed for two different contexts of application. It was important for reviewing items related with the specific considerations of modeling for virtual environments. The first case focused on the development of a virtual campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente (Cali - Colombia). The second case is a virtual environment for simulating a machining process, specifically simulating a virtual CNC lathe through Internet. The two developments allow the use of both content-based method (roles, tasks and work products) and the process guiding through the life cycle defined by UP4VED. More information, UP4VED's site: http://www.up4ved.org/ External Link: