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Mango Software Labs Our ideal is to develop perfect visualising thinking software that can help people to really improve their productivity really. The main subjects of our research involve how to improve productivity, clean up people's mind and speed up office work, all by using computer software. What we need is not to install many programs on our computers for different works. What we urgent need is to have one or two programs that can let us deal with all different works easily. Then what Then what we would be able to do is just insert the information and add our thinking, but with many ways to present the work. This will give us have more time to clarify our thinking, more time to do more important things......

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  • XMIND 2007 is a brand new mind visual-thinking/productivity software tool. XMIND 2007 applies global leading Eclipse RCP architecture. It bases on extending, stability, cross-platform and good function. The distribution of XMIND 2007 is a group of Eclipse Features in form. Each Eclipse Feature is a group of Eclipse Plugins. Plugins depend on plugins, and plugins extend plugins. On the pluggable platform, XMIND2007 supports plugins developed by third-party for improving in design and adding new functions also. Because most of plugins are designed in Java. And the codes designed by local language own different versions according to different OSs. So XMIND can be ran on nearly all the OSs,including 64-bit OS theoretically. External Link:
  • The great upgrade from XMIND 20007, compared with XMIND 2007, XMIND 2008 has more powerful and creative features and design,such as Drilldown & Drillup, Presentation Model, label etc. External Link: