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IFS Institut fur Software At the IFS Institute for Software we research "Decremental Development".

Decremental Development means simplifying program code down to 10% of its size with increased quality and without losing (essential) functionality. Refactoring is one of the techniques to achieve this goal, and automated unit testing is an enabler for refactoring.

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  • Based on extending JRuby's parser to include comments in the abstract syntax tree (AST) a source code writer to re-create Ruby source code from the AST provides the basis for implementing the following refactorings for Eclipse's Ruby Development Tools:
    • Convert Local Variable to Field
    • Extract Method
    • Generate Accessors, Contructor
    • Inline Class, Method and Local Variable
    • Merge Class Parts
    • Move Method and Field
    • Override Method
    • Push Down Method
    • Rename Class, Method, Module, File, Field and Local Variables
    • Split Local Variable
    External Link:
  • IFS improves refactoring support for CDT beyond the current Rename refactoring. CERP a first CDT plug-in includes six new refactorings for C++. Among them are:
    • Extract Baseclass - Create an interface class from existing class
    • Implement Method - Create method implementation from its declaration
    • Synchronize Method - Synchronize signatures of declaration and implementation
    A newer approach provides more refactorings based on the new CDT code model:
    • Extract Constant
    • Extract Method
    • Extract Subclass
    • Move Method and Field
    External Link:
  • Further ideas exist for extending our projects and provide refactoring for other languages such as PHP, Javascript, Groovy and Ruby on Rails.

    We are looking for sponsors and partners to support these projects with funding. External Link:

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