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itemis AG itemis is an independent IT consulting company and the IT-industrialization market leader. Founded in 2003, itemis is specialized in model driven technologies and supports its customers in planning, realizing and implementing of business solutions. Our highly qualified Consultants identify market potentials and develop market leading solutions for Enterprise Applications, Embedded Systems and Mobile Business Applications. Our team of software architects and engineers leads the Eclipse Modeling Project and delivers leading-edge services and technologies for Eclipse and Eclipse-based modeling solutions.

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  • itemis provides both open and on-site trainings for Eclipse technologies like EMF, GMF, Xtext, UML, OCL, TMF, M2M, M2T and RCP. itemis offers introduction to agile methods and certifications courses as well. External Link:
  • With our Eclipse Modeling coaching services, we provide exactly the support you need to accompany your project. Our experienced consultants take a hands-on approach to coaching, assuming the roles of technical project leader, software architect, senior developer, or tester in concrete pilot projects in order to transfer the necessary knowledge to your staff. Of course, we would also be happy to help you with other development assistance you might require. External Link:
  • Our team has many years of experience in creating development tools. Whether it's modeling tools, generators, lexers, parsers, or complete development environments based on Eclipse, we can assist with implementation or take over the development completely. External Link:
  • Enterprise software built from open source components requires manpower that understands the internal dependencies of these components and can quickly and efficiently eliminate problems, should an error occur. itemis provides a majority of openArchitectureWare developers and is able to deliver first-hand service. External Link:
  • Yakindu is the comprehensive portfolio of products and services offered by itemis AG for the model driven development of embedded systems. Today, embedded systems in cars, planes, intelligent home automation and other facilities perform more and more elaborated functions. Consequently, the increasing complexity of control software calls for new ways of software development. Model driven generative development reduces this complexity by making use of abstraction, it comes with advantages in terms of speed by generating code and assures quality by the means of automation. External Link:
  • itemis mobile supports you with the development and implementation at every stage of your mobile strategy. External Link:
  • The automated and agile software development of itemis can be brought to a short formula: Flexible, lean, efficient. itemis AG uses Scrum for software development, a very lightweight project management process that brings significant advantages to the development process: It can react quicker and more flexibly to changing requirements and can sooner produce executable software. External Link:
  • Xtext is a language development framework. With it, independent from their size you can build your very own programming language and domain specific languages. External Link:
  • The YAKINDU EA-UML-Bridge supports direct model-based access to Enterprise Architect UML models from within Eclipse. By using the Enterprise Architect as your modeling front-end, you are no longer bound to proprietary technologies to process your models. External Link: