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BoundlessGeo Open source software has come to permeate much of the IT world. As Boundless, we ensure that the geospatial community reaps the tremendous benefits of open source. We package the innovation, quality, and power of software created in an open manner to create geospatial applications of greater scale and speed at lower costs. From database to server to client, Boundless is the company organizations turn to for a lower cost, more flexible and modern alternative to the industry’s prevailing proprietary and closed source model. Our community-led, spatial IT based approach to building and maintaining software helps organizations manage geospatial data. Our software and maintenance agreements, which include support and professional services, provide a lower cost, more flexible and modern alternative. Our mission is to develop and maintain the best open source software for geospatial applications. To do so, we’ve built a team of experts from the open source geospatial community and the broader geospatial field who recognize the power and momentum of open source on the future of the industry. Our roots are in the open source community and our team members are actively involved core contributors and steering committee members across many open source geospatial projects. The foundation of our company is based on the knowledge that openness leads to better collaboration, better software and greater innovation. We ensure that the geospatial community reaps the tremendous benefits of open source. We believe that the future of geospatial is not just open, it is Boundless. We strive to build software that meets and exceeds the desires of our customers, and our market success proves the value of our work. We provide supported, tested, and integrated open source solutions to make businesses more effective and government more transparent.

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  • The OpenGeo Suite brings together the OpenGeo Architecture into a single, easy-to-install integrated software package. By developing each individual component of the OpenGeo Suite individually, we ensure that the Suite integrates with existing systems—proprietary or open source. It is the fastest way to get your geospatial information on the web, leveraging the power of best-of-breed open source geospatial software. The OpenGeo Suite is a complete web mapping platform built on powerful, cutting-edge, open source geospatial components. Our experts translate open source software into better results for our clients and partners by integrating, testing and supporting this software and delivering it via one simple download. External Link:

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