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ZeroTurnaround OU ZeroTurnaround is committed to making Java more productive by building innovative, cutting-edge productivity technologies that lower expenses and overhead for development teams. Simplifying both the development and production processes with unique technologies, JRebel and LiveRebel integrate directly into the JVMs, application servers and development tools of the world's leading financial, web application, and technology firms. Our customers include many global financial services providers, including the Bank of America, as well as American Airlines, Lufthansa, LinkedIn, HP, Siemens, Logica, Kayak, Oracle, IBM, and more.

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  • View your code changes instantly. JRebel maps your project workspace directly to your running application, so when you make a change to any class or resource in your IDE the change is immediately reflected in the application, skipping the build and redeploy phases. No more redeploys in development. Increase productivity & complete projects 17% faster. External Link:
  • LiveRebel is a tool for Development, Operation Management, and Change Management teams who understand the value of making live changes to running production applications - and the added security of being able to instantly undo changes - with no downtime. External Link: