Membership Process

Steps to Join

If you have any questions about membership, or would like to send us advance notice that you are considering joining, please email us. There are two simple steps to join the Eclipse Foundation:
  1. Complete the application form [doc] [pdf].
  2. Complete and sign the membership agreement [pdf].
Simply FAX or scan and email the two completed documents to us. Your application will be reviewed by the Eclipse Foundation, Inc. to assure the application meets the membership criteria and is consistent with other members of the same membership class. Applicants will be notified within 2 to 4 business days of completing the administrative process.

Some Tips...

Here are some tips to help make sure your application is processed quickly:

  • Email us and let us know your application is coming.
  • The Membership Application form is the document that specifies who is your official representative to the Eclipse Foundation. This is the person who is on the official e-mail lists, news groups, and represents your company at Members Meeting. When your application is processed and your membership is provisioned, your Company Representative can easily add delegates and other organizational contacts.
  • Here are some frequently overlooked sections in the Membership Agreement:
    1. Place the effective date on page 1.
    2. Place your organization name in the blank on page 1.
    3. Fill in the Member and Member Notice information on page 7 (bottom half of page).
    4. Sign (on the line "By:" on the bottom half of the page) and date the Agreement on page 7.
    5. Complete the information in Exhibit C by checking the box in the column "Check to Indicate Desired Level of Membership". Please sign and date Exhibit C.
  • Members will be billed by the Eclipse Foundation based upon the information supplied in the Membership Agreement. This billing will be within two weeks of Effective Date as specified in the Membership Agreement. The Eclipse Foundation invoice will have all the details concerning the invoice amount, payment address or electronic funds transfer capability.
  • The set of documents specifying the governance of the Eclipse Foundation can be found here. This includes:
    1. Eclipse Membership Application
    2. Membership Agreement
    3. Bylaws
    4. IP Policy
    5. EPL (Eclipse Public License)
    6. Development Process
    7. Anti Trust Documents
  • Details on membership types and qualifications can be found here. Please email us with any questions or clarifications.

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