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2014/04/11 Updated: Eclipse Foundation Announces Java 8 Support
The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of Eclipse Kepler packages with the Java™ 8 support. These downloads contain the original Eclipse Kepler SR2 packages with Java™ 8 patches applied.
2014/04/08 EclipseCon France - Early-bird talk selection
Five talks were accepted from the early-bird submissions. Congratulations to the speakers! The deadline for submissions is next Monday, April 14.
2014/04/02 Eclipse Foundation Announces Java 8 Support
The Eclipse top-level project is very proud to announce official support for Java™ 8 for Eclipse Kepler SR2 (Eclipse 4.3.2). For details on how to discover and install the Java 8 support please visit our Java™ 8 support page.
2014/04/08 MQTT Test Day Demonstrates Successful Interoperability for the Internet of Things
On March 17, the Eclipse Foundation and the Eclipse IoT Working Group hosted the first MQTT Interop Test Day to demonstrate the success of MQTT as a standard for the Internet of Things. Read more
2014/04/07 IoTLive - April 9
Join the great lineup of speakers for our Hangouts on Air to celebrate the International IoT Day! We will have great talks about open hardware, building enterprise solutions, IoT standards and protocols, and more. Sign-up and make this virtual conference informative and interactive!

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2014/04/15 Jubula and GUIdancer support JavaFX
Version 8.0 of Jubula and GUIdancer has been released with support for JavaFX applications.
2014/04/09 Webinar: Connecting Eclipse to the Cloud-Based Era of Developer Tooling with Project Flux
Speakers: Martin Lippert and Mike Milinkovich - April 22
The Eclipse IDE (as one example) is great, but increasingly we are seeing new projects and companies working in the cloud-based developer tooling space, using a front-end that runs purely in the browser.
2014/04/04 The IoT cloud: At EclipseCon, Internet of Things moves to the cloud
At the EclipseCon Developers conference in San Francisco, there was considerable talk about some of the challenges in developing the infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT).
2014/04/01 Web-based development tools face challenges
Web-based development tools promise to dramatically improve the software development lifecycle by better matching the development environment with existing enterprise software.
2014/03/25 EclipseCon 2014: Java 8 Support, Flux Integrates Orion
The big news at the latest edition of EclipseCon North America, which wrapped up in San Francisco on Thursday, was Oracle's Java 8 announcements.

Working Groups

LocationTech will be the leading community for individuals and organizations to collaborate on commercially-friendly open source software that is location aware. m2m.eclipse.org is where you can learn about the technologies developed at Eclipse to make Machine-to-Machine (M2M) development simpler. PolarSys - Open Source tools for the development of embedded systems. Auto IWG - Open Source Initiative for Automotive Software Development Tools. LTS - Enable organisations to collaborate when providing support and maintenance for Eclipse technologies.