High performance graph search for EMF models

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This project is in the Incubation Phase

EMF-IncQuery is a framework for defining declarative graph queries over EMF models, and executing them efficiently without manual coding in an imperative programming language such as Java.

With EMF-IncQuery, you can:

For further details, take a look at our project blog at http://incquery.net.


July 3rd, 2014
The EMF-IncQuery project is happy to report that our new release with the version 0.8.0 is available now from the Eclipse.org download servers or the Eclipse Marketplace. [...]
October 28th, 2013
The EMF-IncQuery Project is proud to announce our talk at this year's EclipseCon Europe conference titled "Xcore meets IncQuery: How the New Generation of DSLs Are Made". Have you ever [...]
July 1st, 2013
The EMF-IncQuery project is happy to report that our first release with the version 0.7.0 is available now from the Eclipse.org download servers or the Eclipse Marketplace. The most important [...]
May 23rd, 2013
The EMF-IncQuery project is happy to report that we have reached our third milestone, with a special focus on finalizing the API in preparation for the 0.7.0 release in the summer. Important [...]
March 19th, 2013
EMF-IncQuery has been presented to Itemis developers by Tamás Szabó, our former student and freshly enrolled software engineer for Itemis in Stuttgart. The slides are available on [...]

Getting Started

For an introductory, step-by-step example, take a look at the built-in cheat sheet, the School example and the language tutorial.




Additional Resources

Research Papers
Research papers related to EMF-IncQuery are collected on the publications page and papers with online material are listed here
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Getting Help

  • If you need help or support with EMF-IncQuery, you should check the FAQ, or you can ask a question in the Eclipse.org Forum.
  • If you want to report a bug or an issue, you can use the Eclipse.org Bugzilla.


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