GMF Tooling - Download

All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.


The best way to install GMF-T is to use update sites below, it will manage the required dependencies automatically.
If you feel strongly about using drop-ins, make sure you have also installed the prerequisites:
Eclipse Modeling Package: from here.
MMT QVTO: from here.

Installation via Eclipse Update Manager

Using the Eclipse Update Manager (see Eclipse Help for detailed instructions) GMF Tooling can be installed from the following update sites:

Downloadable P2 Repositories and SDK dropins

If you prefer an update-site or an SDK archive, you can download it from here directly.

Juno - GMF Tooling 3.0.0

Update site: or this archive

Juno SR2 - GMF Tooling 3.0.0 SR2

Update site: or this archive

Kepler - GMF Tooling 3.1.0

Update site: or this archive
ZIP file: 3.1.0 (Kepler) (md5)

Kepler SR2 - GMF Tooling 3.1.2 SR2

Update site: or this archive
ZIP file: 3.1.2 (Kepler SR2) (md5)