GMF Tooling

Model Driven Architecture approach to domain of graphical editors

By defining a tooling, graphical and mapping model definition, one can generate a fully functional graphical editor in Eclipse.

Actually targeting GMF Runtime platform. Support for Graphiti and Web platforms comming soon.

Architectural Overview

Current Status

01 January 2014: GMF-T switched to separate HIPP build instance at Eclipse Hudson.

01 January 2014: GMF-T adopted Gerrit.

03 March 2014: GMF-T released Kepler SR2 contribution.

14 March 2014: GMF-T released build for Luna M6.

New and Noteworthy

N&N for GMF-T 3.0 at the Wiki

N&N for GMF-T 3.1 at the Wiki

N&N for GMF-T 3.2 at the Wiki


Project Plan for Luna Release

Team News

24 May 2012: Voting for new committers: Guillaume Hillairet and Svyatoslav Kovalsky has successfully concluded.