Java Persistence API (JPA) Extensions Reference for EclipseLink, Release 2.4
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Use the eclipselink.target-server persistence property to configure the ServerPlatform that will be used to enable integration with a host container.


Table 5-90 describes this persistence property's values.

Table 5-90 Valid Values for target-server

Value Description

Defined in the TargetServer class

Specify your application server:

  • JBoss: JBoss Application Server

  • OC4J: OC4J persistence provider

  • SAPNetWeaver_7_1: SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.1 (and higher)

  • SunAS9: Sun Application Server 9

  • WebLogic: Oracle WebLogic Server

  • WebLogic_10: Oracle WebLogic Server 10

  • WebLogic_9: Oracle WebLogic Server 9

  • WebSphere: IBM WebSphere

  • WebSphere_6_1: IBM WebSphere 6.1

  • WebSphere_7: IBM WebSphere 7

  • WebSphere_Liberty: IBM WebSphere Liberty

  • Default (TargetServer.None)


In addition to the supplied values, you can specify a custom server platform by supply the full class name for the platform.

Specifying a name of the class implementing ExternalTransactionController sets CustomServerPlatform with this controller.


Example 5-95 shows how to use this property in a persistence.xml file.

Example 5-95 Using target-server in persistence.xml

<property name="eclipselink.target-server" value="OC4J_10_1_3"/>

Example 5-96 shows how to use this property in a property map.

Example 5-96 Using target-server in a Property Map

import org.eclipse.persistence.config.TargetServer;
import org.eclipse.persistence.config.PersistenceUnitProperties;
propertiesMap.put(PersistenceUnitProperties.TARGET_SERVER, TargetServer.OC4J_10_1_3);

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