Eclipse Project Development

Releases currently under development

Development Process

  • Conventions and Guidelines
    Look here for the for the coding standards, naming conventions, and other guidelines we use to help ensure eclipse presents to users and developers as a unified whole rather than as a loose collection of parts.
  • Bug Reports
    Eclipse uses Bugzilla as our bug tracking system. Bugzilla has a wide following within the open source community and directly supports the workflows associated with distributed development (e.g., email notification). You can sign up for your own Eclipse bugzilla ID and start contributing bug reports.
  • Git Repositories
    We use the Git version control system to support concurrent distributed development. All Eclipse project development is carried out in these repositories: The repositories support "ssh", "git", and "http" connection methods. For more information on usage of Git at, see the Eclipsepedia Git page.
  • Mailing Lists
    Eclipse uses mailing lists for development coordination, design discussions, voting, announcements etc.
  • Eclipse IP Logs
    Intellectual property logs, including list of committers, contributors, and third party code dependencies.
  • Porting Guides
    Eclipse project porting guides detail incompatible API changes, and recommended client changes in each release. For each change there is a summary of what clients are affected, and steps for clients to migrate.

API Resources

  • How to use the Eclipse API
    Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs to ensure that your code will keep working as Eclipse evolves.
  • Evolving Java-based APIs
    Guidelines for how to evolve Java-based APIs while maintaining compatibility with existing client code.
  • Eclipse APIs: Line in the Sand (pdf)
    The philosophy, psychology, and sociology of APIs, EclipseCON 2004 presentation by Jim des Rivieres
  • API First (pdf)
    Best practices for API development based, EclipseCON 2005 presentation by Jim des Rivieres
  • Eclipse Performance
    Poor performance is a bug and should be tested for, tracked and fixed in the same way. The Eclipse Performance page is a collection of resources and information aimed at helping plug-in developers do just that.
  • Release Engineering Build Schedule
    Schedule for Eclipse Platform nightly, integration, and milestone builds.

Historical information about past releases