Eclipse Modeling Tools (includes Incubating components)

Package Description

This modeling package contains a collection of Eclipse Modeling Project components, including EMF, GMF, MDT XSD/OCL/UML2, M2M, M2T, and EMFT elements. It includes a complete SDK, developer tools and source code. Note that the Modeling package includes some incubating components, as indicated by feature numbers less than 1.0.0 on the feature list.

This package includes:

    Maintained by: Modeling Amalgamation Project

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    New and Noteworthy

    Eclipse Modeling Framework
    Graphical Modeling Framework
    Model Development Tools
    M2M ATL
    Ecore Tools
    EMF Compare
    Eclipse Platform
    Eclipse Mylyn


    Components with versions less then 1.0 are currently in their Validation (Incubation) Phase.

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