An open source technology platform used to create data visualizations and reports that can be embedded into rich client and web applications.


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Actuate Launches BIRT iHub F-Type: The Evolution of BIRT is Now
Every once in a while you get lucky enough to see the evolution of a product. Consider yourselves privileged to download a FREE way to make your data visualizations and reporting sizzle. This morning, Actuate, The BIRT Company took the wraps off of BIRT iHub F-Type. This is a FREE report server for open source Eclipse BIRT developers and other Java developers who are interest...Read More

Changing the Series Type of a Specific Chart Series
"Can I have two different series types in a single chart in BIRT?" Questions seem to come up on this subject fairly often. The answer: Yes, you can for certain chart types. In the simpler scenario where you define each series individually with the chart builder, it's very straightforward in either open source BIRT or BIRT Designer Pro. Say you have a simple 2-series chart that looks l...Read More

Using Google Maps in a Text Item, and Other Posts From This Week
This week in the BIRT Forums, someone asked about using Google Maps in a BIRT report. While there is a plugin for this already, in some cases you might want to use a text item instead. In this post I'll show you some code I've used to display a Google Map in a report. As you would expect, you'll need to start with an empty text item on your report. Make sure to change it from "Auto...Read More

3 Questions: Eclipse Foundation Director Mike Milinkovich Discusses 'The Next Big App'
If anyone has seen the evolution of software and what it takes to build the next big app, it's Mike Milinkovich (@mmilinkov). As executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, Mike oversees an organization that boasts 190 participating companies with 177 active open source projects, including your favorite: the top-level BIRT Project. He has a unique industry perspective on build...Read More

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